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Wed Apr 11 05:26:50 PDT 2012

Author: kenmoore
Date: 2012-04-11 12:26:49 +0000 (Wed, 11 Apr 2012)
New Revision: 16325

Revert the previous change to the meta data - ruined the whole display

Modified: pbi/update/pbi-meta-9
--- pbi/update/pbi-meta-9	2012-04-11 12:13:18 UTC (rev 16324)
+++ pbi/update/pbi-meta-9	2012-04-11 12:26:49 UTC (rev 16325)
@@ -1,4391 +1,4391 @@
-App=ATAidle;System <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/ataidle.png;Bruce <br>* Cran;http://www.cran.org.uk/bruce/software/ataidle/;Other;Text;harddrive,ATA;ATAidle <br>* is <br>* a <br>* utility <br>* to <br>* set <br>* the <br>* power <br>* management <br>* features <br>* of <br>* ata <br>* hard <br>* drives. <br>* This <br>* includes <br>* standby <br>* timeouts, <br>* power <br>* (APM) <br>* and <br>* acoustic <br>* (AAM) <br>* level <br>* settings, <br>* and <br>* it <br>* can <br>* show <br>* details <br>* about <br>* the <br>* installed <br>* devices.;;
-App=ATanks;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/atanks.png;A-Tanks <br>* Team;http://atanks.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;game,tanks,strategy;This <br>* is <br>* a <br>* port <br>* of <br>* Atomic <br>* Tanks, <br>* a <br>* 2D <br>* tank <br>* game <br>* where <br>* small <br>* tanks <br>* use <br>* cartoonishly <br>* large <br>* weapons <br>* to <br>* blow <br>* up <br>* each <br>* other. <br>* Atomic <br>* Tanks <br>* is <br>* loosely <br>* based <br>* on <br>* the <br>* classic <br>* DOS <br>* game, <br>* Scorched <br>* Earth. <br>* The <br>* game <br>* is <br>* very <br>* flexible, <br>* allowing <br>* anywhere <br>* from <br>* two <br>* to <br>* ten <br>* players, <br>* variable <br>* environments <br>* and <br>* a <br>* wide <br>* range <br>* of <br>* weapons <br>* and <br>* other <br>* items.;;
-App=AbiWord;Editors;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/abiword.png;The <br>* AbiSource <br>* Community;http://www.abisource.com;GPL;Graphical;word,office;AbiWord <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free <br>* word <br>* processing <br>* program <br>* similar <br>* to <br>* Microsoft <br>* Word. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* suitable <br>* for <br>* a <br>* wide <br>* variety <br>* of <br>* word <br>* processing <br>* tasks.;;
-App=AbyssWebServer;Web;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/abyssws.png;Aprelium;http://www.aprelium.com;Other;Server;web,server;Abyss <br>* Web <br>* Server <br>* enables <br>* you <br>* to <br>* host <br>* your <br>* Web <br>* sites <br>* on <br>* your <br>* computer. <br>* It <br>* supports <br>* secure <br>* SSL/TLS <br>* connections <br>* (HTTPS) <br>* as <br>* well <br>* as <br>* a <br>* wide <br>* range <br>* of <br>* Web <br>* technologies.;;
-App=Aegisub;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/aegisub.png;Aegisub <br>* Team;http://www.aegisub.org/;BSD;Graphical;subtitle,editor;The <br>* Aegisub <br>* Project <br>* is <br>* a <br>* community-driven <br>* effort <br>* to <br>* write <br>* the <br>* BSDL <br>* licensed <br>* cross-platform <br>* subtitle <br>* editor <br>* Aegisub. <br>* Composed <br>* completely <br>* of <br>* volunteers <br>* passionate <br>* about <br>* subtitling, <br>* as <br>* a <br>* project <br>* it <br>* strives <br>* to <br>* be <br>* open, <br>* fair <br>* and <br>* most <br>* of <br>* all: <br>* free.;;
-App=AfternoonStalker;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/afternoonstalker.png;Pierre <br>* Sarrazin;http://sarrazip.com/dev/afternoonstalker.html;GPL;Graphical;2D,robots,game;Afternoonstalker <br>* is <br>* a <br>* clone <br>* of <br>* the <br>* Intellivision <br>* game <br>* Night <br>* Stalker. <br>* You <br>* are <br>* in <br>* a <br>* two-dimensional <br>* maze <br>* in <br>* which <br>* you <br>* are <br>* attacked <br>* by <br>* robots <br>* that <br>* shoot <br>* at <br>* you <br>* and <br>* that <br>* you <br>* must <br>* shoot <br>* down. <br>* You <br>* must <br>* pick <br>* up <br>* a <br>* gun <br>* somewhere <br>* in <br>* the <br>* maze <br>* in <br>* order <br>* to <br>* have <br>* a <br>* few <br>* bullets <br>* to <br>* shoot. <br>* Avoid <br>* the <br>* spiders <br>* and <br>* the <br>* bats, <br>* which <br>* can <br>* paralyze <br>* you <br>* long <br>* enough <br>* for <br>* a <br>* robot <br>* to <br>* come <br>* and <br>* shoot <br>* you. <br>* T!
 he <br>* bunker <br>* in <br>* the <br>* center <br>* is <br>* your <br>* only <br>* protection.;;
-App=Akonadi;Databases;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/akonadi.png;Akonadi <br>* Team;http://pim.kde.org/akonadi/;LGPL;Server;PIM,server;Akonadi <br>* - <br>* The <br>* PIM <br>* Storage <br>* Service <br>* * <br>* Common <br>* PIM <br>* data <br>* cache <br>* <br>o <br>* Type <br>* agnostic <br>* design <br>* <br>o <br>* Extensible <br>* <br>o <br>* Generic <br>* offline <br>* access, <br>* change <br>* recording <br>* and <br>* replay <br>* <br>o <br>* Generic <br>* conflict <br>* detection <br>* and <br>* resolution <br>* <br>o <br>* Resources <br>* are <br>* groupable <br>* by <br>* profile <br>* <br>o <br>* Items <br>* composed <br>* of <br>* independently <br>* retrievable <br>* multiple <br>* parts <br>* <br>o <br>* Zero-copy <br>* retrieval <br>* possible <br>* * <br>* Concurrent <br>* access <br>* allows <br>* background <br>* activity <br>* independent <br>* of <br>* UI <br>* client <br>* <br>o <br>* Syncing <br>* mail, <br>* calendar, <br>* addressbooks <br>* t!
 o <br>* remote <br>* servers <br>* <br>o <br>* Syncing <br>* with <br>* mobile <br>* devices <br>* <br>o <br>* Permits <br>* semantic <br>* desktop <br>* infrastructure <br>* to <br>* access <br>* PIM <br>* data <br>* <br>o <br>* Archiving <br>* <br>o <br>* Indexing <br>* <br>o <br>* Out-of-process <br>* search <br>* * <br>* Multi-process <br>* design <br>* <br>o <br>* Crash <br>* isolation <br>* <br>o <br>* Large <br>* items <br>* can\'t <br>* block <br>* whole <br>* system <br>* <br>o <br>* Linkage <br>* by <br>* IPC <br>* allows <br>* proprietary <br>* components <br>* <br>o <br>* Thin <br>* client <br>* installations <br>* can <br>* share <br>* components <br>* for <br>* scalability;;
-App=Alacarte;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/alacarte.png;Alacarte <br>* Team;https://launchpad.net/alacarte;GPL;Graphical;menu,editor;Alacarte <br>* is <br>* a <br>* simple <br>* freedesktop.org <br>* compliant <br>* menu <br>* editor <br>* for <br>* GNOME <br>* that <br>* lets <br>* you <br>* change <br>* your <br>* menus, <br>* simply <br>* and <br>* quickly. <br>* Just <br>* click <br>* and <br>* type <br>* to <br>* edit, <br>* add, <br>* and <br>* delete <br>* any <br>* menu <br>* entry.;;
-App=Alexandria;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/alexandria.png;Alexandria <br>* Contributors;http://alexandria.rubyforge.org;GPL;Graphical;collection;Alexandria <br>* is <br>* a <br>* GNOME <br>* application <br>* to <br>* help <br>* you <br>* manage <br>* your <br>* book <br>* collection. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* written <br>* in <br>* Ruby <br>* and <br>* is <br>* free <br>* software, <br>* distributed <br>* under <br>* the <br>* terms <br>* of <br>* the <br>* GNU <br>* General <br>* Public <br>* License <br>* (version <br>* 2 <br>* or <br>* later).;;
-App=AlienArena;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/alienarena.png;COR <br>* Entertainment;http://red.planetarena.org/;GPL;Graphical;game,fps,quake,doom,unreal;Alien <br>* Arena <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free <br>* standalone <br>* deathmatch <br>* game <br>* based <br>* on <br>* source <br>* code <br>* released <br>* by <br>* id <br>* Software. <br>* Begun <br>* by <br>* COR <br>* Entertainment <br>* in <br>* 2004, <br>* the <br>* game <br>* combines <br>* a <br>* 1950s-era <br>* sci-fi <br>* atmosphere <br>* with <br>* gameplay <br>* similar <br>* to <br>* the <br>* Quake, <br>* Doom, <br>* and <br>* Unreal <br>* Tournament <br>* series. <br>* Alien <br>* Arena <br>* focuses <br>* mainly <br>* on <br>* online <br>* multiplayer <br>* action, <br>* although <br>* it <br>* does <br>* contain <br>* single <br>* player <br>* campaigns <br>* against <br>* bots. <br>* Alien <br>* Arena <br>* has <br>* been <br>* released <br>* for <br>* Microsoft <br>* Windows, <br>* Linux <br>!
 * and <br>* FreeBSD. <br>* Alien <br>* Arena <br>* has <br>* been <br>* free-to-play <br>* since <br>* its <br>* inception, <br>* and <br>* there <br>* are <br>* currently <br>* no <br>* plans <br>* to <br>* change <br>* it <br>* to <br>* pay-to-play.;YES;
-App=Alpine;Mail;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/alpine.png;University <br>* of <br>* Washington;http://www.washington.edu/alpine/;GPL;Graphical;email;Alpine <br>* is <br>* a <br>* fast, <br>* easy <br>* to <br>* use <br>* email <br>* client <br>* that <br>* is <br>* suitable <br>* for <br>* both <br>* the <br>* inexperienced <br>* email <br>* user <br>* as <br>* well <br>* as <br>* for <br>* the <br>* most <br>* demanding <br>* of <br>* power <br>* users. <br>* Alpine <br>* is <br>* based <br>* on <br>* the <br>* Pine <br>* Message <br>* System, <br>* which <br>* was <br>* also <br>* developed <br>* at <br>* the <br>* University <br>* of <br>* Washington. <br>* Alpine <br>* can <br>* be <br>* learned <br>* by <br>* exploration <br>* and <br>* the <br>* use <br>* of <br>* context-sensitive <br>* help. <br>* The <br>* user <br>* experience <br>* is <br>* highly <br>* customizable <br>* through <br>* the <br>* use <br>* of <br>* the <br>* Alpine <br>* Setup <br>* command.;;
-App=Amanda-client;Miscellaneous;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/amanda-client.png;Amanda <br>* Team;http://www.amanda.org/;BSD;Text;backup, <br>* tape <br>* drive;This <br>* is <br>* a <br>* release <br>* of <br>* Amanda, <br>* the <br>* Advanced <br>* Maryland <br>* Automatic <br>* Network <br>* Disk <br>* Archiver. <br>* Amanda <br>* is <br>* a <br>* backup <br>* system <br>* designed <br>* to <br>* archive <br>* many <br>* computers <br>* on <br>* a <br>* network <br>* to <br>* a <br>* single <br>* large-capacity <br>* tape <br>* drive. <br>* Here <br>* are <br>* some <br>* features <br>* of <br>* Amanda: <br>* * <br>* written <br>* in <br>* C, <br>* freely <br>* distributable. <br>* * <br>* built <br>* on <br>* top <br>* of <br>* standard <br>* backup <br>* software: <br>* Unix <br>* dump/restore, <br>* and <br>* later <br>* GNU <br>* Tar <br>* and <br>* others. <br>* * <br>* will <br>* back <br>* up <br>* multiple <br>* machines <br>* in <br>* parallel <br>* to <br>!
 * a <br>* holding <br>* disk, <br>* blasting <br>* finished <br>* dumps <br>* one <br>* by <br>* one <br>* to <br>* tape <br>* as <br>* fast <br>* as <br>* we <br>* can <br>* write <br>* files <br>* to <br>* tape. <br>* For <br>* example, <br>* a <br>* ~2 <br>* Gb <br>* 8mm <br>* tape <br>* on <br>* a <br>* ~240K/s <br>* interface <br>* to <br>* a <br>* host <br>* with <br>* a <br>* large <br>* holding <br>* disk <br>* can <br>* be <br>* filled <br>* by <br>* Amanda <br>* in <br>* under <br>* 4 <br>* hours. <br>* * <br>* does <br>* simple <br>* tape <br>* management: <br>* will <br>* not <br>* overwrite <br>* the <br>* wrong <br>* tape.;;
-App=Amarok;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/amarok.png;Amarok <br>* Team;http://amarok.kde.org/;GPL;Graphical;music;Amarok <br>* is <br>* the <br>* music <br>* player <br>* for <br>* Unix <br>* with <br>* an <br>* intuitive <br>* interface. <br>* Amarok <br>* makes <br>* playing <br>* the <br>* music <br>* you <br>* love <br>* easier <br>* than <br>* ever <br>* before <br>* - <br>* and <br>* looks <br>* good <br>* doing <br>* it.;
-App=AmericasArmy;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/americasarmy.png;Americas <br>* Army;http://www.americasarmy.com;Other;Graphical;game,fps;The <br>* America\'s <br>* Army <br>* game <br>* provides <br>* civilians <br>* with <br>* an <br>* inside <br>* perspective <br>* and <br>* a <br>* virtual <br>* role <br>* in <br>* today\'s <br>* premier <br>* land <br>* force: <br>* the <br>* U.S. <br>* Army. <br>* The <br>* game <br>* is <br>* designed <br>* to <br>* provide <br>* an <br>* accurate <br>* portrayal <br>* of <br>* Soldier <br>* experiences <br>* across <br>* a <br>* number <br>* of <br>* occupations. <br>* In <br>* the <br>* game, <br>* players <br>* will <br>* explore <br>* progressive <br>* individual <br>* and <br>* collective <br>* training <br>* events <br>* within <br>* the <br>* game. <br>* Once <br>* they <br>* successfully <br>* completed <br>* these <br>* events <br>* they <br>* will <br>* advance <br>* to <br>* multiplayer <br>* operations <br>* in !
 <br>* small <br>* units.;;
-App=Amoebax;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/amoebax.png;Emma\'s <br>* Software;http://www.emma-soft.com/games/amoebax/;LGPL;Graphical;game,tetris,puyo,puzzle;Amoebax <br>* is <br>* a <br>* cute <br>* and <br>* addictive <br>* action-puzzle <br>* game. <br>* Due <br>* to <br>* an <br>* awful <br>* mutation, <br>* some <br>* amoeba\'s <br>* species <br>* have <br>* started <br>* to <br>* multiply <br>* until <br>* they <br>* take <br>* the <br>* world <br>* if <br>* you <br>* can\'t <br>* stop <br>* them. <br>* Fortunately <br>* the <br>* mutation <br>* made <br>* then <br>* too <br>* unstable <br>* and <br>* lining <br>* up <br>* four <br>* or <br>* more <br>* will <br>* make <br>* them <br>* disappear. <br>* Follow <br>* Kim <br>* or <br>* Tom <br>* through <br>* 6 <br>* levels <br>* in <br>* their <br>* quest <br>* to <br>* prevent <br>* the <br>* cute <br>* multiplying <br>* amoebas <br>* to <br>* take <br>* the <br>* world <br>* and <br>* become <br>* the <br>* !
 new <br>* Amoeba <br>* Master. <br>* Watch <br>* out <br>* for <br>* the <br>* cute <br>* but <br>* amoeba\'s <br>* controlled <br>* creatures <br>* that <br>* will <br>* try <br>* to <br>* put <br>* and <br>* end <br>* to <br>* your <br>* quest. <br>* Amoebax <br>* is <br>* designed <br>* with <br>* levels <br>* for <br>* everyone, <br>* from <br>* children <br>* to <br>* adults. <br>* With <br>* the <br>* training <br>* mode <br>* everybody <br>* will <br>* quickly <br>* become <br>* a <br>* master <br>* and <br>* the <br>* tournament <br>* mode <br>* will <br>* let <br>* you <br>* have <br>* a <br>* good <br>* time <br>* with <br>* your <br>* friends. <br>* There <br>* is <br>* also <br>* catchy <br>* music, <br>* funny <br>* sound <br>* effects, <br>* and <br>* beautiful <br>* screens <br>* that <br>* sure <br>* appeal <br>* to <br>* everyone <br>* in <br>* the <br>* family.;;
-App=Anjuta;Development;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/anjuta.png;The <br>* Anjuta <br>* Project;http://anjuta.org/;GPL;Graphical;IDE,C++;Anjuta <br>* is <br>* a <br>* very <br>* versatile <br>* Integrated <br>* development <br>* environment <br>* for <br>* C <br>* and <br>* C++. <br>* Written <br>* in <br>* GTK/GNOME <br>* and <br>* written <br>* for <br>* GTK+/GNOME, <br>* it <br>* features <br>* many <br>* advanced <br>* programming <br>* tools <br>* and <br>* utilities. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* basically <br>* a <br>* GUI <br>* interface <br>* for <br>* the <br>* bunch <br>* of <br>* command <br>* line <br>* programming <br>* utilities <br>* and <br>* tools <br>* available <br>* for <br>* FreeBSD, <br>* which <br>* are <br>* usually <br>* run <br>* in <br>* console <br>* and <br>* are <br>* very <br>* user <br>* unfriendly.;;
-App=Apache;Web;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/apache.png;The <br>* Apache <br>* Software <br>* Foundation;http://www.apache.org;GPL;Server;web,server;The <br>* Apache <br>* HTTP <br>* Server <br>* Project <br>* is <br>* an <br>* effort <br>* to <br>* develop <br>* and <br>* maintain <br>* an <br>* open-source <br>* HTTP <br>* server <br>* for <br>* modern <br>* operating <br>* systems <br>* including <br>* UNIX <br>* and <br>* Windows <br>* NT. <br>* The <br>* goal <br>* of <br>* this <br>* project <br>* is <br>* to <br>* provide <br>* a <br>* secure, <br>* efficient <br>* and <br>* extensible <br>* server <br>* that <br>* provides <br>* HTTP <br>* services <br>* in <br>* sync <br>* with <br>* the <br>* current <br>* HTTP <br>* standards. <br>* Apache <br>* has <br>* been <br>* the <br>* most <br>* popular <br>* web <br>* server <br>* on <br>* the <br>* Internet <br>* since <br>* April <br>* 1996. <br>* The <br>* Apache <br>* HTTP <br>* Server <br>* is <br>* a <br>* pro!
 ject <br>* of <br>* the <br>* Apache <br>* Software <br>* Foundation.;YES;
-App=Ardour;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/ardour.png;Ardour <br>* Developers;http://ardour.org;GPL;Graphical;audio,mixer,record;Ardour <br>* is <br>* a <br>* digital <br>* audio <br>* workstation. <br>* You <br>* can <br>* use <br>* it <br>* to <br>* record, <br>* edit <br>* and <br>* mix <br>* multi-track <br>* audio. <br>* Produce <br>* your <br>* own <br>* CD\'s. <br>* Mix <br>* video <br>* soundtracks. <br>* Experiment <br>* with <br>* new <br>* ideas <br>* about <br>* music <br>* and <br>* sound. <br>* Generate <br>* sound <br>* installations <br>* for <br>* 12 <br>* speaker <br>* gallery <br>* shows. <br>* Ardour <br>* capabilities <br>* include: <br>* multichannel <br>* recording, <br>* non-linear, <br>* non-destructive <br>* region <br>* based <br>* editing <br>* with <br>* unlimited <br>* undo/redo, <br>* full <br>* automation <br>* support, <br>* a <br>* mixer <br>* whose <br>* capabilities <br>* rival <br>* high <br>* end <br>* hardware <br>* consoles, !
 <br>* lots <br>* of <br>* plugins <br>* to <br>* warp, <br>* shift <br>* and <br>* shape <br>* your <br>* music, <br>* and <br>* controllable <br>* from <br>* hardware <br>* control <br>* surfaces <br>* at <br>* the <br>* same <br>* time <br>* as <br>* it <br>* syncs <br>* to <br>* timecode. <br>* If <br>* you\'ve <br>* been <br>* looking <br>* for <br>* a <br>* tool <br>* similar <br>* to <br>* ProTools, <br>* Nuendo, <br>* Cubase <br>* SX, <br>* Digital <br>* Performer, <br>* Samplitude <br>* or <br>* Sequoia, <br>* you <br>* might <br>* have <br>* found <br>* it.;YES;
-App=Ario;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/ario.png;Marc <br>* Pavot <br>* ;http://ario-player.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;mpd,music,audio;Ario <br>* is <br>* a <br>* GTK2 <br>* client <br>* for <br>* MPD <br>* (Music <br>* player <br>* daemon). <br>* The <br>* interface <br>* used <br>* to <br>* browse <br>* the <br>* library <br>* is <br>* inspired <br>* by <br>* Rhythmbox <br>* but <br>* Ario <br>* aims <br>* to <br>* be <br>* much <br>* lighter <br>* and <br>* faster.;;
-App=Arista;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/arista.png;Daniel <br>* G. <br>* Taylor;http://programmer-art.org/projects/arista-transcoder;LGPL;Graphical;convert,transcoder,format;An <br>* easy <br>* to <br>* use <br>* multimedia <br>* transcoder <br>* for <br>* the <br>* GNOME <br>* Desktop. <br>* Arista <br>* focuses <br>* on <br>* being <br>* easy <br>* to <br>* use <br>* by <br>* making <br>* the <br>* complex <br>* task <br>* of <br>* encoding <br>* for <br>* various <br>* devices <br>* simple. <br>* Pick <br>* your <br>* input, <br>* pick <br>* your <br>* target <br>* device, <br>* choose <br>* a <br>* file <br>* to <br>* save <br>* to <br>* and <br>* go.;;
-App=Armagetron;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/armagetron.png;Armagetron <br>* Team;http://armagetronad.net/;GPL;Graphical;game,tron;Armagetron <br>* is <br>* a <br>* multiplayer <br>* game <br>* in <br>* 3d <br>* that <br>* attempts <br>* to <br>* emulate <br>* and <br>* expand <br>* on <br>* the <br>* lightcycle <br>* sequence <br>* from <br>* the <br>* movie <br>* Tron. <br>* It\'s <br>* an <br>* old <br>* school <br>* arcade <br>* game <br>* slung <br>* into <br>* the <br>* 21st <br>* century. <br>* Highlights <br>* include <br>* a <br>* customizable <br>* playing <br>* arena, <br>* HUD, <br>* unique <br>* graphics, <br>* and <br>* AI <br>* bots. <br>* For <br>* the <br>* more <br>* advanced <br>* player <br>* there <br>* are <br>* new <br>* game <br>* modes <br>* and <br>* a <br>* wide <br>* variety <br>* of <br>* physics <br>* settings <br>* to <br>* tweak <br>* as <br>* well.;;
-App=Arora;Web;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/arora.png;The <br>* Arora <br>* Team;http://code.google.com/p/arora/;GPL;Graphical;Browser, <br>* WWW, <br>* Web;Arora <br>* is <br>* a <br>* lightweight <br>* cross-platform <br>* web <br>* browser. <br>* It <br>* uses <br>* the <br>* QtWebKit <br>* port <br>* of <br>* the <br>* fully <br>* standards-compliant <br>* WebKit <br>* layout <br>* engine. <br>* It <br>* features <br>* fast <br>* rendering, <br>* powerful <br>* JavaScript <br>* engine <br>* and <br>* supports <br>* Netscape <br>* plugins. <br>* ;
-App=AssaultCube;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/assaultcube.png;Rabid <br>* Viper <br>* Productions;http://assault.cubers.net/;GPL;Graphical;game,fps,cube;AssaultCube, <br>* formerly <br>* ActionCube, <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free <br>* first-person-shooter <br>* based <br>* on <br>* the <br>* game <br>* Cube. <br>* Set <br>* in <br>* a <br>* realistic <br>* looking <br>* environment, <br>* as <br>* far <br>* as <br>* thats <br>* possible <br>* with <br>* this <br>* engine, <br>* while <br>* gameplay <br>* stays <br>* fast <br>* and <br>* arcade. <br>* This <br>* game <br>* is <br>* all <br>* about <br>* team <br>* oriented <br>* multiplayer <br>* fun.;;
-App=Asunder;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/asunder.png;Asunder <br>* Team;http://littlesvr.ca/asunder/;GPL;Graphical;ripper,cd;Asunder <br>* is <br>* a <br>* graphical <br>* Audio <br>* CD <br>* ripper <br>* and <br>* encoder. <br>* You <br>* can <br>* use <br>* it <br>* to <br>* save <br>* tracks <br>* from <br>* an <br>* Audio <br>* CD <br>* as <br>* WAV, <br>* MP3, <br>* OGG, <br>* and/or <br>* FLAC.;;
-App=Atomix;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/atomix.png;Jens <br>* Finke;http://linux.softpedia.com/get/GAMES-ENTERTAINMENT/Puzzle/Atomix-9069.shtml;GPL;Graphical;games,puzzle,molecule;Atomix <br>* is <br>* a <br>* little <br>* mind <br>* game <br>* where <br>* you <br>* have <br>* to <br>* build <br>* molecules <br>* out <br>* of <br>* single <br>* atoms. <br>* These <br>* are <br>* laying <br>* around <br>* between <br>* the <br>* walls <br>* and <br>* obstacles <br>* on <br>* the <br>* playfield. <br>* Once <br>* you <br>* have <br>* pushed <br>* an <br>* atom <br>* in <br>* one <br>* direction <br>* it <br>* moves <br>* until <br>* it <br>* hits <br>* an <br>* obstacle <br>* or <br>* another <br>* atom. <br>* It <br>* needs <br>* some <br>* thinking <br>* how <br>* to <br>* construct <br>* complex <br>* molecules <br>* with <br>* this <br>* atom <br>* behaviour.;;
-App=Audacious;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/audacious.png;Audacious <br>* Development <br>* Team;http://audacious-media-player.org;GPL;Graphical;audio,mp3,ogg;Audacious <br>* is <br>* a <br>* GUI-based <br>* free <br>* software <br>* media <br>* player <br>* for <br>* PC-BSD. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* a <br>* fork <br>* of <br>* Beep <br>* Media <br>* Player <br>*, <br>* which <br>* is <br>* a <br>* fork <br>* of <br>* XMMS. <br>* Audacious <br>* owes <br>* a <br>* large <br>* portion <br>* of <br>* its <br>* features <br>* to <br>* plugins, <br>* including <br>* all <br>* codecs. <br>* On <br>* most <br>* systems, <br>* a <br>* useful <br>* set <br>* of <br>* plugins <br>* is <br>* installed <br>* by <br>* default. <br>* This <br>* includes, <br>* for <br>* instance, <br>* the <br>* ability <br>* to <br>* play <br>* MP3, <br>* Ogg <br>* Vorbis <br>* and <br>* FLAC <br>* files.;;
-App=Audacity;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/audacity.png;The <br>* Audacity <br>* Team;http://audacity.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;audio,mixer;Audacity <br>* is <br>* a <br>* program <br>* that <br>* lets <br>* you <br>* manipulate <br>* digital <br>* audio <br>* waveforms. <br>* In <br>* addition <br>* to <br>* letting <br>* you <br>* record <br>* sounds <br>* directly <br>* from <br>* within <br>* the <br>* program, <br>* it <br>* imports <br>* many <br>* sound <br>* file <br>* formats, <br>* including <br>* WAV, <br>* AIFF, <br>* AU, <br>* IRCAM, <br>* MP3, <br>* and <br>* Ogg <br>* Vorbis. <br>* It <br>* supports <br>* all <br>* common <br>* editing <br>* operations <br>* such <br>* as <br>* Cut, <br>* Copy, <br>* and <br>* Paste, <br>* plus <br>* it <br>* will <br>* mix <br>* tracks <br>* and <br>* let <br>* you <br>* apply <br>* plug-in <br>* effects <br>* to <br>* any <br>* part <br>* of <br>* a <br>* sound. <br>* It <br>* also <br>* has <br>* a <br>* bu!
 ilt-in <br>* amplitude <br>* envelope <br>* editor, <br>* a <br>* customizable <br>* spectrogram <br>* mode <br>* and <br>* a <br>* frequency <br>* analysis <br>* window <br>* for <br>* audio <br>* analysis <br>* applications.;;
-App=Audex;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/audex.png;Marco <br>* Nelles;http://kde.maniatek.com/audex/;GPL;Graphical;audio,cd,ripper;Audex <br>* is <br>* an <br>* audio <br>* CD <br>* ripping <br>* tool <br>* for <br>* KDE4. <br>* Features <br>* include: <br>* - <br>* Extracting <br>* with <br>* CDDA <br>* Paranoia. <br>* So <br>* you <br>* have <br>* quite <br>* perfect <br>* audio <br>* quality. <br>* - <br>* Extracting <br>* and <br>* encoding <br>* run <br>* parallel. <br>* - <br>* Filename <br>* editing <br>* with <br>* local <br>* and <br>* remote <br>* CDDB/FreeDB <br>* database. <br>* - <br>* Metadata <br>* correction <br>* tools <br>* like <br>* capitalization. <br>* - <br>* Multi-profile <br>* extraction <br>* (with <br>* one <br>* commandline-encoder <br>* per <br>* profile). <br>* - <br>* Fetch <br>* covers <br>* from <br>* the <br>* internet <br>* and <br>* store <br>* them <br>* in <br>* the <br>* database. <br>* - <br>* Create <br>* playlists, <br>* c!
 over <br>* and <br>* template-based-info <br>* files <br>* in <br>* target <br>* directory. <br>* - <br>* Creates <br>* extraction <br>* and <br>* encoding <br>* protocols. <br>* - <br>* Transfer <br>* files <br>* with <br>* KDE <br>* KIO-Slaves.;;
-App=Aumix;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/aumix.png;jpj.net <br>* trevor;http://jpj.net/~trevor/aumix.html;GPL;Text;audio,mixer;This <br>* program <br>* adjusts <br>* an <br>* audio <br>* mixer <br>* from <br>* X, <br>* the <br>* console, <br>* a <br>* terminal, <br>* the <br>* command <br>* line <br>* or <br>* a <br>* script.;;
-App=Avant <br>* Window <br>* Navigator;X11;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/awn.png;Planet <br>* AWN;http://launchpad.net/awn;GPL;Graphical;dock,awn;Avant <br>* Window <br>* Navigator <br>* (Awn) <br>* is <br>* a <br>* dock-like <br>* bar <br>* which <br>* sits <br>* at <br>* the <br>* bottom <br>* of <br>* the <br>* screen. <br>* It <br>* has <br>* support <br>* for <br>* launchers, <br>* task <br>* lists, <br>* and <br>* third <br>* party <br>* applets. <br>* The <br>* official <br>* applet <br>* and <br>* plugin <br>* repository <br>* is <br>* in <br>* a <br>* separate <br>* project, <br>* awn-extras <br>* <https://launchpad.net/awn-extras/> <br>* The <br>* Awn <br>* project <br>* is <br>* the <br>* development <br>* of <br>* the <br>* \'dock\', <br>* avant-window-navigator, <br>* and <br>* its <br>* corresponding <br>* shared <br>* library <br>* \'libawn\', <br>* which <br>* is <br>* used <br>* to <br>* develop <br>* applets.;;
-App=Avidemux;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/avidemux.png;Avidemux <br>* Project;http://fixounet.free.fr/avidemux/;GPL;Graphical;video, <br>* editing;Avidemux <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free <br>* video <br>* editor <br>* designed <br>* for <br>* simple <br>* cutting, <br>* filtering <br>* and <br>* encoding <br>* tasks. <br>* It <br>* supports <br>* many <br>* file <br>* types, <br>* including <br>* AVI, <br>* DVD <br>* compatible <br>* MPEG <br>* files, <br>* MP4 <br>* and <br>* ASF, <br>* using <br>* a <br>* variety <br>* of <br>* codecs. <br>* Tasks <br>* can <br>* be <br>* automated <br>* using <br>* projects, <br>* job <br>* queue <br>* and <br>* powerful <br>* scripting <br>* capabilities. <br>* Avidemux <br>* is <br>* available <br>* for <br>* Linux, <br>* BSD, <br>* Mac <br>* OS <br>* X <br>* and <br>* Microsoft <br>* Windows <br>* under <br>* the <br>* GNU <br>* GPL <br>* license.;;
-App=BMPx;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/bmpx.png;The <br>* BMPx <br>* Team;http://beep-media-player.org/;GPL;Graphical;media,player,audio;BMPx <br>* is <br>* a <br>* media <br>* player <br>* which <br>* provides <br>* a <br>* very <br>* easy-to-use <br>* interface <br>* and <br>* usage <br>* semantics <br>* for <br>* all <br>* tasks, <br>* while <br>* having <br>* extensive <br>* standards <br>* and <br>* services <br>* support <br>* under <br>* the <br>* hood <br>* (MusicBrainz, <br>* Last.fm <br>* radio/scrobbling, <br>* HAL, <br>* DBus), <br>* yet <br>* keeping <br>* the <br>* details <br>* out <br>* of <br>* the <br>* way <br>* of <br>* the <br>* user.;;
-App=BRLCAD;CAD;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/brlcad.png;BRL-CAD;http://brlcad.org/;BSD;Graphical;cad,model;BRL-CAD <br>* is <br>* a <br>* powerful <br>* Combinatorial/Constructive <br>* Solid <br>* Geometry <br>* (CSG) <br>* solid <br>* modeling <br>* system <br>* that <br>* includes <br>* an <br>* interactive <br>* geometry <br>* editor, <br>* ray-tracing <br>* support <br>* for <br>* rendering <br>* and <br>* geometric <br>* analysis, <br>* network-distributed <br>* framebuffer <br>* support, <br>* image <br>* and <br>* signal-processing <br>* tools, <br>* and <br>* an <br>* embedded <br>* scripting <br>* language. <br>* The <br>* package <br>* is <br>* a <br>* collection <br>* of <br>* over <br>* 400 <br>* tools <br>* and <br>* utilities <br>* across <br>* over <br>* 750,000 <br>* lines <br>* of <br>* source <br>* code. <br>* Included <br>* is <br>* support <br>* for <br>* various <br>* geometric <br>* data <br>* format <br>* conversions, <br>* image <br>* and <br>*!
  signal <br>* processing <br>* capabilities, <br>* sophisticated <br>* ray-tracing <br>* based <br>* lighting <br>* models, <br>* network <br>* distributed <br>* ray-tracing, <br>* massively <br>* parallel <br>* ray-tracing, <br>* animation <br>* capabilities, <br>* data <br>* compression, <br>* image <br>* handling, <br>* and <br>* interactive <br>* 3-D <br>* geometric <br>* editing. <br>* Included <br>* is <br>* an <br>* implementation <br>* of <br>* Weiler\'s <br>* n-Manifold <br>* Geometry <br>* (NMG) <br>* data <br>* structures <br>* for <br>* surface-based <br>* solid <br>* models <br>* and <br>* photon <br>* mapping.;;
-App=BZFlag;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/bzflag.png;BZFlag <br>* Team;http://www.bzflag.org/;GPL;Graphical;tank,game;BZFlag <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free <br>* online <br>* multiplayer <br>* cross-platform <br>* open <br>* source <br>* 3D <br>* tank <br>* battle <br>* game. <br>* The <br>* name <br>* originates <br>* from <br>* "Battle <br>* Zone <br>* capture <br>* the <br>* Flag". <br>* It <br>* runs <br>* on <br>* PC-BSD, <br>* Irix, <br>* Linux, <br>* *BSD, <br>* Windows, <br>* Mac <br>* OS <br>* X, <br>* and <br>* many <br>* other <br>* platforms.;;
-App=BackupPC;System <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/backuppc.png;Craig <br>* Barratt;http://backuppc.sourceforge.net;GPL;Text;backup;BackupPC <br>* is <br>* a <br>* high-performance, <br>* enterprise-grade <br>* system <br>* for <br>* backing <br>* up <br>* Linux, <br>* WinXX <br>* and <br>* MacOSX <br>* PCs <br>* and <br>* laptops <br>* to <br>* a <br>* server\'s <br>* disk. <br>* BackupPC <br>* is <br>* highly <br>* configurable <br>* and <br>* easy <br>* to <br>* install <br>* and <br>* maintain.;;
-App=Bacula <br>* Bat;System <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/bacula.png;Dirk <br>* H <br>* Bartley <br>* & <br>* Kern <br>* Sibbald;http://www.bacula.org;GPL;Text;Bacula,server;Bat <br>* is <br>* based <br>* on <br>* QT4 <br>* and <br>* it\'s <br>* a <br>* program <br>* that <br>* allows <br>* the <br>* user <br>* or <br>* the <br>* System <br>* Administrator <br>* to <br>* interact <br>* with <br>* the <br>* Bacula <br>* Director <br>* daemon <br>* while <br>* the <br>* daemon <br>* is <br>* running. <br>* Since <br>* the <br>* Console <br>* program <br>* interacts <br>* with <br>* the <br>* Director <br>* through <br>* the <br>* network, <br>* your <br>* Console <br>* and <br>* Director <br>* programs <br>* do <br>* not <br>* necessarily <br>* need <br>* to <br>* run <br>* on <br>* the <br>* same <br>* machine.;;
-App=Banshee;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/banshee.png;Banshee <br>* Team;http://banshee.fm/;Other;Graphical;audio,mp3,ogg;Import, <br>* organize, <br>* play, <br>* and <br>* share <br>* your <br>* music <br>* using <br>* Banshee\'s <br>* simple, <br>* powerful <br>* interface. <br>* Rip <br>* CDs, <br>* play <br>* and <br>* sync <br>* your <br>* iPod, <br>* create <br>* playlists, <br>* and <br>* burn <br>* audio <br>* and <br>* MP3 <br>* CDs. <br>* Most <br>* portable <br>* music <br>* devices <br>* are <br>* supported. <br>* Banshee <br>* also <br>* has <br>* support <br>* for <br>* podcasting, <br>* smart <br>* playlists, <br>* music <br>* recommendations, <br>* and <br>* much <br>* more.;;
-App=Barrage;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/barrage.png;Michael <br>* Speck;http://lgames.sourceforge.net/index.php?project=Barrage;GPL;Graphical;games,artillery,action,arcade;Barrage <br>* is <br>* a <br>* rather <br>* destructive <br>* action <br>* game <br>* that <br>* puts <br>* you <br>* on <br>* a <br>* shooting <br>* range <br>* with <br>* the <br>* objective <br>* to <br>* hit <br>* as <br>* many <br>* dummy <br>* targets <br>* as <br>* possible <br>* within <br>* 3 <br>* minutes. <br>* You <br>* control <br>* a <br>* gun <br>* that <br>* may <br>* either <br>* fire <br>* small <br>* or <br>* large <br>* grenades <br>* at <br>* soldiers, <br>* jeeps <br>* and <br>* tanks. <br>* Targets <br>* are <br>* fast <br>* paced <br>* and <br>* require <br>* careful <br>* aiming <br>* as <br>* it <br>* takes <br>* half <br>* a <br>* second <br>* to <br>* reload <br>* the <br>* gun. <br>* In <br>* addition, <br>* you <br>* have <br>* to <br>* keep <br>* an <br>* eye <b!
 r>* on <br>* your <br>* ammo <br>* and <br>* reload <br>* in <br>* time.;;
-App=BasKet;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/basket.png;Sebastien <br>* Laout;http://basket.kde.org/;GPL;Graphical;notes;This <br>* multi-purpose <br>* note-taking <br>* application <br>* can <br>* help <br>* you <br>* to: <br>* * <br>* Easily <br>* take <br>* all <br>* sort <br>* of <br>* notes <br>* * <br>* Collect <br>* research <br>* results <br>* and <br>* share <br>* them <br>* * <br>* Centralize <br>* your <br>* project <br>* data <br>* and <br>* re-use <br>* them <br>* * <br>* Quickly <br>* organize <br>* your <br>* thoughts <br>* in <br>* idea <br>* boxes <br>* * <br>* Keep <br>* track <br>* of <br>* your <br>* information <br>* in <br>* a <br>* smart <br>* way <br>* * <br>* Make <br>* intelligent <br>* To <br>* Do <br>* lists <br>* * <br>* And <br>* a <br>* lot <br>* more...;;
-App=BattleTanks;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/battletanks.png;Netive <br>* Media <br>* Group;http://btanks.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;tank,game;Battle <br>* Tanks <br>* is <br>* a <br>* funny <br>* battle <br>* on <br>* your <br>* desk, <br>* where <br>* you <br>* can <br>* choose <br>* one <br>* of <br>* three <br>* vehicles <br>* and <br>* eliminate <br>* your <br>* enemy <br>* using <br>* the <br>* whole <br>* arsenal <br>* of <br>* weapons. <br>* It <br>* has <br>* original <br>* cartoon-like <br>* graphics <br>* and <br>* cool <br>* music, <br>* its <br>* fun <br>* and <br>* dynamic, <br>* it <br>* has <br>* several <br>* network <br>* modes <br>* for <br>* deathmatch <br>* and <br>* cooperative.;;
-App=Bazaar-NG;Development;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/bazaar.png;Canonical <br>* Ltd.;http://bazaar-vcs.org;GPL;Graphical;svn, <br>* subversion;Bazaar-NG <br>* is <br>* a <br>* distributed <br>* version <br>* control <br>* system <br>* from <br>* Canonical. <br>* Bazaar-NG <br>* allows <br>* you <br>* to <br>* keep <br>* old <br>* versions <br>* of <br>* files <br>* and <br>* directories <br>* (usually <br>* source <br>* code), <br>* keep <br>* a <br>* log <br>* of <br>* who, <br>* when, <br>* and <br>* why <br>* changes <br>* occurred, <br>* etc., <br>* like <br>* SVN, <br>* CVS, <br>* or <br>* RCS. <br>* Bazaar-NG <br>* is <br>* distributed, <br>* which <br>* gives <br>* it <br>* significant <br>* advantages <br>* and <br>* some <br>* disadvantages <br>* compared <br>* to <br>* SVN <br>* and <br>* CVS. <br>* The <br>* bzr <br>* implementation <br>* is <br>* the <br>* next <br>* Bazaar <br>* version <br>* from <br>* Canonical <br>* called <br>* Bazaar-NG.;;
-App=Beast;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/beast.png;Beast <br>* Development <br>* Team;http://beast.testbit.eu/;GPL;Graphical;music,creation;Beast <br>* is <br>* a <br>* powerful <br>* music <br>* composition <br>* and <br>* modular <br>* synthesis <br>* application. <br>* It <br>* supports <br>* a <br>* wide <br>* range <br>* of <br>* standards <br>* in <br>* the <br>* field, <br>* such <br>* as <br>* MIDI, <br>* WAV/AIFF/MP3/OggVorbis/etc <br>* audio <br>* files <br>* and <br>* LADSPA <br>* modules. <br>* It <br>* has <br>* excellent <br>* technical <br>* abilities <br>* like <br>* multitrack <br>* editing, <br>* unlimited <br>* undo/redo <br>* support, <br>* real-time <br>* synthesis <br>* support, <br>* 32bit <br>* audio <br>* rendering, <br>* full <br>* duplex <br>* support, <br>* multiprocessor <br>* support, <br>* precise <br>* timing <br>* down <br>* to <br>* sample <br>* granularity, <br>* on <br>* demand <br>* loading <br>* of <br>* partial <br>* wave <br!
 >* files, <br>* on <br>* the <br>* fly <br>* decoding <br>* and <br>* full <br>* scriptability <br>* in <br>* scheme. <br>* The <br>* plugins, <br>* synthesis <br>* core <br>* and <br>* the <br>* user <br>* interface <br>* are <br>* actively <br>* being <br>* developed <br>* and <br>* translated <br>* into <br>* a <br>* variety <br>* of <br>* languages, <br>* regularly <br>* assimilating <br>* user <br>* feedback <br>* such <br>* as <br>* from <br>* our <br>* FeatureRequests <br>* page.;;
-App=Bftpd;File <br>* Transfer;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/bftpd.png;The <br>* Bftpd <br>* Project;http://bftpd.sourceforge.net;GPL;Text;ftp;The <br>* Bftpd <br>* file <br>* server <br>* is <br>* designed <br>* to <br>* be <br>* as <br>* small <br>* and <br>* easy <br>* to <br>* manage <br>* as <br>* possible, <br>* while <br>* providing <br>* most <br>* of <br>* the <br>* features <br>* you <br>* would <br>* expect <br>* from <br>* a <br>* file <br>* server. <br>* On <br>* most <br>* home <br>* systems, <br>* bftpd <br>* is <br>* ready <br>* to <br>* work <br>* out-of-the-box <br>* without <br>* requiring <br>* any <br>* extra <br>* configuration. <br>* Production <br>* systems <br>* can <br>* be <br>* set <br>* up <br>* by <br>* editing <br>* a <br>* few <br>* lines <br>* in <br>* an <br>* easy-to-read <br>* config <br>* file.;;
-App=BibleTime;Miscellaneous;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/bibletime.png;BibleTime <br>* Team;http://www.bibletime.info;GPL;Graphical;bible;BibleTime <br>* is <br>* a <br>* Bible <br>* study <br>* application <br>* for <br>* PC-BSD. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* based <br>* on <br>* the <br>* K <br>* Desktop <br>* Environment <br>* and <br>* uses <br>* the <br>* Sword <br>* programming <br>* library <br>* to <br>* work <br>* with <br>* Bible <br>* texts, <br>* commentaries, <br>* dictionaries <br>* and <br>* books <br>* provided <br>* by <br>* the <br>* Crosswire <br>* Bible <br>* Society.;;
-App=BitchX;IRC;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/bitchx.png;BitchX <br>* Team;http://www.bitchx.org;GPL;Text;chat, <br>* irc;BitchX <br>* is <br>* the <br>* most <br>* popular <br>* IRC <br>* client <br>* among <br>* Unix <br>* systems. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* highly <br>* customizable <br>* and <br>* capable <br>* of <br>* running <br>* scripts, <br>* so <br>* it <br>* can <br>* be <br>* used <br>* as <br>* an <br>* irc <br>* bot <br>* too.;;
-App=Bitcoin;Network <br>* - <br>* P2P;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/bitcoin.png;Bitcoin <br>* Project;http://www.bitcoin.org/;MIT;Graphical;currency,cash;Bitcoin <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free <br>* open <br>* source <br>* peer-to-peer <br>* electronic <br>* cash <br>* system <br>* that <br>* is <br>* completely <br>* decentralized, <br>* without <br>* the <br>* need <br>* for <br>* a <br>* central <br>* server <br>* or <br>* trusted <br>* parties. <br>* Users <br>* hold <br>* the <br>* crypto <br>* keys <br>* to <br>* their <br>* own <br>* money <br>* and <br>* transact <br>* directly <br>* with <br>* each <br>* other, <br>* with <br>* the <br>* help <br>* of <br>* a <br>* P2P <br>* network <br>* to <br>* check <br>* for <br>* double-spending.;;
-App=BitlBee;IRC;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/bitlbee.png;BitlBee <br>* Team;http://www.bitlbee.org;GPL;Server;chat,irc;BitlBee <br>* brings <br>* IM <br>* (instant <br>* messaging) <br>* to <br>* IRC <br>* clients. <br>* It\'s <br>* a <br>* great <br>* solution <br>* for <br>* people <br>* who <br>* have <br>* an <br>* IRC <br>* client <br>* running <br>* all <br>* the <br>* time <br>* and <br>* don\'t <br>* want <br>* to <br>* run <br>* an <br>* additional <br>* MSN/AIM/whatever <br>* client. <br>* BitlBee <br>* currently <br>* supports <br>* the <br>* following <br>* IM <br>* networks/protocols: <br>* XMPP/Jabber <br>* (including <br>* Google <br>* Talk), <br>* MSN <br>* Messenger, <br>* Yahoo! <br>* Messenger, <br>* AIM <br>* and <br>* ICQ.;YES;
-App=Blender;Graphics;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/blender.png;Blender <br>* Project;http://www.blender.org;GPL;Graphical;3D,modeling;Blender <br>* is <br>* the <br>* free <br>* open <br>* source <br>* 3D <br>* content <br>* creation <br>* suite, <br>* available <br>* for <br>* all <br>* major <br>* operating <br>* systems <br>* under <br>* the <br>* GNU <br>* General <br>* Public <br>* License. <br>* A <br>* free <br>* and <br>* fully <br>* functional <br>* 3D <br>* modeling/rendering/animation/gaming <br>* package.;;
-App=BloGTK;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/blogtk.png;Jay <br>* Reding;BloGTK <br>* is <br>* a <br>* weblog <br>* posting <br>* client <br>* written <br>* in <br>* Python <br>* for <br>* any <br>* platform <br>* that <br>* supports <br>* Python <br>* and <br>* the <br>* GTK <br>* widget <br>* set. <br>* BloGTK <br>* allows <br>* you <br>* to <br>* connect <br>* to <br>* your <br>* weblog <br>* with <br>* XML-RPC <br>* and <br>* create <br>* new <br>* posts. <br>* Supported <br>* weblogs: <br>* MovableType <br>* versions <br>* 2.5 <br>* or <br>* later. <br>* Blogger <br>* WordPress <br>* 1.5 <br>* or <br>* later <br>* or <br>* WordPress.com <br>* Windows <br>* Live <br>* Spaces <br>* Expression <br>* Engine <br>* (but <br>* autoconfiguration <br>* does <br>* not <br>* work) <br>* Any <br>* blog <br>* that <br>* uses <br>* the <br>* MetaWeblog <br>* API.;BSD;Graphical;weblog,wordpress;BloGTK <br>* is <br>* a <br>* weblog <br>* posting <br>* client <!
 br>* written <br>* in <br>* Python <br>* for <br>* any <br>* platform <br>* that <br>* supports <br>* Python <br>* and <br>* the <br>* GTK <br>* widget <br>* set. <br>* BloGTK <br>* allows <br>* you <br>* to <br>* connect <br>* to <br>* your <br>* weblog <br>* with <br>* XML-RPC <br>* and <br>* create <br>* new <br>* posts. <br>* Supported <br>* weblogs: <br>* MovableType <br>* versions <br>* 2.5 <br>* or <br>* later. <br>* Blogger <br>* WordPress <br>* 1.5 <br>* or <br>* later <br>* or <br>* WordPress.com <br>* Windows <br>* Live <br>* Spaces <br>* Expression <br>* Engine <br>* (but <br>* autoconfiguration <br>* does <br>* not <br>* work) <br>* Any <br>* blog <br>* that <br>* uses <br>* the <br>* MetaWeblog <br>* API.;;
-App=BloodFrontier;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/bloodfrontier.png;BloodFrontier <br>* Team;http://www.bloodfrontier.com/;GPL;Graphical;game,fps,cube;Single-player <br>* and <br>* multi-player <br>* first-person <br>* shooter, <br>* built <br>* as <br>* a <br>* total <br>* conversion <br>* of <br>* Cube <br>* Engine <br>* 2, <br>* which <br>* lends <br>* itself <br>* toward <br>* a <br>* balanced <br>* gameplay, <br>* completely <br>* at <br>* the <br>* control <br>* of <br>* map <br>* makers, <br>* while <br>* maintaining <br>* a <br>* general <br>* theme <br>* of <br>* tactics <br>* and <br>* low <br>* gravity.;;
-App=Bluefish;Web;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/bluefish.png;Olivier <br>* Sessink;http://bluefish.openoffice.nl/;GPL;Graphical;IDE;Bluefish <br>* is <br>* a <br>* powerful <br>* editor <br>* targeted <br>* towards <br>* programmers <br>* and <br>* webdesigners, <br>* with <br>* many <br>* options <br>* to <br>* write <br>* websites, <br>* scripts <br>* and <br>* programming <br>* code. <br>* Bluefish <br>* supports <br>* many <br>* programming <br>* and <br>* markup <br>* languages, <br>* and <br>* it <br>* focuses <br>* on <br>* editing <br>* dynamic <br>* and <br>* interactive <br>* websites.;;
-App=BomberClone;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/bomberclone.png;BomberClone <br>* Team;http://bomberclone.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;bomberman,game;This <br>* game, <br>* i <br>* hope <br>* it <br>* will <br>* soon <br>* be <br>* a <br>* good <br>* Clone <br>* of <br>* the <br>* game <br>* AtomicBomberMan <br>* or <br>* even <br>* something <br>* new, <br>* depends <br>* on <br>* what <br>* you <br>* all <br>* want <br>* to <br>* have. <br>* The <br>* Network <br>* will <br>* support <br>* from <br>* the <br>* beginning <br>* only <br>* TCP/IP <br>* (UDP <br>* Port <br>* 11000 <br>* for <br>* the <br>* Game <br>* and <br>* UDP <br>* Port <br>* 11111 <br>* for <br>* the <br>* OpenGameCache <br>* Server). <br>* So <br>* everyone <br>* can <br>* play <br>* it <br>* over <br>* the <br>* internet.;;
-App=BomberMaze;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/bombermaze.png;Sydney <br>* Andrew;http://www.nongnu.org/bombermaze/;GPL;Graphical;game,bomberman;BomberMaze <br>* is <br>* Bomberman <br>* clone <br>* for <br>* GNOME. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* a <br>* multiplayer <br>* action <br>* game <br>* in <br>* which <br>* players <br>* run <br>* around <br>* in <br>* a <br>* square-grid <br>* maze <br>* while <br>* dropping <br>* bombs <br>* and <br>* collecting <br>* power-ups. <br>* The <br>* bombs <br>* exlode <br>* after <br>* a <br>* short <br>* time <br>* delay, <br>* taking <br>* out <br>* any <br>* nearby <br>* bricks <br>* and <br>* players. <br>* For <br>* maximum <br>* effect, <br>* bombs <br>* can <br>* be <br>* arranged <br>* so <br>* as <br>* to <br>* cause <br>* a <br>* chain <br>* reaction <br>* of <br>* explosions. <br>* The <br>* last <br>* player <br>* left <br>* is <br>* the <br>* winner.;;
-App=Bombono;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/bombono.png;Ilya <br>* Murav\'jov;http://www.bombono.org;GPL;Graphical;DVD,authoring,video;Bombono <br>* DVD <br>* is <br>* a <br>* DVD <br>* authoring <br>* program. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* made <br>* easy <br>* to <br>* use <br>* and <br>* has <br>* nice <br>* and <br>* clean <br>* GUI <br>* (Gtk). <br>* The <br>* main <br>* features <br>* of <br>* Bombono <br>* DVD <br>* are: <br>* +excellent <br>* MPEG <br>* viewer: <br>* Timeline <br>* and <br>* Monitor <br>* +real <br>* WYSIWYG <br>* Menu <br>* Editor <br>* with <br>* live <br>* thumbnails <br>* +comfortable <br>* Drag-n-Drop <br>* support <br>* +you <br>* can <br>* author <br>* to <br>* folder, <br>* make <br>* ISO-image <br>* or <br>* burn <br>* directly <br>* to <br>* DVD <br>* +reauthoring: <br>* you <br>* can <br>* import <br>* video <br>* from <br>* DVD <br>* discs. <br>* ;;
-App=Bomns;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/bomns.png;Keith <br>* Fancher;http://greenridge.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;games,deathmatch,bomberman;Bomns <br>* is <br>* by <br>* far <br>* the <br>* greatest <br>* game <br>* to <br>* ever <br>* grace <br>* the <br>* face <br>* of <br>* the <br>* earth. <br>* It <br>* has <br>* a <br>* HUGE <br>* cult <br>* following <br>* (largely <br>* based <br>* in <br>* Asheville, <br>* NC) <br>* because <br>* of <br>* its <br>* immense <br>* fun <br>* factor <br>* and <br>* its <br>* unique <br>* ability <br>* to <br>* increase <br>* your <br>* sex <br>* appeal <br>* and <br>* significantly <br>* lengthen <br>* your <br>* life. <br>* Originally <br>* conceived <br>* by <br>* Charles <br>* Lindsay, <br>* it <br>* has <br>* taken <br>* many <br>* forms <br>* since <br>* the <br>* first <br>* "Bomns".;;
-App=Bookreader;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/bookreader.png;KBookreader <br>* Team;http://sourceforge.net/projects/kbookreader/;GPL;Graphical;ebook,reader;BooKreader <br>* is <br>* a <br>* KDE <br>* twin-panel <br>* viewer <br>* for <br>* text <br>* files <br>* and <br>* e-books. <br>* Features: <br>* * <br>* Two <br>* page <br>* book-like <br>* style. <br>* * <br>* Custom <br>* font <br>* selection. <br>* * <br>* Multiple <br>* bookmarks <br>* per <br>* book. <br>* * <br>* Bookmarks <br>* manager. <br>* * <br>* Quick <br>* access <br>* to <br>* the <br>* first <br>* 10 <br>* bookmarks <br>* via <br>* Alt+number.;;
-App=BrainParty;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/brainparty.png;BrainParty <br>* Team;http://www.tuxradar.com/brainparty;GPL;Graphical;game,minigames,puzzle;Brain <br>* Party <br>* is <br>* a <br>* fun, <br>* free <br>* puzzle <br>* game <br>* for <br>* all <br>* the <br>* family <br>* that\'s <br>* made <br>* up <br>* of <br>* 36 <br>* minigames <br>* designed <br>* to <br>* push <br>* your <br>* brain <br>* to <br>* its <br>* limits <br>* by <br>* testing <br>* memory, <br>* logic, <br>* mathematics, <br>* reaction <br>* time <br>* and <br>* more! <br>* Brain <br>* Party <br>* is <br>* split <br>* into <br>* two <br>* modes: <br>* test <br>* mode <br>* gives <br>* you <br>* five <br>* minigames <br>* in <br>* a <br>* row <br>* and <br>* adds <br>* up <br>* your <br>* brain <br>* weight <br>* to <br>* see <br>* how <br>* smart <br>* you <br>* are, <br>* and <br>* practise <br>* mode <br>* lets <br>* you <br>* play <br>* your <br>* favourite <br>* minigames <br>* as !
 <br>* often <br>* as <br>* you <br>* want. <br>* If <br>* you <br>* do <br>* well <br>* enough, <br>* there <br>* are <br>* six <br>* extra <br>* minigames <br>* that <br>* can <br>* be <br>* unlocked <br>* as <br>* well <br>* as <br>* a <br>* new <br>* game <br>* mode <br>* designed <br>* to <br>* keep <br>* you <br>* playing <br>* and <br>* enjoying <br>* your <br>* favourite <br>* games <br>* even <br>* longer.;;
-App=Brasero;System <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/brasero.png;Philippe <br>* Rouquier <br>* and <br>* Luis <br>* Medinas <br>* ;http://projects.gnome.org/brasero/;GPL;Graphical;cd,dvd,ripper,burner;CD/DVD <br>* mastering <br>* tool <br>* for <br>* the <br>* gnome <br>* desktop. <br>* It <br>* has <br>* been <br>* designed <br>* to <br>* be <br>* simple <br>* and <br>* easy <br>* to <br>* use. <br>* Features: <br>* Data <br>* CD/DVD: <br>* - <br>* supports <br>* edition <br>* of <br>* discs <br>* contents <br>* - <br>* can <br>* burn <br>* data <br>* CD/DVD <br>* on <br>* the <br>* fly <br>* - <br>* supports <br>* multisession <br>* - <br>* supports <br>* joliet <br>* extension <br>* - <br>* can <br>* write <br>* the <br>* image <br>* to <br>* the <br>* hard <br>* drive <br>* Audio <br>* CD: <br>* - <br>* write <br>* CD-TEXT <br>* information <br>* (automatically <br>* found <br>* thanks <br>* to <br>* gstreamer) <br>* - <br>* supports <br>* the <br>* edi!
 tion <br>* of <br>* CD-TEXT <br>* information <br>* - <br>* can <br>* burn <br>* audio <br>* CD <br>* on <br>* the <br>* fly <br>* - <br>* can <br>* use <br>* all <br>* audio <br>* files <br>* handled <br>* by <br>* Gstreamer <br>* local <br>* installation <br>* - <br>* can <br>* search <br>* for <br>* audio <br>* files <br>* inside <br>* dropped <br>* folders <br>* CD/DVD <br>* copy: <br>* - <br>* can <br>* copy <br>* a <br>* CD/DVD <br>* to <br>* the <br>* hard <br>* drive <br>* - <br>* can <br>* copy <br>* DVD <br>* and <br>* CD <br>* on <br>* the <br>* fly <br>* - <br>* supports <br>* single-session <br>* data <br>* DVD <br>* - <br>* supports <br>* any <br>* kind <br>* of <br>* CD;;
-App=Briquolo;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/briquolo.png;Briquolo <br>* Team;http://briquolo.free.fr/en/;GPL;Graphical;game,breakout,3D;Briquolo <br>* is <br>* a <br>* breakout <br>* with <br>* 3D <br>* representation <br>* based <br>* on <br>* OpenGL.;;
-App=BrutalChess;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/brutalchess.png;Brutal <br>* Chess <br>* Team;http://sourceforge.net/projects/brutalchess/;GPL;Graphical;game,strategy,chess;Brutal <br>* Chess <br>* features <br>* full <br>* 3D <br>* graphics, <br>* an <br>* advanced <br>* particle <br>* engine, <br>* and <br>* several <br>* different <br>* levels <br>* of <br>* intelligent <br>* AI, <br>* inspired <br>* by <br>* the <br>* once <br>* popular <br>* "Battle <br>* Chess" <br>* released <br>* by <br>* Interplay <br>* circa <br>* 1988.;;
-App=BubBros;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/bubbros.png;Bub-n-Bros;http://bub-n-bros.sourceforge.net/;MIT;Graphical;game,bubble-bobble,arcade;n-multiplayer <br>* crazy <br>* clone <br>* of <br>* the <br>* famous <br>* Bubble <br>* Bobble <br>* game <br>* Features: <br>* * <br>* Same <br>* gameplay <br>* as <br>* the <br>* famous <br>* McSebi\'s <br>* Bub <br>* & <br>* Bob. <br>* * <br>* Network <br>* game: <br>* 1 <br>* to <br>* 3 <br>* players <br>* per <br>* machine, <br>* up <br>* to <br>* 7 <br>* players <br>* in <br>* total. <br>* * <br>* Completely <br>* original <br>* crazy <br>* bonuses! <br>* * <br>* Capture <br>* other <br>* players <br>* in <br>* a <br>* bubble! <br>* * <br>* New <br>* levels, <br>* including <br>* a <br>* random <br>* level <br>* generator!;;
-App=Burgerspace;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/burgerspace.png;Pierre <br>* Sarrazin;http://sarrazip.com/dev/burgerspace.html;GPL;Graphical;game,burgertime,arcade;Burgerspace <br>* is <br>* a <br>* BurgerTime <br>* clone. <br>* You <br>* are <br>* a <br>* chef <br>* and <br>* must <br>* walk <br>* over <br>* hamburger <br>* ingredients <br>* (buns, <br>* meat <br>* and <br>* lettuce) <br>* to <br>* make <br>* them <br>* fall <br>* from <br>* floor <br>* to <br>* floor, <br>* until <br>* they <br>* end <br>* up <br>* in <br>* the <br>* plates <br>* at <br>* the <br>* bottom <br>* of <br>* the <br>* screen.;;
-App=Bygfoot;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/bygfoot.png;Mark <br>* Lawrenz <br>* / <br>* Gyozo <br>* Both;http://bygfoot.sourceforge.net;GPL;Graphical;game,football,soccer;Bygfoot <br>* is <br>* a <br>* football <br>* (a.k.a. <br>* soccer) <br>* management <br>* game <br>* for <br>* PC-BSD <br>* and <br>* other <br>* UNIX <br>* look-alikes. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* an <br>* original <br>* concept <br>* by <br>* Gyz <br>* Both <br>* and <br>* has <br>* been <br>* improved <br>* with <br>* suggestions <br>* by <br>* players <br>* from <br>* all <br>* over <br>* the <br>* world. <br>* After <br>* Gyz <br>* abandoned <br>* the <br>* project, <br>* Mark <br>* Lawrenz <br>* took <br>* over <br>* and <br>* is <br>* currently <br>* developing <br>* and <br>* maintaining <br>* Bygfoot. <br>* Bygfoot <br>* allows <br>* you <br>* to <br>* manage <br>* a <br>* team <br>* by <br>* training <br>* the <br>* players, <br>* buying <br>* and <br>* selling <br>* them, <br>* contractin!
 g <br>* loans, <br>* maintaining <br>* the <br>* stadium, <br>* etc. <br>* You <br>* can <br>* be <br>* promoted <br>* or <br>* relegated, <br>* even <br>* become <br>* a <br>* champion <br>* if <br>* you\'re <br>* a <br>* skillful <br>* manager. <br>* The <br>* game <br>* is <br>* deliberately <br>* kept <br>* simple <br>* (though <br>* not <br>* easy): <br>* you <br>* only <br>* have <br>* to <br>* keep <br>* one <br>* eye <br>* at <br>* your <br>* players <br>* and <br>* another <br>* at <br>* your <br>* stadium.;;
-App=CLEX;Miscellaneous;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/clex.png;CLEX <br>* Team;http://www.clex.sk/;GPL;Text;file,manager;CLEX <br>* is <br>* a <br>* file <br>* manager <br>* with <br>* a <br>* full-screen <br>* user <br>* interface <br>* written <br>* in <br>* C <br>* with <br>* the <br>* curses <br>* library. <br>* It <br>* displays <br>* directory <br>* contents <br>* (including <br>* file <br>* status <br>* details) <br>* and <br>* provides <br>* features <br>* like <br>* command <br>* history, <br>* filename <br>* insertion, <br>* or <br>* name <br>* completion <br>* in <br>* order <br>* to <br>* help <br>* the <br>* user <br>* to <br>* construct <br>* commands <br>* to <br>* be <br>* executed <br>* by <br>* the <br>* shell <br>* (there <br>* are <br>* no <br>* built-in <br>* commands). <br>* CLEX <br>* is <br>* easily <br>* configurable <br>* and <br>* all <br>* its <br>* features <br>* are <br>* explained <br>* in <br>* the <br>* on-line <br>* help.;;
-App=Cabextract;Archivers;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/cabextract.png;Stuart <br>* Caie;http://www.cabextract.org.uk;GPL;Text;cabinet,cab;cabextract <br>* is <br>* Free <br>* Software <br>* for <br>* extracting <br>* Microsoft <br>* cabinet <br>* files, <br>* also <br>* called <br>* .CAB <br>* files, <br>* on <br>* UNIX <br>* or <br>* UNIX-like <br>* systems. <br>* cabextract <br>* is <br>* distributed <br>* under <br>* the <br>* GPL <br>* license. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* based <br>* on <br>* the <br>* portable <br>* LGPL <br>* libmspack <br>* library. <br>* cabextract <br>* supports <br>* all <br>* special <br>* features <br>* and <br>* all <br>* compression <br>* formats <br>* of <br>* Microsoft <br>* cabinet <br>* files. <br>* Quick <br>* links <br>* Microsoft <br>* cabinets <br>* vs <br>* InstallShield <br>* cabinets <br>* * <br>* Bundled <br>* extras <br>* * <br>* Using <br>* cabextract <br>* * <br>* Changes <br>* since <br>* 1.1 <br>* * <br>* FAQs <br>* * <br>* C!
 AB <br>* History <br>* * <br>* Credits <br>* Microsoft <br>* cabinet <br>* files <br>* are <br>* used <br>* by <br>* Microsoft <br>* and <br>* others <br>* to <br>* distribute <br>* all <br>* kinds <br>* of <br>* data <br>* and <br>* software: <br>* core <br>* Web <br>* fonts, <br>* Longhorn <br>* videos, <br>* operating <br>* system <br>* updates <br>* and <br>* video <br>* codecs, <br>* to <br>* give <br>* some <br>* examples. <br>* Microsoft <br>* cabinets <br>* are <br>* also <br>* used <br>* as <br>* the <br>* installation <br>* format <br>* for <br>* Windows <br>* CE <br>* software.;;
-App=Cairo-Dock;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/cairo-dock.png;Cairo-Dock <br>* Team;https://launchpad.net/cairo-dock;GPL;Graphical;dock,launcher;Cairo-Dock <br>* is <br>* a <br>* light <br>* and <br>* eye-candy <br>* dock <br>* to <br>* launch <br>* your <br>* programs <br>* easily. <br>* It <br>* uses <br>* Cairo <br>* / <br>* OpenGL <br>* to <br>* render <br>* nice <br>* graphics <br>* (many <br>* in <br>* correlation <br>* with <br>* Compiz) <br>* with <br>* hardware <br>* acceleration. <br>* It\'s <br>* fully <br>* configurable <br>* and <br>* customizable <br>* and <br>* can <br>* be <br>* a <br>* taskbar <br>* too. <br>* You <br>* can <br>* easily <br>* plug <br>* applets <br>* into <br>* it <br>* or <br>* in <br>* a <br>* desklet <br>* mode.;;
-App=Calf;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/calf.png;Krzysztof <br>* Foltman, <br>* Thor <br>* Harald <br>* Johansen;http://calf.sourceforge.net/;LGPL;Graphical;audio,synthesizer;The <br>* Calf <br>* project <br>* aims <br>* at <br>* providing <br>* a <br>* set <br>* of <br>* high <br>* quality <br>* open <br>* source <br>* audio <br>* plugins <br>* for <br>* musicians. <br>* All <br>* the <br>* included <br>* plugins <br>* are <br>* designed <br>* to <br>* be <br>* used <br>* with <br>* multitrack <br>* software, <br>* as <br>* software <br>* replacement <br>* for <br>* instruments <br>* and <br>* guitar <br>* stomp <br>* boxes. <br>* The <br>* plugins <br>* are <br>* available <br>* in <br>* following <br>* formats: <br>* - <br>* DSSI <br>* (both <br>* synthesizers <br>* and <br>* effects, <br>* GTK+ <br>* GUI <br>* is <br>* included) <br>* - <br>* Standalone <br>* JACK <br>* client <br>* application <br>* with <br>* GTK+-based <br>* GUI <br>* - <br>* LADSPA <br>* (!
 only <br>* effect <br>* plugins, <br>* GUI <br>* not <br>* available <br>* unless <br>* host <br>* supports <br>* DSSI-style <br>* GUI <br>* for <br>* LADSPA), <br>* with <br>* LRDF. <br>* Note <br>* that <br>* use <br>* of <br>* LADSPA <br>* is <br>* strongly <br>* discouraged, <br>* as <br>* the <br>* limitations <br>* of <br>* the <br>* standard <br>* may <br>* cause <br>* serious <br>* inconvenience.;;
-App=Calibre;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/calibre.png;Kovid <br>* Goyal;http://calibre.kovidgoyal.net/;GPL;Graphical;ebook,library;Calibre <br>* is <br>* meant <br>* to <br>* be <br>* a <br>* complete <br>* e-library <br>* solution <br>* and <br>* thus <br>* includes <br>* library <br>* management, <br>* format <br>* conversion, <br>* news <br>* feeds <br>* to <br>* ebook <br>* conversion, <br>* as <br>* well <br>* as <br>* e-book <br>* reader <br>* sync <br>* features <br>* and <br>* an <br>* integrated <br>* e-book <br>* viewer.;;
-App=Cdparanoia;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/cdparanoia.png;Xiph.Org;http://www.xiph.org/paranoia/;Unknown;Text;audio,ripper;Cdparanoia <br>* is <br>* a <br>* Compact <br>* Disc <br>* Digital <br>* Audio <br>* (CDDA) <br>* Digital <br>* Audio <br>* Extraction <br>* (DAE) <br>* tool, <br>* commonly <br>* known <br>* on <br>* the <br>* net <br>* as <br>* a <br>* \'ripper\'. <br>* The <br>* application <br>* is <br>* built <br>* on <br>* top <br>* of <br>* the <br>* Paranoia <br>* library, <br>* which <br>* is <br>* doing <br>* the <br>* real <br>* work <br>* (the <br>* Paranoia <br>* source <br>* is <br>* included <br>* in <br>* the <br>* cdparanoia <br>* source <br>* distribution). <br>* Cdparanoia <br>* reads <br>* audio <br>* from <br>* the <br>* CDROM <br>* directly <br>* as <br>* data, <br>* with <br>* no <br>* analog <br>* step <br>* between, <br>* and <br>* writes <br>* the <br>* data <br>* to <br>* a <br>* file <br>* or <br>* pipe <br>* in <br>* WAV, <br>* !
 AIFC, <br>* or <br>* raw <br>* 16 <br>* bit <br>* linear <br>* PCM. <br>* Cdparanoia <br>* is <br>* a <br>* bit <br>* different <br>* than <br>* most <br>* other <br>* CDDA <br>* extraction <br>* tools. <br>* It <br>* contains <br>* few-to-no <br>* \'extra\' <br>* features, <br>* concentrating <br>* only <br>* on <br>* the <br>* ripping <br>* process <br>* and <br>* knowing <br>* as <br>* much <br>* as <br>* possible <br>* about <br>* the <br>* hardware <br>* performing <br>* it. <br>* Cdparanoia <br>* will <br>* read <br>* correct, <br>* rock-solid <br>* audio <br>* data <br>* from <br>* inexpensive <br>* drives <br>* prone <br>* to <br>* misalignment, <br>* frame <br>* jitter, <br>* and <br>* loss <br>* of <br>* streaming <br>* during <br>* atomic <br>* reads. <br>* Cdparanoia <br>* will <br>* also <br>* read <br>* and <br>* repair <br>* data <br>* from <br>* CDs <br>* that <br>* have <br>* been <br>* damaged <br>* in <br>* some <br>* way. <br>* Cdparanoia <br>* is <br>* !
 easy <br>* to <br>* use <br>* and <br>* administrate. <br>* It!
  <br>* has <br>* no <br>* compile <br>* time <br>* configuration, <br>* happily <br>* autodetecting <br>* the <br>* CDROM, <br>* its <br>* type, <br>* its <br>* interface <br>* and <br>* other <br>* aspects <br>* of <br>* the <br>* ripping <br>* process <br>* at <br>* runtime. <br>* A <br>* single <br>* binary <br>* can <br>* serve <br>* the <br>* diverse <br>* hardware <br>* of <br>* the <br>* do-it-yourself <br>* computer <br>* laboratory <br>* from <br>* Hell.;;
-App=Celestia;Astronomy;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/celestia.png;Celestia <br>* Development <br>* Team;http://www.shatters.net/celestia/;GPL;Graphical;stars,universe,astro;The <br>* free <br>* space <br>* simulation <br>* that <br>* lets <br>* you <br>* explore <br>* our <br>* universe <br>* in <br>* three <br>* dimensions. <br>* Celestia <br>* runs <br>* on <br>* PC-BSD, <br>* Windows, <br>* Linux, <br>* and <br>* Mac <br>* OS <br>* X. <br>* Unlike <br>* most <br>* planetarium <br>* software, <br>* Celestia <br>* doesn\'t <br>* confine <br>* you <br>* to <br>* the <br>* surface <br>* of <br>* the <br>* Earth. <br>* You <br>* can <br>* travel <br>* throughout <br>* the <br>* solar <br>* system, <br>* to <br>* any <br>* of <br>* over <br>* 100,000 <br>* stars, <br>* or <br>* even <br>* beyond <br>* the <br>* galaxy. <br>* All <br>* movement <br>* in <br>* Celestia <br>* is <br>* seamless <br>* the <br>* exponential <br>* zoom <br>* feature <br>* lets <br>* you <br>* ex!
 plore <br>* space <br>* across <br>* a <br>* huge <br>* range <br>* of <br>* scales, <br>* from <br>* galaxy <br>* clusters <br>* down <br>* to <br>* spacecraft <br>* only <br>* a <br>* few <br>* meters <br>* across. <br>* A <br>* \'point-and-goto\' <br>* interface <br>* makes <br>* it <br>* simple <br>* to <br>* navigate <br>* through <br>* the <br>* universe <br>* to <br>* the <br>* object <br>* you <br>* want <br>* to <br>* visit. <br>* Celestia <br>* is <br>* expandable. <br>* Celestia <br>* comes <br>* with <br>* a <br>* large <br>* catalog <br>* of <br>* stars, <br>* galaxies, <br>* planets, <br>* moons, <br>* asteroids, <br>* comets, <br>* and <br>* spacecraft. <br>* If <br>* that\'s <br>* not <br>* enough, <br>* you <br>* can <br>* download <br>* dozens <br>* of <br>* easy <br>* to <br>* install <br>* add-ons <br>* with <br>* more <br>* objects.;;
-App=CenterIM;Network <br>* - <br>* IM;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/centerim.png;CenterIM <br>* Team;http://www.centerim.org/;Unknown-Free;Text;icq;CenterIM <br>* is <br>* a <br>* fork <br>* of <br>* CenterICQ. <br>* CenterIM <br>* is <br>* a <br>* text <br>* mode <br>* menu- <br>* and <br>* window-driven <br>* IM <br>* interface <br>* that <br>* supports <br>* the <br>* ICQ2000, <br>* Yahoo!, <br>* MSN, <br>* AIM, <br>* Gadu-Gadu <br>* and <br>* IRC <br>* protocols <br>* as <br>* well <br>* as <br>* posting <br>* to <br>* LiveJournal <br>* aggregating <br>* RSS <br>* feeds. <br>* It <br>* allows <br>* you <br>* to <br>* send, <br>* receive, <br>* and <br>* forward <br>* messages, <br>* URLs, <br>* SMSes, <br>* contacts, <br>* and <br>* email <br>* express <br>* messages. <br>* It <br>* also <br>* lets <br>* you <br>* set <br>* your <br>* own <br>* and <br>* fetch <br>* others\' <br>* away <br>* messages, <br>* and <br>* define <br>* external <br>* handlers <br>* for <!
 br>* incoming <br>* events. <br>* You <br>* can <br>* mass <br>* message-send, <br>* search <br>* for <br>* users, <br>* view <br>* users\' <br>* details, <br>* maintain <br>* your <br>* contact <br>* list <br>* directly <br>* from <br>* the <br>* program, <br>* view <br>* the <br>* message <br>* history, <br>* register <br>* a <br>* new <br>* UIN <br>* and <br>* update <br>* your <br>* details, <br>* be <br>* informed <br>* upon <br>* receipt <br>* of <br>* email <br>* messages, <br>* automatically <br>* set <br>* away <br>* after <br>* the <br>* defined <br>* period <br>* of <br>* inactivity, <br>* and <br>* have <br>* your <br>* own <br>* ignore, <br>* visible, <br>* and <br>* invisible <br>* lists. <br>* It <br>* can <br>* also <br>* associate <br>* events <br>* with <br>* sounds, <br>* make <br>* log <br>* of <br>* events, <br>* and <br>* allows <br>* arrangement <br>* of <br>* contacts <br>* into <br>* groups. <br>* The <br>* development <br>* of <br>* CenterIM <br>* !
 is <br>* currently <br>* quite <br>* active, <br>* but <br>* i!
 s <br>* still <br>* happy <br>* to <br>* find <br>* more <br>* users <br>* helping <br>* with <br>* contributing <br>* bug <br>* reports, <br>* suggestions, <br>* feedback <br>* and <br>* code. <br>* If <br>* you\'re <br>* interested <br>* in <br>* joining <br>* our <br>* community, <br>* feel <br>* free <br>* to <br>* inform <br>* about <br>* our <br>* mailing <br>* lists <br>* on <br>* the <br>* CenterIM <br>* homepage <br>* or <br>* on <br>* #centerim <br>* at <br>* the <br>* Freenode <br>* IRC.;;
-App=Cheese;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/cheese.png;Daniel <br>* G. <br>* Siegel, <br>* Filippo <br>* Argiolas <br>* ;http://www.gnome.org/projects/cheese/;GPL;Graphical;webcam,photo,picture;Cheese <br>* is <br>* a <br>* Photobooth-inspired <br>* GNOME <br>* application <br>* for <br>* taking <br>* pictures <br>* and <br>* videos <br>* from <br>* a <br>* webcam. <br>* It <br>* also <br>* includes <br>* fancy <br>* graphical <br>* effects <br>* based <br>* on <br>* the <br>* gstreamer-backend.;;
-App=Childsplay;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/childsplay.png;Childsplay <br>* Team;http://childsplay.sourceforge.net;Unknown-Free;Graphical;game,educational;Childsplay <br>* is <br>* a <br>* \'suite\' <br>* of <br>* educational <br>* games <br>* for <br>* young <br>* children, <br>* like <br>* gcompris, <br>* but <br>* without <br>* the <br>* overkill <br>* of <br>* GNOME <br>* environment. <br>* Also <br>* the <br>* use <br>* of <br>* the <br>* SDL <br>* libraries <br>* makes <br>* smooth <br>* animation <br>* and <br>* the <br>* playing <br>* of <br>* sound <br>* very <br>* easy.;;
-App=Choqok;Web;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/choqok.png;The <br>* Choqok <br>* Team;http://choqok.gnufolks.org/;GPL;Graphical;twitter,blog;Choqok <br>* is <br>* free/open-source <br>* micro-blogging <br>* client <br>* for <br>* K <br>* Desktop <br>* Environment. <br>* The <br>* name <br>* comes <br>* from <br>* an <br>* ancient <br>* Persian <br>* word, <br>* means <br>* Sparrow. <br>* Features <br>* are: <br>* - <br>* Supports <br>* Twitter.com, <br>* Identi.ca, <br>* and <br>* self <br>* hosted <br>* Laconica <br>* websites <br>* - <br>* Supports <br>* user <br>* friends\' <br>* time-lines <br>* and <br>* @Reply <br>* time-lines <br>* - <br>* Allows <br>* to <br>* easily <br>* send <br>* and <br>* receive <br>* direct <br>* messages <br>* - <br>* Twitpic.com <br>* and <br>* KWallet <br>* integration <br>* - <br>* Supports <br>* multiple <br>* accounts <br>* simultaneously <br>* - <br>* Supports <br>* search <br>* APIs <br>* for <br>* all <br>* services <br>* - <br>* !
 Users <br>* can <br>* make <br>* quick <br>* tweets <br>* with <br>* global <br>* shortcuts <br>* - <br>* Ability <br>* to <br>* notify <br>* user <br>* about <br>* new <br>* statuses <br>* text, <br>* with <br>* KNotification <br>* or <br>* Libnotify <br>* - <br>* Supports <br>* URL <br>* shortening <br>* with <br>* more <br>* than <br>* 30 <br>* characters;;
-App=Chromium-BSU;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/chromium-bsu.png;Mark <br>* B. <br>* Allan;http://www.reptilelabour.com/software/chromium/;Artistic;Graphical;game,arcade,shooter,space;Chromium <br>* B.S.U. <br>* is <br>* a <br>* fast <br>* paced, <br>* arcade-style, <br>* top-scrolling <br>* space <br>* shooter.;;
-App=Chromium;Web;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/chromium.png;Google;http://www.chromium.org/Home;BSD;Graphical;Chrome,Browser,Google,Web;Chromium <br>* is <br>* an <br>* open-source <br>* browser <br>* project <br>* that <br>* aims <br>* to <br>* build <br>* a <br>* safer, <br>* faster, <br>* and <br>* more <br>* stable <br>* way <br>* for <br>* all <br>* Internet <br>* users <br>* to <br>* experience <br>* the <br>* web.;;
-App=CinePaint;Graphics;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/cinepaint.png;CinePaint <br>* Project;http://www.cinepaint.org/;GPL;Graphical;video, <br>* editing;CinePaint <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free <br>* open <br>* source <br>* painting <br>* and <br>* image <br>* retouching <br>* program <br>* designed <br>* to <br>* work <br>* best <br>* with <br>* 35mm <br>* film <br>* and <br>* other <br>* high <br>* resolution <br>* high <br>* dynamic <br>* range <br>* images. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* the <br>* most <br>* popular <br>* open <br>* source <br>* tool <br>* in <br>* the <br>* motion <br>* picture <br>* industry <br>* -- <br>* used <br>* in <br>* 2 <br>* Fast <br>* 2 <br>* Furious, <br>* Scooby-Doo, <br>* Harry <br>* Potter, <br>* Stuart <br>* Little <br>* and <br>* other <br>* feature <br>* films. <br>* CinePaint <br>* is <br>* used <br>* for <br>* painting <br>* of <br>* background <br>* mattes <br>* and <br>* for <br>* frame-by-frame <br>* retouching <br>* of <br>* movies.;;
-App=ClamTk;Security;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/clamtk.png;Dave <br>* M;http://clamtk.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;antivirus;ClamTk <br>* is <br>* a <br>* GUI <br>* front-end <br>* for <br>* ClamAV <br>* using <br>* gtk2-perl. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* designed <br>* to <br>* be <br>* an <br>* easy-to-use <br>* frontend <br>* for <br>* Unix <br>* systems.;;
-App=Clamz;Network;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/clamz.png;Benjamin <br>* Moody;http://code.google.com/p/clamz/;GPL;Text;amazon,mp3,downloader;Clamz <br>* is <br>* a <br>* little <br>* command-line <br>* program <br>* to <br>* download <br>* MP3 <br>* files <br>* from <br>* Amazon.com\'s <br>* music <br>* store. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* intended <br>* to <br>* serve <br>* as <br>* a <br>* substitute <br>* for <br>* Amazon\'s <br>* official <br>* MP3 <br>* Downloader, <br>* which <br>* is <br>* not <br>* free <br>* software <br>* (and <br>* therefore <br>* is <br>* only <br>* available <br>* in <br>* binary <br>* form <br>* for <br>* a <br>* limited <br>* set <br>* of <br>* platforms.) <br>* Clamz <br>* can <br>* be <br>* used <br>* to <br>* download <br>* either <br>* individual <br>* songs <br>* or <br>* complete <br>* albums <br>* that <br>* you <br>* have <br>* purchased <br>* from <br>* Amazon.;;
-App=Claws-Mail;Mail;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/claws.png;The <br>* Claws <br>* Mail <br>* Team;http://www.claws-mail.org/;GPL;Graphical;email;Claws <br>* Mail <br>* is <br>* an <br>* e-mail <br>* client <br>* (and <br>* news <br>* reader) <br>* based <br>* on <br>* GTK+ <br>* Currently, <br>* many <br>* features <br>* are <br>* supported <br>* including <br>* POP3, <br>* IMAP, <br>* NNTP, <br>* multiple <br>* accounts, <br>* threading, <br>* filtering, <br>* MIME <br>* attachments, <br>* APOP, <br>* SMTP, <br>* AUTH, <br>* SSL, <br>* IPv6, <br>* GnuPG, <br>* internalization, <br>* and <br>* more. <br>* In <br>* addition <br>* to <br>* the <br>* above, <br>* Claws <br>* Mail <br>* has <br>* a <br>* lot <br>* of <br>* extra <br>* features, <br>* e.g. <br>* a <br>* plugin <br>* mechanism, <br>* a <br>* new <br>* filtering/processing <br>* mechanism, <br>* extra <br>* folder <br>* properties <br>* and <br>* much <br>* more...;;
-App=Clementine;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/clementine.png;Clementine <br>* Team;http://www.clementine-player.org;GPL;Graphical;music,mp3;Clementine <br>* is <br>* a <br>* modern <br>* music <br>* player <br>* and <br>* library <br>* organiser. <br>* Clementine <br>* is <br>* a <br>* port <br>* of <br>* Amarok <br>* 1.4, <br>* with <br>* some <br>* features <br>* rewritten <br>* to <br>* take <br>* advantage <br>* of <br>* Qt4. <br>* Features: <br>* - <br>* Listen <br>* to <br>* internet <br>* radio <br>* from <br>* Last.fm <br>* and <br>* SomaFM <br>* - <br>* Load <br>* M3U <br>* and <br>* XSPF <br>* playlists <br>* - <br>* Edit <br>* tags <br>* on <br>* MP3 <br>* and <br>* OGG <br>* files, <br>* organise <br>* your <br>* music <br>* - <br>* Download <br>* missing <br>* album <br>* cover <br>* art <br>* from <br>* Last.fm;
-App=ClipGrab;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/clipgrab.png;Philipp <br>* Medien;http://clipgrab.de;GPL;Graphical;youtube,video;ClipGrab <br>* doesn\'t <br>* only <br>* allow <br>* you <br>* to <br>* download <br>* videos <br>* from <br>* sites <br>* like <br>* Youtube, <br>* Dailymotion <br>* or <br>* Veoh <br>* but <br>* also <br>* gives <br>* you <br>* the <br>* ability <br>* to <br>* convert <br>* them <br>* at <br>* a <br>* single <br>* blow <br>* into <br>* "usable" <br>* formats <br>* like <br>* WMV, <br>* MPEG <br>* or <br>* MP3. <br>* So <br>* you\'ll <br>* be <br>* able <br>* to <br>* watch <br>* (or <br>* listen <br>* to) <br>* your <br>* favorite <br>* Youtube <br>* clips <br>* wherever <br>* you <br>* are. <br>* ClipGrab <br>* currently <br>* supports <br>* these <br>* sites: <br>* -YouTube <br>* -Dailymotion <br>* -Vimeo <br>* -MyVideo <br>* -MySpass;;
-App=CodeBlocks;Development;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/codeblocks.png;The <br>* Code::Blocks <br>* Team;http://www.codeblocks.org/;GPL;Graphical;IDE,C,C++;ode::Blocks <br>* is <br>* an <br>* open <br>* source, <br>* cross-platform <br>* and <br>* free <br>* C/C++ <br>* IDE. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* build <br>* using <br>* the <br>* wxWidgets <br>* GUI <br>* library. <br>* The <br>* WEB <br>* site <br>* states: <br>* "Code::Blocks <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free <br>* C++ <br>* IDE <br>* built <br>* specifically <br>* to <br>* meet <br>* the <br>* most <br>* demanding <br>* needs <br>* of <br>* its <br>* users. <br>* It <br>* was <br>* designed, <br>* right <br>* from <br>* the <br>* start, <br>* to <br>* be <br>* extensible <br>* and <br>* configurable.";;
-App=Codelite;Editors;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/codelite.png;The <br>* Codelite <br>* team;http://www.codelite.org/;GPL;Graphical;IDE,C++;CodeLite <br>* is <br>* a <br>* powerful <br>* open-source, <br>* cross <br>* platform <br>* IDE <br>* for <br>* the <br>* C/C++ <br>* programming <br>* language. <br>* CodeLite <br>* is <br>* distributed <br>* under <br>* the <br>* terms <br>* of <br>* the <br>* GPL <br>* license. <br>* CodeLite <br>* uses <br>* a <br>* sophisticated, <br>* yet <br>* intuitive <br>* interface <br>* which <br>* allows <br>* user <br>* to <br>* easy <br>* create <br>* and <br>* build <br>* complex <br>* projects.;;
-App=Comical;Graphics;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/comical.png;Comical <br>* Team;http://comical.sourceforge.net;GPL;Graphical;comic;Finally <br>* - <br>* a <br>* cross-platform, <br>* open-source <br>* CBR <br>* and <br>* CBZ <br>* reader! <br>* Read <br>* your <br>* favorite <br>* scanned <br>* comic <br>* books <br>* and <br>* graphic <br>* novels <br>* with <br>* Comical\'s <br>* absurdly <br>* easy <br>* GUI <br>* and <br>* in-your-face <br>* double <br>* page <br>* display!;;
-App=Conky;System <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/conky.png;Conky <br>* Team;http://conky.sourceforge.net;GPL;Graphical;monitor;Conky <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free, <br>* light-weight <br>* system <br>* monitor <br>* for <br>* X, <br>* that <br>* displays <br>* any <br>* information <br>* on <br>* your <br>* desktop. <br>* Conky <br>* is <br>* licensed <br>* under <br>* the <br>* GPL <br>* and <br>* runs <br>* on <br>* Linux <br>* and <br>* BSD.;;
-App=Contacts;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/contacts.png;OpenedHand;http://pimlico-project.org/contacts.html;GPL;Graphical;address,manager;This <br>* is <br>* Contacts, <br>* simple <br>* and <br>* efficient <br>* interface <br>* to <br>* contacts <br>* databases <br>* stored <br>* by <br>* Gnome <br>* internal <br>* Evolution <br>* data <br>* server. <br>* It <br>* was <br>* build <br>* primary <br>* for <br>* non <br>* desktop <br>* devices, <br>* but <br>* serves <br>* its <br>* mission <br>* as <br>* well <br>* on <br>* bigger <br>* computers.;;
-App=Cosmosmash;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/cosmosmash.png;Pierre <br>* Sarrazin;http://sarrazip.com/dev/cosmosmash.html;GPL;Graphical;game,arcade,shooter,space;Cosmosmash <br>* is <br>* a <br>* game <br>* where <br>* you <br>* control <br>* a <br>* base <br>* that <br>* must <br>* destroy <br>* rocks <br>* before <br>* they <br>* hit <br>* the <br>* ground, <br>* or <br>* you <br>* lose <br>* points. <br>* You <br>* must <br>* also <br>* prevent <br>* "spinners" <br>* from <br>* touching <br>* the <br>* ground, <br>* or <br>* your <br>* base <br>* will <br>* explode. <br>* This <br>* game <br>* is <br>* a <br>* clone <br>* of <br>* the <br>* 1981 <br>* Astrosmash(TM) <br>* video <br>* game <br>* by <br>* Mattel <br>* Electronics(TM).;;
-App=Cowbell;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/cowbell.png;Brad <br>* Taylor;http://more-cowbell.org;Unknown;Graphical;music,organizer;Cowbell <br>* is <br>* an <br>* elegant <br>* music <br>* organizer <br>* intended <br>* to <br>* make <br>* keeping <br>* your <br>* collection <br>* tidy <br>* both <br>* fun <br>* and <br>* easy. <br>* Infused <br>* with <br>* Amazon <br>* Web <br>* Services <br>* SOAP-fu, <br>* Cowbell <br>* can <br>* whip <br>* your <br>* music <br>* platoon <br>* into <br>* shape <br>* without <br>* even <br>* getting <br>* your <br>* boots <br>* muddy. <br>* And, <br>* if <br>* that <br>* isn\'t <br>* enough <br>* to <br>* make <br>* you <br>* want <br>* to <br>* rush <br>* to <br>* the <br>* Download <br>* link, <br>* Cowbell <br>* can <br>* also <br>* snatch <br>* album <br>* art <br>* and <br>* rename <br>* your <br>* music <br>* files <br>* like <br>* a <br>* pro.;;
-App=CrackAttack;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/crackattack.png;Daniel <br>* Nelson;http://aluminumangel.org/attack/;GPL;Graphical;game,puzzle;Slowly, <br>* your <br>* stack <br>* of <br>* blocks <br>* grows <br>* from <br>* the <br>* bottom, <br>* and <br>* you\'ve <br>* got <br>* to <br>* make <br>* sure <br>* it <br>* never <br>* reaches <br>* the <br>* top. <br>* Because, <br>* once <br>* it <br>* does, <br>* you <br>* lose! <br>* To <br>* eliminate <br>* blocks <br>* from <br>* the <br>* stack, <br>* line <br>* up <br>* at <br>* least <br>* three <br>* of <br>* one <br>* color, <br>* horizontally <br>* or <br>* vertically. <br>* Once <br>* you <br>* do, <br>* those <br>* blocks <br>* disappear, <br>* and <br>* put <br>* off <br>* slightly <br>* your <br>* inevitable <br>* demise. <br>* To <br>* add <br>* to <br>* the <br>* excitement, <br>* chunks <br>* of <br>* red <br>* garbage <br>* will <br>* fall <br>* from <br>* above. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* impossible !
