[PC-BSD Dev] Changes to the battery utility

John Hixson john at pcbsd.org
Fri Mar 21 09:43:33 PDT 2008

Florian Stinglmayr wrote:
> Hiho,
> I have made changes to the battery utility to support John's patch
> on the powerd. It is now possible to select on which modes the
> powerd should work when the laptop runs on AC line or on the
> battery: Either adaptive (depends on the CPU load) or minimum.
> These changes come from the powerd configuration file named
> powerd.conf. It is assumed to lie in /etc and must be read/write-able
> for the normal user. This way the user will only be bugged with
> entering the super-uber-duper-user password when the powerd
> itself is going to be hup'ped.
> Could someone test this out for me, as I do not have an powerd
> friendly hardware around.
> Greetings from a snowy Austria,
> Florian

I can modify the code to look for a .powerdrc for this situation instead 
of having powerd.conf world writable if you'd like. I think this would 
be a better approach.

- John

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