[PC-BSD Dev] Questions

A.Y. yerenkow at uct.ua
Tue Sep 16 08:16:59 PDT 2008

Kris Moore пишет:
> A.Y. wrote:
>> So, what structure of service settings did you chose?
>> And what are our dev-plans?
>> Currently I'm looking into plasmoids, want to make post-your-bug one :)
> Here's a thought. What about having the GUI simply check if there is a 
> settings.sh script, and when the user clicks "settings", it launches 
> that script? That settings.sh script could in turn call a python-qt 
> script, which handles all the GUI elements, or even a binary settings 
> program, depending upon whatever the user wants. That would give us 
> flexibility, and allow developers to make simple or very complex 
> settings dialogs, depending upon their needs.
> We can still try to implement our own UI scheme, but the trouble is 
> that we'll probably run into cases where it doesn't do "everything" a 
> developer may want to add, when they could simply use an existing 
> language for it.
Great idea, but I think that most cases for services our system could 
(and should) cover.
Ten services, ten settings, same looking, same style = usability;
Ten services, ten settings and all looks very different (even if they 
only switch places for "yes" "no" to "no" "yes" "apply", or even "help" 
"yes" "cancel") = not cool;

But for some very rare and specific settings why not start 
developer-defined script? I have now no idea what couldn't be covered by 
our scheme, but I agree - in some cases developer-scripted-settings 
would be normal.

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