[PC-BSD Dev] Samba Configuration Tool

Florian Stinglmayr fstinglmayr at gmail.com
Sat Oct 6 13:42:53 PDT 2007

Tim McCormick wrote:
>> Hey Tim,
>> That would be even better, than writing something stand-alone. I have a
>> normal FreeBSD with KDE on this machine, and cannot find this
>> filesharing module anywhere. Do I need to install it seperately, or did
>> I miss something?
> Great stuff!
> You won't find the filesharing module in the port. Because the porting team 
> couldn't make it work with a trivial fix, or because nobody was willing to 
> look at it, the module was removed from the standard FreeBSD install.
> I could try to locate it in KDE's SVN if you like. But you might be better off 
> talking to Michael Nottebrock (lofi at freebsd.org). He's the primary maintainer 
> for the KDE port, and surely knows its layout a lot better than I do :)
> Cheers,

Whoops, I forgot to CC my last email to the list. Anyway I will go on 
contacting Michael, to get me up to date on the efforts on porting this 


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