[PC-BSD Dev] installcd-overlay

John Hixson john at pcbsd.org
Tue Mar 18 12:07:16 PDT 2008

Kris Moore wrote:
> John,
> I'll be happy to help you with this.
> All these scripts and everything in /usr actually are kept in uzipped 
> file located on the CD at "/uzip/usr.uzip". What happens, is that when 
> you boot the PC-BSD install cd, it mounts the CD, then creates a 
> ramdisk, and copies the /uzip/usr.uzip file into memory. Then it 
> unmounts the CD, mounts the usr.uzip file to /usr, and continues with 
> the boot process. This enables us to do CD switching, and is why you 
> can eject the CD after the boot, since its not mounted anymore.
> If you take a look at /etc/rc on the install CD mfsroot, you'll see 
> how its done.

Aha. I failed to even look there =). This clears everything up.
> Also, I would be interested in your PXE boot stuff. How difficult was 
> it to do? I would like to add that ability to the PC-BSD distro down 
> the road. Maybe we can work together and integrate it in for a future 
> release.
PXE boot isn't that difficult. I can describe in detail if you'd like. I 
saw this functionality on the roadmap so I figured I would get it 
working, write code to implement it, then submit it to you guys in a 
patch. I would be happy to work wit you on this.


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