 <br>* to <br>* eliminate <br>* this <br>* garbage <br>* directly. <br>* However, <br>* if <br>* you <br>* eliminate <br>* any <br>* blocks <br>* which <br>* are <br>* touching <br>* the <br>* garbage, <br>* the <br>* garbage <br>* will <br>* shatter <br>* into <br>* normal, <br>* run-of-the-mill <br>* blocks. <br>* Throughout <br>* the <br>* game <br>* your <br>* stack <br>* of <br>* blocks <br>* will <br>* slowly <br>* grow <br>* from <br>* below, <br>* initially <br>* quite <br>* slowly <br>* but <br>* always <br>* faster <br>* and <br>* faster. <br>* When <br>* the <br>* stack <br>* reaches <br>* the <br>* top <br>* it <br>* will <br>* pause <br>* and <br>* you <br>* have <br>* seven <br>* seconds <br>* to <br>* save <br>* yourself. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* possible, <br>* however, <br>* to <br>* get <br>* a <br>* momentary <br>* repose <br>* from <br>* your <br>* stack\'s <br>* assent. <br>* When <br>* you <br>* eliminate <br>* a <br>* block <br>* or <br>* cause <br>* ga!
 rbage <br>* to <br>* shatter, <br>* the <br>* growth <br>* of !
 <br>* your <br>* stack <br>* will <br>* pause. <br>* Even <br>* if <br>* your <br>* stack <br>* has <br>* reached <br>* the <br>* top <br>* and <br>* you\'re <br>* about <br>* to <br>* lose, <br>* you <br>* will <br>* be <br>* given <br>* a <br>* little <br>* more <br>* time <br>* to <br>* save <br>* yourself. <br>* Time <br>* during <br>* which <br>* a <br>* block <br>* is <br>* disappearing <br>* or <br>* a <br>* chunk <br>* of <br>* garbage <br>* is <br>* shattering <br>* does <br>* not <br>* count <br>* towards <br>* your <br>* seven <br>* seconds.;;
-App=Creox;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/creox.png;Jozef <br>* Kosoru;http://zyzstar.kosoru.com/?creox;GPL;Graphical;audio,synthesizer;Creox <br>* is <br>* a <br>* real-time <br>* sound <br>* processor. <br>* You <br>* can <br>* plug <br>* your <br>* electric <br>* guitar <br>* or <br>* any <br>* other <br>* musical <br>* instrument <br>* directly <br>* to <br>* the <br>* PC\'s <br>* sound <br>* card <br>* and <br>* start <br>* experimenting <br>* with <br>* various <br>* sound <br>* effects. <br>* Creox <br>* offers <br>* nice <br>* user-friendly <br>* KDE-based <br>* GUI, <br>* a <br>* preset <br>* support, <br>* a <br>* low-latency <br>* DSP <br>* engine, <br>* and <br>* each <br>* effect <br>* parameter <br>* can <br>* be <br>* altered <br>* "on <br>* the <br>* fly". <br>* As <br>* Creox <br>* is <br>* a <br>* JACK <br>* application, <br>* the <br>* output <br>* sound <br>* can <br>* be <br>* routed <br>* to <br>* the <br>* other <br>* JACK-aware <br>* applica!
 tions, <br>* and <br>* the <br>* audio <br>* input <br>* can <br>* be <br>* taken <br>* as <br>* the <br>* output <br>* from <br>* the <br>* other <br>* JACK <br>* client.;;
-App=Crimson;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/crimson.png;Crimson <br>* Fields <br>* Team;http://crimson.seul.org/;GPL;Graphical;game,turn-based,strategy,tanks,crimson,fields;Crimson <br>* Fields <br>* is <br>* a <br>* tactical <br>* war <br>* game <br>* in <br>* the <br>* tradition <br>* of <br>* Battle <br>* Isle. <br>* While <br>* not <br>* being <br>* an <br>* exact <br>* clone, <br>* it <br>* tries <br>* to <br>* keep <br>* closer <br>* to <br>* the <br>* very <br>* first <br>* part <br>* of <br>* the <br>* series <br>* than <br>* to <br>* the <br>* later <br>* ones, <br>* especially <br>* with <br>* regard <br>* to <br>* a <br>* rather <br>* simple <br>* rule <br>* set <br>* and <br>* straight <br>* forward <br>* game <br>* play. <br>* Right <br>* now, <br>* the <br>* game <br>* can <br>* only <br>* be <br>* played <br>* by <br>* two <br>* human <br>* adversaries <br>* in <br>* hot-seat <br>* mode <br>* or <br>* via <br>* e-mail. <br>* There <br>* is <br>* no <!
 br>* AI <br>* player <br>* code <br>* yet.;;
-App=Cuberok;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/cuberok.png;Vasiliy <br>* Makarov <br>* ;http://code.google.com/p/cuberok/;GPL;Graphical;audio,player,manager;Cuberok <br>* is <br>* a <br>* music <br>* player <br>* and <br>* a <br>* collection <br>* manager <br>* based <br>* on <br>* Qt4. <br>* It <br>* has <br>* lightweight <br>* interface, <br>* music <br>* collection <br>* support <br>* and <br>* many <br>* features, <br>* e.g. <br>* music <br>* autorating <br>* and <br>* Last.FM <br>* scrobbler. <br>* Features: <br>* -CUE <br>* support. <br>* Codepage <br>* selection <br>* for <br>* CUE <br>* sheets <br>* -Shoutcast/icecast <br>* support <br>* (for <br>* GStreamer <br>* and <br>* Phonon) <br>* -Support <br>* internet <br>* services <br>* Jamendo <br>* and <br>* MagnaTune <br>* (New <br>* in <br>* v.0.0.9) <br>* -Last.FM <br>* and <br>* Libre.FM <br>* scrobblers <br>* -Downloading <br>* images <br>* for <br>* albums <br>* and <br>* artists <br>* from <br>* Last.FM <b!
 r>* -Loading <br>* artist <br>* and <br>* album <br>* info <br>* from <br>* Last.FM, <br>* loading <br>* lyrics <br>* from <br>* LyricWiki.org <br>* -Auto <br>* rating <br>* for <br>* songs. <br>* Rating <br>* for <br>* albums, <br>* artists <br>* and <br>* genres <br>* automatically <br>* calculated <br>* from <br>* rating <br>* of <br>* songs. <br>* -Easy <br>* collection <br>* browsing. <br>* Just <br>* double <br>* click <br>* on <br>* genre <br>* to <br>* view <br>* all <br>* artist <br>* in <br>* this <br>* genre. <br>* -Smart <br>* playlists <br>* (custom <br>* SQL <br>* requests) <br>* -Support <br>* for <br>* AlbumArt <br>* as <br>* separate <br>* file <br>* on <br>* disk. <br>* Art <br>* can <br>* be <br>* assinged <br>* to <br>* genre <br>* and <br>* atrist <br>* too. <br>* -And <br>* etc...;;
-App=Cuneiform;Graphics;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/cuneiform.png;Cognitive <br>* technologies;http://launchpad.net/cuneiform-linux;GPL;Graphical;OCR;Cuneiform <br>* is <br>* an <br>* OCR <br>* system <br>* originally <br>* developed <br>* and <br>* open <br>* sourced <br>* by <br>* Cognitive <br>* technologies. <br>* This <br>* project <br>* aims <br>* to <br>* create <br>* a <br>* fully <br>* portable <br>* version <br>* of <br>* Cuneiform.;;
-App=Cuyo;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/cuyo.png;Cuyo <br>* Team;http://www.karimmi.de/cuyo/;GPL;Graphical;game,puzzle,tetris;Cuyo <br>* is <br>* a <br>* tetris-like <br>* game <br>* which <br>* is <br>* suprisingly <br>* innovative, <br>* sometimes <br>* challenging, <br>* and <br>* has <br>* a <br>* very <br>* nice <br>* look.;;
-App=DJgame2;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/djgame.png;BlueDJ <br>* Team;http://www.bluedj.com/;Unknown;Graphical;game,card,bluedj,chinese;bluedj <br>* contains <br>* many <br>* popular <br>* online <br>* games <br>* in <br>* China, <br>* such <br>* as <br>* mahjong, <br>* poker <br>* and <br>* chess. <br>* It <br>* has <br>* a <br>* large <br>* number <br>* of <br>* games <br>* and <br>* game <br>* players.;;
-App=DOSBox;Emulators;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/dosbox.png;The <br>* DOSBox <br>* Team;http://www.dosbox.com;GPL;Text;DOS,emulator;The <br>* main <br>* focus <br>* of <br>* this <br>* project <br>* is <br>* emulating <br>* old <br>* dos <br>* games <br>* using <br>* the <br>* local <br>* file <br>* system <br>* for <br>* files. <br>* Currently <br>* emulated <br>* is: <br>* * <br>* CPU:286/386 <br>* realmode/pmode <br>* * <br>* GFX:VGA/EGS/CGA/SVGA/VESA <br>* * <br>* SND:PC-Speaker/Tandy <br>* 3-Voice/Adlib/SoundBlaster <br>* * <br>* MSC:Keyboard/Mouse <br>* * <br>* DOS:Directory <br>* FileSystem/XMS/EMS;;
-App=DVDStyler;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/dvdstyler.png;Alex <br>* Thring;http://dvdstyler.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;dvd,authoring,burning;DVDStyler <br>* is <br>* a <br>* crossplatform <br>* GUI <br>* frontend <br>* to <br>* the <br>* dvd <br>* authoring <br>* and <br>* recording <br>* programs. <br>* The <br>* main <br>* DVDStyler <br>* features <br>* are: <br>* <br>o <br>* drag <br>* and <br>* drop <br>* MPEG <br>* files <br>* directly <br>* <br>o <br>* import <br>* image <br>* file <br>* for <br>* background <br>* <br>o <br>* create <br>* NTSC/PAL <br>* menu <br>* <br>o <br>* place <br>* text <br>* and <br>* images <br>* anywhere <br>* on <br>* the <br>* menu <br>* screen <br>* <br>o <br>* change <br>* font/color <br>* <br>o <br>* put <br>* basic <br>* text <br>* buttons, <br>* change <br>* font/color <br>* and <br>* background <br>* color <br>* <br>o <br>* set <br>* chapters <br>* for <br>* each <br>* movie <br>* <br>o <br>* change <br>* post <br!
 >* command <br>* for <br>* each <br>* movie;;
-App=DangerDeep;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/dangerdeep.png;The <br>* DangerDeep <br>* Team;http://dangerdeep.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;game,submarine;Danger <br>* from <br>* the <br>* deep <br>* (aka <br>* dangerdeep) <br>* is <br>* a <br>* Free <br>* / <br>* Open <br>* Source <br>* World <br>* War <br>* II <br>* German <br>* submarine <br>* simulation. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* currently <br>* available <br>* for <br>* FreeBSD, <br>* Linux/i386 <br>* and <br>* Windows, <br>* but <br>* since <br>* it <br>* uses <br>* SDL/OpenGL <br>* it <br>* should <br>* be <br>* portable <br>* to <br>* other <br>* operating <br>* systems <br>* or <br>* platforms.;YES;
-App=DarkPlaces;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/darkplaces.png;LordHavoc;http://icculus.org/twilight/darkplaces/;GPL;Graphical;game,fps,quake;Dark <br>* Places <br>* is <br>* a <br>* Quake <br>* modification <br>* I <br>* (LordHavoc) <br>* have <br>* built <br>* over <br>* the <br>* course <br>* of <br>* 6 <br>* years <br>* on <br>* and <br>* off <br>* experimenting, <br>* it <br>* got <br>* somewhat <br>* of <br>* an <br>* overhaul <br>* when <br>* the <br>* Quake <br>* engine <br>* source <br>* code <br>* was <br>* released, <br>* and <br>* I <br>* began <br>* developing <br>* a <br>* custom <br>* OpenGL-only <br>* engine <br>* for <br>* it <br>* and <br>* other <br>* mods, <br>* which <br>* supports <br>* Windows <br>* WGL <br>* and <br>* Linux <br>* GLX, <br>* and <br>* has <br>* greatly <br>* improved <br>* graphics <br>* and <br>* image <br>* quality. <br>* It <br>* can <br>* not <br>* easily <br>* be <br>* described, <br>* as <br>* it <br>* is <br>* simply <b!
 r>* an <br>* improved <br>* Quake, <br>* not <br>* a <br>* total <br>* conversion <br>* (yet, <br>* anyway). <br>* The <br>* realism <br>* of <br>* shell <br>* casings <br>* falling <br>* to <br>* the <br>* floor, <br>* much <br>* improved <br>* bullet <br>* impacts, <br>* 32bit <br>* color <br>* alpha <br>* blended <br>* explosions, <br>* blood <br>* flying <br>* everywhere <br>* and <br>* sticking <br>* to <br>* the <br>* walls... <br>* Behind <br>* the <br>* scenes <br>* the <br>* code <br>* has <br>* changed <br>* a <br>* great <br>* deal, <br>* I <br>* was <br>* not <br>* content <br>* with <br>* the <br>* original <br>* QuakeC <br>* code, <br>* and <br>* I <br>* have <br>* greatly <br>* changed <br>* the <br>* engine <br>* while <br>* maintaining <br>* compatibility <br>* with <br>* normal <br>* quake <br>* modifications.;;
-App=DarwinStreamingServer;Network;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/darwinstreamingserver.png;Apple <br>* Inc.;http://dss.macosforge.org/;APSL;Server;server,quicktime,rtp,rtsp;Darwin <br>* Streaming <br>* Server <br>* is <br>* server <br>* technology <br>* which <br>* allows <br>* you <br>* to <br>* send <br>* streaming <br>* QuickTime <br>* data <br>* to <br>* clients <br>* across <br>* the <br>* Internet <br>* using <br>* the <br>* industry <br>* standard <br>* RTP <br>* and <br>* RTSP <br>* protocols. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* based <br>* on <br>* the <br>* same <br>* code <br>* as <br>* Apple\'s <br>* QuickTime <br>* Streaming <br>* Server.;;
-App=DbVisualizer;Java;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/dbvisualizer.png;Minq <br>* Software <br>* AB.;http://www.dbvis.com/products/dbvis/;Other;Graphical;database, <br>* visualizer;DbVisualizer <br>* is <br>* a <br>* feature <br>* rich, <br>* intuitive <br>* and <br>* cross <br>* platform <br>* database <br>* tool <br>* for <br>* developers <br>* and <br>* DBA\'s <br>* providing <br>* a <br>* single <br>* powerful <br>* interface <br>* for <br>* a <br>* variety <br>* of <br>* databases. <br>* DbVisualizer <br>* supports <br>* simultaneous <br>* database <br>* connections, <br>* it <br>* lets <br>* you <br>* explore <br>* and <br>* manage <br>* database <br>* objects, <br>* execute <br>* SQL <br>* queries,visualize <br>* information <br>* and <br>* a <br>* lot <br>* more.;;
-App=DeSmuME;Emulators;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/desmume.png;DeSmuME <br>* Team;http://desmume.org;GPL;Graphical;nintendo,DS,emulator;DeSmuME <br>* is <br>* a <br>* Nintendo <br>* DS <br>* emulator. <br>* It <br>* supports <br>* many <br>* homebrew <br>* nds <br>* rom <br>* demos <br>* as <br>* well <br>* as <br>* a <br>* handful <br>* of <br>* wireless <br>* multiboot <br>* demo <br>* nds <br>* roms. <br>* It <br>* also <br>* runs <br>* DSLinux, <br>* the <br>* port <br>* of <br>* Linux <br>* to <br>* the <br>* Nintendo <br>* DS;;
-App=DeVeDe;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/devede.png;RasterSoft;http://www.rastersoft.com/programas/devede.html;GPL;Graphical;dvd,cd,burner;DeVeDe <br>* is <br>* a <br>* program <br>* to <br>* create <br>* video <br>* DVDs <br>* and <br>* CDs <br>* (VCD, <br>* sVCD <br>* or <br>* CVD), <br>* suitables <br>* for <br>* home <br>* players, <br>* from <br>* any <br>* number <br>* of <br>* video <br>* files, <br>* in <br>* any <br>* of <br>* the <br>* formats <br>* supported <br>* by <br>* Mplayer. <br>* The <br>* big <br>* advantage <br>* over <br>* other <br>* utilites <br>* is <br>* that <br>* it <br>* only <br>* needs <br>* Mplayer, <br>* Mencoder, <br>* DVDAuthor, <br>* VCDImager <br>* and <br>* MKisofs <br>* (well, <br>* and <br>* Python <br>* 2.4, <br>* PyGTK <br>* and <br>* PyGlade), <br>* so <br>* its <br>* dependencies <br>* are <br>* really <br>* small.;;
-App=DeaDBeeF;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/deadbeef.png;Alexey <br>* Yakovenko;http://deadbeef.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;music,mp3;DeaDBeeF <br>* (as <br>* in <br>* 0xDEADBEEF) <br>* is <br>* an <br>* audio <br>* player. <br>* Main <br>* features: <br>* - <br>* mp3, <br>* ogg <br>* vorbis, <br>* flac, <br>* ape, <br>* wv, <br>* wav, <br>* m4a, <br>* mpc, <br>* cd <br>* audio <br>* (and <br>* many <br>* more) <br>* - <br>* sid, <br>* nsf <br>* and <br>* lots <br>* of <br>* other <br>* popular <br>* chiptune <br>* formats <br>* - <br>* ID3v1, <br>* ID3v2.2, <br>* ID3v2.3, <br>* ID3v2.4, <br>* APEv2, <br>* xing/info <br>* tags <br>* support <br>* - <br>* character <br>* set <br>* detection <br>* for <br>* non-unicode <br>* id3 <br>* tags <br>* - <br>* supports <br>* cp1251 <br>* and <br>* iso8859-1 <br>* - <br>* unicode <br>* tags <br>* are <br>* fully <br>* supported <br>* as <br>* well <br>* (both <br>* utf8 <br>* and <br>* ucs2) <br>* - <br>* cuesheet <br>* !
 (.cue <br>* files) <br>* support, <br>* with <br>* charset <br>* detection <br>* (utf8/cp1251/iso8859-1) <br>* - <br>* tracker <br>* modules <br>* like <br>* mod, <br>* s3m, <br>* it, <br>* xm, <br>* etc <br>* - <br>* HVSC <br>* song <br>* length <br>* database <br>* support <br>* for <br>* sid <br>* - <br>* minimize <br>* to <br>* tray, <br>* with <br>* scrollwheel <br>* volume <br>* control <br>* - <br>* drag <br>* and <br>* drop, <br>* both <br>* inside <br>* of <br>* playlist, <br>* and <br>* from <br>* filemanagers <br>* and <br>* such <br>* - <br>* control <br>* playback <br>* from <br>* command <br>* line <br>* - <br>* plugin <br>* support <br>* bundled <br>* with <br>* lots <br>* of <br>* plugins, <br>* such <br>* as <br>* global <br>* hotkeys <br>* and <br>* last.fm <br>* scrobbler <br>* sdk <br>* is <br>* included <br>* - <br>* duration <br>* calculation <br>* is <br>* as <br>* precise <br>* as <br>* possible <br>* for <br>* vbr <br>* mp3 <br>* files <br>* (with <!
 br>* and <br>* without <br>* xing/info <br>* tags) <br>* - <br!
 >* and <br>* etc...;
-App=Decibel-audio-player;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/decibel-audio-player.png;Franois <br>* Ingelrest;http://decibel.silent-blade.org/;GPL;Graphical;audio,player;Decibel <br>* audio <br>* player <br>* is <br>* a <br>* very <br>* fast <br>* GTK+ <br>* audio <br>* player <br>* with <br>* an <br>* emphasis <br>* on <br>* being <br>* very <br>* clean <br>* and <br>* user <br>* friendly. <br>* * <br>* Utilizes <br>* the <br>* GStreamer <br>* plugins <br>* system <br>* * <br>* Lighter <br>* footprint <br>* than <br>* most <br>* audio <br>* players <br>* * <br>* Follows <br>* the <br>* Gnome <br>* Human <br>* Interface <br>* Guidelines <br>* * <br>* Has <br>* quite <br>* a <br>* few <br>* plugins <br>* of <br>* it\'s <br>* own;;
-App=Deluge;Network <br>* - <br>* P2P;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/deluge.png;Deluge <br>* Team;http://deluge-torrent.org;GPL;Graphical;bittorrent;Deluge <br>* is <br>* a <br>* lightweight, <br>* Free <br>* Software, <br>* cross-platform <br>* BitTorrent <br>* client. <br>* * <br>* Full <br>* Encryption <br>* * <br>* WebUI <br>* * <br>* Plugin <br>* System <br>* * <br>* Much <br>* more..;;
-App=Denemo;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/denemo.png;Denemo <br>* Team;http://www.denemo.org/;GPL;Graphical;audio,midi,sheet,music;Denemo <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free <br>* software <br>* (GPL) <br>* music <br>* notation <br>* editor <br>* for <br>* GNU/Linux, <br>* Mac <br>* OSX <br>* and <br>* MS <br>* Windows <br>* that <br>* lets <br>* you <br>* rapidly <br>* enter <br>* notation <br>* for <br>* typesetting <br>* via <br>* the <br>* LilyPond <br>* music <br>* engraver. <br>* You <br>* can <br>* compose, <br>* transcribe, <br>* arrange, <br>* listen <br>* to <br>* the <br>* music <br>* and <br>* much <br>* more.;;
-App=DesktopBSD-Tools;System <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/desktopbsd-tools.png;DesktopBSD;http://desktopbsd.net/;BSD;Graphical;bsd,ports,tools;The <br>* DesktopBSD <br>* Tools <br>* are <br>* a <br>* collection <br>* of <br>* applications <br>* designed <br>* to <br>* make <br>* life <br>* easier <br>* and <br>* increase <br>* productivity. <br>* Even <br>* inexperienced <br>* users <br>* can <br>* easily <br>* perform <br>* administrative <br>* tasks <br>* efficiently, <br>* such <br>* as <br>* configuring <br>* wireless <br>* networks, <br>* accessing <br>* USB <br>* storage <br>* devices <br>* or <br>* installing <br>* and <br>* upgrading <br>* software.;;
-App=Dia;Graphics;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/dia.png;Dia <br>* Developers;http://projects.gnome.org/dia/;GPL;Graphical;visio,diagram,xml;Dia <br>* is <br>* a <br>* GTK+ <br>* based <br>* diagram <br>* creation <br>* program <br>* released <br>* under <br>* the <br>* GPL <br>* license. <br>* Dia <br>* is <br>* designed <br>* to <br>* be <br>* much <br>* like <br>* the <br>* commercial <br>* Windows <br>* program <br>* \'Visio\'. <br>* It <br>* can <br>* be <br>* used <br>* to <br>* draw <br>* many <br>* different <br>* kinds <br>* of <br>* diagrams. <br>* It <br>* currently <br>* has <br>* special <br>* objects <br>* to <br>* help <br>* draw <br>* entity <br>* relationship <br>* diagrams, <br>* UML <br>* diagrams, <br>* flowcharts, <br>* network <br>* diagrams, <br>* and <br>* simple <br>* circuits. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* also <br>* possible <br>* to <br>* add <br>* support <br>* for <br>* new <br>* shapes <br>* by <br>* writing <br>* simple <br>* XML <br>* files, <b!
 r>* using <br>* a <br>* subset <br>* of <br>* SVG <br>* to <br>* draw <br>* the <br>* shape. <br>* It <br>* can <br>* load <br>* and <br>* save <br>* diagrams <br>* to <br>* a <br>* custom <br>* XML <br>* format <br>* (gzipped <br>* by <br>* default, <br>* to <br>* save <br>* space), <br>* can <br>* export <br>* diagrams <br>* to <br>* EPS <br>* or <br>* SVG <br>* formats <br>* and <br>* can <br>* print <br>* diagrams <br>* (including <br>* ones <br>* that <br>* span <br>* multiple <br>* pages).;;
-App=Dillo;Web;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/dillo.png;Dillo <br>* Project;http://www.dillo.org/;GPL;Graphical;Browser, <br>* Lite;Dillo <br>* aims <br>* to <br>* be <br>* a <br>* multiplatform <br>* browser <br>* alternative <br>* that\'s <br>* small, <br>* stable, <br>* developer-friendly, <br>* usable, <br>* fast, <br>* and <br>* extensible.;;
-App=Doom3;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/doom3.png;id <br>* Software;http://www.doom3.com;Commercial;Graphical;doom,fps,game;Doom <br>* 3 <br>* is <br>* a <br>* sci-fi <br>* horror <br>* first-person <br>* shooter <br>* computer <br>* game <br>* developed <br>* by <br>* id <br>* Software <br>* and <br>* published <br>* by <br>* Activision. <br>* Set <br>* in <br>* 2145 <br>* in <br>* the <br>* Union <br>* Aerospace <br>* Corporation <br>* (UAC) <br>* research <br>* center <br>* on <br>* Mars, <br>* it <br>* is <br>* a <br>* reimagining <br>* of <br>* the <br>* original <br>* Doom, <br>* with <br>* completely <br>* new <br>* graphics <br>* and <br>* game <br>* engine.;;
-App=Doom3Demo;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/doom3.png;id <br>* Software;http://www.doom3.com;Commercial;Graphical;doom,fps,game;Science <br>* has <br>* unlocked <br>* the <br>* gates <br>* to <br>* the <br>* unknown, <br>* and <br>* now <br>* only <br>* one <br>* man <br>* stands <br>* between <br>* Hell <br>* and <br>* Earth. <br>* A <br>* sci-fi <br>* horror <br>* masterpiece, <br>* DOOM <br>* 3 <br>* is <br>* like <br>* nothing <br>* you <br>* have <br>* experienced. <br>* Dramatic <br>* storyline, <br>* pulse-pounding <br>* action, <br>* incredible <br>* graphics, <br>* and <br>* revolutionary <br>* technology <br>* combine <br>* to <br>* draw <br>* you <br>* into <br>* the <br>* most <br>* frightening <br>* and <br>* gripping <br>* first <br>* person <br>* gaming <br>* experience <br>* ever <br>* created.;;
-App=DoomLegacy;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/doomlegacy.png;Legacy <br>* Team;http://legacy.newdoom.com;GPL;Graphical;doom,fps,game;Legacy <br>* was <br>* originally <br>* written <br>* as <br>* a <br>* fork <br>* of <br>* DOSDoom <br>* introducing <br>* mouse-look, <br>* jumping, <br>* a <br>* console, <br>* 32 <br>* player <br>* deathmatch, <br>* skins <br>* and <br>* a <br>* native <br>* win32 <br>* mode. <br>* Fabrice <br>* developed <br>* a <br>* Glide <br>* front-end, <br>* one <br>* of <br>* the <br>* first <br>* hardware-accelerated <br>* renderers. <br>* Hurdler <br>* was <br>* originally <br>* introduced <br>* to <br>* develop <br>* GL <br>* support, <br>* however <br>* as <br>* time <br>* went <br>* by, <br>* Hurdler <br>* increasingly <br>* maintained <br>* the <br>* project. <br>* Pate <br>* took <br>* on <br>* the <br>* task <br>* of <br>* creating <br>* a <br>* new <br>* OpenGL <br>* renderer, <br>* as <br>* Hurdler <br>* had <br>* less <br>* time !
 <br>* to <br>* contribute <br>* to <br>* the <br>* project <br>* after <br>* pursuing <br>* a <br>* career <br>* in <br>* professional <br>* game <br>* development. <br>* Fabrice <br>* has <br>* now <br>* moved <br>* on <br>* to <br>* pastures <br>* new, <br>* with <br>* Boris <br>* making <br>* an <br>* occasional <br>* appearance.;;
-App=Dopewars;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/dopewars.png;Ben <br>* Webb;http://dopewars.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;game,text,drugwars;The <br>* idea <br>* of <br>* dopewars <br>* is <br>* to <br>* deal <br>* drugs <br>* on <br>* the <br>* streets <br>* of <br>* New <br>* York, <br>* amassing <br>* a <br>* huge <br>* fortune <br>* and <br>* paying <br>* off <br>* the <br>* loan <br>* shark, <br>* while <br>* avoiding <br>* the <br>* ever-annoying <br>* police. <br>* The <br>* UNIX <br>* rewrite, <br>* as <br>* well <br>* as <br>* featuring <br>* a <br>* so-called <br>* "antique" <br>* mode <br>* which <br>* closely <br>* follows <br>* the <br>* original, <br>* introduces <br>* new <br>* features <br>* such <br>* as <br>* the <br>* ability <br>* to <br>* take <br>* part <br>* in <br>* multi-player <br>* games.;;
-App=Dovecot2;Mail;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/dovecot.png;Timo <br>* Sirainen;http://www.dovecot.org/;MIT/LGPL;Server;email,server,imap;Dovecot <br>* is <br>* a <br>* secure <br>* and <br>* compact <br>* IMAP <br>* server <br>* which <br>* is <br>* in <br>* the <br>* early <br>* stages <br>* of <br>* development. <br>* It <br>* supports <br>* Maildirs <br>* and <br>* mbox <br>* formats <br>* and <br>* much <br>* of <br>* the <br>* IMAP <br>* v4 <br>* protocol <br>* including <br>* SSL/TLS. <br>* IPv6 <br>* support <br>* is <br>* also <br>* included. <br>* Dovecot <br>* supports <br>* authentication <br>* with <br>* OpenLDAP, <br>* PostgreSQL, <br>* MySQL, <br>* vpopmail <br>* and <br>* PAM.;;
-App=Drascula: <br>* The <br>* Vampire <br>* Strikes <br>* Back;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/drascula.png;Alcachofa <br>* Soft <br>* S.L.;http://www.alcachofasoft.com;GPL;Graphical;game,adventure,quest;You <br>* are <br>* John <br>* Hacker, <br>* a <br>* common <br>* guy <br>* sent <br>* by <br>* a <br>* British <br>* property <br>* company <br>* to <br>* speak <br>* with <br>* \'Count <br>* Drscula\' <br>* about <br>* some <br>* lands. <br>* By <br>* chance <br>* you <br>* meet <br>* a <br>* gorgeous <br>* blond <br>* girl <br>* who <br>* is <br>* kidnapped <br>* by <br>* the <br>* Count <br>* himself, <br>* and <br>* you, <br>* John <br>* Hacker, <br>* set <br>* on <br>* a <br>* fun <br>* yet <br>* dangerous <br>* quest <br>* to <br>* rescue <br>* her. <br>* An <br>* old <br>* Spanish <br>* 2D <br>* classic <br>* point <br>* & <br>* click <br>* style <br>* adventure <br>* with <br>* tons <br>* of <br>* humor <br>* and <br>* an <br>* easy <br>* interface.;;
-App=Drivel;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/drivel.png;Drivel <br>* Development <br>* Team;http://drivel.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;weblog,livejournal;Drivel <br>* is <br>* a <br>* GNOME <br>* client <br>* for <br>* working <br>* with <br>* online <br>* journals, <br>* also <br>* known <br>* as <br>* weblogs <br>* or <br>* simply <br>* blogs. <br>* It <br>* retains <br>* a <br>* simple <br>* and <br>* elegant <br>* design <br>* while <br>* providing <br>* many <br>* powerful <br>* features, <br>* including: <br>* * <br>* Support <br>* for <br>* LiveJournal, <br>* Blogger, <br>* MovableType, <br>* Advogato, <br>* and <br>* Atom <br>* journals <br>* (systems <br>* based <br>* off <br>* these <br>* are <br>* also <br>* supported, <br>* including <br>* WordPress <br>* and <br>* Drupal) <br>* * <br>* The <br>* ability <br>* to <br>* post, <br>* edit, <br>* delete, <br>* and <br>* view <br>* recent <br>* entries <br>* * <br>* Integrated <br>* spellch!
 ecking <br>* and <br>* HTML <br>* syntax <br>* highlighting <br>* * <br>* Offline <br>* composition <br>* and <br>* editing <br>* * <br>* Automatic <br>* recovery <br>* in <br>* the <br>* event <br>* of <br>* a <br>* crash <br>* * <br>* Journal <br>* system <br>* extensions, <br>* including <br>* LiveJournal <br>* security <br>* groups <br>* and <br>* MovableType <br>* categories;;
-App=Duplicity-devel;System <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/duplicity.png;Duplicity <br>* Team;http://www.nongnu.org/duplicity/;GPL;Text;backup,remote;Duplicity <br>* backs <br>* directories <br>* by <br>* producing <br>* encrypted <br>* tar-format <br>* volumes <br>* and <br>* uploading <br>* them <br>* to <br>* a <br>* remote <br>* or <br>* local <br>* file <br>* server. <br>* Because <br>* duplicity <br>* uses <br>* librsync, <br>* the <br>* incremental <br>* archives <br>* are <br>* space <br>* efficient <br>* and <br>* only <br>* record <br>* the <br>* parts <br>* of <br>* files <br>* that <br>* have <br>* changed <br>* since <br>* the <br>* last <br>* backup. <br>* Because <br>* duplicity <br>* uses <br>* GnuPG <br>* to <br>* encrypt <br>* and/or <br>* sign <br>* these <br>* archives, <br>* they <br>* will <br>* be <br>* safe <br>* from <br>* spying <br>* and/or <br>* modification <br>* by <br>* the <br>* server. <br>* (Development/unstable <br>* ver!
-App=EBView;Japanese;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/ebview.png;Sudou <br>* Keniti;http://ebview.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;dictionary,ebook;Ebview <br>* is <br>* a <br>* gtk <br>* based <br>* tool <br>* to <br>* access <br>* CD-ROM <br>* Dictionaries <br>* of <br>* EPWING, <br>* EB, <br>* EBG,EBXA, <br>* EBXA-C <br>* formats.;;
-App=EMBOSS;Biology;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/emboss.png;The <br>* EMBOSS <br>* Project;http://www.emboss.org/;GPL/LGPL;Text;genetic,sequence,science,biology;The <br>* European <br>* Molecular <br>* Biology <br>* Open <br>* Software <br>* Suite <br>* (EMBOSS) <br>* is <br>* a <br>* comprehensive <br>* set <br>* (about <br>* 100) <br>* of <br>* open <br>* source <br>* tools <br>* for <br>* genetic <br>* sequence <br>* analysis. <br>* EMBOSS <br>* is <br>* produced <br>* by <br>* the <br>* European <br>* Molecular <br>* Biology <br>* Network <br>* (EMBnet <br>* - <br>* http://www.embnet.org/). <br>* All <br>* EMBOSS <br>* tools <br>* are <br>* all <br>* built <br>* around <br>* the <br>* same <br>* set <br>* of <br>* core <br>* libraries <br>* - <br>* AJAX <br>* and <br>* NUCLEUS <br>* - <br>* and <br>* therefore <br>* share <br>* a <br>* unified <br>* user <br>* interface, <br>* have <br>* similar <br>* "look <br>* and <br>* feel", <br>* and <br>* implement <br>* a <!
 br>* uniform <br>* sequence <br>* addressing <br>* methodology. <br>* The <br>* various <br>* components <br>* of <br>* EMBOSS <br>* are <br>* distributed <br>* under <br>* the <br>* GPL, <br>* except <br>* the <br>* core <br>* libraries <br>* which <br>* are <br>* under <br>* the <br>* LGPL. <br>* EMBASSY <br>* packages <br>* are <br>* third <br>* party <br>* applications <br>* which <br>* have <br>* been <br>* integrated <br>* with <br>* the <br>* EMBOSS <br>* suite, <br>* but <br>* which <br>* are <br>* not <br>* included <br>* in <br>* the <br>* base <br>* EMBOSS <br>* distribution <br>* for <br>* licensing <br>* or <br>* other <br>* reasons. <br>* The <br>* EMBASSY <br>* packages <br>* live <br>* in <br>* the <br>* biology/embassy <br>* port. <br>* ;;
-App=EasyPBI;System <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/easypbi.png;Jesse <br>* Smith;http://makeapbi.sf.net;BSD;Graphical;PBI,creator,module,ports,freebsd;EasyPBI <br>* makes <br>* creating <br>* Push <br>* Button <br>* Installer <br>* modules <br>* and <br>* packages <br>* a <br>* simple <br>* process <br>* with <br>* a <br>* simple <br>* point-n-click <br>* interface.;;
-App=EasySok;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/easysok.png;Ralf <br>* Schmelter;http://easysok.sourceforge.net;GPL;Graphical;game,sokoban,puzzle;EasySok <br>* is <br>* a <br>* sokoban <br>* game. <br>* In <br>* sokoban <br>* you <br>* are <br>* a <br>* warehouse <br>* keeper <br>* which <br>* has <br>* to <br>* push <br>* gems <br>* on <br>* their <br>* goals.;;
-App=EasyTAG;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/easytag.png;Jerome <br>* Couderc;http://easytag.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;tags,audio;EasyTAG <br>* is <br>* an <br>* utility <br>* for <br>* viewing <br>* and <br>* editing <br>* tags <br>* for <br>* MP3, <br>* MP2, <br>* FLAC, <br>* Ogg, <br>* Vorbis, <br>* MusePack <br>* and <br>* Monkey\'s <br>* Audio <br>* files. <br>* The <br>* big <br>* new <br>* feature <br>* of <br>* this <br>* development <br>* version <br>* is <br>* GTK2 <br>* support. <br>* Features: <br>* - <br>* Auto <br>* tagging: <br>* parse <br>* filename <br>* and <br>* directory <br>* to <br>* complete <br>* automatically <br>* the <br>* fields <br>* (using <br>* masks), <br>* - <br>* Ability <br>* to <br>* rename <br>* files <br>* from <br>* the <br>* tag <br>* (using <br>* masks) <br>* or <br>* by <br>* loading <br>* a <br>* text <br>* file, <br>* - <br>* Process <br>* selected <br>* files <br>* of <br>* the <br>* selected <br>* directory, <br>* -!
  <br>* Ability <br>* to <br>* browse <br>* subdirectories, <br>* - <br>* Recursion <br>* for <br>* tagging, <br>* removing, <br>* renaming, <br>* saving..., <br>* - <br>* Can <br>* set <br>* a <br>* field <br>* (artist, <br>* title,...) <br>* to <br>* all <br>* other <br>* files, <br>* - <br>* Read <br>* file <br>* header <br>* informations <br>* (bitrate, <br>* time, <br>* ...) <br>* and <br>* display <br>* them, <br>* - <br>* Auto <br>* completion <br>* of <br>* the <br>* date <br>* if <br>* a <br>* partial <br>* is <br>* entered, <br>* - <br>* Undo <br>* and <br>* redo <br>* last <br>* changes, <br>* - <br>* Ability <br>* to <br>* process <br>* fields <br>* of <br>* tag <br>* and <br>* file <br>* name <br>* (convert <br>* letters <br>* into <br>* uppercase, <br>* downcase, <br>* ...), <br>* - <br>* CDDB <br>* support <br>* (from <br>* http <br>* protocol), <br>* - <br>* A <br>* playlist <br>* generator <br>* window, <br>* - <br>* French, <br>* German, <br>* Russian, <br>!
 * Dutch, <br>* Hungarian, <br>* Swedish, <br>* Italian, <br>* !
 Japanese, <br>* Ukrainian, <br>* Czech, <br>* Spanish, <br>* Polish <br>* and <br>* Romanian <br>* translations;;
-App=Echolinux;Communications;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/echolinux.png;Jeff <br>* Pierce;http://cqinet.sourceforge.net;GPL;Graphical;ham,radio,echolink,voip;EchoLink <br>* client <br>* program <br>* for <br>* UNIX. <br>* EchoLink <br>* is <br>* a <br>* VoIP <br>* package <br>* used <br>* in <br>* Ham <br>* Radio.;;
-App=Eclipse;Java;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/eclipse.png;The <br>* Eclipse <br>* Foundation;http://www.eclipse.org;GPL;Graphical;development;Eclipse <br>* is <br>* an <br>* open <br>* source <br>* community, <br>* whose <br>* projects <br>* are <br>* focused <br>* on <br>* building <br>* an <br>* open <br>* development <br>* platform <br>* comprised <br>* of <br>* extensible <br>* frameworks, <br>* tools <br>* and <br>* runtimes <br>* for <br>* building, <br>* deploying <br>* and <br>* managing <br>* software <br>* across <br>* the <br>* lifecycle. <br>* The <br>* Eclipse <br>* Foundation <br>* is <br>* a <br>* not-for-profit, <br>* member <br>* supported <br>* corporation <br>* that <br>* hosts <br>* the <br>* Eclipse <br>* projects <br>* and <br>* helps <br>* cultivate <br>* both <br>* an <br>* open <br>* source <br>* community <br>* and <br>* an <br>* ecosystem <br>* of <br>* complementary <br>* products <br>* and <br>* services.;YES;
-App=Ekiga;Network;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/ekiga.png;Ekiga <br>* Dev <br>* Team;http://www.ekiga.org;BSD;Graphical;voip,phone,gnomemeeting;Ekiga <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free <br>* Voice <br>* over <br>* IP <br>* phone <br>* allowing <br>* you <br>* to <br>* do <br>* free <br>* calls <br>* over <br>* the <br>* Internet. <br>* Ekiga <br>* is <br>* the <br>* first <br>* Open <br>* Source <br>* application <br>* to <br>* support <br>* both <br>* H.323 <br>* and <br>* SIP, <br>* as <br>* well <br>* as <br>* audio <br>* and <br>* video. <br>* Ekiga <br>* was <br>* formerly <br>* known <br>* as <br>* GnomeMeeting.;;
-App=Emacs;Editors;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/emacs.png;GNU;http://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/;GPL;Graphical;text,editor;GNU <br>* Emacs <br>* is <br>* a <br>* self-documenting, <br>* customizable, <br>* extensible <br>* real-time <br>* display <br>* editor. <br>* Users <br>* new <br>* to <br>* Emacs <br>* will <br>* be <br>* able <br>* to <br>* use <br>* basic <br>* features <br>* fairly <br>* rapidly <br>* by <br>* studying <br>* the <br>* tutorial <br>* and <br>* using <br>* the <br>* self-documentation <br>* features. <br>* Emacs <br>* also <br>* has <br>* an <br>* extensive <br>* interactive <br>* manual <br>* browser. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* easily <br>* extensible <br>* since <br>* its <br>* editing <br>* commands <br>* are <br>* written <br>* in <br>* Lisp. <br>* GNU <br>* Emacs\'s <br>* many <br>* special <br>* packages <br>* handle <br>* mail <br>* reading <br>* (RMail) <br>* and <br>* sending <br>* (Mail), <br>* outline <br>* editing <br>* (Outline), <br>*!
  compiling <br>* (Compile), <br>* running <br>* subshells <br>* within <br>* Emacs <br>* windows <br>* (Shell), <br>* running <br>* a <br>* Lisp <br>* read-eval-print <br>* loop <br>* (Lisp-Interaction-Mode), <br>* automated <br>* psychotherapy <br>* (Doctor <br>* :-) <br>* and <br>* many <br>* more.;;
-App=Emc2;Math;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/emc2.png;Frederic <br>* Hecht;http://www.ann.jussieu.fr/~hecht/main.html;Other;Graphical;mesh,2D,CAD;Emc2 <br>* is <br>* a <br>* portable, <br>* interactive, <br>* graphical <br>* editor <br>* of <br>* two-dimensional <br>* mesh <br>* geometries. <br>* It <br>* can <br>* create <br>* and <br>* modify <br>* geometries <br>* (as <br>* in <br>* CAD), <br>* and <br>* define <br>* line <br>* discretizations, <br>* subdomains, <br>* and <br>* reference <br>* numbers <br>* (to <br>* take <br>* into <br>* account <br>* boundary <br>* conditions <br>* and <br>* material <br>* properties). <br>* Grid <br>* and <br>* Delaunay-Voronoi <br>* meshes <br>* composed <br>* of <br>* triangles <br>* or <br>* quadrilaterals <br>* can <br>* be <br>* regularized, <br>* rotated, <br>* and <br>* modified <br>* via <br>* the <br>* addition, <br>* removal, <br>* or <br>* moving <br>* of <br>* vertices.;;
-App=Emerald;X11 <br>* - <br>* Window <br>* Managers;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/emerald.png;Beryl <br>* Project;http://www.beryl-project.org/;Unknown;Graphical;beryl,compiz;Emerald <br>* is <br>* a <br>* window <br>* decorator <br>* for <br>* beryl. <br>* It <br>* comes <br>* with <br>* a <br>* themes <br>* editor <br>* called <br>* emerald-theme-manager <br>* and <br>* the <br>* decorator. <br>* You <br>* need <br>* beryl <br>* to <br>* use <br>* emerald.;;
-App=EmiliaPinball;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/pinball.png;The <br>* Emilia <br>* Pinball <br>* Project;http://pinball.sourceforge.net;GPL;Graphical;game,pinball;The <br>* Emilia <br>* Pinball <br>* project <br>* is <br>* an <br>* open <br>* source <br>* pinball <br>* simulator <br>* for <br>* linux <br>* and <br>* other <br>* unix <br>* systems. <br>* There <br>* is <br>* both <br>* an <br>* hardware <br>* accelerated <br>* version <br>* using <br>* SDL <br>* and <br>* OpenGL <br>* as <br>* well <br>* as <br>* an <br>* software <br>* version <br>* using <br>* Allegro <br>* available.;;
-App=Empathy;Network <br>* - <br>* IM;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/empathy.png;The <br>* GNOME <br>* Project;http://live.gnome.org/Empathy;GPL;Graphical;gnome,im,telepathy;Empathy <br>* consists <br>* of <br>* a <br>* rich <br>* set <br>* of <br>* reusable <br>* instant <br>* messaging <br>* widgets, <br>* and <br>* a <br>* GNOME <br>* client <br>* using <br>* those <br>* widgets. <br>* It <br>* uses <br>* Telepathy <br>* and <br>* Nokia\'s <br>* Mission <br>* Control, <br>* and <br>* reuses <br>* Gossip\'s <br>* UI. <br>* The <br>* main <br>* goal <br>* is <br>* to <br>* permit <br>* desktop <br>* integration <br>* by <br>* providing <br>* libempathy <br>* and <br>* libempathy-gtk <br>* libraries. <br>* libempathy-gtk <br>* is <br>* a <br>* set <br>* of <br>* powerful <br>* widgets <br>* that <br>* can <br>* be <br>* embeded <br>* into <br>* any <br>* GNOME <br>* application.;;
-App=EnemyTerritory;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/et.png;Activision;http://www.activision.com;Other;Graphical;game,fps,wolfenstein;Wolfenstein: <br>* Enemy <br>* Territory <br>* (also <br>* referred <br>* to <br>* as <br>* simply <br>* Enemy <br>* Territory <br>* or <br>* ET) <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free <br>* multiplayer <br>* FPS <br>* set <br>* during <br>* World <br>* War <br>* II. <br>* It <br>* was <br>* originally <br>* planned <br>* to <br>* be <br>* released <br>* as <br>* a <br>* commercial <br>* expansion <br>* pack <br>* to <br>* the <br>* popular <br>* FPS <br>* Return <br>* to <br>* Castle <br>* Wolfenstein <br>* and <br>* later <br>* as <br>* a <br>* standalone <br>* game. <br>* However, <br>* due <br>* to <br>* problems <br>* with <br>* the <br>* single-player <br>* aspect, <br>* the <br>* multiplayer <br>* portion <br>* was <br>* released <br>* on <br>* May <br>* 29, <br>* 2003 <br>* as <br>* a <br>* freeware <br>* standalone <br>* game.;;
-App=Enigma;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/enigma.png;Daniel <br>* Heck;http://www.nongnu.org/enigma/;GPL;Graphical;game,arcade,marble,puzzle;Enigma <br>* is <br>* a <br>* reimplementation <br>* of <br>* Oxyd, <br>* a <br>* puzzle <br>* game <br>* that <br>* was <br>* very <br>* popular <br>* on <br>* the <br>* Atari <br>* ST <br>* and <br>* later <br>* on <br>* the <br>* PC. <br>* Equipped <br>* with <br>* a <br>* little <br>* black <br>* marble, <br>* your <br>* objective <br>* is <br>* to <br>* locate <br>* and <br>* uncover <br>* matching <br>* pairs <br>* of <br>* Oxyd <br>* stones.;;
-App=Enlightenment;X11 <br>* - <br>* Window <br>* Managers;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/e16.png;Enlightnment <br>* Team;http://www.enlightenment.org/;GPL;Graphical;shell,desktop;Enlightenment <br>* is <br>* a <br>* window <br>* manager. <br>* Enlightenment <br>* is <br>* a <br>* desktop <br>* shell. <br>* Enlightenment <br>* is <br>* the <br>* building <br>* blocks <br>* to <br>* create <br>* beautiful <br>* applications. <br>* Enlightenment, <br>* or <br>* simply <br>* e, <br>* is <br>* a <br>* group <br>* of <br>* people <br>* trying <br>* to <br>* make <br>* a <br>* new <br>* generation <br>* of <br>* software.;;
-App=Epiphany;Web;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/epiphany.png;GNOME;http://www.gnome.org/projects/epiphany/;GPL;Graphical;web,browser,gnome;Epiphany <br>* is <br>* a <br>* web <br>* browser <br>* designed <br>* to <br>* be <br>* as <br>* lightweight <br>* and <br>* fast <br>* as <br>* possible, <br>* at <br>* the <br>* expense <br>* of <br>* many <br>* of <br>* the <br>* features <br>* found <br>* in <br>* other <br>* browsers.;;
-App=Eqonomize;Finance;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/eqonomize.png;Eqonomize <br>* Team;http://eqonomize.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;Accounting, <br>* Financial, <br>* Money;Eqonomize! <br>* is <br>* a <br>* personal <br>* accounting <br>* software, <br>* with <br>* focus <br>* on <br>* efficiency <br>* and <br>* ease <br>* of <br>* use <br>* for <br>* the <br>* small <br>* household <br>* economy. <br>* Eqonomize! <br>* provides <br>* a <br>* complete <br>* solution, <br>* with <br>* bookkeeping <br>* by <br>* double <br>* entry <br>* and <br>* support <br>* for <br>* scheduled <br>* recurring <br>* transactions, <br>* security <br>* investments, <br>* and <br>* budgeting. <br>* It <br>* gives <br>* a <br>* clear <br>* overview <br>* of <br>* past <br>* and <br>* present <br>* transactions, <br>* and <br>* development <br>* of <br>* incomes <br>* and <br>* expenses, <br>* with <br>* descriptive <br>* tables <br>* and <br>* charts, <br>* as <br>* well <br>* as <br>* !
 an <br>* approximation <br>* of <br>* future <br>* account <br>* values.;;
-App=Eric;Development;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/eric-icon.png;The <br>* Eric <br>* Project;http://eric-ide.python-projects.org/;GPL;Graphical;Python,IDE,Project,Eric4;Eric <br>* is <br>* a <br>* full <br>* featured <br>* Python <br>* and <br>* Ruby <br>* editor <br>* and <br>* IDE, <br>* written <br>* in <br>* python. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* based <br>* on <br>* the <br>* cross <br>* platform <br>* Qt <br>* gui <br>* toolkit, <br>* integrating <br>* the <br>* highly <br>* flexible <br>* Scintilla <br>* editor <br>* control. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* designed <br>* to <br>* be <br>* usable <br>* as <br>* everdays\' <br>* quick <br>* and <br>* dirty <br>* editor <br>* as <br>* well <br>* as <br>* being <br>* usable <br>* as <br>* a <br>* professional <br>* project <br>* management <br>* tool <br>* integrating <br>* many <br>* advanced <br>* features <br>* Python <br>* offers <br>* the <br>* professional <br>* coder. <br>* eric4 <br>* includes <br>* a <br>* plugin <br>* !
 system, <br>* which <br>* allows <br>* easy <br>* extension <br>* of <br>* the <br>* IDE <br>* functionality <br>* with <br>* plugins <br>* downloadable <br>* from <br>* the <br>* net.;;
-App=Evolution;Mail;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/evolution.png;Novell, <br>* Inc.;http://www.gnome.org/projects/evolution/;GPL;Graphical;mail,gnome;Ximian <br>* Evolution[tm] <br>* is <br>* the <br>* premier <br>* personal <br>* and <br>* workgroup <br>* information <br>* management <br>* solution <br>* for <br>* UNIX. <br>* Evolution <br>* seamlessly <br>* integrates <br>* email, <br>* calendaring, <br>* meeting <br>* scheduling, <br>* contact <br>* management <br>* and <br>* online <br>* task <br>* lists <br>* in <br>* one <br>* powerful, <br>* fast, <br>* and <br>* easy <br>* to <br>* use <br>* application. <br>* It <br>* also <br>* delivers <br>* a <br>* comprehensive <br>* set <br>* of <br>* features <br>* that <br>* help <br>* keep <br>* work <br>* organized <br>* and <br>* projects <br>* on <br>* track. <br>* The <br>* unique <br>* Ximian <br>* vFolders[tm] <br>* are <br>* virtual <br>* folders <br>* used <br>* to <br>* create <br>* and <br>* save <br>* powerful!
  <br>* contextual <br>* views <br>* of <br>* email <br>* messages.;;
-App=Exaile;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/exaile.png;Exaile <br>* Developers <br>* Team;http://exaile.org;GPL;Graphical;audio,mp3,ogg;Exaile <br>* is <br>* a <br>* music <br>* manager <br>* and <br>* player <br>* for <br>* GTK+ <br>* written <br>* in <br>* Python. <br>* It <br>* incorporates <br>* automatic <br>* fetching <br>* of <br>* album <br>* art, <br>* lyrics <br>* fetching, <br>* artist/album <br>* information <br>* via <br>* Wikipedia, <br>* Last.fm <br>* scrobbling, <br>* support <br>* for <br>* many <br>* portable <br>* media <br>* players <br>* including <br>* iPods, <br>* internet <br>* radio <br>* such <br>* as <br>* shoutcast, <br>* and <br>* tabbed <br>* playlists.;;
-App=ExtremeTuxRacer;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/etracer.png;ETR <br>* Dev <br>* Team;http://www.extremetuxracer.com;GPL;Graphical;game,race,tux;Extreme <br>* Tux <br>* Racer <br>* is <br>* an <br>* open-source <br>* downhill <br>* racing <br>* game <br>* starring <br>* Tux, <br>* the <br>* Linux <br>* mascot. <br>* It <br>* follows <br>* in <br>* the <br>* path <br>* of <br>* Tux <br>* Racer <br>* and <br>* its <br>* derivatives.;;
-App=F-PROT;Security;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/f-prot.png;FRISK <br>* Software <br>* International;http://www.f-prot.com/;Other;Text;antivirus,security;F-Prot <br>* Antivirus <br>* for <br>* BSD <br>* Workstations <br>* utilizes <br>* the <br>* renowned <br>* F-Prot <br>* Antivirus <br>* scanning <br>* engine <br>* for <br>* primary <br>* scan <br>* but <br>* has <br>* in <br>* addition <br>* to <br>* that <br>* a <br>* system <br>* of <br>* internal <br>* heuristics <br>* devised <br>* to <br>* search <br>* for <br>* unknown <br>* viruses. <br>* This <br>* version <br>* of <br>* F-Prot <br>* is <br>* a <br>* command <br>* line <br>* on-demand <br>* scanner. <br>* Please <br>* note <br>* that <br>* the <br>* license <br>* explicitly <br>* permits <br>* that <br>* F-Prot <br>* Antivirus <br>* for <br>* BSD <br>* Workstations <br>* is <br>* free <br>* for <br>* personal <br>* users <br>* on <br>* personal <br>* workstations. <br>* For <br>* any <br>* other <br>* use <!
 br>* please <br>* consult <br>* their <br>* website <br>* for <br>* licensing <br>* information.;;
-App=F1-Spirit;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/f1spirit.png;Brain <br>* Games;http://www.braingames.getput.com/f1spirit/default.asp;GPL;Graphical;game,race;Remake <br>* of <br>* the <br>* Konami <br>* MSX1 <br>* classic <br>* F-1 <br>* Spirit <br>* with <br>* some <br>* improvements <br>* over <br>* the <br>* original <br>* game: <br>* * <br>* Improved <br>* graphics <br>* * <br>* Improved <br>* music <br>* * <br>* More <br>* realistic <br>* physics <br>* * <br>* Camera <br>* rotation <br>* * <br>* Camera <br>* zoom <br>* * <br>* Highscore <br>* table <br>* * <br>* Multiplayer <br>* up <br>* to <br>* 4 <br>* players <br>* on <br>* 1 <br>* computer <br>* with <br>* split <br>* screen <br>* * <br>* Nice <br>* graphical <br>* effects <br>* * <br>* Replay <br>* saving <br>* * <br>* On-line <br>* highscore <br>* tables;;
-App=FBReader;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/fbreader.png;Geometer <br>* Plus <br>* LLC;http://www.fbreader.org/;GPL;Graphical;ebook,reader,library;FBReader <br>* is <br>* a <br>* book <br>* reader. <br>* Main <br>* features: <br>* * <br>* Supported <br>* formats: <br>* fb2, <br>* HTML, <br>* CHM, <br>* plucker, <br>* Palmdoc, <br>* zTxt, <br>* TCR, <br>* RTF, <br>* OEB, <br>* OpenReader, <br>* mobipocket, <br>* plain <br>* text. <br>* * <br>* Direct <br>* reading <br>* from <br>* tar, <br>* zip, <br>* gzip <br>* and <br>* bzip2 <br>* archives. <br>* * <br>* Supported <br>* encodings: <br>* utf-8, <br>* us-ascii, <br>* windows-1251, <br>* windows-1252, <br>* koi8-r, <br>* ibm866, <br>* iso-8859-*, <br>* Big5, <br>* GBK. <br>* * <br>* Automatically <br>* generated <br>* contents <br>* table. <br>* * <br>* Embedded <br>* images <br>* support. <br>* * <br>* Footnotes/hyperlinks <br>* support. <br>* * <br>* Position <br>* indicator. <br>* * <br>* Keep!
 s <br>* the <br>* last <br>* open <br>* book <br>* and <br>* the <br>* last <br>* read <br>* positions <br>* for <br>* all <br>* opened <br>* books <br>* between <br>* runs. <br>* * <br>* List <br>* of <br>* last <br>* opened <br>* books. <br>* * <br>* Automatic <br>* hyphenations. <br>* Liang\'s <br>* algorithm <br>* is <br>* used. <br>* Patterns <br>* for <br>* Czech, <br>* English, <br>* Esperanto, <br>* French, <br>* German <br>* and <br>* Russian <br>* are <br>* included <br>* in <br>* the <br>* current <br>* version. <br>* * <br>* Text <br>* search. <br>* * <br>* Full-screen <br>* mode. <br>* * <br>* Screen <br>* rotation <br>* by <br>* 90, <br>* 180 <br>* and <br>* 270 <br>* degrees.;;
-App=FEH;Graphics;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/feh.png;FEH <br>* Team;http://feh.finalrewind.org/;MIT;Text;graphics,viewer,text;feh <br>* is <br>* a <br>* versatile <br>* and <br>* fast <br>* image <br>* viewer <br>* using <br>* imlib2, <br>* the <br>* premier <br>* image <br>* file <br>* handling <br>* library. <br>* feh <br>* has <br>* many <br>* features, <br>* from <br>* simple <br>* single <br>* file <br>* viewing, <br>* to <br>* multiple <br>* file <br>* modes <br>* using <br>* a <br>* slideshow <br>* or <br>* multiple <br>* windows. <br>* feh <br>* supports <br>* the <br>* creation <br>* of <br>* montages <br>* as <br>* index <br>* prints <br>* with <br>* many <br>* user-configurable <br>* options.;;
-App=FMIT;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/fmit.png;Gilles <br>* Degottex;http://home.gna.org/fmit/;GPL;Graphical;audio,tuner,instrument;Free <br>* Music <br>* Instrument <br>* Tuner. <br>* Current <br>* features: <br>* - <br>* Error <br>* history <br>* - <br>* Volume <br>* history <br>* - <br>* Wave <br>* shape <br>* - <br>* Harmonic <br>* ratios <br>* - <br>* Statistics <br>* - <br>* Microtonal <br>* tuning <br>* (with <br>* Scala <br>* file <br>* support) <br>* - <br>* Discrete <br>* Fourier <br>* Transform <br>* view <br>* - <br>* JACK, <br>* OSS, <br>* ALSA, <br>* Portaudio <br>* support <br>* - <br>* Translations <br>* for: <br>* french;;
-App=File-Roller;Archivers;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/file-roller.png;File-Roller <br>* Team;http://fileroller.sourceforge.net/;Unknown-Free;Graphical;winzip,tar,extract;File <br>* Roller <br>* is <br>* an <br>* archive <br>* manager <br>* for <br>* the <br>* GNOME <br>* environment. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* only <br>* a <br>* front-end <br>* (a <br>* graphical <br>* interface) <br>* to <br>* archiving <br>* programs <br>* like <br>* tar <br>* and <br>* zip. <br>* The <br>* supported <br>* file <br>* types <br>* are: <br>* * <br>* Tar <br>* archives <br>* uncompressed <br>* (.tar) <br>* or <br>* compressed <br>* with <br>* gzip <br>* (.tar.gz <br>* , <br>* .tgz), <br>* bzip <br>* (.tar.bz <br>* , <br>* .tbz), <br>* bzip2 <br>* (.tar.bz2 <br>* , <br>* .tbz2), <br>* compress <br>* (.tar.Z <br>* , <br>* .taz), <br>* lzop <br>* (.tar.lzo <br>* , <br>* .tzo) <br>* * <br>* Zip <br>* archives <br>* (.zip) <br>* * <br>* Jar <br>* archives <br>* (.jar <br>* , <br>* .ear <br>* !
 , <br>* .war) <br>* * <br>* Lha <br>* archives <br>* (.lzh) <br>* * <br>* Rar <br>* archives <br>* (.rar) <br>* * <br>* Single <br>* files <br>* compressed <br>* with <br>* gzip, <br>* bzip, <br>* bzip2, <br>* compress, <br>* lzop <br>* File <br>* Roller <br>* also <br>* has <br>* a <br>* document <br>* viewer <br>* based <br>* on <br>* bonobo <br>* that <br>* lets <br>* you <br>* view <br>* files <br>* of <br>* any <br>* type <br>* for <br>* which <br>* you <br>* have <br>* a <br>* viewer. <br>* Former <br>* WinZip <br>* users <br>* may <br>* find <br>* this <br>* program <br>* useful. <br>* It <br>* serves <br>* the <br>* same <br>* purpose.;;
-App=FileZilla;File <br>* Transfer;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/filezilla.png;The <br>* FileZilla <br>* Project;http://filezilla-project.org/;GPL;Graphical;FTP, <br>* SFTP, <br>* File, <br>* Transfer, <br>* Fetch, <br>* Get;FileZilla <br>* Client <br>* is <br>* a <br>* fast <br>* and <br>* reliable <br>* cross-platform <br>* FTP, <br>* FTPS <br>* and <br>* SFTP <br>* client <br>* with <br>* lots <br>* of <br>* useful <br>* features <br>* and <br>* an <br>* intuitive <br>* graphical <br>* user <br>* interface.;
-App=Fio;System <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/fio.png;Jens <br>* Axboe;http://git.kernel.dk/?p=fio.git;BSD;Text;scan,file,input,output;Fio <br>* is <br>* an <br>* I/O <br>* testing <br>* tool <br>* that <br>* will <br>* spawn <br>* a <br>* number <br>* of <br>* threads <br>* or <br>* processes <br>* doing <br>* a <br>* particular <br>* type <br>* of <br>* I/O <br>* action <br>* as <br>* specified <br>* by <br>* the <br>* user. <br>* Fio <br>* can <br>* be <br>* driven <br>* by <br>* a <br>* \'job <br>* file\' <br>* describing <br>* the <br>* I/O <br>* load <br>* one <br>* wants <br>* to <br>* simulate.;;
-App=Firefly;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/firefly.png;Ron <br>* Pedde;http://www.fireflymediaserver.org/;GPL;Server;itunes,server,audio;Firefly <br>* (mt-daapd) <br>* is <br>* an <br>* open-source <br>* media <br>* server <br>* for <br>* the <br>* Roku <br>* SoundBridge <br>* and <br>* Apple <br>* iTunes. <br>* It <br>* runs <br>* on <br>* POSIX <br>* platforms <br>* as <br>* well <br>* as <br>* Win32. <br>* It <br>* supports <br>* server-side <br>* transcoding <br>* and <br>* other <br>* advanced <br>* features.;;
-App=Firefox;Web;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/firefox.png;Mozilla;http://www.mozilla.org;GPL;Graphical;Firefox,Browser,Web,Mozilla,www;Firefox <br>* is <br>* an <br>* award <br>* winning, <br>* free, <br>* open-source <br>* web <br>* browser <br>* for <br>* many <br>* platforms <br>* and <br>* is <br>* based <br>* on <br>* the <br>* Mozilla <br>* codebase. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* small, <br>* fast <br>* and <br>* easy <br>* to <br>* use, <br>* and <br>* offers <br>* many <br>* advanced <br>* features.;
-App=FirewallBuilder;Security;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/fwbuilder.png;NetCitadel, <br>* LLC.;http://www.fwbuilder.org;GPL;Graphical;firewall;Firewall <br>* Builder <br>* is <br>* a <br>* GUI <br>* firewall <br>* configuration <br>* and <br>* management <br>* tool <br>* that <br>* supports <br>* iptables <br>* (netfilter), <br>* ipfilter, <br>* pf, <br>* ipfw, <br>* Cisco <br>* PIX <br>* (FWSM, <br>* ASA) <br>* and <br>* Cisco <br>* routers <br>* extended <br>* access <br>* lists. <br>* Firewall <br>* Builder <br>* uses <br>* object-oriented <br>* approach, <br>* it <br>* helps <br>* administrator <br>* maintain <br>* a <br>* database <br>* of <br>* network <br>* objects <br>* and <br>* allows <br>* policy <br>* editing <br>* using <br>* simple <br>* drag-and-drop <br>* operations.;;
-App=Fish;Shells;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/fish.png;Fish <br>* Shell <br>* Team;http://www.fishshell.org;GPL;Text;shell,commandline;Fish <br>* is <br>* a <br>* user <br>* friendly <br>* commandline <br>* shell <br>* intended <br>* mostly <br>* for <br>* interactive <br>* use <br>* and <br>* for <br>* UNIX-like <br>* operating <br>* systems <br>* such <br>* as <br>* PC-BSD. <br>* A <br>* shell <br>* is <br>* a <br>* program <br>* used <br>* to <br>* execute <br>* other <br>* programs. <br>* For <br>* the <br>* latest <br>* information <br>* on <br>* fish, <br>* please <br>* visit <br>* the <br>* fish <br>* homepage.;;
-App=Flare;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/flare.png;Clint <br>* Bellanger;http://clintbellanger.net/rpg/;GPL;Graphical;game,rpg;Flare <br>* (Free <br>* Libre <br>* Action <br>* Roleplaying <br>* Engine) <br>* is <br>* a <br>* simple <br>* game <br>* engine <br>* built <br>* to <br>* handle <br>* a <br>* very <br>* specific <br>* kind <br>* of <br>* game: <br>* single-player <br>* 2D <br>* action <br>* RPGs. <br>* Flare <br>* is <br>* not <br>* a <br>* reimplementation <br>* of <br>* an <br>* existing <br>* game <br>* or <br>* engine. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* a <br>* tribute <br>* to <br>* and <br>* exploration <br>* of <br>* the <br>* action <br>* RPG <br>* genre. <br>* Rather <br>* than <br>* building <br>* a <br>* very <br>* abstract, <br>* robust <br>* game <br>* engine, <br>* the <br>* goal <br>* of <br>* this <br>* project <br>* is <br>* to <br>* build <br>* several <br>* real <br>* games <br>* and <br>* harvest <br>* an <br>* engine <br>* from <br>* the <br>* !
 common, <br>* reusable <br>* code. <br>* The <br>* first <br>* game, <br>* in <br>* progress, <br>* is <br>* a <br>* fantasy <br>* dungeon <br>* crawl.;;
-App=Fldigi;Communications;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/fldigi.png;Fldigi <br>* Team;http://www.w1hkj.com/Fldigi.html;GPL;Graphical;ham,radio;A <br>* popular <br>* new <br>* program <br>* for <br>* PC-BSD, <br>* Linux <br>* and <br>* FreeBSD <br>* which <br>* enables <br>* amateur <br>* radio <br>* operators <br>* to <br>* join <br>* their <br>* radios <br>* and <br>* their <br>* computers <br>* at <br>* the <br>* hip <br>* and <br>* create <br>* a <br>* new <br>* kind <br>* of <br>* ham <br>* shack: <br>* a <br>* digital <br>* ham <br>* shack.;;
-App=FlightGear;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/flightgear.png;FlightGear <br>* Project;http://www.flightgear.org;GPL;Graphical;game,flight,simulation;The <br>* FlightGear <br>* flight <br>* simulator <br>* project <br>* is <br>* an <br>* open-source, <br>* multi-platform, <br>* cooperative <br>* flight <br>* simulator <br>* development <br>* project. <br>* Source <br>* code <br>* for <br>* the <br>* entire <br>* project <br>* is <br>* available <br>* and <br>* licensed <br>* under <br>* the <br>* GNU <br>* General <br>* Public <br>* License.;;
-App=Flock;Web;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/flock.png;The <br>* Flock <br>* Team;http://www.flock.com/;GPL;Graphical;web,browser;Flock <br>* is <br>* a <br>* social <br>* browser, <br>* cross <br>* platform, <br>* open <br>* source, <br>* and <br>* based <br>* on <br>* Mozilla <br>* technologies. <br>* Flock <br>* includes <br>* such <br>* features <br>* as <br>* blogging <br>* tools, <br>* feed <br>* handling, <br>* and <br>* integrated <br>* del.icio.us <br>* favorites <br>* and <br>* Flickr <br>* and <br>* Photobucket <br>* photo <br>* sharing.;;
-App=FluxConf;X11 <br>* - <br>* Window <br>* Managers;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/fluxconf.png;Fabien <br>* Devaux;http://devaux.fabien.free.fr/flux/;Unknown-Free;Text;fluxbox,configuration;fluxconf <br>* is <br>* a <br>* tiny <br>* GTK <br>* based <br>* configuration <br>* tool <br>* for <br>* the <br>* fluxbox <br>* window <br>* manager. <br>* It <br>* allows <br>* basic <br>* manipulation <br>* of <br>* the <br>* window <br>* manager <br>* behaviour: <br>* <br>o <br>* Slit <br>* configuration <br>* <br>o <br>* Window <br>* placement <br>* <br>o <br>* Focus <br>* model <br>* <br>o <br>* Workspace <br>* configuration;;
-App=FoldingAtHome;Biology;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/foldingathome.png;Stanford <br>* University <br>* Medical <br>* Center;http://folding.stanford.edu;Other;Text;computation,distributed;Folding@home <br>* is <br>* a <br>* distributed <br>* computing <br>* project <br>* -- <br>* people <br>* from <br>* throughout <br>* the <br>* world <br>* download <br>* and <br>* run <br>* software <br>* to <br>* band <br>* together <br>* to <br>* make <br>* one <br>* of <br>* the <br>* largest <br>* supercomputers <br>* in <br>* the <br>* world. <br>* Every <br>* computer <br>* takes <br>* the <br>* project <br>* closer <br>* to <br>* our <br>* goals. <br>* Folding at home <br>* uses <br>* novel <br>* computational <br>* methods <br>* coupled <br>* to <br>* distributed <br>* computing, <br>* to <br>* simulate <br>* problems <br>* millions <br>* of <br>* times <br>* more <br>* challenging <br>* than <br>* previously <br>* achieved. <br>* Proteins <br>* are <br>* biology\'s <br>* work!
 horses <br>* -- <br>* its <br>* ;;
-App=FooBillard;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/foobillard.png;Florian <br>* Berger;http://foobillard.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;game,pool,billard;Foobillard <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free <br>* OpenGL-billard <br>* game <br>* for <br>* Unix <br>* with <br>* realistic <br>* physics, <br>* AI-player <br>* and <br>* many <br>* gametypes <br>* like <br>* pool <br>* carambol <br>* or <br>* snooker.;;
-App=Foremost;System <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/foremost.png;Foremost <br>* Team;http://foremost.sourceforge.net;Unknown;Server;data,recovery,carving;Foremost <br>* is <br>* a <br>* console <br>* program <br>* to <br>* recover <br>* files <br>* based <br>* on <br>* their <br>* headers <br>* and <br>* footers. <br>* Foremost <br>* can <br>* work <br>* on <br>* image <br>* files, <br>* such <br>* as <br>* those <br>* generated <br>* by <br>* dd, <br>* Safeback, <br>* Encase, <br>* etc, <br>* or <br>* directly <br>* on <br>* a <br>* drive. <br>* The <br>* headers <br>* and <br>* footers <br>* are <br>* specified <br>* by <br>* a <br>* configuration <br>* file, <br>* so <br>* you <br>* can <br>* pick <br>* and <br>* choose <br>* which <br>* headers <br>* you <br>* want <br>* to <br>* look <br>* for.;;
-App=Fossil;Development;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/fossil.png;Fossil <br>* Team;http://fossil-scm.org/;BSD;Text;svn,subversion;Fossil <br>* is <br>* an <br>* easy-to-use <br>* Distributed <br>* Source <br>* Control <br>* Management <br>* system <br>* (DSCM) <br>* which <br>* supports <br>* access <br>* and <br>* administration <br>* over <br>* HTTP <br>* CGI <br>* or <br>* via <br>* a <br>* built-in <br>* HTTP <br>* server, <br>* has <br>* a <br>* built-in <br>* wiki, <br>* file <br>* browser, <br>* ticket <br>* system, <br>* and <br>* more.;;
-App=Fotoxx;Graphics;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/fotoxx.png;Kornelix;http://kornelix.squarespace.com/fotoxx;GPL;Graphical;photo,graphic,editor;Fotoxx <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free <br>* open <br>* source <br>* Linux <br>* program <br>* for <br>* photo <br>* editing <br>* and <br>* collection <br>* management. <br>* The <br>* goal <br>* is <br>* to <br>* meet <br>* most <br>* user <br>* needs <br>* while <br>* remaining <br>* fast <br>* and <br>* easy <br>* to <br>* use.;;
-App=FreeCiv;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/freeciv.png;FreeCiv <br>* Team;http://freeciv.wikia.com;GPL;Graphical;game,turn-based,civilization;Freeciv <br>* is <br>* a <br>* Free <br>* and <br>* Open <br>* Source <br>* empire-building <br>* strategy <br>* game <br>* inspired <br>* by <br>* the <br>* history <br>* of <br>* human <br>* civilization. <br>* The <br>* game <br>* commences <br>* in <br>* prehistory <br>* and <br>* your <br>* mission <br>* is <br>* to <br>* lead <br>* your <br>* tribe <br>* from <br>* the <br>* stone <br>* age <br>* to <br>* the <br>* space <br>* age... <br>* This <br>* game <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free <br>* turn-based <br>* multiplayer <br>* strategy <br>* game, <br>* in <br>* which <br>* each <br>* player <br>* becomes <br>* the <br>* leader <br>* of <br>* a <br>* civilization, <br>* fighting <br>* to <br>* obtain <br>* the <br>* ultimate <br>* goal: <br>* To <br>* become <br>* the <br>* greatest <br>* civilization. <br>* Players <br>* !
 of <br>* the <br>* Civilization <br>* series <br>* by <br>* Microprose <br>* should <br>* feel <br>* at <br>* home.;;
-App=FreeCol;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/freecol.png;FreeCol <br>* Team;http://freecol.org/;GPL;Graphical;game,turn-based,colonization;The <br>* FreeCol <br>* team <br>* aims <br>* to <br>* create <br>* an <br>* Open <br>* Source <br>* version <br>* of <br>* Colonization <br>* (released <br>* under <br>* the <br>* GPL). <br>* At <br>* first <br>* we\'ll <br>* try <br>* to <br>* make <br>* an <br>* exact <br>* clone <br>* of <br>* Colonization. <br>* The <br>* visuals <br>* will <br>* be <br>* brought <br>* up <br>* to <br>* date <br>* with <br>* more <br>* recent <br>* standards <br>* but <br>* will <br>* remain <br>* clean, <br>* simple <br>* and <br>* functional. <br>* Certain <br>* new <br>* \'features\' <br>* will <br>* be <br>* implemented <br>* but <br>* the <br>* gameplay <br>* and <br>* the <br>* rules <br>* will <br>* be <br>* exactly <br>* the <br>* same <br>* as <br>* the <br>* original <br>* game. <br>* Examples <br>* of <br>* modern <br>* features <!
 br>* are: <br>* an <br>* isometric <br>* map <br>* and <br>* multiplayer <br>* support.;;
-App=FreeDink;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/freedink.png;FreeDink <br>* Team;http://www.gnu.org/s/freedink/;GPL;Graphical;game,adventure,action;Dink <br>* Smallwood <br>* is <br>* an <br>* adventure/role-playing <br>* game, <br>* similar <br>* to <br>* Zelda, <br>* made <br>* by <br>* RTsoft. <br>* Besides <br>* twisted <br>* humour, <br>* it <br>* includes <br>* the <br>* actual <br>* game <br>* editor, <br>* allowing <br>* players <br>* to <br>* create <br>* hundreds <br>* of <br>* new <br>* adventures <br>* called <br>* Dink <br>* Modules <br>* or <br>* D-Mods <br>* for <br>* short. <br>* GNU <br>* FreeDink <br>* is <br>* a <br>* new <br>* and <br>* portable <br>* version <br>* of <br>* the <br>* game <br>* engine, <br>* which <br>* runs <br>* the <br>* original <br>* game <br>* as <br>* well <br>* as <br>* its <br>* D-Mods, <br>* with <br>* close <br>* compatibility, <br>* under <br>* multiple <br>* platforms.;;
-App=FreeDoom;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/freedoom.png;The <br>* FreeDoom <br>* Team;http://www.nongnu.org/freedoom/;GPL;Graphical;game,fps,doom;Freedoom <br>* is <br>* a <br>* project <br>* to <br>* create <br>* a <br>* complete <br>* Doom <br>* II-compatible <br>* IWAD <br>* file <br>* which <br>* is <br>* Free <br>* Software. <br>* The <br>* IWAD <br>* file <br>* is <br>* the <br>* file <br>* used <br>* by <br>* Doom <br>* which <br>* contains <br>* all <br>* the <br>* game <br>* data <br>* (graphics, <br>* sound <br>* effects, <br>* music, <br>* etc.). <br>* While <br>* the <br>* Doom <br>* source <br>* code <br>* is <br>* Free, <br>* you <br>* currently <br>* still <br>* need <br>* one <br>* of <br>* the <br>* proprietary <br>* IWAD <br>* files <br>* from <br>* id <br>* in <br>* order <br>* to <br>* play <br>* Doom. <br>* Freedoom <br>* aims <br>* to <br>* create <br>* a <br>* Free <br>* alternative. <br>* Combined <br>* with <br>* the <br>* GPL-licensed <b!
 r>* Doom <br>* source <br>* code <br>* this <br>* will <br>* result <br>* in <br>* a <br>* complete <br>* Free <br>* Doom-based <br>* game.;;
-App=FreeRDP;Network;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/freerdp.png;FreeRDP <br>* Team;http://www.freerdp.com/;GPL;Text;remote,desktop;FreeRDP <br>* is <br>* a <br>* fork <br>* of <br>* the <br>* rdesktop <br>* project <br>* that <br>* intends <br>* to <br>* rapidly <br>* start <br>* moving <br>* forward <br>* and <br>* implement <br>* features <br>* that <br>* rdesktop <br>* lacks <br>* the <br>* most. <br>* Improvements: <br>* * <br>* Support <br>* for <br>* cursors <br>* on <br>* Windows <br>* Server <br>* 2008 <br>* R2 <br>* * <br>* Support <br>* for <br>* bitmap <br>* caching, <br>* which <br>* provides <br>* a <br>* good <br>* performance <br>* boost <br>* * <br>* Support <br>* for <br>* Windows <br>* Server <br>* 2008 <br>* Terminal <br>* Services <br>* Session <br>* Broker <br>* Load <br>* Balancing <br>* * <br>* New <br>* keyboard <br>* input <br>* system <br>* based <br>* on <br>* the <br>* XKB <br>* database, <br>* providing <br>* better <br>* support <br>* for <b!
 r>* international <br>* keyboards;;
-App=FreedroidRPG;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/freedroidrpg.png;Freedroid <br>* team;http://freedroid.sourceforge.net;GPL;Graphical;game,RPG,action,diablo;The <br>* Freedroid <br>* RPG <br>* is <br>* an <br>* extension/modification <br>* of <br>* the <br>* classical <br>* Freedroid <br>* engine <br>* into <br>* an <br>* RPG. <br>* The <br>* main <br>* differences <br>* to <br>* the <br>* classical <br>* version <br>* are <br>* as <br>* follows: <br>* * <br>* The <br>* Tux <br>* is <br>* the <br>* main <br>* character <br>* of <br>* the <br>* rpg. <br>* * <br>* The <br>* game <br>* uses <br>* isometric <br>* viewpoint <br>* and <br>* animated <br>* pre-rendered <br>* 3d <br>* character <br>* models <br>* for <br>* all <br>* characters <br>* inside <br>* the <br>* game. <br>* * <br>* Dialogs <br>* and <br>* chatting <br>* with <br>* friendly <br>* droids <br>* and <br>* humans: <br>* Multiple-choice <br>* menus <br>* and <br>* voice <br>* samples <br>* (with <br>* !
 subtitles <br>* for <br>* those <br>* without <br>* sound). <br>* * <br>* There <br>* is <br>* an <br>* item <br>* and <br>* inventory <br>* system <br>* that <br>* is <br>* modeled <br>* after <br>* some <br>* popular <br>* standards <br>* of <br>* the <br>* industry <br>* :) <br>* * <br>* An <br>* automap <br>* feature <br>* was <br>* added. <br>* (this <br>* is <br>* currently <br>* a <br>* bit <br>* unmaintained <br>* since <br>* part <br>* of <br>* the <br>* code <br>* needs <br>* to <br>* be <br>* re-written <br>* for <br>* proper <br>* OpenGL <br>* support <br>* in <br>* the <br>* automap <br>* display) <br>* * <br>* Saving <br>* and <br>* loading <br>* of <br>* games. <br>* * <br>* Shops <br>* to <br>* trade <br>* things <br>* and <br>* skills <br>* to <br>* learn. <br>* * <br>* Controls <br>* are <br>* different: <br>* Mouse <br>* is <br>* the <br>* input <br>* method <br>* of <br>* choice. <br>* * <br>* This <br>* is <br>* a <br>* graphically <br>* intense <br>* g!
 ame. <br>* Therefore <br>* the <br>* archive <br>* size <br>* !
 is <br>* comparably <br>* *huge* <br>* and <br>* not <br>* suitable <br>* for <br>* modem <br>* downloads <br>* with <br>* a <br>* dialup <br>* connection. <br>* ;;
-App=Frets <br>* on <br>* Fire;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/fretsonfire.png;The <br>* Frets <br>* On <br>* Fire <br>* Team;http://fretsonfire.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;game,music,guitar;Frets <br>* on <br>* Fire <br>* is <br>* a <br>* game <br>* of <br>* musical <br>* skill <br>* and <br>* fast <br>* fingers. <br>* The <br>* aim <br>* of <br>* the <br>* game <br>* is <br>* to <br>* play <br>* guitar <br>* with <br>* the <br>* keyboard <br>* as <br>* accurately <br>* as <br>* possible.;;
-App=FrostWire;Network <br>* - <br>* P2P;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/frostwire.png;The <br>* FrostWire <br>* Team;http://www.frostwire.com;GPL;Graphical;p2p,torrent;FrostWire <br>* is <br>* an <br>* open-source <br>* peer-to-peer <br>* (P2P) <br>* file-sharing <br>* program. <br>* It <br>* uses <br>* the <br>* Gnutella <br>* network <br>* and <br>* is <br>* heavily <br>* based <br>* on <br>* the <br>* better-known <br>* LimeWire <br>* program. <br>* It <br>* also <br>* recently <br>* included <br>* BitTorrent <br>* support.;;
-App=Fuse;Emulators;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/fuse.png;Fuse <br>* Team;http://fuse-emulator.sourceforge.net;GPL;Graphical;ZX,spectrum;fuse <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free <br>* version <br>* of <br>* a <br>* ZX <br>* Spectrum <br>* emulator. <br>* It <br>* emulates <br>* the <br>* 48K/128K/+2/+2A/+3 <br>* Speccy <br>* and <br>* Timex <br>* TC2048 <br>* machine, <br>* supports <br>* loading <br>* from <br>* .tzx <br>* files, <br>* has <br>* sound <br>* and <br>* kempston <br>* joystick <br>* emulation, <br>* and <br>* emulates <br>* various <br>* printers <br>* you <br>* could <br>* attach <br>* to <br>* the <br>* Spectrum.It <br>* supports <br>* the <br>* new <br>* RZX <br>* input <br>* recording <br>* file <br>* format.;;
-App=GBirthday;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gbirthday.png;GBirthday <br>* Team;http://gbirthday.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;reminder,birthday;GBirthday <br>* is <br>* a <br>* birthday <br>* reminder <br>* application <br>* that <br>* helps <br>* you <br>* to <br>* remember <br>* your <br>* Evolution, <br>* Thunderbird, <br>* Sunbird <br>* contacts\' <br>* birthdays <br>* or <br>* from <br>* a <br>* MySQL <br>* Server <br>* or <br>* a <br>* CSV <br>* File. <br>* It <br>* puts <br>* an <br>* icon <br>* on <br>* notification <br>* area <br>* which <br>* will <br>* blink <br>* when <br>* there <br>* is <br>* any <br>* of <br>* your <br>* contacts\' <br>* birthday <br>* today. <br>* You <br>* can <br>* also <br>* check <br>* if <br>* there <br>* is <br>* any <br>* of <br>* your <br>* contacts\' <br>* birthday <br>* on <br>* next <br>* days.;;
-App=GCC;Languages;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gcc.png;The <br>* GCC <br>* Team;http://gcc.gnu.org;GPL;Text;gcc,compiler;GCC, <br>* the <br>* GNU <br>* Compiler <br>* Collection, <br>* supports <br>* a <br>* number <br>* of <br>* languages. <br>* This <br>* port <br>* installs <br>* the <br>* C, <br>* C++, <br>* Fortran <br>* and <br>* Java <br>* front <br>* ends <br>* as <br>* gcc45, <br>* g++45, <br>* gfortran45, <br>* and <br>* gcj45, <br>* respectively.;;
-App=GCompris;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gcompris.png;Bruno <br>* Coudoin;http://gcompris.net/;GPL;Graphical;game,educational;Gcompris <br>* is <br>* educational <br>* software <br>* and <br>* includes <br>* over <br>* 50 <br>* activites <br>* and <br>* games <br>* for <br>* kids <br>* ages <br>* from <br>* 2 <br>* to <br>* 10. <br>* Some <br>* activities <br>* are <br>* game <br>* oriented, <br>* but <br>* always <br>* educational. <br>* You <br>* will <br>* find <br>* activities <br>* in <br>* the <br>* following <br>* topics: <br>* computer <br>* discovery: <br>* keyboard, <br>* mouse, <br>* different <br>* mouse <br>* gesture <br>* algebra: <br>* table <br>* memory, <br>* enumeration, <br>* double <br>* entry <br>* table, <br>* mirror <br>* image <br>* science: <br>* the <br>* canal <br>* lock, <br>* the <br>* water <br>* cycle, <br>* the <br>* submarine <br>* geography: <br>* place <br>* the <br>* country <br>* on <br>* the <br>* map <br>* games: <br>* che!
 ss, <br>* memory <br>* reading: <br>* reading <br>* practice <br>* other: <br>* learn <br>* to <br>* tell <br>* time, <br>* puzzle <br>* of <br>* famous <br>* paintings, <br>* vector <br>* drawing;;
-App=GGZ-gtk-Games;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/ggz-gtk-games.png;GGZ <br>* Project;http://www.ggzgamingzone.org/;GPL/LGPL;Graphical;game,online,internet;======================================= <br>* The <br>* GGZ <br>* Gaming <br>* Zone <br>* - <br>* GTK+ <br>* Game <br>* Modules <br>* ======================================= <br>* GGZ <br>* Gaming <br>* Zone <br>* GTK+ <br>* Game <br>* Modules <br>* provide <br>* the <br>* game <br>* executables, <br>* graphics, <br>* and <br>* data <br>* for <br>* a <br>* number <br>* of <br>* popular <br>* (and <br>* unique) <br>* network <br>* games. <br>* These <br>* games <br>* are <br>* coded <br>* for <br>* version <br>* 2.X <br>* of <br>* GTK+, <br>* but <br>* many <br>* of <br>* them <br>* are <br>* also <br>* available <br>* using <br>* different <br>* graphical <br>* interfaces.;;
-App=GIMPshop;Graphics;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gimpshop.png;Scott <br>* Moschella;http://www.gimpshop.com/;BSD;Graphical;photoshop,gimp,editing;GIMPshop <br>* is <br>* a <br>* fork <br>* of <br>* GIMP <br>* which <br>* changes <br>* the <br>* layout <br>* of <br>* the <br>* user <br>* interface <br>* to <br>* resemble <br>* Adobe <br>* Photoshop. <br>* The <br>* Gimp\'s <br>* menu <br>* structure <br>* and <br>* naming <br>* conventions <br>* are <br>* a <br>* constant <br>* source <br>* of <br>* frustration <br>* for <br>* those <br>* who <br>* are <br>* familiar <br>* with <br>* Photoshop. <br>* The <br>* main <br>* purpose <br>* for <br>* GIMPshop <br>* is <br>* to <br>* make <br>* the <br>* Gimp <br>* accessible <br>* to <br>* the <br>* many <br>* Adobe <br>* Photoshop <br>* users <br>* out <br>* there. <br>* GIMP\'s <br>* tools, <br>* options, <br>* windows, <br>* and <br>* menus <br>* have <br>* been <br>* renamed <br>* and <br>* reorganized <br>* to <br>* c!
 losely <br>* resemble <br>* Adobe <br>* Photoshop\'s <br>* menu <br>* structure <br>* and <br>* naming <br>* conventions. <br>* Many <br>* of <br>* the <br>* menu <br>* options <br>* and <br>* even <br>* whole <br>* menus <br>* were <br>* recreated <br>* to <br>* faithfully <br>* reproduce <br>* a <br>* Photoshop-like <br>* experience. <br>* After <br>* running <br>* GIMPshop, <br>* you\'ll <br>* find <br>* that <br>* Photoshop <br>* and <br>* the <br>* GIMP <br>* are <br>* strikingly <br>* similar. <br>* Longtime <br>* Photoshop <br>* users <br>* should <br>* feel <br>* very <br>* comfortable <br>* using <br>* GIMPshop.;;
-App=GIT;Development;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/git.png;The <br>* GIT <br>* Team;http://git-scm.org/;GPL;Text;git,svn,revision;GIT <br>* is <br>* a <br>* "directory <br>* content <br>* manager" <br>* designed <br>* to <br>* handle <br>* absolutely <br>* massive <br>* projects <br>* with <br>* speed <br>* and <br>* efficiency, <br>* and <br>* the <br>* release <br>* of <br>* the <br>* 2.6.12 <br>* (and <br>* later) <br>* versions <br>* of <br>* the <br>* Linux <br>* kernel <br>* as <br>* well <br>* as <br>* more <br>* and <br>* more <br>* other <br>* projects <br>* switching <br>* to <br>* it <br>* would <br>* indicate <br>* that <br>* it <br>* does <br>* this <br>* task <br>* well. <br>* GIT <br>* falls <br>* in <br>* the <br>* category <br>* of <br>* distributed <br>* source <br>* code <br>* management <br>* tools, <br>* similar <br>* to <br>* e.g. <br>* GNU <br>* Arch <br>* or <br>* Monotone <br>* (or, <br>* in <br>* the <br>* commercial <br>* world, <br>* BitKeepe!
 r). <br>* Every <br>* GIT <br>* working <br>* directory <br>* is <br>* a <br>* full-fledged <br>* repository <br>* with <br>* full <br>* revision <br>* tracking <br>* capabilities, <br>* not <br>* dependent <br>* on <br>* network <br>* access <br>* to <br>* a <br>* central <br>* server.;;
-App=GKrellM;System <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gkrellm2.png;Bill <br>* Wilson;http://www.gkrellm.net/;GPL;Graphical;system,monitor;GKrellM <br>* is <br>* a <br>* GTK-based <br>* stacked <br>* monitor <br>* program <br>* that <br>* charts <br>* SMP <br>* CPUs, <br>* disks, <br>* load, <br>* active <br>* net <br>* interfaces, <br>* and <br>* internet <br>* connections. <br>* There <br>* are <br>* also <br>* builtin <br>* monitors <br>* for <br>* memory <br>* and <br>* swap, <br>* file <br>* systems <br>* with <br>* mount/umount <br>* feature, <br>* mailbox <br>* checking <br>* including <br>* POP3 <br>* and <br>* IMAP, <br>* clock/calendar, <br>* laptop <br>* battery, <br>* sensors <br>* (temperatures, <br>* voltages, <br>* and <br>* fans), <br>* and <br>* uptime. <br>* It <br>* has <br>* LEDs <br>* for <br>* the <br>* net <br>* monitors <br>* and <br>* an <br>* on/off <br>* button <br>* and <br>* online <br>* timer <br>* for <br>* PPP. <br>* There <br>!
