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Tue Jan 17 07:20:04 PST 2012

Author: pbiapprove
Date: 2012-01-17 15:20:03 +0000 (Tue, 17 Jan 2012)
New Revision: 14894

PBI-9 Meta-Update: SMPlayer

Modified: pbi/update/pbi-meta-9
--- pbi/update/pbi-meta-9	2012-01-17 15:17:08 UTC (rev 14893)
+++ pbi/update/pbi-meta-9	2012-01-17 15:20:03 UTC (rev 14894)
@@ -469,6 +469,7 @@
 App=SABnzbdplus;News;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/sabnzbdplus.png;SABnzbd-Team;http://sabnzbd.org/;GPL;Graphical;newsreader,rss;SABnzbd is a cross-platform binary newsreader. It makes downloading from Usenet easy by automating the whole thing. You give it an NZB file or an RSS feed, it does the rest. Has a web-browser based UI and an API for 3rd-party apps. Ideal for servers too.;;
 App=SDL-Sopwith;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/sdl-sopwith.png;The SDL-Sopwith Team;http://sdl-sopwith.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;game,sopwith;This is a port of the classic computer game "Sopwith" to run on modern computers and operating systems. It is named "SDL Sopwith" as it was originally used the LibSDL graphics library. There is now also a port to Gtk+, the widget library used by GNOME and there is initial code written toward a backport allowing it to be run under DOS, like the original. (Note: ctrl-c closes the program);;
 App=SILC - Client;Network;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/silc-client.png;SILC Project;http://www.silcnet.org/;GPL;Graphical;irc,silc;[ from developer\'s site FAQ ]  This is a SILC network client  Q: What is SILC?  A: SILC (Secure Internet Live Conferencing) is a protocol which provides secure conferencing services in the Internet over insecure channel. SILC is IRC like although internally they are very different. Biggest similarity between SILC and IRC is that they both provide conferencing services and that SILC has almost same commands as IRC. Other than that they are nothing alike.  Biggest differences are that SILC is secure what IRC is not in any way.  The network model is also entirely different compared to IRC.;;
+App=SMPlayer;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/smplayer.png;The SMPlayer Project;http://smplayer.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;multimedia,audio,video,player;smplayer intents to be a complete front-end for mplayer,from basic features like playing videos, dvds, vcdsto more advancing features like support for mplayer filters,edl lists, and more.;;
 App=Sauerbraten;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/sauerbraten.png;Sauerbraten Team;http://sauerbraten.org/;GPL;Graphical;game,fps,cube2;Sauerbraten (a.k.a. Cube 2) is a free multiplayer/singleplayer first person shooter, built as a major redesign of the Cube FPS.;;
 App=SchismTracker;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/schism.png;Storlek and Mrs. Brisby;http://eval.sovietrussia.org/wiki/Schism_Tracker;GPL;Graphical;audio,creator;Schism Tracker is a free reimplementation of Impulse Tracker, a program used to create high quality music without the requirements of specialized, expensive equipment, and with a unique ;;
 App=Scilab;Math;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/scilab.png;Scilab Consortium;http://www.scilab.org;GPL;Graphical;matlab,science,math;Scilab is a scientific software package for numerical computations in a user-friendly environment. It features:     Elaborate data structures.    Sophisticated interpreter and programming language with Matlab-like syntax.    Hundreds of built-in math functions.    Stunning graphics.    Open structure.    Many built-in libraries:         Linear Algebra.         Control.         Package for linear matrix inequalities, optimization.         Signal processing.         Simulation.         Optimization.         Metanet.    Symbolic capabilities through Maple interface.;;

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