[PC-BSD Dev] xmind map

yerenkow at uct.ua yerenkow at uct.ua
Wed Apr 8 00:02:35 PDT 2009

Hello everybody!
I tried to make some mind-map about PC-BSD and its evolution, tasks,
problems, peoples, etc.
I checked in this in SVN, pcbsd/trunk/mind/pcbsd.xmind
I've used Xmind to create it; it's eclipse-based app.
However, it's not in ports (don't know why, it's kind primitive to do?..)

Get here eclipse parts:

install eclipse (via packages is good), and:

* This package requires Eclipse 3.4 and above. To install the XMind for
Eclipse plug-ins, choose "Help > Sofware Updates..." and use Eclipse way
to install it.

BTW, eclipse couldn't install for me via pkg_add -r, until I switched
off tmpfs and rebooted; I think 1Gb of Ram is pretty small for such tasks :)

Step-by-Step guide:
1. Install eclipse (pkg_add -rf eclipse should be enough)
2. download xmind-for-eclipse-site
3. launch eclipse
4. go to Help-Sowtare updates- Available software(tab) - Add site
(button) - archive (button) - and choose downloaded archive
5. restart eclipse
6. start eclipse, Window->Close all perspectives, Window->open
perspective->other->Mind Mapping
7. After that you must create project (that's not cool) to create xmind
file, but "Open file" should work without problems.
8. You ready to copy your thoughts go to PC :)

Good luck! :)

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