 * is <br>* a <br>* GUI <br>* popup <br>* for <br>* configuration, <br>* plugin <br>* extensions <br>* can <br>* be <br>* installed, <br>* and <br>* many <br>* themes <br>* are <br>* available. <br>* It <br>* also <br>* features <br>* a <br>* client/server <br>* monitoring <br>* capability.;;
-App=GL-117;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gl-117.png;Thomas <br>* A. <br>* Drexl;http://www.heptargon.de/gl-117/gl-117.html;GPL;Graphical;game,flight,simulation;GL-117 <br>* is <br>* an <br>* action <br>* flight <br>* simulator. <br>* Enter <br>* the <br>* Eagle <br>* Squadron <br>* and <br>* succeed <br>* in <br>* several <br>* challanging <br>* missions <br>* leading <br>* though <br>* different <br>* landscapes. <br>* Five <br>* predefined <br>* levels <br>* of <br>* video <br>* quality <br>* and <br>* an <br>* amount <br>* of <br>* viewing <br>* ranges <br>* let <br>* you <br>* perfectly <br>* adjust <br>* the <br>* game <br>* to <br>* the <br>* performance <br>* of <br>* your <br>* system.;;
-App=GLAME;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/glame.png;GLAME-Team;http://glame.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;audio,processing,editor;GLAME <br>* is <br>* meant <br>* to <br>* be <br>* the <br>* GIMP <br>* of <br>* audio <br>* processing. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* designed <br>* to <br>* be <br>* a <br>* powerful, <br>* fast, <br>* stable, <br>* and <br>* easily <br>* extensible <br>* sound <br>* editor <br>* for <br>* GNOME <br>* desktop.;;
-App=GMPC;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gmpc.png;GMPC <br>* Team;http://gmpc.wikia.com;GPL;Graphical;MPD;GMPC <br>* is <br>* a <br>* GTK2 <br>* frontend <br>* for <br>* the <br>* mpd <br>* (Music <br>* Player <br>* Daemon). <br>* It\'s <br>* focused <br>* on <br>* being <br>* fast <br>* and <br>* easy <br>* to <br>* use, <br>* while <br>* making <br>* optimal <br>* use <br>* of <br>* all <br>* the <br>* functions <br>* in <br>* mpd. <br>* It <br>* connects <br>* to <br>* a <br>* MPD <br>* running <br>* on <br>* a <br>* machine <br>* via <br>* a <br>* network. <br>* Read <br>* more <br>* about <br>* MPD <br>* on <br>* http://www.musicpd.org <br>* Features: <br>* * <br>* Metadata <br>* support, <br>* it <br>* can <br>* show <br>* artist <br>* image, <br>* album <br>* art, <br>* lyrics, <br>* etc. <br>* * <br>* Plugin <br>* support. <br>* * <br>* Fast, <br>* gmpc <br>* is <br>* optimized <br>* to <br>* work <br>* even <br>* on <br>* low <br>* end <br>* machines <br>*!
  and <br>* slow <br>* networks. <br>* * <br>* Profile <br>* support, <br>* easily <br>* use <br>* gmpc <br>* with <br>* multiple <br>* mpd\'s.;;
-App=GMT;Graphics;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gmt.png;Paul <br>* Wessel;http://gmt.soest.hawaii.edu/;GPL;Text;mapping;GMT <br>* is <br>* a <br>* collection <br>* of <br>* public-domain <br>* Unix <br>* tools <br>* that <br>* allows <br>* you <br>* to <br>* manipulate <br>* x,y <br>* and <br>* x,y,z <br>* data <br>* sets <br>* (filtering, <br>* trend <br>* fitting, <br>* gridding, <br>* projecting, <br>* etc.) <br>* and <br>* produce <br>* PostScript <br>* illustrations <br>* ranging <br>* from <br>* simple <br>* x-y <br>* plots, <br>* via <br>* contour <br>* maps, <br>* to <br>* artificially <br>* illuminated <br>* surfaces <br>* and <br>* 3-d <br>* perspective <br>* views <br>* in <br>* black/white <br>* or <br>* 24bit <br>* color. <br>* Linear, <br>* log10, <br>* and <br>* power <br>* scaling <br>* is <br>* supported <br>* in <br>* addition <br>* to <br>* 25 <br>* common <br>* map <br>* projections. <br>* The <br>* processing <br>* and <br>* display <br>* routines <!
 br>* within <br>* GMT <br>* are <br>* completely <br>* general <br>* and <br>* will <br>* handle <br>* any <br>* (x,y) <br>* or <br>* (x,y,z) <br>* data <br>* as <br>* input. <br>* This <br>* port <br>* installs <br>* only <br>* the <br>* GMT <br>* manpages, <br>* there <br>* is <br>* a <br>* tutorial <br>* and <br>* documentation <br>* in <br>* .ps, <br>* .pdf <br>* and <br>* .html <br>* format <br>* on <br>* the <br>* ftp <br>* site, <br>* too. <br>* In <br>* case <br>* you <br>* look <br>* for <br>* data <br>* to <br>* plot, <br>* there <br>* is <br>* topological <br>* data <br>* at <br>* ftp://topex.ucsd.edu/pub/global_topo_2min/topo_8.2.img <br>* (140MB, <br>* covers <br>* nearly <br>* the <br>* whole <br>* earth);;
-App=GMerlin;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gmerlin.png;Burkhard <br>* Plaum;http://gmerlin.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;audio,video;Gmerlin <br>* is <br>* a <br>* multimedia <br>* framework, <br>* which <br>* allows <br>* you <br>* to <br>* quickly <br>* develop <br>* multimedia <br>* applications. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* built <br>* upon <br>* gavl <br>* (for <br>* low <br>* level <br>* Audio/Video <br>* things) <br>* and <br>* libxml2 <br>* (for <br>* loading <br>* and <br>* saving <br>* configuration <br>* data <br>* and <br>* other <br>* things). <br>* The <br>* gmerlin <br>* API <br>* can <br>* be <br>* used <br>* at <br>* multiple <br>* levels: <br>* Either <br>* you <br>* take <br>* the <br>* basic <br>* things <br>* like <br>* plugins, <br>* fifos, <br>* message-queues <br>* and <br>* gavl <br>* audio/video <br>* converters <br>* and <br>* build <br>* your <br>* own <br>* media <br>* engine. <br>* The <br>* other <br>* possibility <br>* is <br>* to !
 <br>* use <br>* the <br>* player <br>* or <br>* transcoder <br>* engines <br>* directly. <br>* The <br>* latter <br>* approach <br>* is <br>* probably <br>* easier, <br>* but <br>* you\'ll <br>* have <br>* less <br>* freedom <br>* in <br>* controlling <br>* the <br>* process. <br>* Gmerlin <br>* includes <br>* GUI <br>* player <br>* with <br>* mediatree <br>* and <br>* a <br>* GUI <br>* transcoder <br>* among <br>* other <br>* things.;;
-App=GNAT-AUX;Languages;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gnat-aux.png;DragonLace;http://www.dragonlace.net/;GMGPL;Text;ADA,compiler;GNAT <br>* AUX <br>* is <br>* based <br>* on <br>* the <br>* trunk <br>* version <br>* of <br>* Free <br>* Software <br>* Foundation\'s <br>* GNU <br>* Compiler <br>* Collection. <br>* It <br>* carries <br>* with <br>* it <br>* the <br>* GMGPL <br>* license, <br>* the <br>* modified <br>* version <br>* of <br>* the <br>* GPL <br>* that <br>* exempts <br>* generic <br>* instantiation <br>* from <br>* resulting <br>* in <br>* a <br>* GPL-licensed <br>* executable. <br>* This <br>* version <br>* of <br>* GNAT <br>* also <br>* carries <br>* with <br>* it <br>* the <br>* GCC <br>* Runtime <br>* Library <br>* Exception, <br>* so <br>* the <br>* resulting <br>* binaries <br>* have <br>* no <br>* licensing <br>* requirements. <br>* Binaries <br>* produced <br>* by <br>* GNAT <br>* AUX <br>* should <br>* be <br>* handled <br>* the <br>* same <br>* as <!
 br>* binaries <br>* produced <br>* by <br>* any <br>* FSF <br>* GNAT <br>* compiler. <br>* GNAT <br>* AUX <br>* implements <br>* the <br>* full <br>* Ada-83, <br>* Ada-95, <br>* and <br>* Ada-2005 <br>* language <br>* standards. <br>* It <br>* also <br>* implements <br>* some <br>* features <br>* of <br>* the <br>* draft <br>* Ada-2012 <br>* standard, <br>* which <br>* are <br>* optionally <br>* accessible <br>* via <br>* the <br>* -gnat2012 <br>* switch <br>* or <br>* Ada_2012 <br>* pragma.;;
-App=GNUDoku;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gnudoku.png;John <br>* C. <br>* Spray;http://linux.softpedia.com/get/GAMES-ENTERTAINMENT/Puzzle/GNUDoku-7948.shtml;GPL;Graphical;game,strategy,sudoku;A <br>* free <br>* program <br>* for <br>* creating <br>* and <br>* solving <br>* Su <br>* Doku <br>* puzzles. <br>* You <br>* can <br>* use <br>* GNUDoku <br>* to <br>* challenge <br>* yourself, <br>* to <br>* compute <br>* solutions, <br>* or <br>* to <br>* verify <br>* your <br>* own <br>* solutions. <br>* A <br>* Su <br>* Doku <br>* puzzle <br>* is <br>* a <br>* 9x9 <br>* grid <br>* which <br>* must <br>* be <br>* filled <br>* with <br>* numbers <br>* between <br>* 1 <br>* and <br>* 9 <br>* such <br>* that <br>* each <br>* row, <br>* column, <br>* and <br>* 3x3 <br>* square <br>* contains <br>* all <br>* 9 <br>* numbers.;;
-App=GQmpeg;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gqmpeg.png;John <br>* Ellis;http://gqmpeg.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;audio,player,winamp;A <br>* GTK-based <br>* mp3 <br>* front-end. <br>* Uses <br>* mpg123 <br>* for <br>* decoding <br>* and <br>* supports <br>* winamp <br>* themes.;;
-App=GQradio;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gqradio.png;John <br>* Ellis;http://gqmpeg.sourceforge.net/radio.html;GPL;Graphical;audio,radio,tuner;GQradio <br>* interfaces <br>* with <br>* radio <br>* cards <br>* through <br>* the <br>* video4linux, <br>* or <br>* the <br>* FreeBSD <br>* bktr <br>* APIs. <br>* Stations <br>* can <br>* be <br>* tuned <br>* manually, <br>* set <br>* to <br>* presets, <br>* or <br>* auto <br>* seek <br>* can <br>* find <br>* the <br>* next <br>* available <br>* frequency. <br>* The <br>* application <br>* supports <br>* theming <br>* (skins), <br>* and <br>* includes <br>* a <br>* built-in <br>* skin <br>* editor.;;
-App=GRAMPS;Science;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gramps.png;The <br>* GRAMPS <br>* Team;http://gramps-project.org/;GPL;Graphical;ancestry,geneology;GRAMPS <br>* (Genealogical <br>* Research <br>* and <br>* Analysis <br>* Management <br>* Programming <br>* System) <br>* is <br>* an <br>* open <br>* source <br>* genealogy <br>* program. <br>* To <br>* put <br>* it <br>* shortly, <br>* it <br>* allows <br>* you <br>* to <br>* store, <br>* edit, <br>* and <br>* research <br>* genealogical <br>* data <br>* using <br>* your <br>* computer. <br>* Its <br>* functionality <br>* is <br>* somewhat <br>* common <br>* to <br>* other <br>* genealogical <br>* programs. <br>* However, <br>* GRAMPS <br>* offers <br>* some <br>* unique <br>* features. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* written <br>* in <br>* Python, <br>* using <br>* the <br>* GTK/GNOME <br>* interface.;;
-App=GREtools;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gretools.png;Arvind <br>* Narayanan;http://www.cs.utexas.edu/~arvindn/gretools/;GPL;Graphical;vocabulary;Gretools <br>* is <br>* a <br>* vocabulary <br>* building <br>* tool <br>* for <br>* GNOME. <br>* Its <br>* wordlist <br>* is <br>* comprised <br>* of <br>* about <br>* 4000 <br>* words, <br>* and <br>* it <br>* has <br>* a <br>* synonym <br>* quiz <br>* and <br>* a <br>* word-guessing <br>* game.;;
-App=GRuler;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gruler.png;GRuler <br>* Team;http://linuxadvocate.org/projects/gruler/;GPL;Graphical;ruler,measurement;Gnome <br>* Screen <br>* Ruler <br>* is <br>* an <br>* on-screen <br>* ruler <br>* for <br>* measuring <br>* horizontal <br>* and <br>* vertical <br>* distances <br>* in <br>* any <br>* application. <br>* Features: <br>* * <br>* Horizontal <br>* and <br>* vertical <br>* display <br>* * <br>* Multiple <br>* units: <br>* pixels, <br>* inches, <br>* centimeters, <br>* picas, <br>* points, <br>* percentage <br>* * <br>* Configurable <br>* colors <br>* and <br>* font <br>* * <br>* Can <br>* be <br>* set <br>* always-on-top <br>* * <br>* Measurement <br>* lines <br>* track <br>* mouse <br>* cursor <br>* to <br>* help <br>* measure <br>* anything <br>* on <br>* screen <br>* * <br>* Move <br>* and <br>* resize <br>* via <br>* click-and-drag <br>* with <br>* the <br>* mouse <br>* * <br>* Align <br>* with <br>* ot!
 her <br>* windows <br>* while <br>* dragging <br>* (hold <br>* SHIFT <br>* key) <br>* * <br>* Move <br>* using <br>* the <br>* keyboard <br>* for <br>* precision <br>* (arrow <br>* keys) <br>* * <br>* Resize <br>* using <br>* keyboard <br>* (ALT+arrow <br>* keys) <br>* * <br>* Speed <br>* up <br>* keyboard <br>* operations <br>* (hold <br>* SHIFT <br>* key);;
-App=GSpeakers;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gspeakers.png;Daniel <br>* Sundberg;http://gspeakers.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;loudspeaker,design,simulation,cad;Gspeakers <br>* is <br>* a <br>* loudspeaker <br>* enclosure <br>* and <br>* crossovernetwork <br>* designer <br>* for <br>* the <br>* GNOME2 <br>* desktop.;;
-App=GSubEdit;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gsubedit.png;Isak <br>* Savo;http://gsubedit.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;subtitle,editor;GSubEdit, <br>* or <br>* GNOME <br>* Subtitle <br>* Editor, <br>* is <br>* a <br>* tool <br>* for <br>* editing <br>* and <br>* converting <br>* video <br>* subtitles. <br>* It <br>* currently <br>* features <br>* read/write <br>* of <br>* SubRip <br>* (.srt) <br>* and <br>* MicroDVD <br>* (.sub) <br>* subtitles. <br>* Framerate <br>* conversion <br>* and <br>* frame <br>* displacement <br>* (Increase/decrease <br>* all <br>* frames <br>* by <br>* a <br>* given <br>* offset) <br>* is <br>* also <br>* supported.;;
-App=GTG;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gtg.png;GTG <br>* Team;http://gtg.fritalk.com/;GPL;Graphical;organizer,time;GTG <br>* is <br>* a <br>* personal <br>* organizer <br>* for <br>* the <br>* GNOME <br>* desktop <br>* environment, <br>* it <br>* focuses <br>* on <br>* ease <br>* of <br>* use <br>* and <br>* flexibility, <br>* while <br>* keeping <br>* things <br>* simple.;;
-App=GTK-Gnutella;Network <br>* - <br>* P2P;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gtk-gnutella.png;GTK-Gnutella <br>* Team;http://gtk-gnutella.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;bittorrent,search;GTK <br>* based <br>* Gnutella <br>* client <br>* which <br>* supports <br>* the <br>* standard <br>* Gnutella <br>* operations. <br>* Search, <br>* download, <br>* file <br>* sharing, <br>* bandwidth <br>* limiting, <br>* host <br>* caching, <br>* as <br>* well <br>* as <br>* some <br>* basic <br>* statistics. <br>* Now <br>* with <br>* enhanced <br>* features, <br>* such <br>* as <br>* PARQ <br>* queueing, <br>* PFSP, <br>* DHT, <br>* push-proxies, <br>* UPnP, <br>* NAT-PMP <br>* and <br>* others, <br>* making <br>* it <br>* a <br>* stable <br>* and <br>* fully <br>* functional <br>* graphical <br>* gnutella <br>* client <br>* for <br>* *nix <br>* systems. <br>* An <br>* excellent <br>* way <br>* to <br>* find <br>* that <br>* hidden <br>* file <br>* on <br>* the <br>* internet <br>* tha!
 t <br>* you <br>* know <br>* exists <br>* but <br>* standard <br>* search <br>* engines <br>* do <br>* not <br>* seem <br>* to <br>* carry.;;
-App=GTK-recordMyDesktop;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gtk-recordmydesktop.png;Martin <br>* Nordholts;http://recordmydesktop.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;desktop,record;recordMyDesktop <br>* is <br>* a <br>* desktop <br>* session <br>* recorder <br>* for <br>* GNU <br>* / <br>* linux <br>* that <br>* attemps <br>* to <br>* be <br>* easy <br>* to <br>* use, <br>* yet <br>* also <br>* effective <br>* at <br>* it\'s <br>* primary <br>* task. <br>* As <br>* such, <br>* the <br>* program <br>* is <br>* separated <br>* in <br>* two <br>* parts <br>* a <br>* simple <br>* command <br>* line <br>* tool <br>* that <br>* performs <br>* the <br>* basic <br>* tasks <br>* of <br>* capturing <br>* and <br>* encoding <br>* and <br>* an <br>* interface <br>* that <br>* exposes <br>* the <br>* program <br>* functionality <br>* in <br>* a <br>* usable <br>* way.;;
-App=GTKPool;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gtkpool.png;Brian <br>* Ashe;http://gtkpool.seul.org;GPL;Graphical;game,pool,billard;GTKPool <br>* is <br>* a <br>* 2D <br>* pool <br>* game <br>* using <br>* the <br>* GTK+ <br>* toolkit. <br>* It <br>* should <br>* run <br>* on <br>* Unix <br>* and <br>* Linux <br>* variants. <br>* It <br>* currently <br>* supports <br>* playing <br>* 8-ball, <br>* 9-ball <br>* and <br>* Rotation <br>* as <br>* well <br>* as <br>* a <br>* "No <br>* Rules" <br>* option <br>* for <br>* practice/just <br>* messing <br>* around. <br>* It <br>* supports <br>* many <br>* options <br>* and <br>* has <br>* configurable <br>* physics <br>* so <br>* you <br>* can <br>* do <br>* almost <br>* anything.;;
-App=GTetrinet;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gtetrinet.png;Ka-shu <br>* Wong, <br>* Jordi <br>* Mallach, <br>* Dani <br>* Carbonell;http://gtetrinet.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;game,tetris,strategy,multiplayer;GTetrinet <br>* is <br>* a <br>* client <br>* program <br>* for <br>* the <br>* popular <br>* Tetrinet <br>* game, <br>* a <br>* multiplayer <br>* game <br>* that <br>* is <br>* played <br>* over <br>* the <br>* internet. <br>* (If <br>* you <br>* don\'t <br>* know <br>* what <br>* Tetrinet <br>* is, <br>* check <br>* out <br>* http://tetrinet.org) <br>* Features: <br>* -Fully <br>* network <br>* compatible <br>* with <br>* Tetrinet <br>* v1.13 <br>* for <br>* Win95/98/NT <br>* -Theme <br>* support <br>* with <br>* sound <br>* -Spectator <br>* support <br>* on <br>* Tetrinet-X <br>* servers <br>* with <br>* the <br>* qirc <br>* patch <br>* by <br>* Drslum.;;
-App=GTorrentViewer;Network <br>* - <br>* P2P;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gtorrentviewer.png;Claro <br>* Alejandro;http://gtorrentviewer.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;bittorrent,viewer;GTorrentViewer <br>* is <br>* a <br>* GTK2-based <br>* viewer <br>* and <br>* editor <br>* for <br>* BitTorrent <br>* meta <br>* files. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* able <br>* to <br>* retrieve <br>* information <br>* from <br>* trackers, <br>* check <br>* files, <br>* show <br>* detailed <br>* information, <br>* and <br>* modify <br>* .torrent <br>* files <br>* without <br>* having <br>* to <br>* start <br>* downloading.;;
-App=GXNeur;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gxneur.png;XNeur <br>* Team;http://www.xneur.ru/;GPL;Text;keyboard,translations;GTK <br>* frontend <br>* for <br>* XNeur <br>* keyboard <br>* layout <br>* switcher. <br>* In-place <br>* converter <br>* of <br>* text <br>* typed <br>* in <br>* with <br>* a <br>* wrong <br>* keyboard <br>* layout. <br>* When <br>* users <br>* work <br>* in <br>* multilingual <br>* environment <br>* (e.g. <br>* Russian+English), <br>* they <br>* sometimes <br>* type <br>* in <br>* text <br>* with <br>* wrong <br>* keyboard <br>* layout. <br>* In <br>* auto <br>* mode <br>* XNeur <br>* can <br>* automatically <br>* detect <br>* language <br>* of <br>* a <br>* word <br>* user <br>* typed, <br>* switch <br>* keyboard <br>* layout <br>* and <br>* convert <br>* the <br>* word <br>* from <br>* one <br>* keyboard <br>* layout <br>* into <br>* another. <br>* In <br>* manual <br>* mode <br>* user <br>* has <br>* ability <br>* to <br>!
 * convert <br>* last <br>* typed <br>* word <br>* or <br>* some <br>* selected <br>* text <br>* using <br>* hot <br>* keys. <br>* The <br>* idea <br>* of <br>* this <br>* utility <br>* is <br>* similar <br>* to <br>* Punto <br>* Switcher <br>* for <br>* Windows. <br>* For <br>* now <br>* XNeur <br>* support <br>* English, <br>* Russian, <br>* Ukrainian, <br>* Belarusian, <br>* French, <br>* Romanian, <br>* Bulgarian, <br>* Czech, <br>* Greek, <br>* Estonian, <br>* Armenian, <br>* Lithuanian, <br>* Latvian, <br>* Poland, <br>* Spanish <br>* and <br>* Uzbek <br>* languages.;;
-App=GXine;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gxine.png;GXine <br>* Team;http://www.xine-project.org;Unknown-Free;Graphical;multimedia,player,audio,video;gxine <br>* is <br>* a <br>* simple <br>* but <br>* effective <br>* GUI <br>* for <br>* the <br>* Xine <br>* media <br>* player. <br>* It <br>* uses <br>* the <br>* GTK <br>* toolkit, <br>* so <br>* it <br>* nicely <br>* fits <br>* in <br>* into <br>* a <br>* GNOME <br>* desktop.;;
-App=Gambas;Languages;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gambas.png;Gambas <br>* Team;http://gambas.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;basic;Gambas <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free <br>* development <br>* environment <br>* based <br>* on <br>* a <br>* Basic <br>* interpreter <br>* with <br>* object <br>* extensions, <br>* like <br>* Visual <br>* Basic&trade <br>* (but <br>* it <br>* is <br>* NOT <br>* a <br>* clone <br>* !). <br>* With <br>* Gambas, <br>* you <br>* can <br>* quickly <br>* design <br>* your <br>* program <br>* GUI, <br>* access <br>* MySQL, <br>* PostgreSQL <br>* and <br>* SQLite <br>* databases, <br>* pilot <br>* KDE <br>* applications <br>* with <br>* DCOP, <br>* translate <br>* your <br>* program <br>* into <br>* many <br>* languages, <br>* create <br>* network <br>* applications <br>* easily, <br>* make <br>* 3D <br>* OpenGL <br>* applications, <br>* and <br>* so <br>* on...;;
-App=GanttProject;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/ganttproject.png;GanttProject <br>* Team;http://ganttproject.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;gantt,xml,chart;Ganttproject <br>* lets <br>* you <br>* plan <br>* projects <br>* using <br>* a <br>* Gantt <br>* chart. <br>* GanttProject <br>* use <br>* a <br>* XML <br>* file <br>* format. <br>* It <br>* can <br>* export <br>* the <br>* project <br>* in <br>* HTML <br>* Web <br>* pages <br>* or <br>* PDF <br>* document <br>* (using <br>* XSLT) <br>* or <br>* image <br>* files.;;
-App=GanyRemote;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/ganyremote.png;anyRemote <br>* Development <br>* Team;http://anyremote.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;bluetooth,remote,cellphone;The <br>* overall <br>* goal <br>* of <br>* this <br>* project <br>* is <br>* to <br>* provide <br>* remote <br>* control <br>* service <br>* on <br>* Linux <br>* through <br>* Bluetooth, <br>* InfraRed, <br>* Wi-Fi <br>* or <br>* just <br>* TCP/IP <br>* connection. <br>* anyRemote <br>* supports <br>* wide <br>* range <br>* of <br>* modern <br>* cell <br>* phones <br>* like <br>* Nokia, <br>* SonyEricsson, <br>* Motorola <br>* and <br>* others. <br>* It <br>* was <br>* developed <br>* as <br>* thin <br>* communication <br>* layer <br>* between <br>* Bluetooth <br>* (or <br>* IR, <br>* Wi-Fi) <br>* capabled <br>* phone <br>* and <br>* UNIX, <br>* and <br>* in <br>* principle <br>* could <br>* be <br>* configured <br>* to <br>* manage <br>* almost <br>* any <br>* software.;;
-App=Gbrainy;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gbrainy.png;Jordi <br>* Mas;http://live.gnome.org/gbrainy;GPL;Graphical;game,puzzle,logic;Gbrainy <br>* is <br>* a <br>* brain <br>* teaser <br>* game <br>* and <br>* trainer <br>* to <br>* have <br>* fun <br>* and <br>* to <br>* keep <br>* your <br>* brain <br>* trained.;;
-App=Gdado;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gdado.png;Gdado <br>* Team;http://sourceforge.net/projects/gdado/;GPL;Graphical;dice,rolling;A <br>* very <br>* simple <br>* application <br>* for <br>* rolling <br>* dice. <br>* Intended <br>* for <br>* use <br>* by <br>* roleplayers.;;
-App=Geany;Development;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/geany.png;Geany <br>* Team;http://www.geany.org/;GPL;Graphical;IDE, <br>* C;Geany <br>* is <br>* a <br>* small <br>* and <br>* lightweight <br>* integrated <br>* development <br>* environment. <br>* It <br>* was <br>* developed <br>* to <br>* provide <br>* a <br>* small <br>* and <br>* fast <br>* IDE, <br>* which <br>* has <br>* only <br>* a <br>* few <br>* dependencies <br>* on <br>* other <br>* packages. <br>* Another <br>* goal <br>* was <br>* to <br>* be <br>* as <br>* independent <br>* as <br>* possible <br>* from <br>* a <br>* special <br>* Desktop <br>* Environment <br>* like <br>* KDE <br>* or <br>* GNOME.;;
-App=Gecko-Mediaplayer;Web;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gecko-mediaplayer.png;Kevin <br>* DeKorte;http://kdekorte.googlepages.com/gecko-mediaplayer;GPL;Graphical;browser,plugin,multimedia;Gecko <br>* Media <br>* Player <br>* is <br>* a <br>* browser <br>* plugin <br>* that <br>* uses <br>* GNOME <br>* MPlayer <br>* to <br>* play <br>* media <br>* in <br>* a <br>* browser. <br>* It <br>* should <br>* work <br>* with <br>* all <br>* browsers <br>* on <br>* Unix-ish <br>* systems <br>* (Linux, <br>* BSD, <br>* Solaris) <br>* and <br>* use <br>* the <br>* NS4 <br>* API <br>* (Mozilla, <br>* Firefox, <br>* Opera, <br>* etc.).;;
-App=GeekBench;Benchmarks;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/geekbench.png;Primate <br>* Labs;http://www.primatelabs.ca/geekbench/;GPL;Graphical;benchmarks;Geekbench <br>* is <br>* a <br>* cross-platform <br>* benchmark <br>* suite <br>* for <br>* PC-BSD/FreeBSD, <br>* Mac <br>* OS <br>* X, <br>* Windows, <br>* Solaris, <br>* and <br>* Linux. <br>* Geekbench <br>* is <br>* designed <br>* to <br>* measure <br>* the <br>* performance <br>* an <br>* average <br>* application <br>* can <br>* expect <br>* from <br>* both <br>* the <br>* processor <br>* and <br>* the <br>* memory <br>* subsystem. <br>* Geekbench\'s <br>* benchmarks <br>* are <br>* written <br>* in <br>* platform-neutral <br>* C++, <br>* and <br>* have <br>* no <br>* platform-specific <br>* optimizations. <br>* Geekbench <br>* is <br>* compiled <br>* with <br>* what <br>* we <br>* consider <br>* the <br>* de-facto <br>* standard <br>* compiler <br>* for <br>* each <br>* platform, <br>* with <br>* the <br>* compiler!
  <br>* switches <br>* suggested <br>* by <br>* the <br>* compiler <br>* vendor <br>* for <br>* release <br>* code.;;
-App=Geeqie;Graphics;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/geeqie.png;Geeqie <br>* Team;http://geeqie.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;graphics,viewer;Geeqie <br>* is <br>* a <br>* lightweight <br>* Gtk+ <br>* based <br>* image <br>* viewer <br>* for <br>* Unix <br>* operating <br>* systems. <br>* Main <br>* features <br>* <br>o <br>* EXIF, <br>* IPTC <br>* and <br>* XMP <br>* metadata <br>* browsing <br>* and <br>* editing. <br>* <br>o <br>* Interoperability, <br>* easy <br>* integration <br>* with <br>* other <br>* software. <br>* <br>o <br>* geeqie <br>* works <br>* on <br>* files <br>* and <br>* directories, <br>* there <br>* is <br>* no <br>* need <br>* to <br>* import <br>* images. <br>* <br>o <br>* Fast <br>* preview <br>* for <br>* many <br>* raw <br>* image <br>* formats. <br>* <br>o <br>* Tools <br>* for <br>* image <br>* comparison, <br>* sorting <br>* and <br>* managing <br>* photo <br>* collection. <br>* History <br>* Geeqie <br>* has <br>* been <br>* forked <br>* fr!
 om <br>* gqview <br>* project, <br>* because <br>* it <br>* was <br>* not <br>* possible <br>* to <br>* contact <br>* gqview <br>* author <br>* and <br>* the <br>* only <br>* maintainer. <br>* Geeqie <br>* projects <br>* goal <br>* is <br>* to <br>* move <br>* the <br>* development <br>* forward <br>* and <br>* also <br>* integrate <br>* the <br>* existing <br>* patches.;;
-App=Genius;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/genius.png;Jiri <br>* Lebl;http://www.jirka.org/genius.html;GPL;Graphical;math,plotter,calculator;Genius <br>* Calculator <br>* is <br>* a <br>* precision <br>* calculator <br>* for <br>* Gnome <br>* Desktop <br>* Environment. <br>* Features <br>* of <br>* Genius: <br>* * <br>* arbitrary <br>* precision <br>* integers <br>* (2-36), <br>* multiple <br>* precision <br>* floats <br>* * <br>* uses <br>* rationals <br>* when <br>* possible <br>* * <br>* will <br>* calculate <br>* and <br>* show <br>* half <br>* calculated <br>* expressions <br>* if <br>* the <br>* calculation <br>* could <br>* not <br>* be <br>* completed <br>* * <br>* variables <br>* * <br>* user <br>* functions <br>* * <br>* variable <br>* and <br>* function <br>* references <br>* with <br>* C <br>* like <br>* syntax <br>* * <br>* anonymous <br>* functions <br>* * <br>* it <br>* will <br>* add <br>* missing <br>* parenthesis <br>* on <br>* t!
 he <br>* ends <br>* of <br>* expressions <br>* (only <br>* in <br>* the <br>* GUI <br>* version) <br>* * <br>* matrix <br>* support <br>* * <br>* complex <br>* numbers <br>* * <br>* more <br>* ...;;
-App=Gens;Emulators;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gens.png;Stphane <br>* Dallongeville;http://gens.consolemul.com;GPL;Graphical;sega,genesis;Gens <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free <br>* Sega <br>* Genesis <br>* emulator. <br>* Lots <br>* of <br>* features <br>* and <br>* a <br>* very <br>* good <br>* compatibility <br>* over <br>* 90%.;;
-App=Geoid;Communications;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/geoid.png;W1HKJ <br>* Software;http://www.w1hkj.com/#Geoid;GPL;Graphical;geodetic,latitude,longitude,coordinates;Geodetic <br>* computer <br>* for <br>* amateur <br>* radio <br>* use. <br>* Converts <br>* Lat <br>* / <br>* Lon <br>* to <br>* Maidenhead <br>* Grid <br>* Square <br>* and <br>* reverse <br>* Computes <br>* range <br>* in <br>* kilometers <br>* and <br>* great <br>* circle <br>* bearing <br>* between <br>* QTH <br>* and <br>* remote <br>* site <br>* specified <br>* by <br>* Lat/Lon <br>* or <br>* Maidenhead <br>* Grid <br>* Square <br>* Computes <br>* range <br>* in <br>* kilometers <br>* and <br>* great <br>* circle <br>* bearing <br>* between <br>* QTH <br>* and <br>* a <br>* site <br>* selected <br>* from <br>* a <br>* database <br>* list <br>* for <br>* all <br>* known <br>* callsign <br>* prefixes <br>* and <br>* their <br>* geographic <br>* position. <br>* Geographic <br>* position <br>* is <br>*!
  by <br>* major <br>* city.;;
-App=Getleft;Web;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/getleft.png;Andres <br>* Garcia;http://freecode.com/projects/getleft;GPL;Graphical;getright,website,downloader;Given <br>* a <br>* URL, <br>* Getleft <br>* will <br>* try <br>* to <br>* download <br>* all <br>* links. <br>* As <br>* it <br>* goes, <br>* it <br>* modifies <br>* the <br>* original <br>* HTML <br>* pages <br>* so <br>* that <br>* the <br>* absolute <br>* links <br>* get <br>* changed <br>* to <br>* relative <br>* links, <br>* and <br>* links <br>* to <br>* active <br>* pages <br>* get <br>* changed <br>* to <br>* the <br>* resulting <br>* pages. <br>* It <br>* supports <br>* thirteen <br>* different <br>* languages.;;
-App=Gimmix;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gimmix.png;Priyank <br>* Gosalia <br>* ;http://gimmix.berlios.de/index.php;GPL;Graphical;mpd,music,audio;Gimmix <br>* is <br>* a <br>* graphical <br>* Music <br>* player <br>* daemon <br>* (MPD) <br>* client <br>* written <br>* in <br>* C <br>* using <br>* GTK+2. <br>* Features: <br>* ========= <br>* * <br>* Simple <br>* and <br>* Clean <br>* Interface. <br>* * <br>* Library <br>* Browser. <br>* * <br>* Library <br>* search. <br>* (search <br>* by <br>* artist, <br>* album, <br>* filename, <br>* etc) <br>* * <br>* Playlist <br>* management <br>* (manage <br>* mpd <br>* playlists) <br>* * <br>* ID3v2 <br>* tag <br>* editing <br>* support. <br>* * <br>* System <br>* tray <br>* icon <br>* support. <br>* * <br>* Support <br>* for <br>* controlling <br>* gimmix <br>* through <br>* Keyboard. <br>* * <br>* Notification <br>* support <br>* (Displays <br>* the <br>* currently <br>* playing <br>* song <br>* in <br>* systray). <br>* !
 * <br>* Small <br>* memory <br>* footprint.;;
-App=Gimp;Graphics;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gimp.png;The <br>* GIMP <br>* Team;http://www.gimp.org;GPL;Graphical;Editing,Red,Eye,Photo,Paint,Image,Picture,PNG,JPG,GIF,Layer;The <br>* GIMP <br>* is <br>* designed <br>* to <br>* provide <br>* an <br>* intuitive <br>* graphical <br>* interface <br>* to <br>* a <br>* variety <br>* of <br>* image <br>* editing <br>* operations.;
-App=Glest;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/glest.png;The <br>* Glest <br>* Team;http://www.glest.org;GPL;Graphical;game,rts;Glest <br>* is <br>* a <br>* project <br>* for <br>* making <br>* a <br>* free <br>* 3d <br>* real-time <br>* customizable <br>* strategy <br>* game. <br>* Current <br>* version <br>* is <br>* fully <br>* playable, <br>* includes <br>* single <br>* player <br>* game <br>* against <br>* CPU <br>* controlled <br>* players, <br>* two <br>* factions <br>* with <br>* their <br>* corresponding <br>* tech <br>* trees, <br>* units, <br>* buildings <br>* and <br>* some <br>* maps.;;
-App=Globulation2;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/glob.png;The <br>* Globulation <br>* Team;http://globulation2.org;GPL;Graphical;game,rts,strategy;Globulation <br>* 2 <br>* brings <br>* a <br>* new <br>* type <br>* of <br>* gameplay <br>* to <br>* RTS <br>* games. <br>* The <br>* player <br>* chooses <br>* the <br>* number <br>* of <br>* units <br>* to <br>* assign <br>* to <br>* various <br>* tasks, <br>* and <br>* the <br>* units <br>* do <br>* their <br>* best <br>* to <br>* satisfy <br>* the <br>* requests. <br>* This <br>* allows <br>* players <br>* to <br>* manage <br>* more <br>* units <br>* and <br>* focus <br>* on <br>* strategy <br>* rather <br>* than <br>* on <br>* micro-management. <br>* Globulation <br>* 2 <br>* also <br>* features <br>* AI, <br>* allowing <br>* single-player <br>* games <br>* or <br>* any <br>* possible <br>* combination <br>* of <br>* human-computer <br>* teams. <br>* The <br>* game <br>* also <br>* includes <br>* a <br>* scripting <!
 br>* language <br>* for <br>* versatile <br>* gameplay <br>* or <br>* tutorials <br>* and <br>* an <br>* integrated <br>* map <br>* editor. <br>* You <br>* can <br>* play <br>* Globulation <br>* 2 <br>* in <br>* single <br>* player <br>* mode, <br>* through <br>* your <br>* local <br>* network, <br>* or <br>* over <br>* the <br>* Internet <br>* with <br>* Ysagoon <br>* Online <br>* Gaming <br>* (or <br>* YOG <br>* for <br>* short).;;
-App=Gnash;Graphics;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gnash.png;Gnash <br>* Team;http://www.gnu.org/software/gnash/;GPL;Graphical;flash,player,plugin,video;Gnash <br>* is <br>* a <br>* GNU <br>* Flash <br>* movie <br>* player. <br>* Previously, <br>* it <br>* was <br>* only <br>* possible <br>* to <br>* play <br>* flash <br>* movies <br>* with <br>* proprietary <br>* software. <br>* While <br>* there <br>* are <br>* some <br>* other <br>* free <br>* flash <br>* players, <br>* none <br>* support <br>* anything <br>* beyond <br>* SWF <br>* v4. <br>* Gnash <br>* is <br>* based <br>* on <br>* GameSWF, <br>* and <br>* supports <br>* many <br>* SWF <br>* v7 <br>* features. <br>* - <br>* Runs <br>* standalone <br>* Gnash <br>* can <br>* run <br>* standalone <br>* to <br>* play <br>* flash <br>* movies. <br>* - <br>* Browser <br>* plugin <br>* Gnash <br>* can <br>* also <br>* run <br>* as <br>* a <br>* plugin <br>* from <br>* within <br>* most <br>* Mozilla <br>* derived <br>* brow!
 sers, <br>* such <br>* as <br>* Firefox. <br>* Gnash <br>* also <br>* has <br>* support <br>* for <br>* Konqueror. <br>* - <br>* SWF <br>* v7+ <br>* compliant <br>* Gnash <br>* can <br>* play <br>* many <br>* current <br>* flash <br>* movies. <br>* - <br>* Streaming <br>* Video <br>* Gnash <br>* supports <br>* the <br>* viewing <br>* of <br>* streaming <br>* video <br>* from <br>* popular <br>* video <br>* sharing <br>* sites <br>* like <br>* Lulu.tv <br>* or <br>* YouTube.com. <br>* - <br>* XML <br>* Message <br>* server <br>* Gnash <br>* also <br>* supports <br>* an <br>* XML <br>* based <br>* message <br>* system <br>* as <br>* documented <br>* in <br>* the <br>* Flash <br>* Format <br>* specification. <br>* - <br>* High <br>* Quality <br>* Output <br>* Gnash <br>* uses <br>* OpenGL <br>* for <br>* rendering <br>* the <br>* graphics <br>* on <br>* the <br>* desktop, <br>* and <br>* AntiGrain <br>* (AGG) <br>* for <br>* embedded <br>* framebuffer <br>* only <br>* devices.!
  <br>* - <br>* Free <br>* Software <br>* Gnash <br>* is <br>* !
 100% <br>* free <br>* software. <br>* For <br>* more <br>* information <br>* on <br>* the <br>* GPL, <br>* go <br>* to <br>* the <br>* Free <br>* Software <br>* Foundation <br>* web <br>* site. <br>* - <br>* Better <br>* Security <br>* Gnash <br>* pays <br>* extra <br>* attention <br>* to <br>* all <br>* network <br>* connections, <br>* and <br>* allows <br>* the <br>* user <br>* to <br>* control <br>* access. <br>* - <br>* Extensible <br>* Gnash <br>* supports <br>* extending <br>* ActionScript <br>* by <br>* creating <br>* your <br>* own. <br>* You <br>* can <br>* write <br>* wrappers <br>* for <br>* any <br>* development <br>* library, <br>* and <br>* import <br>* them <br>* into <br>* the <br>* player.;;
-App=Gno3DTet;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gno3dtet.png;Sbastien <br>* Nicoud;http://eseb.net/3dtetris.php;GPL;Graphical;game,tetris,3D,puzzle;Gno3DTet <br>* is <br>* a <br>* funky <br>* 3D-ified <br>* version <br>* of <br>* T*tris <br>* that <br>* reminds <br>* me <br>* of <br>* games <br>* I <br>* used <br>* to <br>* play <br>* 10 <br>* years <br>* ago. <br>* It\'ll <br>* make <br>* for <br>* hours <br>* of <br>* fun <br>* if <br>* you <br>* learn <br>* how <br>* to <br>* move <br>* the <br>* pieces <br>* around <br>* right.;;
-App=GnoTime;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gnotime.png;GnoTime <br>* Team;http://gttr.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;time,GTT,scheduling,invoices;Time <br>* (formerly <br>* GTT, <br>* the <br>* Gnome <br>* Time <br>* Tracker) <br>* is <br>* a <br>* desktop <br>* utility <br>* for <br>* tracking <br>* the <br>* amount <br>* of <br>* time <br>* spent <br>* on <br>* projects, <br>* and <br>* generating <br>* configurable <br>* invoices <br>* based <br>* on <br>* that <br>* time.;;
-App=Gnome-Games;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gnome-games.png;The <br>* GNOME <br>* Project;http://www.gnome.org/projects/gnome-games/;GPL;Graphical;games,puzzle,arcade,strategy;The <br>* GNOME <br>* Desktop <br>* Environment\'s <br>* games <br>* application <br>* package <br>* includes <br>* card <br>* games <br>* (including <br>* a <br>* solitaire <br>* package <br>* which <br>* knows <br>* 69 <br>* distinct <br>* solitaire <br>* variations) <br>* knockoffs <br>* of <br>* Minesweeper, <br>* Tetris, <br>* mahjongg, <br>* and <br>* Nibbles <br>* action <br>* games <br>* puzzle <br>* games <br>* and <br>* even <br>* more <br>* card <br>* games.;;
-App=Gnome-Media;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gnome-media.png;GNOME;http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/blfs/view/cvs/gnome/gnome-media.html;GPL;Graphical;gnome,media,mixer;Multimedia <br>* applications <br>* for <br>* the <br>* GNOME <br>* 2.0 <br>* desktop. <br>* Includes <br>* gnome-cd, <br>* a <br>* CDDB <br>* aware <br>* CD <br>* player <br>* gnome-volume-control, <br>* for <br>* controlling <br>* the <br>* sound <br>* card\'s <br>* mixer <br>* and <br>* VU-Meter, <br>* to <br>* slow <br>* down <br>* your <br>* desktop...;;
-App=Gnome-Subtitles;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gnome-subtitles.png;Gnome <br>* Subtitles <br>* Team;http://gnomesubtitles.org/;GPL;Graphical;subtitle,editor;Gnome <br>* Subtitles <br>* is <br>* a <br>* subtitle <br>* editor <br>* for <br>* the <br>* GNOME <br>* desktop. <br>* It <br>* supports <br>* the <br>* most <br>* common <br>* text-based <br>* subtitle <br>* formats <br>* and <br>* allows <br>* for <br>* subtitle <br>* editing, <br>* translation <br>* and <br>* synchronization.;;
-App=GnomeBreakout;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gnomebreakout.png;Michael <br>* Pearson;http://freshmeat.net/projects/gnome-breakout;GPL;Graphical;game,arcade,breakout;GNOME <br>* Breakout <br>* is <br>* a <br>* clone <br>* of <br>* the <br>* classic <br>* arcade <br>* game <br>* Breakout, <br>* written <br>* for <br>* GNOME. <br>* Still <br>* in <br>* development, <br>* but <br>* very <br>* playable, <br>* and <br>* very <br>* addictive. <br>* ;;
-App=GnomeChess;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gnomechess.png;Robert <br>* Wilhelm <br>* and <br>* JP <br>* Rosevear;http://www.firstlinux.com/linux-programms/gnome-chess.html;GPL;Graphical;game,strategy,chess;A <br>* GUI <br>* chess <br>* front-end <br>* to <br>* crafty, <br>* for <br>* the <br>* GNOME <br>* Desktop <br>* Environment <br>* It <br>* works <br>* with <br>* chess <br>* programs <br>* and <br>* chess <br>* servers <br>* - <br>* it <br>* is <br>* also <br>* a <br>* PGN <br>* viewer.;;
-App=GnomeKiss;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gnomekiss.png;GnomeKiss <br>* Team;http://devel.tlrmx.org/kiss/;GPL;Graphical;game,dolls;GnomeKiss <br>* is <br>* an <br>* implementation <br>* of <br>* French-KiSS <br>* for <br>* the <br>* GNOME <br>* desktop <br>* environment, <br>* using <br>* GNOME, <br>* GTK+ <br>* and <br>* the <br>* X <br>* Window <br>* System. <br>* French <br>* KiSS <br>* is <br>* an <br>* enhanced <br>* KiSS/GS <br>* for <br>* scriptable <br>* dolls, <br>* where <br>* KiSS <br>* is <br>* an <br>* abbreviation <br>* for <br>* Kisekae <br>* Set <br>* System <br>* (or <br>* something).;;
-App=GnomeMPlayer;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gnomemplayer.png;Kevin <br>* DeKorte;http://sites.google.com/site/kdekorte2/gnomemplayer;GPL;Graphical;media,player,audio;GNOME <br>* MPlayer <br>* is <br>* a <br>* simple <br>* GUI <br>* for <br>* MPlayer. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* intended <br>* to <br>* be <br>* a <br>* nice <br>* tight <br>* player <br>* and <br>* provide <br>* a <br>* simple <br>* and <br>* clean <br>* interface <br>* to <br>* MPlayer. <br>* GNOME <br>* MPlayer <br>* has <br>* a <br>* rich <br>* API <br>* that <br>* is <br>* exposed <br>* via <br>* DBus. <br>* Using <br>* DBus <br>* you <br>* can <br>* control <br>* a <br>* single <br>* or <br>* multiple <br>* instances <br>* of <br>* GNOME <br>* MPlayer <br>* from <br>* a <br>* single <br>* command. <br>* The <br>* player <br>* can <br>* be <br>* used <br>* to <br>* play <br>* media <br>* on <br>* websites <br>* when <br>* used <br>* with <br>* Gecko <br>* Mediaplayer;;
-App=GnomeMemoryBlocks;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gnomememoryblocks.png;Vova <br>* Babin <br>* & <br>* S. <br>* Kondrat;http://gnome-memblocks.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;game,strategy,memory;This <br>* is <br>* Gnome <br>* version <br>* of <br>* the <br>* memory <br>* blocks\' <br>* game, <br>* which <br>* originally <br>* came <br>* from <br>* Semantec <br>* game <br>* pack <br>* for <br>* Windows <br>* 3.11.;;
-App=GnomerMind;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gnomermind.png;Germano <br>* Rizzo;http://gnomermind.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;game,strategy,memory,logic,mastermind;GnomerMind <br>* is <br>* a <br>* puzzle <br>* game <br>* for <br>* Gnome, <br>* loosely <br>* based <br>* on <br>* the <br>* classic <br>* MasterMind <br>* game. <br>* The <br>* author <br>* always <br>* been <br>* fascinated <br>* by <br>* this <br>* game, <br>* and <br>* spent <br>* an <br>* heap <br>* of <br>* time <br>* playing <br>* the <br>* version <br>* (Logic) <br>* implemented <br>* on <br>* some <br>* Nokia <br>* cellular <br>* phones... <br>* So <br>* he <br>* told <br>* himself, <br>* why <br>* not <br>* to <br>* make <br>* it <br>* available <br>* also <br>* for <br>* PC\'s?;;
-App=Gnomoradio;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gnomoradio.png;The <br>* Gnomoradio <br>* Project;http://www.gnomoradio.org/;GPL;Graphical;audio,radio,player;Gnomoradio <br>* is <br>* quickly <br>* becoming <br>* a <br>* fully-featured <br>* music <br>* player <br>* and <br>* peer <br>* to <br>* peer <br>* file <br>* sharing <br>* system. <br>* Here <br>* is <br>* a <br>* quick <br>* outline <br>* of <br>* its <br>* current <br>* features <br>* that <br>* more <br>* or <br>* less <br>* work: <br>* * <br>* Finds <br>* and <br>* plays <br>* mp3\'s <br>* and <br>* ogg\'s <br>* that <br>* are <br>* located <br>* on <br>* the <br>* user\'s <br>* hard <br>* drive <br>* * <br>* Sorts <br>* songs <br>* in <br>* playlists, <br>* including <br>* search <br>* playlists <br>* for <br>* songs <br>* that <br>* match <br>* a <br>* given <br>* criteria <br>* * <br>* Searches <br>* for, <br>* downloads <br>* and <br>* shares <br>* songs <br>* that <br>* are <br>* available <br>* und!
 er <br>* a <br>* Creative <br>* Commons <br>* license <br>* * <br>* Recommends <br>* songs <br>* based <br>* on <br>* a <br>* user\'s <br>* listening <br>* preferences, <br>* almost <br>* like <br>* a <br>* totally <br>* personalized <br>* radio <br>* broadcast;;
-App=Gnote;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gnote.png;Gnote <br>* Team;http://live.gnome.org/Gnote;GPL;Graphical;notes,tomboy;Gnote <br>* is <br>* a <br>* port <br>* of <br>* Tomboy <br>* to <br>* C++. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* the <br>* same <br>* note <br>* taking <br>* application, <br>* including <br>* most <br>* of <br>* the <br>* add-ins <br>* (more <br>* are <br>* to <br>* come). <br>* Synchronization <br>* support <br>* is <br>* being <br>* worked <br>* on.;;
-App=GnuCash;Finance;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gnucash.png;GnuCash <br>* Team;http://www.gnucash.org/;GPL;Graphical;money,budget,accounting;Gnucash <br>* is <br>* the <br>* next <br>* generation <br>* of <br>* money <br>* manager <br>* created <br>* from <br>* a <br>* merger <br>* of <br>* X-Accountant <br>* and <br>* GnoMoney. <br>* Its <br>* features <br>* include: <br>* * <br>* Ability <br>* to <br>* import <br>* Quicken <br>* files <br>* ( <br>* a <br>* must <br>* ) <br>* * <br>* Reports, <br>* Graphs, <br>* and <br>* all <br>* of <br>* those <br>* goodies <br>* that <br>* you <br>* find <br>* in <br>* Quicken. <br>* * <br>* Gnome <br>* compliant <br>* ( <br>* if <br>* that <br>* is <br>* the <br>* correct <br>* way <br>* to <br>* put <br>* it <br>* ) <br>* * <br>* Separate <br>* the <br>* GUI <br>* from <br>* the <br>* actual <br>* "account/transaction <br>* engine" <br>* * <br>* Multiple <br>* accounts <br>* ( <br>* Check, <br>* Credit, <br>* Cash, <br>* Mutua!
 l <br>* Funds, <br>* etc.. <br>* );;
-App=Gnumeric;Math;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gnumeric.png;The <br>* GNOME <br>* Team;http://www.gnome.org/projects/gnumeric/index.shtml;GPL;Graphical;excel,spreadsheet;The <br>* goal <br>* of <br>* Gnumeric <br>* is <br>* to <br>* be <br>* the <br>* best <br>* possible <br>* spreadsheet. <br>* We <br>* are <br>* not <br>* attempting <br>* to <br>* clone <br>* existing <br>* applications. <br>* However, <br>* Gnumeric <br>* can <br>* read <br>* files <br>* saved <br>* with <br>* other <br>* spreadsheets <br>* and <br>* we <br>* offer <br>* a <br>* customizable <br>* feel <br>* that <br>* attempts <br>* to <br>* minimize <br>* the <br>* costs <br>* of <br>* transition.;;
-App=Gnuplot;Math;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gnuplot.png;Gnuplot <br>* Team;http://www.gnuplot.info/;GPL;Text;math,plotter;Gnuplot <br>* is <br>* a <br>* command-driven <br>* interactive <br>* function <br>* plotting <br>* program. <br>* Plots <br>* any <br>* number <br>* of <br>* functions, <br>* built <br>* up <br>* of <br>* C <br>* operators, <br>* C <br>* library <br>* functions, <br>* and <br>* some <br>* things <br>* C <br>* doesn\'t <br>* have <br>* like <br>* **, <br>* sgn(), <br>* etc. <br>* Also <br>* support <br>* for <br>* plotting <br>* data <br>* files, <br>* to <br>* compare <br>* actual <br>* data <br>* to <br>* theoretical <br>* curves. <br>* User-defined <br>* X <br>* and <br>* Y <br>* ranges <br>* (optional <br>* auto-ranging), <br>* smart <br>* axes <br>* scaling, <br>* smart <br>* tic <br>* marks. <br>* Labelling <br>* of <br>* X <br>* and <br>* Y <br>* axes. <br>* User-defined <br>* constants <br>* and <br>* functions. <br>* Support <br>* throug!
 h <br>* a <br>* generalized <br>* graphics <br>* driver <br>* for <br>* AED <br>* 512, <br>* AED <br>* 767, <br>* BBN <br>* BitGraph, <br>* Commodore <br>* Amiga, <br>* Roland <br>* DXY800A, <br>* EEPIC, <br>* TeXDraw, <br>* EmTeX, <br>* Epson <br>* 60dpi <br>* printers, <br>* Epson <br>* LX-800, <br>* Fig, <br>* HP2623, <br>* HP2648, <br>* HP75xx, <br>* HPGL, <br>* HP <br>* LaserJet <br>* II, <br>* Imagen, <br>* Iris <br>* 4D, <br>* MS-DOS <br>* Kermit, <br>* Kyocera <br>* laser <br>* printer, <br>* LaTeX, <br>* NEC <br>* CP6 <br>* pinwriter, <br>* PostScript, <br>* QMS <br>* QUIC, <br>* ReGis <br>* (VT125 <br>* and <br>* VT2xx), <br>* SCO <br>* Xenix <br>* CGI, <br>* Selanar, <br>* Star <br>* color <br>* printer, <br>* Tandy <br>* DMP-130 <br>* printer, <br>* Tek <br>* 401x, <br>* Tek <br>* 410x, <br>* Vectrix <br>* 384, <br>* VT <br>* like <br>* Tektronix <br>* emulator, <br>* Unix <br>* PC <br>* (ATT <br>* 3b1 <br>* or <br>* ATT <br>* 7300), <br>* unixplot, <br>* and <b!
 r>* X11. <br>* The <br>* PC <br>* version <br>* compiled <br>*!
  by <br>* Microsoft <br>* C <br>* supports <br>* IBM <br>* CGA, <br>* EGA, <br>* VGA, <br>* Hercules, <br>* ATT <br>* 6300, <br>* and <br>* Corona <br>* 325 <br>* graphics. <br>* The <br>* PC <br>* version <br>* compiled <br>* by <br>* Borland <br>* C++ <br>* sup- <br>* ports <br>* IBM <br>* CGA, <br>* EGA, <br>* MCGA, <br>* VGA, <br>* Hercules <br>* and <br>* ATT <br>* 6300 <br>* graphics. <br>* Other <br>* devices <br>* can <br>* be <br>* added <br>* simply, <br>* but <br>* will <br>* require <br>* recompiling. <br>* Shell <br>* escapes <br>* and <br>* command <br>* line <br>* substitution. <br>* Output <br>* redirection.;;
-App=Gobby;Editors;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gobby.png;0x539 <br>* dev <br>* group;http://gobby.0x539.de/trac/;GPL;Graphical;text,editor;Gobby <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free <br>* collaborative <br>* editor <br>* supporting <br>* multiple <br>* documents <br>* in <br>* one <br>* session <br>* and <br>* a <br>* multi-user <br>* chat. <br>* Gobby <br>* is <br>* covered <br>* under <br>* the <br>* GPL <br>* (General <br>* Public <br>* License).;;
-App=Gogglesmm;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gogglesmm.png;s.jansen;http://code.google.com/p/gogglesmm/;GPL;Graphical;audio,player,tagger;Goggles <br>* Music <br>* Manager <br>* is <br>* a <br>* music <br>* collection <br>* manager <br>* and <br>* player <br>* that <br>* automatically <br>* categorizes <br>* your <br>* music <br>* files <br>* based <br>* on <br>* genre, <br>* artist, <br>* album, <br>* and <br>* song. <br>* It <br>* supports <br>* gapless <br>* playback <br>* and <br>* features <br>* easy <br>* tag <br>* editing.;;
-App=GoldenDict;Text <br>* Processing;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/goldendict.png;Konstantin <br>* Isakov;http://goldendict.berlios.de/;GPL;Graphical;dictionary,ebook;The <br>* project <br>* aims <br>* to <br>* create <br>* a <br>* feature-rich <br>* dictionary <br>* lookup <br>* program. <br>* It <br>* supports: <br>* * <br>* Babylon <br>* .BGL <br>* files, <br>* complete <br>* with <br>* images <br>* and <br>* resources <br>* * <br>* StarDict <br>* .ifo/.dict./.idx/.syn <br>* dictionaries <br>* * <br>* Dictd <br>* .index/.dict(.dz) <br>* dictionary <br>* files <br>* * <br>* ABBYY <br>* Lingvo <br>* .dsl <br>* source <br>* files, <br>* together <br>* with <br>* abbreviations. <br>* The <br>* files <br>* can <br>* be <br>* optionally <br>* compressed <br>* with <br>* dictzip. <br>* Dictionary <br>* resources <br>* can <br>* be <br>* packed <br>* together <br>* into <br>* a <br>* .zip <br>* file <br>* * <br>* ABBYY <br>* Lingvo <br>* .lsa/.dat <br>* audio <br>* archives!
 . <br>* Those <br>* can <br>* be <br>* indexed <br>* separately, <br>* or <br>* be <br>* referred <br>* to <br>* from <br>* .dsl <br>* files.;;
-App=Google <br>* Earth;Astronomy;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/googleearth.png;Google;http://earth.google.com;Other;Graphical;mapping,earth;Google <br>* Earth <br>* Enterprise <br>* helps <br>* organizations <br>* with <br>* imagery <br>* and <br>* other <br>* geospatial <br>* data <br>* make <br>* that <br>* information <br>* accessible <br>* and <br>* useful <br>* to <br>* all <br>* employees <br>* who <br>* need <br>* access <br>* via <br>* an <br>* intuitive, <br>* visual, <br>* and <br>* fast <br>* application. <br>* Visualize, <br>* explore <br>* and <br>* understand <br>* information <br>* on <br>* a <br>* fully <br>* interactive <br>* 3D <br>* globe <br>* or <br>* 2D <br>* browser <br>* based <br>* maps.;;
-App=Gorilla;Security;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gorilla.png;Zbigniew <br>* Diaczyszyn;http://github.com/zdia/gorilla;GPL;Graphical;password,wallet,manager;Password <br>* Gorilla <br>* is <br>* cross-platform <br>* Password <br>* Manager. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* compatible <br>* with <br>* ;;
-App=Gourmet;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gourmet.png;Thomas <br>* Mills <br>* Hinkle;http://grecipe-manager.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;recipes,cooking,shopping;Gourmet <br>* allows <br>* you <br>* to <br>* collect, <br>* search <br>* and <br>* organize <br>* your <br>* recipes, <br>* and <br>* to <br>* automatically <br>* generate <br>* shopping <br>* lists <br>* from <br>* your <br>* collection. <br>* Gourmet\'s <br>* features <br>* include: <br>* * <br>* Simple <br>* searching <br>* and <br>* sorting <br>* * <br>* Easy <br>* recipe <br>* editing <br>* * <br>* Import <br>* and <br>* export <br>* from <br>* various <br>* formats <br>* * <br>* A <br>* shopping <br>* list <br>* creator <br>* and <br>* organizer;;
-App=Gpredict;Communications;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gpredict.png;Alexandru <br>* Csete;http://groundstation.sourceforge.net/gpr;GPL;Graphical;satellite,tracking,prediction;Gpredict <br>* is <br>* a <br>* real-time <br>* satellite <br>* tracking <br>* and <br>* orbit <br>* prediction <br>* application. <br>* It <br>* can <br>* track <br>* an <br>* unlimited <br>* number <br>* of <br>* satellites <br>* and <br>* display <br>* their <br>* position <br>* and <br>* other <br>* data <br>* in <br>* lists, <br>* tables, <br>* maps, <br>* and <br>* polar <br>* plots <br>* (radar <br>* view). <br>* Gpredict <br>* can <br>* also <br>* predict <br>* the <br>* time <br>* of <br>* future <br>* passes <br>* for <br>* a <br>* satellite, <br>* and <br>* provide <br>* you <br>* with <br>* detailed <br>* information <br>* about <br>* each <br>* pass. <br>* Gpredict <br>* is <br>* different <br>* from <br>* other <br>* satellite <br>* tracking <br>* programs <br>* in <br>* that <br>!
 * it <br>* allows <br>* you <br>* to <br>* group <br>* the <br>* satellites <br>* into <br>* visualisation <br>* modules. <br>* Each <br>* of <br>* these <br>* modules <br>* can <br>* be <br>* configured <br>* independently <br>* from <br>* the <br>* others <br>* giving <br>* you <br>* unlimited <br>* flexibility <br>* concerning <br>* the <br>* look <br>* and <br>* feel <br>* of <br>* the <br>* modules. <br>* Naturally, <br>* Gpredict <br>* will <br>* also <br>* allow <br>* you <br>* to <br>* track <br>* satellites <br>* relatively <br>* to <br>* different <br>* observer <br>* locations <br>* - <br>* at <br>* the <br>* same <br>* time.;;
-App=Grace;Math;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/grace.png;Grace <br>* Development <br>* Team;http://plasma-gate.weizmann.ac.il/Grace/;GPL;Graphical;plotting,xmgrace;Grace <br>* is <br>* a <br>* WYSIWYG <br>* 2D <br>* plotting <br>* tool <br>* for <br>* the <br>* X <br>* Window <br>* System <br>* and <br>* M*tif, <br>* successor <br>* of <br>* ACE/gr <br>* (Xmgr). <br>* A <br>* few <br>* of <br>* its <br>* features <br>* are: <br>* * <br>* User <br>* defined <br>* scaling, <br>* tick <br>* marks, <br>* labels, <br>* symbols, <br>* line <br>* styles, <br>* colors. <br>* * <br>* Batch <br>* mode <br>* for <br>* unattended <br>* plotting. <br>* * <br>* Read <br>* and <br>* write <br>* parameters <br>* used <br>* during <br>* a <br>* session. <br>* * <br>* Polynomial <br>* regression, <br>* splines, <br>* running <br>* averages, <br>* DFT/FFT, <br>* cross/auto-correlation. <br>* * <br>* Exports <br>* high-resolution <br>* graphics <br>* to <br>* (E)PS, <br>* PDF, <br>* MIF, <b!
 r>* and <br>* SVG <br>* formats <br>* * <br>* Supports <br>* cross-platform <br>* PNM, <br>* JPEG <br>* and <br>* PNG <br>* formats <br>* While <br>* grace <br>* has <br>* a <br>* convenient <br>* point-and-click <br>* interface, <br>* most <br>* parameter <br>* settings <br>* and <br>* operations <br>* are <br>* available <br>* through <br>* a <br>* command <br>* line <br>* interface <br>* (found <br>* in <br>* Data/Commands).;;
-App=Grdesktop;Network;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/grdesktop.png;Thorsten <br>* Sauter;http://www.nongnu.org/grdesktop/;GPL;Graphical;remote,desktop;Grdesktop <br>* is <br>* a <br>* GNOME <br>* frontend, <br>* for <br>* the <br>* remote <br>* desktop <br>* client <br>* (rdesktop). <br>* It <br>* can <br>* save <br>* several <br>* connections <br>* (including <br>* their <br>* options), <br>* and <br>* browse <br>* the <br>* network <br>* for <br>* available <br>* terminal <br>* servers.;;
-App=Gretl;Math;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gretl.png;Allin <br>* Cottrell <br>* & <br>* Riccardo <br>* "Jack" <br>* Lucchetti;http://gretl.sourceforge.net;GPL;Graphical;regression,econometrics;GNU <br>* Regression, <br>* Econometrics <br>* and <br>* Time-series <br>* Library <br>* Features <br>* - <br>* A <br>* wide <br>* variety <br>* of <br>* least-squares <br>* based <br>* estimators <br>* (including <br>* two-stage <br>* least <br>* squares). <br>* - <br>* Easy <br>* intuitive <br>* interface. <br>* - <br>* Single <br>* commands <br>* to <br>* launch <br>* things <br>* like <br>* augmented <br>* Dickey-Fuller <br>* test, <br>* Chow <br>* test <br>* for <br>* structural <br>* stability, <br>* Vector <br>* Autoregression. <br>* - <br>* Reads <br>* own <br>* format <br>* ascii <br>* data <br>* files, <br>* Comma <br>* Separated <br>* Values <br>* files, <br>* BOX1 <br>* files, <br>* own <br>* format <br>* binary <br>* databases <br>* (allowing <br>* mixed <br>* data!
  <br>* frequencies <br>* and <br>* series <br>* lengths) <br>* and <br>* RATS <br>* 4 <br>* databases. <br>* Includes <br>* a <br>* US <br>* macro <br>* database <br>* and <br>* a <br>* perl <br>* script <br>* to <br>* create <br>* a <br>* database <br>* off <br>* economagic.com. <br>* See <br>* also <br>* the <br>* gretl <br>* data <br>* page. <br>* - <br>* Output <br>* models <br>* as <br>* LaTeX <br>* files, <br>* in <br>* tabular <br>* or <br>* equation <br>* format <br>* (not <br>* very <br>* flexible <br>* yet). <br>* - <br>* Integrated <br>* scripting <br>* language: <br>* enter <br>* commands <br>* either <br>* via <br>* the <br>* gui <br>* or <br>* via <br>* script. <br>* - <br>* Command <br>* loop <br>* structure <br>* for <br>* Monte <br>* Carlo <br>* simulations. <br>* - <br>* GUI <br>* controller <br>* for <br>* fine-tuning <br>* Gnuplot <br>* graphs. <br>* - <br>* Link <br>* to <br>* GNU <br>* R <br>* for <br>* further <br>* data <br>* analysis.;;
-App=Griffith;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/griffith.png;Vasco <br>* Nunes/Piotr <br>* Ozarowski;http://www.griffith.cc/;GPL;Graphical;Movie,collection,media;Griffith <br>* is <br>* a <br>* movie <br>* collection <br>* manager <br>* application. <br>* Adding <br>* items <br>* to <br>* the <br>* movie <br>* collection <br>* is <br>* as <br>* quick <br>* and <br>* easy <br>* as <br>* typing <br>* the <br>* film <br>* title <br>* and <br>* selecting <br>* a <br>* supported <br>* source. <br>* Griffith <br>* will <br>* then <br>* try <br>* to <br>* fetch <br>* all <br>* the <br>* related <br>* information <br>* from <br>* the <br>* Web. <br>* Most <br>* important <br>* features: <br>* * <br>* Fetches <br>* film <br>* information <br>* from <br>* the <br>* Internet <br>* based <br>* on <br>* your <br>* locale <br>* via <br>* a <br>* plug-in <br>* * <br>* Integrates <br>* well <br>* with <br>* a <br>* database <br>* (MySQL, <br>* PostgreSQL, <br>* SQLi!
 te3 <br>* used <br>* by <br>* default) <br>* to <br>* keep <br>* tabs <br>* on <br>* your <br>* library <br>* * <br>* Can <br>* backup/restore <br>* your <br>* database <br>* * <br>* Exports <br>* to <br>* CSV, <br>* PDF, <br>* XML <br>* and <br>* HTML <br>* files <br>* * <br>* Imports <br>* from <br>* CSV <br>* files <br>* * <br>* Generates <br>* PDF <br>* from <br>* cover <br>* art <br>* * <br>* Keeps <br>* track <br>* of <br>* your <br>* films <br>* that <br>* are <br>* out <br>* on <br>* loan <br>* * <br>* Enables <br>* you <br>* to <br>* sort/filter <br>* your <br>* library;;
-App=Grip;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/grip.png;Mike <br>* Oliphant;http://sourceforge.net/projects/grip/;GPL;Graphical;audio,cd,ripper;Grip <br>* is <br>* a <br>* front-end <br>* to <br>* external <br>* cd <br>* audio <br>* rippers <br>* (such <br>* as <br>* dagrab <br>* or <br>* cdda2wav). <br>* It <br>* also <br>* provides <br>* an <br>* automated <br>* frontend <br>* for <br>* MP3 <br>* encoders, <br>* letting <br>* you <br>* take <br>* a <br>* disc <br>* and <br>* transform <br>* it <br>* easily <br>* straight <br>* into <br>* MP3s. <br>* The <br>* CDDB <br>* protocol <br>* is <br>* supported <br>* for <br>* retrieving <br>* track <br>* information <br>* from <br>* disc <br>* database <br>* servers. <br>* Grip <br>* works <br>* with <br>* DigitalDJ <br>* to <br>* provide <br>* a <br>* unified <br>* "computerized" <br>* version <br>* of <br>* your <br>* music <br>* collection.;;
-App=Grisbi;Finance;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/grisbi.png;Grisbi <br>* Team;http://www.grisbi.org/;GPL;Graphical;finance,accounting,bank,check,loan,mortgage;Grisbi <br>* is <br>* a <br>* personnal <br>* accounting <br>* application, <br>* written <br>* with <br>* Gnome <br>* and <br>* Gtk, <br>* and <br>* is <br>* released <br>* under <br>* the <br>* GPL <br>* licence. <br>* Its <br>* aim <br>* is <br>* to <br>* provide <br>* you <br>* with <br>* the <br>* most <br>* simple <br>* and <br>* intuitive <br>* software <br>* for <br>* basic <br>* use, <br>* although <br>* it <br>* can <br>* be <br>* very <br>* powerful <br>* if <br>* you <br>* spend <br>* a <br>* little <br>* time <br>* on <br>* the <br>* setup. <br>* Grisbi <br>* is <br>* an <br>* application <br>* written <br>* by <br>* french <br>* developpers, <br>* so <br>* it <br>* perfectly <br>* respects <br>* french <br>* accounting <br>* rules. <br>* Grisbi <br>* can <br>* manage <br>* multiple <br>* accounts, <!
 br>* currencies <br>* and <br>* users. <br>* It <br>* manages <br>* third <br>* parties, <br>* expenditures <br>* and <br>* receipts <br>* categories, <br>* and <br>* also <br>* budgetary <br>* lines, <br>* financial <br>* years, <br>* and <br>* other <br>* information <br>* that <br>* make <br>* Grisbi <br>* adapted <br>* for <br>* associations <br>* (except <br>* those <br>* that <br>* require <br>* double <br>* entry <br>* accounting).;;
-App=GtkTetcolor;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gtktetcolor.png;Andrey <br>* V. <br>* Panov;http://canopus.iacp.dvo.ru/~panov/gtktetcolor/;GPL;Graphical;game,tetris,strategy,arcade;GtkTetcolor <br>* is <br>* a <br>* game <br>* that <br>* resembles <br>* well-known <br>* tetris <br>* and <br>* columns. <br>* The <br>* rules <br>* of <br>* the <br>* game <br>* are <br>* simple <br>* - <br>* you <br>* can <br>* move <br>* or <br>* rotate <br>* the <br>* block <br>* which <br>* continue <br>* to <br>* fall. <br>* After <br>* block <br>* landing <br>* the <br>* sequence <br>* of <br>* at <br>* least <br>* three <br>* cells <br>* horizontally, <br>* vertically <br>* or <br>* diagonally <br>* having <br>* matching <br>* colors <br>* is <br>* removed <br>* and <br>* the <br>* above <br>* blocks <br>* will <br>* collapse. <br>* If <br>* two <br>* or <br>* more <br>* sequences <br>* will <br>* be <br>* removed <br>* simultaneously <br>* the <br>* player <br>* has <br>* got <!
 br>* bonus <br>* points. <br>* The <br>* game <br>* will <br>* be <br>* over <br>* when <br>* new <br>* block <br>* cannot <br>* be <br>* placed <br>* on <br>* screen. <br>* ;;
-App=Gucharmap;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gucharmap.png;Noah <br>* Levitt;http://gucharmap.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;character,mapping,symbols,fonts;gucharmap <br>* is <br>* a <br>* Unicode/ISO10646 <br>* character <br>* map <br>* and <br>* font <br>* viewer. <br>* It <br>* uses <br>* GTK+ <br>* 2, <br>* and <br>* supports <br>* anti-aliased, <br>* scalable <br>* fonts.;;
-App=Gweled;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gweled.png;Daniele <br>* Napolitano, <br>* Ivo <br>* Reumkens;http://www.gweled.org/;GPL;Graphical;game,arcade,bejeweled;Gweled <br>* is <br>* a <br>* Gnome <br>* version <br>* of <br>* a <br>* popular <br>* PalmOS/Windows/Java <br>* game <br>* called <br>* "Bejeweled" <br>* or <br>* "Diamond <br>* Mine". <br>* The <br>* aim <br>* of <br>* the <br>* game <br>* is <br>* to <br>* make <br>* alignment <br>* of <br>* 3 <br>* or <br>* more <br>* gems, <br>* both <br>* vertically <br>* or <br>* horizontally <br>* by <br>* swapping <br>* adjacent <br>* gems. <br>* The <br>* game <br>* ends <br>* when <br>* there <br>* are <br>* no <br>* possible <br>* moves <br>* left.;;
-App=Gwenview-kde4;Graphics;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gwenview.png;Aurlien <br>* Gteau <br>* ;http://gwenview.sourceforge.net;GPL;Graphical;image,viewer,editor;Gwenview <br>* is <br>* an <br>* image <br>* viewer <br>* for <br>* KDE. <br>* IMAGE <br>* VIEWING <br>* Gwenview <br>* can <br>* load <br>* and <br>* save <br>* all <br>* image <br>* formats <br>* supported <br>* by <br>* KDE. <br>* It <br>* correctly <br>* displays <br>* images <br>* with <br>* alpha <br>* channel, <br>* using <br>* the <br>* traditionnal <br>* checker <br>* board <br>* as <br>* a <br>* background <br>* to <br>* reveal <br>* transparency. <br>* Gwenview <br>* lets <br>* you <br>* accurately <br>* control <br>* the <br>* way <br>* images <br>* are <br>* scaled: <br>* you <br>* can <br>* zoom <br>* in <br>* and <br>* out <br>* or <br>* automatically <br>* scale <br>* the <br>* image <br>* to <br>* fit <br>* the <br>* window. <br>* Zoom <br>* is <br>* locked <br>* so <br>* that <br>* you <br>*!
  can <br>* easily <br>* compare <br>* images <br>* by <br>* going <br>* back <br>* and <br>* forth. <br>* When <br>* browsing <br>* JPEG <br>* images <br>* with <br>* EXIF <br>* information, <br>* Gwenview <br>* automatically <br>* rotates <br>* them <br>* according <br>* to <br>* the <br>* EXIF <br>* orientation <br>* tag. <br>* It <br>* can <br>* show <br>* image <br>* properties <br>* and <br>* image <br>* specific <br>* meta-information <br>* like <br>* Dolphin <br>* does. <br>* It <br>* knows <br>* about <br>* animated <br>* images <br>* like <br>* MNG <br>* or <br>* GIF <br>* and <br>* is <br>* also <br>* capable <br>* of <br>* displaying <br>* vector <br>* images <br>* in <br>* SVG <br>* format <br>* as <br>* well <br>* as <br>* playing <br>* videos. <br>* IMAGE <br>* MANIPULATIONS <br>* Gwenview <br>* does <br>* not <br>* try <br>* to <br>* replace <br>* your <br>* favorite <br>* image <br>* editor, <br>* so <br>* it <br>* only <br>* features <br>* simple <br>* imag!
 e <br>* manipulations: <br>* rotation, <br>* mirroring, <br>* !
 cropping, <br>* resizing <br>* and <br>* red <br>* eye <br>* reduction. <br>* When <br>* working <br>* with <br>* JPEG <br>* files, <br>* Gwenview <br>* performs <br>* lossless <br>* manipulations. <br>* BROWSING <br>* YOUR <br>* COLLECTIONS <br>* OF <br>* IMAGES <br>* Gwenview <br>* features <br>* the <br>* necessary <br>* file <br>* management <br>* operations: <br>* copy, <br>* move, <br>* delete, <br>* rename <br>* and <br>* drag <br>* \'n\' <br>* drop <br>* images. <br>* It <br>* has <br>* full <br>* support <br>* for <br>* KIO <br>* slaves: <br>* you <br>* can <br>* browse <br>* FTP/Windows <br>* shares, <br>* go <br>* into <br>* tarballs <br>* or <br>* zip <br>* files. <br>* PRESENTING <br>* YOUR <br>* IMAGES <br>* The <br>* fullscreen <br>* with <br>* optional <br>* thumbnail <br>* bar <br>* and <br>* the <br>* simple <br>* built-in <br>* slide <br>* show <br>* allows <br>* you <br>* to <br>* present <br>* images <br>* the <br>* way <br>* you <br>* want <br>* them <!
 br>* to <br>* show. <br>* THE <br>* INTERFACE <br>* Gwenview <br>* features <br>* a <br>* browse <br>* mode <br>* to <br>* get <br>* a <br>* quick <br>* overview <br>* of <br>* images <br>* in <br>* a <br>* folder <br>* and <br>* a <br>* view <br>* mode <br>* to <br>* go <br>* through <br>* one <br>* image <br>* at <br>* a <br>* time. <br>* The <br>* view <br>* mode <br>* can <br>* also <br>* display <br>* a <br>* thumbnail <br>* bar. <br>* KPARTS <br>* Gwenview <br>* can <br>* be <br>* used <br>* both <br>* as <br>* a <br>* standalone <br>* application <br>* and <br>* embedded <br>* in <br>* other <br>* KDE <br>* applications <br>* through <br>* the <br>* KPart <br>* system. <br>* For <br>* example, <br>* thanks <br>* to <br>* Gwenview <br>* image <br>* KPart, <br>* Konqueror <br>* can <br>* display <br>* images <br>* using <br>* Gwneview, <br>* letting <br>* you <br>* zoom <br>* in <br>* and <br>* out <br>* as <br>* well <br>* as <br>* rotate <br>* it.;;
-App=HTTrack;Web;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/httrack.png;Xavier <br>* Roche;http://www.httrack.com/;GPL;Text;web,browser;HTTrack <br>* is <br>* an <br>* easy-to-use <br>* offline <br>* browser <br>* utility. <br>* It <br>* allows <br>* you <br>* to <br>* download <br>* a <br>* World <br>* Wide <br>* website <br>* from <br>* the <br>* Internet <br>* to <br>* a <br>* local <br>* directory, <br>* building <br>* recursively <br>* all <br>* directories, <br>* getting <br>* html, <br>* images, <br>* and <br>* other <br>* files <br>* from <br>* the <br>* server <br>* to <br>* your <br>* computer. <br>* HTTrack <br>* arranges <br>* the <br>* original <br>* site\'s <br>* relative <br>* link-structure. <br>* Simply <br>* open <br>* a <br>* page <br>* of <br>* the <br>* "mirrored" <br>* website <br>* in <br>* your <br>* browser, <br>* and <br>* you <br>* can <br>* browse <br>* the <br>* site <br>* from <br>* link <br>* to <br>* link, <br>* as <br>* if <br>* you <br>* were <br>* !
 viewing <br>* it <br>* online. <br>* HTTrack <br>* can <br>* also <br>* update <br>* an <br>* existing <br>* mirrored <br>* site, <br>* and <br>* resume <br>* interrupted <br>* downloads. <br>* HTTrack <br>* is <br>* fully <br>* configurable, <br>* and <br>* has <br>* an <br>* integrated <br>* help <br>* system.;;
-App=Hamachi;Security;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/hamachi.png;LogMeIn, <br>* Inc.;http://hamachi.cc/;Unknown-Free;Server;network;Hamachi <br>* is <br>* a <br>* zero-configuration <br>* virtual <br>* private <br>* networking <br>* tool.;;
-App=HandBrake;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/handbrake.png;HandBrake <br>* Project;http://handbrake.fr/;GPL;Text;multimedia,encoder;HandBrake <br>* is <br>* an <br>* open-source, <br>* GPL-licensed, <br>* multiplatform, <br>* multithreaded <br>* video <br>* transcoder, <br>* available <br>* for <br>* MacOS <br>* X, <br>* Linux <br>* and <br>* Windows <br>* (...and <br>* FreeBSD). <br>* Supported <br>* sources: <br>* * <br>* Any <br>* DVD-like <br>* source: <br>* VIDEO_TS <br>* folder, <br>* DVD <br>* image <br>* or <br>* real <br>* DVD <br>* (unencrypted--protection <br>* methods <br>* including <br>* CSS <br>* are <br>* not <br>* supported <br>* internally <br>* and <br>* must <br>* be <br>* handled <br>* externally <br>* with <br>* third-party <br>* software <br>* and <br>* libraries), <br>* and <br>* some <br>* .VOB <br>* and <br>* .TS <br>* files <br>* * <br>* Most <br>* any <br>* multimedia <br>* file <br>* it <br>* can <br>* get <br>* libavformat <br>* !
 to <br>* read <br>* and <br>* libavcodec <br>* to <br>* decode. <br>* Outputs: <br>* * <br>* File <br>* format: <br>* MP4, <br>* MKV, <br>* AVI <br>* or <br>* OGM <br>* * <br>* Video: <br>* MPEG-4, <br>* H.264, <br>* or <br>* Theora <br>* (1 <br>* or <br>* 2 <br>* passes <br>* or <br>* constant <br>* quantizer/rate <br>* encoding) <br>* * <br>* Audio: <br>* AAC, <br>* MP3, <br>* Vorbis <br>* or <br>* AC-3 <br>* pass-through <br>* (supports <br>* encoding <br>* of <br>* several <br>* audio <br>* tracks);;
-App=HaskellPlatform;Development;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/haskellplatform.png;The <br>* Haskell <br>* Project;http://haskell.org/platform/;BSD;Text;compiler,platform;The <br>* Haskell <br>* Platform <br>* (HP) <br>* is <br>* the <br>* blessed <br>* set <br>* of <br>* libraries <br>* and <br>* tools <br>* on <br>* which <br>* to <br>* build <br>* further <br>* Haskell <br>* libraries <br>* and <br>* applications. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* intended <br>* to <br>* provide <br>* a <br>* comprehensive, <br>* stable, <br>* and <br>* quality-tested <br>* base <br>* for <br>* Haskell <br>* projects <br>* to <br>* work <br>* from. <br>* This <br>* version <br>* specifies <br>* the <br>* following <br>* additional <br>* developer <br>* tools <br>* be <br>* installed, <br>* for <br>* a <br>* system <br>* to <br>* be <br>* in <br>* full <br>* compliance: <br>* * <br>* cabal-install <br>* * <br>* alex <br>* * <br>* happy <br>* * <br>* haddock;;
-App=Hedgewars;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/hedgewars.png;Hedgewars <br>* Project;http://www.hedgewars.org;GPL;Graphical;game,worms,turn-based;Each <br>* player <br>* controls <br>* a <br>* team <br>* of <br>* several <br>* hedgehogs. <br>* During <br>* the <br>* course <br>* of <br>* the <br>* game, <br>* players <br>* take <br>* turns <br>* with <br>* one <br>* of <br>* their <br>* hedgehogs. <br>* They <br>* then <br>* use <br>* whatever <br>* tools <br>* and <br>* weapons <br>* are <br>* available <br>* to <br>* attack <br>* and <br>* kill <br>* the <br>* opponents\' <br>* hedgehogs, <br>* thereby <br>* winning <br>* the <br>* game. <br>* Hedgehogs <br>* may <br>* move <br>* around <br>* the <br>* terrain <br>* in <br>* a <br>* variety <br>* of <br>* ways, <br>* normally <br>* by <br>* walking <br>* and <br>* jumping <br>* but <br>* also <br>* by <br>* using <br>* particular <br>* tools <br>* such <br>* as <br>* the <br>* "Rope" <br>* or <br>* "Parachute", <b!
 r>* to <br>* move <br>* to <br>* otherwise <br>* inaccessible <br>* areas. <br>* Each <br>* turn <br>* is <br>* time-limited <br>* to <br>* ensure <br>* that <br>* players <br>* do <br>* not <br>* hold <br>* up <br>* the <br>* game <br>* with <br>* excessive <br>* thinking <br>* or <br>* moving. <br>* A <br>* large <br>* variety <br>* of <br>* tools <br>* and <br>* weapons <br>* are <br>* available <br>* for <br>* players <br>* during <br>* the <br>* game: <br>* Grenade, <br>* Cluster <br>* Bomb, <br>* Bazooka, <br>* UFO, <br>* Shotgun, <br>* Desert <br>* Eagle, <br>* Fire <br>* Punch, <br>* Baseball <br>* Bat, <br>* Dynamite, <br>* Mine, <br>* Rope, <br>* Pneumatic <br>* pick, <br>* Parachute. <br>* Most <br>* weapons, <br>* when <br>* used, <br>* cause <br>* explosions <br>* that <br>* deform <br>* the <br>* terrain, <br>* removing <br>* circular <br>* chunks. <br>* The <br>* landscape <br>* is <br>* an <br>* island <br>* floating <br>* on <br>* a <br>* body <br>* of <br>!
 * water, <br>* or <br>* a <br>* restricted <br>* cave <br>* wi!
 th <br>* water <br>* at <br>* the <br>* bottom. <br>* A <br>* hedgehog <br>* dies <br>* when <br>* it <br>* enters <br>* the <br>* water <br>* (either <br>* by <br>* falling <br>* off <br>* the <br>* island, <br>* or <br>* through <br>* a <br>* hole <br>* in <br>* the <br>* bottom <br>* of <br>* it), <br>* it <br>* is <br>* thrown <br>* off <br>* either <br>* side <br>* of <br>* the <br>* arena <br>* or <br>* when <br>* its <br>* health <br>* is <br>* reduced, <br>* typically <br>* from <br>* contact <br>* with <br>* explosions, <br>* to <br>* zero <br>* (the <br>* damage <br>* dealt <br>* to <br>* the <br>* attacked <br>* hedgehog <br>* or <br>* hedgehogs <br>* after <br>* a <br>* player\'s <br>* or <br>* CPU <br>* turn <br>* is <br>* shown <br>* only <br>* when <br>* all <br>* movement <br>* on <br>* the <br>* battlefield <br>* has <br>* ceased).;;
-App=Hexalate;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/hexalate.png;Graeme <br>* Gott;http://gottcode.org/hexalate/;GPL;Graphical;game,puzzle,colors;Hexalate <br>* is <br>* a <br>* color <br>* matching <br>* game. <br>* The <br>* goal <br>* of <br>* the <br>* game <br>* is <br>* to <br>* rotate <br>* and <br>* position <br>* the <br>* circles <br>* so <br>* that <br>* each <br>* touching <br>* line <br>* matches <br>* in <br>* color. <br>* You <br>* rotate <br>* circles <br>* by <br>* right <br>* clicking, <br>* and <br>* you <br>* move <br>* circles <br>* by <br>* dragging <br>* them. <br>* The <br>* game <br>* stores <br>* the <br>* positions <br>* and <br>* rotations <br>* of <br>* the <br>* circles <br>* across <br>* runs.;;
-App=HeyU2;Miscellaneous;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/heyu2.png;Heyu <br>* Team;http://www.heyu.org/;Other;Text;command,interface,CM11A;HEYU <br>* is <br>* a <br>* text-based <br>* console <br>* program <br>* for <br>* remotely <br>* controlling <br>* lights <br>* and <br>* appliances <br>* in <br>* the <br>* home <br>* or <br>* office. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* made <br>* available <br>* under <br>* a <br>* free <br>* and <br>* open <br>* source <br>* license.;;
-App=HotKeys;Miscellaneous;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/hotkeys.png;Anthony <br>* Wong;http://ypwong.org/hotkeys/;Unknown;Text;keyboard,shortcuts,multimedia;This <br>* program <br>* sits <br>* at <br>* the <br>* back <br>* and <br>* listens <br>* for <br>* the <br>* "special" <br>* hotkeys <br>* that <br>* you <br>* won\'t <br>* normally <br>* use <br>* on <br>* your <br>* internet/Multimedia <br>* keyboards. <br>* The <br>* buttons <br>* perform <br>* their <br>* intended <br>* behaviors, <br>* such <br>* as <br>* volume <br>* up <br>* and <br>* down, <br>* mute <br>* the <br>* speaker, <br>* launch <br>* applications, <br>* etc. <br>* NOTE: <br>* CDROM <br>* & <br>* APM <br>* features <br>* have <br>* been <br>* disabled;;
-App=Hugin;Graphics;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/hugin.png;Hugin <br>* Development;http://hugin.sourceforge.net;GPL;Graphical;panorama,pictures;A <br>* GUI <br>* for <br>* Panorama <br>* Tools, <br>* to <br>* stitch <br>* panoramic <br>* images. <br>* With <br>* hugin <br>* you <br>* can <br>* assemble <br>* a <br>* mosaic <br>* of <br>* photographs <br>* into <br>* a <br>* complete <br>* immersive <br>* panorama, <br>* stitch <br>* any <br>* series <br>* of <br>* overlapping <br>* pictures <br>* and <br>* much <br>* more.;;
-App=Hulu-Desktop;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/hulu-desktop.png;Hulu;http://www.hulu.com/labs/hulu-desktop;Unknown-Free;Graphical;hulu,video;Hulu <br>* Desktop <br>* is <br>* a <br>* "lean-back <br>* viewing <br>* experince", <br>* providing <br>* streaming <br>* TV <br>* and <br>* movies <br>* directly <br>* from <br>* Hulu <br>* to <br>* your <br>* desktop <br>* without <br>* the <br>* need <br>* for <br>* a <br>* flash <br>* enabled <br>* web <br>* browser. <br>* Hulu <br>* Desktop <br>* provides <br>* full <br>* access <br>* to <br>* the <br>* Hulu <br>* Library. <br>* Signup <br>* not <br>* required <br>* except <br>* for <br>* viewing <br>* mature <br>* content. <br>* Hulu <br>* content <br>* may <br>* not <br>* be <br>* available <br>* outside <br>* of <br>* the <br>* US.;;
-App=Hydrogen;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/hydrogen.png;Alessandro <br>* Cominu;http://www.hydrogen-music.org;GPL;Graphical;drum,editor;Hydrogen <br>* is <br>* an <br>* advanced <br>* drum <br>* machine. <br>* Its <br>* main <br>* goal <br>* is <br>* to <br>* bring <br>* professional <br>* yet <br>* simple <br>* and <br>* intuitive <br>* pattern-based <br>* drum <br>* programming.;;
-App=IceGenerator;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/icegenerator.png;Antonio <br>* Di <br>* Monaco;http://www.becrux.com;GPL;Server;streaming,audio,server;IceGenerator <br>* is <br>* a <br>* direct <br>* streaming <br>* generator <br>* for <br>* Icecast/Shoutcast. <br>* It <br>* runs <br>* as <br>* a <br>* daemon.Three <br>* child <br>* processes <br>* handle <br>* all <br>* the <br>* stuff. <br>* A <br>* fourth <br>* (optional) <br>* child <br>* cares <br>* about <br>* telnet <br>* communication. <br>* Main <br>* idea <br>* for <br>* this <br>* program <br>* is <br>* radio <br>* automation <br>* on <br>* a <br>* Icecast/Shoutcast <br>* server. <br>* If <br>* you <br>* have <br>* many <br>* server <br>* processes <br>* and <br>* CPU <br>* saving <br>* is <br>* your <br>* priority, <br>* u <br>* can <br>* use <br>* IceGenerator. <br>* Obviously <br>* mp3s/oggs <br>* will <br>* be <br>* already <br>* resampled <br>* to <br>* allow <br>* their <br>* streaming <br>* on <b!
 r>* your <br>* bandwidth <br>* capability. <br>* For <br>* more <br>* information <br>* see <br>* share/doc/icegenerator/README.;;
-App=ImageMagick;Graphics;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/imagemagick.png;ImageMagick <br>* Studio <br>* LLC;http://www.ImageMagick.org/;Other;Text;pictures,editing;ImageMagick <br>* is <br>* a <br>* package <br>* for <br>* display <br>* and <br>* interactive <br>* manipulation <br>* of <br>* images. <br>* The <br>* package <br>* includes <br>* tools <br>* for <br>* image <br>* conversion, <br>* annotation, <br>* compositing, <br>* animation, <br>* and <br>* creating <br>* montages. <br>* ImageMagick <br>* can <br>* read <br>* and <br>* write <br>* many <br>* of <br>* the <br>* more <br>* popular <br>* image <br>* formats <br>* (e.g. <br>* JPEG, <br>* TIFF, <br>* PNM, <br>* XPM, <br>* Photo <br>* CD, <br>* etc.). <br>* The <br>* package <br>* can <br>* be <br>* built <br>* _without_ <br>* the <br>* GUI <br>* (X11) <br>* support <br>* at <br>* all <br>* -- <br>* it <br>* will <br>* not <br>* have <br>* the <br>* display, <br>* import, <br>* and <br>* animate <br>* function!
 ality, <br>* but <br>* remain <br>* extremely <br>* useful <br>* for <br>* image <br>* manipulation. <br>* The <br>* optional <br>* "display" <br>* utility <br>* conflicts <br>* with <br>* the <br>* utility <br>* of <br>* the <br>* same <br>* name <br>* from <br>* the <br>* misc/display <br>* port/package.;;
-App=Imagination;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/imagination.png;Giuseppe <br>* Torelli;http://imagination.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;slideshows;Imagination <br>* is <br>* a <br>* simple <br>* DVD <br>* slide <br>* show <br>* maker. <br>* It <br>* uses <br>* sox <br>* and <br>* ffmpeg <br>* to <br>* create <br>* slide <br>* shows <br>* containing <br>* images <br>* and <br>* audio <br>* tracks.;;
-App=Inkscape;Graphics;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/inkscape.png;The <br>* Inkscape <br>* Team;http://www.inkscape.org;GPL;Graphical;graphics,viewer,editor;An <br>* Open <br>* Source <br>* vector <br>* graphics <br>* editor, <br>* with <br>* capabilities <br>* similar <br>* to <br>* Illustrator, <br>* CorelDraw, <br>* or <br>* Xara <br>* X, <br>* using <br>* the <br>* W3C <br>* standard <br>* Scalable <br>* Vector <br>* Graphics <br>* (SVG) <br>* file <br>* format. <br>* Inkscape <br>* supports <br>* many <br>* advanced <br>* SVG <br>* features <br>* (markers, <br>* clones, <br>* alpha <br>* blending, <br>* etc.) <br>* and <br>* great <br>* care <br>* is <br>* taken <br>* in <br>* designing <br>* a <br>* streamlined <br>* interface. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* very <br>* easy <br>* to <br>* edit <br>* nodes, <br>* perform <br>* complex <br>* path <br>* operations, <br>* trace <br>* bitmaps <br>* and <br>* much <br>* more. <br>* We <br>* also <br>* aim <br>* to <br>* mainta!
 in <br>* a <br>* thriving <br>* user <br>* and <br>* developer <br>* community <br>* by <br>* using <br>* open, <br>* community-oriented <br>* development.;;
-App=Instead;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/instead.png;Peter <br>* Kosyh;http://code.google.com/p/instead/;GPL;Graphical;game,puzzle,text;INSTEAD <br>* was <br>* designed <br>* to <br>* interpret <br>* the <br>* games <br>* that <br>* are <br>* the <br>* mix <br>* of <br>* visual <br>* novels, <br>* text <br>* quests <br>* and <br>* classical <br>* 90\'ss <br>* quests.;;
-App=Iriverter;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/iriverter.png;Iriverter <br>* Team;http://iriverter.sourceforge.net/;Unknown-Free;Graphical;audio,video,converter;A <br>* cross-platform <br>* frontend <br>* to <br>* mencoder <br>* designed <br>* to <br>* facilitate <br>* the <br>* conversion <br>* of <br>* almost <br>* any <br>* video <br>* format <br>* to <br>* one <br>* that <br>* is <br>* playable <br>* on <br>* various <br>* multimedia <br>* players.;;
-App=Irssi;IRC;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/irssi.png;The <br>* Irssi <br>* Project;http://irssi.org;GPL;Graphical;chat, <br>* irc;Irssi <br>* is <br>* a <br>* terminal <br>* based <br>* IRC <br>* client <br>* for <br>* UNIX <br>* systems. <br>* It <br>* also <br>* supports <br>* SILC <br>* and <br>* ICB <br>* protocols <br>* via <br>* plugins.;;
-App=JD;Japanese;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/jd.png;JD <br>* Team;http://jd4linux.sourceforge.jp/;GPL;Graphical;2ch;jd <br>* - <br>* a <br>* 2ch <br>* browser;;
-App=JOSM;Astronomy;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/josm.png;Immanuel <br>* Scholz <br>* / <br>* Dirk <br>* Stcker;http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/JOSM;GPL;Graphical;street,maps;JOSM <br>* is <br>* the <br>* "Java <br>* OpenStreetMap <br>* Editor". <br>* It <br>* is <br>* a <br>* feature-rich <br>* editor <br>* for <br>* the <br>* experienced <br>* OSM <br>* mapper. <br>* It <br>* requires <br>* some <br>* configuration <br>* efforts. <br>* But <br>* if <br>* you <br>* intend <br>* to <br>* become <br>* a <br>* great <br>* OSM <br>* mapper, <br>* it\'s <br>* worth <br>* the <br>* time <br>* you <br>* need <br>* to <br>* get <br>* used <br>* to <br>* it.;;
-App=JabRef;Print;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/jabref.png;The <br>* JabRef <br>* Team;http://jabref.sf.net;GPL;Graphical;latex,bibtex,editor;JabRef <br>* is <br>* an <br>* open <br>* source <br>* bibliography <br>* reference <br>* manager. <br>* The <br>* native <br>* file <br>* format <br>* used <br>* by <br>* JabRef <br>* is <br>* BibTeX, <br>* the <br>* standard <br>* LaTeX <br>* bibliography <br>* format. <br>* As <br>* such <br>* it <br>* can <br>* also <br>* be <br>* considered <br>* a <br>* BibTeX <br>* editor. <br>* JabRef <br>* runs <br>* on <br>* the <br>* Java <br>* VM <br>* (version <br>* 1.4.2 <br>* or <br>* greater). <br>* Some <br>* of <br>* its <br>* features: <br>* <br>o <br>* Search <br>* and <br>* fetch <br>* references <br>* from <br>* Medline/PubMed <br>* and <br>* CiteSeer <br>* <br>o <br>* Search, <br>* classify <br>* and <br>* sort <br>* entries <br>* in <br>* your <br>* BibTeX <br>* files <br>* <br>o <br>* import <br>* and <br>* export <br>* of!
