[PC-BSD Dev] Samba Configuration Tool

Tim McCormick tim at pcbsd.org
Sat Oct 6 09:19:10 PDT 2007

On Saturday 06 October 2007 11:47:05 Florian Stinglmayr wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Because of my missing physical constitution I was declared unable for
> military services and sent home. And now while searching for a job, I
> would like to write that Samba configuration utility.
> Just some questions ahead: What kind of basic functionality shall it
> have, and shall it be a KCM?

Hey Florian,

Ideally, we'd like to fix the KDE filesharing module if we can. It gives nice 
integrated functionality, and saves a whole bunch of work :) Once you get it 
working, you'd need to send patches to kde at freebsd.org for inclusion in the 
port, and also to whomever maintains the module in the KDE tree for inclusion 
there. This way, more people get to benefit from our work.

Would you feel comfortable with that?


Tim McCormick
PC-BSD Lead Developer
tim at pcbsd.org

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