[PC-BSD Dev] 1.5!

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Fri Feb 22 08:30:59 PST 2008

Hey everybody!

Tim and I have finished adding the GUI changes into 1.5, and we have 
frozen the UI for translation now. I will start building test ISO's this 
weekend. Here's some of the new stuff in 1.5:

* Xorg 7.3

* KDE 3.5.8

* FreeBSD 6.3 Release

* Latest ports as of 2-22-08

* NEW System Updater tool - Keeps system & PBIs up to date - Allows 
override variables, so that admins can use their own mirrors / servers 
to roll out updates to users.

* Improvements to WiFi tool, BSSID support and better SSID support

* Improvements to the PBI Removal tool - Remove a list of PBIs at a time

* NEW sound detection program! Uses XML backend to identify and load modules

* NEW amd64 build of 1.5, including PBI that are on our auto-build server

* NEW PBI icon preview library, now a PBI file shows the icon embedded 
in it on your desktop, not the generic "PBI" format icon

I'm probably forgetting other fixes / enhancements, but that's what I 
remember at the moment.

I will be testing the ISO's first thing on Monday to fix any of the 
obvious "bone-headed" mistakes, then once those are fixed I'll upload a 
cut of the 32/64 bit versions for our devs to test as well. I'm hoping 
this release will be pretty stable from the get-go, since xorg 7.3 & kde 
3.5.8 aren't *huge* updates, but you never know :)


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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