[PC-BSD Dev] Space Issue

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Wed Oct 22 07:31:51 PDT 2008

A.Y. wrote:
> Currenly, on IRC:
> cahimira    hi
> cahimira    somebody cant help me?
> cahimira    I am new in PC-BSD
> cahimira    i have 7.0
> cahimira    and I need upgrade to 7.1
> cahimira    how I can upgrade without use the "System Updater" program?
> cahimira    because System Updater say: "Error: Not enough free disk 
> space for these updates! You will need 2067MB to install the selected 
> updates"
> cahimira    but I have space in other partitions
> If PC-BSD really required some additional space in / for updates, isn't 
> this should be mentioned while installing?
> E.g. Ask from user not 4gb, but 6-7.
> If not - there must be a way to update using freespace in other 
> partition, or big updates = big troubles.
> _______________________________________________

By default the System Updater uses /PCBSD/tmp as the location to 
download / uncompress patches. This is a good point though about not 
having enough room. I'm putting this on my TODO to add a option in the 
GUI so you can set your own custom TMPDIR to a location with enough space.


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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