[PC-BSD Dev] Building a test system from source

Robert Swain rob at biffthemonkey.com
Thu Oct 16 17:16:03 PDT 2008


I am new to BSD and programming in general, so this may contain some 
silly questions. While inexperienced, I am motivated to learn by 
actually participating in a development project. Having tried many 
Windows alternatives, I found that I like PC-BSD the best, and have been 
using it regularly since the release of 1.4 (first tried it back at the 
original release). I am interested in eventually contributing to the 
project. I am too busy for the rest of October to be able to devote any 
significant time to it, but would like to start dabbling when I have a 
moment. On that note, I would like to know how to build a system using 
the current source code rather than waiting for a new release. How to 
contribute back anything more than feedback on bugs to the Testing list 
will have to wait until November.

Some areas I would be interested in eventually contributing to would be 
easy management of servers (by PBI development, which I've started 
playing with, and by something more integrated with the system like the 
Services menu or allowing a setting for user webspace in System 
Settings), multimedia and control programs for home-theater use (HTPC 
oriented usage like MythTV or Freevo while maintaining the PC-BSD base 
for normal computer usage), mass distribution/installation/management 
solutions to enable IT departments to easily use PC-BSD on all of their 
institution's workstations (for schools, companies, and government 
agencies), and possibly finding a way for PBIs to work better with 
programs installed via Ports.

Robert Swain
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