[PC-BSD Dev] Automated PBI creation

John Hixson john at pcbsd.org
Mon Jul 2 19:05:27 PDT 2007

Hi Guys,

I have been working on hacking the FreeBSD ports tree to allow easy PBI 
creation via a "pbi" target. The idea goes something like this:

cd /usr/ports/audio/amarok; make pbi;

simple enough ?

I have gotten quite far with this. Currently the pbi target pulls only 
dependencies that are listed as dependencies (and its dependencies... 
and so on) and makes packages of them, copies them into a "pbi" 
directory and extracts them.

This is about where I am stuck and need some more info. I am currently 
going by the onlamp PBI creation tutorial as well as some poking around 
currently PBI files. I have downloaded the PBICreator tool but am not 
having luck running it from the command line. It still tries to connect 
to an X server and bails out if it can't find one.

I am completely new to PBI creation and could use some more details on 
the format if they are available. So far, I haven't found much. Is the 
source code for PBICreator available ?

Any constructive criticism on the direction I am taking? =)

- John

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