[PC-BSD Dev] Meeting && questions

A.Y. yerenkow at uct.ua
Tue Dec 2 03:54:33 PST 2008

Hello all! how about make a small meeting-talk on irc at this week?
I'm free to any time.

And I have some questions.

1. Remember we were discussing about making smart gui "settings editor 
for services" based on some definition? Is anyone looks into?
I thought about this, we could make a very general-use GUI for any 
configuration files, that could be useful in future;
Currently I'm planning a project which will make a listener to 
filesystem, and will trace all changes to specific files; after 
file-change, check for syntax, validate, if validator provided, store it 
to VCS, propose to user give a label (optional). So, syntax && 
validation part will be a kind of similar to settings options 
definition. My goal - "user edit xorg.conf (or whatever), makes there 
some mistake, save and - he see alert about syntax error;" or other case -
he changed same xorg.conf, boot unsuccessfull, he see text-based 
interface and can choose right-one old saved version;

2. Is technically possible such thing: on same FS have both i386 && 
amd64 files, for example
/boot32 /bin32, /lib32, /libexec32...
/boot64 /bin64, /lib64, /libexec64...

and while booting choose one or other kernel?
if make changes in /etc/login.conf and whatever :)

Or, if this isn't possible - how about make two partition for both 32 & 
64 versions root and one partition for home?

3. If we have 2gb installation image for usb, why not create 5-6Gb image 
of already installed PC-BSD, useage will be the same, dd to usb stick, 
and we have live sluggish system :)
BTW, for DVD-live system we need writeable /home/user && /tmp, is this 
all? could we make it too in 4,3Gb?

4. About wine && gaming, did you guys thought about specific wine build 
included in system, which will be updated a bit rarely?

5. new AsusEEEs have specific ethernet;
Here are patch to src with driver.
I don't know how automated all system builds on server, so question is: 
Is this possible to build patched kernel, and make it in PBIformat, or 
in plain archive, and put it on pbidir.com, so users could test it?

Meeting, meeting, we need meeting :D

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