[PC-BSD Commits] r17902 - pcbsd/current/src-qt4/pc-installgui

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Tue Jul 24 08:25:57 PDT 2012

Author: kris
Date: 2012-07-24 15:25:57 +0000 (Tue, 24 Jul 2012)
New Revision: 17902


Fix all the help text to be relevant to the new installer

Modified: pcbsd/current/src-qt4/pc-installgui/helpText.h
--- pcbsd/current/src-qt4/pc-installgui/helpText.h	2012-07-24 15:12:31 UTC (rev 17901)
+++ pcbsd/current/src-qt4/pc-installgui/helpText.h	2012-07-24 15:25:57 UTC (rev 17902)
@@ -3,15 +3,15 @@
 #define HELPTEXT_H
 #include <QObject>
-#define HELPTEXT0 QObject::tr("This screen allows you to setup your system language and local timezone.<br><br>Enabling the option for NTP will keep your computers date and time in sync via the internet.")
-#define HELPTEXT1 QObject::tr("On this screen please take a moment to setup and test your keyboard. The pc104 keyboard is common, although you should select your keyboard model / layout if it exists as an option.")
-#define HELPTEXT2 QObject::tr("Please select the type of installation you want to perform. If doing an upgrade please make sure you have created a backup of your files beforehand. <br><br>Next select if you are installing PC-BSD or FreeBSD. PC-BSD is recommended for new users and people wanting to run a desktop. FreeBSD does NOT include a graphical interface by default, and should be installed by more experienced users.<br><br>If you are booting from a installation or live DVD/USB/CD then the fastest option is to install from DVD / USB. Network installation is required when booting from a boot-only media. NOTE: Network installation is for wired ethernet only, wifi configuration is not supported at this time.")
-#define HELPTEXT3 QObject::tr("Please select the disk or partition you wish to use for installation. If you plan to dual-boot with another operating system you will need a MBR primary partition available. If you want to format the disk with GPT (Required for greater than 2TB disks) then you will need to select 'Use Entire Disk'.<br><br>The default file-system is UFS with Journaling, but advanced users may want to install with the ZFS filesystem.<br><br>The option for 'Encrypt user data' will encrypt the /usr file-system, which includes your home directories.")
-#define HELPTEXT4 QObject::tr("On this screen you will need to set the password for the system (root) user. It is also recommended to setup at least one regular user, which is required for login on PC-BSD. <br><br>If you wish to name this system, enable the option 'Custom System Hostname' and enter the system nickname. Otherwise the default pcbsd-xxxx or freebsd-xxxx will be used.")
-#define HELPTEXT5 QObject::tr("PC-BSD gives you the option of customizing your system with a variety of Desktops and other 'Meta-pkgs'. If you are unsure what these are, then please accept the defaults. You are always able to add / remove these packages post-installation via the 'System Manager' in the PC-BSD control panel.")
-#define HELPTEXT6 QObject::tr("Please select any optional components you wish to have installed on this system. These may also be added post-installation via the AppCafe or System Manager.")
-#define HELPTEXT7 QObject::tr("This screen will display a summary of your installation options. Please confirm these are correct before hitting Next. This is your last chance to cancel before changes are made to your disk.")
-#define HELPTEXT8 QObject::tr("The system is now installing! This process may take a while depending upon the options chosen and the system speed.")
-#define HELPTEXT9 QObject::tr("Success! The system is now installed, you may remove any DVD/CD/USB from the system and reboot into your new operating system.")
+#define HELPTEXT0 QObject::tr("This screen allows you to select the language you wish to perform the install with.")
+#define HELPTEXT1 QObject::tr("This screen allows you to select the type of system you wish to install. Clicking customize will allow you to change the selected packages for your system.")
+#define HELPTEXT2 QObject::tr("This screen will display the currently selected disk options. Clicking customize will allow you to change the target disk, file-systems and more.")
+#define HELPTEXT3 QObject::tr("Your system is now installing! Go grab a cup of coffee and relax, the installer will notify you when it is finished.")
+#define HELPTEXT4 QObject::tr("The system is now finished installing! Click Finish to reboot, and be sure to eject any install media before booting into your new system.")
+#define HELPTEXT5 QObject::tr("")
+#define HELPTEXT6 QObject::tr("")
+#define HELPTEXT7 QObject::tr("")
+#define HELPTEXT8 QObject::tr("")
+#define HELPTEXT9 QObject::tr("")
 #endif // HELPTEXT_H

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