[PC-BSD Dev] hello

Florian Stinglmayr fstinglmayr at gmail.com
Fri Jun 8 04:15:21 PDT 2007

John Hixson schrieb:
> Hi Guys,
> I figured I could take some time and introduce myself to everyone. My 
> name is John Hixson and I am a C programmer that specializes in UNIX 
> systems programming. I am currently employed at the University of the 
> Pacific in Stockton, California as a UNIX systems programmer and 
> Administrator and I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work 
> on FreeBSD.
> I met Kris, Matt and Brett at BSDCan this year and learned I might be 
> able to help this project out. I of course and jumping at the 
> opportunity and highly appreciate how welcoming everyone as been. This 
> is definitely not the welcome I received from the Linux community =o).
> My skill set is all across the board as I have worked in a lot of 
> different  areas as well as tinkered with  things on  the side.  I am  
> willing to attack  any problem  and feel comfortable that it will 
> (eventually) get solved  =o).
> Thanks to all for accepting me and I look forward to contributing to 
> this project =).

Hello John!

Nice to have you here! My name is Florian and I am a student from 
Austria. I used to work on the Firewall configuration utility, though my 
final exams rob most of my time lately, therefore I was not able to 
contribute a lot to PC-BSD.

But in any case, I am very sure it will be a pleasure to work with you :-)


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