[PC-BSD Dev] New installer update

Ken Kasina kenkasina at gmail.com
Mon Oct 27 08:57:34 PDT 2008

Hi Guys,
I took much of the installer suggestions and tried to implement a couple of
them. As suggested, I believe that its best if we try and be different. The
idea of replacing the side banner with a top banner fitted well with me but
its already is implemented elsewhere. The idea I had was a custom widget
which only shows the names of "previous module", "the current module" and
"next module". Of course the current module gets more attention/focus. At
the moment its just and idea im floating with and wish to implement it soon.
Someone can know at what point of the installation they are on by looking at
the steps counter "step x of y".

I'm not good at graphic designer hence I cant get a good PC-BSD logo done
that fits well with the idea. I wish to request some help on that. If you
can do it, please help me out. The only specs I have is that the background
should maintain transparency or have the following scheme:

Blue = 221
Green = 227
Blue = 231

Hue: = 204
Sat: = 11
Val: 231

I have attached a screenshots of the little change.

Kennedy Kasina

On Thu, Oct 23, 2008 at 3:46 PM, Ken Kasina <kenkasina at gmail.com> wrote:

> Thanks guys, I shall take all your suggestions into consideration and see
> what can be done. I shall keep you posted on the development.
> Kris, yes its in C++. I shall write the modules and manipulation code but
> I'll need your help with the scripts.
> Regards,
> Kennedy Kasina.
> On Thu, Oct 23, 2008 at 3:11 PM, Fabrizio Parrella <fabrizio at bibivu.com>wrote:
>> I like it.. but how about trying to create something NEW?
>> this reminds me winXp installation with the blue left bar...
>> maybe something with a top bar (I know also that one has already been
>> done)...
>> I am not a designer, but what I think that would be nice would be
>> something like:
>> Display the text as a simple top menu (maybe with colors and similar), if
>> the text is more than XX chars, shows only XX chars plus a "...".  When
>> passing the mouse over, they will expand to show the whole text if that is
>> necessary
>> When the installation is on a selected part of the menu, that item will
>> display the whole text (maybe with a cool expand/contract effect), will
>> change the colors, maybe from a light gray text to a dark bold black, and
>> maybe the background from a bark blue to a light blue and giving an effect
>> of raise from the other choices.  if the item selected has  other possible
>> "subitems", they can be displayed as a dropdown, or as a second bar under
>> the first one that will differ only in colors and formatting from the first
>> bar.
>> This I think that it will give us more space in the center of the page for
>> some installation HELP that will explain the different installations, why
>> and how to set up an user, etc....
>> on the "installation progress", I would remove the menu showing only
>> "installing PC-BSD", maybe ending with "..." that area animated from 1 dot
>> to 3 dot and back to 1
>> other than that, I like the body of the page and the colors of it.
>> just my 2 eurocents :-D
>> Fabry
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>>  Ken Kasina wrote:
>>>> Hi guys,
>>>> This are screenshots of the final proposed installer design. I am still
>>>> working on the code and hope to be done in time for PC-BSD 7.1 release
>>>> if
>>>> not then we can settle for release 7.2. I hope you all find it ok.
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Ken Kasina
>>> Very nice looking! I think it looks a worldLOT better than my old
>>> design. Will we be able to have it automatically resize widgets when
>>> different translations are applied? That was one downside the older
>>> installer, everthing was designed with 1024x768 in mind, and sometimes
>>> when you selected a different language which uses longer text for
>>> labels, it would get cut off.
>>> Right now I'm thinking that 7.1 will include KDE 4.2, which is released
>>> at the end of Janurary, so that should give you several months to get
>>> this working to a point where we can start testing with it. Will that be
>>> enough time you think?
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