[PC-BSD Dev] KDevelop Garbage

Kris Moore - PC-BSD Software kris at pcbsd.com
Thu Feb 15 12:32:46 PST 2007

Hey guys, just gotta vent here for a minute!

The latest Kdevelop seems to be pretty buggy here, i just spent 4 hours 
converting the wificonfig tool back to QT Designer, after kdevelop 
screwed up all my code :(

Basically the problem occurs when you try to create a 2nd UI dialog or 
widget of some sort in KDevelop. For some reason it won't tie into the 
right .cpp / .h files for the new dialog, and it even kept going into 
recursive loops and crashing here :(

I'm not sure if this is a general bug in 3.3.5 of KDevelop, or just a 
bug on the FBSD version, but it makes it unusable for the wificonfig 
tool, since I need to make several .ui dialogs for popups and such.

Just figured I would give you guys a heads up in case you run into the 
same problems I did.


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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