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Wed Sep 19 08:05:31 PDT 2012

Author: pbiapprove
Date: 2012-09-19 15:05:31 +0000 (Wed, 19 Sep 2012)
New Revision: 19370

PBI-9 Meta-Update: MadBomber

Modified: pbi/update/pbi-meta-9
--- pbi/update/pbi-meta-9	2012-09-19 14:59:25 UTC (rev 19369)
+++ pbi/update/pbi-meta-9	2012-09-19 15:05:31 UTC (rev 19370)
@@ -507,6 +507,7 @@
 App=MP;Editors;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/mp.png;Angel Ortega;http://www.triptico.com/software/mp.html;GPL;Text;text,editor;MP is an easy to use programmer\'s text editor. It supports automatic syntax highlighting, macros and ctags and also has online help.;;
 App=MPQC;Science;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/mpqc.png;MPQC Team;http://www.mpqc.org/;GPL;Text;multiple,parallel,chemistry;MPQC is the Massively Parallel Quantum Chemistry Program. It computes properties of atoms and molecules from first principles using the time independent Schrodinger equation. It runs on a wide range of architectures ranging from individual workstations to symmetric multiprocessors to massively parallel computers. Its design is object oriented, using the C++ programming language.  Capabilities <br>o Closed shell and general restricted open shell Hartree-Fock energies and gradients <br>o Second order open shell perturbation theory (OPT2[2]) and Z-averaged perturbation theory (ZAPT2) energies. <br>o Second order closed shell Moller-Plesset perturbation theory energies and gradients. <br>o Robust internal coordinate geometry optimizer that efficiently optimizes molecules with many degrees of freedom.  <br>You can also validate your mpqc binaries when !
 you employ other settings by: <br>% make validate >& validate.log & (it may take few days, though) <br>For details, please see file:///usr/local/share/doc/mpqc/hierarchy.html or http://www.mpqc.org/mpqc-html/mpqcval.html;;
 App=MPlayer;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/mplayer.png;The MPlayer Project;http://www.mplayerhq.hu/;GPL;Graphical;video,player;MPlayer is a multimedia player and encoder suite which runs on many platforms. It plays a terrific number of different file formats and codecs including popular DivX, XviD, H.264 streams as well as DVD and SVCDs along with many popular audio codecs. On the i386 platform it also supports some Windows DLL codec families which allow playing of e.g. QuickTime movies.;;
+App=MadBomber;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/madbomber.png;New Breed Software;http://www.newbreedsoftware.com/madbomber/;GPL;Graphical;game,arcade;Mad Bomber is a clone of Activision\'s classic Atari 2600 console game, Kaboom!, by Larry Kaplan, with spruced-up graphics and sound effects, and music;;
 App=Mangler;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/mangler.png;Mangler Team;http://www.mangler.org;Unknown-Free;Graphical;audio,voip,ventrillo;Mangler is an open source VOIP client capable of connecting to Ventrilo 3.x servers.;;
 App=Marble;Astronomy;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/marble.png;The Marble Project;http://edu.kde.org/marble/;LGPL;Graphical;globe,earth,map,educational;Marble is a Virtual Globe and World Atlas that you can use to learn more about Earth: You can pan and zoom around and you can look up places and roads.;;
 App=MariaDB;Databases;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/mariadb.png;Monty Program AB;http://mariadb.org/;GPL;Server/Text;database,mysql;MariaDB is a database server that offers drop-in replacement functionality for MySQL1. MariaDB is built by some of the original authors of MySQL, with assistance from the broader community of Free and open source software developers. In addition to the core functionality of MySQL, MariaDB offers a rich set of feature enhancements including alternate storage engines, server optimizations, and patches.  MariaDB is primarily driven by developers at Monty Program, a company founded by Michael ;;

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