[PC-BSD Dev] PF Manager

Florian Stinglmayr fstinglmayr at gmail.com
Fri Aug 1 00:24:40 PDT 2008

Kris wrote:
> Also, I've ported your PF Manager over to QT / KDE4,
> however I've noticed that something was broken in the process.
> It appears to run, but none of the PF settings are loaded,
> and when you try to add an entry, it crashes :(
> Have you been able to download any of the Alpha ISO's?
> I'm going to upload an alpha with KDE 4.1 in it this weekend,
> and its pretty stable now. If you could take a look at the firewall
> bug, that would be great. If not, I'll try to hack at it later on.

I have downloaded one and see how it is going to work on my new
hardware. I will also try to fix the firewall manager. I will keep you
posted ;-)


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