[PC-BSD Dev] powerd replacement

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Sat Jul 14 11:15:55 PDT 2007

I'd agree with Tim here. It would probably be best to update powerd,
since they've already done some of the work, and then submit it up to
the freebsd folks for inclusion into the main tree :)


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

Tim McCormick wrote:
>> Hey ho,
>> I recently played around with powerd and looked through its source code.
>>   And to my humble opinion it is not very feature rich. Though CPU
>> frequency scaling is an important feature, it won't do other things that
>> can save power on a notebook, for example dimming the monitor, or going
>> automatically into stand by. Also the powerd daemon lacks some kind of
>> dynamic update and dynamic "profile" support.
>> Therefore I decided to either replace powerd completely or to update it.
>> What do you guys think is better? Or should we try to port KPowersave
>> instead?
> Hey Florian,
> Sounds like a nice idea. However, I'd prefer to have an updated powerd,
> than a replacement. In the best case, you'd make the changes, test 'em etc.
> and submit them to the FreeBSD tree :)

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