[PC-BSD Dev] Next week dev meeting

yerenkow at uct.ua yerenkow at uct.ua
Mon Apr 20 06:09:11 PDT 2009

Kris Moore wrote:
> A.Yerenkow wrote:
>> Hello everybody involved in PC-BSD development!
>> How about make on next week a IRC-meeting?
>> Who what hours free time have?
>> I'm thinking of somewhere from 18:00 UTC (+0) till 22:00 UTC (+0), 
>> monday or tuesday (or wednesday, etc).
Well, I'm online now, waiting for all you guys in IRC. I think 18-00 UTC 
is the time :)
>> So, any problems with proposed time?
> Monday or Tuesday should be just fine for me at 18:00UTC, that would 
> be 2PM EST. Does anybody else have any times that would work or not 
> work for them?

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