  <br>* references <br>* in <br>* various <br>* formats <br>* <br>o <br>* launch <br>* external <br>* viewers <br>* and <br>* insert <br>* citations <br>* into <br>* LyX <br>* and <br>* Kile <br>* <br>o <br>* automatically <br>* generate <br>* BibTeX <br>* keys <br>* <br>o <br>* customize <br>* (add <br>* your <br>* own) <br>* BibTeX <br>* fields;;
-App=Jack-Keyboard;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/jack-keyboard.png;Edward <br>* Tomasz <br>* Napierala;http://jack-keyboard.sourceforge.net/;BSD;Graphical;audio,keyboard,midi,jack;jack-keyboard <br>* is <br>* a <br>* virtual <br>* keyboard <br>* that <br>* lets <br>* you <br>* play <br>* on <br>* softsynths <br>* (like <br>* audio/ghostess) <br>* using <br>* your <br>* computer\'s <br>* keyboard. <br>* It\'s <br>* somewhat <br>* similar <br>* in <br>* purpose <br>* to <br>* vkeybd, <br>* except <br>* that <br>* jack-keyboard <br>* uses <br>* JACK <br>* MIDI <br>* instead <br>* of <br>* ALSA. <br>* See <br>* the <br>* README <br>* file <br>* for <br>* keyboard <br>* mapping.;;
-App=Jack_Mixer;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/jack_mixer.png;Nedko <br>* Arnaudov <br>* and <br>* Frdric <br>* Pters;http://home.gna.org/jackmixer/;GPL;Graphical;jack,mixer,audio;jack_mixer <br>* is <br>* a <br>* GTK+ <br>* JACK <br>* audio <br>* mixer <br>* app <br>* with <br>* a <br>* look <br>* similar <br>* to <br>* its <br>* hardware <br>* counterpart. <br>* It <br>* has <br>* lot <br>* of <br>* useful <br>* features, <br>* apart <br>* from <br>* being <br>* able <br>* to <br>* mix <br>* multiple <br>* JACK <br>* audio <br>* streams.;;
-App=Jag;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/jag.png;XlabSoft;http://jag.xlabsoft.com;GPL;Graphical;game,bejeweled;JAG <br>* is <br>* an <br>* arcade-puzzle <br>* 2D <br>* game <br>* similar <br>* to <br>* KDiamonds, <br>* Cradle <br>* of <br>* Rome, <br>* Big <br>* Kahuna <br>* Reef <br>* etc. <br>* The <br>* aim <br>* of <br>* JAG <br>* is <br>* to <br>* break <br>* all <br>* of <br>* the <br>* target <br>* pieces <br>* on <br>* each <br>* level, <br>* and <br>* to <br>* do <br>* this <br>* before <br>* the <br>* time <br>* runs <br>* out.;;
-App=Jags;Network;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/jags.png;Daniel <br>* Sundberg;http://jags.sourceforge.net;GPL;Graphical;samba;Jags <br>* is <br>* a <br>* Gtk+ <br>* based <br>* windows <br>* network <br>* neighbourhood <br>* browser. <br>* The <br>* program <br>* parses <br>* the <br>* output <br>* from <br>* smbclient <br>* ( <br>* part <br>* of <br>* the <br>* samba-package <br>* ) <br>* and <br>* use <br>* this <br>* to <br>* display <br>* a <br>* graphic <br>* view <br>* of <br>* the <br>* network. <br>* This <br>* program <br>* does <br>* the <br>* parsing <br>* with <br>* help <br>* from <br>* shell- <br>* scripts. <br>* This <br>* means <br>* that <br>* it\'s <br>* easy <br>* to <br>* change <br>* the <br>* functionality <br>* of <br>* the <br>* program <br>* and <br>* you <br>* can <br>* edit <br>* this <br>* without <br>* touching <br>* the <br>* source-code.;;
-App=Jalbum;Graphics;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/jalbum.png;Jalbum <br>* Dev <br>* Team;http://jalbum.net;GPL;Graphical;pictures,sharing;This <br>* photo <br>* gallery <br>* software <br>* makes <br>* web <br>* albums <br>* of <br>* your <br>* digital <br>* images. <br>* JAlbum <br>* aims <br>* to <br>* be <br>* the <br>* easiest <br>* to <br>* use <br>* and <br>* most <br>* powerful <br>* tool <br>* in <br>* this <br>* category <br>* - <br>* and <br>* free! <br>* JAlbum <br>* is <br>* written <br>* after <br>* numerous <br>* disappointments <br>* with <br>* existing <br>* photo <br>* gallery <br>* software. <br>* With <br>* JAlbum <br>* you <br>* have <br>* full <br>* control <br>* of <br>* the <br>* look <br>* of <br>* the <br>* generated <br>* album, <br>* not <br>* just <br>* color <br>* theme <br>* and <br>* basic <br>* layout, <br>* still <br>* making <br>* an <br>* album <br>* is <br>* just <br>* a <br>* matter <br>* of <br>* drag <br>* and <br>* drop <br>* + <!
 br>* a <br>* button <br>* click <br>* if <br>* you <br>* prefer <br>* to <br>* use <br>* one <br>* of <br>* the <br>* many <br>* existing <br>* looks. <br>* JAlbum <br>* will <br>* process <br>* your <br>* images, <br>* make <br>* index <br>* pages <br>* and <br>* slide <br>* show <br>* pages <br>* and <br>* even <br>* upload <br>* the <br>* final <br>* album <br>* to <br>* the <br>* Internet <br>* for <br>* your <br>* friends <br>* to <br>* see. <br>* No <br>* extra <br>* software <br>* is <br>* needed <br>* to <br>* view <br>* the <br>* albums, <br>* -just <br>* your <br>* web <br>* browser. <br>* Unlike <br>* "server <br>* side" <br>* album <br>* scripts, <br>* JAlbum <br>* albums <br>* can <br>* be <br>* served <br>* from <br>* a <br>* plain <br>* web <br>* server <br>* without <br>* scripting <br>* support. <br>* You <br>* can <br>* also <br>* share <br>* your <br>* albums <br>* on <br>* CD-ROM.;;
-App=JasperServer;Databases;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/jasperserver.png;JasperForge;http://jasperforge.org/projects/jasperserver;GPL/MIT/AL2;Server;database,server,ireport,jasperreports;JasperServer <br>* is <br>* a <br>* business <br>* intelligence <br>* platform <br>* based <br>* on <br>* JasperReports. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* a <br>* Web <br>* and <br>* Web <br>* services <br>* based <br>* application <br>* for <br>* reporting, <br>* data <br>* analysis <br>* (OLAP <br>* UI <br>* and <br>* server) <br>* and <br>* data <br>* integration.;;
-App=Java <br>* JRE;Java;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/java.png;Sun <br>* Microsystems;http://java.sun.com;Other;Graphical;java,runtime,environment;Java <br>* Runtime <br>* Environment <br>* (JRE) <br>* allows <br>* end-users <br>* to <br>* run <br>* Java <br>* applications.;;
-App=JavaJDK;Java;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/java.png;Sun <br>* Microsystems;http://java.sun.com/;Other;Graphical;java;The <br>* Java <br>* SE <br>* Development <br>* Kit <br>* (JDK) <br>* includes <br>* the <br>* Java <br>* Runtime <br>* Environment <br>* (JRE) <br>* and <br>* command-line <br>* development <br>* tools <br>* that <br>* are <br>* useful <br>* for <br>* developing <br>* applets <br>* and <br>* applications.;YES;
-App=John;Security;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/john.png;Solar <br>* Designer;http://www.openwall.com/john/;GPL;Text;password;John <br>* the <br>* Ripper <br>* is <br>* a <br>* fast <br>* password <br>* cracker, <br>* currently <br>* available <br>* for <br>* many <br>* flavors <br>* of <br>* Unix <br>* (11 <br>* are <br>* officially <br>* supported, <br>* not <br>* counting <br>* different <br>* architectures), <br>* DOS, <br>* Win32, <br>* BeOS, <br>* and <br>* OpenVMS. <br>* Its <br>* primary <br>* purpose <br>* is <br>* to <br>* detect <br>* weak <br>* Unix <br>* passwords. <br>* Besides <br>* several <br>* crypt(3) <br>* password <br>* hash <br>* types <br>* most <br>* commonly <br>* found <br>* on <br>* various <br>* Unix <br>* flavors, <br>* supported <br>* out <br>* of <br>* the <br>* box <br>* are <br>* Kerberos <br>* AFS <br>* and <br>* Windows <br>* NT/2000/XP/2003 <br>* LM <br>* hashes, <br>* plus <br>* several <br>* more <br>* with <br>* contributed <br>* !
-App=Jokosher;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/jokosher.png;Jokosher;http://www.jokosher.org/;GPL;Graphical;audio,editor;Jokosher <br>* is <br>* a <br>* simple <br>* yet <br>* powerful <br>* multi-track <br>* studio. <br>* With <br>* it <br>* you <br>* can <br>* create <br>* and <br>* record <br>* music, <br>* podcasts <br>* and <br>* more, <br>* all <br>* from <br>* an <br>* integrated <br>* simple <br>* environment.;;
-App=K3b;System <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/k3b.png;Sebastian <br>* Trg;http://www.k3b.org/;GPL;Graphical;dvd,cd,burner;K3b <br>* was <br>* created <br>* to <br>* be <br>* a <br>* feature-rich <br>* and <br>* easy <br>* to <br>* handle <br>* CD <br>* burning <br>* application. <br>* It <br>* consists <br>* of <br>* basicly <br>* three <br>* parts: <br>* 1. <br>* The <br>* projects: <br>* Projects <br>* are <br>* created <br>* from <br>* the <br>* file <br>* menu <br>* and <br>* then <br>* filled <br>* with <br>* data <br>* to <br>* burn. <br>* 2. <br>* The <br>* Tools: <br>* The <br>* tools <br>* menu <br>* offers <br>* different <br>* tools <br>* like <br>* CD <br>* copy <br>* or <br>* DVD <br>* formatting. <br>* 3. <br>* Context <br>* sensitive <br>* media <br>* actions: <br>* When <br>* clicking <br>* on <br>* the <br>* Icon <br>* representing <br>* a <br>* CD/DVD <br>* drive <br>* K3b <br>* will <br>* present <br>* it\'s <br>* contents <br>* and <b!
 r>* allow <br>* some <br>* further <br>* action. <br>* This <br>* is <br>* for <br>* example <br>* the <br>* way <br>* to <br>* rip <br>* audio <br>* CDs.;;
-App=K9Copy;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/k9copy.png;K9Copy <br>* Team;http://k9copy.free.fr;GPL;Graphical;dvd,cd,burner;K9Copy <br>* is <br>* a <br>* small <br>* utility <br>* which <br>* allows <br>* the <br>* copy <br>* of <br>* DVD <br>* on <br>* Linux. <br>* The <br>* DVD <br>* video <br>* stream <br>* is <br>* compressed <br>* by <br>* the <br>* program <br>* Vamps.;;
-App=KAudioCreator;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/kaudiocreator.png;Benjamin <br>* Meyer <br>* and <br>* Gerd <br>* Fleischer;http://www.kde.org/applications/multimedia/kaudiocreator/;GPL;Graphical;audio,cd,ripper,encoder;KAudioCreator <br>* is <br>* an <br>* audio <br>* CD <br>* ripper, <br>* which <br>* uses <br>* cdparanoia <br>* as <br>* a <br>* backend <br>* to <br>* extract <br>* the <br>* tracks <br>* and <br>* later <br>* it <br>* encodes <br>* them <br>* to <br>* mp3 <br>* or <br>* ogg <br>* files <br>* (or <br>* many <br>* other <br>* formats <br>* supported). <br>* Features: <br>* - <br>* CDDB <br>* lookup <br>* to <br>* extract <br>* the <br>* album <br>* and <br>* track <br>* information <br>* - <br>* Different <br>* encoding <br>* formats <br>* supported <br>* (ogg, <br>* mp3, <br>* flac) <br>* - <br>* Different <br>* filename <br>* formats <br>* using <br>* tags;;
-App=KB;Communications;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/kb.png;Walt <br>* Legowski;http://www.k2ct.net/kbsoftware/kbsoftware.htm;GPL;Graphical;radio,logger;The <br>* KB <br>* contest <br>* logging <br>* computer <br>* program <br>* runs <br>* on <br>* the <br>* Linux <br>* operating <br>* system <br>* with <br>* the <br>* Gnome <br>* desktop. <br>* The <br>* program <br>* is <br>* under <br>* development, <br>* and <br>* currently <br>* supports <br>* the <br>* CQ <br>* WW, <br>* CQ <br>* WPX, <br>* and <br>* ARRL <br>* DX <br>* contests, <br>* plus <br>* Field <br>* Day.;;
-App=KBLTicker;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/kblticker.png;Konstantin <br>* Grusha;http://sourceforge.net/projects/kblticker;GPL;Graphical;Bloglines,ticker;This <br>* small <br>* application <br>* sits <br>* in <br>* the <br>* KDE <br>* system <br>* tray <br>* and <br>* patiently <br>* checks <br>* a <br>* BlogLines <br>* account <br>* for <br>* updates <br>* in <br>* specified <br>* periods, <br>* notifying <br>* the <br>* user <br>* of <br>* new <br>* entries <br>* as <br>* they <br>* appear. <br>* Features <br>* bells <br>* and <br>* whistles!;;
-App=KBackup;Archivers;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/kbackup.png;Dave <br>* Frascone;http://kbackup.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;tar,backup,archive,restore;KBackup <br>* is <br>* a <br>* backup <br>* program <br>* for <br>* UNIX <br>* machines. <br>* It <br>* supports <br>* any <br>* OS <br>* supported <br>* tape <br>* drive. <br>* It <br>* can <br>* use <br>* tar <br>* or <br>* afio <br>* to <br>* create <br>* the <br>* archives. <br>* It <br>* can <br>* even <br>* compress <br>* using <br>* gzip. <br>* It <br>* supports <br>* include <br>* lists, <br>* exclude <br>* lists, <br>* and <br>* even <br>* backing <br>* up <br>* to <br>* a <br>* file.;;
-App=KDEGames4;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/kdegames.png;KDE <br>* Games <br>* Center;http://games.kde.org/;GPL;Graphical;games,arcade,strategy,action;Collection <br>* of <br>* games <br>* usually <br>* included <br>* with <br>* the <br>* KDE4 <br>* desktop <br>* environment. <br>* This <br>* collection <br>* includes <br>* card <br>* games, <br>* arcade <br>* games, <br>* strategy <br>* games, <br>* and <br>* other <br>* miscellaneous <br>* games.;;
-App=KDESvn;Development;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/kdesvn.png;Rajko <br>* Albrecht;http://kdesvn.alwins-world.de/;GPL;Graphical;svn, <br>* subversion, <br>* kde;Kdesvn <br>* is <br>* yet <br>* another <br>* client <br>* for <br>* Subversion. <br>* It <br>* uses <br>* the <br>* native <br>* KDE <br>* API <br>* instead <br>* of <br>* an <br>* extra <br>* library <br>* like <br>* GAMBAS <br>* and <br>* it <br>* is <br>* using <br>* the <br>* native <br>* Subversion <br>* delevelopment <br>* API <br>* instead <br>* of <br>* just <br>* parsing <br>* the <br>* output <br>* of <br>* the <br>* commandline <br>* tool <br>* like <br>* most <br>* other <br>* clients <br>* do.;;
-App=KDEWebDev4;Web;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/kdewebdev4.png;KDE <br>* e.V.;http://www.kde.org/;GPL;Graphical;internet,development;The <br>* KDE <br>* web <br>* developer\'s <br>* environment.;;
-App=KDevelop;Development;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/kdevelop.png;The <br>* KDevelop <br>* Team;http://www.kdevelop.org/;GPL;Graphical;IDE,C++;A <br>* free, <br>* opensource <br>* IDE <br>* (Integrated <br>* Development <br>* Environment) <br>* for <br>* MS <br>* Windows, <br>* Mac <br>* OS <br>* X, <br>* Linux, <br>* Solaris <br>* and <br>* FreeBSD. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* a <br>* feature-full, <br>* plugin <br>* extendable <br>* IDE <br>* for <br>* C/C++ <br>* and <br>* other <br>* programming <br>* languages. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* based <br>* on <br>* KDevPlatform, <br>* KDE <br>* and <br>* Qt <br>* libraries <br>* and <br>* it\'s <br>* under <br>* development <br>* since <br>* 1998.;;
-App=KFreeRings;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/kfreerings.png;Christian <br>* Hubinger;http://kfreerings.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;game,puzzle;KFreeRings <br>* is <br>* a <br>* small <br>* puzzle <br>* game;;
-App=KLuJe;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/kluje.png;KLuJe <br>* Team;http://sourceforge.net/projects/kluje/;GPL;Graphical;livejournal,weblog;KLuJe <br>* is <br>* a <br>* LiveJournal <br>* client <br>* for <br>* KDE. <br>* Current <br>* features <br>* include: <br>* - <br>* Posting <br>* with <br>* optional <br>* subject <br>* or <br>* mood <br>* - <br>* Posting <br>* to <br>* multiple <br>* journals <br>* or <br>* communities <br>* - <br>* Editing <br>* events <br>* in <br>* the <br>* past <br>* - <br>* Systray <br>* icon, <br>* with <br>* menu <br>* of <br>* quick <br>* links <br>* - <br>* Auto <br>* polling <br>* for <br>* friends\' <br>* posts, <br>* w/animated <br>* systray <br>* icon <br>* alert <br>* - <br>* Integrated <br>* spell <br>* checking <br>* - <br>* Fast <br>* server <br>* support <br>* (for <br>* paid <br>* accounts) <br>* - <br>* MD5 <br>* password <br>* storage/transmis;;
-App=KMLDonkey;Network <br>* - <br>* P2P;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/kmldonkey.png;Petter <br>* E. <br>* Stokke;http://kmldonkey.org/;GPL;Graphical;bittorrent;KMLDonkey <br>* provides <br>* integration <br>* for <br>* the <br>* MLDonkey <br>* P2P <br>* software <br>* and <br>* KDE <br>* 3, <br>* in <br>* the <br>* form <br>* of <br>* a <br>* Kicker <br>* applet, <br>* ed2k <br>* protocol <br>* handling <br>* for <br>* Konqueror, <br>* and <br>* a <br>* control <br>* panel <br>* applet <br>* to <br>* bring <br>* it <br>* all <br>* together.;;
-App=KMess;Network <br>* - <br>* IM;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/kmess.png;KMess <br>* Team;http://www.kmess.org;GPL;Graphical;msn,im;Kmess, <br>* the <br>* Live <br>* Messenger <br>* alternative! <br>* With <br>* KMess, <br>* chatting <br>* with <br>* friends <br>* using <br>* Live <br>* Messenger <br>* has <br>* never <br>* been <br>* so <br>* good <br>* - <br>* enjoy <br>* our <br>* great <br>* features: <br>* * <br>* Display <br>* picture <br>* transfers <br>* * <br>* Fast <br>* file <br>* transfers <br>* * <br>* Custom <br>* emoticons, <br>* nudges <br>* and <br>* winks <br>* * <br>* Offline <br>* messaging <br>* and <br>* chatting <br>* while <br>* invisible <br>* * <br>* Rich <br>* and <br>* colorful <br>* chat <br>* styles <br>* and <br>* logs <br>* * <br>* Chat <br>* logging <br>* and <br>* logs <br>* browsing <br>* * <br>* Messenger <br>* Plus <br>* Live <br>* text <br>* coloring <br>* and <br>* formatting <br>* * <br>* Live <br>* Mail <br>* notifications <br!
 >* * <br>* Block <br>* annoying <br>* custom <br>* emoticons <br>* * <br>* Connectivity <br>* from <br>* behind <br>* firewalls <br>* and <br>* proxies <br>* * <br>* Good-looking <br>* and <br>* friendly <br>* user <br>* interface;;
-App=KMplayer-kde4;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/kmplayer-kde4.png;KDE <br>* Project;http://kmplayer.kde.org/;Unknown-Free;Graphical;multimedia,player;KDE <br>* frontend <br>* to <br>* MPlayer, <br>* Xine, <br>* GStreamer;;
-App=KMyMoney;Finance;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/kmymoney.png;The <br>* KMyMoney <br>* Team;http://kmymoney2.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;money,budget,accounting;* <br>* Familiar <br>* Features <br>* KMyMoney <br>* intends <br>* to <br>* provide <br>* all <br>* important <br>* features <br>* found <br>* in <br>* the <br>* commercially-available, <br>* personal <br>* finance <br>* managers. <br>* The <br>* current <br>* release <br>* is <br>* closer <br>* than <br>* ever <br>* to <br>* that <br>* goal <br>* and <br>* more <br>* improvements <br>* are <br>* already <br>* planned <br>* or <br>* being <br>* tested. <br>* * <br>* Ease <br>* of <br>* use <br>* KMyMoney <br>* strives <br>* to <br>* be <br>* the <br>* easiest <br>* open <br>* source <br>* personal <br>* finance <br>* manager <br>* to <br>* use, <br>* especially <br>* for <br>* the <br>* non-technical <br>* user. <br>* * <br>* Accuracy <br>* Using <br>* time <br>* tested <br>* double <br>* entry <br>* accou!
 nting <br>* principles <br>* KMyMoney <br>* can <br>* help <br>* ensure <br>* that <br>* your <br>* finances <br>* are <br>* kept <br>* in <br>* correct <br>* order.;;
-App=KMysqladmin;Databases;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/kmysqladmin.png;Rajko <br>* Albrecht;http://www.alwins-world.de/programs/kmysqladmin/;GPL;Graphical;mysql;KMysqladmin <br>* is <br>* a <br>* software <br>* to <br>* manage <br>* mysql-servers <br>* written <br>* with <br>* QT <br>* and <br>* KDE.;;
-App=KOffice;Editors;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/koffice.png;The <br>* KOffice <br>* Team;http://koffice.org/;LGPL;Graphical;word,office;KOffice <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free, <br>* integrated <br>* office <br>* suite <br>* for <br>* KDE, <br>* the <br>* K <br>* Desktop <br>* Environment.;;
-App=KPicFramer;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/kpicframer.png;Norbert <br>* Andres;http://linux.softpedia.com/get/GAMES-ENTERTAINMENT/Fortune/KPicFramer-2574.shtml;GPL;Graphical;game,cards;KPicFramer <br>* is <br>* a <br>* small <br>* card <br>* game <br>* for <br>* the <br>* K <br>* Desktop <br>* Environment.;;
-App=KPlayer-kde4;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/kplayer.png;KPlayer <br>* Team;http://sourceforge.net/projects/kplayer;GPL;Graphical;audio,video,player;KPlayer <br>* is <br>* a <br>* KDE <br>* media <br>* player <br>* based <br>* on <br>* MPlayer, <br>* www.mplayerhq.hu. <br>* Features <br>* include <br>* video, <br>* audio <br>* and <br>* subtitle <br>* playback <br>* from <br>* file, <br>* URL, <br>* DVD, <br>* VCD, <br>* audio <br>* CD, <br>* TV, <br>* etc. <br>* volume, <br>* contrast, <br>* brightness, <br>* hue <br>* and <br>* saturation <br>* controls <br>* zooming, <br>* full <br>* screen <br>* and <br>* fixed <br>* aspect <br>* options <br>* status <br>* and <br>* progress <br>* display <br>* and <br>* seeking <br>* user <br>* friendly <br>* interface. <br>* Among <br>* planned <br>* enhancements <br>* are <br>* configuration <br>* dialog, <br>* global <br>* and <br>* per-file <br>* options, <br>* playlist, <br>* further <br>* KDE <br>* integration, !
 <br>* MPlayer <br>* config <br>* file <br>* handling, <br>* support <br>* for <br>* media <br>* encoding.;;
-App=KPorts;Ports <br>* - <br>* Management;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/kports.png;KPorts <br>* Team;http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/kports/index.php?title=Main_Page;BSD;Graphical;bsd,ports;KPorts <br>* is <br>* KDE-Frontend <br>* to <br>* the <br>* FreeBSD-Ports <br>* and <br>* in <br>* future <br>* also <br>* to <br>* the <br>* OpenBsd-Ports, <br>* PkgSrc <br>* and <br>* maybe <br>* others. <br>* You <br>* can <br>* browse <br>* and <br>* search <br>* through <br>* your <br>* Portstree <br>* and <br>* perform <br>* actions <br>* like <br>* Upgrades, <br>* Installs, <br>* Uninstall <br>* a.s.o. <br>* More <br>* advanced <br>* features <br>* like <br>* setting <br>* Options <br>* and <br>* Vulnerability <br>* checking <br>* are <br>* also <br>* available. <br>* For <br>* a <br>* complete <br>* list, <br>* check <br>* the <br>* Homepage <br>* or <br>* the <br>* Changelog. <br>* Functionality <br>* is <br>* KPorts\' <br>* main <br>* goal, <br>* not <br>* simplifica!
 tion <br>* by <br>* reducing <br>* options <br>* however <br>* KPorts <br>* should <br>* be <br>* rather <br>* easy <br>* to <br>* use. <br>* A <br>* new <br>* version <br>* of <br>* KPorts <br>* based <br>* on <br>* completely <br>* new <br>* code <br>* and <br>* Qt4 <br>* is <br>* available <br>* @ <br>* /usr/ports/ports-mgmt/kports-qt4 <br>* NOTE <br>* that <br>* the <br>* new <br>* version <br>* cannot <br>* yet <br>* compete <br>* with <br>* this <br>* version <br>* feature-wise.;;
-App=KPovModeler;Graphics;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/kpovmodeler.png;KPovModeler <br>* Team;http://www.kpovmodeler.org/;GPL;Graphical;graphics,pov,editor;KPovModeler <br>* is <br>* a <br>* modeling <br>* and <br>* composition <br>* program <br>* for <br>* creating <br>* POV-Ray(TM) <br>* scenes <br>* in <br>* KDE.;;
-App=KPuzzle;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/kpuzzle.png;Michael <br>* Wand;http://kpuzzle.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;game,puzzle;KPuzzle <br>* is <br>* a <br>* jigsaw <br>* puzzle <br>* game <br>* for <br>* the <br>* KDE <br>* environment.;;
-App=KSubEditor;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/ksubeditor.png;Anatol <br>* Ogrek;http://sourceforge.net/projects/ksubeditor/;GPL;Graphical;subtitle,editor;ksubeditor <br>* is <br>* a <br>* video <br>* subtitle <br>* editor <br>* for <br>* KDE. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* able <br>* to <br>* edit <br>* and <br>* convert <br>* subtitles <br>* between <br>* different <br>* subtitle <br>* formats. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* able <br>* to <br>* easily <br>* change <br>* the <br>* time <br>* of <br>* the <br>* subtitle <br>* and <br>* fit <br>* it <br>* to <br>* the <br>* movie.;;
-App=KSudoku;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/ksudoku.png;KSudoku <br>* Team;http://ksudoku.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;game,puzzle,logic;KSudoku <br>* is <br>* a <br>* 2D <br>* and <br>* 3D <br>* Sudoku <br>* puzzle <br>* generator <br>* and <br>* solver <br>* for <br>* KDE. <br>* Among <br>* its <br>* features <br>* are: <br>* * <br>* 2D <br>* boards <br>* of <br>* various <br>* sizes: <br>* 9x9, <br>* 16x16, <br>* 25x25 <br>* * <br>* 3D <br>* boards <br>* of <br>* various <br>* sizes: <br>* 3x3x3, <br>* 4x4x4, <br>* 5x5x5 <br>* * <br>* Cutom <br>* 2D <br>* boards, <br>* including: <br>* 4x4, <br>* Jigsaw, <br>* Samurai, <br>* XSudoku <br>* * <br>* GUI <br>* for <br>* playing, <br>* saving, <br>* printing, <br>* solving <br>* and <br>* dubbing <br>* puzzles <br>* * <br>* Automatic <br>* solver <br>* that <br>* can <br>* provide <br>* hints <br>* should <br>* you <br>* get <br>* stuck;;
-App=KTagebuch;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/ktagebuch.png;Rainer <br>* Blessing;http://www.theblessing.net/programming;GPL;Graphical;diary,entry;KTagebuch <br>* is <br>* a <br>* diary <br>* program <br>* for <br>* KDE <br>* 3. <br>* Features: <br>* <br>o <br>* Word <br>* processor <br>* like <br>* functions <br>* <br>o <br>* A <br>* toolbar <br>* to <br>* easily <br>* access <br>* the <br>* entries <br>* <br>o <br>* Entries <br>* are <br>* searchable <br>* <br>o <br>* Mood <br>* Plugin;;
-App=KTorrent;Network <br>* - <br>* P2P;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/ktorrent.png;The <br>* KTorrent <br>* Team;http://ktorrent.org/;GPL;Graphical;bittorrent;KTorrent <br>* is <br>* a <br>* BitTorrent <br>* program <br>* for <br>* KDE, <br>* It\'s <br>* main <br>* features <br>* are: <br>* <br>o <br>* Download <br>* torrent <br>* files <br>* <br>o <br>* Upload <br>* speed <br>* capping, <br>* seeing <br>* that <br>* most <br>* people <br>* can\'t <br>* upload <br>* infinite <br>* amounts <br>* of <br>* data <br>* <br>o <br>* Internet <br>* searching <br>* using <br>* The <br>* Bittorrent <br>* website\'s <br>* search <br>* engine <br>* <br>o <br>* UDP <br>* Trackers <br>* <br>o <br>* Port <br>* forwarding <br>* with <br>* UPnP <br>* <br>o <br>* IP <br>* blocking <br>* plugin <br>* <br>o <br>* Importing <br>* of <br>* partially <br>* or <br>* fully <br>* downloaded <br>* files <br>* <br>o <br>* Support <br>* for <br>* distributed <br>* hash <br>* tables <br>* <br>o <br>!
 * Protocol <br>* encryption <br>* <br>o <br>* Bandwith <br>* scheduling <br>* <br>o <br>* Directory <br>* scanner <br>* to <br>* automatically <br>* load <br>* torrents <br>* in <br>* certain <br>* directories <br>* <br>o <br>* Trackers <br>* can <br>* be <br>* added <br>* to <br>* torrents <br>* <br>o <br>* File <br>* prioritization <br>* for <br>* multi <br>* file <br>* torrents;;
-App=KTritoc;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/ktritoc.png;Martin <br>* Heni;http://www.heni-online.de/linux/;GPL;Graphical;game,puzzle,strategy,tic-tac-toe;This <br>* is <br>* a <br>* one <br>* or <br>* two <br>* player <br>* boardgame <br>* for <br>* KDE. <br>* One <br>* or <br>* two <br>* player <br>* try <br>* to <br>* occupy <br>* a <br>* game <br>* board <br>* of <br>* 9 <br>* fields <br>* containing <br>* 9 <br>* holes. <br>* Each <br>* of <br>* the <br>* fields <br>* as <br>* well <br>* as <br>* the <br>* game <br>* itself <br>* is <br>* won <br>* by <br>* placing <br>* 3 <br>* pieces <br>* of <br>* the <br>* same <br>* color <br>* into <br>* one <br>* row, <br>* coloumn <br>* or <br>* diagonal <br>* (ala <br>* Tic-Tac-Toe). <br>* However, <br>* the <br>* places <br>* where <br>* to <br>* place <br>* your <br>* pieces <br>* is <br>* determined <br>* by <br>* dice <br>* adding <br>* a <br>* random <br>* luck <br>* factor <br>* to <br>* the <br>* game.;;
-App=KVIrc;IRC;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/kvirc.png;Szymon <br>* Stefanek;http://www.kvirc.net;GPL;Graphical;chat,irc;KVIrc <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free <br>* portable <br>* IRC <br>* client <br>* based <br>* on <br>* the <br>* excellent <br>* Qt <br>* GUI <br>* toolkit. <br>* KVirc <br>* is <br>* being <br>* written <br>* by <br>* Szymon <br>* Stefanek <br>* and <br>* the <br>* KVIrc <br>* Development <br>* Team <br>* with <br>* the <br>* contribution <br>* of <br>* many <br>* IRC <br>* addicted <br>* developers <br>* around <br>* the <br>* world.;;
-App=KWappen;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/kwappen.png;Jens <br>* Schulz;http://www.lcs-chemie.de/kwappen_eng.htm;GPL;Graphical;game,puzzle,board;Kwappen <br>* is <br>* a <br>* KDE <br>* board <br>* game <br>* The <br>* goal <br>* is <br>* the <br>* reduction <br>* of <br>* the <br>* 4 <br>* columns <br>* of <br>* stones <br>* in <br>* minimal <br>* time. <br>* The <br>* rules <br>* of <br>* the <br>* game <br>* are <br>* very <br>* simple. <br>* You <br>* can <br>* move <br>* symbols <br>* (stones) <br>* on <br>* top <br>* of <br>* a <br>* column <br>* or <br>* rotate <br>* columns. <br>* 2 <br>* or <br>* more <br>* equal <br>* stones <br>* upon <br>* the <br>* other <br>* will <br>* be <br>* removed <br>* 4 <br>* equal <br>* card <br>* symbols <br>* in <br>* a <br>* row <br>* (e.g. <br>* 4 <br>* spades) <br>* will <br>* be <br>* removed <br>* The <br>* computer <br>* has <br>* his <br>* own <br>* symbol <br>* stack <br>* in <br>* the <br>* upper <br>* right <br>!
 * corner. <br>* This <br>* computer <br>* symbol <br>* will <br>* be <br>* put <br>* on <br>* the <br>* top <br>* of <br>* a <br>* column <br>* after <br>* your <br>* move. <br>* The <br>* computer <br>* selects <br>* a <br>* column <br>* by <br>* random. <br>* You <br>* win, <br>* if <br>* all <br>* columns <br>* have <br>* only <br>* 1 <br>* stone <br>* or <br>* empty. <br>* You <br>* lose, <br>* if <br>* one <br>* column <br>* has <br>* 10 <br>* or <br>* more <br>* stones <br>* after <br>* the <br>* column <br>* shrink.;;
-App=Kadu;Polish;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/kadu.png;Kadu <br>* Team;http://www.kadu.net/w/English:Main_Page;GPL;Graphical;im,icq;QT <br>* Gadu-Gadu <br>* client <br>* for <br>* Unix-like <br>* systems. <br>* Gadu-Gadu <br>* is <br>* an <br>* ICQ-like <br>* messenger <br>* for <br>* polish <br>* language <br>* users.;;
-App=Kaffeine;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/kaffeine.png;Kaffeine <br>* Team;http://kaffeine.kde.org;GPL;Graphical;audio,video,player;kaffeine <br>* is <br>* a <br>* xine-based <br>* multimedia <br>* player <br>* for <br>* KDE. <br>* * <br>* Full <br>* Drag <br>* and <br>* Drop <br>* support <br>* * <br>* Import <br>* Noatun-playlists <br>* as <br>* well <br>* as <br>* M3U, <br>* ASX <br>* and <br>* PLS-Files <br>* * <br>* Editable <br>* Playlist <br>* * <br>* Export <br>* Playlist <br>* to <br>* HTML <br>* or <br>* PDF <br>* (KDE-Print) <br>* * <br>* Edit <br>* Xine-Options <br>* via <br>* GUI <br>* * <br>* Support <br>* for <br>* saving <br>* screenshots <br>* as <br>* PNG, <br>* BMP <br>* or <br>* XBM <br>* * <br>* The <br>* ability <br>* to <br>* prevent <br>* the <br>* screensaver <br>* from <br>* activating <br>* OSD <br>* Titles;;
-App=Kamikaze;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/kamikaze.png;Kamikaze <br>* Team;http://kamikaze.coolprojects.org/;GPL;Graphical;game,bomberman,action;Kamikaze <br>* is <br>* a <br>* Bomberman-style <br>* game <br>* for <br>* KDE <br>* with <br>* support <br>* for <br>* multiplayer <br>* games. <br>* * <br>* contains <br>* a <br>* level <br>* editor <br>* * <br>* allows <br>* for <br>* level <br>* uploads <br>* and <br>* downloads <br>* using <br>* the <br>* KDE <br>* Get <br>* Hot <br>* New <br>* Stuff <br>* (GHNS) <br>* framework <br>* * <br>* multiplayer <br>* games <br>* via <br>* GGZ <br>* are <br>* possible <br>* * <br>* comes <br>* with <br>* 4 <br>* different <br>* themes, <br>* more <br>* can <br>* be <br>* created <br>* The <br>* goal <br>* of <br>* the <br>* game <br>* is <br>* to <br>* run <br>* around <br>* in <br>* labyrinths <br>* and <br>* place <br>* some <br>* bombs <br>* to <br>* fend <br>* off <br>* your <br>* enemies, <br>* while <br>* trying <br>!
 * to <br>* collect <br>* various <br>* items.;;
-App=Kanatest;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/kanatest.png;Kanatest <br>* Team;http://clayo.org/kanatest/;GPL;Graphical;flashcards,kana,japanese;During <br>* test <br>* the <br>* Kanatest <br>* displays <br>* randomly <br>* selected <br>* kana <br>* char <br>* (respecting <br>* mode <br>* and <br>* lesson) <br>* and <br>* waits <br>* for <br>* user <br>* answer <br>* expected <br>* as <br>* romaji <br>* equivalent. <br>* This <br>* process <br>* continues <br>* until <br>* all <br>* questions <br>* will <br>* be <br>* answered <br>* or <br>* all <br>* questions <br>* will <br>* be <br>* answered <br>* correctly <br>* (depends <br>* on <br>* options). <br>* At <br>* the <br>* end <br>* of <br>* test <br>* a <br>* short <br>* info <br>* about <br>* drilling <br>* time <br>* and <br>* correctness <br>* ratio <br>* is <br>* displayed. <br>* The <br>* results <br>* are <br>* stored <br>* and <br>* user <br>* can <br>* review <br>* his <br>* performance <br>* in <br>* any!
  <br>* time.;;
-App=Kasablanca;File <br>* Transfer;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/kasablanca.png;Kasablanca <br>* Team;http://kasablanca.berlios.de/;GPL;Graphical;ftp;Kasablanca <br>* is <br>* an <br>* ftp <br>* client, <br>* written <br>* in <br>* c++, <br>* using <br>* the <br>* kde <br>* libraries. <br>* among <br>* its <br>* features <br>* are <br>* currently <br>* encryption <br>* (auth <br>* tls) <br>* support, <br>* fxp, <br>* bookmarks.;;
-App=Katapult;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/katapult.png;Katapult <br>* Development <br>* Team;http://sourceforge.net/projects/katapult/;GPL;Graphical;launcher,text,application;Katapult <br>* is <br>* a <br>* KDE <br>* application <br>* that <br>* gives <br>* you <br>* faster <br>* access <br>* to <br>* your <br>* applications, <br>* bookmarks, <br>* and <br>* more! <br>* It <br>* is <br>* plugin-based <br>* and <br>* can <br>* launch <br>* anything <br>* it <br>* has <br>* a <br>* plugin <br>* for. <br>* Its <br>* plugin-driven <br>* appearance <br>* is <br>* completely <br>* customizable. <br>* Katapult <br>* was <br>* inspired <br>* by <br>* Quicksilver <br>* for <br>* OS <br>* X, <br>* and <br>* it <br>* is <br>* written <br>* in <br>* C++.;;
-App=KchmViewer;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/kchmviewer.png;George <br>* Yunaev;http://www.kchmviewer.net/;GPL;Graphical;chm,viewer,help;KchmViewer <br>* is <br>* a <br>* chm <br>* (MS <br>* HTML <br>* help <br>* file <br>* format) <br>* viewer. <br>* Unlike <br>* most <br>* existing <br>* CHM <br>* viewers <br>* for <br>* Unix, <br>* it <br>* uses <br>* Trolltech\'s <br>* Qt <br>* widget <br>* library, <br>* and <br>* does <br>* not <br>* depend <br>* on <br>* KDE <br>* or <br>* Gnome. <br>* However, <br>* it <br>* may <br>* be <br>* compiled <br>* with <br>* full <br>* KDE <br>* support, <br>* including <br>* KDE <br>* widgets <br>* and <br>* KIO/KHTML. <br>* The <br>* main <br>* advantage <br>* of <br>* KchmViewer <br>* is <br>* non-english <br>* language <br>* support. <br>* Unlike <br>* others, <br>* KchmViewer <br>* in <br>* most <br>* cases <br>* correctly <br>* detects <br>* help <br>* file <br>* encoding, <br>* correctly <br>* shows <br!
 >* tables <br>* of <br>* context <br>* of <br>* russian, <br>* korean, <br>* chinese <br>* and <br>* japanese <br>* help <br>* files, <br>* and <br>* correctly <br>* searches <br>* in <br>* non-english <br>* help <br>* files.;;
-App=Kdenlive;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/kdenlive.png;Kdenlive <br>* Community;http://www.kdenlive.org;GPL;Graphical;video,editing;Kdenlive <br>* is <br>* a <br>* non-linear <br>* video <br>* editor <br>* for <br>* GNU/Linux <br>* and <br>* FreeBSD, <br>* which <br>* supports <br>* DV, <br>* AVCHD <br>* (experimental <br>* support) <br>* and <br>* HDV <br>* editing. <br>* Kdenlive <br>* relies <br>* on <br>* several <br>* other <br>* open <br>* source <br>* projects, <br>* such <br>* as <br>* FFmpeg <br>* and <br>* the <br>* MLT <br>* video <br>* framework. <br>* It <br>* was <br>* designed <br>* to <br>* answer <br>* all <br>* needs, <br>* from <br>* basic <br>* video <br>* editing <br>* to <br>* semi-professional <br>* work.;;
-App=KeePassX;Security;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/keepassx.png;KeePassX <br>* Team;http://www.keepassx.org;GPL;Graphical;password;KeePassX <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free/open-source <br>* password <br>* manager <br>* or <br>* safe <br>* which <br>* helps <br>* you <br>* to <br>* manage <br>* your <br>* passwords <br>* in <br>* a <br>* secure <br>* way. <br>* You <br>* can <br>* put <br>* all <br>* your <br>* passwords <br>* in <br>* one <br>* database, <br>* which <br>* is <br>* locked <br>* with <br>* one <br>* master <br>* key <br>* or <br>* a <br>* key-disk. <br>* So <br>* you <br>* only <br>* have <br>* to <br>* remember <br>* one <br>* single <br>* master <br>* password <br>* or <br>* insert <br>* the <br>* key-disk <br>* to <br>* unlock <br>* the <br>* whole <br>* database. <br>* The <br>* databases <br>* are <br>* encrypted <br>* using <br>* the <br>* best <br>* and <br>* most <br>* secure <br>* encryption <br>* algorithms <br>* currently <br>* known <br>* (AES <!
 br>* and <br>* Twofish).;;
-App=Kid3;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/kid3.png;Urs <br>* Fleisch;http://kid3.sourceforge.net;GPL;Graphical;tags,audio;Kid3 <br>* is <br>* an <br>* application <br>* to <br>* edit <br>* the <br>* ID3v1 <br>* and <br>* ID3v2 <br>* tags <br>* in <br>* MP3 <br>* files <br>* in <br>* an <br>* efficient <br>* way. <br>* Also <br>* tags <br>* in <br>* Ogg/Vorbis <br>* and <br>* FLAC <br>* files <br>* are <br>* supported.;;
-App=Kile;Editors;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/kile.png;Kile <br>* Dev <br>* Team;http://kile.sourceforge.net;GPL;Graphical;latex,editor;Kile <br>* (f/k/a <br>* Ktexmaker2) <br>* is <br>* a <br>* LaTeX <br>* source <br>* editor, <br>* TeX <br>* shell <br>* and <br>* GnuPlot <br>* frontend. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* not <br>* (and <br>* will <br>* never <br>* be) <br>* a <br>* WYSIWYG <br>* (what <br>* you <br>* see <br>* is <br>* what <br>* you <br>* get) <br>* interface <br>* for <br>* LaTeX <br>* instead, <br>* its <br>* aim <br>* is <br>* to <br>* simplify <br>* editing <br>* LaTeX <br>* source <br>* code <br>* and <br>* the <br>* use <br>* of <br>* LaTeX-related <br>* programs <br>* for <br>* users <br>* who <br>* want <br>* to <br>* retain <br>* control <br>* over <br>* their <br>* LaTeX <br>* documents.;;
-App=Kino;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/kino.png;Kino <br>* Dev <br>* Team;http://www.kinodv.org;GPL;Graphical;video,editing;Kino <br>* is <br>* a <br>* non-linear <br>* DV <br>* editor <br>* for <br>* GNU/Linux. <br>* It <br>* features <br>* excellent <br>* integration <br>* with <br>* IEEE-1394 <br>* for <br>* capture, <br>* VTR <br>* control, <br>* and <br>* recording <br>* back <br>* to <br>* the <br>* camera. <br>* It <br>* captures <br>* video <br>* to <br>* disk <br>* in <br>* Raw <br>* DV <br>* and <br>* AVI <br>* format, <br>* in <br>* both <br>* type-1 <br>* DV <br>* and <br>* type-2 <br>* DV <br>* (separate <br>* audio <br>* stream) <br>* encodings. <br>* You <br>* can <br>* load <br>* multiple <br>* video <br>* clips, <br>* cut <br>* and <br>* paste <br>* portions <br>* of <br>* video/audio, <br>* and <br>* save <br>* it <br>* to <br>* an <br>* edit <br>* decision <br>* list <br>* (SMIL <br>* XML <br>* format). <br>* Most <br>* edit <br>* and <br>!
 * navigation <br>* commands <br>* are <br>* mapped <br>* to <br>* equivalent <br>* vi <br>* key <br>* commands. <br>* Also, <br>* Kino <br>* can <br>* export <br>* the <br>* composite <br>* movie <br>* in <br>* a <br>* number <br>* of <br>* formats: <br>* DV <br>* over <br>* IEEE <br>* 1394, <br>* Raw <br>* DV, <br>* DV <br>* AVI, <br>* still <br>* frames, <br>* WAV, <br>* MP3, <br>* Ogg <br>* Vorbis, <br>* MPEG-1, <br>* MPEG-2, <br>* and <br>* MPEG-4. <br>* Still <br>* frame <br>* import <br>* and <br>* export <br>* uses <br>* gdk-pixbuf, <br>* which <br>* has <br>* support <br>* for <br>* BMG, <br>* GIF, <br>* JPEG, <br>* PNG, <br>* PPM, <br>* SVG, <br>* Targa, <br>* TIFF, <br>* and <br>* XPM. <br>* MP3 <br>* requires <br>* lame. <br>* Ogg <br>* Vorbis <br>* requires <br>* oggenc. <br>* MPEG-1 <br>* and <br>* MPEG-2 <br>* require <br>* mjpegtools <br>* or <br>* ffmpeg. <br>* MPEG-4 <br>* requires <br>* ffmpeg.;;
-App=KlamAV;Security;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/klamav.png;The <br>* KlamAV <br>* Team;http://klamav.sourceforge.net;GPL;Graphical;antivirus;KlamAV <br>* is <br>* a <br>* powerful <br>* KDE <br>* front-end <br>* to <br>* the <br>* ClamAV <br>* (antivirus) <br>* software.;;
-App=Klavaro;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/klavaro.png;Felipe <br>* Castro;http://klavaro.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;typing,trainer;Klavaro <br>* is <br>* just <br>* another <br>* free <br>* touch <br>* typing <br>* tutor <br>* program. <br>* We <br>* felt <br>* like <br>* to <br>* do <br>* it <br>* because <br>* we <br>* became <br>* frustrated <br>* with <br>* the <br>* other <br>* options, <br>* which <br>* relied <br>* mostly <br>* on <br>* some <br>* few <br>* specific <br>* keyboards. <br>* Klavaro <br>* intends <br>* to <br>* be <br>* keyboard <br>* and <br>* language <br>* independent, <br>* saving <br>* memory <br>* and <br>* time <br>* (and <br>* money).;;
-App=KnowIt;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/knowit.png;Michal <br>* Rudolf;http://knowit.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;tuxcards,notes;KnowIt <br>* is <br>* a <br>* simple <br>* KDE <br>* tool <br>* for <br>* managing <br>* notes <br>* in <br>* a <br>* manner <br>* similar <br>* to <br>* TuxCards. <br>* Notes <br>* are <br>* organized <br>* in <br>* tree-like <br>* hierarchy <br>* and <br>* can <br>* store <br>* data <br>* in <br>* a <br>* rich <br>* text <br>* format, <br>* so <br>* that <br>* bold, <br>* italics, <br>* and <br>* lists <br>* are <br>* supported, <br>* as <br>* well <br>* as <br>* any <br>* character <br>* set.;;
-App=Komodo-Edit;Editors;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/komodo-edit.png;ActiveState;http://www.activestate.com/komodo-edit;MPL;Graphical;editor,perl,python,ruby,php,java;Award-winning <br>* editing <br>* for <br>* dynamic <br>* languages <br>* including <br>* Perl, <br>* PHP, <br>* Python, <br>* Ruby <br>* and <br>* Tcl <br>* plus <br>* support <br>* for <br>* browser-side <br>* code <br>* including <br>* JavaScript, <br>* CSS, <br>* HTML <br>* and <br>* XML. <br>* Background <br>* syntax <br>* checking <br>* and <br>* syntax <br>* coloring <br>* catch <br>* errors <br>* immediately, <br>* while <br>* autocomplete <br>* and <br>* calltips <br>* guide <br>* you <br>* as <br>* you <br>* write.;;
-App=KompoZer;Web;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/kompozer.png;The <br>* Kompozer <br>* Team;http://www.kompozer.net/;GPL;Graphical;html,webpage;KompoZer <br>* is <br>* a <br>* complete <br>* web <br>* authoring <br>* system <br>* that <br>* combines <br>* web <br>* file <br>* management <br>* and <br>* easy-to-use <br>* WYSIWYG <br>* web <br>* page <br>* editing. <br>* KompoZer <br>* is <br>* designed <br>* to <br>* be <br>* extremely <br>* easy <br>* to <br>* use, <br>* making <br>* it <br>* ideal <br>* for <br>* non-technical <br>* computer <br>* users <br>* who <br>* want <br>* to <br>* create <br>* an <br>* attractive, <br>* professional-looking <br>* web <br>* site <br>* without <br>* needing <br>* to <br>* know <br>* HTML <br>* or <br>* web <br>* coding.;;
-App=Kompose;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/kompose.png;BerliOS <br>* Development;http://kompose.berlios.de/;GPL;Graphical;desktop,virtual;Kompos <br>* offers <br>* a <br>* great <br>* new <br>* way <br>* to <br>* manage <br>* a <br>* big <br>* number <br>* of <br>* windows <br>* on <br>* different <br>* Virtual <br>* Desktops. <br>* It <br>* creates <br>* a <br>* fullscreen <br>* view <br>* where <br>* every <br>* window <br>* is <br>* represented <br>* by <br>* a <br>* scaled <br>* screenshot <br>* of <br>* its <br>* own. <br>* Thanks <br>* to <br>* the <br>* KDE <br>* framework <br>* it <br>* is <br>* possible <br>* to <br>* create <br>* those <br>* screenshots <br>* "on <br>* the <br>* fly" <br>* while <br>* you <br>* are <br>* working <br>* without <br>* much <br>* overhead.;;
-App=Konversation;IRC;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/konversation.png;Konversation <br>* developement;http://konversation.kde.org;GPL;Graphical;chat, <br>* irc;Konversation <br>* is <br>* a <br>* graphical <br>* Internet <br>* Relay <br>* Chat <br>* client <br>* (IRC).;;
-App=Konverter;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/konverter.png;Konverter <br>* Team;http://www.kraus.tk/projects/konverter/;Unknown-Free;Graphical;video,converter,encoder;Konverter <br>* is <br>* a <br>* KDE <br>* MEncoder <br>* frontend <br>* for <br>* easy <br>* video <br>* conversions, <br>* scaling <br>* and <br>* cropping. <br>* Just <br>* select <br>* any <br>* common <br>* input <br>* format <br>* and <br>* select <br>* your <br>* favourite <br>* output <br>* format, <br>* codec <br>* and <br>* size <br>* (cropped <br>* or <br>* scaled). <br>* It <br>* also <br>* features <br>* videosplitting, <br>* videomerging <br>* and <br>* a <br>* preview <br>* mode. <br>* Just <br>* simple <br>* and <br>* powerful <br>* :-);;
-App=Kpictorial;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/kpictorial.png;Rolan <br>* Lezuo;http://members.chello.at/roland.lezuo/kpictorial.html;GPL;Graphical;game,logic,puzzle;Kpictorial <br>* is <br>* a <br>* littel <br>* logical <br>* game <br>* for <br>* KDE. <br>* Goal <br>* of <br>* the <br>* game <br>* is <br>* to <br>* reconstruct <br>* a <br>* black <br>* & <br>* white <br>* picture <br>* by <br>* the <br>* number <br>* of <br>* contiguous <br>* black <br>* blocks <br>* given <br>* for <br>* each <br>* row <br>* and <br>* column. <br>* Sounds <br>* easy <br>* but <br>* isn\'t. <br>* You <br>* can <br>* also <br>* use <br>* 1bit <br>* indexed <br>* color <br>* palete <br>* xmp <br>* and <br>* xbm <br>* files <br>* created <br>* by <br>* the <br>* gimp.;;
-App=Krefty;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/krefty.png;T <br>* H <br>* Pushman;http://www.gnomedia.com/cw/krefty/;Unknown;Graphical;manuals,reference;Krefty <br>* - <br>* Quick <br>* Reference <br>* sheets <br>* for <br>* KDE. <br>* A <br>* small, <br>* lightweight <br>* set <br>* of <br>* pages <br>* that <br>* summarize <br>* the <br>* command <br>* line <br>* options, <br>* hotkeys <br>* and <br>* cheats <br>* for <br>* various <br>* Unix <br>* programs.;;
-App=Krusader;X11 <br>* - <br>* File <br>* Managers;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/krusader.png;Krusader <br>* Team;http://www.krusader.org;GPL;Graphical;file,manager;An <br>* advanced <br>* twin <br>* panel <br>* (commander <br>* style) <br>* file <br>* manager <br>* for <br>* KDE <br>* and <br>* other <br>* desktops <br>* in <br>* the <br>* *nix <br>* world, <br>* similar <br>* to <br>* Midnight <br>* or <br>* Total <br>* Commander. <br>* It <br>* provides <br>* all <br>* the <br>* file <br>* management <br>* features <br>* you <br>* could <br>* possibly <br>* want.;;
-App=LBreakout2;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/lbreakout.png;Michael <br>* Speck;http://lgames.sourceforge.net/index.php?project=LBreakout2;GPL;Graphical;game,arcade,breakout;The <br>* polished <br>* successor <br>* to <br>* LBreakout <br>* offers <br>* you <br>* a <br>* new <br>* challenge <br>* in <br>* more <br>* than <br>* 50 <br>* levels <br>* with <br>* loads <br>* of <br>* new <br>* bonuses <br>* (goldshower, <br>* joker, <br>* explosive <br>* balls, <br>* bonus <br>* magnet <br>* ...), <br>* maluses <br>* (chaos, <br>* darkness, <br>* weak <br>* balls, <br>* malus <br>* magnet <br>* ...) <br>* and <br>* special <br>* bricks <br>* (growing <br>* bricks, <br>* explosive <br>* bricks, <br>* regenerative <br>* bricks, <br>* indestructible <br>* bricks, <br>* chaotic <br>* bricks). <br>* And <br>* if <br>* you\'re <br>* through <br>* with <br>* all <br>* the <br>* levels <br>* you <br>* can <br>* create <br>* complete <br>* new <br>* levelsets <br>* with <br>* t!
 he <br>* integrated <br>* easy-to-use <br>* level <br>* editor!;;
-App=LCDproc;System <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/lcdproc.png;LCDproc <br>* Team;http://www.lcdproc.org/;GPL;Text;LCD,display;LCDproc <br>* controls <br>* various <br>* LCD <br>* and <br>* VFD <br>* devices <br>* in <br>* a <br>* standardized <br>* way, <br>* and <br>* ships <br>* with <br>* a <br>* client <br>* to <br>* display <br>* various <br>* system <br>* statistics. <br>* like <br>* CPU <br>* load, <br>* system <br>* load, <br>* memory <br>* usage, <br>* uptime, <br>* and <br>* a <br>* lot <br>* more. <br>* Client/server <br>* model <br>* allows <br>* multiple <br>* clients <br>* to <br>* use <br>* one <br>* display. <br>* ;;
-App=LDAPbrowser;Network;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/ldapbrowser.png;Bruce;http://www-unix.mcs.anl.gov/~gawor/ldap/index.html;Unknown;Graphical;LDAP,browser;The <br>* LDAP <br>* Browser/Editor <br>* provides <br>* a <br>* user-friendly <br>* Windows <br>* Explorer-like <br>* interface <br>* to <br>* LDAP <br>* directories <br>* with <br>* tightly <br>* integrated <br>* browsing <br>* and <br>* editing <br>* capabilities. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* entirely <br>* written <br>* in <br>* Java <br>* with <br>* the <br>* help <br>* of <br>* the <br>* JFC <br>* (SwingSet) <br>* and <br>* JNDI <br>* class <br>* libraries. <br>* It <br>* connects <br>* to <br>* LDAP <br>* v2 <br>* and <br>* v3 <br>* servers.;;
-App=LFTP;File <br>* Transfer;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/lftp.png;Alexander <br>* V. <br>* Lukyanov;http://lftp.yar.ru;GPL;Text;ftp;LFTP <br>* is <br>* sophisticated <br>* ftp/http <br>* client, <br>* file <br>* transfer <br>* program <br>* supporting <br>* a <br>* number <br>* of <br>* network <br>* protocols. <br>* Like <br>* BASH, <br>* it <br>* has <br>* job <br>* control <br>* and <br>* uses <br>* readline <br>* library <br>* for <br>* input. <br>* It <br>* has <br>* bookmarks, <br>* built-in <br>* mirror, <br>* can <br>* transfer <br>* several <br>* files <br>* in <br>* parallel. <br>* It <br>* was <br>* designed <br>* with <br>* reliability <br>* in <br>* mind. <br>* LFTP <br>* is <br>* free <br>* software, <br>* distributed <br>* under <br>* GNU <br>* GPL <br>* license.;;
-App=LMMS;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/lmms.png;LMMS <br>* Team;http://lmms.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;audio,mixer,synthesizer;LMMS <br>* aims <br>* to <br>* be <br>* a <br>* free <br>* alternative <br>* to <br>* popular <br>* (but <br>* commercial <br>* and <br>* closed-source) <br>* programs <br>* like <br>* FruityLoops, <br>* Cubase <br>* and <br>* Logic <br>* giving <br>* you <br>* the <br>* ability <br>* of <br>* producing <br>* music <br>* with <br>* your <br>* computer <br>* by <br>* creating <br>* cool <br>* loops, <br>* synthesizing <br>* and <br>* mixing <br>* sounds, <br>* arranging <br>* samples, <br>* having <br>* more <br>* fun <br>* with <br>* your <br>* MIDI <br>* keyboard <br>* and <br>* much <br>* more... <br>* LMMS <br>* combines <br>* the <br>* features <br>* of <br>* a <br>* tracker/sequencer <br>* program <br>* (pattern/channel/ <br>* sample/song/effect <br>* management) <br>* and <br>* those <br>* of <br>* powerful <br>* synthesizers <b!
 r>* and <br>* samplers <br>* in <br>* a <br>* modern, <br>* user-friendly <br>* and <br>* easy <br>* to <br>* use <br>* graphical <br>* user <br>* interface.;;
-App=LMarbles;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/lmarbles.png;Michael <br>* Speck;http://lgames.sourceforge.net/index.php?project=LMarbles;GPL;Graphical;game,puzzle,atomix;LMarbles <br>* is <br>* a <br>* game <br>* similar <br>* to <br>* Atomix <br>* and <br>* was <br>* heavily <br>* inspired <br>* by <br>* it. <br>* The <br>* goal <br>* is <br>* to <br>* arrange <br>* a <br>* figure <br>* out <br>* of <br>* single <br>* marbles <br>* within <br>* a <br>* time <br>* limit <br>* to <br>* reach <br>* the <br>* next <br>* level.;;
-App=LTris;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/ltris.png;Michael <br>* Speck;http://lgames.sourceforge.net/index.php?project=LTris;GPL;Graphical;game,puzzle,arcade,strategy,tetris;LTris <br>* is <br>* just <br>* another <br>* clone <br>* of <br>* Tetris <br>* but <br>* IMHO <br>* a <br>* good <br>* one, <br>* so <br>* if <br>* you <br>* like <br>* Tetris, <br>* download <br>* and <br>* play <br>* it! <br>* Features: <br>* Tetris <br>* clone <br>* using <br>* SDL <br>* Sound <br>* Menu <br>* Controls <br>* can <br>* be <br>* redefined <br>* Block <br>* preview <br>* Starting <br>* level <br>* between <br>* 0 <br>* and <br>* 9 <br>* Various <br>* backgrounds <br>* HighScores <br>* Nice <br>* graphics <br>* Smooth <br>* gameplay <br>* Cool <br>* effects <br>* (transparency, <br>* animations) <br>* Two <br>* player <br>* mode <br>* Two <br>* game <br>* modes <br>* Two <br>* game <br>* modes? <br>* Yes. <br>* The <br>* "normal" <br>* mode <br>* is <br>* the <br>* one <br>* e!
 verbody <br>* knows <br>* well. <br>* You <br>* play <br>* as <br>* long <br>* as <br>* you <br>* can <br>* while <br>* the <br>* blocks <br>* are <br>* getting <br>* faster. <br>* The <br>* second <br>* one <br>* called <br>* "advanced" <br>* has <br>* some <br>* additional <br>* features. <br>* First <br>* there <br>* is <br>* a <br>* new <br>* figure <br>* in <br>* each <br>* new <br>* level <br>* and <br>* second <br>* later <br>* on <br>* there <br>* are <br>* suddenly <br>* appearing <br>* tiles <br>* and <br>* rows.;;
-App=Labyrinth;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/labyrinth.png;Don <br>* Scorgie;http://code.google.com/p/labyrinth/;GPL;Graphical;mindmapping;Labyrinth <br>* is <br>* a <br>* lightweight <br>* mind-mapping <br>* tool <br>* for <br>* the <br>* GNOME <br>* desktop. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* written <br>* in <br>* Python <br>* and <br>* uses <br>* cairo <br>* for <br>* its <br>* rendering. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* intended <br>* to <br>* be <br>* as <br>* light <br>* and <br>* intuitive <br>* as <br>* possible, <br>* but <br>* still <br>* provide <br>* a <br>* wide <br>* range <br>* of <br>* powerful <br>* features.;;
-App=Last.fm;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/lastfm.png;Last.fm <br>* Ltd.;http://www.last.fm;GPL;Graphical;radio,music;Last.fm <br>* is <br>* a <br>* UK-based <br>* Internet <br>* radio <br>* and <br>* music <br>* community <br>* website, <br>* founded <br>* in <br>* 2002. <br>* It <br>* claims <br>* over <br>* 21 <br>* million <br>* active <br>* users <br>* based <br>* in <br>* more <br>* than <br>* 200 <br>* countries.;;
-App=Launchy;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/launchy.png;Josh <br>* Karlin;http://www.launchy.net/;GPL;Graphical;launcher,text,application;Launchy <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free <br>* cross-platform <br>* utility <br>* designed <br>* to <br>* help <br>* you <br>* forget <br>* about <br>* your <br>* start <br>* menu, <br>* the <br>* icons <br>* on <br>* your <br>* desktop, <br>* and <br>* even <br>* your <br>* file <br>* manager. <br>* Launchy <br>* indexes <br>* the <br>* programs <br>* in <br>* your <br>* start <br>* menu <br>* and <br>* can <br>* launch <br>* your <br>* documents, <br>* project <br>* files, <br>* folders, <br>* and <br>* bookmarks <br>* with <br>* just <br>* a <br>* few <br>* keystrokes!;;
-App=Lazarus;Editors;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/lazarus.png;Lazarus <br>* Team;http://www.lazarus.freepascal.org/;GPL;Graphical;pascal,compiler,editor,delphi;Lazarus <br>* is <br>* the <br>* class <br>* libraries <br>* for <br>* Free <br>* Pascal <br>* that <br>* emulate <br>* Delphi. <br>* Free <br>* Pascal <br>* is <br>* a <br>* GPL\'ed <br>* compiler <br>* that <br>* runs <br>* on <br>* Linux, <br>* Win32, <br>* OS/2, <br>* 68K <br>* and <br>* more. <br>* Free <br>* Pascal <br>* is <br>* designed <br>* to <br>* be <br>* able <br>* to <br>* understand <br>* and <br>* compile <br>* Delphi <br>* syntax, <br>* which <br>* is <br>* of <br>* course <br>* OOP. <br>* Lazarus <br>* is <br>* the <br>* part <br>* of <br>* the <br>* missing <br>* puzzle <br>* that <br>* will <br>* allow <br>* you <br>* to <br>* develop <br>* Delphi-like <br>* programs <br>* in <br>* all <br>* of <br>* the <br>* above <br>* platforms. <br>* Unlike <br>* Java <br>* which <br>* strives <br>* to !
 <br>* be <br>* a <br>* write <br>* once <br>* run <br>* anywhere, <br>* Lazarus <br>* and <br>* Free <br>* Pascal <br>* strives <br>* for <br>* write <br>* once <br>* compile <br>* anywhere.;;
-App=Legends;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/legends.png;Legends <br>* Dev <br>* Team;http://legendsthegame.net/;Unknown;Graphical;game,fps;Legends <br>* is <br>* a <br>* fast-paced <br>* first-person-perspective <br>* online <br>* multiplayer <br>* game <br>* released <br>* as <br>* freeware <br>* (software <br>* license). <br>* The <br>* game <br>* is <br>* designed <br>* to <br>* take <br>* advantage <br>* of <br>* the <br>* beautiful <br>* environments <br>* available <br>* from <br>* the <br>* Torque <br>* engine <br>* it <br>* is <br>* based <br>* on, <br>* while <br>* still <br>* offering <br>* the <br>* breakneck <br>* pacing <br>* and <br>* variety <br>* of <br>* styles <br>* available <br>* from <br>* such <br>* classics <br>* as <br>* Quake <br>* and <br>* Tribes. <br>* Gameplay <br>* is <br>* not <br>* the <br>* strafe-strafe-jump-strafe-shoot-strafe-run-like-hell <br>* style <br>* a <br>* lot <br>* of <br>* games <br>* espouse <br>* the <br>* addition <!
 br>* of <br>* a <br>* jetpack <br>* adds <br>* a <br>* third <br>* dimension <br>* of <br>* mobility <br>* that <br>* makes <br>* skill, <br>* forethought, <br>* and <br>* restraint <br>* necessities <br>* to <br>* winning. <br>* Team <br>* sizes <br>* are <br>* ideal <br>* between <br>* 10 <br>* and <br>* 15 <br>* on <br>* each <br>* side, <br>* and <br>* the <br>* network <br>* code <br>* allows <br>* 56k <br>* upwards <br>* to <br>* play <br>* smoothly. <br>* Game <br>* type <br>* offerings <br>* range <br>* from <br>* the <br>* classic <br>* Capture <br>* the <br>* Flag, <br>* Deathmatch <br>* and <br>* Duel <br>* to <br>* our <br>* own <br>* new <br>* types, <br>* e.g.. <br>* \'War\'. <br>* Plenty <br>* of <br>* maps <br>* are <br>* provided <br>* by <br>* us, <br>* but <br>* the <br>* beauty <br>* of <br>* this <br>* game <br>* is <br>* its <br>* customization <br>* possibilities. <br>* Mission <br>* creation <br>* has <br>* never <br>* been <br>* easier, <br>* with <!
 br>* a <br>* stable, <br>* full-featured <br>* editor <br>* in!
 tegrated <br>* into <br>* the <br>* game <br>* engine <br>* itself. <br>* Skins, <br>* models, <br>* and <br>* effects <br>* can <br>* all <br>* be <br>* modified <br>* by <br>* the <br>* end-user <br>* with <br>* commonly <br>* available <br>* tools. <br>* The <br>* game <br>* has <br>* an <br>* Autodownload <br>* feature <br>* which <br>* means <br>* you <br>* never <br>* have <br>* to <br>* leave <br>* the <br>* game <br>* to <br>* join <br>* new <br>* user <br>* created <br>* Client-Side <br>* and <br>* Server-Side <br>* missions.;;
-App=LiVES;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/lives.png;Gabriel <br>* Finch;http://lives.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;video,editing;LiVES <br>* is <br>* a <br>* Free, <br>* Open <br>* Source <br>* video <br>* editor <br>* *and* <br>* a <br>* VJ <br>* tool. <br>* LiVES <br>* lets <br>* you <br>* start <br>* editing <br>* and <br>* making <br>* video <br>* right <br>* away, <br>* without <br>* having <br>* to <br>* worry <br>* about <br>* formats, <br>* frame <br>* sizes, <br>* or <br>* framerates. <br>* LiVES <br>* will <br>* let <br>* you <br>* start <br>* creating <br>* your <br>* own <br>* tools, <br>* utilities <br>* and <br>* effects <br>* via <br>* the <br>* built <br>* in <br>* RFX <br>* builder. <br>* LiVES <br>* is <br>* aimed <br>* at <br>* the <br>* digital <br>* video <br>* artist <br>* who <br>* wants <br>* to <br>* create <br>* their <br>* own <br>* content, <br>* the <br>* video <br>* editor <br>* who <br>* wants <br>* to <br>* produce <br>* profes!
 sional <br>* looking <br>* video, <br>* and <br>* the <br>* VJ <br>* who <br>* wants <br>* to <br>* captivate <br>* with <br>* spectacular <br>* images.;;
-App=LianLianKan;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/lianliankan.png;LLK-Linux <br>* Team;http://sourceforge.net/projects/llk-linux;GPL;Graphical;game,puzzle,tiles;LianLianKan <br>* is <br>* a <br>* scarce <br>* recreation <br>* game. <br>* Game <br>* playing <br>* is <br>* very <br>* simple, <br>* first <br>* you <br>* are <br>* required <br>* to <br>* choose <br>* a <br>* pair <br>* of <br>* same <br>* pattern <br>* links, <br>* but <br>* the <br>* path <br>* of <br>* links <br>* appeared <br>* can <br>* not <br>* exceed <br>* twice <br>* turns, <br>* after <br>* links <br>* keep <br>* away <br>* from <br>* other <br>* patterns. <br>* Only <br>* can <br>* enter <br>* next <br>* one <br>* when <br>* you <br>* fulfill <br>* task. <br>* The <br>* difficulty <br>* of <br>* game <br>* can <br>* be <br>* divided <br>* into <br>* three <br>* levels.;;
-App=Libcanberra;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/libcanberra.png;Lennart <br>* Poettering;http://0pointer.de/lennart/projects/libcanberra/;LGPL;Text;audio,sound,theme,events;Libcanberra <br>* is <br>* an <br>* implementation <br>* of <br>* the <br>* Freedesktop <br>* Sound <br>* Theme <br>* specification. <br>* It <br>* allows <br>* developers <br>* to <br>* play <br>* sounds <br>* given <br>* a <br>* list <br>* of <br>* events.;;
-App=LibreOffice;Editors;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/libreoffice.png;The <br>* Document <br>* Foundation;http://www.libreoffice.org/;GPL;Graphical;Office,Word,Excel,SpreadSheet,Access,PowerPoint;LibreOffice <br>* is <br>* the <br>* free <br>* power-packed <br>* Open <br>* Source <br>* personal <br>* productivity <br>* suite <br>* for <br>* Windows, <br>* Macintosh <br>* and <br>* Linux, <br>* that <br>* gives <br>* you <br>* six <br>* feature-rich <br>* applications <br>* for <br>* all <br>* your <br>* document <br>* production <br>* and <br>* data <br>* processing <br>* needs: <br>* Writer, <br>* Calc, <br>* Impress, <br>* Draw, <br>* Math <br>* and <br>* Base.;;
-App=Lightspark-devel;Graphics;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/lightspark.png;Alessandro <br>* Pignotti;http://lightspark.sourceforge.net/;Unknown <br>* - <br>* open <br>* source;Text;flash,player;Lightspark <br>* is <br>* an <br>* alternative <br>* Flash <br>* Player <br>* implementation <br>* with <br>* llvm-based <br>* ActionScript <br>* JIT <br>* compiler <br>* and <br>* support <br>* for <br>* hardware <br>* accelerated <br>* rendering.;;
-App=LimeWire;Network <br>* - <br>* P2P;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/limewire.png;Lime <br>* Wire <br>* LLC;http://www.limewire.com/;GPL;Graphical;bittorrent;LimeWire <br>* is <br>* a <br>* fast, <br>* easy-to-use <br>* file <br>* sharing <br>* program <br>* that <br>* contains <br>* no <br>* spyware, <br>* adware <br>* or <br>* other <br>* bundled <br>* software. <br>* Compatible <br>* with <br>* all <br>* major <br>* platforms <br>* and <br>* running <br>* over <br>* the <br>* Gnutella <br>* network, <br>* LimeWire\'s <br>* open <br>* source <br>* code, <br>* is <br>* freely <br>* available <br>* to <br>* the <br>* public <br>* and <br>* developed <br>* in <br>* part <br>* by <br>* a <br>* devoted <br>* programmer <br>* community. <br>* LimeWire <br>* is <br>* offered <br>* in <br>* dozens <br>* of <br>* languages <br>* and <br>* is <br>* available <br>* in <br>* LimeWire <br>* BASIC, <br>* a <br>* free <br>* version, <br>* or <br>* LimeWire <br>* PRO, <br>* an <br>*!
  enhanced <br>* version <br>* with <br>* personalized <br>* technical <br>* support <br>* offered <br>* at <br>* 1.95.;;
-App=LinCity-NG;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/lincityng.png;LinCity <br>* Dev <br>* Team;http://lincity-ng.berlios.de/;GPL;Graphical;game,simcity;LinCity-NG <br>* is <br>* a <br>* City <br>* Simulation <br>* Game. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* a <br>* polished <br>* and <br>* improved <br>* version <br>* of <br>* the <br>* classic <br>* LinCity <br>* game. <br>* Within <br>* the <br>* scope <br>* of <br>* the <br>* GoTM <br>* project <br>* at <br>* happypenguin <br>* we <br>* have <br>* created <br>* a <br>* new <br>* iso-3D <br>* graphics <br>* engine, <br>* with <br>* a <br>* completely <br>* redone <br>* and <br>* modern <br>* GUI.;;
-App=Links;Web;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/links.png;Links <br>* Team;http://links.twibright.com/;GPL;Text;web,browser;Lynx-like <br>* WWW <br>* browser <br>* with <br>* text <br>* and <br>* graphics <br>* modes <br>* with <br>* many <br>* features <br>* like <br>* displaying <br>* tables, <br>* menus, <br>* etc.;;
-App=Linux-RealPlayer;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/linux-realplayer.png;Helix <br>* Community;https://player.helixcommunity.org/;Unknown;Graphical;audio,video,player;The <br>* RealPlayer <br>* for <br>* Linux <br>* is <br>* built <br>* on <br>* top <br>* of <br>* the <br>* Helix <br>* Player <br>* for <br>* Linux <br>* and <br>* includes <br>* support <br>* for <br>* several <br>* non-open <br>* source <br>* components <br>* including <br>* RealAudio/RealVideo, <br>* MP3 <br>* etc.;;
-App=LiquidWar;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/liquidwar.png;Christian <br>* Mauduit;http://www.ufoot.org/liquidwar/;GPL;Graphical;game,liquid;Liquid <br>* War <br>* is <br>* a <br>* unique <br>* multiplayer <br>* wargame. <br>* Its <br>* rules <br>* are <br>* truely <br>* original <br>* and <br>* have <br>* been <br>* invented <br>* by <br>* Thomas <br>* Colcombet. <br>* You <br>* control <br>* an <br>* army <br>* of <br>* liquid <br>* and <br>* have <br>* to <br>* try <br>* and <br>* eat <br>* your <br>* opponents. <br>* A <br>* single <br>* player <br>* mode <br>* is <br>* available, <br>* but <br>* the <br>* game <br>* is <br>* definitely <br>* designed <br>* to <br>* be <br>* multiplayer, <br>* and <br>* has <br>* network <br>* support. <br>* When <br>* playing <br>* Liquid <br>* War, <br>* one <br>* has <br>* to <br>* eat <br>* one\'s <br>* opponent. <br>* There <br>* can <br>* be <br>* from <br>* 2 <br>* to <br>* 6 <br>* players. <br>* There <br>* are <br>* n!
 o <br>* weapons, <br>* the <br>* only <br>* thing <br>* you <br>* have <br>* to <br>* do <br>* is <br>* to <br>* move <br>* a <br>* cursor <br>* in <br>* a <br>* 2-D <br>* battlefield. <br>* This <br>* cursor <br>* is <br>* followed <br>* by <br>* your <br>* army, <br>* which <br>* is <br>* composed <br>* by <br>* a <br>* great <br>* many <br>* little <br>* fighters. <br>* Fighters <br>* are <br>* represented <br>* by <br>* small <br>* colored <br>* squares. <br>* All <br>* the <br>* fighters <br>* who <br>* have <br>* the <br>* same <br>* color <br>* belong <br>* to <br>* the <br>* same <br>* team. <br>* One <br>* very <br>* often <br>* controls <br>* several <br>* thousands <br>* fighters <br>* at <br>* the <br>* same <br>* time. <br>* And <br>* when <br>* fighters <br>* from <br>* different <br>* teams <br>* meet, <br>* they <br>* eat <br>* each <br>* other, <br>* it <br>* is <br>* as <br>* simple <br>* as <br>* that. <br>* Note: <br>* If <br>* the <br>* game <br>* crash!
 es <br>* this <br>* might <br>* resolve <br>* it: <br>* Inside!
  <br>* liquidwar, <br>* go <br>* to <br>* options->rules->advanced <br>* and <br>* change <br>* Algorithm <br>* from <br>* "Assembly" <br>* to <br>* "Standard <br>* C" <br>* See <br>* also <br>* the <br>* "ASM" <br>* option <br>* in <br>* the <br>* port <br>* build <br>* options.;;
-App=Liteamp;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/liteamp.png;Dongsu <br>* Jang;http://kldp.net/projects/liteamp;GPL;Graphical;audio,player;A <br>* light-weight <br>* music <br>* player <br>* for <br>* GNOME;;
-App=LogJam;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/logjam.png;LogJam <br>* Team;http://logjam.danga.com/;Unknown-Free;Graphical;weblog,livejournal;LogJam <br>* is <br>* a <br>* GTK2 <br>* client <br>* for <br>* the <br>* LiveJournal <br>* API. <br>* It <br>* sits <br>* unobtrusively <br>* in <br>* the <br>* corner <br>* of <br>* your <br>* screen, <br>* waiting <br>* for <br>* you <br>* to <br>* have <br>* something <br>* worthwhile <br>* to <br>* tell <br>* the <br>* world. <br>* It <br>* can <br>* read <br>* your <br>* current <br>* music <br>* from <br>* XMMS, <br>* spellcheck <br>* with <br>* gtkspell, <br>* and <br>* offers <br>* preview <br>* capabilities <br>* using <br>* gtkhtml3. <br>* It <br>* will <br>* interface <br>* with <br>* any <br>* site <br>* running <br>* LiveJournal, <br>* not <br>* just <br>* www.livejournal.com, <br>* and <br>* can <br>* create <br>* offline <br>* copies <br>* of <br>* your <br>* journal.;;
-App=Logwatch;System <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/logwatch.png;Logwatch <br>* Team;http://www.logwatch.org;Other;Text;log;Logwatch <br>* is <br>* a <br>* customizable, <br>* pluggable <br>* log-monitoring <br>* system. <br>* It <br>* will <br>* go <br>* through <br>* your <br>* logs <br>* for <br>* a <br>* given <br>* period <br>* of <br>* time <br>* and <br>* make <br>* a <br>* report <br>* in <br>* the <br>* areas <br>* that <br>* you <br>* wish <br>* with <br>* the <br>* detail <br>* that <br>* you <br>* wish.;;
-App=LordsAWar;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/lordsawar.png;LordsAWar <br>* Team;http://lordsawar.com/;GPL;Graphical;game,strategy,turn-based,warlords;A <br>* turn-based <br>* strategy <br>* game <br>* where <br>* up <br>* to <br>* 8 <br>* players <br>* strive <br>* for <br>* control <br>* of <br>* as <br>* many <br>* cities <br>* as <br>* possible. <br>* Produce <br>* new <br>* armies <br>* in <br>* cities <br>* to <br>* conquer <br>* nearby <br>* cities. <br>* Using <br>* the <br>* income <br>* from <br>* those <br>* cities, <br>* make <br>* more <br>* armies <br>* to <br>* take <br>* more <br>* cities. <br>* Send <br>* a <br>* hero <br>* to <br>* a <br>* temple <br>* to <br>* get <br>* a <br>* quest, <br>* or <br>* maybe <br>* search <br>* a <br>* nearby <br>* ruin <br>* instead. <br>* Play <br>* with <br>* others <br>* or <br>* against <br>* the <br>* computer.;;
-App=LucidLife;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/lucidlife.png;John <br>* C. <br>* Spray;http://linux.softpedia.com/get/GAMES-ENTERTAINMENT/Simulation/LucidLife-26633.shtml;GPL;Graphical;Conway\'s,game,life;LucidLife <br>* is <br>* a <br>* fast <br>* and <br>* user-friendly <br>* Conway\'s <br>* Life <br>* program <br>* for <br>* Unix. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* derived <br>* from <br>* GtkLife <br>* 4.2.;;
-App=LuckyBackup;System <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/luckybackup.png;Loukas <br>* Avgeriou;http://luckybackup.sourceforge.net;GPL;Graphical;backup,remote;luckyBackup <br>* is <br>* a <br>* QT4 <br>* application <br>* that <br>* backs-up <br>* and <br>* synchronizes <br>* directories <br>* using <br>* the <br>* power <br>* of <br>* rsync. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* simple <br>* to <br>* use, <br>* fast <br>* (only <br>* transfers <br>* changes <br>* made), <br>* safe, <br>* reliable, <br>* and <br>* fully <br>* customizable.;;
-App=Lynis;Security;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/lynis.png;Michael <br>* Boelen;http://www.rootkit.nl/projects/lynis.html;GPL;Text;audit,scan,antimalware;Lynis <br>* is <br>* an <br>* auditing <br>* tool <br>* for <br>* Unix <br>* (specialists). <br>* It <br>* scans <br>* the <br>* system <br>* and <br>* available <br>* software, <br>* to <br>* detect <br>* security <br>* issues. <br>* Beside <br>* security <br>* related <br>* information <br>* it <br>* will <br>* also <br>* scan <br>* for <br>* general <br>* system <br>* information, <br>* installed <br>* packages <br>* and <br>* configuration <br>* mistakes. <br>* This <br>* software <br>* aims <br>* in <br>* assisting <br>* automated <br>* auditing, <br>* software <br>* patch <br>* management, <br>* vulnerability <br>* and <br>* malware <br>* scanning <br>* of <br>* Unix <br>* based <br>* systems. <br>* It <br>* can <br>* be <br>* run <br>* without <br>* prior <br>* installation, <br>* so <br>* inclusion <br>* on <b!
 r>* read <br>* only <br>* storage <br>* is <br>* no <br>* problem <br>* (USB <br>* stick, <br>* cd/dvd).;;
-App=Lynx;Web;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/lynx.png;Thomas <br>* Dickey;http://lynx.browser.org;GPL;Text;web,browser;Lynx <br>* is <br>* a <br>* text <br>* browser <br>* for <br>* the <br>* World <br>* Wide <br>* Web.;;
-App=Lyx;Print;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/lyx.png;Lyx <br>* Team;http://www.lyx.org;GPL;Graphical;text,editor,documents;LyX <br>* is <br>* a <br>* document <br>* processor <br>* that <br>* encourages <br>* an <br>* approach <br>* to <br>* writing <br>* based <br>* on <br>* the <br>* structure <br>* of <br>* your <br>* documents <br>* (WYSIWYM) <br>* and <br>* not <br>* simply <br>* their <br>* appearance <br>* (WYSIWYG). <br>* LyX <br>* combines <br>* the <br>* power <br>* and <br>* flexibility <br>* of <br>* TeX/LaTeX <br>* with <br>* the <br>* ease <br>* of <br>* use <br>* of <br>* a <br>* graphical <br>* interface.;;
-App=MAME;Emulators;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/mame.png;Nicola <br>* Salmoria;http://mamedev.org;Other;Graphical;arcade,game;MAME <br>* stands <br>* for <br>* Multiple <br>* Arcade <br>* Machine <br>* Emulator. <br>* When <br>* used <br>* in <br>* conjunction <br>* with <br>* images <br>* of <br>* the <br>* original <br>* arcade <br>* game\'s <br>* ROM <br>* and <br>* disk <br>* data, <br>* MAME <br>* attempts <br>* to <br>* reproduce <br>* that <br>* game <br>* as <br>* faithfully <br>* as <br>* possible <br>* on <br>* a <br>* more <br>* modern <br>* general-purpose <br>* computer. <br>* MAME <br>* can <br>* currently <br>* emulate <br>* several <br>* thousand <br>* different <br>* classic <br>* arcade <br>* video <br>* games <br>* from <br>* the <br>* late <br>* 1970s <br>* through <br>* the <br>* modern <br>* era.;;
-App=MESS;Emulators;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/mess.png;MESS <br>* Team;http://www.mess.org/;Other;Graphical;arcade,game;MESS <br>* is <br>* an <br>* acronym <br>* that <br>* stands <br>* for <br>* Multi <br>* Emulator <br>* Super <br>* System. <br>* MESS <br>* will <br>* more <br>* or <br>* less <br>* faithfully <br>* reproduce <br>* computer <br>* and <br>* console <br>* systems <br>* on <br>* a <br>* PC. <br>* MESS <br>* can <br>* currently <br>* emulate <br>* over <br>* 250 <br>* systems <br>* from <br>* the <br>* last <br>* 5 <br>* decades. <br>* MESS <br>* emulates <br>* the <br>* hardware <br>* of <br>* the <br>* systems <br>* and <br>* sometimes <br>* utilizes <br>* ROM <br>* images <br>* to <br>* load <br>* programs <br>* and <br>* games. <br>* Therefore, <br>* these <br>* systems <br>* are <br>* NOT <br>* simulations, <br>* but <br>* the <br>* actual <br>* emulations <br>* of <br>* the <br>* hardware.;;
-App=MKVtoolnix;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/mkvtoolnix.png;Moritz <br>* Bunkus;http://www.bunkus.org/videotools/mkvtoolnix/;GPL;Graphical;multimedia,tools;MKVToolNix <br>* is <br>* a <br>* set <br>* of <br>* tools <br>* to <br>* create, <br>* alter <br>* and <br>* inspect <br>* Matroska <br>* files <br>* under <br>* Linux, <br>* other <br>* Unices <br>* and <br>* Windows. <br>* They <br>* do <br>* for <br>* Matroska <br>* what <br>* the <br>* OGMtools <br>* do <br>* for <br>* the <br>* OGM <br>* format <br>* and <br>* then <br>* some.;;
-App=MLDonkey;Network <br>* - <br>* P2P;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/kmldonkey.png;MLDonkey <br>* Team;http://www.mldonkey.org;GPL;Graphical;bittorrent,edonkey;MLdonkey <br>* is <br>* the <br>* most <br>* powerful <br>* peer2peer <br>* application <br>* for <br>* the <br>* edonkey2000 <br>* network! <br>* It <br>* is <br>* running <br>* on <br>* PC-BSD, <br>* Linux/Unix, <br>* Windows <br>* and <br>* MacOS.;;
-App=MPlayer;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/mplayer.png;The <br>* MPlayer <br>* Project;http://www.mplayerhq.hu/;GPL;Graphical;video,player;MPlayer <br>* is <br>* a <br>* multimedia <br>* player <br>* and <br>* encoder <br>* suite <br>* which <br>* runs <br>* on <br>* many <br>* platforms. <br>* It <br>* plays <br>* a <br>* terrific <br>* number <br>* of <br>* different <br>* file <br>* formats <br>* and <br>* codecs <br>* including <br>* popular <br>* DivX, <br>* XviD, <br>* H.264 <br>* streams <br>* as <br>* well <br>* as <br>* DVD <br>* and <br>* SVCDs <br>* along <br>* with <br>* many <br>* popular <br>* audio <br>* codecs. <br>* On <br>* the <br>* i386 <br>* platform <br>* it <br>* also <br>* supports <br>* some <br>* Windows <br>* DLL <br>* codec <br>* families <br>* which <br>* allow <br>* playing <br>* of <br>* e.g. <br>* QuickTime <br>* movies.;;
-App=Mangler;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/mangler.png;Mangler <br>* Team;http://www.mangler.org;Unknown-Free;Graphical;audio,voip,ventrillo;Mangler <br>* is <br>* an <br>* open <br>* source <br>* VOIP <br>* client <br>* capable <br>* of <br>* connecting <br>* to <br>* Ventrilo <br>* 3.x <br>* servers.;;
-App=Mediadownloader;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/mediadownloader.png;Marco <br>* Bavagnoli;http://mediadownloader.cz.cc/;GPL;Graphical;media,downloader,youtube,google;Mediadownloader <br>* (ex <br>* GoogleImageDownloader) <br>* is <br>* an <br>* opensource <br>* software <br>* that <br>* let <br>* you <br>* search, <br>* watch <br>* and <br>* download <br>* items <br>* with <br>* Google <br>* Image <br>* and <br>* YouTube. <br>* Search <br>* results <br>* are <br>* displayed <br>* within <br>* a <br>* mouse <br>* scrollable <br>* view, <br>* as <br>* well <br>* as <br>* mobile <br>* devices <br>* do.;;
-App=Meld;Text <br>* Processing;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/meld.png;The <br>* Meld <br>* Team;http://meld.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;diff,merge;Meld <br>* is <br>* a <br>* GNOME <br>* 2 <br>* visual <br>* diff <br>* and <br>* merge <br>* tool. <br>* It <br>* integrates <br>* especially <br>* well <br>* with <br>* CVS. <br>* The <br>* diff <br>* viewer <br>* lets <br>* you <br>* edit <br>* files <br>* in <br>* place <br>* (diffs <br>* update <br>* dynamically), <br>* and <br>* a <br>* middle <br>* column <br>* shows <br>* detailed <br>* changes <br>* and <br>* allows <br>* merges. <br>* The <br>* margins <br>* show <br>* location <br>* of <br>* changes <br>* for <br>* easy <br>* navigation, <br>* and <br>* it <br>* also <br>* features <br>* a <br>* tabbed <br>* interface <br>* that <br>* allows <br>* you <br>* to <br>* open <br>* many <br>* diffs <br>* at <br>* once.;;
-App=Mercurial;Development;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/mercurial.png;Mercurial <br>* Team;http://mercurial.selenic.com/;GPL;Text;svn,subversion;Mercurial <br>* is <br>* a <br>* fast, <br>* lightweight <br>* source <br>* control <br>* management <br>* system <br>* designed <br>* for <br>* efficient <br>* handling <br>* of <br>* very <br>* large <br>* distributed <br>* projects. <br>* Features <br>* include: <br>* * <br>* O(1) <br>* delta-compressed <br>* file <br>* storage <br>* and <br>* retrieval <br>* scheme <br>* * <br>* Complete <br>* cross-indexing <br>* of <br>* file <br>* and <br>* changesets <br>* for <br>* efficient <br>* exploration <br>* of <br>* project <br>* history <br>* * <br>* Robust <br>* SHA1-based <br>* integrity <br>* checking <br>* and <br>* append-only <br>* storage <br>* model <br>* * <br>* Decentralized <br>* development <br>* model <br>* with <br>* arbitrary <br>* merging <br>* between <br>* trees <br>* * <br>* High-speed <br>* HTTP-based <br>!
