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Wed Jan 11 02:13:32 PST 2012

Author: autotrans
Date: 2012-01-11 10:13:31 +0000 (Wed, 11 Jan 2012)
New Revision: 14762

Auto-Commit of i18n data from Pootle

Modified: pcbsd/current/src-qt4/pc-sysinstaller/i18n/SysInstaller_bg.ts
--- pcbsd/current/src-qt4/pc-sysinstaller/i18n/SysInstaller_bg.ts	2012-01-10 19:51:06 UTC (rev 14761)
+++ pcbsd/current/src-qt4/pc-sysinstaller/i18n/SysInstaller_bg.ts	2012-01-11 10:13:31 UTC (rev 14762)
@@ -13,8 +13,7 @@
         <source>Please select the type of installation you want to perform. If doing an upgrade please make sure you have created a backup of your files beforehand. <br><br>Next select if you are installing PC-BSD or FreeBSD. PC-BSD is recommended for new users and people wanting to run a desktop. FreeBSD does NOT include a graphical interface by default, and should be installed by more experienced users.<br><br>If you are booting from a installation or live DVD/USB/CD then the fastest option is to install from DVD / USB. Network installation is required when booting from a boot-only media. NOTE: Network installation is for wired ethernet only, wifi configuration is not supported at this time.</source>
-        <translation type="unfinished">
-            </translation>
+        <translation>Моля, изберете типа на инсталация, която искате да направите. Ако надграждате, уверете се че сте съхранили данните си преди да започнете. <br><br>След това изберете какво ще инсталирате: PC-BSD или FreeBSD. PC-BSD се препоръчва за нови потребители и хора искащи да ползват десктоп среда. FreeBSD НЕ съдържа графичен интерфейс по подразбиране, и е желателно да се инсталира от напреднали потребители.<br><br>Ако зареждате от инсталационен или жив DVD/USB/CD, тогава най-бързата опция е да инсталирате от DVD / USB. Мрежовата инсталация е нужна, когÐ!
 °Ñ‚о зареждате от boot-only медия. БЕЛЕЖКА: Мрежовата инсталация е само за мрежа през кабел. Безжичната конфигурация не се поддържа в момента.</translation>
         <source>Please select the disk or partition you wish to use for installation. If you plan to dual-boot with another operating system you will need a MBR primary partition available. If you want to format the disk with GPT (Required for greater than 2TB disks) then you will need to select 'Use Entire Disk'.<br><br>The default file-system is UFS with Journaling, but advanced users may want to install with the ZFS filesystem.<br><br>The option for 'Encrypt user data' will encrypt the /usr file-system, which includes your home directories.</source>

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