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Wed Jan 30 07:51:30 PST 2013

Author: pbiapprove
Date: 2013-01-30 15:51:30 +0000 (Wed, 30 Jan 2013)
New Revision: 21240

PBI-9 Meta-Update: Gonvert

Modified: pbi/update/pbi-meta-9
--- pbi/update/pbi-meta-9	2013-01-30 15:24:27 UTC (rev 21239)
+++ pbi/update/pbi-meta-9	2013-01-30 15:51:30 UTC (rev 21240)
@@ -359,6 +359,7 @@
 App=Gobby;Editors;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gobby.png;0x539 dev group;http://gobby.0x539.de/trac/;GPL;Graphical;text,editor;Gobby is a free collaborative editor supporting multiple documents in one session and a multi-user chat. Gobby is covered under the GPL (General Public License).;;
 App=Gogglesmm;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gogglesmm.png;s.jansen;http://code.google.com/p/gogglesmm/;GPL;Graphical;audio,player,tagger;Goggles Music Manager is a music collection manager and player that automatically categorizes your music files based on genre, artist, album, and song. It supports gapless playback and features easy tag editing.;;
 App=GoldenDict;Text Processing;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/goldendict.png;Konstantin Isakov;http://goldendict.berlios.de/;GPL;Graphical;dictionary,ebook;The project aims to create a feature-rich dictionary lookup program. It supports:     <br>* Babylon .BGL files, complete with images and resources     <br>* StarDict .ifo/.dict./.idx/.syn dictionaries     <br>* Dictd .index/.dict(.dz) dictionary files     <br>* ABBYY Lingvo .dsl source files, together with abbreviations.       The files can be optionally compressed with dictzip. Dictionary       resources can be packed together into a .zip file     <br>* ABBYY Lingvo .lsa/.dat audio archives. Those can be indexed separately, or be referred to from .dsl files.;;
+App=Gonvert;Miscellaneous;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gonvert.png; Anthony Tekatch;http://www.unihedron.com/projects/gonvert/;GPL;Graphical;convert,units;Gonvert is a conversion utility that allows conversion between many units like CGS, Ancient, Imperial with many categories like length, mass, numbers, etc. All units converted values shown at once as you type. Easy to add/change your own units.  <br>Features:      <br>- 51 categories, 981 units.  <br>- All units converted values shown at once as you type.     <br>- Descriptions for many units.     <br>- Sort by Unit Name, Value, or Unit symbol.     <br>- Find Units.     <br>- Fully OPEN source so that you can add your own custom calculations and descriptions.;;
 App=Google Earth;Astronomy;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/googleearth.png;Google;http://earth.google.com;Other;Graphical;mapping,earth;Google Earth Enterprise helps organizations with imagery and other geospatial data make that information accessible and useful to all employees who need access via an intuitive, visual, and fast application. Visualize, explore and understand information on a fully interactive 3D globe or 2D browser based maps.;;
 App=Goonies;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/goonies.png;Brain Games;http://goonies.jorito.net/;Unknown;Graphical;game,arcade;Welcome to the Brain Games remake of the 8 bit classic game \'The Goonies\'. This game was made by Konami in 1986. There were both a NES version and an MSX version of the game this remake is based on the MSX version.  This remake was made for the 2006 competition organized by Retro Remakes. After having participated in 2003 (with Road Fighter, which finished on the 7th place out of 83 entries), and in 2004 (with F-1 Spirit, gaining the 13th place amongst the 73 contestants), we decided to give another go at the first prize! And, who knows....;;
 App=Gorilla;Security;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gorilla.png;Zbigniew Diaczyszyn;http://github.com/zdia/gorilla;GPL;Graphical;password,wallet,manager;Password Gorilla is cross-platform Password Manager. It is  compatible with ;;

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