 * network <br>* merge <br>* protocol <br>* * <br>* Easy-to-use <br>* command-line <br>* interface <br>* * <br>* Integrated <br>* stand-alone <br>* web <br>* interface <br>* * <br>* Small <br>* Python <br>* codebase <br>* * <br>* GPL <br>* license;;
-App=MidiPP;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/midipp.png;Hans <br>* Petter;http://www.selasky.org/hans_petter/midistudio/;BSD;Graphical;audio,midi,player,sheet,music;MIDI <br>* Player <br>* Pro <br>* allows <br>* you <br>* to <br>* play <br>* any <br>* kind <br>* of <br>* MIDI <br>* music <br>* in <br>* seconds <br>* with <br>* your <br>* fingertips. <br>* List <br>* of <br>* supported <br>* features: <br>* - <br>* Raw <br>* MIDI. <br>* - <br>* Jack <br>* MIDI. <br>* - <br>* Import <br>* from <br>* lyrics <br>* sites <br>* (chorded <br>* lyrics) <br>* - <br>* Import <br>* from <br>* GuitarPro <br>* v3 <br>* and <br>* v4 <br>* format. <br>* - <br>* Loading <br>* and <br>* saving <br>* from <br>* and <br>* to <br>* standard <br>* v1.0 <br>* MIDI <br>* files. <br>* - <br>* Live <br>* performancing. <br>* - <br>* Simple <br>* sequence <br>* looping. <br>* - <br>* Printing <br>* music <br>* like <br>* PDF.;;
-App=MidnightCommander;Miscellaneous;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/midnightcommander.png;The <br>* Midnight <br>* Commander <br>* Team;http://www.midnight-commander.org/;GPL;Text;file,manager;GNU <br>* Midnight <br>* Commander <br>* is <br>* a <br>* visual <br>* file <br>* manager, <br>* licensed <br>* under <br>* GNU <br>* General <br>* Public <br>* License <br>* and <br>* therefore <br>* qualifies <br>* as <br>* Free <br>* Software. <br>* It\'s <br>* a <br>* feature <br>* rich <br>* full-screen <br>* text <br>* mode <br>* application <br>* that <br>* allows <br>* you <br>* to <br>* copy, <br>* move <br>* and <br>* delete <br>* files <br>* and <br>* whole <br>* directory <br>* trees, <br>* search <br>* for <br>* files <br>* and <br>* run <br>* commands <br>* in <br>* the <br>* subshell. <br>* Internal <br>* viewer <br>* and <br>* editor <br>* are <br>* included.;;
-App=Midori;Web;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/midori.png;Midori <br>* Team;http://software.twotoasts.de/?page=midori;LGPL;Graphical;web,browser,lightweight;Midori <br>* is <br>* a <br>* lightweight <br>* web <br>* browser. <br>* * <br>* Full <br>* integration <br>* with <br>* GTK+2. <br>* * <br>* Fast <br>* rendering <br>* with <br>* WebKit. <br>* * <br>* Tabs, <br>* windows <br>* and <br>* session <br>* management. <br>* * <br>* Bookmarks <br>* are <br>* stored <br>* with <br>* XBEL. <br>* * <br>* Searchbox <br>* based <br>* on <br>* OpenSearch. <br>* * <br>* Custom <br>* context <br>* menu <br>* actions. <br>* * <br>* User <br>* scripts <br>* and <br>* user <br>* styles <br>* support. <br>* * <br>* Extensible <br>* via <br>* Lua <br>* scripts.;;
-App=Minetest;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/minetest.png;celeron55;http://celeron.55.lt/~celeron55/minetest/;GPL;Graphical;game,minecraft,infiniminer;An <br>* Infiniminer/Minecraft <br>* inspired <br>* game;;
-App=Minitube;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/minitube.png;Flavio <br>* Tordini;http://flavio.tordini.org/minitube/;GPL;Graphical;youtube,player;Minitube <br>* is <br>* a <br>* native <br>* YouTube <br>* client. <br>* With <br>* it <br>* you <br>* can <br>* watch <br>* YouTube <br>* videos <br>* in <br>* a <br>* new <br>* way: <br>* you <br>* type <br>* a <br>* keyword, <br>* Minitube <br>* gives <br>* you <br>* an <br>* endless <br>* video <br>* stream. <br>* Minitube <br>* does <br>* not <br>* require <br>* the <br>* Flash <br>* Player.;;
-App=Minitunes;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/minitunes.png;Flavio <br>* Tordini;http://flavio.tordini.org/minitunes;GPL;Graphical;audio,player;Minitunes <br>* is <br>* just <br>* another <br>* music <br>* player, <br>* only <br>* better. <br>* Minitunes <br>* unclutters <br>* your <br>* music <br>* listening <br>* experience <br>* with <br>* a <br>* clean <br>* and <br>* innovative <br>* interface.;;
-App=Miro;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/miro.png;The <br>* Miro <br>* Team;http://www.getmiro.com/;GPL;Graphical;HD,video,player;Miro <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free <br>* HD <br>* video <br>* player. <br>* It <br>* can <br>* play <br>* almost <br>* any <br>* video <br>* file <br>* and <br>* offers <br>* over <br>* 6,000 <br>* free <br>* internet <br>* TV <br>* shows <br>* and <br>* video <br>* podcasts. <br>* Miro <br>* has <br>* a <br>* simple, <br>* gorgeous <br>* interface <br>* designed <br>* for <br>* fullscreen <br>* HD <br>* video. <br>* Since <br>* Miro <br>* downloads <br>* most <br>* videos, <br>* you <br>* can <br>* take <br>* your <br>* shows <br>* with <br>* you, <br>* even <br>* on <br>* an <br>* airplane. <br>* Quite <br>* simply, <br>* Miro <br>* is <br>* a <br>* better <br>* way <br>* to <br>* watch <br>* all <br>* the <br>* video <br>* you <br>* care <br>* about. <br>* Best <br>* of <br>* all, <br>* Miro <br>* is <br>* 100% <br>* free <br>* and!
  <br>* open <br>* source, <br>* developed <br>* by <br>* a <br>* non-profit <br>* organization <br>* and <br>* volunteers <br>* around <br>* the <br>* world.;;
-App=Mixxx;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/mixxx.png;Mixxx <br>* Team;http://www.mixxx.org/;Other;Graphical;DJ;Mixxx <br>* is <br>* software <br>* for <br>* DJ\'ing. <br>* You <br>* can <br>* use <br>* wave <br>* based <br>* audio <br>* files, <br>* Ogg <br>* Vorbis <br>* and <br>* MP3 <br>* files <br>* as <br>* audio <br>* input. <br>* Mixxx <br>* can <br>* be <br>* controlled <br>* through <br>* the <br>* GUI <br>* and <br>* with <br>* external <br>* controllers <br>* including <br>* MIDI <br>* devices, <br>* joysticks <br>* and <br>* more.;YES;
-App=MongoDB;Databases;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/mongodb.png;10gen <br>* Inc.;http://www.mongodb.org/;AGPL;Text;database;Mongo <br>* (from <br>* "humongous") <br>* is <br>* a <br>* high-performance, <br>* open <br>* source, <br>* schema-free, <br>* document-oriented <br>* database. <br>* A <br>* common <br>* name <br>* in <br>* the <br>* "NOSQL" <br>* community.;;
-App=MonkeyBubble;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/monkeybubble.png;MonkeyBubble <br>* Team;http://home.gna.org/monkeybubble/;Unknown;Graphical;game,arcade;Think <br>* Puzzle <br>* Bobble, <br>* but <br>* with <br>* monkeys. <br>* Monkeys <br>* that <br>* throw <br>* colourful <br>* things. <br>* It\'s <br>* a <br>* game, <br>* except <br>* SO <br>* MUCH <br>* MORE, <br>* because <br>* it <br>* has <br>* monkeys. <br>* It <br>* has <br>* sound <br>* and <br>* network <br>* play <br>* and <br>* a <br>* spiffy <br>* GTK+-2 <br>* interface, <br>* but <br>* that\'s <br>* all <br>* irrelevant <br>* because, <br>* come <br>* on... <br>* monkeys!;;
-App=Mono;Languages;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/mono.png;Mono <br>* Project;http://www.mono-project.com/;LGPL/GPL/X11;Text;language,mono,development;Mono <br>* is <br>* an <br>* open <br>* source <br>* implementation <br>* of <br>* .NET <br>* Development <br>* Framework. <br>* Its <br>* objective <br>* is <br>* to <br>* enable <br>* UNIX <br>* developers <br>* to <br>* build <br>* and <br>* deploy <br>* cross-platform <br>* .NET <br>* Applications. <br>* The <br>* project <br>* implements <br>* various <br>* technologies <br>* developed <br>* by <br>* Microsoft <br>* that <br>* have <br>* now <br>* been <br>* submitted <br>* to <br>* the <br>* ECMA <br>* for <br>* standardization. <br>* Mono <br>* provides <br>* the <br>* necessary <br>* software <br>* to <br>* develop <br>* and <br>* run <br>* .NET <br>* client <br>* and <br>* server <br>* applications <br>* on <br>* BSD, <br>* Linux, <br>* Solaris, <br>* Mac <br>* OS <br>* X, <br>* Windows, <br>* and <br>* Unix.;;
-App=MonoDevelop;Development;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/monodevelop.png;MonoDevelop <br>* Team;http://monodevelop.com/;LGPL;Graphical;IDE,C++,C#,;MonoDevelop <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free <br>* GNOME <br>* integrated <br>* development <br>* environment <br>* (IDE) <br>* primarily <br>* designed <br>* for <br>* C# <br>* and <br>* other <br>* .NET <br>* languages. <br>* It <br>* was <br>* originally <br>* a <br>* port <br>* of <br>* SharpDevelop <br>* 0.98. <br>* The <br>* main <br>* features <br>* of <br>* MonoDevelop <br>* are: <br>* * <br>* Code <br>* Completion <br>* * <br>* Class <br>* Management <br>* * <br>* Built-in <br>* Help <br>* * <br>* Project <br>* Support <br>* * <br>* Add-ins;;
-App=Monster-Masher;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/monster-smasher.png;Ole <br>* Laursen;http://people.iola.dk/olau/monster-masher/;GPL;Graphical;game,action,puzzle,arcade;Monster <br>* Masher <br>* is <br>* an <br>* action <br>* game <br>* for <br>* the <br>* Gnome <br>* desktop <br>* environment. <br>* The <br>* basic <br>* idea <br>* is <br>* that <br>* you, <br>* as <br>* levitation <br>* worker <br>* gnome, <br>* has <br>* to <br>* clean <br>* the <br>* caves <br>* for <br>* monsters <br>* that <br>* want <br>* to <br>* roll <br>* over <br>* you. <br>* You <br>* do <br>* the <br>* cleaning <br>* by <br>* mashing <br>* the <br>* monsters <br>* with <br>* stone <br>* blocks.;;
-App=MuSE;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/muse.png;dyne.org;http://muse.dyne.org/;GPL;Graphical;audio,mixer,stream;MuSE <br>* is <br>* an <br>* application <br>* for <br>* the <br>* mixing, <br>* encoding, <br>* and <br>* network <br>* streaming <br>* of <br>* sound. <br>* MuSE <br>* can <br>* simultaneously <br>* mix <br>* up <br>* to <br>* 6 <br>* encoded <br>* audio <br>* bitstreams <br>* (from <br>* files <br>* or <br>* network) <br>* plus <br>* a <br>* sound <br>* card <br>* input <br>* signal. <br>* The <br>* resulting <br>* stream <br>* can <br>* be <br>* played <br>* locally <br>* on <br>* the <br>* sound <br>* card <br>* and/or <br>* encoded <br>* as <br>* an <br>* mp3 <br>* bitstream <br>* sent <br>* to <br>* a <br>* broadcast <br>* server. <br>* MuSE <br>* offers <br>* an <br>* intuitive <br>* interface <br>* to <br>* be <br>* operated <br>* realtime <br>* and <br>* can <br>* run <br>* in <br>* "slick" <br>* mode <br>* from <br>* command <br>* line.;;
-App=MudMagic;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/mudmagic.png;MudMagic;http://www.mudmagic.com/;GPL;Graphical;game,text,RPG;The <br>* Mud <br>* Magic <br>* Mud <br>* Client <br>* is <br>* written <br>* in <br>* GTK+ <br>* and <br>* supports <br>* MXP, <br>* MSP, <br>* MCCP, <br>* and <br>* ZMP <br>* with <br>* PCRE <br>* regular <br>* expression <br>* handling <br>* and <br>* Python <br>* script <br>* engine. <br>* The <br>* plugins <br>* shipped <br>* with <br>* the <br>* client <br>* currently <br>* include <br>* an <br>* automapper, <br>* note <br>* system, <br>* and <br>* database <br>* front <br>* end.;;
-App=MultiGet;File <br>* Transfer;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/multiget.png;Multiget <br>* Team;http://multiget.sourceforge.net/;MPL;Graphical;ftp,download;MultiGet <br>* is <br>* an <br>* easy-to-use <br>* GUI <br>* file <br>* downloader <br>* for <br>* Linux/Unix/BSDs/Windows. <br>* It\'s <br>* programmed <br>* by <br>* C++ <br>* and <br>* GUI <br>* is <br>* based <br>* on <br>* wxWidgets. <br>* It <br>* supports <br>* http/ftp <br>* protocol <br>* which <br>* covers <br>* most <br>* user\'s <br>* requirement. <br>* It <br>* supports <br>* multi-task <br>* with <br>* multi-thread <br>* on <br>* multi-server. <br>* It <br>* supports <br>* resume <br>* download <br>* if <br>* server <br>* side <br>* have <br>* resume <br>* feature, <br>* and <br>* if <br>* you <br>* like, <br>* you <br>* can <br>* reconfig <br>* the <br>* thread <br>* number <br>* without <br>* stopping <br>* the <br>* going <br>* task. <br>* It\'s <br>* also <br>* support <br>* SOCKS <br>* 4, <br>* 4a!
 , <br>* 5 <br>* proxy, <br>* ftp <br>* proxy, <br>* http <br>* proxy.;;
-App=MultiSync;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/multisync.png;MultiSync <br>* Team;http://multisync.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;synchronize,data,cell,phone,email;MultiSync <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free <br>* modular <br>* program <br>* to <br>* synchronize <br>* calendars, <br>* addressbooks <br>* and <br>* other <br>* PIM <br>* data <br>* between <br>* programs <br>* on <br>* your <br>* computer <br>* and <br>* other <br>* computers, <br>* mobile <br>* devices, <br>* PDAs <br>* or <br>* cell <br>* phones. <br>* MultiSync <br>* works <br>* on <br>* Gnome <br>* platform.;;
-App=Mumble;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/mumble.png;Mumble <br>* Team;http://mumble.sourceforge.net/;BSD;Graphical;voice,chat;Mumble <br>* is <br>* an <br>* open <br>* source, <br>* low-latency, <br>* high <br>* quality <br>* voice <br>* chat <br>* software <br>* primarily <br>* intended <br>* for <br>* use <br>* while <br>* gaming.;;
-App=Mupen64;Emulators;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/mupen64.png;Mupen64 <br>* Team;http://mupen64.emulation64.com/;Other;Graphical;N64,emulator;Mupen64 <br>* is <br>* a <br>* Nintendo <br>* 64 <br>* emulator <br>* with <br>* all <br>* the <br>* sound <br>* and <br>* graphics <br>* plugins <br>* necessary <br>* for <br>* use.;;
-App=MusicPlayerDaemon;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/musicpd.png;MPD <br>* Team;http://mpd.wikia.com;GPL;Text;MPD,audio,player;Music <br>* Player <br>* Daemon <br>* (MPD) <br>* allows <br>* remote <br>* access <br>* for <br>* playing <br>* music <br>* (MP3, <br>* MP4, <br>* Ogg, <br>* Flac, <br>* and <br>* more) <br>* and <br>* managing <br>* playlists. <br>* The <br>* design <br>* focus <br>* is <br>* on <br>* integrating <br>* a <br>* computer <br>* into <br>* a <br>* stereo <br>* system <br>* that <br>* provides <br>* control <br>* for <br>* music <br>* playback <br>* over <br>* a <br>* local <br>* network.;YES;
-App=Mutt;Mail;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/mutt.png;Jeremy <br>* Blosser;http://www.mutt.org/;BSD;Text;email;Mutt <br>* -- <br>* "The <br>* Mongrel <br>* of <br>* Mail <br>* User <br>* Agents" <br>* (part <br>* Elm, <br>* part <br>* Pine, <br>* part <br>* mh, <br>* part <br>* slrn, <br>* part <br>* everything <br>* else) <br>* is <br>* an <br>* interactive <br>* screen-oriented <br>* mailer <br>* program <br>* that <br>* supersedes <br>* Elm, <br>* Pine, <br>* mail <br>* and <br>* mailx. <br>* Features <br>* include <br>* color <br>* support, <br>* message <br>* threading, <br>* MIME <br>* support <br>* (including <br>* RFC1522 <br>* support <br>* for <br>* encoded <br>* headers), <br>* customizable <br>* key <br>* bindings, <br>* POP3, <br>* Delivery <br>* Status <br>* Notification <br>* (DSN) <br>* support, <br>* and <br>* PGP/MIME.;;
-App=MyPaint;Graphics;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/mypaint.png;MyPaint <br>* Team;http://mypaint.intilinux.com/;LGPL;Graphical;graphics,paint;MyPaint <br>* is <br>* a <br>* fast <br>* painting/scribbling <br>* program. <br>* It <br>* supports <br>* pressure <br>* sensitive <br>* graphic <br>* tablets <br>* and <br>* comes <br>* with <br>* an <br>* easy <br>* to <br>* use <br>* brush <br>* collection. <br>* There <br>* is <br>* a <br>* complex <br>* interface <br>* for <br>* creating <br>* your <br>* own <br>* brushes, <br>* focusing <br>* on <br>* brush <br>* dynamics <br>* (changes <br>* with <br>* speed, <br>* pressure, <br>* or <br>* randomly). <br>* The <br>* canvas <br>* size <br>* is <br>* unlimited <br>* and <br>* undo <br>* is <br>* supported, <br>* but <br>* not <br>* layers.;;
-App=MySQL-Workbench;Databases;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/mysql-workbench.png;Oracle;http://dev.mysql.com/workbench/;GPL;Graphical;SQL;MySQL <br>* Workbench <br>* is <br>* a <br>* cross-platform, <br>* visual <br>* database <br>* design <br>* tool <br>* developed <br>* by <br>* MySQL. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* the <br>* highly <br>* anticipated <br>* successor <br>* application <br>* of <br>* the <br>* DBDesigner4 <br>* project.;;
-App=NASM;Development;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/nasm.png;NASM <br>* Team;http://www.nasm.us/;BSD;Text;assembler,language,compiler;The <br>* Netwide <br>* Assembler <br>* (NASM) <br>* is <br>* an <br>* x86 <br>* and <br>* amd64 <br>* (x86-64) <br>* assembler <br>* designed <br>* for <br>* portability <br>* and <br>* modularity. <br>* It <br>* will <br>* output <br>* flat-form <br>* binary <br>* files, <br>* a.out <br>* (Linux <br>* and <br>* *BSD), <br>* COFF, <br>* ELF32, <br>* ELF64, <br>* Mach-O, <br>* Microsoft <br>* OMF <br>* (OBJ), <br>* Win32, <br>* Win64, <br>* as86 <br>* (Minix/Linux <br>* bin86 <br>* v0.3), <br>* LADsoft <br>* IEEE-695, <br>* Intel <br>* hex, <br>* Motorola <br>* S-record, <br>* and <br>* a <br>* home-grown <br>* format <br>* called <br>* RDOFF. <br>* NASM <br>* syntax <br>* is <br>* similar <br>* to <br>* Intel\'s, <br>* but <br>* is <br>* less <br>* complex. <br>* It <br>* supports <br>* Pentium, <br>* P6, <br>* MMX, <br>* 3DNow!, <br>* S!
 SE, <br>* SSE2, <br>* SSE3, <br>* SSE4.1, <br>* SSE4.2, <br>* XOP/FMA4/CVT16 <br>* (rev <br>* 3.03), <br>* and <br>* x64 <br>* opcodes, <br>* among <br>* others. <br>* It <br>* has <br>* strong <br>* support <br>* for <br>* macro <br>* conventions. <br>* The <br>* port <br>* also <br>* includes <br>* NDISASM, <br>* a <br>* binary <br>* file <br>* disassembler <br>* which <br>* uses <br>* the <br>* same <br>* instruction <br>* set <br>* as <br>* NASM.;;
-App=NScache;Web;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/nscache.png;Stefan <br>* Ondrejicka;http://www.idata.sk/~ondrej/nscache/;GPL;Graphical;Netscape,cache,browser;NScache <br>* is <br>* simple <br>* program <br>* for <br>* viewing <br>* and <br>* amanging <br>* contents <br>* of <br>* Netscape(tm) <br>* browsers <br>* cache <br>* directory. <br>* It <br>* have <br>* very <br>* easy <br>* user <br>* interface <br>* writen <br>* by <br>* using <br>* of <br>* GTK+1.2 <br>* widget <br>* libraries. <br>* It <br>* shows <br>* 3 <br>* levels <br>* tree <br>* of <br>* cache <br>* contents. <br>* At <br>* first <br>* level <br>* are <br>* protocols, <br>* at <br>* second <br>* level <br>* are <br>* servers <br>* and <br>* at <br>* third <br>* level <br>* are <br>* regular <br>* documents. <br>* For <br>* each <br>* document <br>* there <br>* is <br>* shown <br>* its <br>* URL, <br>* name <br>* of <br>* cache <br>* file, <br>* its <br>* size, <br>* MIME <br>* type, <br>* encoding <br>*!
  type, <br>* character <br>* set <br>* for <br>* HTML <br>* documents, <br>* modification <br>* time, <br>* access <br>* time <br>* and <br>* time <br>* when <br>* document <br>* expires. <br>* When <br>* you <br>* press <br>* right <br>* mouse <br>* button <br>* inside <br>* tree <br>* list, <br>* you <br>* can <br>* make <br>* any <br>* action <br>* on <br>* selected <br>* item. <br>* You <br>* can <br>* save <br>* file <br>* from <br>* cache <br>* to <br>* other <br>* location, <br>* you <br>* can <br>* remove <br>* files <br>* and <br>* entries <br>* from <br>* chache <br>* (one <br>* or <br>* all <br>* entries <br>* for <br>* server), <br>* or <br>* you <br>* can <br>* compute <br>* numbers <br>* of <br>* documents <br>* in <br>* subtrees <br>* and <br>* size <br>* of <br>* all <br>* documets <br>* in <br>* subtree. <br>* You <br>* can <br>* launch <br>* any <br>* viewer <br>* command <br>* on <br>* cache <br>* file <br>* or <br>* on <br>* source <br>* URL. <br>* The <!
 br>* viewers <br>* you <br>* can <br>* assign <br>* to <br>* a!
 ny <br>* MIME <br>* type. <br>* You <br>* can <br>* also <br>* copy <br>* selected <br>* URL <br>* to <br>* clipboard.;;
-App=NZBGet;News;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/nzbget.png;Andrey <br>* Prygunkov;http://sourceforge.net/projects/nzbget/;GPL;Text;news,reader;NZBGet <br>* is <br>* a <br>* binary <br>* newsgrabber, <br>* which <br>* downloads <br>* files <br>* from <br>* usenet <br>* based <br>* on <br>* information <br>* given <br>* in <br>* nzb-files. <br>* Descriptino <br>* of <br>* nzb <br>* format <br>* is <br>* available <br>* at <br>* http://docs.newzbin.com/;;
-App=Net-SNMP;Network <br>* - <br>* Management;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/net-snmp.png;Net-SNMP <br>* Team;http://net-snmp.sourceforge.net/;BSD;Text;simple,network,management,protocol;This <br>* is <br>* Net-SNMP <br>* (previously <br>* known <br>* as <br>* "ucd-snmp"). <br>* Various <br>* tools <br>* relating <br>* to <br>* the <br>* Simple <br>* Network <br>* Management <br>* Protocol <br>* including: <br>* An <br>* extensible <br>* agent <br>* An <br>* SNMP <br>* library <br>* tools <br>* to <br>* request <br>* or <br>* set <br>* information <br>* from <br>* SNMP <br>* agents <br>* tools <br>* to <br>* generate <br>* and <br>* handle <br>* SNMP <br>* traps <br>* a <br>* version <br>* of <br>* the <br>* unix <br>* \'netstat\' <br>* command <br>* using <br>* SNMP <br>* a <br>* graphical <br>* Perl/Tk/SNMP <br>* based <br>* mib <br>* browser;;
-App=NetBeans;Java;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/netbeans.png;The <br>* NetBeans <br>* Community;http://www.netbeans.org;GPL;Graphical;IDE,C++,java;The <br>* NetBeans <br>* IDE <br>* is <br>* a <br>* world-class <br>* development <br>* environment <br>* written <br>* in <br>* Java. <br>* It <br>* can <br>* be <br>* used <br>* to <br>* develop <br>* code <br>* in <br>* Java, <br>* HTML, <br>* XML, <br>* JSP, <br>* C/C++ <br>* and <br>* other <br>* languages. <br>* The <br>* IDE <br>* is <br>* modular, <br>* and <br>* there <br>* is <br>* a <br>* huge <br>* variety <br>* of <br>* commercial <br>* and <br>* free <br>* extensions <br>* to <br>* it <br>* to <br>* support <br>* various <br>* technologies.;;
-App=NetSurf;Web;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/netsurf.png;The <br>* NetSurf <br>* Developers;http://www.netsurf-browser.org/;GPL;Graphical;web,browser,lightweight;NetSurf <br>* is <br>* a <br>* lightweight <br>* cross-platform <br>* Web <br>* browser. <br>* It <br>* supports <br>* the <br>* HTML <br>* 4 <br>* and <br>* CSS <br>* standards <br>* and <br>* provides <br>* a <br>* small, <br>* fast, <br>* and <br>* comprehensive <br>* Web <br>* browsing <br>* solution. <br>* NetSurf <br>* was <br>* originally <br>* written <br>* for <br>* RISC <br>* OS.;;
-App=Netatalk;Network;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/netatalk.png;Netatalk <br>* development <br>* team;http://netatalk.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Server;apple,macintosh,file,server;Netatalk <br>* is <br>* an <br>* OpenSource <br>* software <br>* package, <br>* that <br>* can <br>* be <br>* used <br>* to <br>* turn <br>* an <br>* inexpensive <br>* *NIX <br>* machine <br>* into <br>* an <br>* extremely <br>* high-performance <br>* and <br>* reliable <br>* file <br>* server <br>* for <br>* Macintosh <br>* computers. <br>* Using <br>* Netatalk\'s <br>* AFP <br>* 3.2 <br>* compliant <br>* file-server <br>* leads <br>* to <br>* significantly <br>* higher <br>* transmission <br>* speeds <br>* compared <br>* with <br>* Macs <br>* accessing <br>* a <br>* server <br>* via <br>* SaMBa/NFS <br>* while <br>* providing <br>* clients <br>* with <br>* the <br>* best <br>* possible <br>* user <br>* experience <br>* (full <br>* support <br>* for <br>* Macintosh <br>* metadata, <br>* flawlessly!
  <br>* supporting <br>* mixed <br>* environments <br>* of <br>* classic <br>* MacOS <br>* and <br>* MacOS <br>* X <br>* clients) <br>* Due <br>* to <br>* Netatalk <br>* speaking <br>* AppleTalk, <br>* the <br>* print-server <br>* task <br>* can <br>* provide <br>* printing <br>* clients <br>* with <br>* full <br>* AppleTalk <br>* support <br>* as <br>* well <br>* as <br>* the <br>* server <br>* itself <br>* with <br>* printing <br>* capabilities <br>* for <br>* AppleTalk-only <br>* printers. <br>* Starting <br>* with <br>* version <br>* 2.0, <br>* Netatalk <br>* seamlessly <br>* interacts <br>* with <br>* CUPS <br>* on <br>* the <br>* server. <br>* After <br>* all, <br>* Netatalk <br>* can <br>* be <br>* used <br>* to <br>* act <br>* as <br>* an <br>* AppleTalk <br>* router, <br>* providing <br>* both <br>* segmentation <br>* and <br>* zone <br>* names <br>* in <br>* Macintosh <br>* networks.;;
-App=Neverball;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/neverball.png;Robert <br>* Kooima;http://icculus.org/neverball/;GPL;Graphical;game,puzzle;Tilt <br>* the <br>* floor <br>* to <br>* roll <br>* a <br>* ball <br>* through <br>* an <br>* obstacle <br>* course <br>* before <br>* time <br>* runs <br>* out. <br>* Neverball <br>* is <br>* part <br>* puzzle <br>* game, <br>* part <br>* action <br>* game, <br>* and <br>* entirely <br>* a <br>* test <br>* of <br>* skill. <br>* Also <br>* found <br>* here <br>* is <br>* Neverputt, <br>* a <br>* hot-seat <br>* multiplayer <br>* miniature <br>* golf <br>* game <br>* using <br>* the <br>* physics <br>* and <br>* graphics <br>* of <br>* Neverball. <br>* Neverball <br>* and <br>* Neverputt <br>* are <br>* known <br>* to <br>* run <br>* under <br>* Linux, <br>* Win2K/XP, <br>* FreeBSD/PC-BSD, <br>* and <br>* OSX. <br>* Hardware <br>* accelerated <br>* OpenGL <br>* is <br>* neccesary. <br>* A <br>* 500MHz <br>* processor <br>* is <br>* !
-App=Nexuiz;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/nexuiz.png;Alientrap <br>* Dev <br>* Team;http://www.alientrap.org/nexuiz/;GPL;Graphical;fps,deathmatch;Nexuiz <br>* is <br>* a <br>* 3d <br>* deathmatch <br>* game <br>* project, <br>* created <br>* online <br>* by <br>* a <br>* team <br>* of <br>* developers <br>* called <br>* Alientrap. <br>* Requirements: <br>* 200mb <br>* of <br>* hard <br>* drive <br>* space;;
-App=Nikto;Security;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/nikto.png;Nikto <br>* development;http://www.cirt.net/nikto2;GPL;Text;scanner,web,server;Nikto <br>* is <br>* an <br>* Open <br>* Source <br>* (GPL) <br>* web <br>* server <br>* scanner <br>* which <br>* performs <br>* comprehensive <br>* tests <br>* against <br>* web <br>* servers <br>* for <br>* multiple <br>* items, <br>* including <br>* over <br>* 3500 <br>* potentially <br>* dangerous <br>* files/CGIs, <br>* versions <br>* on <br>* over <br>* 900 <br>* servers, <br>* and <br>* version <br>* specific <br>* problems <br>* on <br>* over <br>* 250 <br>* servers.;;
-App=Nitrogen;System <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/nitrogen.png;Nitrogen <br>* Team;http://projects.l3ib.org/nitrogen/;GPL;Graphical;wallpaper,setter;Nitrogen <br>* is <br>* a <br>* background <br>* browser <br>* and <br>* setter <br>* for <br>* X <br>* windows. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* written <br>* in <br>* C++ <br>* using <br>* the <br>* gtkmm <br>* toolkit.;;
-App=NoteCase;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/notecase.png;Miroslav <br>* Rajcic;http://notecase.sourceforge.net/;BSD;Graphical;notes,list;NoteCase <br>* is <br>* a <br>* hierarchical <br>* text <br>* notes <br>* manager <br>* (a.k.a. <br>* outliner). <br>* It <br>* helps <br>* you <br>* organize <br>* your <br>* everyday <br>* text <br>* notes <br>* into <br>* a <br>* single <br>* document <br>* with <br>* individual <br>* notes <br>* placed <br>* into <br>* a <br>* tree-like <br>* structure. <br>* To <br>* ensure <br>* your <br>* privacy <br>* an <br>* encrypted <br>* document <br>* format <br>* is <br>* supported <br>* along <br>* with <br>* a <br>* standard <br>* unencrypted <br>* one.;;
-App=NumptyPhysics;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/numptyphysics.png;NumptyPhysics <br>* Team;http://numptyphysics.garage.maemo.org/;GPL;Graphical;game,puzzle;Harness <br>* gravity <br>* with <br>* your <br>* crayon <br>* and <br>* set <br>* about <br>* creating <br>* blocks, <br>* ramps, <br>* levers, <br>* pulleys <br>* and <br>* whatever <br>* else <br>* you <br>* fancy <br>* to <br>* get <br>* the <br>* little <br>* red <br>* thing <br>* to <br>* the <br>* little <br>* yellow <br>* thing.;;
-App=OCP;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/ocp.png;Stian;http://stian.cubic.org/project-ocp.php;GPL;Graphical;audio,player;Open <br>* Cubic <br>* Player <br>* first <br>* appeared <br>* around <br>* December <br>* 1994 <br>* as <br>* a <br>* DOS <br>* binary-only <br>* module <br>* player. <br>* It <br>* supported <br>* many <br>* sound <br>* cards <br>* and <br>* module <br>* formats. <br>* At <br>* some <br>* point, <br>* the <br>* source <br>* code <br>* was <br>* released <br>* to <br>* the <br>* public <br>* under <br>* the <br>* terms <br>* of <br>* the <br>* GNU <br>* General <br>* Public <br>* License, <br>* and <br>* around <br>* 2003 <br>* Stian <br>* Skjelstad <br>* ported <br>* the <br>* code <br>* to <br>* Linux. <br>* In <br>* addition <br>* to <br>* legacy <br>* tracker <br>* formats <br>* such <br>* as <br>* mod, <br>* xm <br>* and <br>* s3m, <br>* Open <br>* Cubic <br>* Player <br>* now <br>* also <br>* supports <br>* mp3, <br>* ogg <br>* and <br>* ay!
  <br>* files <br>* and <br>* can <br>* be <br>* compiled <br>* with <br>* libadplug <br>* support.;;
-App=OGMRip;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/ogmrip.png;Olivier <br>* Rolland;http://ogmrip.sourceforge.net/;GPL/LGPL;Graphical;dvd,ripper;OGMRip <br>* is <br>* an <br>* application <br>* and <br>* a <br>* set <br>* of <br>* libraries <br>* for <br>* ripping <br>* and <br>* encoding <br>* DVD <br>* into <br>* DivX/OGM <br>* files <br>* using <br>* a <br>* wide <br>* variety <br>* of <br>* codecs. <br>* It <br>* relies <br>* on <br>* mplayer, <br>* mencoder, <br>* ogmtools, <br>* oggenc <br>* and <br>* lame <br>* to <br>* perform <br>* its <br>* tasks. <br>* The <br>* GUI <br>* features <br>* a <br>* clean <br>* HIG-compliant <br>* GNOME <br>* 2 <br>* interface <br>* and <br>* tries <br>* to <br>* minimize <br>* as <br>* much <br>* as <br>* possible <br>* esoteric <br>* settings.;;
-App=OpenArena;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/openarena.png;OpenArena <br>* Team;http://www.openarena.ws/;GPL;Graphical;game,quake,fps;OpenArena <br>* is <br>* an <br>* open-source <br>* content <br>* package <br>* for <br>* Quake <br>* III <br>* Arena <br>* licensed <br>* under <br>* the <br>* GPL, <br>* effectively <br>* creating <br>* a <br>* free <br>* stand-alone <br>* game. <br>* You <br>* do <br>* not <br>* need <br>* Quake <br>* III <br>* Arena <br>* to <br>* play <br>* this <br>* game. <br>* System <br>* Reqs: <br>* P2 <br>* 233/K6 <br>* 300 <br>* with <br>* a <br>* good <br>* OpenGL-compliant <br>* video <br>* card <br>* (3D <br>* acceleration <br>* activated).;;
-App=OpenCascade;CAD;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/opencascade.png;Open <br>* Cascade <br>* Technology;http://www.opencascade.org;GPL;Graphical;mesh,3D,CAD;Open <br>* CASCADE <br>* Technology <br>* is <br>* a <br>* software <br>* development <br>* platform <br>* freely <br>* available <br>* in <br>* open <br>* source. <br>* It <br>* includes <br>* components <br>* for <br>* 3D <br>* surface <br>* and <br>* solid <br>* modeling, <br>* visualization, <br>* data <br>* exchange <br>* and <br>* rapid <br>* application <br>* development. <br>* Open <br>* CASCADE <br>* Technology <br>* can <br>* be <br>* best <br>* applied <br>* in <br>* development <br>* of <br>* numerical <br>* simulation <br>* software <br>* including <br>* CAD/CAM/CAE, <br>* AEC <br>* and <br>* GIS, <br>* as <br>* well <br>* as <br>* PDM <br>* applications.;;
-App=OpenCity;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/opencity.png;Duong <br>* Khang <br>* NGUYEN;http://opencity.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;game,simulation,simcity;OpenCity <br>* is <br>* a <br>* full <br>* 3D <br>* city <br>* simulator <br>* game <br>* project. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* written <br>* in <br>* standard <br>* C++ <br>* with <br>* OpenGL <br>* and <br>* SDL <br>* from <br>* scratch. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* not <br>* intended <br>* to <br>* be <br>* a <br>* clone <br>* of <br>* any <br>* famous <br>* city <br>* simulator <br>* from <br>* Max*s. <br>* So, <br>* if <br>* you <br>* are <br>* looking <br>* to <br>* download <br>* a <br>* free <br>* SimCity <br>* 4 <br>* like, <br>* please <br>* forget <br>* OpenCity.;;
-App=OpenConnect;Security;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/openconnect.png;OpenConnect <br>* Team;http://www.infradead.org/openconnect/;LGPL;Text;cisco,anyconnect;OpenConnect <br>* is <br>* a <br>* client <br>* for <br>* Cisco\'s <br>* AnyConnect <br>* SSL <br>* VPN. <br>* Beyond <br>* Cisco\'s <br>* official <br>* client, <br>* OpenConnect <br>* supports <br>* multiple <br>* platforms, <br>* NetworkManager <br>* integration, <br>* and <br>* the <br>* ability <br>* to <br>* run <br>* as <br>* a <br>* user.;;
-App=OpenJDK;Java;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/openjdk.png;Oracle;http://openjdk.java.net/;GPL;Graphical;java,runtime,environment;OpenJDK <br>* is <br>* an <br>* open-source <br>* implementation <br>* of <br>* the <br>* Java <br>* Platform, <br>* Standard <br>* Edition. <br>* Much <br>* of <br>* the <br>* OpenJDK <br>* code <br>* is <br>* licensed <br>* under <br>* the <br>* GPL <br>* version <br>* 2 <br>* with <br>* the <br>* Classpath <br>* exception. <br>* The <br>* Java <br>* Hotspot <br>* virtual <br>* machine <br>* source <br>* code <br>* is <br>* licensed <br>* under <br>* the <br>* GPL <br>* version <br>* 2 <br>* only.;;
-App=OpenLP;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/openlp.png;The <br>* openlp.org <br>* Team;http://openlp.org;GPL;Graphical;slideshows,projection,presentation;OpenLP <br>* is <br>* free <br>* church <br>* presentation <br>* software, <br>* or <br>* lyrics <br>* projection <br>* software, <br>* used <br>* to <br>* display <br>* slides <br>* of <br>* songs, <br>* Bible <br>* verses, <br>* videos, <br>* images, <br>* and <br>* even <br>* presentations <br>* for <br>* church <br>* worship <br>* using <br>* a <br>* computer <br>* and <br>* a <br>* data <br>* projector.;;
-App=OpenLieroX;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/openlierox.png;OpenLieroX <br>* Team;http://openlierox.sourceforge.net/;LGPL;Graphical;game,action,worms,liero;OpenLieroX <br>* is <br>* based <br>* and <br>* compatible <br>* to <br>* the <br>* famous <br>* LieroX. <br>* LieroX <br>* is <br>* a <br>* 2D <br>* shooter <br>* game. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* an <br>* unofficial <br>* sequel <br>* to <br>* Liero, <br>* and <br>* is <br>* the <br>* most <br>* popular <br>* of <br>* all <br>* the <br>* Liero <br>* clones. <br>* It <br>* features <br>* online <br>* play, <br>* fully <br>* customizable <br>* weapons, <br>* levels <br>* and <br>* characters. <br>* Liero <br>* Xtreme <br>* was <br>* created <br>* in <br>* C++ <br>* by <br>* Jason <br>* \'JasonB\' <br>* Boettcher, <br>* an <br>* Australian <br>* programmer. <br>* The <br>* game <br>* is <br>* based <br>* on <br>* a <br>* deathmatch <br>* setting, <br>* where <br>* multiple <br>* players <br>* face <br>* off <br>* i!
 n <br>* a <br>* closed <br>* level. <br>* Each <br>* player <br>* is <br>* equipped <br>* with <br>* five <br>* weapons <br>* selected <br>* out <br>* of <br>* all <br>* the <br>* weapons <br>* allowed, <br>* and <br>* with <br>* a <br>* ninja <br>* rope <br>* that <br>* allows <br>* the <br>* player <br>* to <br>* move <br>* in <br>* any <br>* direction. <br>* Players <br>* begin <br>* with <br>* a <br>* set <br>* amount <br>* of <br>* lives, <br>* and <br>* whilst <br>* the <br>* game <br>* records <br>* the <br>* number <br>* of <br>* kills, <br>* the <br>* last <br>* man <br>* standing <br>* is <br>* usually <br>* considered <br>* the <br>* winner. <br>* LieroX <br>* also <br>* allows <br>* team <br>* deathmatches, <br>* which <br>* has <br>* made <br>* it <br>* common <br>* for <br>* players <br>* to <br>* form <br>* clans. <br>* Because <br>* of <br>* the <br>* huge <br>* community, <br>* there <br>* are <br>* dozens <br>* of <br>* levels <br>* and <br>* mods <br>* av!
 ailable. <br>* You <br>* also <br>* have <br>* no <br>* proble!
 m <br>* to <br>* find <br>* somebody <br>* on <br>* Internet <br>* to <br>* play <br>* with. <br>* Or <br>* if <br>* you <br>* want <br>* to <br>* play <br>* offline, <br>* you <br>* also <br>* can <br>* play <br>* with <br>* bots.;;
-App=OpenMortal;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/openmortal.png;Apocalypse <br>* Entertainment;http://openmortal.sourceforge.net;GPL;Graphical;game,fighting;Open <br>* Mortal <br>* is <br>* a <br>* parody <br>* of <br>* the <br>* once <br>* popular <br>* coin-up <br>* fighting <br>* game, <br>* Mortal <br>* Kombat, <br>* for <br>* Windows <br>* and <br>* Linux. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* currently <br>* playable, <br>* has <br>* 16 <br>* playable <br>* characters, <br>* some <br>* more <br>* in <br>* the <br>* making. <br>* New <br>* characters <br>* can <br>* be <br>* added, <br>* so <br>* be <br>* a <br>* Open <br>* Mortal <br>* actor <br>* today!;;
-App=OpenOffice;Editors;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/openoffice.png;Oracle;http://www.openoffice.org/;GPL;Graphical;Office,Write,Word,Excel,PowerPoint,Impress,Document,Suite;OpenOffice.org <br>* is <br>* an <br>* Open <br>* Source, <br>* community-developed, <br>* multi-platform <br>* office <br>* productivity <br>* suite. <br>* It <br>* includes <br>* the <br>* key <br>* desktop <br>* applications, <br>* such <br>* as <br>* a <br>* word <br>* processor, <br>* spreadsheet, <br>* presentation <br>* manager, <br>* and <br>* drawing <br>* program, <br>* with <br>* a <br>* user <br>* interface <br>* and <br>* feature <br>* set <br>* similar <br>* to <br>* other <br>* office <br>* suites.;
-App=OpenSSN;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/openssn.png;Jesse <br>* Smith;http://openssn.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;game,submarine,tactical;OpenSSN <br>* is <br>* a <br>* modern <br>* submarine <br>* simulator <br>* which <br>* focuses <br>* on <br>* keeping <br>* control <br>* of <br>* the <br>* submarine <br>* simple, <br>* letting <br>* the <br>* player <br>* focus <br>* on <br>* the <br>* tactical <br>* situation.;;
-App=OpenSonic;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/opensonic.png;OpenSonic <br>* Team;http://opensnc.sourceforge.net;GPL;Graphical;game,sonic,hedgehog;Game <br>* based <br>* on <br>* the <br>* "Sonic <br>* the <br>* Hedgehog" <br>* universe. <br>* It <br>* introduces <br>* a <br>* different <br>* style <br>* of <br>* gameplay <br>* called <br>* cooperative <br>* play, <br>* in <br>* which <br>* it\'s <br>* possible <br>* to <br>* control <br>* 3 <br>* characters <br>* simultaneously. <br>* Unlike <br>* most <br>* similar <br>* games, <br>* Open <br>* Sonic <br>* provides <br>* a <br>* greater <br>* level <br>* of <br>* interaction <br>* between <br>* the <br>* player <br>* and <br>* the <br>* levels. <br>* It\'s <br>* more <br>* than <br>* just <br>* a <br>* jump\'n\'run <br>* the <br>* user <br>* must <br>* come <br>* up <br>* with <br>* some <br>* strategy <br>* in <br>* order <br>* to <br>* get <br>* through <br>* the <br>* levels.;;
-App=OpenTTD;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/openttd.png;OpenTTD <br>* Team;http://www.openttd.org/;GPL;Graphical;game,simulation,transport,tycoon;OpenTTD <br>* is <br>* a <br>* clone <br>* of <br>* Transport <br>* Tycoon <br>* Deluxe, <br>* a <br>* popular <br>* Microprose <br>* game <br>* originally <br>* written <br>* by <br>* Chris <br>* Sawyer. <br>* It <br>* attempts <br>* to <br>* mimic <br>* the <br>* original <br>* game <br>* as <br>* closely <br>* as <br>* possible <br>* while <br>* extending <br>* it <br>* with <br>* new <br>* features.;;
-App=OpenTaxSolver;Finance;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/opentaxsolver.png;Aston <br>* Roberts;http://opentaxsolver.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;tax,preparation;OpenTaxSolver <br>* (OTS) <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free <br>* program <br>* for <br>* calculating <br>* Tax <br>* Form <br>* entries <br>* and <br>* tax-owed <br>* or <br>* refund-due, <br>* such <br>* as <br>* US <br>* Federal <br>* or <br>* State <br>* personal <br>* income <br>* taxes. <br>* An <br>* optional <br>* graphical <br>* front-end, <br>* OTS_GUI, <br>* has <br>* been <br>* added. <br>* Preliminary <br>* versions <br>* for <br>* Canada <br>* and <br>* the <br>* United <br>* Kingdom <br>* were <br>* posted <br>* in <br>* previous <br>* years <br>* and <br>* may <br>* be <br>* updated <br>* with <br>* help <br>* from <br>* volunteers. <br>* Motivations <br>* include: <br>* * <br>* To <br>* make <br>* tax <br>* preparation <br>* software <br>* available <br>* for <br>* all <br>* platforms. <br>* * <br>*!
  To <br>* provide <br>* insight <br>* into <br>* how <br>* our <br>* taxes <br>* are <br>* calculated <br>* in <br>* clear <br>* unambiguous <br>* equations/code. <br>* * <br>* To <br>* avoid <br>* invasive, <br>* bloated <br>* commercial <br>* software <br>* packages. <br>* * <br>* To <br>* avoid <br>* rewriting <br>* our <br>* own <br>* individual <br>* programs <br>* each <br>* year <br>* by <br>* combining <br>* efforts. <br>* * <br>* To <br>* provide <br>* a <br>* simple <br>* reliable <br>* tax-package <br>* requiring <br>* only <br>* rudimentary <br>* knowledge <br>* to <br>* maintain.;;
-App=OpenVPN-admin;Security;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/openvpn.png;Everaldo <br>* Canuto <br>* & <br>* Reiner <br>* Jung;http://sourceforge.net/projects/openvpn-admin;LGPL;Graphical;openvpn;OpenVPN-Admin <br>* is <br>* a <br>* GUI <br>* for <br>* running <br>* OpenVPN;;
-App=OpenVPN;Security;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/openvpn.png;OpenVPN <br>* Technologies, <br>* Inc.;http://openvpn.net/index.php/open-source.html;GPL;Text;VPN;OpenVPN <br>* is <br>* a <br>* robust, <br>* scalable <br>* and <br>* highly <br>* configurable <br>* VPN <br>* (Virtual <br>* Private <br>* Network) <br>* daemon <br>* which <br>* can <br>* be <br>* used <br>* to <br>* securely <br>* link <br>* two <br>* or <br>* more <br>* private <br>* networks <br>* using <br>* an <br>* encrypted <br>* tunnel <br>* over <br>* the <br>* internet. <br>* It <br>* can <br>* operate <br>* over <br>* UDP <br>* or <br>* TCP, <br>* can <br>* use <br>* SSL <br>* or <br>* a <br>* pre-shared <br>* secret <br>* to <br>* authenticate <br>* peers, <br>* and <br>* in <br>* SSL <br>* mode, <br>* one <br>* server <br>* can <br>* handle <br>* many <br>* clients.;;
-App=OpenYahtzee;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/openyahtzee.png;Guy <br>* Rutenberg;http://www.openyahtzee.org/;GPL;Graphical;game,dice;Open <br>* Yhatzee <br>* is <br>* an <br>* open-source <br>* (free) <br>* version <br>* of <br>* the <br>* classic <br>* dice <br>* game <br>* Yahtzee. <br>* Open <br>* Yahtzee <br>* is <br>* built <br>* to <br>* be <br>* OS <br>* portable, <br>* that <br>* means <br>* you <br>* can <br>* run <br>* it <br>* on <br>* many <br>* kinds <br>* of <br>* different <br>* operating <br>* systems <br>* and <br>* platforms. <br>* The <br>* portability <br>* is <br>* mainly <br>* achived <br>* via <br>* wxWidgets <br>* which <br>* also <br>* gives <br>* Open <br>* Yahtzee <br>* a <br>* native <br>* look <br>* on <br>* each <br>* platform.;;
-App=Openfire;Network <br>* - <br>* IM;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/openfire.png;Jive <br>* Software;http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/openfire/index.jsp;Apache <br>* License;Server;collaboration,server,im;Openfire <br>* (formerly <br>* Wildfire) <br>* is <br>* an <br>* enterprise <br>* instant <br>* messaging <br>* (EIM) <br>* server <br>* dual-licensed <br>* under <br>* the <br>* Open <br>* Source <br>* GPL <br>* and <br>* commercially. <br>* It <br>* uses <br>* the <br>* leading <br>* open <br>* protocol <br>* for <br>* instant <br>* messaging, <br>* XMPP <br>* (also <br>* called <br>* Jabber). <br>* Openfire <br>* is <br>* incredibly <br>* easy <br>* to <br>* setup <br>* and <br>* administer, <br>* but <br>* offers <br>* rock-solid <br>* security <br>* and <br>* performance.;;
-App=Openoffice-DE;Editors;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/openoffice.png;The <br>* OpenOffice.org <br>* Team;http://www.openoffice.org/;LGPL;Graphical;office,excel,powerpoint,word,editor;German <br>* Version <br>* =============== <br>* OpenOffice.org <br>* is <br>* an <br>* Open <br>* Source, <br>* community-developed, <br>* multi-platform <br>* office <br>* productivity <br>* suite. <br>* It <br>* includes <br>* the <br>* key <br>* desktop <br>* applications, <br>* such <br>* as <br>* a <br>* word <br>* processor, <br>* spreadsheet, <br>* presentation <br>* manager, <br>* and <br>* drawing <br>* program, <br>* with <br>* a <br>* user <br>* interface <br>* and <br>* feature <br>* set <br>* similar <br>* to <br>* other <br>* office <br>* suites. <br>* Components <br>* include: <br>* * <br>* A <br>* universal <br>* word <br>* processing <br>* application <br>* for <br>* creating <br>* business <br>* letters, <br>* extensive <br>* text <br>* documents, <br>* professional <b!
 r>* layouts, <br>* and <br>* HTML <br>* documents. <br>* * <br>* A <br>* sophisticated <br>* application <br>* for <br>* performing <br>* advanced <br>* spreadsheet <br>* functions, <br>* such <br>* as <br>* analyzing <br>* figures, <br>* creating <br>* lists, <br>* and <br>* viewing <br>* data. <br>* * <br>* A <br>* tool <br>* for <br>* creating <br>* effective <br>* eye-catching <br>* presentations. <br>* * <br>* A <br>* vector-oriented <br>* draw <br>* module <br>* that <br>* enables <br>* the <br>* creation <br>* of <br>* 3D <br>* illustrations;;
-App=Openoffice-ES;Editors;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/openoffice.png;The <br>* OpenOffice.org <br>* Team;http://www.openoffice.org/;LGPL;Graphical;office,excel,powerpoint,word,editor;Spanish <br>* Version <br>* =============== <br>* OpenOffice.org <br>* is <br>* an <br>* Open <br>* Source, <br>* community-developed, <br>* multi-platform <br>* office <br>* productivity <br>* suite. <br>* It <br>* includes <br>* the <br>* key <br>* desktop <br>* applications, <br>* such <br>* as <br>* a <br>* word <br>* processor, <br>* spreadsheet, <br>* presentation <br>* manager, <br>* and <br>* drawing <br>* program, <br>* with <br>* a <br>* user <br>* interface <br>* and <br>* feature <br>* set <br>* similar <br>* to <br>* other <br>* office <br>* suites. <br>* Components <br>* include: <br>* * <br>* A <br>* universal <br>* word <br>* processing <br>* application <br>* for <br>* creating <br>* business <br>* letters, <br>* extensive <br>* text <br>* documents, <br>* professional <!
 br>* layouts, <br>* and <br>* HTML <br>* documents. <br>* * <br>* A <br>* sophisticated <br>* application <br>* for <br>* performing <br>* advanced <br>* spreadsheet <br>* functions, <br>* such <br>* as <br>* analyzing <br>* figures, <br>* creating <br>* lists, <br>* and <br>* viewing <br>* data. <br>* * <br>* A <br>* tool <br>* for <br>* creating <br>* effective <br>* eye-catching <br>* presentations. <br>* * <br>* A <br>* vector-oriented <br>* draw <br>* module <br>* that <br>* enables <br>* the <br>* creation <br>* of <br>* 3D <br>* illustrations;;
-App=Openoffice-ET;Editors;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/openoffice.png;The <br>* OpenOffice.org <br>* Team;http://www.openoffice.org/;LGPL;Graphical;office,excel,powerpoint,word,editor;Estonian <br>* Version <br>* =============== <br>* OpenOffice.org <br>* is <br>* an <br>* Open <br>* Source, <br>* community-developed, <br>* multi-platform <br>* office <br>* productivity <br>* suite. <br>* It <br>* includes <br>* the <br>* key <br>* desktop <br>* applications, <br>* such <br>* as <br>* a <br>* word <br>* processor, <br>* spreadsheet, <br>* presentation <br>* manager, <br>* and <br>* drawing <br>* program, <br>* with <br>* a <br>* user <br>* interface <br>* and <br>* feature <br>* set <br>* similar <br>* to <br>* other <br>* office <br>* suites. <br>* Components <br>* include: <br>* * <br>* A <br>* universal <br>* word <br>* processing <br>* application <br>* for <br>* creating <br>* business <br>* letters, <br>* extensive <br>* text <br>* documents, <br>* professional !
 <br>* layouts, <br>* and <br>* HTML <br>* documents. <br>* * <br>* A <br>* sophisticated <br>* application <br>* for <br>* performing <br>* advanced <br>* spreadsheet <br>* functions, <br>* such <br>* as <br>* analyzing <br>* figures, <br>* creating <br>* lists, <br>* and <br>* viewing <br>* data. <br>* * <br>* A <br>* tool <br>* for <br>* creating <br>* effective <br>* eye-catching <br>* presentations. <br>* * <br>* A <br>* vector-oriented <br>* draw <br>* module <br>* that <br>* enables <br>* the <br>* creation <br>* of <br>* 3D <br>* illustrations;;
-App=Openoffice-FR;Editors;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/openoffice.png;The <br>* OpenOffice.org <br>* Team;http://www.openoffice.org/;LGPL;Graphical;office,excel,powerpoint,word,editor;French <br>* Version <br>* =============== <br>* OpenOffice.org <br>* is <br>* an <br>* Open <br>* Source, <br>* community-developed, <br>* multi-platform <br>* office <br>* productivity <br>* suite. <br>* It <br>* includes <br>* the <br>* key <br>* desktop <br>* applications, <br>* such <br>* as <br>* a <br>* word <br>* processor, <br>* spreadsheet, <br>* presentation <br>* manager, <br>* and <br>* drawing <br>* program, <br>* with <br>* a <br>* user <br>* interface <br>* and <br>* feature <br>* set <br>* similar <br>* to <br>* other <br>* office <br>* suites. <br>* Components <br>* include: <br>* * <br>* A <br>* universal <br>* word <br>* processing <br>* application <br>* for <br>* creating <br>* business <br>* letters, <br>* extensive <br>* text <br>* documents, <br>* professional <b!
 r>* layouts, <br>* and <br>* HTML <br>* documents. <br>* * <br>* A <br>* sophisticated <br>* application <br>* for <br>* performing <br>* advanced <br>* spreadsheet <br>* functions, <br>* such <br>* as <br>* analyzing <br>* figures, <br>* creating <br>* lists, <br>* and <br>* viewing <br>* data. <br>* * <br>* A <br>* tool <br>* for <br>* creating <br>* effective <br>* eye-catching <br>* presentations. <br>* * <br>* A <br>* vector-oriented <br>* draw <br>* module <br>* that <br>* enables <br>* the <br>* creation <br>* of <br>* 3D <br>* illustrations.;;
-App=Openoffice-IT;Editors;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/openoffice.png;The <br>* OpenOffice.org <br>* Team;http://www.openoffice.org/;LGPL;Graphical;office,excel,powerpoint,word,editor;Italian <br>* Version <br>* =============== <br>* OpenOffice.org <br>* is <br>* an <br>* Open <br>* Source, <br>* community-developed, <br>* multi-platform <br>* office <br>* productivity <br>* suite. <br>* It <br>* includes <br>* the <br>* key <br>* desktop <br>* applications, <br>* such <br>* as <br>* a <br>* word <br>* processor, <br>* spreadsheet, <br>* presentation <br>* manager, <br>* and <br>* drawing <br>* program, <br>* with <br>* a <br>* user <br>* interface <br>* and <br>* feature <br>* set <br>* similar <br>* to <br>* other <br>* office <br>* suites. <br>* Components <br>* include: <br>* * <br>* A <br>* universal <br>* word <br>* processing <br>* application <br>* for <br>* creating <br>* business <br>* letters, <br>* extensive <br>* text <br>* documents, <br>* professional <!
 br>* layouts, <br>* and <br>* HTML <br>* documents. <br>* * <br>* A <br>* sophisticated <br>* application <br>* for <br>* performing <br>* advanced <br>* spreadsheet <br>* functions, <br>* such <br>* as <br>* analyzing <br>* figures, <br>* creating <br>* lists, <br>* and <br>* viewing <br>* data. <br>* * <br>* A <br>* tool <br>* for <br>* creating <br>* effective <br>* eye-catching <br>* presentations. <br>* * <br>* A <br>* vector-oriented <br>* draw <br>* module <br>* that <br>* enables <br>* the <br>* creation <br>* of <br>* 3D <br>* illustrations;;
-App=Openoffice-JA;Editors;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/openoffice.png;The <br>* OpenOffice.org <br>* Team;http://www.openoffice.org/;LGPL;Graphical;office,excel,powerpoint,word,editor;Japanese <br>* Version <br>* =============== <br>* OpenOffice.org <br>* is <br>* an <br>* Open <br>* Source, <br>* community-developed, <br>* multi-platform <br>* office <br>* productivity <br>* suite. <br>* It <br>* includes <br>* the <br>* key <br>* desktop <br>* applications, <br>* such <br>* as <br>* a <br>* word <br>* processor, <br>* spreadsheet, <br>* presentation <br>* manager, <br>* and <br>* drawing <br>* program, <br>* with <br>* a <br>* user <br>* interface <br>* and <br>* feature <br>* set <br>* similar <br>* to <br>* other <br>* office <br>* suites. <br>* Components <br>* include: <br>* * <br>* A <br>* universal <br>* word <br>* processing <br>* application <br>* for <br>* creating <br>* business <br>* letters, <br>* extensive <br>* text <br>* documents, <br>* professional !
 <br>* layouts, <br>* and <br>* HTML <br>* documents. <br>* * <br>* A <br>* sophisticated <br>* application <br>* for <br>* performing <br>* advanced <br>* spreadsheet <br>* functions, <br>* such <br>* as <br>* analyzing <br>* figures, <br>* creating <br>* lists, <br>* and <br>* viewing <br>* data. <br>* * <br>* A <br>* tool <br>* for <br>* creating <br>* effective <br>* eye-catching <br>* presentations. <br>* * <br>* A <br>* vector-oriented <br>* draw <br>* module <br>* that <br>* enables <br>* the <br>* creation <br>* of <br>* 3D <br>* illustrations;;
-App=Openoffice-PL;Editors;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/openoffice.png;The <br>* OpenOffice.org <br>* Team;http://www.openoffice.org/;LGPL;Graphical;office,excel,powerpoint,word,editor;Polish <br>* Version <br>* =============== <br>* OpenOffice.org <br>* is <br>* an <br>* Open <br>* Source, <br>* community-developed, <br>* multi-platform <br>* office <br>* productivity <br>* suite. <br>* It <br>* includes <br>* the <br>* key <br>* desktop <br>* applications, <br>* such <br>* as <br>* a <br>* word <br>* processor, <br>* spreadsheet, <br>* presentation <br>* manager, <br>* and <br>* drawing <br>* program, <br>* with <br>* a <br>* user <br>* interface <br>* and <br>* feature <br>* set <br>* similar <br>* to <br>* other <br>* office <br>* suites. <br>* Components <br>* include: <br>* * <br>* A <br>* universal <br>* word <br>* processing <br>* application <br>* for <br>* creating <br>* business <br>* letters, <br>* extensive <br>* text <br>* documents, <br>* professional <b!
 r>* layouts, <br>* and <br>* HTML <br>* documents. <br>* * <br>* A <br>* sophisticated <br>* application <br>* for <br>* performing <br>* advanced <br>* spreadsheet <br>* functions, <br>* such <br>* as <br>* analyzing <br>* figures, <br>* creating <br>* lists, <br>* and <br>* viewing <br>* data. <br>* * <br>* A <br>* tool <br>* for <br>* creating <br>* effective <br>* eye-catching <br>* presentations. <br>* * <br>* A <br>* vector-oriented <br>* draw <br>* module <br>* that <br>* enables <br>* the <br>* creation <br>* of <br>* 3D <br>* illustrations;;
-App=Openoffice-PT;Editors;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/openoffice.png;The <br>* OpenOffice.org <br>* Team;http://www.openoffice.org/;LGPL;Graphical;office,excel,powerpoint,word,editor;Portuguese <br>* Version <br>* =============== <br>* OpenOffice.org <br>* is <br>* an <br>* Open <br>* Source, <br>* community-developed, <br>* multi-platform <br>* office <br>* productivity <br>* suite. <br>* It <br>* includes <br>* the <br>* key <br>* desktop <br>* applications, <br>* such <br>* as <br>* a <br>* word <br>* processor, <br>* spreadsheet, <br>* presentation <br>* manager, <br>* and <br>* drawing <br>* program, <br>* with <br>* a <br>* user <br>* interface <br>* and <br>* feature <br>* set <br>* similar <br>* to <br>* other <br>* office <br>* suites. <br>* Components <br>* include: <br>* * <br>* A <br>* universal <br>* word <br>* processing <br>* application <br>* for <br>* creating <br>* business <br>* letters, <br>* extensive <br>* text <br>* documents, <br>* professiona!
 l <br>* layouts, <br>* and <br>* HTML <br>* documents. <br>* * <br>* A <br>* sophisticated <br>* application <br>* for <br>* performing <br>* advanced <br>* spreadsheet <br>* functions, <br>* such <br>* as <br>* analyzing <br>* figures, <br>* creating <br>* lists, <br>* and <br>* viewing <br>* data. <br>* * <br>* A <br>* tool <br>* for <br>* creating <br>* effective <br>* eye-catching <br>* presentations. <br>* * <br>* A <br>* vector-oriented <br>* draw <br>* module <br>* that <br>* enables <br>* the <br>* creation <br>* of <br>* 3D <br>* illustrations;;
-App=Openoffice-PT_BR;Editors;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/openoffice.png;The <br>* OpenOffice.org <br>* Team;http://www.openoffice.org/;LGPL;Graphical;office,excel,powerpoint,word,editor;Brazilian <br>* Portuguese <br>* Version <br>* =============== <br>* OpenOffice.org <br>* is <br>* an <br>* Open <br>* Source, <br>* community-developed, <br>* multi-platform <br>* office <br>* productivity <br>* suite. <br>* It <br>* includes <br>* the <br>* key <br>* desktop <br>* applications, <br>* such <br>* as <br>* a <br>* word <br>* processor, <br>* spreadsheet, <br>* presentation <br>* manager, <br>* and <br>* drawing <br>* program, <br>* with <br>* a <br>* user <br>* interface <br>* and <br>* feature <br>* set <br>* similar <br>* to <br>* other <br>* office <br>* suites. <br>* Components <br>* include: <br>* * <br>* A <br>* universal <br>* word <br>* processing <br>* application <br>* for <br>* creating <br>* business <br>* letters, <br>* extensive <br>* text <br>* documents!
 , <br>* professional <br>* layouts, <br>* and <br>* HTML <br>* documents. <br>* * <br>* A <br>* sophisticated <br>* application <br>* for <br>* performing <br>* advanced <br>* spreadsheet <br>* functions, <br>* such <br>* as <br>* analyzing <br>* figures, <br>* creating <br>* lists, <br>* and <br>* viewing <br>* data. <br>* * <br>* A <br>* tool <br>* for <br>* creating <br>* effective <br>* eye-catching <br>* presentations. <br>* * <br>* A <br>* vector-oriented <br>* draw <br>* module <br>* that <br>* enables <br>* the <br>* creation <br>* of <br>* 3D <br>* illustrations;;
-App=Openoffice-RU;Editors;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/openoffice.png;The <br>* OpenOffice.org <br>* Team;http://www.openoffice.org/;LGPL;Graphical;office,excel,powerpoint,word,editor;Russian <br>* Version <br>* =============== <br>* OpenOffice.org <br>* is <br>* an <br>* Open <br>* Source, <br>* community-developed, <br>* multi-platform <br>* office <br>* productivity <br>* suite. <br>* It <br>* includes <br>* the <br>* key <br>* desktop <br>* applications, <br>* such <br>* as <br>* a <br>* word <br>* processor, <br>* spreadsheet, <br>* presentation <br>* manager, <br>* and <br>* drawing <br>* program, <br>* with <br>* a <br>* user <br>* interface <br>* and <br>* feature <br>* set <br>* similar <br>* to <br>* other <br>* office <br>* suites. <br>* Components <br>* include: <br>* * <br>* A <br>* universal <br>* word <br>* processing <br>* application <br>* for <br>* creating <br>* business <br>* letters, <br>* extensive <br>* text <br>* documents, <br>* professional <!
 br>* layouts, <br>* and <br>* HTML <br>* documents. <br>* * <br>* A <br>* sophisticated <br>* application <br>* for <br>* performing <br>* advanced <br>* spreadsheet <br>* functions, <br>* such <br>* as <br>* analyzing <br>* figures, <br>* creating <br>* lists, <br>* and <br>* viewing <br>* data. <br>* * <br>* A <br>* tool <br>* for <br>* creating <br>* effective <br>* eye-catching <br>* presentations. <br>* * <br>* A <br>* vector-oriented <br>* draw <br>* module <br>* that <br>* enables <br>* the <br>* creation <br>* of <br>* 3D <br>* illustrations;;
-App=Openoffice-UK;Editors;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/openoffice.png;The <br>* OpenOffice.org <br>* Team;http://www.openoffice.org/;LGPL;Graphical;office,excel,powerpoint,word,editor;Ukrainian <br>* Version <br>* =============== <br>* OpenOffice.org <br>* is <br>* an <br>* Open <br>* Source, <br>* community-developed, <br>* multi-platform <br>* office <br>* productivity <br>* suite. <br>* It <br>* includes <br>* the <br>* key <br>* desktop <br>* applications, <br>* such <br>* as <br>* a <br>* word <br>* processor, <br>* spreadsheet, <br>* presentation <br>* manager, <br>* and <br>* drawing <br>* program, <br>* with <br>* a <br>* user <br>* interface <br>* and <br>* feature <br>* set <br>* similar <br>* to <br>* other <br>* office <br>* suites. <br>* Components <br>* include: <br>* * <br>* A <br>* universal <br>* word <br>* processing <br>* application <br>* for <br>* creating <br>* business <br>* letters, <br>* extensive <br>* text <br>* documents, <br>* professional!
  <br>* layouts, <br>* and <br>* HTML <br>* documents. <br>* * <br>* A <br>* sophisticated <br>* application <br>* for <br>* performing <br>* advanced <br>* spreadsheet <br>* functions, <br>* such <br>* as <br>* analyzing <br>* figures, <br>* creating <br>* lists, <br>* and <br>* viewing <br>* data. <br>* * <br>* A <br>* tool <br>* for <br>* creating <br>* effective <br>* eye-catching <br>* presentations. <br>* * <br>* A <br>* vector-oriented <br>* draw <br>* module <br>* that <br>* enables <br>* the <br>* creation <br>* of <br>* 3D <br>* illustrations;;
-App=Openoffice-ZH_TW;Editors;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/openoffice.png;The <br>* OpenOffice.org <br>* Team;http://www.openoffice.org/;LGPL;Graphical;office,excel,powerpoint,word,editor;Chinese/Taiwan <br>* Version <br>* =============== <br>* OpenOffice.org <br>* is <br>* an <br>* Open <br>* Source, <br>* community-developed, <br>* multi-platform <br>* office <br>* productivity <br>* suite. <br>* It <br>* includes <br>* the <br>* key <br>* desktop <br>* applications, <br>* such <br>* as <br>* a <br>* word <br>* processor, <br>* spreadsheet, <br>* presentation <br>* manager, <br>* and <br>* drawing <br>* program, <br>* with <br>* a <br>* user <br>* interface <br>* and <br>* feature <br>* set <br>* similar <br>* to <br>* other <br>* office <br>* suites. <br>* Components <br>* include: <br>* * <br>* A <br>* universal <br>* word <br>* processing <br>* application <br>* for <br>* creating <br>* business <br>* letters, <br>* extensive <br>* text <br>* documents, <br>* prof!
 essional <br>* layouts, <br>* and <br>* HTML <br>* documents. <br>* * <br>* A <br>* sophisticated <br>* application <br>* for <br>* performing <br>* advanced <br>* spreadsheet <br>* functions, <br>* such <br>* as <br>* analyzing <br>* figures, <br>* creating <br>* lists, <br>* and <br>* viewing <br>* data. <br>* * <br>* A <br>* tool <br>* for <br>* creating <br>* effective <br>* eye-catching <br>* presentations. <br>* * <br>* A <br>* vector-oriented <br>* draw <br>* module <br>* that <br>* enables <br>* the <br>* creation <br>* of <br>* 3D <br>* illustrations;;
-App=Openshot;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/openshot.png;Jonathan <br>* Thomas;http://www.openshot.org/;GPL;Graphical;video,editor;OpenShot <br>* Video <br>* Editor <br>* is <br>* a <br>* program <br>* designed <br>* to <br>* create <br>* videos <br>* on <br>* Linux. <br>* It <br>* can <br>* easily <br>* combine <br>* multiple <br>* video <br>* clips, <br>* audio <br>* clips, <br>* and <br>* images <br>* into <br>* a <br>* single <br>* project, <br>* and <br>* then <br>* export <br>* the <br>* video <br>* into <br>* many <br>* common <br>* video <br>* formats. <br>* OpenShot <br>* is <br>* a <br>* non-linear <br>* video <br>* editor, <br>* which <br>* means <br>* any <br>* frame <br>* of <br>* video <br>* can <br>* be <br>* accessed <br>* at <br>* any <br>* time, <br>* and <br>* thus <br>* the <br>* video <br>* clips <br>* can <br>* be <br>* layered, <br>* mixed, <br>* and <br>* arranged <br>* in <br>* very <br>* creative <br>* ways. <br>* All <br>* video <br!
 >* clip <br>* edits <br>* (trimming, <br>* cutting, <br>* etc...) <br>* are <br>* non-destructive, <br>* meaning <br>* that <br>* the <br>* original <br>* video <br>* clips <br>* are <br>* never <br>* modified.;;
-App=Opera;Web;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/opera.png;Opera <br>* Software <br>* ASA;http://www.opera.com;Commercial;Graphical;web,browser;Opera <br>* is <br>* a <br>* full-featured <br>* Internet <br>* suite <br>* with <br>* e-mail, <br>* bittorrent <br>* and <br>* irc <br>* clients. <br>* The <br>* award-winning <br>* Opera <br>* Web <br>* browser <br>* The <br>* coolest, <br>* fastest, <br>* and <br>* most <br>* secure <br>* free <br>* Web <br>* browser <br>* available. <br>* Try <br>* it <br>* now <br>* to <br>* see <br>* just <br>* how <br>* great <br>* your <br>* Internet <br>* experience <br>* can <br>* be.;;
-App=Orage;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/orage.png;Juha <br>* Kautto;http://www.xfce.org/projects/orage/;GPL;Graphical;calender,time,management,tracker;Orage <br>* provides <br>* a <br>* calendar <br>* which <br>* integrates <br>* nicely <br>* into <br>* the <br>* Xfce <br>* desktop <br>* environment. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* highly <br>* configurable <br>* and <br>* supports <br>* alerts <br>* based <br>* on <br>* dates. <br>* It <br>* warns <br>* you <br>* with <br>* popup <br>* or <br>* audio <br>* alarm. <br>* As <br>* it <br>* is <br>* an <br>* application <br>* kind-of <br>* every <br>* day <br>* use <br>* it <br>* launches <br>* itself <br>* in <br>* the <br>* background <br>* as <br>* a <br>* daemon.;;
-App=Osmo;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/osmo.png;Osmo <br>* Team;http://clayo.org/osmo;GPL;Graphical;organizer,calender;Osmo <br>* is <br>* a <br>* handy <br>* personal <br>* organizer, <br>* which <br>* includes <br>* calendar, <br>* tasks <br>* manager, <br>* address <br>* book <br>* and <br>* notes <br>* modules. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* a <br>* GTK+ <br>* based <br>* tool <br>* which <br>* uses <br>* a <br>* plain <br>* XML <br>* database <br>* to <br>* store <br>* all <br>* personal <br>* data.;;
-App=PACpl;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/pacpl.png;Philip <br>* Lyons;http://pacpl.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Text;perl,audio,converter;Perl <br>* Audio <br>* Converter <br>* (PAC) <br>* is <br>* a <br>* tool <br>* for <br>* converting <br>* multiple <br>* audio <br>* types <br>* from <br>* one <br>* format <br>* to <br>* another. <br>* It <br>* supports <br>* MP2, <br>* MP3, <br>* Ogg <br>* Vorbis, <br>* FLAC, <br>* Shorten, <br>* Monkey <br>* Audio, <br>* FAAC <br>* (AAC/M4A/MP4), <br>* Musepack <br>* (MPC), <br>* Wavpack <br>* (WV), <br>* OptimFrog <br>* (OFR/OFS), <br>* TTA, <br>* LPAC, <br>* Kexis <br>* (KXS), <br>* AIFF, <br>* AC3, <br>* Lossless <br>* Audio <br>* (LA), <br>* BONK, <br>* AU, <br>* SND, <br>* RAW, <br>* VOC, <br>* SMP, <br>* RealAudio <br>* (RA/RAM), <br>* WAV, <br>* and <br>* WMA. <br>* It <br>* can <br>* also <br>* convert <br>* audio <br>* from <br>* the <br>* following <br>* video <br>* formats/extensions: <br>* RM, <br>* RV, <br>* ASF, <br>* D!
 ivX, <br>* MPG, <br>* MKV, <br>* MPEG, <br>* AVI, <br>* MOV, <br>* OGM, <br>* QT, <br>* VCD, <br>* VOB, <br>* and <br>* WMV. <br>* A <br>* CD <br>* ripping <br>* function <br>* with <br>* CDDB <br>* support, <br>* batch <br>* and <br>* playlist <br>* conversion, <br>* tag <br>* preservation <br>* for <br>* most <br>* supported <br>* formats, <br>* independent <br>* tag <br>* reading/ <br>* writing, <br>* and <br>* extensions <br>* for <br>* Konqueror <br>* and <br>* Amarok <br>* are <br>* also <br>* provided.;;
-App=PAVUcontrol;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/pavucontrol.png;Lennart <br>* Poettering <br>* and <br>* Colin <br>* Guthrie;http://0pointer.de/lennart/projects/pavucontrol/;GPL;Graphical;pulseaudio,mixer;PulseAudio <br>* Volume <br>* Control <br>* (pavucontrol) <br>* is <br>* a <br>* simple <br>* GTK <br>* based <br>* volume <br>* control <br>* tool <br>* ("mixer") <br>* for <br>* the <br>* PulseAudio <br>* sound <br>* server. <br>* In <br>* contrast <br>* to <br>* classic <br>* mixer <br>* tools <br>* this <br>* one <br>* allows <br>* you <br>* to <br>* control <br>* both <br>* the <br>* volume <br>* of <br>* hardware <br>* devices <br>* and <br>* of <br>* each <br>* playback <br>* stream <br>* separately.;;
-App=PAVUmeter;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/pavumeter.png;Lennart <br>* Poettering;http://0pointer.de/lennart/projects/pavumeter/;GPL;Graphical;pulseaudio,meter;PulseAudio <br>* Volume <br>* Meter <br>* (pavumeter) <br>* is <br>* a <br>* simple <br>* GTK <br>* volume <br>* meter <br>* for <br>* the <br>* PulseAudio <br>* sound <br>* server.;;
-App=PAdevchooser;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/padevchooser.png;Lennart <br>* Poettering;http://0pointer.de/lennart/projects/padevchooser/;GPL;Graphical;pulse,audio,device,chooser;PulseAudio <br>* Device <br>* Chooser <br>* (padevchooser) <br>* is <br>* a <br>* simple <br>* GTK <br>* tool <br>* which <br>* registers <br>* an <br>* icon <br>* in <br>* the <br>* tray <br>* area <br>* and <br>* allows <br>* quick <br>* access <br>* to <br>* some <br>* features <br>* of <br>* the <br>* PulseAudio <br>* sound <br>* server. <br>* Specifically <br>* it <br>* can <br>* do <br>* for <br>* you: <br>* - <br>* Notify <br>* about <br>* new <br>* sink/sources <br>* becoming <br>* available <br>* on <br>* the <br>* LAN <br>* - <br>* Quickly <br>* change <br>* the <br>* default <br>* PulseAudio <br>* sink/source/server <br>* assigned <br>* to <br>* the <br>* current <br>* X11 <br>* display, <br>* selecting <br>* devices <br>* available <br>* on <br>* the <br>* LAN <br>* - <br>* !
 Start <br>* the <br>* auxiliary <br>* tools <br>* PulseAudio <br>* Volume <br>* Control, <br>* PulseAudio <br>* Volume <br>* Meter, <br>* PulseAudio <br>* Manager, <br>* PulseAudio <br>* Preferences;;
-App=PBIMaker;System <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/pbimaker.png;Jesse <br>* Smith;http://makeapbi.sourceforge.net/;BSD;Text;PBI,port,module;The <br>* Make-A-PBI <br>* program <br>* takes <br>* a <br>* port <br>* from <br>* the <br>* FreeBSD <br>* Ports <br>* tree <br>* and <br>* creates <br>* from <br>* it <br>* a <br>* PBI <br>* module. <br>* This <br>* module <br>* can <br>* then <br>* be <br>* used <br>* to <br>* create <br>* PBI <br>* packages. <br>* Make-A-PBI <br>* automates <br>* most <br>* aspects <br>* of <br>* the <br>* module <br>* creating <br>* process, <br>* setting <br>* up <br>* the <br>* required <br>* files <br>* and <br>* directories <br>* and <br>* collecting <br>* information <br>* from <br>* the <br>* port.;;
-App=PCManFM;X11 <br>* - <br>* File <br>* Managers;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/pcmanfm.png;Hong <br>* Jen <br>* Yee;http://pcmanfm.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;file,manager;An <br>* extremly <br>* fast <br>* and <br>* lightweight <br>* file <br>* manager <br>* which <br>* features <br>* tabbed <br>* browsing <br>* and <br>* user-friendly <br>* interface. <br>* Features: <br>* <br>o <br>* Extremely <br>* fast <br>* and <br>* lightweight <br>* <br>o <br>* Can <br>* be <br>* started <br>* in <br>* one <br>* second <br>* on <br>* normal <br>* machine <br>* <br>o <br>* Tabbed <br>* browsing <br>* (Similar <br>* to <br>* Firefox) <br>* <br>o <br>* Built-in <br>* volume <br>* management <br>* (mount/umount/eject <br>* through <br>* HAL) <br>* <br>o <br>* Drag <br>* & <br>* Drop <br>* support <br>* <br>o <br>* Files <br>* can <br>* be <br>* dragged <br>* among <br>* tabs <br>* <br>o <br>* Load <br>* large <br>* directories <br>* in <br>* reasonable <br>* time <br>* <br>o <b!
 r>* File <br>* association <br>* support <br>* (Default <br>* application) <br>* <br>o <br>* Thumbnail <br>* for <br>* image <br>* files <br>* <br>o <br>* Bookmarks <br>* support <br>* <br>o <br>* Handles <br>* non-UTF-8 <br>* encoded <br>* filenames <br>* correctly <br>* <br>o <br>* Provide <br>* icon <br>* view <br>* and <br>* detailed <br>* list <br>* view <br>* <br>o <br>* Standard <br>* compliant <br>* (Follows <br>* FreeDesktop.org) <br>* <br>o <br>* Clean <br>* and <br>* user-friendly <br>* interface <br>* (GTK+ <br>* 2);;
-App=PDFedit;Editors;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/pdfedit.png;PDFedit <br>* Team;http://pdfedit.petricek.net;GPL;Graphical;pdf,editor;Free <br>* (and <br>* open <br>* source) <br>* editor <br>* for <br>* manipulating <br>* PDF <br>* documents. <br>* GUI <br>* version <br>* + <br>* commandline <br>* interface. <br>* Scripting <br>* is <br>* used <br>* to <br>* a <br>* great <br>* extent <br>* in <br>* editor <br>* and <br>* almost <br>* anything <br>* can <br>* be <br>* scripted, <br>* it <br>* is <br>* possible <br>* to <br>* create <br>* own <br>* scripts <br>* or <br>* plugins. <br>* Target <br>* platform <br>* are <br>* operating <br>* systems <br>* of <br>* Unix <br>* type <br>* (Linux, <br>* BSD, <br>* ...), <br>* we <br>* are <br>* using <br>* C++, <br>* XPDF, <br>* QT3 <br>* and <br>* QSA.;;
-App=PGCalc;Math;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/pgcalc.png;Piotr <br>* Gridniew;http://www.pgcalc.net;GPL;Graphical;calculator;PG <br>* Calculator <br>* is <br>* a <br>* powerful <br>* scientific <br>* skinnable <br>* calculator. <br>* It <br>* works <br>* in <br>* algebraic <br>* and <br>* RPN <br>* mode, <br>* recognizes <br>* real <br>* and <br>* complex <br>* numbers, <br>* and <br>* allows <br>* simple <br>* vectors <br>* manipulations. <br>* It <br>* has <br>* up <br>* to <br>* 80 <br>* built-in <br>* functions, <br>* allows <br>* user-defined <br>* variables, <br>* supports <br>* numbers <br>* inputing <br>* in <br>* binary, <br>* octal, <br>* hexadecimal, <br>* and <br>* exponential <br>* formats. <br>* Graphical <br>* user <br>* interface <br>* can <br>* be <br>* easy <br>* changed <br>* with <br>* skins.;;
-App=PGPin;Security;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/pgpin.png;dinoex@FreeBSD.org;http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/cvsweb.cgi/ports/security/pgpin/;Unknown-Free;Text;encryption,security;PGP <br>* (Pretty <br>* Good <br>* Privacy) <br>* is <br>* a <br>* public <br>* key <br>* encryption <br>* pack- <br>* age <br>* to <br>* protect <br>* E-mail <br>* and <br>* data <br>* files. <br>* It <br>* lets <br>* you <br>* commu- <br>* nicate <br>* securely <br>* with <br>* people <br>* you\'ve <br>* never <br>* met, <br>* with <br>* no <br>* secure <br>* channels <br>* needed <br>* for <br>* prior <br>* exchange <br>* of <br>* keys. <br>* It\'s <br>* well <br>* featured <br>* and <br>* fast, <br>* with <br>* sophisticated <br>* key <br>* management, <br>* digital <br>* signatures, <br>* data <br>* compression, <br>* and <br>* good <br>* ergonomic <br>* design. <br>* Contributors: <br>* Matthias <br>* Bruestle <br>* for <br>* the <br>* myetsid <br>* feature. <br>* Lutz <br>* Donnerhacke <br!
 >* for <br>* the <br>* pgp2.6.3in <br>* development. <br>* Ingmar <br>* Camphausen, <br>* Thomas <br>* Roessler, <br>* a.o. <br>* for <br>* extensive <br>* testing.;;
-App=PGplot;Graphics;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/pgplot.png;Tim <br>* Pearson;http://www.astro.caltech.edu/~tjp/pgplot/;GPL;Text;plot,library;PGPLOT <br>* is <br>* a <br>* Fortran <br>* subroutine <br>* package <br>* for <br>* drawing <br>* graphs <br>* on <br>* a <br>* variety <br>* of <br>* display <br>* devices. <br>* For <br>* more <br>* details, <br>* see <br>* the <br>* manual <br>* PGPLOT <br>* Graphics <br>* Subroutine <br>* Library\'\' <br>* available <br>* from <br>* T. <br>* J. <br>* Pearson;;
-App=PPRacer;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/ppracer.png;PlanetPenguin <br>* Racer <br>* Team;http://developer.berlios.de/projects/ppracer/;GPL;Graphical;game,racing,tux;PlanetPenguin <br>* Racer <br>* is <br>* an <br>* OpenGL <br>* racing <br>* game <br>* featuring <br>* Tux, <br>* the <br>* Linux <br>* mascot. <br>* The <br>* goal <br>* of <br>* the <br>* game <br>* is <br>* to <br>* slide <br>* down <br>* a <br>* snow- <br>* and <br>* ice-covered <br>* mountain <br>* as <br>* quickly <br>* as <br>* possible. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* based <br>* on <br>* the <br>* GPL <br>* version <br>* of <br>* TuxRacer. <br>* Differences <br>* from <br>* TuxRacer <br>* include: <br>* * <br>* Course <br>* progress <br>* bar <br>* * <br>* Themes <br>* * <br>* New <br>* terrain <br>* types <br>* (lava, <br>* etc.) <br>* * <br>* Actively <br>* developed!;;
-App=PSPP;Math;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/pspp.png;GNU;http://www.gnu.org/software/pspp/pspp.html;GPL;Text;statistics,SPSS;PSPP <br>* is <br>* a <br>* program <br>* for <br>* statistical <br>* analysis <br>* of <br>* sampled <br>* data. <br>* It <br>* interprets <br>* commands <br>* in <br>* the <br>* SPSS <br>* language <br>* and <br>* produces <br>* tabular <br>* output <br>* in <br>* ASCII <br>* or <br>* PostScript <br>* format. <br>* PSPP <br>* development <br>* is <br>* ongoing. <br>* It <br>* already <br>* supports <br>* a <br>* large <br>* subset <br>* of <br>* SPSS\'s <br>* transformation <br>* language. <br>* Its <br>* statistical <br>* procedure <br>* support <br>* is <br>* currently <br>* limited, <br>* but <br>* growing.;;
-App=Paintown;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/paintown.png;Jon <br>* Rafkind;http://paintown.sourceforge.net/;BSD;Graphical;game,arcade;Paintown <br>* is <br>* an <br>* open <br>* source <br>* fighting <br>* game <br>* in <br>* the <br>* same <br>* genre <br>* as <br>* Streets <br>* of <br>* Rage <br>* and <br>* Teenage <br>* Mutant <br>* Ninja <br>* Turtles.;;
-App=Pan;News;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/pan.png;Pan <br>* Team;http://pan.rebelbase.com/;GPL;Graphical;newsreader;Pan <br>* is <br>* a <br>* newsreader, <br>* loosely <br>* based <br>* on <br>* Agent <br>* and <br>* Gravity, <br>* which <br>* attempts <br>* to <br>* be <br>* pleasant <br>* to <br>* use <br>* for <br>* new <br>* and <br>* advanced <br>* users <br>* alike. <br>* It <br>* has <br>* all <br>* the <br>* typical <br>* features <br>* found <br>* in <br>* newsreaders, <br>* and <br>* also <br>* supports <br>* offline <br>* reading, <br>* multiple <br>* connections, <br>* and <br>* a <br>* number <br>* of <br>* features <br>* for <br>* power <br>* users <br>* and <br>* alt.binaries <br>* fans.;;
-App=Parcellite;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/parcellite.png;Gilberto <br>* Miralla <br>* & <br>* Doug <br>* Springer;http://parcellite.sourceforge.net;Unknown;Graphical;clipboard,manager;Parcellite <br>* is <br>* a <br>* lightweight <br>* GTK+ <br>* clipboard <br>* manager. <br>* This <br>* is <br>* a <br>* stripped <br>* down, <br>* basic-features-only <br>* clipboard <br>* manager <br>* with <br>* a <br>* small <br>* memory <br>* footprint <br>* for <br>* those <br>* who <br>* like <br>* simplicity.;;
-App=Patchage;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/patchage.png;David <br>* Robillard;http://drobilla.net/software/patchage/;GPL;Graphical;jack,audio,midi;Patchage <br>* is <br>* a <br>* modular <br>* patch <br>* bay <br>* for <br>* audio <br>* and <br>* MIDI <br>* systems <br>* based <br>* on <br>* Jack <br>* and <br>* Lash <br>* audio <br>* systems.;;
-App=Peg-E;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/peg-e.png;Graeme <br>* Gott;http://gottcode.org/peg-e/;GPL;Graphical;game,puzzle;Peg-E <br>* is <br>* a <br>* peg <br>* solitaire <br>* game <br>* in <br>* which <br>* you <br>* jump <br>* over <br>* pieces <br>* in <br>* order <br>* to <br>* remove <br>* them <br>* from <br>* the <br>* board, <br>* ultimately <br>* trying <br>* to <br>* eliminate <br>* all <br>* but <br>* one. <br>* The <br>* boards <br>* are <br>* randomly <br>* generated, <br>* with <br>* 100 <br>* levels <br>* of <br>* difficulty. <br>* The <br>* game <br>* auto-saves, <br>* and <br>* has <br>* undo-redo <br>* capability. <br>* Pieces <br>* can <br>* move <br>* horizontally, <br>* vertically, <br>* and <br>* diagonally.;;
-App=Pencil;Graphics;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/pencil.png;Pascal <br>* Naidon, <br>* Patrick <br>* Corrieri;http://www.pencil-animation.org;GPL;Graphical;animation,drawing,2D;Pencil <br>* is <br>* an <br>* animation/drawing <br>* software. <br>* It <br>* lets <br>* you <br>* create <br>* traditional <br>* hand-drawn <br>* animation <br>* (cartoon) <br>* using <br>* both <br>* bitmap <br>* and <br>* vector <br>* graphics. <br>* Pencil <br>* is <br>* free <br>* and <br>* open <br>* source.;;
-App=Perforce;Development;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/perforce.png;Perforce <br>* Software;http://www.perforce.com;Other;Graphical;SCM,configuration;Founded <br>* in <br>* 1995, <br>* Perforce <br>* Software <br>* develops, <br>* markets, <br>* and <br>* supports <br>* Perforce, <br>* the <br>* Fast <br>* Software <br>* Configuration <br>* Management <br>* (SCM) <br>* System. <br>* Perforce <br>* SCM <br>* versions <br>* and <br>* manages <br>* source <br>* code <br>* and <br>* digital <br>* assets <br>* for <br>* enterprises <br>* large <br>* and <br>* small. <br>* Perforce <br>* Software <br>* is <br>* a <br>* privately <br>* held <br>* company <br>* headquartered <br>* in <br>* Alameda, <br>* California <br>* with <br>* international <br>* offices <br>* in <br>* Wokingham, <br>* United <br>* Kingdom <br>* and <br>* Sydney, <br>* Australia.;;
-App=Phoronix-Test-Suite;Benchmarks;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/phoronix-test-suite.png;Phoronix <br>* Media;http://www.phoronix-test-suite.com;GPL;Text;benchmarks,test,system;The <br>* Phoronix <br>* Test <br>* Suite <br>* is <br>* the <br>* most <br>* comprehensive <br>* testing <br>* and <br>* benchmarking <br>* platform <br>* available <br>* for <br>* the <br>* *nix <br>* operating <br>* system. <br>* This <br>* software <br>* is <br>* designed <br>* to <br>* effectively <br>* carry <br>* out <br>* both <br>* qualitative <br>* and <br>* quantitative <br>* benchmarks <br>* in <br>* a <br>* clean, <br>* reproducible, <br>* and <br>* easy-to-use <br>* manner.;;
-App=PiTiVi;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/pitivi.png;PiTiVi <br>* Team;http://www.pitivi.org;LGPL;Graphical;audio,video,editor;PiTiVi <br>* relies <br>* on <br>* the <br>* GStreamer <br>* multimedia <br>* framework <br>* and <br>* the <br>* accompanying <br>* plugins <br>* to <br>* handle <br>* the <br>* various <br>* medias <br>* and <br>* their <br>* transformation. <br>* PiTiVi <br>* being <br>* a <br>* novelty <br>* usage <br>* of <br>* GStreamer, <br>* there <br>* are <br>* some <br>* problems <br>* with <br>* plugins <br>* not <br>* handling <br>* completely/correctly <br>* the <br>* GStreamer <br>* API. <br>* These <br>* problems <br>* are <br>* in <br>* the <br>* process <br>* of <br>* being <br>* corrected. <br>* This <br>* means <br>* that <br>* it <br>* is <br>* not <br>* guaranteed <br>* that <br>* all <br>* codecs, <br>* containers <br>* or <br>* effects <br>* work <br>* properly <br>* with <br>* PiTiVi.;;
-App=Picard;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/picard.png;MusicBrainz;http://wiki.musicbrainz.org/PicardTagger;GPL;Graphical;audio,tagger;Picard <br>* is <br>* the <br>* next <br>* generation <br>* MusicBrainz <br>* tagging <br>* application. <br>* This <br>* new <br>* tagging <br>* concept <br>* is <br>* album <br>* oriented, <br>* as <br>* opposed <br>* to <br>* track/file <br>* oriented <br>* like <br>* the <br>* ClassicTagger <br>* was.;;
-App=Pidgin;Network <br>* - <br>* IM;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/pidgin.png;Pidgin <br>* Team;http://www.pidgin.im/;GPL;Graphical;chat,im,aim;Pidgin <br>* is <br>* a <br>* multi-protocol <br>* Instant <br>* Messaging <br>* client <br>* that <br>* allows <br>* you <br>* to <br>* use <br>* all <br>* of <br>* your <br>* IM <br>* accounts <br>* at <br>* once. <br>* Pidgin <br>* is <br>* free <br>* software. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* licensed <br>* under <br>* the <br>* GNU <br>* General <br>* Public <br>* License <br>* (GPL) <br>* version <br>* 2. <br>* This <br>* means <br>* you <br>* are <br>* free <br>* to <br>* use <br>* it <br>* and <br>* to <br>* modify <br>* it, <br>* but <br>* if <br>* you <br>* distribute <br>* your <br>* modifications <br>* you <br>* must <br>* distribute <br>* the <br>* modified <br>* source <br>* code <br>* as <br>* well.;
-App=Pingus;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/pingus.png;Ingo <br>* Ruhnke;http://pingus.seul.org/;GPL;Graphical;game,lemmings,puzzle;Pingus <br>* has <br>* started <br>* at <br>* the <br>* end <br>* of <br>* 1998 <br>* with <br>* the <br>* simple <br>* goal <br>* to <br>* create <br>* a <br>* Free <br>* (as <br>* in <br>* freedom, <br>* not <br>* as <br>* in <br>* free <br>* beer) <br>* Lemmingstm <br>* clone. <br>* The <br>* Free <br>* means <br>* you <br>* get <br>* the <br>* sources <br>* and <br>* are <br>* allowed <br>* and <br>* encouraged <br>* to <br>* change <br>* and <br>* distribute <br>* them. <br>* You <br>* basically <br>* get <br>* everything <br>* that <br>* I <br>* used <br>* to <br>* create <br>* this <br>* game. <br>* In <br>* the <br>* years <br>* it <br>* has <br>* grown <br>* than <br>* quite <br>* a <br>* bit <br>* over <br>* the <br>* original <br>* goal <br>* and <br>* become <br>* something <br>* more <br>* than <br>* just <br>* a <br>* clon!
 e, <br>* we <br>* have <br>* original <br>* artwork, <br>* a <br>* built-in <br>* level <br>* editor, <br>* new <br>* actions, <br>* multiplayer <br>* and <br>* a <br>* few <br>* other <br>* features. <br>* If <br>* you <br>* don\'t <br>* know <br>* Lemmingstm, <br>* here <br>* comes <br>* a <br>* short <br>* introduction. <br>* Its <br>* a <br>* puzzle <br>* game <br>* developed <br>* in <br>* 1991 <br>* by <br>* DMA <br>* Design. <br>* The <br>* player <br>* takes <br>* command <br>* in <br>* the <br>* game <br>* of <br>* a <br>* bunch <br>* of <br>* small <br>* animals <br>* and <br>* has <br>* to <br>* guide <br>* them <br>* around <br>* in <br>* levels. <br>* Since <br>* the <br>* animals <br>* walk <br>* on <br>* their <br>* own, <br>* the <br>* player <br>* can <br>* only <br>* influence <br>* them <br>* by <br>* giving <br>* them <br>* commands, <br>* like <br>* build <br>* a <br>* bridge, <br>* dig <br>* a <br>* hole <br>* or <br>* redirect <br>* all <br>* animals !
