[PC-BSD Dev] PF Manager on the way

Florian Stinglmayr fstinglmayr at gmail.com
Wed Feb 14 01:46:14 PST 2007

Hi folks,

The first beta of the pf firewall manager is ready. I will commit it
today and I want you all to tear it apart and report ANY issue you
find. I want this application become as good as possible. Although I
have to admit that the advanced tab is not yet ready, and before I
start with it I am going to create a CLI tool for the PBI developers.

Once you checked it out, do the following:

$ cd to the dir
$ make
as root:
# make install

Make install will automatically install all needed files for testing.
After you have installed the kcm module do the following:

$ kcmshell kcm_pfmanager


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