[PC-BSD Commits] r18198 - pbi/update

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Mon Aug 6 07:41:44 PDT 2012

Author: pbiapprove
Date: 2012-08-06 14:41:44 +0000 (Mon, 06 Aug 2012)
New Revision: 18198

PBI-9 Meta-Update: HomeBank

Modified: pbi/update/pbi-meta-9
--- pbi/update/pbi-meta-9	2012-08-06 14:37:36 UTC (rev 18197)
+++ pbi/update/pbi-meta-9	2012-08-06 14:41:44 UTC (rev 18198)
@@ -317,6 +317,7 @@
 App=Hex-a-Hop;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/hex-a-hop.png;Hex-a-Hop Team;http://hexahop.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;game,puzzle;Hex-a-Hop is a puzzle game based on hexagonal tiles. There is no time limit and no real-time elements.  The objective is simply to destroy all the green hexagonal tiles on each of the 100 levels. As you progress through the game, more types of tiles are introduced which make things more difficult and interesting (hopefully).;;
 App=Hexalate;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/hexalate.png;Graeme Gott;http://gottcode.org/hexalate/;GPL;Graphical;game,puzzle,colors;Hexalate is a color matching game. The goal of the game is to rotate and position the circles so that each touching line matches in color. You rotate circles by right clicking, and you move circles by dragging them. The game stores the positions and rotations of the circles across runs.;;
 App=HeyU2;Miscellaneous;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/heyu2.png;Heyu Team;http://www.heyu.org/;Other;Text;command,interface,CM11A;HEYU is a text-based console program for remotely controlling lights and  appliances in the home or office.   It is made available under a free and open  source license.;;
+App=HomeBank;Finance;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/homebank.png;Maxime Doyen;https://launchpad.net/homebank/;GPL;Graphical;finance,account,money;HomeBank is the free software you have always wanted to manage your personal accounts at home. The main concept is to be light, simple and very easy to use. It brings you many features that allow you to analyze your finances in a detailed way instantly and dynamically with powerful report tools based on filtering and graphical charts.  Furthermore, HomeBank benefits from more than 10 years of users\' experiences and feedback as its development started in 1995 on Amiga computers. It is now available on Amiga, GNU/Linux, and will probably be available soon for Microsoft Windows and MacOS X systems as GTK+ exists on them.;;
 App=HotKeys;Miscellaneous;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/hotkeys.png;Anthony Wong;http://ypwong.org/hotkeys/;Unknown;Text;keyboard,shortcuts,multimedia;This program sits at the back and listens for the "special" hotkeys that  you won\'t normally use on your internet/Multimedia keyboards. The buttons perform their intended behaviors, such as volume up and down,  mute the speaker, launch applications, etc.  NOTE: CDROM & APM features have been disabled;;
 App=Hugin;Graphics;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/hugin.png;Hugin Development;http://hugin.sourceforge.net;GPL;Graphical;panorama,pictures;A GUI for Panorama Tools, to stitch panoramic images.  With hugin you can assemble a mosaic of photographs into a complete immersive panorama, stitch any series of overlapping pictures and much more.;;
 App=Hulu-Desktop;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/hulu-desktop.png;Hulu;http://www.hulu.com/labs/hulu-desktop;Unknown-Free;Graphical;hulu,video;Hulu Desktop is a "lean-back viewing experince", providing streaming TV and movies directly from Hulu to your desktop without the need for a flash enabled web browser. Hulu Desktop provides full access to the Hulu Library. Signup not required except for viewing mature content.  Hulu content may not be available outside of the US.;;

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