 <br>* in <br>* the <br>* other <br>* direction. <br>* The <br>!
 * goal <br>* of <br>* each <br>* level <br>* is <br>* to <br>* reach <br>* the <br>* exit, <br>* for <br>* fix <br>* multiple <br>* combination <br>* of <br>* commands <br>* are <br>* necessary. <br>* The <br>* game <br>* is <br>* presented <br>* in <br>* a <br>* 2D <br>* site <br>* view. <br>* For <br>* more <br>* information <br>* you <br>* might <br>* want <br>* to <br>* visit <br>* Lemmingstm <br>* fanpage;;
-App=Pink-Pony;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/pink-pony.png;Pink-Pony <br>* Team;http://code.google.com/p/pink-pony/;GPL;Graphical;game,tron,racing;Pink <br>* Pony <br>* is <br>* a <br>* Tron-like <br>* multiplayer <br>* racing <br>* game. <br>* You <br>* control <br>* little <br>* ponies <br>* that <br>* leave <br>* a <br>* trail <br>* of <br>* flowers <br>* everywhere <br>* they <br>* step. <br>* You <br>* have <br>* to <br>* evade <br>* these <br>* trails <br>* and <br>* force <br>* other <br>* ponies <br>* into <br>* them. <br>* The <br>* last <br>* pony <br>* standing <br>* wins <br>* the <br>* game.;;
-App=Pinot;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/pinot.png;Fabrice <br>* Colin;http://pinot.berlios.de/;GPL;Graphical;search,metasearch;Pinot <br>* is <br>* a <br>* D-Bus <br>* service <br>* that <br>* crawls, <br>* indexes <br>* your <br>* documents <br>* and <br>* monitors <br>* them <br>* for <br>* changes, <br>* with <br>* a <br>* GTK-based <br>* user <br>* interface <br>* that <br>* enables <br>* to <br>* query <br>* the <br>* index <br>* built <br>* by <br>* the <br>* service <br>* or <br>* your <br>* favourite <br>* Web <br>* engine, <br>* and <br>* display <br>* and <br>* analyze <br>* the <br>* results. <br>* Features: <br>* - <br>* advanced <br>* queries <br>* (probabilistic <br>* search, <br>* boolean <br>* filters, <br>* date <br>* ranges). <br>* - <br>* language <br>* detection. <br>* - <br>* listing <br>* of <br>* indexed <br>* documents. <br>* - <br>* editing <br>* of <br>* metadata. <br>* - <br>* automatic <br>* results <br>* labeling. <b!
 r>* - <br>* stored <br>* queries. <br>* - <br>* results <br>* ranking <br>* history. <br>* - <br>* dynamic <br>* document <br>* summaries. <br>* - <br>* only <br>* crawl <br>* and <br>* index <br>* the <br>* directories <br>* you <br>* choose. <br>* - <br>* D-Bus <br>* interface <br>* for <br>* easy <br>* integration <br>* with <br>* other <br>* applications, <br>* eg <br>* Deskbar <br>* Applet. <br>* - <br>* no <br>* dependency <br>* on <br>* GNOME <br>* or <br>* KDE. <br>* - <br>* support <br>* for <br>* common <br>* file <br>* types. <br>* - <br>* search <br>* your <br>* desktop <br>* and <br>* the <br>* Web. <br>* - <br>* query <br>* remote <br>* indexes.;;
-App=Pioneers;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/pioneers.png;Pioneers <br>* Team;http://pio.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;game,turn-based,strategy,catan;Pioneers <br>* is <br>* an <br>* Internet <br>* playable <br>* implementation <br>* of <br>* the <br>* Settlers <br>* of <br>* Catan <br>* board <br>* game. <br>* The <br>* aim <br>* is <br>* to <br>* remain <br>* as <br>* faithful <br>* to <br>* the <br>* board <br>* game <br>* as <br>* is <br>* possible.;;
-App=PipeWalker;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/pipewalker.png;PipeWalker <br>* Team;http://pipewalker.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;game,puzzle,netwalk;PipeWalker <br>* is <br>* a <br>* clone <br>* of <br>* the <br>* NetWalk <br>* game. <br>* This <br>* is <br>* a <br>* puzzle <br>* game <br>* where <br>* pieces <br>* of <br>* a <br>* computer <br>* network <br>* are <br>* to <br>* be <br>* turned <br>* in <br>* the <br>* right/left <br>* direction <br>* to <br>* make <br>* all <br>* computers <br>* connected <br>* to <br>* the <br>* same <br>* network.;;
-App=Planner;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/planner.png;Planner <br>* Team;http://live.gnome.org/Planner;GPL;Graphical;organizer,chart,gantt,scheduler;Planner <br>* is <br>* a <br>* tool <br>* for <br>* planning, <br>* scheduling <br>* and <br>* tracking <br>* projects <br>* for <br>* the <br>* GNOME <br>* Desktop. <br>* Planner <br>* is <br>* an <br>* open <br>* source <br>* project <br>* aiming <br>* at <br>* being <br>* a <br>* better <br>* alternative <br>* than <br>* the <br>* available <br>* proprietary <br>* tools. <br>* Planner <br>* is <br>* part <br>* of <br>* GNOME <br>* Office, <br>* a <br>* productivity <br>* suite <br>* composed <br>* of <br>* entirely <br>* free <br>* software, <br>* integrated <br>* with <br>* the <br>* GNOME <br>* Desktop.;;
-App=Plee-The-Bear;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/plee-the-bear.png;Plee-The-Bear <br>* Team;http://plee-the-bear.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;game,action,platformer,arcade;Plee <br>* The <br>* Bear <br>* will <br>* be <br>* a <br>* 2D <br>* platform <br>* jump <br>* and <br>* run <br>* game, <br>* as <br>* fun <br>* as <br>* the <br>* best <br>* platform <br>* games <br>* of <br>* the <br>* 90\'s <br>* (the <br>* golden <br>* age <br>* of <br>* this <br>* kind <br>* of <br>* games). <br>* You\'re <br>* a <br>* bear, <br>* trying <br>* to <br>* catch <br>* his <br>* son, <br>* which <br>* ran <br>* away <br>* after <br>* he <br>* ate <br>* all <br>* your <br>* honey.;;
-App=Poedit;Editors;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/poedit.png;Vaclav <br>* Slavik;http://www.poedit.net/;Other;Graphical;editor,catalogs;Poedit <br>* is <br>* cross-platform <br>* gettext <br>* catalogs <br>* (.po <br>* files) <br>* editor. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* built <br>* with <br>* wxWidgets <br>* toolkit <br>* and <br>* can <br>* run <br>* on <br>* any <br>* platform <br>* supported <br>* by <br>* it <br>* (although <br>* it <br>* was <br>* tested <br>* only <br>* on <br>* Unix <br>* with <br>* GTK+ <br>* and <br>* Windows). <br>* It <br>* aims <br>* to <br>* provide <br>* more <br>* convenient <br>* approach <br>* to <br>* editing <br>* catalogs <br>* than <br>* launching <br>* vi <br>* and <br>* editing <br>* the <br>* file <br>* by <br>* hand. <br>* Here <br>* is <br>* a <br>* brief <br>* features <br>* list: <br>* - <br>* User <br>* friendly <br>* way <br>* of <br>* editing <br>* entries. <br>* You <br>* can <br>* easily <br>* navigate <br>* in <br>* large <br>!
 * catalogs, <br>* easily <br>* enter <br>* or <br>* modify <br>* entries <br>* (fuzzy <br>* flag <br>* is <br>* automatically <br>* removed <br>* if <br>* you <br>* change <br>* translation, <br>* you <br>* can <br>* copy <br>* original <br>* string <br>* to <br>* translation <br>* by <br>* pressing <br>* Alt-I) <br>* - <br>* Whitespaces <br>* highlighting <br>* - <br>* Fuzzy <br>* and <br>* untranslated <br>* records <br>* highlighting. <br>* Furthermore, <br>* untranslated <br>* and <br>* fuzzy <br>* translations <br>* are <br>* displayed <br>* at <br>* the <br>* top <br>* of <br>* the <br>* list <br>* - <br>* Automatic <br>* compilation <br>* of <br>* .mo <br>* files <br>* (optional) <br>* - <br>* Automatic <br>* headers <br>* update <br>* - <br>* References <br>* browser <br>* lets <br>* you <br>* see <br>* where <br>* in <br>* what <br>* context <br>* the <br>* string <br>* is <br>* used <br>* - <br>* You <br>* can <br>* use <br>* Poedit <br>* to <br>* scan <br>* sourc!
 e <br>* code <br>* for <br>* translatable <br>* strings <br>* !
 - <br>* Integration <br>* with <br>* KDE <br>* and <br>* GNOME <br>* desktops;;
-App=PokerTh;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/pokerth.png;PokerTH <br>* Development <br>* Team;http://www.pokerth.net/;GPL;Graphical;game,card,poker;PokerTH <br>* is <br>* a <br>* poker <br>* game <br>* written <br>* in <br>* C++/QT4. <br>* You <br>* can <br>* play <br>* the <br>* popular <br>* "Texas <br>* Hold\'em" <br>* poker <br>* variant <br>* against <br>* up <br>* to <br>* six <br>* computer-opponents <br>* or <br>* play <br>* network <br>* games <br>* with <br>* people <br>* all <br>* over <br>* the <br>* world.;;
-App=Predict;Communications;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/predict.png;John <br>* A. <br>* Magliacane;http://www.qsl.net/kd2bd/predict.html;GPL;Graphical;satellite,tracking,prediction;PREDICT <br>* is <br>* an <br>* open-source, <br>* multi-user <br>* satellite <br>* tracking <br>* and <br>* orbital <br>* prediction <br>* program <br>* written <br>* under <br>* the <br>* Linux <br>* operating <br>* system <br>* by <br>* John <br>* A. <br>* Magliacane, <br>* KD2BD. <br>* PREDICT <br>* is <br>* free <br>* software. <br>* Users <br>* may <br>* redistribute <br>* it <br>* and/or <br>* modify <br>* it <br>* under <br>* the <br>* terms <br>* of <br>* the <br>* GNU <br>* General <br>* Public <br>* License <br>* as <br>* published <br>* by <br>* the <br>* Free <br>* Software <br>* Foundation, <br>* either <br>* version <br>* 2 <br>* of <br>* the <br>* License <br>* or <br>* any <br>* later <br>* version. <br>* PREDICT <br>* software <br>* is <br>* released <br>* in <br>* three <!
 br>* forms: <br>* * <br>* A <br>* version <br>* compatible <br>* with <br>* Linux <br>* or <br>* Unix <br>* operating <br>* systems <br>* (as <br>* well <br>* as <br>* some <br>* derivatives, <br>* such <br>* as <br>* Mac <br>* OS <br>* X), <br>* * <br>* A <br>* version <br>* for <br>* DOS <br>* and <br>* DOS-based <br>* operating <br>* systems <br>* operating <br>* on <br>* 32-bit <br>* CPUs <br>* (80386s <br>* or <br>* better) <br>* that <br>* contains <br>* many, <br>* but <br>* not <br>* all <br>* the <br>* features <br>* and <br>* functionality <br>* of <br>* the <br>* Linux/Unix <br>* version. <br>* * <br>* Bundled <br>* as <br>* part <br>* of <br>* an <br>* application-specific <br>* Linux <br>* distribution <br>* (Portable <br>* PREDICT <br>* Plus!) <br>* that <br>* includes <br>* a <br>* small <br>* suite <br>* of <br>* satellite <br>* communication <br>* applications <br>* in <br>* addition <br>* to <br>* PREDICT <br>* that <br>* can <br>* all <br>* be <br>* boote!
 d <br>* from <br>* a <br>* pair <br>* of <br>* floppy <br>* di!
 sks. <br>* (No <br>* permanent <br>* installation <br>* required.);;
-App=Privoxy;Web;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/privoxy.png;Privoxy <br>* Developers;http://www.privoxy.org/;GPL;Text;web,proxy;Privoxy <br>* is <br>* a <br>* non-caching <br>* web <br>* proxy <br>* with <br>* advanced <br>* filtering <br>* capabilities <br>* for <br>* enhancing <br>* privacy, <br>* modifying <br>* web <br>* page <br>* data <br>* and <br>* HTTP <br>* headers, <br>* controlling <br>* access, <br>* and <br>* removing <br>* ads <br>* and <br>* other <br>* obnoxious <br>* Internet <br>* junk. <br>* Privoxy <br>* has <br>* a <br>* flexible <br>* configuration <br>* and <br>* can <br>* be <br>* customized <br>* to <br>* suit <br>* individual <br>* needs <br>* and <br>* tastes. <br>* It <br>* may <br>* be <br>* used <br>* in <br>* both <br>* stand-alone <br>* systems <br>* and <br>* multi-user <br>* networks.;;
-App=ProEvolutionChapping;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/chapping.png;Pro <br>* Evolution <br>* Chapping <br>* Team;http://chapping.wordpress.com;GPl;Graphical;game,football,soccer;Turn <br>* based <br>* board <br>* football <br>* game.;;
-App=PuTTY;Security;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/putty.png;Simon <br>* Tatham;http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtat;Other;Graphical;telnet,ssh;PuTTY <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free <br>* implementation <br>* of <br>* Telnet <br>* and <br>* SSH <br>* for <br>* Win32 <br>* and <br>* Unix <br>* platforms, <br>* along <br>* with <br>* an <br>* xterm <br>* terminal <br>* emulator. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* written <br>* and <br>* maintained <br>* primarily <br>* by <br>* Simon <br>* Tatham. <br>* LEGAL <br>* WARNING: <br>* Use <br>* of <br>* PuTTY, <br>* PSCP, <br>* PSFTP <br>* and <br>* Plink <br>* is <br>* illegal <br>* in <br>* countries <br>* where <br>* encryption <br>* is <br>* outlawed. <br>* I <br>* believe <br>* it <br>* is <br>* legal <br>* to <br>* use <br>* PuTTY, <br>* PSCP, <br>* PSFTP <br>* and <br>* Plink <br>* in <br>* England <br>* and <br>* Wales <br>* and <br>* in <br>* many <br>* other <br>* countries, <br>* but <br>* I <br>* am <br>* not <br>* a <br>* law!
 yer <br>* and <br>* so <br>* if <br>* in <br>* doubt <br>* you <br>* should <br>* seek <br>* legal <br>* advice <br>* before <br>* downloading <br>* it. <br>* You <br>* may <br>* find <br>* this <br>* site <br>* useful <br>* (it\'s <br>* a <br>* survey <br>* of <br>* cryptography <br>* laws <br>* in <br>* many <br>* countries) <br>* but <br>* I <br>* can\'t <br>* vouch <br>* for <br>* its <br>* correctness. <br>* Use <br>* of <br>* the <br>* Telnet-only <br>* binary <br>* (PuTTYtel) <br>* is <br>* unrestricted <br>* by <br>* any <br>* cryptography <br>* laws.;;
-App=Puddletag;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/puddletag.png;Puddletag <br>* Team;http://puddletag.sourceforge.net;GPL;Graphical;audio,tagger;Puddletag <br>* is <br>* a <br>* audio <br>* tag <br>* editor <br>* similar <br>* to <br>* Windows <br>* program <br>* Mp3tag. <br>* Unlike <br>* most <br>* taggers, <br>* it <br>* uses <br>* a <br>* spreadsheet-like <br>* layout <br>* so <br>* that <br>* all <br>* the <br>* tags <br>* you <br>* want <br>* to <br>* edit <br>* by <br>* hand <br>* are <br>* visible <br>* and <br>* easily <br>* editable. <br>* Supported <br>* formats: <br>* ID3v1, <br>* ID3v2 <br>* (mp3), <br>* MP4 <br>* (mp4, <br>* m4a, <br>* etc.), <br>* VorbisComments <br>* (ogg, <br>* flac), <br>* Musepack <br>* (mpc), <br>* Monkey\'s <br>* Audio <br>* (.ape) <br>* and <br>* WavPack <br>* (wv);;
-App=PyPanel;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/pypanel.png;Jon <br>* Gelo;http://pypanel.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;panel,taskbar;PyPanel <br>* is <br>* a <br>* lightweight <br>* panel/taskbar <br>* written <br>* in <br>* Python <br>* and <br>* C <br>* for <br>* X11 <br>* window <br>* managers. <br>* It <br>* can <br>* be <br>* easily <br>* customized <br>* to <br>* match <br>* any <br>* desktop <br>* theme <br>* or <br>* taste. <br>* PyPanel <br>* works <br>* with <br>* EWMH <br>* compliant <br>* WMs <br>* (Openbox, <br>* PekWM, <br>* FVWM, <br>* and <br>* many <br>* others). <br>* Some <br>* of <br>* the <br>* customizable <br>* features <br>* include: <br>* - <br>* Transparency <br>* with <br>* shading/tinting <br>* - <br>* Panel <br>* dimensions, <br>* location, <br>* and <br>* layout <br>* - <br>* Font <br>* type <br>* and <br>* colors <br>* with <br>* Xft <br>* and <br>* shadow <br>* support <br>* - <br>* Button <br>* events/actions <br>* -!
  <br>* Clock <br>* and <br>* workspace <br>* name <br>* display <br>* - <br>* System <br>* tray <br>* (notification <br>* area) <br>* - <br>* Autohiding <br>* - <br>* Application <br>* launcher <br>* - <br>* Custom <br>* application <br>* icons;;
-App=Pyjama;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/pyjama.png;Pyjama <br>* Team;https://launchpad.net/pyjama;GPL;Graphical;multimedia,audio,Jamendo;Pyjama <br>* is <br>* a <br>* frontend <br>* to <br>* the <br>* Jamendo <br>* network, <br>* providing <br>* free, <br>* legal <br>* and <br>* unlimited <br>* music <br>* published <br>* under <br>* Creative <br>* Commons <br>* license.;;
-App=Q4Wine;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/q4wine.png;The <br>* Q4Wine <br>* Team;http://api.qt-apps.org/content/show.php?content=85751;GPL;Graphical;wine;Q4wine <br>* is <br>* an <br>* Qt4 <br>* (http://www.qtsoftware.com/) <br>* GUI <br>* for <br>* wine <br>* (http://winehq.org/). <br>* It <br>* will <br>* help <br>* you <br>* to <br>* manage <br>* wine <br>* prefixes <br>* and <br>* installed <br>* applications. <br>* General <br>* features: <br>* - <br>* Exports <br>* QT <br>* color <br>* theme <br>* into <br>* wine <br>* colors <br>* settings <br>* - <br>* Works <br>* with <br>* different <br>* wine <br>* versions <br>* at <br>* same <br>* time <br>* - <br>* Creates, <br>* deletes <br>* and <br>* manages <br>* prefixes <br>* (WINEPREFIX) <br>* - <br>* Easy <br>* controlling <br>* wine <br>* process <br>* - <br>* Autostart <br>* icons <br>* support <br>* - <br>* Easy <br>* CD <br>* image <br>* usage <br>* - <br>* Supports <br>* extraction <br>!
 * of <br>* icons <br>* from <br>* PE <br>* files <br>* (.exe, <br>* .dll) <br>* - <br>* Easy <br>* backup <br>* and <br>* restore <br>* for <br>* managed <br>* prefixes <br>* - <br>* Winetricks <br>* support <br>* - <br>* More;;
-App=QComicBook;Graphics;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/qcomicbook.png;Pawel <br>* Stolowski;http://linux.bydg.org/~yogin/;GPL;Graphical;comic;QComicBook <br>* is <br>* a <br>* viewer <br>* for <br>* comic <br>* book <br>* archives <br>* containing <br>* jpeg/png <br>* images, <br>* which <br>* aims <br>* at <br>* convenience <br>* and <br>* simplicity.;;
-App=QDevelop;Development;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/qdevelop.png;The <br>* QDevelop <br>* Team;http://qdevelop.org/;GPL;Graphical;QT,Development,C++,GUI,Widget;QDevelop <br>* is <br>* not <br>* a <br>* KDevelop <br>* like <br>* or <br>* reduced. <br>* It\'s <br>* an <br>* independent <br>* IDE <br>* dedicated <br>* to <br>* Qt <br>* and <br>* is <br>* totally <br>* independent <br>* of <br>* KDevelop. <br>* Less <br>* complete, <br>* but <br>* faster, <br>* light <br>* and <br>* especially <br>* multi-platforms. <br>* QDevelop <br>* and <br>* KDevelop <br>* have <br>* different <br>* code <br>* sources.;;
-App=QGit;Development;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/qgit.png;The <br>* QGit <br>* Team;http://sourceforge.net/projects/qgit/;GPL;Graphical;Git,Repo,Repository,VCS;QGit <br>* is <br>* a <br>* git <br>* GUI <br>* viewer <br>* built <br>* on <br>* Qt/C++. <br>* With <br>* qgit <br>* you <br>* will <br>* be <br>* able <br>* to <br>* browse <br>* revisions <br>* history, <br>* view <br>* patch <br>* content <br>* and <br>* changed <br>* files, <br>* graphically <br>* following <br>* different <br>* development <br>* branches.;;
-App=QMPDClient;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/qmpdclient.png;Hvard <br>* Tautra <br>* Knutsen;http://bitcheese.net/wiki/QMPDClient;GPL;Graphical;audio,MPD,client;QMPDClient <br>* is <br>* an <br>* easy <br>* to <br>* use <br>* MPD <br>* client <br>* written <br>* in <br>* Qt <br>* 4. <br>* Features: <br>* - <br>* Covers <br>* display <br>* - <br>* Lyrics <br>* display <br>* - <br>* Tag <br>* guessing <br>* - <br>* Internet <br>* radio <br>* - <br>* Storing <br>* & <br>* using <br>* playlists <br>* - <br>* Last.fm <br>* track <br>* submission <br>* - <br>* Tray <br>* notifications <br>* (Freedestop <br>* too) <br>* - <br>* Skinnable <br>* interface <br>* with <br>* iconsets <br>* - <br>* Shoutcast <br>* (unstable, <br>* see <br>* shoutcast <br>* branch <br>* in <br>* git) <br>* And <br>* more;;
-App=QNetWalk;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/qnetwalk.png;Andi <br>* Peredri;http://qt.osdn.org.ua/qnetwalk.html;GPL;Graphical;game,netwalk,puzzle;QNetWalk, <br>* the <br>* Qt-version <br>* of <br>* the <br>* popular <br>* NetWalk <br>* game <br>* for <br>* system <br>* administrators. <br>* Features: <br>* * <br>* Built-in <br>* generator <br>* of <br>* the <br>* levels. <br>* * <br>* Novice, <br>* Amateur, <br>* Expert, <br>* and <br>* Master <br>* levels <br>* of <br>* the <br>* skill. <br>* * <br>* Auto <br>* saving <br>* of <br>* settings. <br>* * <br>* Turn\'s <br>* animation. <br>* * <br>* Highscores. <br>* * <br>* Sound <br>* Support. <br>* ;;
-App=QTM;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/qtm.png;Matthew <br>* Smith;http://qtm.blogistan.co.uk/;GPL;Graphical;weblog,wordpress,drupal;QTM <br>* is <br>* a <br>* blogging <br>* client <br>* which <br>* is <br>* presently <br>* capable <br>* of <br>* composing, <br>* formatting <br>* and <br>* submitting <br>* blog <br>* entries <br>* to <br>* a <br>* weblog. <br>* QTM <br>* will <br>* work <br>* with <br>* blogs <br>* based <br>* on <br>* most <br>* of <br>* the <br>* major <br>* blogging <br>* systems <br>* available <br>* today: <br>* Wordpress <br>* (including <br>* wordpress.com), <br>* Movable <br>* Type, <br>* Drupal <br>* and <br>* so <br>* on.;;
-App=Qcad;CAD;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/qcad.png;RibbonSoft;http://www.ribbonsoft.com/qcad.html;GPL;Graphical;mesh,2D,CAD;QCad <br>* is <br>* an <br>* application <br>* for <br>* computer <br>* aided <br>* drafting <br>* in <br>* two <br>* dimensions. <br>* With <br>* QCad <br>* you <br>* can <br>* create <br>* technical <br>* drawings <br>* such <br>* as <br>* plans <br>* for <br>* buildings, <br>* interiors <br>* or <br>* mechanical <br>* parts. <br>* QCad <br>* works <br>* under <br>* Linux, <br>* Unix <br>* Systems, <br>* Mac <br>* OS <br>* X <br>* and <br>* Windows.;;
-App=Qemu;Emulators;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/qemu.png;Fabrice <br>* Bellard;http://fabrice.bellard.free.fr/qemu;GPL;Graphical;machine,emulator,virtualizer;QEMU <br>* is <br>* a <br>* generic <br>* and <br>* open <br>* source <br>* machine <br>* emulator <br>* and <br>* virtualizer. <br>* When <br>* used <br>* as <br>* a <br>* machine <br>* emulator, <br>* QEMU <br>* can <br>* run <br>* OSes <br>* and <br>* programs <br>* made <br>* for <br>* one <br>* machine <br>* (e.g. <br>* an <br>* ARM <br>* board) <br>* on <br>* a <br>* different <br>* machine <br>* (e.g. <br>* your <br>* own <br>* PC). <br>* By <br>* using <br>* dynamic <br>* translation, <br>* it <br>* achieves <br>* very <br>* good <br>* performances. <br>* When <br>* used <br>* as <br>* a <br>* virtualizer, <br>* QEMU <br>* achieves <br>* near <br>* native <br>* performances <br>* by <br>* executing <br>* the <br>* guest <br>* code <br>* directly <br>* on <br>* the <br>* host <br>* CPU. <br>* A <br>* host !
 <br>* driver <br>* called <br>* the <br>* QEMU <br>* accelerator <br>* (also <br>* known <br>* as <br>* KQEMU) <br>* is <br>* needed <br>* in <br>* this <br>* case. <br>* The <br>* virtualizer <br>* mode <br>* requires <br>* that <br>* both <br>* the <br>* host <br>* and <br>* guest <br>* machine <br>* use <br>* x86 <br>* compatible <br>* processors. <br>* The <br>* supported <br>* host <br>* and <br>* target <br>* CPUs <br>* are <br>* listed <br>* in <br>* the <br>* status <br>* page.;YES;
-App=Qmmp;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/qmmp.png;Qmmp <br>* Development <br>* Team <br>* ;http://qmmp.ylsoftware.com/;GPL;Graphical;multimedia,player,winamp;This <br>* program <br>* is <br>* an <br>* audio-player, <br>* written <br>* with <br>* help <br>* of <br>* Qt <br>* library. <br>* Supported <br>* formats: <br>* MPEG1 <br>* layer <br>* 2/3, <br>* Ogg <br>* Vorbis, <br>* Native <br>* FLAC, <br>* Ogg <br>* FLAC, <br>* Musepack, <br>* WavePack, <br>* tracker <br>* modules <br>* (mod, <br>* s3m, <br>* it, <br>* xm, <br>* etc.), <br>* ADTS <br>* AAC, <br>* CD <br>* Audio, <br>* MIDI, <br>* WMA-Monkey\'s <br>* Audio <br>* (and <br>* other <br>* formats <br>* provided <br>* by <br>* FFmpeg <br>* library), <br>* PCM <br>* Wave <br>* (and <br>* other <br>* formats <br>* provided <br>* by <br>* libsndfile <br>* library), <br>* and <br>* chiptune <br>* formats <br>* (AY, <br>* GBS, <br>* GYM, <br>* HES, <br>* KSS, <br>* NSF, <br>* NSFE, <br>* SAP, <br>* SPC, <br>*!
  VGM, <br>* VGZ, <br>* VTX) <br>* DSP <br>* effects: <br>* Bauer <br>* Stereophonic-to-Binaural <br>* effect, <br>* sample <br>* rate <br>* conversion, <br>* LADSPA <br>* effects, <br>* extra <br>* stereo <br>* effect, <br>* and <br>* crossfade <br>* effect <br>* Visual <br>* effects: <br>* Spectrum <br>* Analyzer, <br>* and <br>* projectM <br>* audio <br>* visulaliser <br>* Output <br>* system <br>* support: <br>* PulseAudio, <br>* OSS, <br>* OSS4, <br>* jack, <br>* and <br>* ALSA <br>* Other <br>* features: <br>* 10-band <br>* equalizer, <br>* Last.fm/Libre.fm <br>* scrobbler, <br>* MMS <br>* support, <br>* global <br>* hotkey, <br>* streaming <br>* (MP3, <br>* Vorbis, <br>* AAC, <br>* AAC+ <br>* via <br>* IceCast/ShoutCast), <br>* CDDB <br>* support, <br>* removable <br>* device <br>* detection <br>* (via <br>* HAL <br>* or <br>* UDisks), <br>* MPRIS, <br>* cover <br>* art <br>* support, <br>* multiple <br>* playlists, <br>* ReplayGain <br>* support, <br>* CUE <br>* shee!
 t <br>* support, <br>* embedded <br>* CUE <br>* support <br>* !
 (for <br>* FLAC <br>* and <br>* WavPack), <br>* MPRIS <br>* (1.0 <br>* and <br>* 2.0), <br>* automatic <br>* charset <br>* detection <br>* for <br>* cue <br>* files <br>* and <br>* ShoutCast <br>* metadata, <br>* video <br>* playback <br>* via <br>* Mplayer, <br>* lyrics <br>* (using <br>* lyrics.wikia.com), <br>* and <br>* skinned <br>* UI <br>* (supports <br>* all <br>* skins <br>* for <br>* XMMS <br>* and <br>* Winamp <br>* 2.x);;
-App=Qsstv;Communications;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/qsstv.png;Johan <br>* Maes;http://users.telenet.be/on4qz/;GPL;Graphical;radio,sstv,osstv;Amateur <br>* Radio <br>* SSTV/FAX <br>* reception <br>* program <br>* for <br>* PC-BSD. <br>* SSTV <br>* decode <br>* and <br>* Version <br>* 5 <br>* supports <br>* FAX <br>* reception. <br>* Sstv_tx <br>* is <br>* a <br>* statically <br>* compiled <br>* version <br>* of <br>* QSSTV <br>* for <br>* transmission <br>* only.;;
-App=Qsvn;Development;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/qsvn.png;Andreas <br>* Richter;http://www.anrichter.net/projects/qsvn/;GPL;Graphical;svn,subversion;QSvn <br>* is <br>* a <br>* GUI <br>* Subversion <br>* client <br>* for <br>* Linux, <br>* UNIX, <br>* Mac <br>* OS <br>* X <br>* and <br>* Windows. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* a <br>* real <br>* client <br>* not <br>* a <br>* GUI <br>* wrapper <br>* for <br>* the <br>* command <br>* line <br>* client <br>* from <br>* Subversion. <br>* QSvn <br>* uses <br>* a <br>* C++ <br>* Subversion <br>* wrapper <br>* developed <br>* by <br>* the <br>* Kdesvn <br>* Project. <br>* For <br>* cross <br>* plattform <br>* QSvn <br>* uses <br>* the <br>* Qt <br>* Framework <br>* from <br>* Trolltech.;;
-App=Qsynth;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/qsynth.png;Qsynth <br>* Team;http://qsynth.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;audio,synthesizer;Qsynth <br>* is <br>* a <br>* fluidsynth <br>* GUI <br>* front-end <br>* application <br>* written <br>* in <br>* C++ <br>* around <br>* the <br>* Qt4 <br>* toolkit <br>* using <br>* Qt <br>* Designer. <br>* Eventually <br>* it <br>* may <br>* evolve <br>* into <br>* a <br>* softsynth <br>* management <br>* application <br>* allowing <br>* the <br>* user <br>* to <br>* control <br>* and <br>* manage <br>* a <br>* variety <br>* of <br>* command <br>* line <br>* softsynth <br>* but <br>* for <br>* the <br>* moment <br>* it <br>* wraps <br>* the <br>* excellent <br>* FluidSynth.;;
-App=QtCreator;Development;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/qtcreator.png;Qt;http://qt.nokia.com/products/developer-tools;GPL;Graphical;IDE,C++,Qt;Qt <br>* Creator <br>* is <br>* a <br>* new <br>* cross-platform <br>* integrated <br>* development <br>* environment <br>* (IDE) <br>* tailored <br>* to <br>* the <br>* needs <br>* of <br>* Qt <br>* developers. <br>* It <br>* includes: <br>* * <br>* An <br>* advanced <br>* C++ <br>* code <br>* editor <br>* * <br>* Integrated <br>* GUI <br>* layout <br>* and <br>* forms <br>* designer <br>* * <br>* Project <br>* and <br>* build <br>* management <br>* tools <br>* * <br>* Integrated, <br>* context-sensitive <br>* help <br>* system <br>* * <br>* Visual <br>* debugger <br>* * <br>* Rapid <br>* code <br>* navigation <br>* tools <br>* * <br>* Supports <br>* multiple <br>* platforms;;
-App=Quake3;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/quake3.png;id <br>* Software;http://www.idsoftware.com/games/quake/quake3-arena/;GPL;Graphical;game,fps,quake;A <br>* multiplayer <br>* first-person <br>* shooter <br>* computer <br>* and <br>* video <br>* game <br>* released <br>* on <br>* December <br>* 2, <br>* 1999. <br>* The <br>* game <br>* was <br>* developed <br>* by <br>* id <br>* Software <br>* and <br>* featured <br>* music <br>* composed <br>* by <br>* Sonic <br>* Mayhem <br>* and <br>* Front <br>* Line <br>* Assembly. <br>* Quake <br>* III <br>* Arena <br>* is <br>* the <br>* third <br>* in <br>* the <br>* series <br>* and <br>* differs <br>* from <br>* previous <br>* games <br>* in <br>* the <br>* series <br>* by <br>* excluding <br>* a <br>* traditional <br>* single-player <br>* element <br>* and <br>* focusing <br>* on <br>* multi-player <br>* action. <br>* The <br>* single-player <br>* is <br>* instead <br>* played <br>* against <br>* computer <br>* contro!
 lled <br>* bots <br>* in <br>* a <br>* similar <br>* style <br>* to <br>* Unreal <br>* Tournament.;;
-App=Quake4 <br>* Demo;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/quake4.png;id <br>* Software;http://www.quake4game.com;Commercial;Graphical;game,fps,quake;This <br>* package <br>* contains <br>* Quake <br>* 4 <br>* for <br>* Linux <br>* (Demo <br>* version) <br>* by <br>* id <br>* Software.;;
-App=Quake4;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/quake4.png;id <br>* Software;http://www.quake4game.com;Commercial;Graphical;game,fps,quake;This <br>* package <br>* contains <br>* Quake <br>* 4 <br>* for <br>* Linux <br>* by <br>* id <br>* Software. <br>* In <br>* order <br>* to <br>* play <br>* this <br>* game, <br>* you <br>* need <br>* to <br>* add <br>* the <br>* data <br>* files <br>* that <br>* are <br>* available <br>* on <br>* the <br>* Quake <br>* 4 <br>* CD\'s <br>* or <br>* DVD.;;
-App=Quark;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/quark.png;Quark <br>* Team;http://hsgg.github.com/quark/;GPL;Graphical;multimedia,player;Quark <br>* is <br>* an <br>* audio <br>* player, <br>* for <br>* geeks, <br>* by <br>* geeks. <br>* It <br>* runs <br>* in <br>* the <br>* background <br>* with <br>* access <br>* provided <br>* via <br>* a <br>* FIFO <br>* in <br>* the <br>* filesystem. <br>* It <br>* uses <br>* Xine-lib <br>* for <br>* playing <br>* music, <br>* and <br>* can <br>* therefore <br>* play <br>* any <br>* file <br>* format <br>* supported <br>* by <br>* Xine. <br>* Quark <br>* comes <br>* with <br>* a <br>* couple <br>* front-ends <br>* to <br>* make <br>* it <br>* more <br>* useful. <br>* - <br>* charm-quark <br>* - <br>* a <br>* CLI <br>* interface <br>* - <br>* strange-quark <br>* - <br>* a <br>* GTK <br>* System <br>* Tray <br>* interface <br>* ;;
-App=Quassel;IRC;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/quassel.png;Quassel <br>* IRC <br>* Team;http://www.quassel-irc.org/;GPL;Graphical;irc,client,core;Quassel <br>* IRC <br>* is <br>* a <br>* modern, <br>* cross-platform, <br>* distributed <br>* IRC <br>* client <br>* based <br>* on <br>* the <br>* Qt4 <br>* framework. <br>* Distributed <br>* means <br>* that <br>* one <br>* (or <br>* multiple) <br>* client(s) <br>* can <br>* attach <br>* to <br>* and <br>* detach <br>* from <br>* a <br>* central <br>* core <br>* that <br>* stays <br>* permanently <br>* online. <br>* Re-attaching <br>* your <br>* client <br>* will <br>* show <br>* your <br>* IRC <br>* session <br>* in <br>* the <br>* same <br>* state <br>* as <br>* you <br>* left <br>* it <br>* in <br>* (plus <br>* whatever <br>* happened <br>* while <br>* you <br>* were <br>* gone), <br>* and <br>* this <br>* even <br>* when <br>* you <br>* re-attach <br>* from <br>* a <br>* different <br>* location. <br>* An <br>* optional!
  <br>* Beginner\'s <br>* Mode <br>* completely <br>* hides <br>* this <br>* feature, <br>* so <br>* Quassel <br>* IRC <br>* can <br>* be <br>* used <br>* like <br>* a <br>* traditional <br>* client.;;
-App=QuickSynergy;System <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/quicksynergy.png;Google;http://code.google.com/p/quicksynergy/;GPL;Graphical;mouse,keyboard,sharing;QuickSynergy <br>* is <br>* a <br>* graphical <br>* interface <br>* (GUI) <br>* for <br>* easily <br>* configuring <br>* Synergy2, <br>* an <br>* application <br>* that <br>* allows <br>* the <br>* user <br>* to <br>* share <br>* his <br>* mouse <br>* and <br>* keyboard <br>* between <br>* two <br>* or <br>* more <br>* computers. <br>* Without <br>* the <br>* need <br>* for <br>* any <br>* external <br>* hardware, <br>* Synergy2 <br>* uses <br>* the <br>* TCP-IP <br>* protocol <br>* to <br>* share <br>* the <br>* resources, <br>* even <br>* between <br>* machines <br>* with <br>* diferent <br>* operating <br>* systems, <br>* such <br>* as <br>* Mac <br>* OS, <br>* Linux <br>* and <br>* Windows.;;
-App=QuodLibet;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/quodlibet.png;Quod <br>* Libet <br>* Project;http://code.google.com/p/quodlibet/;GPl;Graphical;audio,player,tagger;Quod <br>* Libet <br>* is <br>* a <br>* GTK+-based <br>* audio <br>* player <br>* written <br>* in <br>* Python. <br>* It\'s <br>* designed <br>* around <br>* the <br>* idea <br>* that <br>* you <br>* know <br>* how <br>* to <br>* organize <br>* your <br>* music <br>* better <br>* than <br>* we <br>* do. <br>* It <br>* lets <br>* you <br>* make <br>* playlists <br>* based <br>* on <br>* regular <br>* expressions <br>* (don\'t <br>* worry, <br>* regular <br>* searches <br>* work <br>* too). <br>* It <br>* lets <br>* you <br>* display <br>* and <br>* edit <br>* any <br>* tags <br>* you <br>* want <br>* in <br>* the <br>* file. <br>* And <br>* it <br>* lets <br>* you <br>* do <br>* this <br>* for <br>* all <br>* the <br>* file <br>* formats <br>* it <br>* supports <br>* -- <br>* Ogg <br>* Vorbis, <br>* FL!
 AC, <br>* MP3, <br>* Musepack, <br>* and <br>* MOD. <br>* Quod <br>* Libet <br>* easily <br>* scales <br>* to <br>* libraries <br>* of <br>* thousands <br>* of <br>* songs. <br>* It <br>* also <br>* supports <br>* most <br>* of <br>* the <br>* features <br>* you <br>* expect <br>* from <br>* a <br>* modern <br>* media <br>* player, <br>* like <br>* Unicode <br>* support, <br>* multimedia <br>* keys, <br>* and <br>* tag <br>* editing.;;
-App=QutIM;Network <br>* - <br>* IM;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/qutim.png;Rustam <br>* Chakin;http://sourceforge.net/projects/qutim;GPL;Graphical;im,chat;qutIM <br>* is <br>* a <br>* multiprotocol <br>* IM <br>* client, <br>* supports <br>* Jabber, <br>* ICQ <br>* and <br>* some <br>* other <br>* protocols. <br>* It <br>* offers <br>* a <br>* shiny <br>* QT4-based <br>* look <br>* and <br>* extra <br>* features <br>* like <br>* spam <br>* control, <br>* tabbed <br>* chat <br>* windows <br>* and <br>* others.;;
-App=R;Math;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/R.png;R <br>* Foundation;http://www.r-project.org/;GPL;Graphical;R,math;R <br>* is <br>* an <br>* integrated <br>* suite <br>* of <br>* software <br>* facilities <br>* for <br>* data <br>* manipulation, <br>* calculation <br>* and <br>* graphical <br>* display. <br>* It <br>* includes <br>* * <br>* an <br>* effective <br>* data <br>* handling <br>* and <br>* storage <br>* facility, <br>* * <br>* a <br>* suite <br>* of <br>* operators <br>* for <br>* calculations <br>* on <br>* arrays, <br>* in <br>* particular <br>* matrices, <br>* * <br>* a <br>* large, <br>* coherent, <br>* integrated <br>* collection <br>* of <br>* intermediate <br>* tools <br>* for <br>* data <br>* analysis, <br>* * <br>* graphical <br>* facilities <br>* for <br>* data <br>* analysis <br>* and <br>* display <br>* either <br>* on-screen <br>* or <br>* on <br>* hardcopy, <br>* and <br>* * <br>* a <br>* well-developed, <br>* simple <br>* and <br>* effective <br!
 >* programming <br>* language <br>* which <br>* includes <br>* conditionals, <br>* loops, <br>* user-defined <br>* recursive <br>* functions <br>* and <br>* input <br>* and <br>* output <br>* facilities.;;
-App=RAWstudio;Graphics;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/rawstudio.png;RAWstudio <br>* Team;http://rawstudio.org;Other;Graphical;RAW,camera;Rawstudio <br>* is <br>* an <br>* open-source <br>* program <br>* to <br>* read <br>* and <br>* manipulate <br>* RAW <br>* images <br>* from <br>* most <br>* digital <br>* cameras. <br>* Rawstudio <br>* will <br>* convert <br>* your <br>* RAW <br>* files <br>* into <br>* JPEG, <br>* PNG <br>* or <br>* TIF <br>* images <br>* which <br>* you <br>* can <br>* then <br>* print <br>* or <br>* send <br>* to <br>* friends <br>* and <br>* clients. <br>* It <br>* has <br>* a <br>* graphical <br>* user <br>* interface, <br>* so <br>* you <br>* can <br>* simply <br>* open <br>* a <br>* RAW <br>* file <br>* and <br>* experiment <br>* with <br>* the <br>* controls <br>* to <br>* see <br>* how <br>* they <br>* effect <br>* the <br>* image.;;
-App=RapidSVN;Development;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/rapidsvn.png;Brent <br>* Matzelle <br>* and <br>* Alexander <br>* Mueller;http://www.rapidsvn.org;GPL;Graphical;svn,subversion;RapidSVN <br>* is <br>* a <br>* cross-platform <br>* GUI <br>* front-end <br>* for <br>* the <br>* Subversion <br>* revision <br>* system <br>* written <br>* in <br>* C++ <br>* using <br>* the <br>* wxWidgets <br>* framework. <br>* This <br>* project <br>* also <br>* includes <br>* a <br>* Subversion <br>* client <br>* C++ <br>* API. <br>* Features: <br>* * <br>* Simple <br>* - <br>* provides <br>* an <br>* easy <br>* to <br>* use <br>* interface <br>* for <br>* Subversion <br>* features <br>* * <br>* Efficient <br>* - <br>* simple <br>* for <br>* beginners <br>* but <br>* flexible <br>* enough <br>* to <br>* increase <br>* productivity <br>* for <br>* experienced <br>* Subversion <br>* users <br>* * <br>* Portable <br>* - <br>* runs <br>* on <br>* any <br>* platform <br>* on <br>* which <b!
 r>* Subversion <br>* and <br>* wxWidgets <br>* can <br>* run: <br>* Linux, <br>* Windows, <br>* Mac <br>* OS/X, <br>* Solaris, <br>* etc. <br>* * <br>* Fast <br>* - <br>* entirely <br>* written <br>* in <br>* C++;;
-App=Rdesktop;Network;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/rdesktop.png;Rdesktop <br>* Team;http://www.rdesktop.org/;GPL;Text;remote,desktop;Rdesktop <br>* is <br>* an <br>* open <br>* source <br>* client <br>* for <br>* Windows <br>* NT/2000/2003 <br>* Terminal <br>* Server, <br>* capable <br>* of <br>* natively <br>* speaking <br>* its <br>* Remote <br>* Desktop <br>* Protocol <br>* (RDP) <br>* in <br>* order <br>* to <br>* present <br>* the <br>* user\'s <br>* Windows <br>* desktop. <br>* Unlike <br>* Citrix <br>* ICA, <br>* no <br>* server <br>* extensions <br>* are <br>* required.;;
-App=ReZound;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/rezound.png;Davy <br>* Durham;http://rezound.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;audio,editor;ReZound <br>* aims <br>* to <br>* be <br>* a <br>* stable, <br>* open <br>* source, <br>* and <br>* graphical <br>* audio <br>* file <br>* editor <br>* primarily <br>* for <br>* but <br>* not <br>* limited <br>* to <br>* the <br>* Linux <br>* operating <br>* system.;;
-App=Recoll;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/recoll.png;Jean-Francois <br>* Dockes;http://www.lesbonscomptes.com/recoll/;GPL;Graphical;search,xapian;Recoll <br>* is <br>* a <br>* personal <br>* full <br>* text <br>* search <br>* package <br>* with <br>* a <br>* QT <br>* graphical <br>* interface. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* based <br>* on <br>* a <br>* very <br>* strong <br>* backend <br>* (Xapian), <br>* for <br>* which <br>* it <br>* provides <br>* an <br>* easy <br>* to <br>* use <br>* and <br>* feature-rich <br>* interface. <br>* Features: <br>* * <br>* Free, <br>* GPL <br>* license. <br>* * <br>* QT-based <br>* GUI. <br>* * <br>* Supports <br>* the <br>* following <br>* document <br>* types <br>* (and <br>* their <br>* compressed <br>* versions): <br>* - <br>* Natively: <br>* text, <br>* html, <br>* OpenOffice <br>* files, <br>* maildir <br>* and <br>* mailbox <br>* (Mozilla <br>* and <br>* Thunderbird <br>* mail <br>* ok) <br>* with <br>* attachme!
 nts, <br>* gaim <br>* log <br>* files. <br>* - <br>* With <br>* external <br>* helpers: <br>* pdf <br>* (pdftotext), <br>* postscript <br>* (ghostscript), <br>* msword <br>* (antiword), <br>* excel, <br>* ppt <br>* (catdoc), <br>* rtf <br>* (unrtf), <br>* * <br>* Powerful <br>* query <br>* facilities, <br>* with <br>* boolean <br>* searches, <br>* phrases, <br>* filter <br>* on <br>* file <br>* types <br>* and <br>* directory <br>* tree. <br>* * <br>* Support <br>* for <br>* multiple <br>* charsets. <br>* Internal <br>* processing <br>* and <br>* storage <br>* uses <br>* Unicode <br>* UTF-8. <br>* * <br>* Stemming <br>* performed <br>* at <br>* query <br>* time <br>* (can <br>* switch <br>* stemming <br>* language <br>* after <br>* indexing) <br>* * <br>* Easy <br>* installation. <br>* No <br>* database <br>* daemon, <br>* web <br>* server <br>* or <br>* exotic <br>* language <br>* necessary. <br>* * <br>* An <br>* indexer <br>* which <br>* runs <br>* either <br>* as <br>* !
 a <br>* thread <br>* inside <br>* the <br>* GUI <br>* or <br>*!
  as <br>* an <br>* external, <br>* cron\'able <br>* program. <br>* ;;
-App=Red5;Web;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/red5.png;Red5 <br>* Team;http://www.red5.org/;LGPL;Server;media,server,flash;Red5 <br>* is <br>* an <br>* Open <br>* Source <br>* Flash <br>* Server <br>* written <br>* in <br>* Java <br>* that <br>* supports: <br>* - <br>* Streaming <br>* Audio/Video: <br>* FLV, <br>* MP3, <br>* F4V, <br>* MP4, <br>* AAC, <br>* M4A <br>* - <br>* Recording <br>* Client <br>* Streams <br>* (FLV <br>* only) <br>* - <br>* Shared <br>* Objects <br>* - <br>* Live <br>* Stream <br>* Publishing: <br>* Sorenson, <br>* VP6, <br>* h.264, <br>* Nelly <br>* Moser, <br>* MP3, <br>* Speex, <br>* AAC, <br>* NSV <br>* - <br>* Remoting <br>* ;;
-App=RedNotebook;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/rednotebook.png;Jendrik <br>* Seipp;http://rednotebook.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;diary,entry,journal;RedNotebook <br>* is <br>* a <br>* modern <br>* journal <br>* written <br>* by <br>* python. <br>* It <br>* includes <br>* a <br>* calendar <br>* navigation, <br>* customizable <br>* templates, <br>* export <br>* functionality <br>* and <br>* word <br>* clouds. <br>* You <br>* can <br>* also <br>* format, <br>* tag <br>* and <br>* search <br>* your <br>* entries. <br>* RedNotebook <br>* is <br>* Free <br>* Software <br>* under <br>* the <br>* GPL.;;
-App=Redshift;Accessibility;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/redshift.png;Jon <br>* Lund <br>* Steffensen;http://jonls.dk/redshift/;GPL;Text;color,monitor,brightness;Redshift <br>* adjusts <br>* the <br>* color <br>* temperature <br>* of <br>* your <br>* screen <br>* according <br>* to <br>* your <br>* surroundings. <br>* This <br>* may <br>* help <br>* your <br>* eyes <br>* hurt <br>* less <br>* if <br>* you <br>* are <br>* working <br>* in <br>* front <br>* of <br>* the <br>* screen <br>* at <br>* night.;;
-App=Remmina;Network;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/remmina.png;Remmina <br>* Team;http://remmina.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;remote,desktop;Remmina <br>* is <br>* a <br>* remote <br>* desktop <br>* client <br>* written <br>* in <br>* GTK+, <br>* aiming <br>* to <br>* be <br>* useful <br>* for <br>* system <br>* administrators <br>* and <br>* travellers, <br>* who <br>* need <br>* to <br>* work <br>* with <br>* lots <br>* of <br>* remote <br>* computers <br>* in <br>* front <br>* of <br>* either <br>* large <br>* monitors <br>* or <br>* tiny <br>* netbooks. <br>* Remmina <br>* supports <br>* multiple <br>* network <br>* protocols <br>* in <br>* an <br>* integrated <br>* and <br>* consistant <br>* user <br>* interface. <br>* The <br>* Remmina <br>* main <br>* program: <br>* * <br>* A <br>* pure <br>* GTK+ <br>* 2.0 <br>* application! <br>* * <br>* Maintain <br>* a <br>* list <br>* of <br>* remote <br>* desktop <br>* files, <br>* organized <br>* by <br>* groups <br>* * !
 <br>* Make <br>* quick <br>* connections <br>* by <br>* directly <br>* putting <br>* in <br>* the <br>* server <br>* name <br>* * <br>* Remote <br>* desktops <br>* with <br>* higher <br>* resolutions <br>* are <br>* scrollable/scalable <br>* in <br>* both <br>* window <br>* and <br>* fullscreen <br>* mode <br>* * <br>* Viewport <br>* fullscreen <br>* mode: <br>* remote <br>* desktop <br>* automatically <br>* scrolls <br>* when <br>* the <br>* mouse <br>* moves <br>* over <br>* the <br>* screen <br>* edge. <br>* * <br>* Floating <br>* toolbar <br>* in <br>* fullscreen <br>* mode, <br>* allows <br>* you <br>* to <br>* switch <br>* between <br>* modes, <br>* toggle <br>* keyboard <br>* grabbing, <br>* minimize, <br>* etc. <br>* * <br>* Tabbed <br>* interface, <br>* optionally <br>* managed <br>* by <br>* groups <br>* * <br>* Supported <br>* network <br>* protocols: <br>* RDP, <br>* NX, <br>* Telepathy, <br>* VNC, <br>* XDMCP, <br>* SSH, <br>* Avahi;;
-App=RetroShare;Network <br>* - <br>* P2P;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/retroshare.png;RetroShare <br>* Team;http://retroshare.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;bittorrent;RetroShare <br>* is <br>* a <br>* Open <br>* Source <br>* cross-platform, <br>* private <br>* and <br>* secure <br>* decentralised <br>* communication <br>* platform. <br>* It <br>* lets <br>* you <br>* to <br>* securely <br>* chat <br>* and <br>* share <br>* files <br>* with <br>* your <br>* friends <br>* and <br>* family, <br>* using <br>* a <br>* web-of-trust <br>* to <br>* authenticate <br>* peers <br>* and <br>* OpenSSL <br>* to <br>* encrypt <br>* all <br>* communication. <br>* RetroShare <br>* provides <br>* filesharing, <br>* chat, <br>* messages, <br>* forums <br>* and <br>* channels.;;
-App=Return <br>* to <br>* Castle <br>* Wolfenstein;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/rtcw.png;id <br>* Software;http://www.castlewolfenstein.com;Commercial;Graphical;game,fps,wolfenstein;Return <br>* to <br>* Castle <br>* Wolfenstein <br>* is <br>* a <br>* remake <br>* of <br>* sorts <br>* of <br>* the <br>* early, <br>* seminal <br>* first-person <br>* shooter, <br>* Wolfenstein <br>* 3D. <br>* However, <br>* with <br>* the <br>* advances <br>* in <br>* graphics <br>* technology <br>* and <br>* gameplay <br>* design <br>* since <br>* the <br>* original <br>* game, <br>* without <br>* the <br>* name <br>* and <br>* the <br>* occasional <br>* in-game <br>* references, <br>* it <br>* would <br>* be <br>* unrecognisable <br>* as <br>* a <br>* remake. <br>* Unlike <br>* the <br>* original <br>* Wolfenstein <br>* 3D, <br>* only <br>* a <br>* handful <br>* of <br>* the <br>* single <br>* player <br>* missions <br>* in <br>* Return <br>* to <br>* Castle <br>* Wolfenstein <b!
 r>* takes <br>* place <br>* in <br>* the <br>* infamous <br>* castle/prison.;;
-App=Rhythmbox;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/rhythmbox.png;Rhythmbox <br>* project;http://projects.gnome.org/rhythmbox/;GPL;Graphical;audio,player;Rhythmbox <br>* is <br>* an <br>* integrated <br>* music <br>* management <br>* application, <br>* originally <br>* inspired <br>* by <br>* Apple\'s <br>* iTunes. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* free <br>* software, <br>* designed <br>* to <br>* work <br>* well <br>* under <br>* the <br>* GNOME <br>* Desktop, <br>* and <br>* based <br>* on <br>* the <br>* powerful <br>* GStreamer <br>* media <br>* framework.;;
-App=RootkitHunter;Security;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/rootkithunter.png;Rootkit <br>* Hunter <br>* Team;http://rkhunter.sourceforge.net/;Other;Text;scan,anti-malware;Rootkit <br>* Hunter <br>* is <br>* scanning <br>* tool <br>* to <br>* ensure <br>* you <br>* for <br>* about <br>* 99.9% <br>* you\'re <br>* clean <br>* of <br>* nasty <br>* tools. <br>* This <br>* tool <br>* scans <br>* for <br>* rootkits, <br>* backdoors <br>* and <br>* local <br>* exploits <br>* by <br>* running <br>* tests <br>* like: <br>* - <br>* MD5/SHA1 <br>* hash <br>* compare <br>* - <br>* Look <br>* for <br>* default <br>* files <br>* used <br>* by <br>* rootkits <br>* - <br>* Wrong <br>* file <br>* permissions <br>* for <br>* binaries <br>* - <br>* Look <br>* for <br>* suspected <br>* strings <br>* in <br>* LKM <br>* and <br>* KLD <br>* modules <br>* - <br>* Look <br>* for <br>* hidden <br>* files <br>* - <br>* Optional <br>* scan <br>* within <br>* plaintext <br>* and <br>* binary <br>* fi!
-App=Rosegarden;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/rosegarden.png;Rosegarden <br>* Team;http://www.rosegardenmusic.com;GPL;Graphical;music,notation,midi;Rosegarden <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free <br>* integrated <br>* musical <br>* notation <br>* editor <br>* and <br>* MIDI <br>* sequencer <br>* for <br>* Unix/X <br>* platforms, <br>* with <br>* specific <br>* support <br>* for <br>* FreeBSD, <br>* Linux <br>* PCs <br>* and <br>* SGI <br>* IRIX <br>* workstations.;;
-App=Rtorrent;Network <br>* - <br>* P2P;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/rtorrent.png;Rtorrent <br>* Dev <br>* Team;http://libtorrent.rakshasa.no;GPL;Graphical;bittorrent;LibTorrent <br>* is <br>* a <br>* BitTorrent <br>* library <br>* written <br>* in <br>* C++ <br>* for <br>* *nix, <br>* with <br>* a <br>* focus <br>* on <br>* high <br>* performance <br>* and <br>* good <br>* code. <br>* The <br>* library <br>* differentiates <br>* itself <br>* from <br>* other <br>* implementations <br>* by <br>* transfering <br>* directly <br>* from <br>* file <br>* pages <br>* to <br>* the <br>* network <br>* stack. <br>* On <br>* high-bandwidth <br>* connections <br>* it <br>* is <br>* able <br>* to <br>* seed <br>* at <br>* 3 <br>* times <br>* the <br>* speed <br>* of <br>* the <br>* official <br>* client. <br>* The <br>* client <br>* uses <br>* ncurses <br>* and <br>* is <br>* ideal <br>* for <br>* use <br>* with <br>* screen <br>* or <br>* dtach. <br>* It <br>* supports <br>* savi!
 ng <br>* of <br>* sessions <br>* and <br>* allows <br>* the <br>* user <br>* to <br>* add <br>* and <br>* remove <br>* torrents.;;
-App=Rubrica;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/rubrica.png;Nicola <br>* Fragale;http://www.nicolafragale.org/rubrica;GPL;Graphical;contacts,addressbook;Rubrica <br>* is <br>* an <br>* addressbook <br>* for <br>* Gnome <br>* desktop. <br>* Rubrica <br>* store <br>* personal <br>* data <br>* (first <br>* name, <br>* last <br>* name,...), <br>* web <br>* urls <br>* and <br>* emails, <br>* telepnone <br>* numbers <br>* (home,...), <br>* job <br>* data <br>* (company <br>* name, <br>* company <br>* address, <br>* assigment <br>* in <br>* company), <br>* notes <br>* (contact <br>* is <br>* married,...);;
-App=Ruby19;Languages;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/ruby.png;Matsumoto <br>* Yukihiro;http://www.ruby-lang.org/en/;GPL;Text;ruby,programming,development;Ruby <br>* is <br>* the <br>* interpreted <br>* scripting <br>* language <br>* for <br>* quick <br>* and <br>* easy <br>* object-oriented <br>* programming. <br>* It <br>* has <br>* many <br>* features <br>* to <br>* process <br>* text <br>* files <br>* and <br>* to <br>* do <br>* system <br>* management <br>* tasks <br>* (as <br>* in <br>* Perl). <br>* It <br>* is <br>* simple, <br>* straight-forward, <br>* and <br>* extensible. <br>* Features <br>* of <br>* Ruby <br>* are <br>* shown <br>* below. <br>* + <br>* Simple <br>* Syntax <br>* + <br>* *Normal* <br>* Object-Oriented <br>* features(ex. <br>* class, <br>* method <br>* calls) <br>* + <br>* *Advanced* <br>* Object-Oriented <br>* features(ex. <br>* Mix-in, <br>* Singleton-method) <br>* + <br>* Operator <br>* Overloading <br>* + <br>* Exception <br>* Handling <br>* !
 + <br>* Iterators <br>* and <br>* Closures <br>* + <br>* Garbage <br>* Collection <br>* + <br>* Dynamic <br>* Loading <br>* of <br>* Object <br>* files(on <br>* some <br>* architecture) <br>* + <br>* Highly <br>* Portable(works <br>* on <br>* many <br>* UNIX <br>* machines, <br>* and <br>* on <br>* DOS, <br>* Windows, <br>* Mac, <br>* BeOS <br>* etc.);;
-App=Rxvt-Unicode;X11;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/rxvt.png;Marc <br>* Lehmann;http://software.schmorp.de/pkg/rxvt-unicode.html;GPL;Text;terminal,rxvt;rxvt-unicode <br>* is <br>* a <br>* clone <br>* of <br>* the <br>* well <br>* known <br>* terminal <br>* emulator <br>* rxvt.;;
-App=SABnzbdplus;News;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/sabnzbdplus.png;SABnzbd-Team;http://sabnzbd.org/;GPL;Graphical;newsreader,rss;SABnzbd <br>* is <br>* a <br>* cross-platform <br>* binary <br>* newsreader. <br>* It <br>* makes <br>* downloading <br>* from <br>* Usenet <br>* easy <br>* by <br>* automating <br>* the <br>* whole <br>* thing. <br>* You <br>* give <br>* it <br>* an <br>* NZB <br>* file <br>* or <br>* an <br>* RSS <br>* feed, <br>* it <br>* does <br>* the <br>* rest. <br>* Has <br>* a <br>* web-browser <br>* based <br>* UI <br>* and <br>* an <br>* API <br>* for <br>* 3rd-party <br>* apps. <br>* Ideal <br>* for <br>* servers <br>* too.;;
-App=SDL-Sopwith;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/sdl-sopwith.png;The <br>* SDL-Sopwith <br>* Team;http://sdl-sopwith.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;game,sopwith;This <br>* is <br>* a <br>* port <br>* of <br>* the <br>* classic <br>* computer <br>* game <br>* "Sopwith" <br>* to <br>* run <br>* on <br>* modern <br>* computers <br>* and <br>* operating <br>* systems. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* named <br>* "SDL <br>* Sopwith" <br>* as <br>* it <br>* was <br>* originally <br>* used <br>* the <br>* LibSDL <br>* graphics <br>* library. <br>* There <br>* is <br>* now <br>* also <br>* a <br>* port <br>* to <br>* Gtk+, <br>* the <br>* widget <br>* library <br>* used <br>* by <br>* GNOME <br>* and <br>* there <br>* is <br>* initial <br>* code <br>* written <br>* toward <br>* a <br>* backport <br>* allowing <br>* it <br>* to <br>* be <br>* run <br>* under <br>* DOS, <br>* like <br>* the <br>* original. <br>* (Note: <br>* ctrl-c <br>* closes <br>* the <br>* program);;
-App=SILC-client;Network;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/silc-client.png;SILC <br>* Team;http://www.silcnet.org/;Unknown;Text;irc,silc;This <br>* is <br>* a <br>* SILC <br>* network <br>* client <br>* Q: <br>* What <br>* is <br>* SILC? <br>* A: <br>* SILC <br>* (Secure <br>* Internet <br>* Live <br>* Conferencing) <br>* is <br>* a <br>* protocol <br>* which <br>* provides <br>* secure <br>* conferencing <br>* services <br>* in <br>* the <br>* Internet <br>* over <br>* insecure <br>* channel. <br>* SILC <br>* is <br>* IRC <br>* like <br>* although <br>* internally <br>* they <br>* are <br>* very <br>* different. <br>* Biggest <br>* similarity <br>* between <br>* SILC <br>* and <br>* IRC <br>* is <br>* that <br>* they <br>* both <br>* provide <br>* conferencing <br>* services <br>* and <br>* that <br>* SILC <br>* has <br>* almost <br>* same <br>* commands <br>* as <br>* IRC. <br>* Other <br>* than <br>* that <br>* they <br>* are <br>* nothing <br>* alike. <br>* Biggest <br>!
 * differences <br>* are <br>* that <br>* SILC <br>* is <br>* secure <br>* what <br>* IRC <br>* is <br>* not <br>* in <br>* any <br>* way. <br>* The <br>* network <br>* model <br>* is <br>* also <br>* entirely <br>* different <br>* compared <br>* to <br>* IRC.;;
-App=SMPlayer;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/smplayer.png;The <br>* SMPlayer <br>* Project;http://smplayer.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;multimedia,audio,video,player;smplayer <br>* intents <br>* to <br>* be <br>* a <br>* complete <br>* front-end <br>* for <br>* mplayer,from <br>* basic <br>* features <br>* like <br>* playing <br>* videos, <br>* dvds, <br>* vcdsto <br>* more <br>* advancing <br>* features <br>* like <br>* support <br>* for <br>* mplayer <br>* filters,edl <br>* lists, <br>* and <br>* more.;;
-App=Sauerbraten;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/sauerbraten.png;Sauerbraten <br>* Team;http://sauerbraten.org/;GPL;Graphical;game,fps,cube2;Sauerbraten <br>* (a.k.a. <br>* Cube <br>* 2) <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free <br>* multiplayer/singleplayer <br>* first <br>* person <br>* shooter, <br>* built <br>* as <br>* a <br>* major <br>* redesign <br>* of <br>* the <br>* Cube <br>* FPS.;;
-App=SchismTracker;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/schism.png;Storlek <br>* and <br>* Mrs. <br>* Brisby;http://eval.sovietrussia.org/wiki/Schism_Tracker;GPL;Graphical;audio,creator;Schism <br>* Tracker <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free <br>* reimplementation <br>* of <br>* Impulse <br>* Tracker, <br>* a <br>* program <br>* used <br>* to <br>* create <br>* high <br>* quality <br>* music <br>* without <br>* the <br>* requirements <br>* of <br>* specialized, <br>* expensive <br>* equipment, <br>* and <br>* with <br>* a <br>* unique <br>* ;;
-App=Scilab;Math;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/scilab.png;Scilab <br>* Consortium;http://www.scilab.org;GPL;Graphical;matlab,science,math;Scilab <br>* is <br>* a <br>* scientific <br>* software <br>* package <br>* for <br>* numerical <br>* computations <br>* in <br>* a <br>* user-friendly <br>* environment. <br>* It <br>* features: <br>* Elaborate <br>* data <br>* structures. <br>* Sophisticated <br>* interpreter <br>* and <br>* programming <br>* language <br>* with <br>* Matlab-like <br>* syntax. <br>* Hundreds <br>* of <br>* built-in <br>* math <br>* functions. <br>* Stunning <br>* graphics. <br>* Open <br>* structure. <br>* Many <br>* built-in <br>* libraries: <br>* Linear <br>* Algebra. <br>* Control. <br>* Package <br>* for <br>* linear <br>* matrix <br>* inequalities, <br>* optimization. <br>* Signal <br>* processing. <br>* Simulation. <br>* Optimization. <br>* Metanet. <br>* Symbolic <br>* capabilities <br>* through <br>* Maple <br>* interface.;;
-App=Scorched3D;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/scorched3d.png;Scorched <br>* 3D <br>* Team;http://www.scorched3d.co.uk;GPL;Graphical;game,rts;Scorched <br>* 3D <br>* is <br>* a <br>* modernization <br>* of <br>* the <br>* classic <br>* DOS <br>* game <br>* Scorched <br>* Earth <br>* "The <br>* Mother <br>* Of <br>* All <br>* Games" <br>* on <br>* which <br>* it <br>* is <br>* based. <br>* Scorched <br>* 3D <br>* incorporates <br>* a <br>* lively <br>* three <br>* dimensional <br>* landscape <br>* that <br>* includes <br>* animated <br>* jets, <br>* naval <br>* vessels, <br>* water, <br>* and <br>* even <br>* birds, <br>* in <br>* addition <br>* to <br>* detailed <br>* tanks <br>* and <br>* projectiles. <br>* Scorched <br>* 3D <br>* is <br>* a <br>* simple <br>* turn-based <br>* artillery <br>* game <br>* and <br>* also <br>* a <br>* real-time <br>* strategy <br>* game <br>* in <br>* which <br>* players <br>* can <br>* counter <br>* each <br>* others\' <br>* weapons!
  <br>* with <br>* other <br>* creative <br>* accessories, <br>* shields <br>* and <br>* tactics. <br>* Learn <br>* skill <br>* in <br>* timing, <br>* aiming <br>* and <br>* judgment, <br>* move <br>* around <br>* on <br>* the <br>* landscape, <br>* or <br>* even <br>* out-smart <br>* your <br>* opponent <br>* economically.;;
-App=Scribus;Print;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/scribus.png;Scribus <br>* Team;http://www.scribus.net/;Other;Graphical;text,editor;Scribus <br>* is <br>* an <br>* open-source <br>* program <br>* that <br>* brings <br>* award-winning <br>* professional <br>* page <br>* layout <br>* to <br>* Linux/Unix, <br>* MacOS <br>* X, <br>* OS/2 <br>* and <br>* Windows <br>* desktops <br>* with <br>* a <br>* combination <br>* of <br>* "press-ready" <br>* output <br>* and <br>* new <br>* approaches <br>* to <br>* page <br>* layout. <br>* Underneath <br>* the <br>* modern <br>* and <br>* user <br>* friendly <br>* interface, <br>* Scribus <br>* supports <br>* professional <br>* publishing <br>* features, <br>* such <br>* as <br>* CMYK <br>* color, <br>* separations, <br>* ICC <br>* color <br>* management <br>* and <br>* versatile <br>* PDF <br>* creation.;;
-App=ScummVM;Emulators;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/scumm.png;ScummVM <br>* Team;http://www.scummvm.org;GPL;Graphical;lucasarts,emulator;ScummVM <br>* is <br>* a <br>* program <br>* which <br>* allows <br>* you <br>* to <br>* run <br>* certain <br>* classic <br>* graphical <br>* point-and-click <br>* adventure <br>* games, <br>* provided <br>* you <br>* already <br>* have <br>* their <br>* data <br>* files. <br>* The <br>* clever <br>* part <br>* about <br>* this: <br>* ScummVM <br>* just <br>* replaces <br>* the <br>* executables <br>* shipped <br>* with <br>* the <br>* games, <br>* allowing <br>* you <br>* to <br>* play <br>* them <br>* on <br>* systems <br>* for <br>* which <br>* they <br>* were <br>* never <br>* designed! <br>* Some <br>* of <br>* the <br>* adventures <br>* ScummVM <br>* supports <br>* include <br>* Adventure <br>* Soft\'s <br>* Simon <br>* the <br>* Sorcerer <br>* 1 <br>* and <br>* 2 <br>* Revolution\'s <br>* Beneath <br>* A <br>* Steel <br>* Sky,!
  <br>* Broken <br>* Sword <br>* 1 <br>* and <br>* Broken <br>* Sword <br>* 2 <br>* Flight <br>* of <br>* the <br>* Amazon <br>* Queen <br>* Wyrmkeep\'s <br>* Inherit <br>* the <br>* Earth <br>* Coktel <br>* Vision\'s <br>* Gobliiins <br>* Westwood <br>* Studios\' <br>* The <br>* Legend <br>* of <br>* Kyrandia <br>* and <br>* games <br>* based <br>* on <br>* LucasArts\' <br>* SCUMM <br>* (Script <br>* Creation <br>* Utility <br>* for <br>* Maniac <br>* Mansion) <br>* system <br>* such <br>* as <br>* Monkey <br>* Island, <br>* Day <br>* of <br>* the <br>* Tentacle, <br>* Sam <br>* and <br>* Max <br>* and <br>* more. <br>* You <br>* can <br>* find <br>* a <br>* thorough <br>* list <br>* with <br>* details <br>* on <br>* which <br>* games <br>* are <br>* supported <br>* and <br>* how <br>* well <br>* on <br>* the <br>* compatibility <br>* page.;;
-App=SeaMonkey;Web;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/seamonkey.png;SeaMonkey <br>* Project;http://www.seamonkey-project.org;GPL;Graphical;web,browser,irc,email;Web-browser, <br>* advanced <br>* e-mail <br>* and <br>* newsgroup <br>* client, <br>* IRC <br>* chat <br>* client, <br>* and <br>* HTML <br>* editing <br>* made <br>* simple <br>* -- <br>* all <br>* your <br>* Internet <br>* needs <br>* in <br>* one <br>* application.;;
-App=SearchAndRescue;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/searchandrescue.png;WolfPack <br>* Entertainment;http://searchandrescue.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;game,flight,simulation;This <br>* is <br>* a <br>* 3D <br>* flight <br>* simulator <br>* in <br>* which <br>* the <br>* player <br>* flies <br>* around <br>* the <br>* map <br>* rescuing <br>* people. <br>* The <br>* game <br>* has <br>* a <br>* selection <br>* of <br>* several <br>* different <br>* helicoptors <br>* and <br>* a <br>* jet <br>* airplane <br>* to <br>* choose <br>* from. <br>* The <br>* game <br>* includes <br>* training <br>* missions, <br>* more <br>* complete <br>* missions <br>* and <br>* a <br>* campaign <br>* mode <br>* as <br>* well <br>* as <br>* a <br>* free <br>* flight <br>* option <br>* for <br>* people <br>* who <br>* just <br>* want <br>* to <br>* explore.;;
-App=Secret <br>* Maryo <br>* Chronicles;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/smc.png;SMC <br>* Team;http://www.secretmaryo.org/;GPL;Graphical;game,platformer;Secret <br>* Maryo <br>* Chronicles <br>* is <br>* a <br>* two-dimensional, <br>* sidescrolling <br>* jump-and-run <br>* platform <br>* game <br>* which <br>* utilizes <br>* the <br>* platform <br>* independent <br>* multimedia <br>* library, <br>* SDL. <br>* It <br>* features <br>* a <br>* built-in <br>* editor <br>* which <br>* can <br>* be <br>* used <br>* to <br>* easily <br>* create <br>* your <br>* own <br>* levels <br>* and <br>* worlds.;;
-App=Semantik;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/semantik.png;Thomas <br>* Nagy;http://freehackers.org/~tnagy/semantik.html;GPL;Graphical;mindmapping;The <br>* goal <br>* of <br>* semantik <br>* is <br>* to <br>* help <br>* to <br>* structure <br>* ideas <br>* and <br>* concepts <br>* by <br>* associating <br>* them <br>* into <br>* a <br>* tree. <br>* The <br>* tree <br>* is <br>* there <br>* to <br>* help <br>* to <br>* see <br>* how <br>* the <br>* ideas <br>* interact, <br>* and <br>* then <br>* to <br>* develop <br>* them <br>* further <br>* (add <br>* ramifications). <br>* An <br>* idea <br>* is <br>* represented <br>* by <br>* a <br>* shape <br>* which <br>* can <br>* be <br>* a <br>* text <br>* or <br>* a <br>* picture. <br>* The <br>* ideas <br>* can <br>* be <br>* connected, <br>* but <br>* there <br>* is <br>* a <br>* constraint: <br>* an <br>* idea <br>* cannot <br>* have <br>* more <br>* than <br>* one <br>* parent. <br>* A <br>* semantik!
  <br>* mind-map <br>* can <br>* be <br>* exported <br>* as <br>* a <br>* picture, <br>* or <br>* used <br>* to <br>* generate <br>* documents. <br>* Templates <br>* include <br>* pdflatex <br>* (article, <br>* book) <br>* and <br>* html <br>* file <br>* formats. <br>* Semantik <br>* is <br>* the <br>* replacement <br>* for <br>* kdissert <br>* and <br>* requires <br>* KDE <br>* 4.;;
-App=Serviio;Network;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/serviio.png;Petr <br>* Nejedly;http://www.serviio.org/;Other;Server;media,server;Serviio <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free <br>* DLNA <br>* media <br>* server. <br>* It <br>* allows <br>* you <br>* to <br>* stream <br>* your <br>* media <br>* files <br>* (music, <br>* video <br>* or <br>* images) <br>* to <br>* any <br>* DLNA-certified <br>* renderer <br>* device <br>* (e.g. <br>* a <br>* TV <br>* set, <br>* Bluray <br>* player, <br>* games <br>* console) <br>* on <br>* your <br>* home <br>* network. <br>* Serviio <br>* uses <br>* a <br>* priority-based <br>* metadata <br>* extraction <br>* so <br>* that <br>* you <br>* can <br>* choose <br>* what <br>* metadata <br>* should <br>* describe <br>* your <br>* media <br>* files <br>* (e.g. <br>* audio <br>* track <br>* name, <br>* DVD <br>* cover, <br>* TV <br>* series <br>* and <br>* episodes <br>* names, <br>* etc.). <br>* These <br>* include <br>* metadata <br>* embedded <br>*!
  into <br>* the <br>* media <br>* files <br>* themselves, <br>* locally <br>* stored <br>* metadata <br>* files <br>* and <br>* metadata <br>* that <br>* can <br>* be <br>* obtained <br>* online. <br>* With <br>* this <br>* powerful <br>* tool <br>* you <br>* will <br>* be <br>* able <br>* to <br>* build <br>* your <br>* Serviio <br>* media <br>* library <br>* easily <br>* and <br>* effectively. <br>* Serviio <br>* works <br>* with <br>* any <br>* DLNA <br>* compliant <br>* device <br>* (TV, <br>* Playstation <br>* 3, <br>* etc.) <br>* and <br>* some <br>* other <br>* (XBox <br>* 360). <br>* It <br>* supports <br>* profiles <br>* for <br>* particular <br>* devices <br>* so <br>* that <br>* it <br>* can <br>* be <br>* tuned <br>* to <br>* maximise <br>* the <br>* device\'s <br>* potential <br>* and/or <br>* minimize <br>* lack <br>* of <br>* media <br>* format <br>* playback <br>* support <br>* (via <br>* transcoding).;;
-App=Shotwell;Graphics;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/shotwell.png;Yorba;http://www.yorba.org/shotwell/;LGPL;Graphical;photo,organizer;A <br>* digital <br>* photo <br>* organizer <br>* that <br>* runs <br>* on <br>* Unix <br>* and <br>* (with <br>* limited <br>* features) <br>* on <br>* Windows.;;
-App=Sigil;Text <br>* Processing;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/sigil.png;Sigil <br>* Team;http://code.google.com/p/sigil/;GPL;Graphical;ebook,epub,editor;Sigil <br>* is <br>* a <br>* multi-platform <br>* WYSIWYG <br>* ebook <br>* editor. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* designed <br>* to <br>* edit <br>* books <br>* in <br>* ePub <br>* format. <br>* * <br>* Free <br>* and <br>* open <br>* source <br>* software <br>* under <br>* GPLv3 <br>* * <br>* Multi-platform: <br>* runs <br>* on <br>* Windows, <br>* FreeBSD, <br>* Linux <br>* and <br>* Mac <br>* * <br>* Full <br>* Unicode <br>* support: <br>* everything <br>* you <br>* see <br>* in <br>* Sigil <br>* is <br>* in <br>* UTF-16 <br>* * <br>* Full <br>* EPUB <br>* spec <br>* support <br>* * <br>* WYSIWYG <br>* editing <br>* * <br>* Multiple <br>* Views: <br>* Book <br>* View, <br>* Code <br>* View <br>* and <br>* Split <br>* View <br>* * <br>* Metadata <br>* editor <br>* with <br>* full <br>* support <br>* for <br>* all <br>* pos!
 sible <br>* metadata <br>* entries <br>* (more <br>* than <br>* 200) <br>* with <br>* full <br>* descriptions <br>* for <br>* each <br>* * <br>* Table <br>* Of <br>* Contents <br>* editor <br>* * <br>* Multi-level <br>* TOC <br>* support <br>* * <br>* Book <br>* View <br>* fully <br>* supports <br>* the <br>* display <br>* of <br>* any <br>* XHTML <br>* document <br>* possible <br>* under <br>* the <br>* OPS <br>* spec <br>* * <br>* SVG <br>* support <br>* * <br>* Basic <br>* XPGT <br>* support <br>* * <br>* Advanced <br>* automatic <br>* conversion <br>* of <br>* all <br>* imported <br>* documents <br>* to <br>* Unicode <br>* * <br>* Currently <br>* imports <br>* TXT, <br>* HTML <br>* and <br>* EPUB <br>* files <br>* more <br>* will <br>* be <br>* added <br>* with <br>* time <br>* * <br>* Embedded <br>* HTML <br>* Tidy <br>* all <br>* imported <br>* documents <br>* are <br>* thoroughly <br>* cleaned <br>* changing <br>* views <br>* cleans <br>* the <br>* document <br>* so !
 <br>* no <br>* matter <br>* how <br>* much <br>* you <br>* scr!
 ew <br>* up <br>* your <br>* code, <br>* it <br>* will <br>* fix <br>* it <br>* (usually) <br>* * <br>* An <br>* actually <br>* usable <br>* user <br>* interface;;
-App=Sim-IM;Network <br>* - <br>* IM;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/sim.png;Sim-IM <br>* Team;http://sim-im.org;GPL;Graphical;im,chat;Sim-IM <br>* is <br>* a <br>* multiple <br>* protocol <br>* instant <br>* messenger <br>* for <br>* PC-BSD, <br>* MS <br>* Windows, <br>* GNU/Linux, <br>* FreeBSD. <br>* Sim-IM <br>* supports <br>* Jabber/XMPP, <br>* Oscar(ICQ <br>* and <br>* AOL), <br>* Yahoo! <br>* and <br>* MSN <br>* protocols. <br>* Sim-IM <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free <br>* software, <br>* licensed <br>* under <br>* the <br>* GNU <br>* General <br>* Public <br>* License <br>* (GPL). <br>* Sim-IM <br>* is <br>* based <br>* on <br>* the <br>* Qt <br>* library, <br>* and <br>* can <br>* be <br>* built <br>* with <br>* KDE-support <br>* option.;;
-App=Simutrans;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/simutrans.png;Simutrans <br>* Community;http://www.simutrans.com;GPL;Graphical;game,simulation,transport;Simutrans <br>* is <br>* a <br>* transport <br>* simulation <br>* games. <br>* Planes, <br>* ships, <br>* trains, <br>* trams, <br>* trucks, <br>* busses, <br>* or <br>* monorails <br>* are <br>* at <br>* your <br>* disposal. <br>* But <br>* factories <br>* have <br>* contracts <br>* and <br>* passengers <br>* will <br>* only <br>* travel <br>* to <br>* their <br>* own <br>* destinations. <br>* Many <br>* graphic <br>* sets <br>* (paks) <br>* are <br>* available.;;
-App=Six;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/six.png;Gabor <br>* Melis;http://six.retes.hu/;GPL;Graphical;game,hex,board,strategy;Six <br>* plays <br>* Hex, <br>* a <br>* game <br>* with <br>* very <br>* simple <br>* rules <br>* and <br>* deep <br>* tactical <br>* complexity. <br>* Two <br>* players, <br>* one <br>* with <br>* black <br>* and <br>* one <br>* with <br>* white <br>* pieces, <br>* alternate <br>* placing <br>* marks <br>* on <br>* a <br>* rhombic <br>* board <br>* of <br>* hexagonal <br>* cells. <br>* Black\'s <br>* goal <br>* is <br>* to <br>* connect <br>* the <br>* two <br>* opposite <br>* black <br>* sides <br>* of <br>* the <br>* board <br>* with <br>* black <br>* pieces. <br>* White\'s <br>* goal <br>* is <br>* to <br>* connect <br>* the <br>* white <br>* sides <br>* of <br>* the <br>* board <br>* with <br>* white <br>* pieces.;;
-App=Skype;Network;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/skype.png;Skype <br>* Team;http://www.skype.com;Other;Graphical;voip,phone;Make <br>* calls <br>* from <br>* your <br>* computer <br>* free <br>* to <br>* other <br>* people <br>* on <br>* Skype, <br>* cheap <br>* to <br>* phones <br>* and <br>* mobiles <br>* across <br>* the <br>* world. <br>* And <br>* the <br>* sound <br>* quality <br>* is <br>* great, <br>* too <br>* keep <br>* it <br>* running <br>* all <br>* day, <br>* and <br>* its <br>* like <br>* you <br>* are <br>* in <br>* the <br>* same <br>* room <br>* as <br>* the <br>* person <br>* on <br>* the <br>* other <br>* end. <br>* * <br>* Make <br>* free <br>* Skype-to-Skype <br>* calls <br>* to <br>* anyone <br>* else, <br>* anywhere <br>* in <br>* the <br>* world. <br>* * <br>* Call <br>* ordinary <br>* phones <br>* and <br>* mobiles <br>* at <br>* pretty <br>* cheap <br>* rates <br>* per <br>* minute. <br>* * <br>* See <br>* who <br>* you <br>* are <br>* talking!
  <br>* to <br>* with <br>* video <br>* calls. <br>* * <br>* Send <br>* SMS <br>* messages <br>* to <br>* friends <br>* on <br>* the <br>* move <br>* and <br>* set <br>* up <br>* call <br>* forwarding <br>* so <br>* they <br>* can <br>* contact <br>* you. <br>* * <br>* Group <br>* chat <br>* with <br>* up <br>* to <br>* 100 <br>* people <br>* or <br>* conference <br>* call <br>* with <br>* up <br>* to <br>* nine <br>* others. <br>* * <br>* Search <br>* the <br>* web <br>* with <br>* the <br>* Google <br>* Toolbar <br>* (optional <br>* install). <br>* * <br>* Free <br>* to <br>* download.;;
-App=Smasher;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/smasher.png;Smasher <br>* Team;http://smasher.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;audio,slicer;Cross-platform <br>* audio <br>* loop <br>* slicer <br>* designed <br>* to <br>* create <br>* sliced <br>* loops <br>* from <br>* WAV, <br>* MP3, <br>* FLAC <br>* or <br>* AIFF <br>* files <br>* in <br>* seconds <br>* without <br>* a <br>* sequencer. <br>* Effects <br>* include <br>* filter <br>* sweeps, <br>* phasing, <br>* flanging, <br>* delay, <br>* and <br>* distortion.;;
-App=Smb4K;Network;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/smb4k.png;Alexander <br>* Reinholdt <br>* & <br>* Massimo <br>* Callegari;http://smb4k.berlios.de/;GPL;Graphical;samba,network;Smb4K <br>* is <br>* an <br>* advanced <br>* network <br>* neighborhood <br>* browser <br>* for <br>* KDE <br>* and <br>* a <br>* frontend <br>* to <br>* the <br>* programs <br>* of <br>* the <br>* Samba <br>* software <br>* suite. <br>* Its <br>* purpose <br>* is <br>* to <br>* provide <br>* a <br>* program <br>* that\'s <br>* easy <br>* to <br>* use <br>* and <br>* has <br>* as <br>* many <br>* features <br>* as <br>* possible.;;
-App=SolarWolf;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/solarwolf.png;SolarWolf <br>* Team;http://freecode.com/projects/solarwolf;LGPL;Graphical;game,arcade,solarfox;SolarWolf <br>* is <br>* an <br>* action/arcade <br>* game <br>* written <br>* entirely <br>* in <br>* Python. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* entirely <br>* opensource <br>* and <br>* free. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* released <br>* under <br>* the <br>* LGPL <br>* license. <br>* It <br>* features <br>* quick <br>* and <br>* smooth <br>* fullscreen <br>* 800x600 <br>* graphics. <br>* There <br>* is <br>* alpha <br>* transparent <br>* blitting, <br>* colorkeying, <br>* animated <br>* sprites, <br>* scrolling <br>* starfield <br>* background, <br>* antialiased <br>* font <br>* rendering, <br>* and <br>* more. <br>* The <br>* sound <br>* system <br>* supports <br>* multiple <br>* sound <br>* channel <br>* playback, <br>* along <br>* with <br>* streaming <br>* music <br>* support. <br>* It <br>* also <br>* supports <br>* input!
  <br>* from <br>* keyboard <br>* or <br>* joystick. <br>* The <br>* game <br>* is <br>* originally <br>* based <br>* of <br>* SolarFox <br>* on <br>* the <br>* Atari <br>* 2600. <br>* ;;
-App=Sonata;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/sonata.png;Sonata <br>* Team;http://sonata.berlios.de/index.html;GPL;Graphical;audio,MPD,client;Sonata <br>* is <br>* a <br>* lightweight <br>* GTK+ <br>* music <br>* client <br>* for <br>* the <br>* Music <br>* Player <br>* Daemon <br>* (MPD). <br>* It <br>* aims <br>* to <br>* be <br>* efficient <br>* (no <br>* toolbar, <br>* main <br>* menu, <br>* or <br>* statusbar), <br>* user-friendly, <br>* and <br>* clean. <br>* FEATURES: <br>* + <br>* Expanded <br>* and <br>* collapsed <br>* views, <br>* fullscreen <br>* album <br>* art <br>* mode <br>* + <br>* Automatic <br>* remote <br>* and <br>* local <br>* album <br>* art <br>* + <br>* Library <br>* browsing <br>* by <br>* folders, <br>* or <br>* by <br>* genre/artist/album <br>* + <br>* User-configurable <br>* columns <br>* + <br>* Automatic <br>* fetching <br>* of <br>* lyrics <br>* + <br>* Playlist <br>* and <br>* stream <br>* support <br>* + <br>* Support <br>* for <br>* !
 editing <br>* song <br>* tags <br>* + <br>* Drag-and-drop <br>* to <br>* copy <br>* files <br>* + <br>* Popup <br>* notification <br>* + <br>* Library <br>* and <br>* playlist <br>* searching, <br>* filter <br>* as <br>* you <br>* type <br>* + <br>* Audioscrobbler <br>* (last.fm) <br>* 1.2 <br>* support <br>* + <br>* Multiple <br>* MPD <br>* profiles <br>* + <br>* Keyboard <br>* friendly <br>* + <br>* Support <br>* for <br>* multimedia <br>* keys <br>* + <br>* Commandline <br>* control <br>* + <br>* Available <br>* in <br>* 24 <br>* languages;;
-App=SoundConverter;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/soundconverter.png;Lars <br>* Wirzenius <br>* & <br>* Gautier <br>* Portet;http://soundconverter.berlios.de;GPL;Graphical;audio,conversion;The <br>* sound <br>* conversion <br>* application <br>* for <br>* the <br>* GNOME <br>* environment. <br>* It <br>* reads <br>* anything <br>* the <br>* GStreamer <br>* library <br>* can <br>* read <br>* (Ogg <br>* Vorbis, <br>* AAC, <br>* MP3, <br>* FLAC, <br>* WAV, <br>* AVI, <br>* MPEG, <br>* MOV, <br>* M4A, <br>* AC3, <br>* DTS, <br>* ALAC, <br>* MPC, <br>* Shorten, <br>* APE, <br>* SID, <br>* etc...), <br>* and <br>* writes <br>* WAV, <br>* FLAC, <br>* MP3, <br>* AAC, <br>* and <br>* Ogg <br>* Vorbis <br>* files. <br>* SoundConverter <br>* aims <br>* to <br>* be <br>* simple <br>* to <br>* use, <br>* and <br>* very <br>* fast. <br>* Thanks <br>* to <br>* its <br>* multithreaded <br>* design, <br>* it <br>* will <br>* use <br>* as <br>* many <br>* cores <br>* as <br>* possi!
 ble <br>* to <br>* speed <br>* up <br>* the <br>* conversion. <br>* It <br>* can <br>* also <br>* extract <br>* the <br>* audio <br>* from <br>* videos.;;
-App=Spek;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/spek.png;Alexander <br>* Kojevnikov;http://www.spek-project.org/;GPL;Graphical;audio,spectrum,analyzer;Spek <br>* helps <br>* to <br>* analyse <br>* your <br>* audio <br>* files <br>* by <br>* showing <br>* their <br>* spectrogram. <br>* Spek <br>* supports <br>* all <br>* popular <br>* lossy <br>* and <br>* lossless <br>* audio <br>* file <br>* formats.;;
-App=SpliX;Print;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/splix.png;The <br>* Splix <br>* Team;http://splix.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Text;printer,samsung,drivers;SpliX <br>* is <br>* a <br>* set <br>* of <br>* CUPS <br>* printer <br>* drivers <br>* for <br>* SPL <br>* (Samsung <br>* Printer <br>* Language) <br>* printers. <br>* If <br>* you <br>* have <br>* a <br>* such <br>* printer, <br>* you <br>* need <br>* to <br>* download <br>* and <br>* use <br>* SpliX.;YES;
-App=Spring;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/spring.png;The <br>* Spring <br>* Project;http://spring.clan-sy.com;GPL;Graphical;games,engine,rts;Spring <br>* is <br>* a <br>* project <br>* aiming <br>* to <br>* create <br>* a <br>* new <br>* and <br>* versatile <br>* RTS <br>* Engine. <br>* It <br>* features: <br>* * <br>* Large <br>* battles <br>* limited <br>* only <br>* by <br>* the <br>* power <br>* of <br>* your <br>* computer <br>* support <br>* for <br>* up <br>* to <br>* 5000 <br>* units. <br>* * <br>* Large, <br>* highly <br>* detailed <br>* maps <br>* in <br>* which <br>* to <br>* wage <br>* those <br>* battles, <br>* fully <br>* 3D <br>* with <br>* deformable <br>* terrain, <br>* forest <br>* fires, <br>* dynamic <br>* and <br>* reflective <br>* water, <br>* and <br>* custom <br>* skyboxes. <br>* * <br>* Several <br>* camera <br>* modes, <br>* allowing <br>* for <br>* anything <br>* to <br>* be <br>* viewed <br>* from <br>* almost <br>* any <br>* angle. <br!
