[PC-BSD Dev] Automated PBI creation

John Hixson john at pcbsd.org
Tue Jul 3 00:17:17 PDT 2007


I managed to find the subversion repository for the PBI creation tools 
=). I am reviewing the code currently to understand how it works.

- John

John Hixson wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> I have been working on hacking the FreeBSD ports tree to allow easy PBI 
> creation via a "pbi" target. The idea goes something like this:
> cd /usr/ports/audio/amarok; make pbi;
> simple enough ?
> I have gotten quite far with this. Currently the pbi target pulls only 
> dependencies that are listed as dependencies (and its dependencies... 
> and so on) and makes packages of them, copies them into a "pbi" 
> directory and extracts them.
> This is about where I am stuck and need some more info. I am currently 
> going by the onlamp PBI creation tutorial as well as some poking around 
> currently PBI files. I have downloaded the PBICreator tool but am not 
> having luck running it from the command line. It still tries to connect 
> to an X server and bails out if it can't find one.
> I am completely new to PBI creation and could use some more details on 
> the format if they are available. So far, I haven't found much. Is the 
> source code for PBICreator available ?
> Any constructive criticism on the direction I am taking? =)
> - John
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