[PC-BSD Dev] 1.5rc2 Testing

Jeremy C. Reed reed at reedmedia.net
Thu Mar 6 10:15:49 PST 2008

> Go ahead and download the new cut from the URL below, and let me know of 
> any other major issues discovered!

(I am not on all these lists, but I cc'd them all.)

I already reported some issues for 1.4 at 

Your 1.5rc2 has some of the same issues:

1) Quick Tips still has fifth line chopped even if resize window. This is 
important for aesthetics but more importantly explanations that are 
important for certain parts of install are not seen. For example during 
"System Update / Repair" you can't read about it since over four lines.)

2) Timezones still locality based (which is fine) but not wide enough to 
show all details. Please make wider. And please also add choices for 
timezone codes also (like "CST -0600", "PST -0800", "GMT +0000", etc.).

3) Formatting of licenses still wrong. Either preformat it for the narrow 
width or have your display properly format.

4) No explanation for Intel Firmware and NVIDIA licenses. Why? Can they be 
bypassed/not installed/not loaded?

5) Maybe "Quick Tips" is wrongly named. Some items are not "Quick Tips" 
but are important notes. Maybe just rename to "Notes" or just get rid of 
that header all together.

6) During an Upgrade, Quick Tips says "Any FreeBSD packages installed will 
be removed and new packages will be installed." Where are they reinstalled 
from? The two CDs can't possibly hold all packages. And why remove FreeBSD 
packages if there is not newer versions? (Maybe it doesn't and just the 
"Quick Tips" is wrong?)

7) Maybe the Setup Complete! screen should say version (like "1.5rc2"). 
And maybe should indicate an Upgrade was done if that was chosen.

8) When I rebooted, it no longer had a splash screen -- but just showed 
the normal FreeBSD kernel and rc startup messages scrolling by.

9) And a suggestion: patch or configure kdialog to never say "KDialog" on 
the window title bar.

  Jeremy C. Reed

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