 >* * <br>* Fully <br>* 3D <br>* combat <br>* in <br>* land, <br>* sea, <br>* and <br>* air, <br>* with <br>* realistic <br>* weapon <br>* trajectories <br>* (physics <br>* engine). <br>* * <br>* Many <br>* different <br>* Games, <br>* made <br>* just <br>* for <br>* Spring. <br>* * <br>* Complex <br>* 3rd <br>* party <br>* AIs <br>* (Bots) <br>* that <br>* can <br>* work <br>* very <br>* competently <br>* in <br>* many <br>* cases <br>* with <br>* multiple <br>* Spring <br>* engine <br>* games <br>* and <br>* mods. <br>* * <br>* A <br>* powerful <br>* GUI <br>* designed <br>* to <br>* minimize <br>* unnecessary <br>* micromanagement <br>* that <br>* is <br>* easily <br>* extensible <br>* via <br>* a <br>* Lua <br>* API. <br>* * <br>* Frequent <br>* engine <br>* additions <br>* and <br>* bugfixes. <br>* REMEMBER: <br>* Spring <br>* its <br>* an <br>* ENGINE. <br>* You <br>* can <br>* play <br>* this <br>* games <br>* following <br>* their <br>* own <br>* easy <br>* instructi!
 ons <br>* in <br>* order <br>* to <br>* play: <br>* <a <br>* h!
 ref="http://spring.clan-sy.com/wiki/Games">Spring <br>* Games <br>* Wiki</a>;;
-App=Squid;Web;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/squid.png;The <br>* Squid <br>* project;http://www.squid-cache.org;GPL;Text;proxy,cache;Squid <br>* is <br>* a <br>* caching <br>* proxy <br>* for <br>* the <br>* Web <br>* supporting <br>* HTTP, <br>* HTTPS, <br>* FTP, <br>* and <br>* more. <br>* It <br>* reduces <br>* bandwidth <br>* and <br>* improves <br>* response <br>* times <br>* by <br>* caching <br>* and <br>* reusing <br>* frequently-requested <br>* web <br>* pages. <br>* Squid <br>* has <br>* extensive <br>* access <br>* controls <br>* and <br>* makes <br>* a <br>* great <br>* server <br>* accelerator. <br>* It <br>* runs <br>* on <br>* most <br>* available <br>* operating <br>* systems, <br>* including <br>* Windows <br>* and <br>* is <br>* licensed <br>* under <br>* the <br>* GNU <br>* GPL.;;
-App=Stella;Emulators;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/stella.png;Stella <br>* team;http://stella.sourceforge.net;GPL;Graphical;atari,emulator;The <br>* Atari <br>* 2600 <br>* Video <br>* Computer <br>* System <br>* (VCS), <br>* introduced <br>* in <br>* 1977, <br>* was <br>* the <br>* most <br>* popular <br>* home <br>* video <br>* game <br>* system <br>* of <br>* the <br>* early <br>* 1980\'s. <br>* Now <br>* you <br>* can <br>* enjoy <br>* all <br>* of <br>* your <br>* favorite <br>* Atari <br>* 2600 <br>* games <br>* on <br>* your <br>* PC <br>* thanks <br>* to <br>* Stella! <br>* Stella <br>* is <br>* a <br>* multi-platform <br>* Atari <br>* 2600 <br>* VCS <br>* emulator <br>* released <br>* under <br>* the <br>* GNU <br>* General <br>* Public <br>* License <br>* (GPL). <br>* Stella <br>* was <br>* originally <br>* developed <br>* for <br>* Linux <br>* by <br>* Bradford <br>* W. <br>* Mott, <br>* however, <br>* since <br>* its <br>* original <br>* release <br>* severa!
 l <br>* people <br>* have <br>* joined <br>* the <br>* development <br>* team <br>* to <br>* port <br>* Stella <br>* to <br>* other <br>* operating <br>* systems <br>* such <br>* as <br>* AcornOS, <br>* AmigaOS, <br>* DOS, <br>* FreeBSD, <br>* IRIX, <br>* Linux, <br>* OS/2, <br>* MacOS, <br>* Unix, <br>* and <br>* Windows. <br>* The <br>* development <br>* team <br>* is <br>* working <br>* hard <br>* to <br>* perfect <br>* the <br>* emulator <br>* and <br>* we <br>* hope <br>* you <br>* enjoy <br>* our <br>* effort.;;
-App=Stellarium;Astronomy;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/stellarium.png;Stellarium <br>* Team;http://www.stellarium.org/;GPL;Graphical;stars,constellations;Stellarium <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free <br>* open <br>* source <br>* planetarium <br>* for <br>* your <br>* computer. <br>* It <br>* shows <br>* a <br>* realistic <br>* sky <br>* in <br>* 3D, <br>* just <br>* like <br>* what <br>* you <br>* see <br>* with <br>* the <br>* naked <br>* eye, <br>* binoculars, <br>* or <br>* a <br>* telescope. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* being <br>* used <br>* in <br>* planetarium <br>* projectors. <br>* Just <br>* set <br>* your <br>* coordinates <br>* and <br>* go.;;
-App=Streamtuner;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/streamtuner.png;Jean-Yves <br>* Lefort;http://www.nongnu.org/streamtuner/;Unknown-Free;Graphical;radio,audio,player;streamtuner <br>* is <br>* a <br>* stream <br>* directory <br>* browser. <br>* Through <br>* the <br>* use <br>* of <br>* a <br>* plugin <br>* system, <br>* it <br>* offers <br>* an <br>* intuitive <br>* GTK+ <br>* 2.0 <br>* interface <br>* to <br>* Internet <br>* radio <br>* directories <br>* such <br>* as <br>* SHOUTcast <br>* and <br>* Live365.;;
-App=Subcommander;Development;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/subcommander.png;Tigris.org;http://subcommander.tigris.org;GPL;Graphical;subversion,svn,;The <br>* goal <br>* of <br>* the <br>* Subcommander <br>* project <br>* is <br>* to <br>* build <br>* an <br>* easy <br>* to <br>* use, <br>* cross <br>* platform <br>* (Win32, <br>* Unix, <br>* MacOSX) <br>* subversion <br>* GUI <br>* client <br>* (subcommander) <br>* including <br>* a <br>* visual <br>* diff <br>* and <br>* merge <br>* tool <br>* (submerge).;;
-App=SubtitleComposer-kde4;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/subtitlecomposer-kde4.png;Sergio <br>* Pistone;http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=69822;GPL;Graphical;multimedia,subtitle,editor;Subtitle <br>* Composer <br>* supports <br>* the <br>* basic <br>* operations <br>* (text, <br>* time, <br>* and <br>* style <br>* edition) <br>* as <br>* well <br>* as <br>* real <br>* time <br>* preview, <br>* spell <br>* checking <br>* and <br>* more <br>* aiming <br>* to <br>* become <br>* an <br>* improved <br>* version <br>* of <br>* Subtitle <br>* Workshop <br>* for <br>* UNIX-like <br>* OSes.;;
-App=SubtitleEditor;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/subtitleeditor.png;IDJAAD <br>* djamel;http://kitone.free.fr/subtitleeditor/;GPL;Graphical;multimedia,subtitle,editor;Subtitle <br>* Editor <br>* is <br>* a <br>* GTK+2 <br>* tool <br>* to <br>* edit <br>* subtitles. <br>* It <br>* can <br>* be <br>* used <br>* for <br>* new <br>* subtitles <br>* or <br>* as <br>* a <br>* tool <br>* to <br>* transform, <br>* edit, <br>* correct <br>* and <br>* refine <br>* existing <br>* subtitle. <br>* This <br>* program <br>* also <br>* shows <br>* sound <br>* waves, <br>* which <br>* makes <br>* it <br>* easier <br>* to <br>* synchronise <br>* subtitles <br>* to <br>* voices.;;
-App=Subversion;Development;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/subversion.png;Apache <br>* Software <br>* Foundation;http://subversion.apache.org/;Apache <br>* License;Text;svn,subversion;Subversion <br>* is <br>* a <br>* version <br>* control <br>* system <br>* designed <br>* to <br>* be <br>* as <br>* similar <br>* to <br>* cvs(1) <br>* as <br>* possible, <br>* while <br>* fixing <br>* many <br>* outstanding <br>* problems <br>* with <br>* cvs(1).;;
-App=SuperTux;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/supertux.png;SuperTux <br>* Team;http://supertux.berlios.de/;GPL;Graphical;game,arcade,mario,platformer;Super <br>* Tux <br>* is <br>* a <br>* side-scrolling <br>* run-and-jump <br>* game <br>* with <br>* a <br>* level <br>* editor <br>* similar <br>* to <br>* the <br>* original <br>* game <br>* "Super <br>* Mario <br>* Bros." <br>* from <br>* the <br>* Nintendo <br>* Entertainment <br>* System.;;
-App=SuperTuxKart;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/supertuxkart.png;STK <br>* Team;http://supertuxkart.sourceforge.net/;Other;Graphical;game,race,tux;SuperTuxKart <br>* is <br>* a <br>* Free <br>* 3d <br>* kart <br>* racing <br>* game <br>* we <br>* want <br>* to <br>* make <br>* the <br>* game <br>* fun <br>* more <br>* than <br>* we <br>* want <br>* to <br>* make <br>* it <br>* realistic. <br>* You <br>* can <br>* play <br>* with <br>* up <br>* to <br>* 4 <br>* friends <br>* on <br>* one <br>* PC <br>* racing <br>* against <br>* each <br>* other, <br>* or <br>* just <br>* try <br>* to <br>* beat <br>* the <br>* computer. <br>* See <br>* the <br>* great <br>* lighthouse <br>* or <br>* drive <br>* through <br>* the <br>* sand <br>* and <br>* visit <br>* the <br>* pyramids. <br>* Race <br>* under <br>* water <br>* or <br>* in <br>* space, <br>* watching <br>* the <br>* stars <br>* passing <br>* by. <br>* Have <br>* some <br>* rest <br>* under <br>* the <br>* palms <br!
 >* on <br>* the <br>* beach <br>* (watching <br>* the <br>* other <br>* karts <br>* overtaking <br>* you <br>* :) <br>* ). <br>* But <br>* don\'t <br>* fall <br>* in <br>* the <br>* volcano. <br>* You <br>* can <br>* do <br>* a <br>* single <br>* race <br>* against <br>* other <br>* karts, <br>* compete <br>* in <br>* one <br>* of <br>* several <br>* Grand <br>* Prix, <br>* or <br>* try <br>* to <br>* beat <br>* the <br>* high <br>* score <br>* in <br>* time <br>* trials <br>* on <br>* your <br>* own.;;
-App=Sweep;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/sweep.png;Conrad <br>* Parker;http://www.metadecks.org/software/sweep/;GPL;Graphical;audio,editor;Sweep <br>* is <br>* an <br>* audio <br>* editor <br>* and <br>* live <br>* playback <br>* tool <br>* for <br>* GNU/Linux, <br>* BSD <br>* and <br>* compatible <br>* systems. <br>* It <br>* supports <br>* many <br>* music <br>* and <br>* voice <br>* formats <br>* including <br>* WAV, <br>* AIFF, <br>* Ogg <br>* Vorbis, <br>* Speex <br>* and <br>* MP3, <br>* with <br>* multichannel <br>* editing <br>* and <br>* LADSPA <br>* effects <br>* plugins.;;
-App=Swfdec-gnome;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/swfdec-gnome.png;Brian <br>* Pepple <br>* ;http://www.schleef.org/swfdec/;Unknown;Graphical;flash,player;Swfdec <br>* is <br>* a <br>* library <br>* for <br>* rendering <br>* Flash <br>* animations <br>* and <br>* games. <br>* It <br>* was <br>* originally <br>* designed <br>* as <br>* a <br>* basis <br>* library <br>* for <br>* creating <br>* Flash <br>* plugins <br>* for <br>* GStreamer, <br>* but <br>* it <br>* is <br>* a <br>* fully <br>* standalone <br>* library <br>* which <br>* only <br>* use <br>* the <br>* libart <br>* library <br>* for <br>* drawing.;;
-App=Sylpheed;Mail;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/sylpheed.png;Hiroyuki <br>* Yamamoto;http://sylpheed.sraoss.jp/en/;GPL;Graphical;email;Sylpheed <br>* is <br>* a <br>* simple, <br>* lightweight <br>* but <br>* featureful, <br>* and <br>* easy-to-use <br>* e-mail <br>* client <br>* (mailer, <br>* MUA).;;
-App=SynfigStudio;Development;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/synfig.png;Synfig <br>* Dev <br>* Team;http://synfig.org;GPL;Graphical;animation,drawing,2D;Synfig <br>* is <br>* a <br>* powerful, <br>* industrial-strength <br>* vector-based <br>* 2D <br>* animation <br>* software <br>* package, <br>* designed <br>* from <br>* the <br>* ground-up <br>* for <br>* producing <br>* feature-film <br>* quality <br>* animation <br>* with <br>* fewer <br>* people <br>* and <br>* resources.;;
-App=TEA;Editors;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/tea.png;Peter <br>* Semiletov;http://tea-editor.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;text,editor;TEA <br>* is <br>* powerful <br>* text <br>* editor <br>* for <br>* Unix-like <br>* systems. <br>* It <br>* depends <br>* on <br>* Qt4 <br>* and, <br>* optionally, <br>* GNU <br>* Aspell. <br>* With <br>* an <br>* ultimately <br>* small <br>* size, <br>* TEA <br>* provides <br>* hundreds <br>* of <br>* functions. <br>* Some <br>* of <br>* the <br>* features <br>* include: <br>* - <br>* Built-in <br>* MC-like <br>* file <br>* manager <br>* (with <br>* support <br>* for <br>* archived <br>* files) <br>* - <br>* Spellchecker <br>* (using <br>* the <br>* Aspell <br>* or/and <br>* Hunspell) <br>* - <br>* Tabbed <br>* layout <br>* engine <br>* - <br>* Syntax <br>* highlighting <br>* for <br>* C, <br>* C++, <br>* shell, <br>* C#, <br>* Fortran, <br>* Java, <br>* LilyPond, <br>* Lua, <br>* NASM, <br>* NSIS, <br>* Pascal, <br>* Perl, <br>* PHP!
 , <br>* PO <br>* (gettext), <br>* Seed7, <br>* TeX/LaTeX, <br>* Vala, <br>* Verilog, <br>* XML, <br>* HTML, <br>* XHTML, <br>* etc. <br>* - <br>* Multiple <br>* encodings <br>* support, <br>* hotkeys <br>* customizations, <br>* bookmarks, <br>* Morse <br>* code <br>* generator, <br>* screenshot <br>* utility, <br>* calendar <br>* with <br>* organizer <br>* - <br>* Code <br>* snippets, <br>* sessions, <br>* and <br>* templates <br>* support <br>* - <br>* Miscellaneous <br>* HTML <br>* tools <br>* preview <br>* in <br>* external <br>* browsers <br>* - <br>* Wikipedia, <br>* DocBook, <br>* LaTeX, <br>* Lout <br>* editing <br>* support <br>* - <br>* String-handling <br>* functions <br>* such <br>* as <br>* sorting, <br>* reverse, <br>* format <br>* killing, <br>* trimming, <br>* filtering, <br>* conversions, <br>* etc. <br>* - <br>* Drag\'n\'drop <br>* support <br>* (with <br>* text <br>* files <br>* and <br>* pictures) <br>* - <br>* Built-in <br>* image <br>* viewer <br>* (PNG!
 , <br>* JPEG, <br>* GIF, <br>* WBMP, <br>* BMP, <br>* SVG, <br!
 >* TIFF, <br>* TGA, <br>* etc.), <br>* converter, <br>* and <br>* resizer;;
-App=TEG;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/teg.png;TEG <br>* Team;http://sourceforge.net/projects/teg/;GPL;Graphical;game,strategy,turn-based,risk;Tenes <br>* Emapandas <br>* Graciela <br>* (TEG) <br>* is <br>* a <br>* clone <br>* of <br>* \'Plan <br>* Tactico <br>* y <br>* Estrategico <br>* de <br>* la <br>* Guerra\', <br>* which <br>* is <br>* a <br>* pseudo-clone <br>* of <br>* Risk, <br>* a <br>* turn-based <br>* strategy <br>* game. <br>* Some <br>* rules <br>* are <br>* different.;;
-App=TORCS;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/torcs.png;T.O.R.C.S <br>* Dev <br>* Team;http://torcs.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;game,race;TORCS, <br>* The <br>* Open <br>* Racing <br>* Car <br>* Simulator, <br>* is <br>* a <br>* car <br>* racing <br>* simulation, <br>* which <br>* allows <br>* you <br>* to <br>* drive <br>* in <br>* races <br>* against <br>* opponents <br>* simulated <br>* by <br>* the <br>* computer. <br>* You <br>* can <br>* also <br>* develop <br>* your <br>* own <br>* computer-controlled <br>* driver <br>* (also <br>* called <br>* a <br>* robot) <br>* in <br>* C <br>* or <br>* C++. <br>* TORCS <br>* is <br>* "Open <br>* Source" <br>* (GNU <br>* General <br>* Public <br>* License <br>* Version <br>* 2 <br>* or <br>* later). <br>* TORCS <br>* is <br>* available <br>* on <br>* Linux <br>* and <br>* Windows <br>* and <br>* now <br>* for <br>* PC-BSD. <br>* Requirements: <br>* Minimum: <br>* 550MHz <br>* CPU, <br>* 128MB <br>* RAM, <br>* OpenGL <br>*!
  1.3 <br>* compatible <br>* graphics <br>* card <br>* with <br>* 32 <br>* MB <br>* RAM. <br>* Recommended: <br>* 800MHz <br>* CPU, <br>* 256MB <br>* RAM, <br>* OpenGL <br>* 1.3 <br>* compatible <br>* graphics <br>* card <br>* with <br>* 64 <br>* MB <br>* RAM.;;
-App=Tagtool;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/tagtool.png;Pedro <br>* Lopes;http://sourceforge.net/projects/tagtool/;GPL;Graphical;audio,tagger;Audio <br>* Tag <br>* Tool <br>* is <br>* a <br>* program <br>* to <br>* manage <br>* the <br>* information <br>* fields <br>* in <br>* MP3 <br>* and <br>* Ogg <br>* Vorbis <br>* files, <br>* commonly <br>* called <br>* tags. <br>* Tag <br>* Tool <br>* can <br>* be <br>* used <br>* to <br>* edit <br>* tags <br>* one-by-one, <br>* but <br>* the <br>* most <br>* useful <br>* features <br>* are <br>* the <br>* ability <br>* to <br>* easily <br>* tag <br>* or <br>* rename <br>* hundreds <br>* of <br>* files <br>* at <br>* once, <br>* in <br>* any <br>* desired <br>* format. <br>* Tag <br>* Tool\'s <br>* features <br>* include: <br>* * <br>* Tag <br>* Editor <br>* * <br>* Multiple <br>* File <br>* Tagger <br>* * <br>* Clear <br>* Tags <br>* * <br>* Move/Rename <br>* Multiple <br>* Files <br>* * <br>* Create <br>* Playlists <br>* T!
 he <br>* mass <br>* tag <br>* and <br>* mass <br>* rename <br>* features <br>* can <br>* handle <br>* filenames <br>* in <br>* any <br>* format <br>* thanks <br>* to <br>* an <br>* easily <br>* configurable <br>* format <br>* template.;;
-App=TaskCoach;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/taskcoach.png;Frank <br>* Niessink <br>* and <br>* Jrme <br>* Laheurte;http://www.taskcoach.org/;GPL;Graphical;reminder,todo,notes,time,manager;Task <br>* Coach <br>* is <br>* a <br>* simple <br>* open <br>* source <br>* todo <br>* manager <br>* to <br>* manage <br>* personal <br>* tasks <br>* and <br>* todo <br>* lists. <br>* It <br>* grew <br>* out <br>* of <br>* a <br>* frustration <br>* that <br>* well-known <br>* task <br>* managers, <br>* such <br>* as <br>* those <br>* provided <br>* with <br>* Outlook <br>* or <br>* Lotus <br>* Notes, <br>* do <br>* not <br>* provide <br>* facilities <br>* for <br>* composite <br>* tasks.;;
-App=Taskjuggler;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/taskjuggler.png;Chris <br>* Schlger <br>* and <br>* Klaas <br>* Freitag;http://taskjuggler.org/;GPL;Graphical;gantt,xml,chart;TaskJuggler <br>* is <br>* a <br>* modern <br>* and <br>* powerful, <br>* Open <br>* Source <br>* project <br>* management <br>* tool. <br>* Its <br>* new <br>* approach <br>* to <br>* project <br>* planing <br>* and <br>* tracking <br>* is <br>* more <br>* flexible <br>* and <br>* superior <br>* to <br>* the <br>* commonly <br>* used <br>* Gantt <br>* chart <br>* editing <br>* tools. <br>* It <br>* has <br>* already <br>* been <br>* successfully <br>* used <br>* in <br>* many <br>* projects <br>* and <br>* scales <br>* easily <br>* to <br>* projects <br>* with <br>* hundreds <br>* of <br>* resources <br>* and <br>* thousands <br>* of <br>* tasks. <br>* TaskJuggler <br>* is <br>* project <br>* management <br>* software <br>* for <br>* serious <br>* project <br>* managers. <br>!
 * It <br>* covers <br>* the <br>* complete <br>* spectrum <br>* of <br>* project <br>* management <br>* tasks <br>* from <br>* the <br>* first <br>* idea <br>* to <br>* the <br>* completion <br>* of <br>* the <br>* project. <br>* It <br>* assists <br>* you <br>* during <br>* project <br>* scoping, <br>* resource <br>* assignment, <br>* cost <br>* and <br>* revenue <br>* planing, <br>* risk <br>* and <br>* communication <br>* management.;;
-App=TaxiPilot;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/taxipilot.png;TaxiPilot <br>* Team;http://taxipilot.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;game,arcade;TaxiPilot <br>* is <br>* based <br>* on <br>* the <br>* Spacetaxi <br>* C64game. <br>* The <br>* objective <br>* is <br>* to <br>* pick <br>* up <br>* passengers <br>* waiting <br>* on <br>* a <br>* number <br>* of <br>* platforms <br>* and <br>* to <br>* drop <br>* them <br>* where <br>* they <br>* want <br>* to <br>* go.;;
-App=TeXmacs;Editors;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/texmacs.png;Joris <br>* van <br>* der <br>* Hoeven;http://www.texmacs.org;GPL;Graphical;latex,editor,emacs;GNU <br>* TeXmacs <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free <br>* scientific <br>* text <br>* editor, <br>* which <br>* was <br>* both <br>* inspired <br>* by <br>* TeX <br>* and <br>* GNU <br>* Emacs. <br>* The <br>* editor <br>* allows <br>* you <br>* to <br>* write <br>* structured <br>* documents <br>* via <br>* a <br>* wysiwyg <br>* (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) <br>* and <br>* user- <br>* friendly <br>* interface. <br>* New <br>* styles <br>* may <br>* be <br>* created <br>* by <br>* the <br>* user. <br>* The <br>* program <br>* implements <br>* high-quality <br>* typesetting <br>* algorithms <br>* and <br>* TeX <br>* fonts, <br>* which <br>* help <br>* you <br>* to <br>* produce <br>* professional-looking <br>* documents.;;
-App=TeamSpeak;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/teamspeak.png;The <br>* TeamSpeak <br>* Team;http://www.teamspeak.org;Other;Graphical;voice,chat,voip;The <br>* client <br>* for <br>* Team <br>* Speak <br>* a <br>* voice <br>* chat <br>* program <br>* which <br>* supports <br>* multiple <br>* channels <br>* with <br>* different <br>* rate <br>* codecs <br>* and <br>* several <br>* people <br>* on <br>* each <br>* channel. <br>* Primarily <br>* aimed <br>* at <br>* team <br>* gamers <br>* but <br>* can <br>* be <br>* used <br>* as <br>* an <br>* IP <br>* phone <br>* as <br>* well.;;
-App=Ted;Editors;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/ted.png;Mark <br>* de <br>* Does;http://www.nllgg.nl/Ted/;GPL;Graphical;text,editor;Ted <br>* is <br>* a <br>* text <br>* editor <br>* running <br>* under <br>* X11 <br>* on <br>* Unix/Linux <br>* systems. <br>* Features <br>* -------- <br>* * <br>* Wysiwyg <br>* rich <br>* text <br>* editing. <br>* * <br>* Ted <br>* uses <br>* Microsoft <br>* RTF <br>* as <br>* its <br>* native <br>* file <br>* format. <br>* * <br>* In <br>* line <br>* bitmap, <br>* jpeg, <br>* gif, <br>* ppm, <br>* png <br>* and <br>* xpm <br>* pictures. <br>* * <br>* Postscript <br>* printing. <br>* * <br>* Cut/Copy/Paste, <br>* text <br>* and <br>* images. <br>* * <br>* Find/Replace <br>* using <br>* regular <br>* expressions. <br>* * <br>* Ruler: <br>* Paragraph <br>* indentation, <br>* Indentation <br>* of <br>* first <br>* line, <br>* Tabs. <br>* * <br>* Footnotes <br>* and <br>* endnotes. <br>* * <br>* Tables: <br>* Insert <br>* Table, <br>* Row, <b!
 r>* Column. <br>* Changing <br>* the <br>* column <br>* width <br>* of <br>* tables <br>* with <br>* their <br>* ruler. <br>* * <br>* Symbols <br>* and <br>* accented <br>* characters <br>* are <br>* fully <br>* supported. <br>* * <br>* Hyperlinks. <br>* * <br>* Saving <br>* a <br>* document <br>* in <br>* HTML <br>* format. <br>* * <br>* Save <br>* to <br>* *.pdf <br>* using <br>* /usr/local/bin/rtf2pdf.sh <br>* * <br>* Numbered <br>* or <br>* bulleted <br>* lists;;
-App=Teeworlds;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/teeworlds.png;Magnus <br>* Auvinen;http://www.teeworlds.com/;Other;Graphical;game,online,quake,worms;Teeworlds <br>* is <br>* a <br>* freeware <br>* online <br>* multiplayer <br>* game, <br>* designed <br>* as <br>* a <br>* crossover <br>* between <br>* Quake <br>* and <br>* Worms. <br>* Set <br>* on <br>* platform-based <br>* maps, <br>* players <br>* control <br>* a <br>* cute <br>* little <br>* bugger <br>* with <br>* guns <br>* to <br>* take <br>* out <br>* as <br>* many <br>* opponents <br>* as <br>* possible. <br>* The <br>* characters <br>* can <br>* jump <br>* but <br>* move <br>* more <br>* quickly <br>* using <br>* a <br>* grappling <br>* hook, <br>* swinging <br>* through <br>* the <br>* levels. <br>* It <br>* can <br>* also <br>* be <br>* used <br>* to <br>* lock <br>* other <br>* players <br>* to <br>* keep <br>* them <br>* near. <br>* The <br>* available <br>* weapons <br>* include <br>* a <br>* pistol, <b!
 r>* shotgun, <br>* grenade <br>* launcher <br>* and <br>* a <br>* hammer. <br>* The <br>* shooting <br>* and <br>* grappling <br>* direction <br>* is <br>* shown <br>* through <br>* a <br>* cursor, <br>* controlled <br>* by <br>* the <br>* mouse. <br>* A <br>* special <br>* power-up <br>* temporarily <br>* provides <br>* a <br>* ninja <br>* sword, <br>* used <br>* to <br>* slash <br>* through <br>* enemies. <br>* Each <br>* character <br>* has <br>* an <br>* amount <br>* of <br>* health <br>* and <br>* shield. <br>* Items <br>* scattered <br>* around <br>* include <br>* additional <br>* ammo, <br>* and <br>* health <br>* and <br>* shield <br>* bonuses. <br>* Unlike <br>* Worms, <br>* all <br>* the <br>* action <br>* that <br>* happens <br>* is <br>* fast-paced <br>* and <br>* happens <br>* in <br>* real-time. <br>* It <br>* supports <br>* CTF <br>* mode.;;
-App=Tellico;Miscellaneous;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/tellico.png;Robby <br>* Stephenson;http://periapsis.org/tellico/;GPL;Graphical;collection;Tellico <br>* is <br>* a <br>* KDE <br>* application <br>* for <br>* organizing <br>* your <br>* collections. <br>* It <br>* provides <br>* default <br>* templates <br>* for <br>* books, <br>* bibliographies, <br>* videos, <br>* music, <br>* video <br>* games, <br>* coins, <br>* stamps, <br>* trading <br>* cards, <br>* comic <br>* books, <br>* and <br>* wines.;;
-App=TerminalServerClient;Network;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/tsclient.png;The <br>* TSClient <br>* Team;http://tsclient.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;rdesktop,vnc;Terminal <br>* Server <br>* Client <br>* [tsclient] <br>* is <br>* a <br>* GTK2 <br>* frontend <br>* for <br>* rdesktop, <br>* vnc <br>* and <br>* other <br>* remote <br>* desktop <br>* tools.;;
-App=Terminator;X11;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/terminator.png;Terminator <br>* Team;http://www.tenshu.net/terminator/;GPL;Graphical;terminal;Terminator <br>* is <br>* a <br>* Python <br>* terminal <br>* program, <br>* using <br>* the <br>* same <br>* widget <br>* as <br>* gnome-terminal <br>* to <br>* provide <br>* a <br>* tiled <br>* set <br>* of <br>* terminals <br>* in <br>* as <br>* little <br>* space <br>* as <br>* possible.;;
-App=TerminatorX;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/terminatorx.png;Alexander <br>* Knig;http://www.terminatorx.org/;GPL;Graphical;audio,sequencer;terminatorX <br>* is <br>* a <br>* realtime <br>* audio <br>* synthesizer <br>* that <br>* allows <br>* you <br>* to <br>* "scratch" <br>* on <br>* digitally <br>* sampled <br>* audio <br>* data <br>* (*.wav, <br>* *.au, <br>* *.mp3, <br>* etc.) <br>* the <br>* way <br>* hiphop-DJs <br>* scratch <br>* on <br>* vinyl <br>* records. <br>* It <br>* features <br>* multiple <br>* turntables, <br>* realtime <br>* effects <br>* (built-in <br>* as <br>* well <br>* as <br>* LADSPA <br>* plugin <br>* effects), <br>* a <br>* sequencer <br>* and <br>* an <br>* easy-to-use <br>* gtk+ <br>* GUI.;;
-App=Testdisk;System <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/testdisk.png;Christophe <br>* Grenier;http://www.cgsecurity.org/;GPL;Text;partition;Tool <br>* to <br>* check <br>* and <br>* undelete <br>* partition <br>* Works <br>* with <br>* the <br>* following <br>* partitions: <br>* - <br>* FAT12 <br>* FAT16 <br>* FAT32 <br>* - <br>* Linux <br>* EXT2/EXT3 <br>* - <br>* Linux <br>* SWAP <br>* (version <br>* 1 <br>* and <br>* 2) <br>* - <br>* NTFS <br>* (Windows <br>* NT/W2K/XP) <br>* - <br>* BeFS <br>* (BeOS) <br>* - <br>* UFS <br>* (BSD) <br>* - <br>* Netware <br>* - <br>* ReiserFS <br>* TestDisk <br>* is <br>* under <br>* GNU <br>* Public <br>* License. <br>* You <br>* can <br>* compile <br>* it <br>* under <br>* Dos <br>* with <br>* DJGPP <br>* or <br>* under <br>* Linux <br>* or <br>* BSD <br>* with <br>* gcc.;;
-App=Tetzle;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/tetzle.png;Graeme <br>* Gott;http://gottcode.org/tetzle/;GPL;Graphical;game,puzzle;A <br>* jigsaw <br>* puzzle <br>* game <br>* that <br>* uses <br>* tetrominoes <br>* for <br>* the <br>* pieces. <br>* Any <br>* image <br>* can <br>* be <br>* imported <br>* and <br>* used <br>* to <br>* create <br>* puzzles <br>* with <br>* a <br>* wide <br>* range <br>* of <br>* sizes. <br>* Games <br>* are <br>* saved <br>* automatically, <br>* and <br>* you <br>* can <br>* select <br>* between <br>* currently <br>* in <br>* progress <br>* games.;;
-App=Texmaker;Editors;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/texmaker.png;Pascal <br>* Brachet;http://www.xm1math.net/texmaker/;GPL;Graphical;latex,editor;Texmaker <br>* is <br>* a <br>* program, <br>* that <br>* integrates <br>* many <br>* tools <br>* needed <br>* to <br>* develop <br>* documents <br>* with <br>* LaTeX, <br>* in <br>* just <br>* one <br>* application. <br>* Features <br>* : <br>* * <br>* an <br>* editor <br>* to <br>* write <br>* your <br>* LaTeX <br>* source <br>* files <br>* * <br>* the <br>* principal <br>* LaTex <br>* tags <br>* can <br>* be <br>* inserted <br>* directly <br>* * <br>* 370 <br>* mathematical <br>* symbols <br>* can <br>* be <br>* inserted <br>* in <br>* just <br>* one <br>* click <br>* * <br>* wizards <br>* to <br>* generate <br>* code <br>* * <br>* LaTeX-related <br>* programs <br>* can <br>* be <br>* launched <br>* via <br>* the <br>* "Tools" <br>* menu <br>* * <br>* the <br>* standard <br>* Bibtex <br>* entry <br>* types <br>* can <br>* b!
 e <br>* inserted <br>* in <br>* the <br>* ".bib" <br>* file <br>* * <br>* a <br>* "structure <br>* view" <br>* of <br>* the <br>* document <br>* for <br>* easier <br>* navigation <br>* of <br>* a <br>* document <br>* * <br>* extensive <br>* LaTeX <br>* documentation <br>* * <br>* in <br>* the <br>* "Messages <br>* / <br>* Log <br>* File" <br>* frame, <br>* you <br>* can <br>* see <br>* information <br>* about <br>* processes <br>* and <br>* the <br>* logfile <br>* after <br>* a <br>* LaTeX <br>* compilation <br>* * <br>* the <br>* "Next <br>* Latex <br>* Error" <br>* and <br>* "Previous <br>* Latex <br>* Error" <br>* commands <br>* let <br>* you <br>* reach <br>* the <br>* LaTeX <br>* errors <br>* detected <br>* by <br>* Kile <br>* in <br>* the <br>* log <br>* file <br>* * <br>* by <br>* clicking <br>* on <br>* the <br>* number <br>* of <br>* a <br>* line <br>* in <br>* the <br>* log <br>* file, <br>* the <br>* cursor <br>* jumps <br>* to <br>* the <br>* corresponding <br>*!
  line <br>* in <br>* the <br>* editor;;
-App=The <br>* Fish;System <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/thefish.png;The <br>* Fish <br>* Team;http://thefish.berlios.de;GPL;Graphical;system,variables,configuration;The <br>* Fish <br>* provides <br>* a <br>* graphical <br>* tool <br>* (with <br>* GTK+, <br>* Qt <br>* and <br>* ncurses <br>* frotends) <br>* to <br>* manage <br>* and <br>* edit <br>* system <br>* variables <br>* stored <br>* in <br>* /etc/defaults/rc.conf <br>* and <br>* /etc/rc.conf.;;
-App=TheManaWorld;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/themanaworld.png;The <br>* Mana <br>* World <br>* Dev <br>* Team;http://themanaworld.org/;GPL;Graphical;game,MMORPG,TMW;The <br>* Mana <br>* World <br>* (TMW) <br>* is <br>* a <br>* serious <br>* effort <br>* to <br>* create <br>* an <br>* innovative <br>* free <br>* and <br>* open <br>* source <br>* MMORPG. <br>* TMW <br>* uses <br>* 2D <br>* graphics <br>* and <br>* aims <br>* to <br>* create <br>* a <br>* large <br>* and <br>* diverse <br>* interactive <br>* world. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* licensed <br>* under <br>* the <br>* GPL, <br>* making <br>* sure <br>* this <br>* game <br>* can\'t <br>* ever <br>* run <br>* away <br>* from <br>* you. <br>* The <br>* project <br>* includes <br>* the <br>* development <br>* of <br>* both <br>* a <br>* client <br>* and <br>* a <br>* server, <br>* as <br>* well <br>* as <br>* the <br>* development <br>* of <br>* an <br>* online <br>* world. <br>* ;;
-App=Thunar;X11 <br>* - <br>* File <br>* Managers;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/thunar.png;Benedikt <br>* Meurer;http://thunar.xfce.org/;GPL;Graphical;file,manager;Thunar <br>* is <br>* a <br>* new <br>* modern <br>* file <br>* manager <br>* for <br>* the <br>* Xfce <br>* Desktop <br>* Environment. <br>* Thunar <br>* has <br>* been <br>* designed <br>* from <br>* the <br>* ground <br>* up <br>* to <br>* be <br>* fast <br>* and <br>* easy-to-use. <br>* Its <br>* user <br>* interface <br>* is <br>* clean <br>* and <br>* intuitive, <br>* and <br>* does <br>* not <br>* include <br>* any <br>* confusing <br>* or <br>* useless <br>* options. <br>* Thunar <br>* is <br>* fast <br>* and <br>* responsive <br>* with <br>* a <br>* good <br>* start <br>* up <br>* time <br>* and <br>* directory <br>* load <br>* time. <br>* Thunar <br>* is <br>* accessible <br>* using <br>* Assistive <br>* Technologies <br>* and <br>* is <br>* fully <br>* standards <br>* compliant.;;
-App=Thunderbird;Mail;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/thunderbird.png;Mozilla <br>* Corporation;http://www.mozilla.org;GPL;Graphical;e-mail,email,pop,imap;Mozilla <br>* Thunderbird <br>* is <br>* a <br>* redesign <br>* of <br>* the <br>* Mozilla <br>* mail <br>* component <br>* with <br>* the <br>* goal <br>* of <br>* becoming <br>* a <br>* cross-platform <br>* stand <br>* alone <br>* mail <br>* application <br>* using <br>* the <br>* XUL <br>* user <br>* interface <br>* language. <br>* See <br>* the <br>* Mozilla <br>* Thunderbird <br>* project <br>* page <br>* for <br>* more <br>* details.;
-App=TightVNC;Network;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/tightvnc.png;TightVNC <br>* Team;http://www.tightvnc.com/;GPL;Graphical;vnc;Enhanced <br>* version <br>* of <br>* VNC, <br>* called <br>* TightVNC <br>* (grown <br>* from <br>* the <br>* VNC <br>* Tight <br>* Encoder <br>* project), <br>* which <br>* is <br>* optimized <br>* to <br>* work <br>* over <br>* slow <br>* network <br>* connections <br>* such <br>* as <br>* low-speed <br>* modem <br>* links. <br>* While <br>* original <br>* VNC <br>* may <br>* be <br>* very <br>* slow <br>* when <br>* your <br>* connection <br>* is <br>* not <br>* fast <br>* enough, <br>* with <br>* TightVNC <br>* you <br>* can <br>* work <br>* remotely <br>* almost <br>* in <br>* real <br>* time <br>* in <br>* most <br>* environments. <br>* Besides <br>* bandwidth <br>* optimizations,TightVNC <br>* also <br>* includes <br>* many <br>* other <br>* improvements, <br>* optimizations <br>* and <br>* bugfixes <br>* over <br>* VNC. <br>* Note <br>!
 * that <br>* TightVNC <br>* is <br>* free, <br>* cross-platform <br>* and <br>* compatible <br>* with <br>* the <br>* standard <br>* VNC.;;
-App=Tint;X11;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/tint.png;Tint2 <br>* Team;http://code.google.com/p/tint2/;GPL;Text;panel,taskbar;Tint <br>* is <br>* a <br>* simple <br>* panel/taskbar/systray <br>* intentionally <br>* made <br>* for <br>* openbox3, <br>* but <br>* should <br>* also <br>* work <br>* with <br>* other <br>* window <br>* managers. <br>* The <br>* goal <br>* is <br>* to <br>* keep <br>* a <br>* clean <br>* and <br>* unintrusive <br>* look <br>* with <br>* lightweight <br>* code <br>* and <br>* compliance <br>* with <br>* freedesktop <br>* specifications. <br>* Tint <br>* taskbar <br>* features <br>* * <br>* color/transparency <br>* on <br>* font, <br>* icon, <br>* border <br>* and <br>* background <br>* * <br>* customize <br>* mouse <br>* event <br>* * <br>* drag <br>* and <br>* drop <br>* task <br>* between <br>* desktop <br>* and <br>* switch <br>* desktop <br>* Tint <br>* panel <br>* features <br>* * <br>* clock <br>* with <br>* font, <br>* color <br>* and <b!
 r>* transparency <br>* * <br>* multi-monitor <br>* : <br>* panel <br>* position <br>* adjust <br>* to <br>* monitor, <br>* taskbar <br>* by <br>* monitor;;
-App=Tmux;System <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/tmux.png;Nicholas <br>* Marriott;http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/tmux/;BSD;Text;screen,multiplexer,terminal;Tmux <br>* is <br>* a <br>* terminal <br>* multiplexer, <br>* it <br>* enables <br>* a <br>* number <br>* of <br>* terminals <br>* to <br>* be <br>* accessed <br>* and <br>* controlled <br>* from <br>* a <br>* single <br>* terminal. <br>* tmux <br>* is <br>* intended <br>* to <br>* be <br>* a <br>* simple, <br>* modern, <br>* BSD-licensed <br>* alternative <br>* to <br>* programs <br>* such <br>* as <br>* GNU <br>* screen.;;
-App=Tomcat;Web;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/tomcat.png;Apache <br>* Software <br>* Foundation;http://tomcat.apache.org/;Apache;Server;java,server;Apache <br>* Tomcat <br>* is <br>* a <br>* web <br>* server <br>* written <br>* in <br>* 100% <br>* Pure <br>* Java. <br>* Apache <br>* Tomcat <br>* version <br>* 7.0 <br>* implements <br>* the <br>* Servlet <br>* 3.0 <br>* and <br>* JavaServer <br>* Pages <br>* 2.2 <br>* specifications <br>* from <br>* the <br>* Java <br>* Community <br>* Process, <br>* and <br>* includes <br>* many <br>* additional <br>* features <br>* that <br>* make <br>* it <br>* a <br>* useful <br>* platform <br>* for <br>* developing <br>* and <br>* deploying <br>* web <br>* applications <br>* and <br>* web <br>* services.;;
-App=Toppler;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/toppler.png;Toppler <br>* Team;http://toppler.sf.net/;GPL;Graphical;game,arcade,platformer;The <br>* target <br>* of <br>* the <br>* game <br>* is <br>* to <br>* reach <br>* the <br>* target <br>* door <br>* of <br>* each <br>* of <br>* the <br>* 8 <br>* towers <br>* in <br>* currently <br>* 2 <br>* missions <br>* with <br>* this <br>* little <br>* green <br>* animal. <br>* This <br>* door <br>* is <br>* usually <br>* at <br>* the <br>* very <br>* top <br>* of <br>* the <br>* tower. <br>* But <br>* finding <br>* the <br>* way <br>* by <br>* using <br>* elevators <br>* and <br>* walking <br>* trough <br>* a <br>* maze <br>* of <br>* doors <br>* and <br>* platforms <br>* is <br>* not <br>* the <br>* only <br>* problem <br>* you <br>* have <br>* to <br>* solve. <br>* There <br>* is <br>* a <br>* bunch <br>* of <br>* other <br>* creatures <br>* living <br>* on <br>* the <br>* tower <br>* that <br>* will <br>* hinder <br>* you!
  <br>* to <br>* reach <br>* your <br>* target <br>* by <br>* pushing <br>* you <br>* over <br>* the <br>* edge <br>* of <br>* the <br>* platforms. <br>* The <br>* only <br>* weapon <br>* of <br>* defence <br>* you <br>* have <br>* is <br>* to <br>* throw <br>* a <br>* little <br>* snowball. <br>* But <br>* most <br>* of <br>* the <br>* other <br>* creatures <br>* just <br>* don\'t <br>* care <br>* about <br>* this. <br>* So <br>* you <br>* must <br>* avoid <br>* them.;;
-App=Tor;Security;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/tor.png;El <br>* Proyecto <br>* Tor;http://www.torproject.org;GPL;Text;anonymizing,overlay,tcp;Tor: <br>* an <br>* anonymizing <br>* overlay <br>* network <br>* for <br>* TCP <br>* Tor <br>* is <br>* a <br>* connection-based <br>* low-latency <br>* anonymous <br>* communication <br>* system <br>* which <br>* addresses <br>* many <br>* flaws <br>* in <br>* the <br>* original <br>* onion <br>* routing <br>* design. <br>* Tor <br>* is <br>* a <br>* toolset <br>* for <br>* a <br>* wide <br>* range <br>* of <br>* organizations <br>* and <br>* people <br>* that <br>* want <br>* to <br>* improve <br>* their <br>* safety <br>* and <br>* security <br>* on <br>* the <br>* Internet. <br>* Using <br>* Tor <br>* can <br>* help <br>* you <br>* anonymize <br>* web <br>* browsing <br>* and <br>* publishing, <br>* instant <br>* messaging, <br>* IRC, <br>* SSH, <br>* and <br>* more. <br>* Tor <br>* also <br>* provides <br>* a <br>* platform!
  <br>* on <br>* which <br>* software <br>* developers <br>* can <br>* build <br>* new <br>* applications <br>* with <br>* built-in <br>* anonymity, <br>* safety, <br>* and <br>* privacy <br>* features.;;
-App=TorK;Network <br>* - <br>* Management;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/tork.png;Robert <br>* Hogan;http://www.anonymityanywhere.com/tork/;GPL;Graphical;anonymizing,overlay,tcp;TorK <br>* is <br>* a <br>* powerful <br>* anonymity <br>* manager <br>* for <br>* the <br>* KDE <br>* Desktop <br>* on <br>* Linux <br>* and <br>* Unix <br>* systems. <br>* It <br>* first <br>* helps <br>* you <br>* to <br>* install, <br>* configure <br>* and <br>* use <br>* Tor. <br>* It <br>* then <br>* reduces <br>* the <br>* task <br>* of <br>* anonymizing <br>* most <br>* applications <br>* to <br>* a <br>* single-click, <br>* including <br>* Firefox, <br>* Opera, <br>* Konqueror, <br>* Pidgin, <br>* Kopete, <br>* SSH, <br>* and <br>* IRC. <br>* For <br>* advanced <br>* users <br>* TorK <br>* provides <br>* detailed <br>* network <br>* information, <br>* and <br>* more, <br>* in <br>* an <br>* accessible <br>* manner.;;
-App=TortoiseHg;Development;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/tortoisehg.png;Steve <br>* Borho;http://tortoisehg.bitbucket.org/;GPL;Graphical;mercurial,developement;TortoiseHg <br>* is <br>* a <br>* Windows <br>* shell <br>* extension <br>* and <br>* a <br>* series <br>* of <br>* applications <br>* for <br>* the <br>* Mercurial <br>* distributed <br>* revision <br>* control <br>* system. <br>* It <br>* also <br>* includes <br>* a <br>* Gnome/Nautilus <br>* extension <br>* and <br>* a <br>* CLI <br>* wrapper <br>* application <br>* so <br>* the <br>* TortoiseHg <br>* tools <br>* can <br>* be <br>* used <br>* on <br>* non-Windows <br>* platforms.;;
-App=Totem;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/totem.png;The <br>* GNOME <br>* Project;http://www.gnome.org/projects/totem/;GPL;Graphical;multimedia,audio,video,player;Totem <br>* is <br>* simple <br>* movie <br>* player <br>* for <br>* the <br>* Gnome <br>* 2 <br>* desktop <br>* based <br>* on <br>* xine. <br>* It <br>* features <br>* a <br>* simple <br>* playlist, <br>* a <br>* full-screen <br>* mode, <br>* seek <br>* and <br>* volume <br>* controls, <br>* as <br>* well <br>* as <br>* a <br>* pretty <br>* complete <br>* keyboard <br>* navigation.;;
-App=Tovid;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/tovid.png;Tovid <br>* Team;http://tovid.wikia.com/;GPL;Graphical;video,encoding,burning;Tovid <br>* is <br>* a <br>* collection <br>* of <br>* video <br>* disc <br>* authoring <br>* tools <br>* it <br>* can <br>* help <br>* you <br>* create <br>* your <br>* own <br>* DVDs, <br>* VCDs, <br>* and <br>* SVCDs <br>* for <br>* playback <br>* on <br>* your <br>* home <br>* DVD <br>* player. <br>* It <br>* has <br>* a <br>* command-line <br>* interface <br>* as <br>* well <br>* as <br>* a <br>* graphical <br>* frontend. <br>* You <br>* may <br>* find <br>* tovid <br>* useful <br>* if: <br>* - <br>* you <br>* have <br>* a <br>* digital <br>* camcorder, <br>* and <br>* want <br>* to <br>* share <br>* home <br>* movies <br>* with <br>* family <br>* and <br>* friends <br>* - <br>* you <br>* are <br>* a <br>* 3D <br>* artist <br>* or <br>* animator, <br>* and <br>* want <br>* to <br>* put <br>* your <br>* portfolio <br>* on <br>* !
 DVD <br>* for <br>* easy <br>* distribution <br>* - <br>* your <br>* video <br>* files <br>* are <br>* eating <br>* up <br>* too <br>* much <br>* hard <br>* drive <br>* space, <br>* and <br>* you <br>* want <br>* to <br>* back <br>* them <br>* up <br>* onto <br>* a <br>* portable <br>* medium;;
-App=Trackballs;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/trackballs.png;Mathias <br>* Broxvall;http://trackballs.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;game,marbles,arcade;Trackballs <br>* is <br>* a <br>* simple <br>* game <br>* similar <br>* to <br>* the <br>* classical <br>* game <br>* Marble <br>* Madness <br>* on <br>* the <br>* Amiga <br>* in <br>* the <br>* 80\'s. <br>* By <br>* steering <br>* a <br>* marble <br>* ball <br>* through <br>* a <br>* labyrinth <br>* filled <br>* with <br>* vicious <br>* hammers, <br>* pools <br>* of <br>* acid <br>* and <br>* other <br>* obstacles <br>* the <br>* player <br>* collects <br>* points. <br>* When <br>* the <br>* ball <br>* reaches <br>* the <br>* destination <br>* it <br>* continues <br>* at <br>* the <br>* next, <br>* more <br>* difficult <br>* level <br>* - <br>* unless <br>* the <br>* time <br>* runs <br>* out. <br>* It <br>* should <br>* be <br>* noted <br>* that <br>* this <br>* game <br>* is <br>* not <br>* intended <br>* to <b!
 r>* be <br>* a <br>* replica <br>* of <br>* marble <br>* madness <br>* but <br>* rather <br>* inspired <br>* by <br>* it. <br>* For <br>* instance <br>* the <br>* game <br>* uses <br>* advanced <br>* 3D <br>* graphics <br>* even <br>* though <br>* the <br>* original <br>* game <br>* had <br>* no <br>* real <br>* use <br>* for <br>* it. <br>* Also <br>* we <br>* aim <br>* at <br>* making <br>* the <br>* game <br>* highly <br>* configurable <br>* by <br>* a <br>* scripting <br>* extension <br>* (Guile) <br>* and <br>* provide <br>* a <br>* simple <br>* editor <br>* by <br>* which <br>* new <br>* levels <br>* easily <br>* can <br>* be <br>* created. <br>* If <br>* you <br>* wish <br>* to <br>* cheat <br>* or <br>* simply <br>* are <br>* testing <br>* out <br>* a <br>* level <br>* you <br>* are <br>* currently <br>* designing <br>* you <br>* can <br>* give <br>* the <br>* command <br>* \'trackballs <br>* -l <br>* foo\' <br>* which <br>* jumps <br>* to <br>* level <br>* "foo".;;
-App=TrafShow;Network;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/trafshow.png;Vladimir <br>* Vorovyev;http://soft.risp.ru/trafshow/index_en.shtml;Unknown;Text;network,traffic,visualizer;TrafShow <br>* continuously <br>* displays <br>* the <br>* information <br>* regarding <br>* packet <br>* traffic <br>* on <br>* the <br>* configured <br>* network <br>* interface <br>* that <br>* matches <br>* the <br>* boolean <br>* expression. <br>* It <br>* periodically <br>* sorts <br>* and <br>* updates <br>* this <br>* information. <br>* It <br>* may <br>* be <br>* useful <br>* for <br>* locating <br>* suspicious <br>* network <br>* traffic <br>* on <br>* the <br>* net.;;
-App=Transmission;Network <br>* - <br>* P2P;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/transmission.png;Transmission <br>* Project;http://www.transmissionbt.com;GPL;Graphical;bittorrent;Transmission <br>* has <br>* been <br>* built <br>* from <br>* the <br>* ground <br>* up <br>* to <br>* be <br>* a <br>* lightweight, <br>* yet <br>* powerful <br>* BitTorrent <br>* client. <br>* Its <br>* simple, <br>* intuitive <br>* interface <br>* is <br>* designed <br>* to <br>* integrate <br>* tightly <br>* with <br>* whatever <br>* computing <br>* environment <br>* you <br>* choose <br>* to <br>* use. <br>* Transmission <br>* strikes <br>* a <br>* balance <br>* between <br>* providing <br>* useful <br>* functionality <br>* without <br>* feature <br>* bloat. <br>* Furthermore, <br>* it <br>* is <br>* free <br>* for <br>* anyone <br>* to <br>* use <br>* or <br>* modify.;YES;
-App=Tremulous;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/tremulous.png;Tremulous <br>* Team;http://tremulous.net;GPL;Graphical;game,fps,rts;Tremulous <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free, <br>* open <br>* source <br>* game <br>* that <br>* blends <br>* a <br>* team <br>* based <br>* FPS <br>* with <br>* elements <br>* of <br>* an <br>* RTS. <br>* Players <br>* can <br>* choose <br>* from <br>* 2 <br>* unique <br>* races, <br>* aliens <br>* and <br>* humans. <br>* Players <br>* on <br>* both <br>* teams <br>* are <br>* able <br>* to <br>* build <br>* working <br>* structures <br>* in-game <br>* like <br>* an <br>* RTS. <br>* These <br>* structures <br>* provide <br>* many <br>* functions, <br>* the <br>* most <br>* important <br>* being <br>* spawning. <br>* The <br>* designated <br>* builders <br>* must <br>* ensure <br>* there <br>* are <br>* spawn <br>* structures <br>* or <br>* other <br>* players <br>* will <br>* not <br>* be <br>* able <br>* to <br>* rejoin <br>* the <br>* game <!
 br>* after <br>* death. <br>* Other <br>* structures <br>* provide <br>* automated <br>* base <br>* defense <br>* (to <br>* some <br>* degree), <br>* healing <br>* functions <br>* and <br>* much <br>* more... <br>* Player <br>* advancement <br>* is <br>* different <br>* depending <br>* on <br>* which <br>* team <br>* you <br>* are <br>* on. <br>* As <br>* a <br>* human, <br>* players <br>* are <br>* rewarded <br>* with <br>* credits <br>* for <br>* each <br>* alien <br>* kill. <br>* These <br>* credits <br>* may <br>* be <br>* used <br>* to <br>* purchase <br>* new <br>* weapons <br>* and <br>* upgrades <br>* from <br>* the <br>* "Armoury". <br>* The <br>* alien <br>* team <br>* advances <br>* quite <br>* differently. <br>* Upon <br>* killing <br>* a <br>* human <br>* foe, <br>* the <br>* alien <br>* is <br>* able <br>* to <br>* evolve <br>* into <br>* a <br>* new <br>* class. <br>* The <br>* more <br>* kills <br>* gained <br>* the <br>* more <br>* powerful <br>* the <br>* !
 classes <br>* available. <br>* The <br>* overall <br>* objecti!
 ve <br>* behind <br>* Tremulous <br>* is <br>* to <br>* eliminate <br>* the <br>* opposing <br>* team. <br>* This <br>* is <br>* achieved <br>* by <br>* not <br>* only <br>* killing <br>* the <br>* opposing <br>* players <br>* but <br>* also <br>* removing <br>* their <br>* ability <br>* to <br>* respawn <br>* by <br>* destroying <br>* their <br>* spawn <br>* structures.;;
-App=Trigger;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/trigger.png;Trigger <br>* Team;http://sourceforge.net/projects/trigger-rally/;GPL;Graphical;game,race;Trigger <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free <br>* rally <br>* car <br>* racing <br>* game. <br>* Fun <br>* for <br>* all <br>* the <br>* family! <br>* You <br>* race <br>* a <br>* sequence <br>* of <br>* 6 <br>* courses, <br>* with <br>* increasing <br>* levels <br>* of <br>* difficulty. <br>* Trigger <br>* is <br>* highly <br>* customisable, <br>* and <br>* it\'s <br>* easy <br>* to <br>* add <br>* new <br>* levels <br>* and <br>* vehicles.;;
-App=TrueCrypt;Security;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/truecrypt.png;TrueCrypt <br>* Foundation;http://www.truecrypt.org/;Other;Text;encryption;Free <br>* open-source <br>* disk <br>* encryption <br>* software <br>* Main <br>* Features: <br>* * <br>* Creates <br>* a <br>* virtual <br>* encrypted <br>* disk <br>* within <br>* a <br>* file <br>* and <br>* mounts <br>* it <br>* as <br>* a <br>* real <br>* disk. <br>* * <br>* Encrypts <br>* an <br>* entire <br>* partition <br>* or <br>* storage <br>* device <br>* such <br>* as <br>* USB <br>* flash <br>* drive <br>* or <br>* hard <br>* drive. <br>* * <br>* Encryption <br>* is <br>* automatic, <br>* real-time <br>* (on-the-fly) <br>* and <br>* transparent. <br>* * <br>* Parallelization <br>* and <br>* pipelining <br>* allow <br>* data <br>* to <br>* be <br>* read <br>* and <br>* written <br>* as <br>* fast <br>* as <br>* if <br>* the <br>* drive <br>* was <br>* not <br>* encrypted. <br>* * <br>* Provides <br>* plausible <br>*!
  deniability, <br>* in <br>* case <br>* an <br>* adversary <br>* forces <br>* you <br>* to <br>* reveal <br>* the <br>* password: <br>* Hidden <br>* volume <br>* (steganography) <br>* and <br>* hidden <br>* operating <br>* system.;;
-App=TrueTypeFonts;Non-Port;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/msfonts.png;Microsoft <br>* Corporation;http://www.microsoft.com;Other;Graphical;fonts;This <br>* pbi <br>* will <br>* install <br>* in <br>* your <br>* PC-BSD <br>* Operating <br>* System <br>* the <br>* Microsoft <br>* TrueType <br>* Fonts: <br>* * <br>* Andale <br>* Mono <br>* * <br>* Arial <br>* Black <br>* * <br>* Arial <br>* (Bold, <br>* Italic, <br>* Bold <br>* Italic) <br>* * <br>* Comic <br>* Sans <br>* MS <br>* (Bold) <br>* * <br>* Courier <br>* New <br>* (Bold, <br>* Italic, <br>* Bold <br>* Italic) <br>* * <br>* Georgia <br>* (Bold, <br>* Italic, <br>* Bold <br>* Italic) <br>* * <br>* Impact <br>* * <br>* Times <br>* New <br>* Roman <br>* (Bold, <br>* Italic, <br>* Bold <br>* Italic) <br>* * <br>* Trebuchet <br>* (Bold, <br>* Italic, <br>* Bold <br>* Italic) <br>* * <br>* Verdana <br>* (Bold, <br>* Italic, <br>* Bold <br>* Italic) <br>* * <br>* Webdings;YES;
-App=TuxGuitar;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/tuxguitar.png;TuxGuitar <br>* Team;http://www.tuxguitar.com.ar/;LGPL;Graphical;audio,guitar,sheet,music,compose;With <br>* TuxGuitar, <br>* you <br>* will <br>* be <br>* able <br>* to <br>* compose <br>* music <br>* using <br>* the <br>* following <br>* features <br>* * <br>* Tablature <br>* editor <br>* * <br>* Score <br>* Viewer <br>* * <br>* Multitrack <br>* display <br>* * <br>* Autoscroll <br>* while <br>* playing <br>* * <br>* Note <br>* duration <br>* management <br>* * <br>* Various <br>* effects <br>* (bend, <br>* slide, <br>* vibrato, <br>* hammer-on/pull-off) <br>* * <br>* Support <br>* for <br>* triplets <br>* (5,6,7,9,10,11,12) <br>* * <br>* Repeat <br>* open <br>* and <br>* close <br>* * <br>* Time <br>* signature <br>* management <br>* * <br>* Tempo <br>* management <br>* * <br>* Imports <br>* and <br>* exports <br>* gp3, <br>* gp4 <br>* and <br>* gp5 <br>* files;;
-App=TuxMath;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/tuxmath.png;Tux4kids <br>* Project <br>* / <br>* New <br>* Breed <br>* Software;http://www.newbreedsoftware.com/tuxmath/;GPL;Graphical;tux,math,kids,game,educational;"Tux, <br>* of <br>* Math <br>* Command" <br>* ("TuxMath," <br>* for <br>* short) <br>* is <br>* an <br>* educational <br>* arcade <br>* game <br>* starring <br>* Tux, <br>* the <br>* Linux <br>* mascot! <br>* Based <br>* on <br>* the <br>* classic <br>* arcade <br>* game <br>* "Missile <br>* Command," <br>* Tux <br>* must <br>* defend <br>* his <br>* cities. <br>* In <br>* this <br>* case, <br>* though, <br>* he <br>* must <br>* do <br>* it <br>* by <br>* solving <br>* math <br>* problems.;;
-App=TuxPaint;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/tuxpaint.png;Tux4kids <br>* Project <br>* / <br>* New <br>* Breed <br>* Software;http://www.tuxpaint.org;GPL;Graphical;tux,kids,game,paint,educational;Tux <br>* Paint <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free, <br>* award-winning <br>* drawing <br>* program <br>* for <br>* children <br>* ages <br>* 3 <br>* to <br>* 12 <br>* (for <br>* example, <br>* preschool <br>* and <br>* K-6 <br>* in <br>* the <br>* US, <br>* key <br>* stages <br>* 1 <br>* & <br>* 2 <br>* in <br>* the <br>* UK). <br>* It <br>* combines <br>* an <br>* easy-to-use <br>* interface, <br>* fun <br>* sound <br>* effects, <br>* and <br>* an <br>* encouraging <br>* cartoon <br>* mascot <br>* who <br>* guides <br>* children <br>* as <br>* they <br>* use <br>* the <br>* program. <br>* Kids <br>* are <br>* presented <br>* with <br>* a <br>* blank <br>* canvas <br>* and <br>* a <br>* variety <br>* of <br>* drawing <br>* tools <br>* to <br>* help <br>* them <br>* be <br>* crea!
-App=TuxType;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/tuxtype.png;Tux4Kids;http://tux4kids.alioth.debian.org/;GPL;Graphical;game,educational,typing;tuxtype <br>* is <br>* an <br>* educational <br>* typing <br>* tutorial <br>* game <br>* for <br>* children <br>* starring <br>* Tux, <br>* the <br>* Linux <br>* Penguin.;;
-App=Twinkle;Network;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/twinkle.png;Michel <br>* de <br>* Boer;http://www.twinklephone.com/;GPL;Graphical;SIP, <br>* VoIP, <br>* Voice;Twinkle <br>* is <br>* a <br>* soft <br>* phone <br>* for <br>* your <br>* voice <br>* over <br>* IP <br>* communcations <br>* using <br>* the <br>* SIP <br>* protocol. <br>* ;
-App=UAE;Emulators;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/uae.png;Bernd <br>* Schmidt, <br>* Stefan <br>* Reinauer;http://www.amigaemulator.org/;GPL;Graphical;emulator,universal,amiga;This <br>* is <br>* a <br>* port <br>* for <br>* UAE, <br>* the <br>* Universal <br>* Amiga <br>* Emulator. <br>* You <br>* will <br>* require <br>* a <br>* valid <br>* Amiga <br>* ROM <br>* file <br>* in <br>* order <br>* for <br>* this <br>* to <br>* be <br>* useful.;;
-App=UFO: <br>* Alien <br>* Invasion;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/ufoai.png;The <br>* UFO:AI <br>* Team;http://ufoai.ninex.info/;GPL;Graphical;game,strategy;UFO <br>* ALIEN <br>* INVASION <br>* is <br>* a <br>* strategy <br>* game <br>* featuring <br>* tactical <br>* combat <br>* against <br>* hostile <br>* alien <br>* forces <br>* which <br>* are <br>* about <br>* to <br>* infiltrate <br>* earth <br>* at <br>* this <br>* very <br>* moment. <br>* You <br>* are <br>* in <br>* command <br>* of <br>* a <br>* small <br>* special <br>* unit <br>* which <br>* has <br>* been <br>* founded <br>* to <br>* face <br>* the <br>* alien <br>* strike <br>* force. <br>* To <br>* be <br>* successful <br>* on <br>* the <br>* long <br>* run, <br>* you <br>* will <br>* also <br>* have <br>* to <br>* have <br>* a <br>* research <br>* team <br>* study <br>* the <br>* aliens <br>* and <br>* their <br>* technologies <br>* in <br>* order <br>* to <br>* learn <br>* as <br>* much <br>* as !
 <br>* possible <br>* about <br>* their <br>* technology, <br>* their <br>* goals <br>* and <br>* the <br>* aliens <br>* themselves.;;
-App=UMPlayer;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/umplayer.png;Ori <br>* Rejwan;http://www.umplayer.com/;GPL;Graphical;audio,video,player;UMPlayer <br>* is <br>* the <br>* multimedia <br>* player <br>* that <br>* fills <br>* all <br>* your <br>* needs. <br>* With <br>* dozens <br>* of <br>* advanced <br>* features <br>* and <br>* built-in <br>* codecs <br>* it <br>* can <br>* handle <br>* any <br>* media <br>* format, <br>* and <br>* can <br>* play <br>* Audio <br>* CDs, <br>* DVDs, <br>* (S)VCDs, <br>* TV <br>* / <br>* Radio <br>* cards, <br>* YouTube" <br>* and <br>* SHOUTcast" <br>* streams <br>* and <br>* even <br>* incomplete <br>* or <br>* damaged <br>* media <br>* files.;;
-App=Ultimate <br>* Stunts;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/ultimatestunts.png;Ultimate <br>* Stunts <br>* Team;http://www.ultimatestunts.nl;GPL;Graphical;game,race,stunts;Ultimate <br>* Stunts <br>* is <br>* a <br>* remake <br>* of <br>* the <br>* famous <br>* DOS-game <br>* stunts. <br>* Racing <br>* in <br>* Ultimate <br>* Stunts <br>* involves <br>* some <br>* really <br>* spectacular <br>* stunts, <br>* like <br>* loopings, <br>* corkscrews, <br>* bridges <br>* to <br>* jump <br>* over, <br>* etc., <br>* but <br>* the <br>* best <br>* thing <br>* is <br>* that <br>* you <br>* can <br>* design <br>* your <br>* own <br>* tracks!;;
-App=Unreal2004Demo;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/ut2004.png;Epic <br>* Games;http://www.unrealtournament.com/ut2004/;Commercial;Graphical;game,fps;Unreal <br>* Tournament <br>* 2004 <br>* is <br>* a <br>* multiplayer <br>* first <br>* person <br>* shooter <br>* that <br>* combines <br>* the <br>* kill-or-be-killed <br>* experience <br>* of <br>* gladiatorial <br>* combat <br>* with <br>* cutting-edge <br>* technology. <br>* Ten <br>* game <br>* modes <br>* - <br>* both <br>* team-based <br>* and <br>* "every <br>* man <br>* for <br>* himself" <br>* -- <br>* provide <br>* even <br>* the <br>* most <br>* hardcore <br>* gamer <br>* with <br>* palm-sweating <br>* challenges <br>* through <br>* unbelievably <br>* detailed <br>* indoor <br>* arenas <br>* and <br>* vast <br>* outdoor <br>* environments. <br>* As <br>* the <br>* ultimate <br>* techno-gladiator <br>* of <br>* the <br>* future, <br>* players <br>* will <br>* take <br>* their <br>* fates <br>* into <br>* th!
 eir <br>* hands, <br>* battling <br>* against <br>* up <br>* to <br>* 32 <br>* other <br>* players <br>* online <br>* in <br>* action-packed, <br>* frag-filled <br>* arenas.;;
-App=VDrift;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/vdrift.png;VDrift <br>* Team;http://vdrift.net/;GPL;Graphical;game,race;VDrift <br>* is <br>* a <br>* cross-platform, <br>* open <br>* source <br>* driving <br>* simulation <br>* made <br>* with <br>* drift <br>* racing <br>* in <br>* mind. <br>* It\'s <br>* powered <br>* by <br>* the <br>* excellent <br>* Vamos <br>* physics <br>* engine. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* released <br>* under <br>* the <br>* GNU <br>* General <br>* Public <br>* License <br>* (GPL) <br>* v2.;;
-App=VICE;Emulators;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/vice.png;VICE <br>* Team;http://www.viceteam.org/;GPL;Graphical;Commodore,emulator;Versatile <br>* Commodore <br>* 8-bit <br>* Emulator <br>* VICE, <br>* the <br>* multi-platform <br>* C64, <br>* C128, <br>* VIC20, <br>* PET <br>* and <br>* CBM-II <br>* emulator. <br>* The <br>* following <br>* programs <br>* are <br>* included: <br>* - <br>* x64, <br>* a <br>* C64 <br>* emulator <br>* - <br>* x128, <br>* a <br>* C128 <br>* emulator <br>* - <br>* xvic, <br>* a <br>* VIC20 <br>* emulator <br>* - <br>* xpet, <br>* a <br>* PET <br>* emulator <br>* - <br>* xcbm2, <br>* a <br>* CBM=II <br>* emulator <br>* - <br>* c1541, <br>* a <br>* stand-alone <br>* disk <br>* image <br>* maintenance <br>* utility <br>* - <br>* petcat, <br>* a <br>* CBM <br>* BASIC <br>* de-tokenizer <br>* The <br>* ROM <br>* files <br>* are <br>* Copyright <br>* by <br>* Commodore <br>* Business <br>* Machines.;;
-App=VLC;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/vlc.png;The <br>* VLC <br>* Team;http://www.videolan.org;GPL;Graphical;audio,video,player,streamer;VLC <br>* - <br>* the <br>* cross-platform <br>* media <br>* player <br>* and <br>* streaming <br>* server <br>* VLC <br>* media <br>* player <br>* is <br>* a <br>* highly <br>* portable <br>* multimedia <br>* player <br>* for <br>* various <br>* audio <br>* and <br>* video <br>* formats <br>* (MPEG-1, <br>* MPEG-2, <br>* MPEG-4, <br>* DivX, <br>* mp3, <br>* ogg, <br>* ...) <br>* as <br>* well <br>* as <br>* DVDs, <br>* VCDs, <br>* and <br>* various <br>* streaming <br>* protocols. <br>* It <br>* can <br>* also <br>* be <br>* used <br>* as <br>* a <br>* server <br>* to <br>* stream <br>* in <br>* unicast <br>* or <br>* multicast <br>* in <br>* IPv4 <br>* or <br>* IPv6 <br>* on <br>* a <br>* high-bandwidth <br>* network.;;
-App=VPNC;Security;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/vpnc.png;Maurice <br>* Massar;http://www.unix-ag.uni-kl.de/~massar/vpnc/;Unknown;Text;cisco,anyconnect;VPNC <br>* - <br>* Client <br>* for <br>* Cisco <br>* 3000 <br>* VPN <br>* Concentrator, <br>* IOS <br>* and <br>* PIX <br>* Vpnc <br>* is <br>* a <br>* VPN <br>* client <br>* for <br>* the <br>* Cisco <br>* 3000 <br>* VPN <br>* Concentrator, <br>* creating <br>* a <br>* IPSec-like <br>* connection <br>* as <br>* a <br>* tunneling <br>* network <br>* device <br>* for <br>* the <br>* local <br>* system. <br>* The <br>* created <br>* connection <br>* is <br>* presented <br>* as <br>* a <br>* tunneling <br>* network <br>* device <br>* to <br>* the <br>* local <br>* system. <br>* The <br>* daemon <br>* runs <br>* entirely <br>* in <br>* userspace.;;
-App=Vagalume;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/vagalume.png;Alberto <br>* Garcia;http://vagalume.igalia.com/;GPL;Graphical;audio,last.fm;Vagalume <br>* is <br>* an <br>* GTK+-based <br>* client <br>* for <br>* the <br>* Last.fm <br>* online <br>* radio. <br>* Although <br>* it <br>* works <br>* in <br>* standard <br>* PCs, <br>* it <br>* is <br>* specially <br>* designed <br>* to <br>* work <br>* in <br>* the <br>* Maemo <br>* platform. <br>* It <br>* has <br>* access <br>* to <br>* virtually <br>* all <br>* the <br>* same <br>* functions <br>* as <br>* the <br>* official <br>* client, <br>* including <br>* scrobbling, <br>* tagging, <br>* loving, <br>* banning <br>* etc.;;
-App=Valgrind;Development;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/valgrind.png;Valgrind <br>* Developers;http://www.valgrind.org/;GPL;Text;debug,profile;Valgrind <br>* is <br>* a <br>* system <br>* for <br>* debugging <br>* and <br>* profiling <br>* un*x <br>* programs. <br>* With <br>* the <br>* tools <br>* that <br>* come <br>* with <br>* Valgrind, <br>* you <br>* can <br>* automatically <br>* detect <br>* many <br>* memory <br>* management <br>* and <br>* threading <br>* bugs, <br>* avoiding <br>* hours <br>* of <br>* frustrating <br>* bug-hunting, <br>* making <br>* your <br>* programs <br>* more <br>* stable. <br>* You <br>* can <br>* also <br>* perform <br>* detailed <br>* profiling, <br>* to <br>* speed <br>* up <br>* and <br>* reduce <br>* memory <br>* use <br>* of <br>* your <br>* programs. <br>* The <br>* Valgrind <br>* distribution <br>* includes <br>* five <br>* tools: <br>* two <br>* memory <br>* error <br>* detectors, <br>* a <br>* thread <br>* error <br>* detector,!
  <br>* a <br>* cache <br>* profiler <br>* and <br>* a <br>* heap <br>* profiler. <br>* Several <br>* other <br>* tools <br>* have <br>* been <br>* built <br>* with <br>* Valgrind. <br>* Valgrind <br>* was <br>* initially <br>* ported <br>* to <br>* FreeBSD <br>* by <br>* Doug <br>* Rabson <br>* (http://www.rabson.org/).;;
-App=Valknut;Network <br>* - <br>* P2P;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/valknut.png;Valknut <br>* Dev <br>* Team;http://dcgui.berlios.de/;GPL;Graphical;Direct,connect;Valknut <br>* is <br>* an <br>* open <br>* source <br>* cross <br>* platform <br>* client <br>* for <br>* the <br>* Direct <br>* Connect <br>* network. <br>* Note <br>* that <br>* valknut <br>* only <br>* supports <br>* the <br>* old <br>* (but <br>* more <br>* common) <br>* NMDC <br>* protocol, <br>* it <br>* has <br>* no <br>* support <br>* for <br>* the <br>* new <br>* ADC <br>* protocol <br>* which <br>* is <br>* being <br>* developed <br>* by <br>* the <br>* DC++ <br>* developers. <br>* If <br>* you <br>* need <br>* an <br>* ADC <br>* client, <br>* try <br>* something <br>* based <br>* on <br>* the <br>* DC++ <br>* core <br>* like <br>* LinuxDC++.;;
-App=Vavoom;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/vavoom.png;Vavoom <br>* Team;http://www.vavoom-engine.com/;GPL;Graphical;doom,fps,game,heretic,hexen,strife;Vavoom <br>* is <br>* a <br>* source <br>* port <br>* based <br>* on <br>* sources <br>* of <br>* Doom, <br>* Heretic, <br>* Hexen <br>* and <br>* a <br>* little <br>* bit <br>* from <br>* Quake. <br>* To <br>* play <br>* Vavoom <br>* you <br>* need <br>* main <br>* wad <br>* file <br>* from <br>* Doom, <br>* Ultimate <br>* Doom, <br>* Doom <br>* II, <br>* Heretic, <br>* Hexen <br>* or <br>* Strife. <br>* Differences <br>* from <br>* original <br>* game: <br>* * <br>* Polygonal <br>* engine <br>* with <br>* colored <br>* lighting, <br>* with <br>* software <br>* mode, <br>* OpenGL <br>* support <br>* * <br>* Translucency <br>* * <br>* Complete <br>* support <br>* for <br>* freelook <br>* (look <br>* up <br>* & <br>* down) <br>* in <br>* all <br>* games <br>* * <br>* A <br>* powerful <br>* language <br>* to <br>* desc!
 ribe <br>* game <br>* logic <br>* * <br>* 100% <br>* client/server <br>* architecture <br>* with <br>* in-game <br>* joining <br>* * <br>* Quake-style <br>* console, <br>* with <br>* key <br>* bindings <br>* * <br>* Indirect <br>* support <br>* for <br>* DeHackEd <br>* * <br>* Crosshair <br>* * <br>* Jumping <br>* * <br>* And <br>* many <br>* other <br>* cool <br>* things...;;
-App=VegaStrike;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/vegastrike.png;The <br>* Vega <br>* Strike <br>* Project;http://vegastrike.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;game,space,simulator;Vega <br>* Strike <br>* is <br>* an <br>* Open <br>* Source <br>* 3D <br>* Action-Space-Sim <br>* that <br>* lets <br>* you <br>* trade, <br>* fight, <br>* and <br>* explore <br>* in <br>* a <br>* vast <br>* universe. <br>* Vega <br>* Strike <br>* is <br>* built <br>* on <br>* top <br>* of <br>* OpenGL <br>* and <br>* runs <br>* on <br>* Win/Lin/Mac <br>* platforms. <br>* Vega <br>* Strike <br>* (the <br>* game) <br>* is <br>* currently <br>* in <br>* a <br>* playable <br>* state, <br>* but <br>* both <br>* game <br>* engine <br>* and <br>* dataset <br>* are <br>* under <br>* continued <br>* development.;;
-App=Virt-Manager;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/virt-manager.png;Virtual <br>* Machine <br>* Manager <br>* Team;http://virt-manager.org;LGPL;Graphical;manager,virtualization;The <br>* "Virtual <br>* Machine <br>* Manager" <br>* application <br>* (virt-manager <br>* for <br>* short <br>* package <br>* name) <br>* is <br>* a <br>* desktop <br>* user <br>* interface <br>* for <br>* managing <br>* virtual <br>* machines. <br>* It <br>* presents <br>* a <br>* summary <br>* view <br>* of <br>* running <br>* domains, <br>* their <br>* live <br>* performance <br>* & <br>* resource <br>* utilization <br>* statistics. <br>* The <br>* detailed <br>* view <br>* graphs <br>* performance <br>* & <br>* utilization <br>* over <br>* time. <br>* Wizards <br>* enable <br>* the <br>* creation <br>* of <br>* new <br>* domains, <br>* and <br>* configuration <br>* & <br>* adjustment <br>* of <br>* a <br>* domain\'s <br>* resource <br>* allocation <br>* & <br>* virtual !
 <br>* hardware. <br>* An <br>* embedded <br>* VNC <br>* client <br>* viewer <br>* presents <br>* a <br>* full <br>* graphical <br>* console <br>* to <br>* the <br>* guest <br>* domain.;;
-App=VirtualBox;Emulators;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/virtualbox.png;Sun <br>* Microsystems, <br>* Inc.;http://www.virtualbox.org;GPL;Graphical;emulator,virtualizer;VirtualBox <br>* is <br>* a <br>* powerful <br>* x86 <br>* virtualization <br>* product <br>* for <br>* enterprise <br>* as <br>* well <br>* as <br>* home <br>* use. <br>* Not <br>* only <br>* is <br>* VirtualBox <br>* an <br>* extremely <br>* feature <br>* rich, <br>* high <br>* performance <br>* product <br>* for <br>* enterprise <br>* customers, <br>* it <br>* is <br>* also <br>* the <br>* only <br>* professional <br>* solution <br>* that <br>* is <br>* freely <br>* available <br>* as <br>* Open <br>* Source <br>* Software <br>* under <br>* the <br>* terms <br>* of <br>* the <br>* GNU <br>* General <br>* Public <br>* License <br>* (GPL).;YES;
-App=VisualBoyAdvance;Emulators;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/vba.png;VisualBoy <br>* Advance <br>* Team;http://vba.ngemu.com;GPL;Graphical;gameboy,advance,emulator;VBA <br>* is <br>* the <br>* best <br>* and <br>* most <br>* popular <br>* Gameboy <br>* Advance <br>* emulator <br>* around. <br>* Emulates <br>* GBA, <br>* GBC, <br>* SGB, <br>* GBA <br>* roms! <br>* Supports <br>* ZIP-ed <br>* roms, <br>* so <br>* that <br>* after <br>* downloading <br>* files <br>* from <br>* the <br>* net <br>* you <br>* don\'t <br>* even <br>* have <br>* to <br>* un-zip <br>* them.;;
-App=Vuze;Network <br>* - <br>* P2P;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/vuze.png;Vuze, <br>* Inc.;http://www.vuze.com;GPL;Graphical;video,audio,game;Vuze <br>* is <br>* the <br>* world\'s <br>* most <br>* popular <br>* entertainment <br>* platform <br>* for <br>* high-res <br>* digital <br>* content: <br>* video, <br>* music, <br>* and <br>* games. <br>* With <br>* an <br>* installed <br>* base <br>* of <br>* 18 <br>* million <br>* unique <br>* client <br>* downloads <br>* in <br>* its <br>* first <br>* year, <br>* 500,000 <br>* new <br>* downloads <br>* per <br>* week <br>* and <br>* 150 <br>* content <br>* partners <br>* to <br>* date, <br>* Vuze <br>* is <br>* experiencing <br>* unprecedented <br>* organic <br>* growth. <br>* Vuze <br>* attracts <br>* and <br>* features <br>* high <br>* quality <br>* content <br>* from <br>* a <br>* growing <br>* roster <br>* of <br>* global <br>* television <br>* networks, <br>* premier <br>* production <br>* studios <br>* and <br>* thous!
 ands <br>* of <br>* maverick <br>* content <br>* creators, <br>* on <br>* the <br>* most <br>* advanced, <br>* most <br>* open <br>* entertainment <br>* platform <br>* ever <br>* created. <br>* Vuze <br>* is <br>* developed <br>* by <br>* Vuze, <br>* Inc. <br>* (formerly <br>* known <br>* as <br>* Azureus, <br>* Inc.), <br>* with <br>* offices <br>* in <br>* the <br>* San <br>* Francisco <br>* Bay <br>* Area, <br>* New <br>* York, <br>* Los <br>* Angeles, <br>* and <br>* London. <br>* The <br>* new <br>* commercial-grade <br>* platform <br>* is <br>* supported <br>* by <br>* powerful <br>* peer-sharing <br>* technology, <br>* enabling <br>* its <br>* vast <br>* global <br>* community <br>* the <br>* ability <br>* to <br>* browse, <br>* share, <br>* search <br>* and <br>* discover <br>* unique <br>* multimedia <br>* entertainment <br>* in <br>* a <br>* high-resolution <br>* format.;;
-App=WOL;Network;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/wol.png;Thomas <br>* Krennwallner;http://ahh.sourceforge.net/wol/;GPL;Graphical;wake,lan;wol <br>* implements <br>* Wake-On-LAN <br>* functionality <br>* in <br>* a <br>* small <br>* program. <br>* It <br>* wakes <br>* up <br>* hardware <br>* that <br>* is <br>* Magic <br>* Packet <br>* compliant.;;
-App=Wammu;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/wammu.png;Michal <br>* &#268ihařhttp://wammu.eu/;GPL;Graphical;mobile,phone,manager;Wammu <br>* Mobile <br>* Phone <br>* Manager <br>* It <br>* works <br>* with <br>* any <br>* phone <br>* that <br>* Gammu <br>* supports, <br>* including <br>* many <br>* models <br>* from <br>* Nokia, <br>* Siemens, <br>* and <br>* Alcatel. <br>* It <br>* has <br>* complete <br>* support <br>* (read, <br>* edit, <br>* delete, <br>* copy) <br>* for <br>* contacts, <br>* todo, <br>* and <br>* calendar. <br>* It <br>* can <br>* read, <br>* save, <br>* and <br>* send <br>* SMS. <br>* It <br>* includes <br>* an <br>* SMS <br>* composer <br>* for <br>* multi-part <br>* SMS <br>* messages, <br>* and <br>* it <br>* can <br>* display <br>* SMS <br>* messages <br>* that <br>* include <br>* pictures. <br>* Currently, <br>* only <br>* text <br>* and <br>* predefined <br>* bitmaps <br>* or <br>* sounds <br>* can <br>* be <br>* edi!
 ted <br>* in <br>* the <br>* SMS <br>* composer. <br>* It <br>* can <br>* export <br>* messages <br>* to <br>* an <br>* IMAP4 <br>* server <br>* (or <br>* other <br>* email <br>* storage). <br>* This <br>* program <br>* does <br>* not <br>* support <br>* browsing <br>* files <br>* in <br>* phone.;;
-App=WarMUX;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/warmux.png;WarMUX <br>* Team;http://www.wormux.org/;GPL;Graphical;game,strategy,turn-based,worms;Almost <br>* everyone <br>* has <br>* heard <br>* of <br>* the <br>* Worms(R) <br>* series <br>* of <br>* games, <br>* developed <br>* by <br>* Team17. <br>* Worms <br>* was <br>* created <br>* in <br>* 1990, <br>* the <br>* goal <br>* of <br>* the <br>* game <br>* consisting <br>* of <br>* a <br>* several <br>* teams <br>* of <br>* "worms" <br>* fighting <br>* to <br>* the <br>* death <br>* on <br>* a <br>* 2D <br>* map. <br>* Wormux <br>* is <br>* heavily <br>* influenced <br>* by <br>* all <br>* games <br>* in <br>* this <br>* genre, <br>* including <br>* Scorched <br>* Earth <br>* and <br>* Liero. <br>* Wormux <br>* is <br>* free <br>* software <br>* clone <br>* of <br>* this <br>* game <br>* concept. <br>* Though <br>* currently <br>* under <br>* heavy <br>* development, <br>* it <br>* is <br>* already <br>* very <br>* pla!
 yable, <br>* with <br>* lots <br>* of <br>* weapons <br>* (Dynamite, <br>* Baseball <br>* Bat, <br>* Teleportation, <br>* etc.). <br>* There <br>* are <br>* also <br>* lots <br>* of <br>* maps <br>* available <br>* for <br>* your <br>* battling <br>* pleasure! <br>* Wormux <br>* takes <br>* the <br>* genre <br>* to <br>* the <br>* next <br>* level, <br>* with <br>* great <br>* customisation <br>* options <br>* leading <br>* to <br>* great <br>* gameplay. <br>* There <br>* is <br>* a <br>* wide <br>* selection <br>* of <br>* teams, <br>* from <br>* the <br>* Aliens <br>* to <br>* the <br>* Chickens. <br>* Also, <br>* new <br>* battlefields <br>* can <br>* be <br>* downloaded <br>* from <br>* the <br>* Internet, <br>* making <br>* strategy <br>* an <br>* important <br>* part <br>* of <br>* each <br>* battle. <br>* Renamed <br>* to <br>* WarMUX <br>* (WAR <br>* of <br>* Mascots <br>* from <br>* UniX):;;
-App=Warden;System <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/thewarden.png;PC-BSD <br>* Software;http://www.pcbsd.org;BSD;Graphical;warden,inmate,ports,jails;The <br>* Warden <br>* is <br>* a <br>* powerful, <br>* yet <br>* easy <br>* to <br>* use <br>* tool <br>* which <br>* makes <br>* creating <br>* / <br>* managing <br>* jails <br>* easy. <br>* The <br>* Warden <br>* has <br>* features <br>* such <br>* as <br>* exporting <br>* / <br>* importing <br>* jails, <br>* automatic <br>* startup, <br>* and <br>* easy <br>* installation <br>* of <br>* packages.;YES;
-App=Warzone2100;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/warzone2100.png;Warzone2100 <br>* Dev <br>* Team;http://www.wz2100.net/;GPL;Graphical;game,rts;Warzone <br>* 2100 <br>* is <br>* a <br>* real-time <br>* strategy <br>* game, <br>* it <br>* does <br>* contain <br>* aspects <br>* that <br>* are <br>* unique. <br>* These <br>* include <br>* various <br>* radar <br>* technologies, <br>* a <br>* greater <br>* focus <br>* on <br>* artillery <br>* and <br>* counter-battery <br>* technologies, <br>* more <br>* frequent <br>* in-game <br>* cinematic <br>* updates <br>* as <br>* gameplay <br>* progress, <br>* as <br>* well <br>* as <br>* a <br>* different <br>* vehicle <br>* design <br>* method. <br>* Minimum <br>* requirements: <br>* OpenGL1.3 <br>* compatible <br>* video <br>* card <br>* and <br>* drivers <br>* (ie. <br>* geforce, <br>* radeon).;;
-App=Webmin;System <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/webmin.png;Webmin;http://www.webmin.com;BSD;Server;web,server;Webmin <br>* is <br>* a <br>* web-based <br>* interface <br>* for <br>* system <br>* administration <br>* for <br>* Unix. <br>* Using <br>* any <br>* modern <br>* web <br>* browser, <br>* you <br>* can <br>* setup <br>* user <br>* accounts, <br>* Apache, <br>* DNS, <br>* file <br>* sharing <br>* and <br>* much <br>* more. <br>* Webmin <br>* removes <br>* the <br>* need <br>* to <br>* manually <br>* edit <br>* Unix <br>* configuration <br>* files <br>* like <br>* /etc/passwd, <br>* and <br>* lets <br>* you <br>* manage <br>* a <br>* system <br>* from <br>* the <br>* console <br>* or <br>* remotely.;;
-App=WeeChat;IRC;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/weechat.png;FlashCode;http://weechat.org;GPL;Text;chat,irc,CLI;WeeChat <br>* (Wee <br>* Enhanced <br>* Environment <br>* for <br>* Chat) <br>* is <br>* a <br>* fast <br>* and <br>* light <br>* IRC <br>* client. <br>* Everything <br>* can <br>* be <br>* done <br>* with <br>* a <br>* keyboard, <br>* and <br>* it <br>* is <br>* customizable <br>* and <br>* extensible <br>* with <br>* scripts. <br>* For <br>* the <br>* moment, <br>* only <br>* ncurse <br>* GUI <br>* is <br>* supported <br>* by <br>* this <br>* port.;;
-App=Wesnoth;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/wesnoth.png;The <br>* Wesnoth <br>* Team;http://www.wesnoth.org/;GPL;Graphical;game,strategy;The <br>* Battle <br>* for <br>* Wesnoth <br>* is <br>* a <br>* turn-based <br>* strategy <br>* game <br>* with <br>* a <br>* fantasy <br>* theme. <br>* Build <br>* up <br>* a <br>* great <br>* army, <br>* gradually <br>* turning <br>* raw <br>* recruits <br>* into <br>* hardened <br>* veterans. <br>* In <br>* later <br>* games, <br>* recall <br>* your <br>* toughest <br>* warriors <br>* and <br>* form <br>* a <br>* deadly <br>* host <br>* against <br>* whom <br>* none <br>* can <br>* stand! <br>* Choose <br>* units <br>* from <br>* a <br>* large <br>* pool <br>* of <br>* specialists, <br>* and <br>* hand-pick <br>* a <br>* force <br>* with <br>* the <br>* right <br>* strengths <br>* to <br>* fight <br>* well <br>* on <br>* different <br>* terrains <br>* against <br>* all <br>* manner <br>* of <br>* opposition.;;
-App=Widelands;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/widelands.png;Widelands <br>* Team;http://widelands.org/;GPL;Graphical;game,rts;Widelands <br>* is <br>* a <br>* slow-paced <br>* real-time <br>* strategy <br>* free <br>* computer <br>* game <br>* under <br>* the <br>* open <br>* source <br>* license <br>* GPL. <br>* Widelands <br>* takes <br>* many <br>* ideas <br>* from <br>* and <br>* is <br>* quite <br>* similar <br>* to <br>* The <br>* Settlers <br>* and <br>* The <br>* Settlers <br>* II. <br>* Widelands <br>* has <br>* singleplayer, <br>* network <br>* and <br>* internet <br>* multiplayer <br>* modes <br>* and <br>* single <br>* player <br>* campaign <br>* missions.;;
-App=Wine64;Emulators;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/wine.png;The <br>* Wine <br>* Project;http://www.winehq.org/;LGPL;Text;windows,emulator;(This <br>* Wine <br>* PBI <br>* is <br>* specifically <br>* designed <br>* for <br>* 64-bit <br>* systems) <br>* Wine <br>* is <br>* a <br>* Microsoft <br>* Windows <br>* compatibility <br>* layer <br>* (or <br>* program <br>* loader) <br>* capable <br>* of <br>* running <br>* Windows <br>* applications <br>* on <br>* i386 <br>* and <br>* compatible <br>* CPUs. <br>* Windows <br>* programs <br>* running <br>* in <br>* Wine <br>* act <br>* as <br>* native <br>* programs <br>* would, <br>* running <br>* without <br>* the <br>* performance <br>* or <br>* memory <br>* usage <br>* penalties <br>* of <br>* an <br>* emulator, <br>* with <br>* a <br>* similar <br>* look <br>* and <br>* feel <br>* to <br>* other <br>* applications <br>* on <br>* your <br>* desktop. <br>* Many <br>* applications <br>* already <br>* work, <br>* more <br>* or !
 <br>* less, <br>* including <br>* versions <br>* of <br>* Microsoft <br>* Office <br>* and <br>* several <br>* games.;;
-App=Wine;Emulators;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/wine.png;The <br>* Wine <br>* Project;http://www.winehq.org/;LGPL;Text;windows,emulator;Wine <br>* is <br>* a <br>* Microsoft <br>* Windows <br>* compatibility <br>* layer <br>* (or <br>* program <br>* loader) <br>* capable <br>* of <br>* running <br>* Windows <br>* applications <br>* on <br>* i386 <br>* and <br>* compatible <br>* CPUs. <br>* Windows <br>* programs <br>* running <br>* in <br>* Wine <br>* act <br>* as <br>* native <br>* programs <br>* would, <br>* running <br>* without <br>* the <br>* performance <br>* or <br>* memory <br>* usage <br>* penalties <br>* of <br>* an <br>* emulator, <br>* with <br>* a <br>* similar <br>* look <br>* and <br>* feel <br>* to <br>* other <br>* applications <br>* on <br>* your <br>* desktop. <br>* Many <br>* applications <br>* already <br>* work, <br>* more <br>* or <br>* less, <br>* including <br>* versions <br>* of <br>* Microsoft <br>* Office <br>* and <br>* several <br>* games!
-App=Wings;Graphics;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/wings.png;Wings3D <br>* Team;http://www.wings3d.com/;BSD;Graphical;mesh,3D,CAD;Wings3D <br>* is <br>* a <br>* OpenSource <br>* polygon <br>* mesh <br>* modeler <br>* inspired <br>* by <br>* Nendo. <br>* It <br>* allows <br>* you <br>* to <br>* intuitively <br>* build <br>* a <br>* 3D <br>* mesh <br>* and <br>* even <br>* assign <br>* materials <br>* to <br>* it.;;
-App=Wipe;Security;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/wipe.png;Tom <br>* Vier;http://wipe.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Text;erase,wipe;Wipe <br>* is <br>* a <br>* file <br>* and <br>* block <br>* device <br>* wiping <br>* utility;;
-App=Wireshark;Network;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/wireshark.png;Gerald <br>* Combs;http://www.wireshark.org/;GPL;Graphical;sniffer, <br>* capture, <br>* tcp, <br>* udp, <br>* inspection;Wireshark <br>* is <br>* the <br>* world\'s <br>* foremost <br>* network <br>* protocol <br>* analyzer. <br>* It <br>* lets <br>* you <br>* capture <br>* and <br>* interactively <br>* browse <br>* the <br>* traffic <br>* running <br>* on <br>* a <br>* computer <br>* network. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* the <br>* de <br>* facto <br>* (and <br>* often <br>* de <br>* jure) <br>* standard <br>* across <br>* many <br>* industries <br>* and <br>* educational <br>* institutions. <br>* ;;
-App=Workrave;X11;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/workrave.png;IntenCT;http://www.workrave.org/;GPL;Graphical;RSI;Workrave <br>* is <br>* a <br>* program <br>* that <br>* assists <br>* in <br>* the <br>* recovery <br>* and <br>* prevention <br>* of <br>* Repetitive <br>* Strain <br>* Injury <br>* (RSI). <br>* The <br>* program <br>* frequently <br>* alerts <br>* you <br>* to <br>* take <br>* micro-pauses, <br>* rest <br>* breaks <br>* and <br>* restricts <br>* you <br>* to <br>* your <br>* daily <br>* limit. <br>* These <br>* can <br>* be <br>* customized <br>* and <br>* it <br>* stops <br>* the <br>* counter <br>* when <br>* you <br>* stop. <br>* The <br>* program <br>* can <br>* be <br>* run <br>* distributed <br>* on <br>* one <br>* or <br>* more <br>* PCs. <br>* All <br>* connected <br>* PCs <br>* share <br>* the <br>* same <br>* timing <br>* information. <br>* When <br>* you <br>* switch <br>* computers, <br>* you <br>* will <br>* still <br>* be <br>* asked <br>* to !
