[PC-BSD Dev] Meeting && questions

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Tue Dec 2 12:14:21 PST 2008

A.Y. wrote:
> Hello all! how about make a small meeting-talk on irc at this week?
> I'm free to any time.

Sure! Lets plan for early next week if possible. I've still got a ton of 
stuff to get finished this week, after the Holiday last week :) Does 
Tuesday next week work for you?

> And I have some questions.
> 1. Remember we were discussing about making smart gui "settings editor 
> for services" based on some definition? Is anyone looks into?
> I thought about this, we could make a very general-use GUI for any 
> configuration files, that could be useful in future;
> Currently I'm planning a project which will make a listener to 
> filesystem, and will trace all changes to specific files; after 
> file-change, check for syntax, validate, if validator provided, store it 
> to VCS, propose to user give a label (optional). So, syntax && 
> validation part will be a kind of similar to settings options 
> definition. My goal - "user edit xorg.conf (or whatever), makes there 
> some mistake, save and - he see alert about syntax error;" or other case -
> he changed same xorg.conf, boot unsuccessfull, he see text-based 
> interface and can choose right-one old saved version;

I haven't started coding anything yet, but I think this is a feature we 
should add to the services tool here soon. If you just want me to setup 
the services tool to call a provided script / binary when the user 
clicks on "configure" that would be easy enough to do. However, if we 
want to do an entire syntax-driven configuration to provide configure 
gui's, that will take a lot longer, and require a lot of coding.

> 2. Is technically possible such thing: on same FS have both i386 && 
> amd64 files, for example
> /boot32 /bin32, /lib32, /libexec32...
> /boot64 /bin64, /lib64, /libexec64...
> and while booting choose one or other kernel?
> if make changes in /etc/login.conf and whatever :)
> Or, if this isn't possible - how about make two partition for both 32 & 
> 64 versions root and one partition for home?

I've not seen this done in BSD before, it may be possible, but I don't 
know how much hacking it would require :P

I would think that the easiest thing to do would be 3 partition route, 
x32 and x64, then a home partition. But again, I',m not sure what kind 
of loader.conf tweaks will be needed to boot from either. If you can get 
one working, let me know and maybe we can support something like that 
down the road.

> 3. If we have 2gb installation image for usb, why not create 5-6Gb image 
> of already installed PC-BSD, useage will be the same, dd to usb stick, 
> and we have live sluggish system :)
> BTW, for DVD-live system we need writeable /home/user && /tmp, is this 
> all? could we make it too in 4,3Gb?

I think it would be possible to do that, have a pre-built usb image 
which can be copied with dd to a media, and booted from. As for DVD, its 
a bit different, since we may need to do a uzip compressed FS to load 
from disk, so there's enough room for it all. Maybe even do the same 
thing with the USB media, so you can fit it into a 4GB USB stick or 

> 4. About wine && gaming, did you guys thought about specific wine build 
> included in system, which will be updated a bit rarely?

Do you mean have one integrated, or just installed as we do now with the 
wine PBI? The only problem I've seen with integrating it, is that wine 
changes so often, and has so many regressions that whenever we would 
issue an online update to the base system, it could break the users wine 
programs. At least with the PBI method of wine, they can downgrade back 
to a previous wine release when a regression occurs :)

> 5. new AsusEEEs have specific ethernet;
> http://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/svn-src-all/2008-November/001172.html
> Here are patch to src with driver.
> I don't know how automated all system builds on server, so question is: 
> Is this possible to build patched kernel, and make it in PBIformat, or 
> in plain archive, and put it on pbidir.com, so users could test it?

Has this patch been MFC to 7-Stable yet? I may be able to include it in 
7.0.2 or 7.1 when it is :)

As for a patch, you can build the kernel, and just tar bzip it for users 
to test. I wouldn't want to list it on pbidir, since thats more of a 
hard-core testing patch for users who want to try it out :)

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