[PC-BSD Dev] New installer update

A.Y. yerenkow at uct.ua
Wed Oct 22 07:40:13 PDT 2008

Kris Moore пишет:
> Ken Kasina wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> This are screenshots of the final proposed installer design. I am still
>> working on the code and hope to be done in time for PC-BSD 7.1 release if
>> not then we can settle for release 7.2. I hope you all find it ok.
>> Regards,
>> Ken Kasina
> Very nice looking! I think it looks a worldLOT better than my old 
> design. Will we be able to have it automatically resize widgets when 
> different translations are applied? That was one downside the older 
> installer, everthing was designed with 1024x768 in mind, and sometimes 
> when you selected a different language which uses longer text for 
> labels, it would get cut off.
> Right now I'm thinking that 7.1 will include KDE 4.2, which is released 
> at the end of Janurary, so that should give you several months to get 
> this working to a point where we can start testing with it. Will that be 
> enough time you think?
Russians translation almost always is pretty long and wide.
I could help with testing auto-resizing according to a real language.
BTW, January seems to be great, so much need to be done ;)

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