 <br>* pause <br>* on <br>* time.;;
-App=WorldOfPadman;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/worldofpadman.png;The <br>* WoP <br>* Team;http://www.worldofpadman.com;GPL;Graphical;game,fps,quake;WoP) <br>* is <br>* an <br>* open <br>* source <br>* first-person <br>* shooter <br>* computer <br>* game <br>* available <br>* in <br>* both <br>* English <br>* and <br>* German. <br>* Originally <br>* it <br>* was <br>* a <br>* modification <br>* for <br>* the <br>* game <br>* Quake <br>* III <br>* Arena <br>* titled <br>* PadMod <br>* created <br>* in <br>* the <br>* year <br>* 2004. <br>* After <br>* the <br>* source <br>* code <br>* for <br>* Quake <br>* III <br>* Arena <br>* was <br>* released, <br>* the <br>* game <br>* became <br>* standalone. <br>* The <br>* idea <br>* is <br>* based <br>* on <br>* the <br>* Padman <br>* comic <br>* strip <br>* for <br>* the <br>* magazine <br>* PlayStation <br>* Games <br>* created <br>* by <br>* the <br>* professional <br>* cartoon <br>* artist <br>* Andreas <br>* \'ENTE\'!
  <br>* Endres, <br>* who <br>* is <br>* also <br>* the <br>* man <br>* who <br>* made <br>* many <br>* of <br>* the <br>* maps <br>* included <br>* with <br>* the <br>* game <br>* in <br>* 1998. <br>* The <br>* current <br>* version <br>* runs <br>* on <br>* an <br>* enhanced <br>* version <br>* of <br>* the <br>* ioquake3[1] <br>* engine, <br>* which <br>* is <br>* based <br>* on <br>* the <br>* Quake <br>* III <br>* Arena <br>* engine. <br>* Most <br>* of <br>* the <br>* maps <br>* in <br>* the <br>* game <br>* are <br>* lilliput <br>* style, <br>* and <br>* have <br>* a <br>* commercial-quality <br>* level <br>* of <br>* graphic <br>* complexity. <br>* Because <br>* it <br>* was <br>* originally <br>* a <br>* mod <br>* for <br>* Quake <br>* III <br>* Arena, <br>* most <br>* of <br>* the <br>* gameplay <br>* is <br>* similar.;;
-App=XBMC;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/xbmc.png;XBMC <br>* Team;http://xbmc.org/;GPL;Graphical;media,center,audio,video;XBMC <br>* Media <br>* Center <br>* (formerly <br>* named <br>* "XBox <br>* Media <br>* Center") <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free <br>* and <br>* open <br>* source <br>* cross-platform <br>* media-player <br>* and <br>* entertainment <br>* hub.;;
-App=XBindKeys;X11;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/xbindkeys.png;XBindKeys <br>* Team;http://www.nongnu.org/xbindkeys/xbindkeys.html;GPL;Text;keyboard,shortcuts;xbindkeys <br>* is <br>* a <br>* program <br>* that <br>* allows <br>* you <br>* to <br>* launch <br>* shell <br>* commands <br>* under <br>* X <br>* with <br>* your <br>* keyboard. <br>* It <br>* links <br>* commands <br>* to <br>* keys, <br>* using <br>* a <br>* configuration <br>* file.;;
-App=XBoard;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/xboard.png;Tim <br>* Mann;http://www.gnu.org/software/xboard/;GPL;Graphical;game,chess;XBoard <br>* is <br>* a <br>* graphical <br>* chessboard <br>* that <br>* can <br>* serve <br>* as <br>* a <br>* user <br>* interface <br>* for <br>* Crafty, <br>* GNU <br>* Chess, <br>* for <br>* Internet <br>* Chess <br>* Servers, <br>* or <br>* for <br>* electronic <br>* mail <br>* correspondence <br>* chess. <br>* xboard <br>* can <br>* also <br>* be <br>* used <br>* by <br>* itself.;;
-App=XChat;IRC;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/xchat.png;Peter <br>* Zelezny;http://www.xchat.org;GPL;Graphical;chat, <br>* irc;XChat <br>* is <br>* an <br>* IRC <br>* chat <br>* program <br>* for <br>* Unices <br>* (Linux, <br>* *BSD <br>* and <br>* others) <br>* and <br>* Windows. <br>* It <br>* allows <br>* you <br>* to <br>* join <br>* multiple <br>* IRC <br>* channels <br>* (chat <br>* rooms) <br>* at <br>* the <br>* same <br>* time, <br>* talk <br>* publicly, <br>* private <br>* one-on-one <br>* conversations <br>* etc. <br>* Even <br>* file <br>* transfers <br>* are <br>* possible.;;
-App=XFCE4-Media;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/xfce4-media.png;Kelnos;http://www.spuriousinterrupt.org/projects/xfmedia/;GPL;Graphical;audio,xfmedia;Xfmedia <br>* is <br>* a <br>* lightweight <br>* media <br>* player <br>* based <br>* on <br>* the <br>* xine <br>* engine;;
-App=XFCE4-Parole;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/xfce4-parole.png;Xfce <br>* Project;http://goodies.xfce.org/projects/applications/parole;Unknown-Free;Graphical;audio,video,player;Parole <br>* is <br>* a <br>* modern <br>* media <br>* player <br>* based <br>* on <br>* the <br>* GStreamer <br>* framework <br>* for <br>* the <br>* Xfce <br>* desktop.;;
-App=XFCE4-mixer;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/xfce4-mixer.png;Jannis <br>* Pohlmann;http://www.xfce.org/projects/xfce4-mixer/;GPL;Graphical;audio,mixer,volume,control;This <br>* is <br>* xfce4-mixer, <br>* a <br>* volume <br>* control <br>* application <br>* for <br>* the <br>* Xfce <br>* Desktop <br>* Environment. <br>* This <br>* software <br>* package <br>* contains <br>* both <br>* a <br>* volume <br>* control <br>* plugin <br>* for <br>* the <br>* Xfce <br>* Panel <br>* and <br>* a <br>* standalone <br>* mixer <br>* application.;;
-App=XMMS;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/xmms.png;XMMS <br>* Team;http://www.xmms.org/;GPL;Graphical;audio,video,player;XMMS <br>* --- <br>* X <br>* Multimedia <br>* System. <br>* XMMS <br>* is <br>* a <br>* multimedia <br>* player <br>* based <br>* on <br>* the <br>* look <br>* of <br>* Winamp. <br>* Currently <br>* it <br>* plays <br>* mpeg <br>* layer <br>* 1/2/3, <br>* wav, <br>* au, <br>* CD <br>* audio, <br>* etc.;;
-App=XPad;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/xpad.png;Michael <br>* Terry;http://sourceforge.net/projects/xpad/;GPL;Graphical;notepad,sticky;xpad <br>* is <br>* a <br>* sticky <br>* note <br>* application <br>* written <br>* using <br>* GTK+ <br>* 2.0 <br>* that <br>* strives <br>* to <br>* be <br>* simple, <br>* fault-tolerant, <br>* and <br>* customizable. <br>* xpad <br>* consists <br>* of <br>* independent <br>* pad <br>* windows <br>* each <br>* is <br>* basically <br>* a <br>* text <br>* box <br>* in <br>* which <br>* notes <br>* can <br>* be <br>* written. <br>* Despite <br>* being <br>* called <br>* xpad, <br>* all <br>* that <br>* is <br>* needed <br>* to <br>* run <br>* or <br>* compile <br>* it <br>* is <br>* the <br>* GTK+ <br>* 2.0 <br>* libraries. <br>* Here <br>* is <br>* a <br>* list <br>* of <br>* major <br>* features <br>* in <br>* the <br>* current <br>* xpad <br>* stable <br>* release: <br>* * <br>* GTK+ <br>* 2.0 <br>* powered <br!
 >* text <br>* view. <br>* * <br>* Fault <br>* tolerant. <br>* All <br>* information <br>* is <br>* kept <br>* on <br>* the <br>* hard <br>* drive, <br>* not <br>* memory. <br>* * <br>* xpad <br>* is <br>* very <br>* customizable. <br>* The <br>* color <br>* scheme <br>* (text, <br>* background, <br>* and <br>* window <br>* borders) <br>* and <br>* the <br>* font <br>* can <br>* be <br>* changed. <br>* * <br>* A <br>* customizable <br>* toolbar <br>* puts <br>* the <br>* most <br>* frequently <br>* used <br>* commands <br>* at <br>* your <br>* fingertips. <br>* * <br>* Support <br>* for <br>* the <br>* X <br>* session <br>* management <br>* protocol. <br>* * <br>* Support <br>* for <br>* the <br>* www.freedesktop.org <br>* system <br>* tray <br>* proposal.;;
-App=XQF;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/xqf.png;Roman <br>* Pozlevich;http://www.linuxgames.com/xqf/;GPL;Graphical;game,launcher,browser;XQF <br>* is <br>* a <br>* game <br>* server <br>* browser <br>* and <br>* launcher <br>* for <br>* Unix/X11 <br>* for <br>* many <br>* popular <br>* games <br>* such <br>* as <br>* the <br>* Quake <br>* series, <br>* Unreal <br>* Tournament <br>* series, <br>* Half-Life <br>* etc. <br>* XQF <br>* is <br>* a <br>* front-end <br>* to <br>* QStat, <br>* a <br>* program <br>* by <br>* Steve <br>* Jankowski <br>* and <br>* uses <br>* the <br>* GTK+ <br>* toolkit.;;
-App=XSane;Graphics;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/xsane.png;Oliver <br>* Rauch;http://www.xsane.org;GPL;Graphical;scanner;XSane <br>* is <br>* a <br>* graphical <br>* scanning <br>* frontend. <br>* It <br>* uses <br>* the <br>* SANE-library <br>* to <br>* talk <br>* to <br>* scanners. <br>* This <br>* means <br>* that <br>* XSane <br>* does <br>* not <br>* support <br>* any <br>* scanners <br>* itself.;;
-App=XXXTerm;Web;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/xxxterm.png;XXXTerm <br>* Team;https://opensource.conformal.com/wiki/XXXTerm;ISC;Graphical;web,browser,lightweight;xxxterm <br>* is <br>* a <br>* minimalists <br>* web <br>* browser. <br>* It <br>* strives <br>* to <br>* be <br>* vi-like <br>* for <br>* heavy <br>* keyboard <br>* users <br>* while <br>* maintaining <br>* traditional <br>* web <br>* browser <br>* behaviour. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* ISC <br>* licensed. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* based <br>* on <br>* webkit <br>* using <br>* GTK+. <br>* ;;
-App=Xarchiver;Archivers;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/xarchiver.png;Giuseppe <br>* Torelli;http://xarchiver.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;backup,archive,tar,gzip,zip;Xarchiver <br>* is <br>* a <br>* Desktop <br>* Environment <br>* independent <br>* archiver <br>* frontend. <br>* All <br>* common <br>* archive <br>* types <br>* are <br>* supported. <br>* RPM <br>* and <br>* ISO <br>* are <br>* handled <br>* without <br>* rpm <br>* or <br>* isodump <br>* executables.;;
-App=Xastir;Communications;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/xastir.png;XASTIR <br>* Team;http://www.xastir.org;GPL;Graphical;APRS,trade,tracking;Xastir <br>* is <br>* program <br>* for <br>* receiving <br>* and <br>* plotting <br>* APRS&trade <br>* position <br>* packets. <br>* Development <br>* is <br>* a <br>* collaborative <br>* effort <br>* of <br>* programmers <br>* and <br>* amateur <br>* radio <br>* enthusiasts <br>* from <br>* around <br>* the <br>* world. <br>* Xastir <br>* supports <br>* many <br>* map <br>* formats <br>* and <br>* is <br>* highly <br>* customizable. <br>* Check <br>* out <br>* the <br>* "Screen <br>* Shots" <br>* link <br>* to <br>* see <br>* just <br>* a <br>* few <br>* of <br>* the <br>* ways <br>* that <br>* Xastir <br>* can <br>* be <br>* used. <br>* Xastir <br>* runs <br>* on <br>* Windows/MacOSX/Linux/FreeBSD/Solaris/Lindows, <br>* with <br>* many <br>* more <br>* possible. <br>* It <br>* supports <br>* 125 <br>* map <br>* formats, <br>* s!
 everal <br>* types <br>* of <br>* TNC\'s <br>* and <br>* weather <br>* stations, <br>* Festival <br>* speech <br>* synthesizer, <br>* AX.25 <br>* networking <br>* (Soundmodem/Baycom/SCC!) <br>* and <br>* seven <br>* languages!. <br>* On <br>* Unix-like <br>* operating <br>* systems, <br>* you <br>* can <br>* run <br>* your <br>* weather <br>* station <br>* or <br>* global <br>* positioning <br>* system <br>* (GPS) <br>* on <br>* a <br>* separate <br>* computer <br>* as <br>* well, <br>* which <br>* is <br>* good <br>* for <br>* those <br>* hams <br>* who <br>* are <br>* already <br>* short <br>* on <br>* serial <br>* ports. <br>* Xastir <br>* is <br>* FREE! <br>* under <br>* the <br>* GPL <br>* license <br>* and <br>* comes <br>* with <br>* all <br>* source <br>* code.;;
-App=Xfburn;System <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/xfburn.png;David <br>* Mohr;http://www.xfce.org/projects/xfburn/;Unknown-Free;Graphical;cd,dvd,burner;Xfburn <br>* is <br>* a <br>* simple <br>* CD/DVD <br>* burning <br>* tool <br>* based <br>* on <br>* libburnia <br>* libraries. <br>* It <br>* can <br>* blank <br>* CD/DVD-RWs, <br>* burn <br>* and <br>* create <br>* iso <br>* images, <br>* as <br>* well <br>* as <br>* burn <br>* personal <br>* compositions <br>* of <br>* data <br>* to <br>* either <br>* CD <br>* or <br>* DVD. <br>* It <br>* Is <br>* currently <br>* under <br>* heavy <br>* development.;;
-App=Xfe;X11 <br>* - <br>* File <br>* Managers;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/xfe.png;Roland <br>* Baudin;http://roland65.free.fr/xfe/;GPL;Graphical;file,manager;X <br>* File <br>* Explorer <br>* (Xfe) <br>* is <br>* an <br>* MS-Explorer <br>* like <br>* file <br>* manager <br>* for <br>* X. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* based <br>* on <br>* the <br>* popular, <br>* but <br>* discontinued, <br>* X <br>* Win <br>* Commander, <br>* which <br>* was <br>* developed <br>* by <br>* Maxim <br>* Baranov. <br>* Xfe <br>* aims <br>* to <br>* be <br>* the <br>* file <br>* manager <br>* of <br>* choice <br>* for <br>* all <br>* the <br>* Unix <br>* addicts!;;
-App=Xfmpc;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/xfmpc.png;XFCE;http://goodies.xfce.org/projects/applications/xfmpc/;GPL;Graphical;audio,MPD,client;A <br>* graphical <br>* GTK+ <br>* MPD <br>* client <br>* focusing <br>* on <br>* low <br>* footprint.;;
-App=Xine;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/xine.png;The <br>* Xine <br>* Project;http://www.xine-project.org;GPL;Graphical;audio,video,player;xine <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free <br>* multimedia <br>* player. <br>* It <br>* plays <br>* back <br>* CDs, <br>* DVDs, <br>* and <br>* VCDs. <br>* It <br>* also <br>* decodes <br>* multimedia <br>* files <br>* like <br>* AVI, <br>* MOV, <br>* WMV, <br>* and <br>* MP3 <br>* from <br>* local <br>* disk <br>* drives, <br>* and <br>* displays <br>* multimedia <br>* streamed <br>* over <br>* the <br>* Internet. <br>* It <br>* interprets <br>* many <br>* of <br>* the <br>* most <br>* common <br>* multimedia <br>* formats <br>* available <br>* &ndash <br>* and <br>* some <br>* of <br>* the <br>* most <br>* uncommon <br>* formats, <br>* too.;;
-App=Xiphos;Miscellaneous;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/xiphos.png;The <br>* Xiphos <br>* Developer <br>* Team;http://www.xiphos.org;GPL;Graphical;bible;Xiphos <br>* (formerly <br>* known <br>* as <br>* GnomeSword) <br>* is <br>* a <br>* Bible <br>* study <br>* tool <br>* written <br>* with <br>* the <br>* GNOME <br>* toolkit, <br>* offering <br>* a <br>* rich <br>* and <br>* featureful <br>* environment <br>* for <br>* reading, <br>* study, <br>* and <br>* research <br>* using <br>* modules <br>* from <br>* The <br>* SWORD <br>* Project <br>* and <br>* elsewhere.;;
-App=Xlog;Communications;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/xlog.png;xlog <br>* development;http://pg4i.chronos.org.uk/;GPL;Graphical;log;Xlog <br>* will <br>* display <br>* a <br>* log <br>* with <br>* the <br>* most <br>* recent <br>* contacts <br>* added <br>* to <br>* the <br>* top. <br>* You <br>* can <br>* add, <br>* delete <br>* and <br>* edit <br>* log <br>* entries. <br>* The <br>* log <br>* is <br>* saved <br>* into <br>* a <br>* text <br>* file. <br>* You <br>* can <br>* open, <br>* close <br>* and <br>* create <br>* logs <br>* as <br>* you <br>* need <br>* them. <br>* Xlog <br>* supports <br>* cabrillo, <br>* ADIF, <br>* trlog <br>* (format <br>* also <br>* used <br>* by <br>* tlf), <br>* and <br>* EDI <br>* (ARRL <br>* VHF/UHF <br>* contest <br>* format) <br>* and <br>* can <br>* import <br>* twlog, <br>* editest <br>* and <br>* OH1AA <br>* logbook <br>* files.;;
-App=XnView;Graphics;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/xnview.png;Pierre <br>* E. <br>* Gougelet;http://www.xnview.com/;Unknown-Free;Graphical;graphics,viewer;XnView <br>* is <br>* a <br>* utility <br>* for <br>* viewing <br>* and <br>* converting <br>* graphic <br>* files. <br>* It <br>* has <br>* the <br>* features <br>* : <br>* - <br>* Import <br>* about <br>* 360 <br>* graphic <br>* file <br>* formats <br>* - <br>* Export <br>* about <br>* 40 <br>* graphic <br>* file <br>* formats <br>* - <br>* Multipage <br>* TIFF, <br>* Animated <br>* GIF, <br>* Animated <br>* ICO <br>* support <br>* - <br>* Resize <br>* - <br>* Copy/Cut/Crop <br>* - <br>* Adjust <br>* brigthness, <br>* contrast... <br>* - <br>* Modify <br>* number <br>* of <br>* colors <br>* - <br>* Apply <br>* filters <br>* (blur, <br>* average, <br>* emboss, <br>* ...) <br>* - <br>* Apply <br>* effects <br>* (lens, <br>* wave, <br>* ...) <br>* - <br>* Fullscreen <br>* mode <br>* - <br>* Slide <br>* show <br>* - <br!
 >* Picture <br>* browser <br>* - <br>* Batch <br>* convert <br>* - <br>* Thumbnail <br>* create <br>* - <br>* Screen <br>* capture <br>* - <br>* Contact <br>* Sheet <br>* create <br>* - <br>* Multi-page <br>* file <br>* create <br>* (TIFF, <br>* DCX, <br>* LDF) <br>* - <br>* And <br>* many <br>* may <br>* other <br>* things...;;
-App=Xpuyopuyo;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/xpuyopuyo.png;Xpuyopuyo <br>* Team;http://chaos2.org/xpuyopuyo/;GPL;Graphical;game,puzzle,arcade,strategy,tetris;xpuyopuyo <br>* is <br>* a <br>* UNIX <br>* port <br>* of <br>* a <br>* very <br>* big <br>* time <br>* sink <br>* :) <br>* . <br>* Puyo <br>* puyo <br>* is <br>* a <br>* puzzle <br>* game, <br>* somewhat <br>* like <br>* Tetris, <br>* where <br>* you <br>* strive <br>* to <br>* match <br>* up <br>* four <br>* "blobs" <br>* of <br>* the <br>* same <br>* color. <br>* Each <br>* match <br>* you <br>* make <br>* gives <br>* points, <br>* and <br>* also <br>* dumps <br>* gray <br>* rocks <br>* on <br>* the <br>* opponent <br>* which <br>* are <br>* irritating <br>* and <br>* troublesome <br>* to <br>* get <br>* rid <br>* of. <br>* Multiple <br>* matches <br>* at <br>* a <br>* time <br>* score <br>* more <br>* points, <br>* and <br>* dump <br>* more <br>* rocks <br>* on <br>* the <br>* opponent <br>* (a <br>* quin!
 tuple-match <br>* will <br>* dump <br>* around <br>* 20 <br>* rocks <br>* on <br>* the <br>* opponent, <br>* all <br>* at <br>* once). <br>* We <br>* ported <br>* it <br>* overnight <br>* to <br>* Linux, <br>* so <br>* we <br>* could <br>* play <br>* whenever <br>* we <br>* felt <br>* like. <br>* The <br>* AI\'s <br>* evolved <br>* more <br>* slowly, <br>* over <br>* the <br>* course <br>* of <br>* a <br>* week <br>* or <br>* so. <br>* I <br>* welcome <br>* sugges- <br>* tions <br>* on <br>* how <br>* to <br>* make <br>* the <br>* AI\'s <br>* more <br>* difficult <br>* during <br>* the <br>* game <br>* currently, <br>* they <br>* are <br>* rather <br>* easy <br>* to <br>* beat <br>* on <br>* easy <br>* level, <br>* but <br>* more <br>* difficult <br>* on <br>* hard. <br>* There <br>* are <br>* still <br>* gaping <br>* holes <br>* in <br>* the <br>* game <br>* interface <br>* which <br>* should <br>* be <br>* fixed <br>* soon. <br>* Suggestions <br>* for <br>* improvements <!
 br>* are <br>* welcome.;;
-App=Yabause;Emulators;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/yabause.png;Yabause <br>* Team;http://yabause.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;Sega,Saturn,emulator;Yabause <br>* is <br>* a <br>* Sega <br>* Saturn <br>* emulator. <br>* It <br>* currently <br>* runs <br>* on <br>* GNU/Linux, <br>* FreeBSD <br>* and <br>* is <br>* being <br>* ported <br>* to <br>* Microsoft <br>* Windows <br>* and <br>* Mac <br>* OS <br>* X. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* also <br>* ported <br>* to <br>* the <br>* Sega <br>* Dreamcast <br>* as <br>* a <br>* separate <br>* project. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* written <br>* in <br>* C <br>* using <br>* the <br>* SDL <br>* and <br>* OpenGL <br>* libraries <br>* with <br>* support <br>* for <br>* cdrom <br>* and <br>* iso <br>* files.;;
-App=Yakuake;X11;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/yakuake.png;Franois <br>* Chazal;http://yakuake.kde.org/;GPL;Graphical;terminal;Yakuake <br>* is <br>* a <br>* Quake-style <br>* terminal <br>* emulator <br>* based <br>* on <br>* KDE <br>* Konsole <br>* technology. <br>* Features: <br>* * <br>* Smoothly <br>* rolls <br>* down <br>* from <br>* the <br>* top <br>* of <br>* your <br>* screen <br>* * <br>* Tabbed <br>* interface <br>* * <br>* Configurable <br>* dimensions <br>* and <br>* animation <br>* speed <br>* * <br>* Skinnable <br>* * <br>* Sophisticated <br>* DCOP <br>* interface;;
-App=ZSNES;Emulators;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/zsnes.png;ZSNES <br>* Team;http://www.zsnes.com;GPL;Graphical;emulator,snes,nintendo;An <br>* x86 <br>* only <br>* Super <br>* Nintendo <br>* Entertainment <br>* System <br>* (SNES) <br>* Emulator, <br>* with <br>* higher <br>* compatibility <br>* rates <br>* than <br>* snes9x.;;
-App=Zabbix-Server;Network <br>* - <br>* Management;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/zabbix-server.png;Zabbix <br>* SIA;http://www.zabbix.com/;GPL;Server;server;Zabbix <br>* is <br>* an <br>* enterprise-class <br>* open <br>* source <br>* distributed <br>* monitoring <br>* solution. <br>* Zabbix <br>* is <br>* software <br>* that <br>* monitors <br>* numerous <br>* parameters <br>* of <br>* a <br>* network <br>* and <br>* the <br>* health <br>* and <br>* integrity <br>* of <br>* servers. <br>* Zabbix <br>* uses <br>* a <br>* flexible <br>* notification <br>* mechanism <br>* that <br>* allows <br>* users <br>* to <br>* configure <br>* e-mail <br>* based <br>* alerts <br>* for <br>* virtually <br>* any <br>* event. <br>* This <br>* allows <br>* a <br>* fast <br>* reaction <br>* to <br>* server <br>* problems. <br>* Zabbix <br>* offers <br>* excellent <br>* reporting <br>* and <br>* data <br>* visualisation <br>* features <br>* based <br>* on <br>* the <br>* stored <br>* data!
 . <br>* This <br>* makes <br>* Zabbix <br>* ideal <br>* for <br>* capacity <br>* planning.;;
-App=Zaz;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/zaz.png;Remigiusz <br>* Dybka;http://sourceforge.net/projects/zaz/;GPL;Graphical;game,arcade;Zaz <br>* ain\'t <br>* Z*** <br>* is <br>* a <br>* puzzle <br>* game <br>* where <br>* the <br>* player <br>* has <br>* to <br>* arrange <br>* balls <br>* in <br>* triplets.;;
-App=Zenity;X11;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/zenity.png;GNOME;http://www.gnome.org/;GPL;Text;dialog,gui;Zenity <br>* allows <br>* dialog <br>* boxes <br>* to <br>* be <br>* created <br>* and <br>* displayed <br>* from <br>* the <br>* commandline. <br>* This <br>* provides <br>* a <br>* simple <br>* way <br>* to <br>* create <br>* a <br>* GUI <br>* for <br>* a <br>* shell <br>* script.;;
-App=Zenmap;Security;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/zenmap.png;Gordon <br>* Lyon;http://nmap.org/;GPL;Graphical;nmap,scan;Zenmap <br>* is <br>* the <br>* official <br>* GUI <br>* front <br>* end <br>* for <br>* the <br>* Nmap <br>* port <br>* scanning <br>* tool. <br>* Originally <br>* based <br>* on <br>* Umit, <br>* it <br>* has <br>* replaced <br>* NmapFE <br>* as <br>* per <br>* Nmap <br>* 4.50. <br>* Also <br>* included <br>* are <br>* python <br>* based <br>* Nmap <br>* auxilary <br>* tools <br>* (currently <br>* Ndiff).;;
-App=ZoneMinder;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/zoneminder.png;Triornis <br>* Ltd;http://www.zoneminder.com/;GPL;Text;security,camera;Zoneminder <br>* is <br>* an <br>* all-in-one <br>* GPL\'d <br>* security <br>* and <br>* surveillance <br>* camera <br>* solution. <br>* Fully <br>* web-based <br>* system <br>* for <br>* viewing <br>* and <br>* analyzing <br>* security <br>* camera <br>* feeds. <br>* ;;
-App=Zsh;Shells;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/zshell.png;Paul <br>* Falstad;http://zsh.sourceforge.net;GPL;Text;shell,commandline;Zsh <br>* is <br>* a <br>* shell <br>* designed <br>* for <br>* interactive <br>* use, <br>* although <br>* it <br>* is <br>* also <br>* a <br>* powerful <br>* scripting <br>* language. <br>* Many <br>* of <br>* the <br>* useful <br>* features <br>* of <br>* bash, <br>* ksh, <br>* and <br>* tcsh <br>* were <br>* incorporated <br>* into <br>* zsh <br>* many <br>* original <br>* features <br>* were <br>* added. <br>* The <br>* introductory <br>* document <br>* details <br>* some <br>* of <br>* the <br>* unique <br>* features <br>* of <br>* zsh.;;
-App=aMSN;Network <br>* - <br>* IM;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/amsn.png;aMSN <br>* team;http://www.amsn-project.net;GPL;Graphical;MSN,messenger,im;aMSN <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free <br>* open <br>* source <br>* MSN <br>* Messenger <br>* clone, <br>* with <br>* features <br>* such <br>* as: <br>* * <br>* Offline <br>* Messaging <br>* * <br>* Voice <br>* Clips <br>* * <br>* Display <br>* pictures <br>* * <br>* Custom <br>* emoticons <br>* * <br>* Multi-language <br>* support <br>* (around <br>* 40 <br>* languages <br>* currently <br>* supported) <br>* * <br>* Webcam <br>* support <br>* * <br>* Sign <br>* in <br>* to <br>* more <br>* than <br>* one <br>* account <br>* at <br>* once <br>* * <br>* Full-speed <br>* File <br>* transfers <br>* * <br>* Group <br>* support <br>* * <br>* Normal, <br>* and <br>* animated <br>* emoticons <br>* with <br>* sounds <br>* * <br>* Chat <br>* logs <br>* * <br>* Timestamping <br>* * <br>* Event <br>* alarms <br>* * <br>* Conferencing <br>*!
  support <br>* * <br>* Tabbed <br>* chat <br>* windows;;
-App=aMule;Network <br>* - <br>* P2P;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/amule.png;The <br>* aMule <br>* Project;http://www.amule.org;GPL;Graphical;emule;aMule <br>* is <br>* an <br>* eMule-like <br>* client <br>* for <br>* the <br>* eD2k <br>* and <br>* Kademlia <br>* networks, <br>* supporting <br>* multiple <br>* platform.;;
-App=aTunes;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/atunes.png;The <br>* aTunes <br>* Team;http://www.atunes.org;GPL;Graphical;audio,mp3,ogg;aTunes <br>* is <br>* a <br>* full-featured <br>* audio <br>* player <br>* and <br>* manager, <br>* developed <br>* in <br>* Java <br>* programming <br>* language, <br>* so <br>* it <br>* can <br>* be <br>* executed <br>* on <br>* different <br>* platforms: <br>* Windows, <br>* Linux <br>* and <br>* Unix-like <br>* systems, <br>* ... <br>* Currently <br>* plays <br>* mp3, <br>* ogg, <br>* wma, <br>* wav, <br>* flac, <br>* mp4 <br>* and <br>* radio <br>* streaming, <br>* allowing <br>* users <br>* to <br>* easily <br>* edit <br>* tags, <br>* organize <br>* music <br>* and <br>* rip <br>* Audio <br>* CDs.;;
-App=aria2;Web;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/aria2.png;Tatsuhiro <br>* Tsujikawa;http://aria2.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;Torrent,FTP,File,Transfer;aria2 <br>* is <br>* a <br>* lightweight <br>* multi-protocol <br>* & <br>* multi-source <br>* download <br>* utility <br>* operated <br>* in <br>* command-line. <br>* It <br>* supports <br>* HTTP/HTTPS, <br>* FTP, <br>* BitTorrent <br>* and <br>* Metalink. <br>* aria2 <br>* has <br>* built-in <br>* JSON-RPC <br>* and <br>* XML-RPC <br>* interface. <br>* You <br>* can <br>* manipulate <br>* aria2 <br>* via <br>* these <br>* interfaces. <br>* ;;
-App=chntpw;Security;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/chntpw.png;The <br>* chntpw <br>* team;http://pogostick.net/~pnh/ntpasswd/;GPL;Text;password,NT;* <br>* This <br>* is <br>* a <br>* utility <br>* to <br>* (re)set <br>* the <br>* password <br>* of <br>* any <br>* user <br>* that <br>* has <br>* a <br>* valid <br>* (local) <br>* account <br>* on <br>* your <br>* NT <br>* system. <br>* * <br>* You <br>* do <br>* not <br>* need <br>* to <br>* know <br>* the <br>* old <br>* password <br>* to <br>* set <br>* a <br>* new <br>* one. <br>* * <br>* It <br>* works <br>* offline, <br>* that <br>* is, <br>* you <br>* have <br>* to <br>* shutdown <br>* your <br>* computer <br>* and <br>* boot <br>* off <br>* a <br>* floppydisk <br>* or <br>* CD. <br>* * <br>* Will <br>* detect <br>* and <br>* offer <br>* to <br>* unlock <br>* locked <br>* or <br>* disabled <br>* out <br>* user <br>* accounts! <br>* * <br>* It <br>* is <br>* also <br>* an <br>* almost <br>* fully <br>* functional <br!
 >* registry <br>* editor!;;
-App=digiKam;Graphics;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/digikam.png;digiKam <br>* Team;http://www.digikam.org/;GPL;Graphical;graphics,album,pictures;DigiKam <br>* is <br>* an <br>* advanced <br>* digital <br>* photo <br>* management <br>* application <br>* for <br>* KDE, <br>* which <br>* makes <br>* importing <br>* and <br>* organizing <br>* digital <br>* photos <br>* a <br>* "snap". <br>* The <br>* photos <br>* are <br>* organized <br>* in <br>* albums <br>* which <br>* can <br>* be <br>* sorted <br>* chronologically, <br>* by <br>* folder <br>* layout <br>* or <br>* by <br>* custom <br>* collections. <br>* An <br>* easy-to-use <br>* interface <br>* is <br>* provided <br>* that <br>* enables <br>* you <br>* to <br>* connect <br>* to <br>* your <br>* camera <br>* and <br>* preview, <br>* download <br>* and/or <br>* delete <br>* your <br>* images. <br>* Basic <br>* auto-transformations <br>* can <br>* be <br>* deployed <br>* on <br>* the <br>* fly <br>* during <br>* image <!
 br>* downloading. <br>* Digikam <br>* also <br>* uses <br>* the <br>* very <br>* flexible <br>* Kipi <br>* plugin <br>* architecture. <br>* Install <br>* the <br>* graphics/kipi-plugins <br>* port <br>* to <br>* extend <br>* Digikam\'s <br>* features.;;
-App=dvda-author;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/dvda-author.png;Fab <br>* Nicol, <br>* Dave <br>* Chapman;http://dvd-audio.sourceforge.net/;Unknown-Free;Text;audio;A <br>* set <br>* of <br>* tools <br>* for <br>* authoring <br>* and <br>* playback <br>* of <br>* unencrypted <br>* and <br>* uncompressed <br>* audio <br>* on <br>* DVD.;;
-App=ePSXe;Emulators;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/epsxe.png;The <br>* ePSXe <br>* Team;http://www.epsxe.com/;GPL;Graphical;emulator,playstation;ePSXe <br>* is <br>* a <br>* Sony <br>* Playstation <br>* emulator. <br>* It <br>* takes <br>* advantage <br>* of <br>* the <br>* popular <br>* PSEmu <br>* Pro <br>* plugin <br>* system. <br>* This <br>* is <br>* the <br>* Linux <br>* version.;;
-App=emelFM2;X11 <br>* - <br>* File <br>* Managers;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/emelfm2.png;emelFM2 <br>* Team;http://emelfm2.net;GPL;Graphical;text,manager;It <br>* is <br>* a <br>* file <br>* manager <br>* for <br>* UNIX-like <br>* operating <br>* systems. <br>* It <br>* uses <br>* a <br>* simple <br>* and <br>* efficient <br>* interface <br>* pioneered <br>* by <br>* Norton <br>* Commander, <br>* in <br>* the <br>* 1980s. <br>* The <br>* main <br>* window <br>* is <br>* divided <br>* into <br>* three <br>* parts, <br>* described <br>* as <br>* "panes" <br>* or <br>* "panels". <br>* Two <br>* of <br>* those <br>* (side-by-side <br>* or <br>* top-to-bottom) <br>* show <br>* the <br>* contents <br>* of <br>* selected <br>* filesystem <br>* directories. <br>* The <br>* third <br>* pane, <br>* at <br>* the <br>* bottom <br>* of <br>* the <br>* window, <br>* shows <br>* the <br>* output <br>* of <br>* commands <br>* executed <br>* within <br>* the <br>* program. <br>* Tho!
 se <br>* panes <br>* can <br>* be <br>* resized, <br>* and <br>* any <br>* one <br>* or <br>* two <br>* of <br>* them <br>* can <br>* be <br>* hidden <br>* and <br>* unhidden, <br>* on <br>* request. <br>* A <br>* built-in <br>* command-line, <br>* toolbar <br>* buttons <br>* or <br>* assigned <br>* keys <br>* can <br>* be <br>* used <br>* to <br>* initiate <br>* commands.;;
-App=evilvte;X11;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/evilvte.png;evilvte <br>* Team;http://www.calno.com/evilvte/;GPL;Graphical;terminal;evilvte <br>* is <br>* a <br>* terminal <br>* emulator. <br>* It <br>* supports <br>* almost <br>* everything <br>* VTE <br>* provides. <br>* It <br>* also <br>* supports <br>* tabs, <br>* tabbar <br>* autohide, <br>* and <br>* switch <br>* encoding <br>* at <br>* runtime. <br>* Configuration <br>* is <br>* via <br>* editing <br>* source <br>* code <br>* and <br>* recompilation.;;
-App=gFTP;File <br>* Transfer;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gftp.png;Brian <br>* Masney;http://gftp.seul.org;GPL;Graphical;ftp;gFTP <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free <br>* multithreaded <br>* file <br>* transfer <br>* client <br>* for <br>* *NIX <br>* based <br>* machines. <br>* It <br>* has <br>* the <br>* following <br>* features: <br>* * <br>* Distributed <br>* under <br>* the <br>* terms <br>* of <br>* the <br>* GNU <br>* Public <br>* License <br>* Agreement. <br>* * <br>* Written <br>* in <br>* C <br>* and <br>* has <br>* a <br>* text <br>* interface <br>* and <br>* a <br>* GTK+ <br>* 1.2/2.x <br>* interface. <br>* * <br>* Supports <br>* the <br>* FTP, <br>* FTPS <br>* (control <br>* connection <br>* only), <br>* HTTP, <br>* HTTPS, <br>* SSH <br>* and <br>* FSP <br>* protocols. <br>* * <br>* FTP <br>* and <br>* HTTP <br>* proxy <br>* server <br>* support. <br>* * <br>* Supports <br>* FXP <br>* file <br>* transfers <br>* (transferring <br>* files <br>* between <br>* 2 <br!
 >* remote <br>* servers <br>* via <br>* FTP). <br>* * <br>* Supports <br>* UNIX, <br>* EPLF, <br>* Novell, <br>* MacOS, <br>* VMS, <br>* MVS <br>* and <br>* NT <br>* (DOS) <br>* style <br>* directory <br>* listings. <br>* * <br>* Bookmarks <br>* menu <br>* to <br>* allow <br>* you <br>* to <br>* quickly <br>* connect <br>* to <br>* remote <br>* sites. <br>* * <br>* Fully <br>* Internationalized. <br>* Here <br>* are <br>* the <br>* following <br>* translations <br>* of <br>* gFTP <br>* that <br>* are <br>* available: <br>* Albanian <br>* (sq), <br>* Amharic <br>* (am), <br>* Arabic <br>* (ar), <br>* Azerbaijan <br>* (az), <br>* Bangla <br>* (bn), <br>* Belarusian <br>* (be), <br>* Bulgarian <br>* (bg), <br>* Catalan <br>* (ca), <br>* Chinese <br>* (zh_TW,zh_CN), <br>* Croatian <br>* (hr), <br>* Czech <br>* (cs), <br>* Danish <br>* (da), <br>* Dutch <br>* (nl), <br>* English <br>* (en_CA, <br>* en_GB, <br>* en_US), <br>* Finnish <br>* (fi), <br>* French <br>* (fr), <br>* Ger!
 man <br>* (de), <br>* Greek <br>* (el), <br>* Hebrew <br>* (he!
 ), <br>* Hungarian <br>* (hu), <br>* Irish <br>* (ga), <br>* Italian <br>* (it), <br>* Korean <br>* (ko), <br>* Japanese <br>* (ja), <br>* Macedonian <br>* (mk), <br>* Malayalam <br>* (ml), <br>* Malay <br>* (ms), <br>* Norwegian <br>* (no), <br>* Polish <br>* (pl), <br>* Portuguese <br>* (pt,pt_BR), <br>* Punjabi <br>* (pa), <br>* Romanian <br>* (ro), <br>* Russian <br>* (ru), <br>* Serbian <br>* (sr,sr at Latn), <br>* Slovak <br>* (sk), <br>* Spanish <br>* (es), <br>* Swedish <br>* (sv), <br>* Tamil <br>* (ta), <br>* Thai <br>* (th), <br>* Turkish <br>* (tr) <br>* and <br>* Ukrainian <br>* (uk) <br>* translations <br>* available.;;
-App=gLabels;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/glabels.png;gLabels <br>* Team;http://snaught.com/glabels/;GPL;Graphical;design,graphics,print,labels,cards;gLabels <br>* is <br>* a <br>* lightweight <br>* program <br>* for <br>* creating <br>* labels <br>* and <br>* business <br>* cards <br>* for <br>* the <br>* GNOME <br>* desktop <br>* environment. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* designed <br>* to <br>* work <br>* with <br>* various <br>* laser/ink-jet <br>* peel-off <br>* label <br>* and <br>* business <br>* card <br>* sheets <br>* that <br>* you\'ll <br>* find <br>* at <br>* most <br>* office <br>* supply <br>* stores. <br>* ;;
-App=gPodder;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gpodder.png;gPodder <br>* Team;http://gpodder.org;GPL;Graphical;podcast,player;gPodder <br>* is <br>* a <br>* GTK2 <br>* media <br>* aggregator <br>* written <br>* in <br>* Python. <br>* A <br>* user <br>* can <br>* subscribe <br>* to <br>* RSS <br>* feeds <br>* for <br>* podcasts, <br>* videocasts, <br>* and <br>* other <br>* similiar <br>* content <br>* and <br>* download <br>* media <br>* files <br>* found <br>* in <br>* those <br>* feeds. <br>* gPodder <br>* also <br>* supports <br>* optional <br>* iPod <br>* synchronization <br>* support, <br>* MP3/OGG <br>* id3 <br>* tag <br>* editing, <br>* and <br>* Ogg-to-iPod <br>* synchronization.;;
-App=gToDo;Desktop <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gtodo.png;gSkinner.com;http://www.gskinner.com/products/panels/gTodo.php;Unknown;Graphical;todo,list,notes;gToDo <br>* is <br>* as <br>* the <br>* name <br>* suggests <br>* a <br>* todo <br>* list <br>* application. <br>* The <br>* goal <br>* of <br>* the <br>* program <br>* is <br>* to <br>* be <br>* simple <br>* and <br>* easy <br>* to <br>* use. <br>* The <br>* program <br>* is <br>* made <br>* to <br>* fill <br>* up <br>* the <br>* gap <br>* of <br>* a <br>* missing <br>* gtk+-2.0 <br>* standalone <br>* todo <br>* list.;;
-App=gTuring;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gturing.png;gTuring <br>* Team;http://linux.softpedia.com/get/GAMES-ENTERTAINMENT/Simulation/gTuring-20115.shtml;GPL;Graphical;turing,computation,theory,simulation;gturing <br>* is <br>* a <br>* simple <br>* turing <br>* machine <br>* simulator <br>* with <br>* graphical <br>* interface. <br>* A <br>* Turing <br>* machine <br>* is <br>* the <br>* simplest <br>* possible <br>* computing <br>* device <br>* which <br>* can <br>* only <br>* perform <br>* very <br>* simple <br>* operations. <br>* However, <br>* almost <br>* everything <br>* in <br>* programming <br>* languages <br>* can <br>* be <br>* written <br>* as <br>* a <br>* program <br>* for <br>* the <br>* Turing <br>* machine. <br>* Of <br>* course, <br>* no <br>* one <br>* uses <br>* the <br>* Turing <br>* machine <br>* for <br>* actual <br>* computing <br>* work, <br>* but <br>* it <br>* is <br>* very <br>* useful <br>* in <br>* theoretical <br>* computer <br>* sci!
 ence <br>* and <br>* mathematical <br>* logic. <br>* It\'s <br>* a <br>* nice <br>* complement <br>* for <br>* students <br>* who <br>* likes <br>* to <br>* practice <br>* with <br>* theory <br>* and <br>* a <br>* nice <br>* toy <br>* to <br>* play <br>* with.;;
-App=gbemol;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gbemol.png;Felipe <br>* Weckx <br>* ;http://gbemol.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;mpd,music,audio;gbemol <br>* is <br>* a <br>* graphical <br>* frontend <br>* for <br>* the <br>* Music <br>* Player <br>* Daemon <br>* (MPD) <br>* it <br>* is <br>* written <br>* in <br>* C <br>* and <br>* uses <br>* the <br>* GTK+ <br>* toolkit <br>* for <br>* it\'s <br>* interface.;;
-App=grsync;Network;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/grsync.png;OPByte <br>* Software;http://www.opbyte.it/grsync/;GPL;Graphical;Backup, <br>* Rsync, <br>* File, <br>* sync;Grsync <br>* is <br>* a <br>* GUI <br>* (Graphical <br>* User <br>* Interface) <br>* for <br>* rsync, <br>* the <br>* commandline <br>* directory <br>* synchronization <br>* tool. <br>* It <br>* makes <br>* use <br>* of <br>* the <br>* GTK <br>* libraries <br>* and <br>* is <br>* released <br>* under <br>* the <br>* GPL <br>* license, <br>* so <br>* it <br>* is <br>* opensource. <br>* It <br>* doesn\'t <br>* support <br>* all <br>* of <br>* rsync <br>* features, <br>* but <br>* can <br>* be <br>* effectively <br>* used <br>* to <br>* synchronize <br>* local <br>* directories <br>* and <br>* supports <br>* remote <br>* targets <br>* in <br>* a <br>* limited <br>* way <br>* (read: <br>* manual). <br>* For <br>* example <br>* some <br>* people <br>* use <br>* grsync <br>* to <br>* synchronize <br>* their <!
 br>* music <br>* collection <br>* with <br>* removable <br>* devices <br>* or <br>* to <br>* backup <br>* personal <br>* files <br>* to <br>* a <br>* networked <br>* drive.;
-App=gtkpod;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/gtkpod.png;gtkpod <br>* Team;http://www.gtkpod.org;GPL;Graphical;ipod;gtkpod <br>* is <br>* a <br>* platform <br>* independent <br>* Graphical <br>* User <br>* Interface <br>* for <br>* Apple\'s <br>* iPod <br>* using <br>* GTK2. <br>* It <br>* supports <br>* the <br>* first <br>* to <br>* fifth <br>* Generation <br>* including <br>* the <br>* iPod <br>* mini, <br>* iPod <br>* Photo, <br>* iPod <br>* Shuffle, <br>* iPod <br>* nano, <br>* and <br>* iPod <br>* Video.;;
-App=gxmms2;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/xmms2.png;Johannes <br>* Heimansberg;http://wejp.k.vu/projects/xmms2/;GPL;Graphical;audio,player,xmms;gxmms2 <br>* is <br>* a <br>* GTK2 <br>* based <br>* XMMS2 <br>* client, <br>* written <br>* in <br>* C. <br>* Its <br>* main <br>* window <br>* is <br>* small <br>* and <br>* simple. <br>* It <br>* includes <br>* a <br>* playlist <br>* editor <br>* and <br>* a <br>* file <br>* details <br>* dialog. <br>* NOTE: <br>* This <br>* is <br>* a <br>* GUI <br>* client <br>* for <br>* XMMS2, <br>* and <br>* will <br>* require <br>* xmms2 <br>* to <br>* be <br>* installed <br>* in <br>* order <br>* to <br>* function.;;
-App=htop;System <br>* Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/htop.png;Hisham <br>* Muhammad;http://htop.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Text;top;htop <br>* is <br>* an <br>* enhanced <br>* version <br>* of <br>* top, <br>* the <br>* interactive <br>* process <br>* viewer, <br>* which <br>* can <br>* display <br>* the <br>* list <br>* of <br>* processes <br>* in <br>* a <br>* tree <br>* form. <br>* Comparison <br>* between <br>* \'htop\' <br>* and <br>* \'top\' <br>* * <br>* In <br>* \'htop\' <br>* you <br>* can <br>* scroll <br>* the <br>* list <br>* vertically <br>* and <br>* horizontally <br>* to <br>* see <br>* all <br>* processes <br>* and <br>* full <br>* command <br>* lines. <br>* * <br>* In <br>* \'top\' <br>* you <br>* are <br>* subject <br>* to <br>* a <br>* delay <br>* for <br>* each <br>* unassigned <br>* key <br>* you <br>* press <br>* (especially <br>* annoying <br>* when <br>* multi-key <br>* escape <br>* sequences <br>* are <br>* triggered <br>* by <br>* accident)!
 . <br>* * <br>* \'htop\' <br>* starts <br>* faster <br>* (\'top\' <br>* seems <br>* to <br>* collect <br>* data <br>* for <br>* a <br>* while <br>* before <br>* displaying <br>* anything). <br>* * <br>* In <br>* \'htop\' <br>* you <br>* don\'t <br>* need <br>* to <br>* type <br>* the <br>* process <br>* number <br>* to <br>* kill <br>* a <br>* process, <br>* in <br>* \'top\' <br>* you <br>* do. <br>* * <br>* In <br>* \'htop\' <br>* you <br>* don\'t <br>* need <br>* to <br>* type <br>* the <br>* process <br>* number <br>* or <br>* the <br>* priority <br>* value <br>* to <br>* renice <br>* a <br>* process, <br>* in <br>* \'top\' <br>* you <br>* do. <br>* * <br>* In <br>* \'htop\' <br>* you <br>* can <br>* kill <br>* multiple <br>* processes <br>* at <br>* once. <br>* * <br>* \'top\' <br>* is <br>* older, <br>* hence, <br>* more <br>* tested.;;
-App=iReport;Development;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/ireport.png;Jaspersoft;http://www.jasperforge.org/projects/ireport;GPL;Graphical;report,editor;iReport <br>* is <br>* a <br>* powerful, <br>* intuitive <br>* and <br>* easy <br>* to <br>* use <br>* visual <br>* report <br>* builder/designer <br>* for <br>* JasperReports <br>* written <br>* in <br>* 100% <br>* pure <br>* java. <br>* This <br>* tool <br>* allows <br>* users <br>* to <br>* visually <br>* edit <br>* complex <br>* reports <br>* with <br>* charts, <br>* images, <br>* subreports,... <br>* iReport <br>* is <br>* integrated <br>* with <br>* JFreeChart, <br>* one <br>* of <br>* the <br>* most <br>* diffused <br>* OpenSource <br>* chart <br>* library <br>* for <br>* java. <br>* The <br>* data <br>* to <br>* print <br>* can <br>* be <br>* retrieved <br>* through <br>* several <br>* ways <br>* including <br>* multiple <br>* JDBC <br>* connections, <br>* TableModels, <br>* JavaBeans, <br>* XML, <br>* etc. <br>* (!
 Recommended <br>* for <br>* PCBSD <br>* 8.1 <br>* or <br>* newer);;
-App=ioUrbanTerror;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/iourbanterror.png;FrozenSand <br>* LLC;http://www.urbanterror.net;GPL;Graphical;game,fps,quake;Urban <br>* Terror <br>* is <br>* a <br>* realism <br>* based <br>* total <br>* conversion <br>* mod <br>* for <br>* Quake <br>* III <br>* Arena <br>* which <br>* no <br>* longer <br>* requires <br>* this <br>* game <br>* to <br>* be <br>* played. <br>* It <br>* only <br>* uses <br>* its <br>* engine, <br>* which <br>* is <br>* open <br>* sourced <br>* through <br>* the <br>* GPL <br>* and <br>* may <br>* be <br>* distributed <br>* freely. <br>* Urban <br>* Terror <br>* plays <br>* in <br>* about <br>* the <br>* same <br>* setting <br>* as <br>* Counter <br>* Strike, <br>* but <br>* is <br>* less <br>* focused <br>* on <br>* realism <br>* and <br>* plays <br>* much <br>* faster, <br>* which <br>* among <br>* other <br>* things, <br>* is <br>* caused <br>* by <br>* the <br>* ability <br>* to <br>* strafe <br>* jump, <br>* w!
 hich <br>* combined <br>* with <br>* wall <br>* jumping <br>* can <br>* lead <br>* to <br>* very <br>* quick <br>* movement <br>* and <br>* nice <br>* jumps. <br>* Urban <br>* Terror <br>* has <br>* 7 <br>* game <br>* modes, <br>* 25 <br>* maps <br>* and <br>* 15 <br>* weapons.;;
-App=jrDesktop;Network;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/jrdesktop.png;jrDesktop <br>* Team;http://jrdesktop.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;remote,desktop;jrDesktop <br>* is <br>* an <br>* open <br>* source <br>* software <br>* for <br>* viewing <br>* and/or <br>* controlling <br>* a <br>* distance <br>* PC. <br>* Besides <br>* then <br>* screenshots, <br>* keyboard <br>* and <br>* mouse <br>* events <br>* transfer, <br>* jrdesktop <br>* includes <br>* many <br>* additional <br>* features(file <br>* transfer, <br>* data <br>* compression, <br>* color <br>* conversion, <br>* ...).;;
-App=kMancala;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/kmancala.png;Dal <br>* Horinek;http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=142045;GPL;Graphical;game,strategy,board;kMancala <br>* is <br>* an <br>* count-and-capture <br>* like <br>* board <br>* game. <br>* This <br>* game <br>* heavily <br>* favors <br>* the <br>* starting <br>* player, <br>* who <br>* will <br>* always <br>* win <br>* the <br>* three-seed <br>* to <br>* five-seed <br>* versions <br>* with <br>* perfect <br>* play. <br>* This <br>* game <br>* is <br>* sometimes <br>* also <br>* called <br>* "Kalahari", <br>* "Kalah", <br>* "Kalaha" <br>* or <br>* "Mancala".;;
-App=mpdBrowser;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/mpdbrowser.png;Cdric <br>* Bellegarde;http://gtk-apps.org/content/show.php?content=86327;GPL;Graphical;MPD,browser,client;MPD <br>* click <br>* & <br>* play <br>* client <br>* mpdBrowser <br>* show <br>* your <br>* collection\'s <br>* covers <br>* and <br>* let <br>* you: <br>* - <br>* play <br>* an <br>* album <br>* with <br>* left <br>* click <br>* - <br>* Enqueue <br>* an <br>* album <br>* with <br>* left <br>* click <br>* and <br>* Control <br>* - <br>* Clear <br>* playlist <br>* with <br>* middle <br>* click <br>* - <br>* play <br>* a <br>* song <br>* with <br>* right <br>* click <br>* - <br>* enqueue <br>* a <br>* song <br>* with <br>* right <br>* click <br>* and <br>* Control;;
-App=muCommander;X11 <br>* - <br>* File <br>* Managers;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/mucommander.png;Maxence <br>* Bernard;http://www.mucommander.com/;GPL;Graphical;file,manager;muCommander <br>* is <br>* a <br>* lightweight, <br>* cross-platform <br>* file <br>* manager <br>* featuring <br>* a <br>* Norton <br>* Commander <br>* style <br>* interface <br>* and <br>* running <br>* on <br>* any <br>* operating <br>* system <br>* with <br>* Java <br>* support <br>* (Mac <br>* OS <br>* X, <br>* Windows, <br>* Linux, <br>* *BSD, <br>* Solaris...).;;
-App=nPush;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/npush.png;David <br>* Richmond;http://npush.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Text;game,puzzle;nPush <br>* is <br>* a <br>* logic <br>* game <br>* similar <br>* to <br>* Sokoban <br>* and <br>* Boulder <br>* Dash. <br>* You <br>* need <br>* to <br>* collect <br>* all <br>* the <br>* gold <br>* on <br>* the <br>* level <br>* and <br>* reach <br>* the <br>* exit. <br>* To <br>* make <br>* it <br>* hard <br>* there <br>* are <br>* some <br>* rocks <br>* that <br>* stand <br>* in <br>* your <br>* way, <br>* and <br>* you <br>* also <br>* have <br>* some <br>* dynamite <br>* to <br>* blast <br>* them <br>* away. <br>* Main <br>* difference <br>* from <br>* Sokoban, <br>* KSokoban <br>* and <br>* similar <br>* games <br>* is <br>* that <br>* you <br>* can <br>* have <br>* multiple <br>* player-controlled <br>* characters <br>* you <br>* can <br>* move <br>* on <br>* the <br>* screen. <br>* nPush <br>* is <br>* written <br>* in <br>* C++. <br>!
 * The <br>* source <br>* code <br>* is <br>* freely <br>* available <br>* under <br>* GPL <br>* license, <br>* version <br>* 2 <br>* or <br>* above. <br>* The <br>* code <br>* is <br>* very <br>* simple, <br>* so <br>* if <br>* you\'re <br>* interested <br>* in <br>* working <br>* on <br>* your <br>* C++ <br>* skills <br>* on <br>* a <br>* simple <br>* project, <br>* please <br>* feel <br>* free <br>* to <br>* join <br>* in.;;
-App=netPanzer;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/netpanzer.png;Netpanzer <br>* Team;http://netpanzer.berlios.de/;GPL;Graphical;game,tactical;Netpanzer <br>* is <br>* an <br>* online <br>* multiplayer <br>* tactical <br>* warfare <br>* game <br>* designed <br>* for <br>* FAST <br>* ACTION <br>* combat. <br>* Gameplay <br>* concentrates <br>* on <br>* the <br>* core <br>* -- <br>* no <br>* resource <br>* management <br>* is <br>* needed. <br>* The <br>* game <br>* is <br>* based <br>* on <br>* quick <br>* tactical <br>* action <br>* and <br>* unit <br>* management <br>* in <br>* real-time. <br>* Battles <br>* progress <br>* quickly <br>* and <br>* constantly <br>* as <br>* destroyed <br>* players <br>* respawn <br>* with <br>* a <br>* set <br>* of <br>* new <br>* units. <br>* Players <br>* can <br>* join <br>* or <br>* leave <br>* multiplayer <br>* games <br>* at <br>* any <br>* time.;;
-App=nip2;Graphics;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/nip2.png;VIPS <br>* Team;http://www.vips.ecs.soton.ac.uk/;GPL;Graphical;graphics,viewer,editor;nip2 <br>* is <br>* a <br>* graphical <br>* user <br>* interface <br>* for <br>* VIPS. <br>* VIPS <br>* is <br>* a <br>* free <br>* image <br>* processing <br>* system. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* good <br>* with <br>* large <br>* images <br>* (images <br>* larger <br>* than <br>* the <br>* amount <br>* of <br>* RAM <br>* you <br>* have <br>* available), <br>* with <br>* many <br>* CPUs, <br>* for <br>* working <br>* with <br>* colour, <br>* and <br>* for <br>* general <br>* research <br>* & <br>* development.;;
-App=ntop;Network;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/ntop.png;Luca <br>* Deri;http://www.ntop.org/;GPL;Text;monitoring;ntop <br>* is <br>* a <br>* flexible <br>* and <br>* feature-rich <br>* tool <br>* for <br>* monitoring <br>* and <br>* troubleshooting <br>* local <br>* area <br>* networks. <br>* It <br>* provides <br>* command <br>* line <br>* and <br>* web <br>* interfaces, <br>* the <br>* latter <br>* via <br>* an <br>* embedded <br>* web <br>* server. <br>* ntop <br>* is <br>* based <br>* on <br>* libpcap.;YES;
-App=pgAdmin;Databases;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/pgadminiii.png;pgAdmin <br>* Community <br>* Project;http://www.pgadmin.org;GPL;Graphical;postgreSQL;pgAdmin <br>* III <br>* is <br>* the <br>* most <br>* popular <br>* and <br>* feature <br>* rich <br>* Open <br>* Source <br>* administration <br>* and <br>* development <br>* platform <br>* for <br>* PostgreSQL, <br>* the <br>* most <br>* advanced <br>* Open <br>* Source <br>* database <br>* in <br>* the <br>* world. <br>* The <br>* application <br>* may <br>* be <br>* used <br>* on <br>* Linux, <br>* FreeBSD, <br>* OpenSUSE, <br>* Solaris, <br>* Mac <br>* OSX <br>* and <br>* Windows <br>* platforms <br>* to <br>* manage <br>* PostgreSQL <br>* 7.3 <br>* and <br>* above <br>* running <br>* on <br>* any <br>* platform, <br>* as <br>* well <br>* as <br>* commercial <br>* and <br>* derived <br>* versions <br>* of <br>* PostgreSQL <br>* such <br>* as <br>* EnterpriseDB, <br>* Mammoth <br>* PostgreSQL, <br>* Bizgres <br>* a!
 nd <br>* Greenplum <br>* database.;;
-App=png2ico;Graphics;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/png2ico.png;Matthias <br>* Benkmann;http://www.winterdrache.de/freeware/png2ico/index.html;GPL;Graphical;png,icons;Converts <br>* PNG <br>* files <br>* to <br>* Windows <br>* icon <br>* resource <br>* files.;;
-App=py-Fail2ban;Security;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/py-fail2ban.png;Fail2ban <br>* Team;http://www.fail2ban.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page;GPL;Text;security,ban,ssh;Fail2ban <br>* scans <br>* log <br>* files <br>* like <br>* /var/log/pwdfail <br>* or <br>* /var/log/apache/error_log <br>* and <br>* bans <br>* IP <br>* that <br>* makes <br>* too <br>* many <br>* password <br>* failures. <br>* It <br>* updates <br>* firewall <br>* rules <br>* to <br>* reject <br>* the <br>* IP <br>* address. <br>* ;;
-App=py-Mnemosyne;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/py-mnemosyne.png;Mnemosyne <br>* Team;http://www.mnemosyne-proj.org/;BSD;Graphical;memory,flash,cards;Mnemosyne <br>* resembles <br>* a <br>* traditional <br>* flash-card <br>* program <br>* but <br>* with <br>* an <br>* important <br>* twist: <br>* it <br>* uses <br>* a <br>* sophisticated <br>* algorithm <br>* to <br>* schedule <br>* the <br>* best <br>* time <br>* for <br>* a <br>* card <br>* to <br>* come <br>* up <br>* for <br>* review.;;
-App=py-Periscope;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/py-periscope.png;Patrick <br>* Dessalle;http://code.google.com/p/periscope/;LGPL;Text;subtitle,editor;periscope <br>* is <br>* a <br>* subtitles <br>* searching <br>* module <br>* written <br>* in <br>* python <br>* that <br>* tries <br>* to <br>* find <br>* a <br>* correct <br>* match <br>* for <br>* a <br>* given <br>* video <br>* file. <br>* The <br>* goal <br>* behind <br>* periscope <br>* is <br>* that <br>* it <br>* will <br>* only <br>* return <br>* only <br>* correct <br>* subtitles <br>* so <br>* that <br>* you <br>* can <br>* simply <br>* relax <br>* and <br>* enjoy <br>* your <br>* video <br>* without <br>* having <br>* to <br>* double-check <br>* that <br>* the <br>* subtitles <br>* match <br>* your <br>* video <br>* before <br>* watching <br>* it. <br>* This <br>* is <br>* done <br>* by <br>* using <br>* as <br>* much <br>* info <br>* as <br>* available <br>* from <br>* your <br>* file <br>* and <br!
 >* on <br>* the <br>* websites. <br>* Some <br>* websites <br>* allow <br>* you <br>* to <br>* use <br>* hash <br>* of <br>* the <br>* files, <br>* the <br>* size/length <br>* of <br>* the <br>* video <br>* or <br>* the <br>* exact <br>* file <br>* name. <br>* As <br>* a <br>* python <br>* module, <br>* periscope <br>* should <br>* be <br>* easily <br>* integrated <br>* in <br>* many <br>* projects <br>* that <br>* allow <br>* plugins <br>* to <br>* be <br>* written <br>* in <br>* python. <br>* The <br>* fact <br>* that <br>* the <br>* plugin <br>* is <br>* shared <br>* between <br>* all <br>* the <br>* applications <br>* means <br>* that <br>* separate <br>* application <br>* and <br>* their <br>* plugin <br>* (file <br>* browser, <br>* video <br>* player, <br>* media <br>* center <br>* application, <br>* ...) <br>* don\'t <br>* have <br>* to <br>* maintain <br>* the <br>* code <br>* to <br>* search, <br>* parse <br>* and <br>* download <br>* subtitles <br>* and <br>* the !
 <br>* user <br>* preference <br>* about <br>* languages. <br>*!
  The <br>* subtitles <br>* websites <br>* are <br>* handled <br>* as <br>* plugins.;;
-App=py-PyChess;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/py-pychess.png;PyChess <br>* Team;http://www.pychess.org/;GPL;Graphical;game,chess,strategy,board;PyChess <br>* is <br>* a <br>* gnome-inspired <br>* chess <br>* client <br>* written <br>* in <br>* Python. <br>* Features <br>* * <br>* CECP <br>* and <br>* UCI <br>* Engine <br>* support <br>* * <br>* Free <br>* on-line <br>* play <br>* on <br>* the <br>* FICS <br>* chess <br>* servers <br>* * <br>* Read <br>* and <br>* writes <br>* the <br>* PGN, <br>* EPD <br>* and <br>* FEN <br>* chess <br>* file <br>* formats <br>* * <br>* Built-in <br>* Python <br>* based <br>* engine <br>* * <br>* Undo <br>* and <br>* pause <br>* functions <br>* * <br>* Board <br>* and <br>* piece <br>* animation <br>* * <br>* Drag <br>* and <br>* drop <br>* * <br>* Tabbed <br>* interface <br>* * <br>* Hints <br>* and <br>* spy <br>* arrows <br>* * <br>* Opening <br>* book <br>* side <br>* panel <br>* using <br>* sqlite <br>* * <br>* Scoreplot <br>!
 * side <br>* panel <br>* * <br>* "Enter <br>* game" <br>* in <br>* pgn <br>* dialog <br>* * <br>* Internationalised <br>* or <br>* figure <br>* pieces <br>* in <br>* notation <br>* * <br>* Optional <br>* sounds <br>* * <br>* Legal <br>* move <br>* highlighting <br>* * <br>* A <br>* nice <br>* and <br>* accessible <br>* look;;
-App=qBittorrent;Network <br>* - <br>* P2P;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/qbittorrent.png;Christophe <br>* Dumez;http://qbittorrent.sourceforge.net;GPL;Graphical;bittorrent,utorrent;qBittorrent <br>* v2 <br>* is <br>* the <br>* closest <br>* open <br>* source <br>* (GNU <br>* GPL <br>* v2 <br>* license) <br>* equivalent <br>* to <br>* utorrent. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* based <br>* on <br>* the <br>* Qt4 <br>* toolkit <br>* and <br>* libtorrent-rasterbar.;;
-App=recordMyDesktop;Multimedia;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/recordmydesktop.png;John <br>* Varouhakis;http://recordmydesktop.sourceforge.net;GPL;Text;desktop,capture;A <br>* simple <br>* command <br>* line <br>* tool <br>* that <br>* performs <br>* the <br>* basic <br>* tasks <br>* of <br>* capturing <br>* and <br>* encoding <br>* your <br>* desktop.;;
-App=rekonq;Web;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/rekonq.png;rekonq <br>* Team;http://rekonq.sourceforge.net;GPL;Graphical;web,browser;rekonq <br>* is <br>* a <br>* KDE <br>* browser <br>* based <br>* on <br>* Webkit. <br>* Unlike <br>* Arora <br>* it <br>* claims <br>* better <br>* integration <br>* into <br>* KDE, <br>* e.g. <br>* downloading <br>* files <br>* through <br>* KDE <br>* download <br>* system, <br>* sharing <br>* bookmarks <br>* with <br>* Konqueror, <br>* KIO <br>* support <br>* etc.;;
-App=rsync;Network;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/grsync.png;Wayne <br>* Davison;http://rsync.samba.org/;GPL;Text;Backup, <br>* sync, <br>* file;rsync <br>* uses <br>* the <br>* rsync <br>* algorithm, <br>* which <br>* provides <br>* a <br>* very <br>* fast <br>* method <br>* for <br>* bringing <br>* remote <br>* files <br>* into <br>* sync. <br>* It <br>* does <br>* this <br>* by <br>* sending <br>* just <br>* the <br>* differences <br>* in <br>* the <br>* files <br>* across <br>* the <br>* link, <br>* without <br>* requiring <br>* that <br>* both <br>* sets <br>* of <br>* files <br>* are <br>* present <br>* at <br>* one <br>* of <br>* the <br>* ends <br>* of <br>* the <br>* link <br>* beforehand. <br>* This <br>* makes <br>* rsync <br>* a <br>* good <br>* remote <br>* file <br>* distribution/synchronization <br>* utility <br>* in <br>* a <br>* dialup <br>* PPP/SLIP <br>* environment;YES;
-App=vsftpd;File <br>* Transfer;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/vsftpd.png;Chris <br>* Evans;http://vsftpd.beasts.org/;GPL;Text;ftp;vsftpd <br>* is <br>* an <br>* FTP <br>* server, <br>* or <br>* daemon. <br>* The <br>* "vs" <br>* stands <br>* for <br>* Very <br>* Secure. <br>* Obviously <br>* this <br>* is <br>* not <br>* a <br>* guarantee, <br>* but <br>* a <br>* reflection <br>* that <br>* I <br>* have <br>* written <br>* the <br>* entire <br>* codebase <br>* with <br>* security <br>* in <br>* mind, <br>* and <br>* carefully <br>* designed <br>* the <br>* program <br>* to <br>* be <br>* resilient <br>* to <br>* attack.;YES;
-App=wavbreaker;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/wavbreaker.png;Timothy <br>* D. <br>* Robinson <br>* and <br>* Thomas <br>* Perl;http://wavbreaker.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;audio,wave,splitter;wavbreaker <br>* is <br>* a <br>* tool <br>* to <br>* take <br>* a <br>* wave <br>* file <br>* and <br>* break <br>* it <br>* up <br>* into <br>* multiple <br>* wave <br>* files. <br>* It <br>* makes <br>* a <br>* clean <br>* break <br>* at <br>* the <br>* correct <br>* position <br>* to <br>* burn <br>* the <br>* files <br>* to <br>* an <br>* audio <br>* CD <br>* without <br>* any <br>* dead <br>* space <br>* between <br>* the <br>* tracks. <br>* It <br>* will <br>* only <br>* read <br>* wave <br>* files, <br>* so <br>* use <br>* an <br>* appropriate <br>* tool <br>* to <br>* convert <br>* Ogg, <br>* MP3, <br>* etc. <br>* files <br>* and <br>* then <br>* break <br>* them <br>* up. <br>* The <br>* GUI <br>* displays <br>* a <br>* summary <br>* of <br>* the <br>* entire <b!
 r>* wave <br>* file <br>* being <br>* worked <br>* on <br>* at <br>* the <br>* top. <br>* There <br>* is <br>* also <br>* a <br>* command <br>* line <br>* tool <br>* to <br>* merge <br>* wave <br>* files <br>* together <br>* (wavmerge). <br>* This <br>* tool <br>* will <br>* only <br>* work <br>* on <br>* files <br>* that <br>* are <br>* alike. <br>* For <br>* example, <br>* 44100 <br>* khz <br>* sample <br>* rate, <br>* 16-bit <br>* sample <br>* size, <br>* etc. <br>* (use <br>* sox <br>* to <br>* convert <br>* files <br>* first <br>* if <br>* necessary).;;
-App=wbar;X11;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/wbar.png;warlock.cc;http://wbar.googlecode.com/;GPL;Graphical;taskbar;wbar <br>* is <br>* a <br>* quick <br>* launch <br>* bar. <br>* Its <br>* fast, <br>* light <br>* and <br>* cool <br>* eye-candy. <br>* Initially <br>* developed <br>* for <br>* Fluxbox, <br>* then <br>* tested <br>* on <br>* WindowMaker, <br>* Xfce, <br>* Gnome, <br>* etc. <br>* It <br>* can <br>* run <br>* on <br>* top <br>* of <br>* desktops <br>* such <br>* as <br>* xfdesktop <br>* or <br>* nautilus <br>* with <br>* the <br>* --above-desk <br>* switch.;;
-App=wxDownloadFast;File <br>* Transfer;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/wxdf.png;Max <br>* Magalhes <br>* Velasques;http://dfast.sourceforge.net;GPL;Graphical;ftp,download;wxDownload <br>* Fast <br>* (also <br>* known <br>* as <br>* wxDFast) <br>* is <br>* an <br>* open <br>* source <br>* download <br>* manager. <br>* It <br>* is <br>* multi-platform <br>* and <br>* builds <br>* on <br>* Windows(2k,XP), <br>* Linux <br>* and <br>* Mac <br>* OS <br>* X(binary <br>* still <br>* not <br>* available). <br>* Besides <br>* that, <br>* it <br>* is <br>* a <br>* multi-threaded <br>* download <br>* manager. <br>* This <br>* means <br>* that <br>* it <br>* can <br>* split <br>* a <br>* file <br>* into <br>* several <br>* pieces <br>* and <br>* download <br>* the <br>* pieces <br>* simultaneously. <br>* Created <br>* in <br>* C++ <br>* using <br>* the <br>* wxWidgets(wxWindows) <br>* library.;;
-App=wxGuitar;Audio;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/wxguitar.png;Andrey <br>* Ivnitsky;http://www.softpedia.com/get/Multimedia/Audio/Other-AUDIO-Tools/wxGuitar.shtml;GPL;Graphical;audio,guitar,tuner;A <br>* simple <br>* program <br>* to <br>* help <br>* novice <br>* guitarist <br>* faster <br>* (and <br>* better) <br>* to <br>* tune <br>* your <br>* guitar.;;
-App=wxMaxima;Math;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/wxmaxima.png;Andrej <br>* Vodopivec;http://wxmaxima.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;mathematica,math;Maxima <br>* is <br>* a <br>* Common <br>* Lisp <br>* implementation <br>* of <br>* MIT\'s <br>* Macsyma <br>* system <br>* for <br>* computer <br>* based <br>* algebra. <br>* wxMaxima <br>* is <br>* a <br>* wxWidgets <br>* GUI <br>* for <br>* the <br>* computer <br>* algebra <br>* system <br>* maxima. <br>* Most <br>* of <br>* maxima <br>* functions <br>* are <br>* accessible <br>* through <br>* menus, <br>* some <br>* have <br>* dialogs. <br>* The <br>* input <br>* line <br>* has <br>* command <br>* history <br>* (up-key, <br>* down-key) <br>* and <br>* completion <br>* based <br>* on <br>* previous <br>* input <br>* (tab-key). <br>* wxMaxima <br>* provides <br>* 2d <br>* formated <br>* display <br>* of <br>* maxima <br>* output.;;
-App=x11vnc;Network;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/x11vnc.png;Karl <br>* Runge;http://www.karlrunge.com/x11vnc/;GPL;Server;vnc,server;x11vnc <br>* is <br>* a <br>* VNC <br>* server <br>* for <br>* real <br>* X <br>* displays. <br>* VNC <br>* (Virtual <br>* Network <br>* Computing) <br>* is <br>* a <br>* very <br>* useful <br>* network <br>* graphics <br>* protocol <br>* which <br>* allows <br>* multiple <br>* simple <br>* remote <br>* viewers <br>* to <br>* watch <br>* and <br>* control <br>* a <br>* single <br>* desktop. <br>* x11vnc <br>* differs <br>* from <br>* traditional <br>* UNIX <br>* VNC <br>* servers <br>* in <br>* that <br>* it <br>* is <br>* accessing <br>* a <br>* real <br>* X <br>* displays <br>* that <br>* may <br>* already <br>* be <br>* in <br>* progress <br>* rather <br>* than <br>* creating <br>* its <br>* own <br>* X <br>* server <br>* for <br>* clients <br>* to <br>* connect <br>* to.;;
-App=xScrabble;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/xscrabble.png;Matt <br>* Chapman;http://linux.softpedia.com/get/GAMES-ENTERTAINMENT/Arcade/Xscrabble-19563.shtml;Unknown-Free;Graphical;game,board,scrabble,puzzle;To <br>* run: <br>* Simply <br>* type <br>* xscrabble. <br>* This <br>* will <br>* bring <br>* up <br>* the <br>* setup <br>* box <br>* which <br>* will <br>* allow <br>* you <br>* to <br>* enter <br>* the <br>* names <br>* and <br>* displays <br>* and <br>* other <br>* info <br>* for <br>* the <br>* game <br>* to <br>* wish <br>* to <br>* play. <br>* Then <br>* click <br>* on <br>* the <br>* Start <br>* Game <br>* button, <br>* (or <br>* Load <br>* Previous <br>* if <br>* you\'re <br>* restarting <br>* a <br>* game). <br>* The <br>* main <br>* program, <br>* xscrab, <br>* will <br>* then <br>* be <br>* automatically <br>* called <br>* with <br>* the <br>* appropriate <br>* options. <br>* The <br>* game <br>* is <br>* saved <br>* after <br>* every <br>* turn <!
 br>* (in <br>* "~/.xscrabble.save" <br>* of <br>* the <br>* person <br>* running <br>* it) <br>* and <br>* can <br>* be <br>* restarted <br>* by <br>* running <br>* xscrabble, <br>* entering <br>* exactly <br>* the <br>* same <br>* info, <br>* and <br>* hitting <br>* the <br>* Load <br>* Previous <br>* button. <br>* This <br>* was <br>* a <br>* student <br>* project, <br>* and <br>* there <br>* are <br>* not <br>* likely <br>* to <br>* be <br>* any <br>* future <br>* releases.;;
-App=xpi-conkeror;Web;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/xpi-conkeror.png;Conkeror <br>* Team;http://conkeror.org/;MPL/GPL/LGPL;Graphical;web,browser,emacs;Conkeror <br>* is <br>* a <br>* mozilla <br>* based <br>* web <br>* browser <br>* designed <br>* to <br>* be <br>* completely <br>* keyboard <br>* driven, <br>* no <br>* compromises. <br>* It <br>* also <br>* strives <br>* to <br>* behave <br>* as <br>* much <br>* like <br>* Emacs <br>* as <br>* possible. <br>* This <br>* means <br>* all <br>* the <br>* keybindings <br>* and <br>* to-die-for <br>* features <br>* of <br>* Emacs <br>* that <br>* can <br>* be <br>* imitated <br>* by <br>* a <br>* javascript/XUL <br>* web <br>* browser <br>* Just <br>* Work.;;
-App=xvkbd;X11;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/xvkbd.png;Tom <br>* Sato;http://homepage3.nifty.com/tsato/xvkbd/;GPL;Graphical;keyboard;xvkbd <br>* is <br>* a <br>* virtual <br>* (graphical) <br>* keyboard <br>* program <br>* for <br>* X <br>* Window <br>* System <br>* which <br>* provides <br>* facility <br>* to <br>* enter <br>* characters <br>* onto <br>* other <br>* clients <br>* (softwares) <br>* by <br>* clicking <br>* on <br>* a <br>* keyboard <br>* displayed <br>* on <br>* the <br>* screen. <br>* This <br>* may <br>* be <br>* used <br>* for <br>* systems <br>* without <br>* a <br>* hardware <br>* keyboard <br>* such <br>* as <br>* kiosk <br>* terminals <br>* or <br>* handheld <br>* devices. <br>* This <br>* program <br>* also <br>* has <br>* facility <br>* to <br>* send <br>* characters <br>* specified <br>* as <br>* the <br>* command <br>* line <br>* option <br>* to <br>* another <br>* client.;;
-App[ar]=ATAidle;ATAidle <br>* هو <br>* أداة <br>* لضبط <br>* اعدادات <br>* إدارة <br>* الطاقة <br>* فى <br>* محركات <br>* اﻻقراص <br>* الثابتة <br>* ATA <br>* . <br>* ويشمل <br>* هذا <br>* الاستعداد <br>* مهلات، <br>* والطاقة <br>* (APM) <br>* ، <br>* وضبط <br>* المستويات <br>* الصوتية <br>* (AAM) <br>* ، <br>* وأنها <br>* يمكن <br>* أن <br>* تظهر <br>* تفاصيل <br>* حول <br>* الأجهزة <br>* المثبتة.
-App[ar]=AbiWord;AbiWord <br>* هو <br>* برنامج <br>* مفتوح <br>* المصدر <br>* لمعالجة <br>* النصوص <br>* مثل <br>* ميكروسوفت <br>* ورد <br>* .وهو <br>* مناسب <br>* لمجموعة <br>* واسعة <br>* من <br>* المهام <br>* لمعالجة <br>* النصوص
-App[ar]=Abyss <br>* Web <br>* Server;Abyss <br>* خادم <br>* الويب <br>* يتيح <br>* لك <br>* استضافة <br>* مواقع <br>* الويب <br>* على <br>* جهاز <br>* الكمبيوتر <br>* الخاص <br>* بك. <br>* انها <br>* تدعم <br>* تأمين <br>* SSL <br>* / <br>* TLS <br>* اتصلات <br>* (HTTPS) <br>* ، <br>* فضلا <br>* عن <br>* مجموعة <br>* واسعة <br>* من <br>* تكنولوجيات <br>* الويب.
-App[ar]=AbyssWebServer;Abyss <br>* خادم <br>* الويب <br>* يتيح <br>* لك <br>* استضافة <br>* مواقع <br>* الويب <br>* على <br>* جهاز <br>* الكمبيوتر <br>* الخاص <br>* بك. <br>* انه <br>* يدعم <br>* بروتوكول <br>* التأمين <br>* SSL <br>* / <br>* TLS <br>* وأتصالات <br>* (HTTPS) <br>* ، <br>* فضلا <br>* عن <br>* مجموعة <br>* واسعة <br>* من <br>* تقنيات <br>* الويب.
-App[ar]=Alexandria;Alexandria <br>* هو <br>* تطبيق <br>* جنوم <br>* لمساعدتك <br>* في <br>* إدارة <br>* مجموعة <br>* كتبك. <br>* هو <br>* مكتوب <br>* بكود <br>* روبي، <br>* والبرمجيات <br>* الحرة، <br>* وزعت <br>* بموجب <br>* شروط <br>* رخصة <br>* جنو <br>* العمومية <br>* (الإصدار <br>* 2فما <br>* فوق).
-App[ar]=Alpine;Alpine <br>* هو <br>* عميل <br>* سريع <br>* وسهل <br>* لااستخدام <br>* البريد <br>* الإلكتروني <br>* وهو <br>* مناسب <br>* لكل <br>* من <br>* المستخدمالعلدي <br>* او <br>* ذو <br>* الخبرة. <br>* ويستند <br>* Alpine <br>* على <br>* نظام <br>* الرسائل <br>* باين <br>* Pine، <br>* الذي <br>* تم <br>* تطويره <br>* أيضا <br>* في <br>* جامعة <br>* واشنطن. <br>* يمكن <br>* تعلمه <br>* من <br>* خلال <br>* استكشاف <br>* Alpineواستخدام <br>* مساعدة <br>* السياق <br>* الحساسة. <br>* تجربة <br>* المستخدم <br>* هو <br>* غاية <br>* للتخصيص <br>* من <br>* خلال <br>* استخدام <br>* الأمر <br>* الإعداد <br>* فيAlpine.
-App[ar]=Amarok;Amarok <br>* هو <br>* مشغل <br>* صوتيات <br>* لبيئة <br>* يونيكس <br>* بواجهة <br>* رسومية. <br>* يعمل <br>* ِAmarok <br>* على <br>* تشغيل <br>* الموسيقى <br>* التي <br>* تحب <br>* بأكثر <br>* سهولة <br>* من <br>* ذي <br>* قبل <br>* - <br>* و <br>* من <br>* الجيد <br>* أن <br>* يقوم <br>* بذلك.
-App[ar]=BattleTanks;حرب <br>* المدرعات <br>* : <br>* هي <br>* لعبة <br>* حرب <br>* ممتعة <br>* على <br>* جهازك, <br>* و <br>* التي <br>* بإمكانك <br>* أن <br>* تختار <br>* واحدة <br>* من <br>* ثلاث <br>* مركبات <br>* و <br>* تقضي <br>* على <br>* أعدائك <br>* باستخدام <br>* جميع <br>* مدافع <br>* الأسلحة. <br>* تملك <br>* هذه <br>* اللعبة <br>* صور <br>* كرتونية <br>* مبتكرة <br>* و <br>* موسيقى <br>* رائعة، <br>* كما <br>* إنها <br>* ممتعة <br>* و <br>* ديناميكية <br>* .و <br>* تملك <br>* أيضا <br>* أطوار <br>* متعددة <br>* للعب <br>* على <br>* الشبكة <br>* فيما <br>* يتعلق <br>* بجولة <br>* الموت <br>* و <br>* التعاونية.
-App[ar]=Chromium;كروميوم <br>* هو <br>* مشروع <br>* مفتوح <br>* المصدر <br>* يهدف <br>* إلى <br>* بناء <br>* متصفح <br>* إنترنت <br>* أكثر <br>* أمناً <br>* ، <br>* و <br>* أسرع <br>* و <br>* أكثر <br>* استقراراً <br>* لكل <br>* مستخدمي <br>* الإنترنت <br>* ليكتشفوا <br>* الشبكة.
-App[bg]=Amarok;Amarok <br>* е <br>* музикалният <br>* плейър <br>* на <br>* Unix <br>* с <br>* интуитивен <br>* интерфейс. <br>* Amarok <br>* прави <br>* слушането <br>* на <br>* музиката, <br>* която <br>* харесвате <br>* още <br>* по-лесно <br>* и <br>* изглежда <br>* добре <br>* правейки <br>* го.
-App[bg]=BitchX;BitchX <br>* е <br>* най-популярния <br>* IRC <br>* клиент <br>* за <br>* Unix <br>* системите. <br>* Има <br>* много <br>* възможности <br>* за <br>* персонализиране <br>* и <br>* може <br>* да <br>* пуска <br>* скриптове, <br>* тъй <br>* че <br>* може <br>* да <br>* се <br>* ползва <br>* като <br>* irc <br>* робот.
-App[de]=ATAidle;ATAidle <br>* ist <br>* ein <br>* Dienstprogramm, <br>* um <br>* die <br>* Power-Management-Funktionen <br>* von <br>* ATA-Festplatten <br>* zu <br>* setzen. <br>* Dazu <br>* gehören <br>* effektive <br>* Standby-Timeouts, <br>* Leistung <br>* (APM) <br>* und <br>* akustische <br>* (AAM) <br>* Einstellungen, <br>* es <br>* kann <br>* Informationen <br>* über <br>* die <br>* installierten <br>* Geräte <br>* zeigen.
-App[de]=ATanks;Die <br>* ist <br>* eine <br>* Umsetzung <br>* von <br>* Atomic <br>* Tanks, <br>* einem <br>* 2D-Panzer-Spiel, <br>* in <br>* dem <br>* kleine <br>* Panzer <br>* geradezu <br>* cartoonartig <br>* große <br>* Waffen <br>* verwenden, <br>* um <br>* einander <br>* gegenseitig <br>* in <br>* die <br>* Luft <br>* zu <br>* jagen. <br>* Atomic <br>* Tanks <br>* basiert <br>* lose <br>* auf <br>* dem <br>* klassischen <br>* DOS-Spiel <br>* Scorched <br>* Earth. <br>* Das <br>* Spiel <br>* ist <br>* sehr <br>* flexibel, <br>* erlaubt <br>* von <br>* 2 <br>* bis <br>* zu <br>* 10 <br>* Spieler, <br>* bietet <br>* variable <br>* Umgebungen <br>* und <br>* eine <br>* breite <br>* Palette <br>* and <br>* Waffen <br>* und <br>* anderen <br>* Gegenständen.
-App[de]=AbiWord;AbiWord <br>* ist <br>* eine <br>* freie <br>* Textverarbeitung, <br>* ähnlich <br>* zu <br>* Microsoft <br>* Word. <br>* Es <br>* ist <br>* effektiv <br>* geeignet <br>* für <br>* eine <br>* Vielzahl <br>* von <br>* Textverarbeitungsaufgaben.
-App[de]=Abyss <br>* Web <br>* Server;Abyss <br>* Web <br>* Server <br>* startet <br>* Ihre <br>* Seiten <br>* auf <br>* dem <br>* Host-Computer. <br>* Es <br>* unterstützt <br>* sichere <br>* SSL <br>* / <br>* TLS-Verbindungen <br>* (HTTPS) <br>* sowie <br>* eine <br>* breite <br>* Palette <br>* von <br>* Web-Technologien.
-App[de]=AbyssWebServer;Abyss <br>* Web <br>* Server <br>* startet <br>* Ihre <br>* Seiten <br>* auf <br>* dem <br>* Host-Computer. <br>* Es <br>* unterstützt <br>* sichere <br>* SSL <br>* / <br>* TLS-Verbindungen <br>* (HTTPS) <br>* sowie <br>* eine <br>* breite <br>* Palette <br>* von <br>* Web-Technologien.
-App[de]=Alexandria;Alexandria <br>* ist <br>* eine <br>* GNOME-Anwendung <br>* zur <br>* Verwaltung <br>* Ihrer <br>* Büchersammlung. <br>* Es <br>* ist <br>* in <br>* Ruby <br>* geschrieben <br>* und <br>* ist <br>* freie <br>* Software <br>* unter <br>* den <br>* Bedingungen <br>* der <br>* GNU <br>* General <br>* Public <br>* License <br>* (Version <br>* 2 <br>* oder <br>* höher).
-App[de]=Alpine;Alpine <br>* ist <br>* ein <br>* schneller, <br>* einfach <br>* zu <br>* bedienender <br>* E-Mail-Client, <br>* der <br>* sowohl <br>* für <br>* den <br>* unerfahrenen <br>* Benutzer <br>* per <br>* E-Mail <br>* als <br>* auch <br>* für <br>* die <br>* anspruchsvollsten <br>* Power-User <br>* ist. <br>* Alpine <br>* basiert <br>* auf <br>* dem <br>* Pine <br>* Message <br>* System, <br>* das <br>* auch <br>* an <br>* der <br>* University <br>* of <br>* Washington <br>* entwickelt <br>* wurde. <br>* Alpine <br>* kann <br>* durch <br>* Erforschung <br>* und <br>* den <br>* Einsatz <br>* von <br>* Kontext-sensitiver <br>* Hilfe <br>* erlernt <br>* werden. <br>* Die <br>* Benutzerführung <br>* ist <br>* effektiv <br>* anpassbar <br>* durch <br>* die <br>* Verwendung <br>* von <br>* Alpine-Setup-Befehl.
-App[de]=Amarok;Amarok <br>* ist <br>* der <br>* Musik-Player <br>* für <br>* Unix <br>* mit <br>* einer <br>* intuitiven <br>* Benutzeroberfläche. <br>* Amarok <br>* macht <br>* das <br>* Spielen <br>* von <br>* Musik <br>* einfacher <br>* als <br>* je <br>* zuvor <br>* - <br>* und <br>* sieht <br>* dabei <br>* auch <br>* noch <br>* gut <br>* aus.
-App[de]=Americas <br>* Army;Das <br>* amerikanische <br>* Armee <br>* Spiel <br>* bietet <br>* Zivilisten <br>* mit <br>* einen <br>* Einblick <br>* und <br>* eine <br>* virtuelle <br>* Rolle <br>* in <br>* einer <br>* der <br>* führenden <br>* Streitkräfte <br>* an <br>* Land: <br>* die <br>* US-Armee. <br>* Das <br>* Spiel <br>* wurde <br>* entwickelt, <br>* um <br>* eine <br>* genaue <br>* Darstellung <br>* der <br>* Soldaten <br>* Erfahrungen <br>* in <br>* einer <br>* Reihe <br>* von <br>* Berufen <br>* zu <br>* bieten. <br>* Spieler <br>* können <br>* progressive <br>* individuelle <br>* und <br>* kollektiven <br>* Trainings <br>* innerhalb <br>* des <br>* Spiels <br>* erkunden. <br>* Nachdem <br>* diese <br>* Ereignisse <br>* erfolgreich <br>* abgeschlossen <br>* sind, <br>* gibt <br>* es <br>* die <br>* Erweiterung <br>* zu <br>* Multiplayer-Operationen <br>* in <br>* kleinen <br>* Einheiten.
-App[de]=AmericasArmy;Das <br>* amerikanische <br>* Armee <br>* Spiel <br>* bietet <br>* Zivilisten <br>* mit <br>* einen <br>* Einblick <br>* und <br>* eine <br>* virtuelle <br>* Rolle <br>* in <br>* einer <br>* der <br>* führenden <br>* Streitkräfte <br>* an <br>* Land: <br>* die <br>* US-Armee. <br>* Das <br>* Spiel <br>* wurde <br>* entwickelt, <br>* um <br>* eine <br>* genaue <br>* Darstellung <br>* der <br>* Soldaten <br>* Erfahrungen <br>* in <br>* einer <br>* Reihe <br>* von <br>* Berufen <br>* zu <br>* bieten. <br>* Spieler <br>* können <br>* progressive <br>* individuelle <br>* und <br>* kollektiven <br>* Trainings <br>* innerhalb <br>* des <br>* Spiels <br>* erkunden. <br>* Nachdem <br>* diese <br>* Ereignisse <br>* erfolgreich <br>* abgeschlossen <br>* sind, <br>* gibt <br>* es <br>* die <br>* Erweiterung <br>* zu <br>* Multiplayer-Operationen <br>* in <br>* kleinen <br>* Einheiten.
-App[de]=Anjuta;Anjuta <br>* ist <br>* eine <br>* sehr <br>* vielseitige <br>* Integrierte <br>* Entwicklungsumgebung <br>* für <br>* C <br>* und <br>* C++. <br>* Geschrieben <br>* in <br>* GTK/GNOME <br>* und <br>* geschrieben <br>* für <br>* GTK+/GNOME, <br>* bietet <br>* es <br>* viele <br>* erweiterte <br>* Programmier-Tools <br>* und <br>* Dienstprogramme. <br>* Es <br>* ist <br>* im <br>* Grunde <br>* eine <br>* GUI-Schnittstelle <br>* für <br>* ein <br>* Bund <br>* von <br>* Befehlszeilen <br>* Programmierung <br>* Utilities <br>* und <br>* Werkzeugen <br>* für <br>* FreeBSD, <br>* die <br>* in <br>* der <br>* Regel <br>* in <br>* der <br>* Konsole <br>* ausgeführt <br>* werden <br>* und <br>* sonst <br>* sehr <br>* Benutzer <br>* unfreundlich <br>* sind.
-App[de]=Apache;Das <br>* Apache <br>* HTTP <br>* Server <br>* Projekt <br>* ist <br>* ein <br>* Versuch <br>* zur <br>* Entwicklung <br>* und <br>* Pflege <br>* eines <br>* Open-Source-HTTP-Server <br>* für <br>* moderne <br>* Betriebssysteme <br>* wie <br>* UNIX <br>* und <br>* Windows <br>* NT. <br>* Das <br>* Ziel <br>* dieses <br>* Projektes <br>* ist <br>* es