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Fri Oct 7 04:58:27 PDT 2011

Author: pbiapprove
Date: 2011-10-07 04:58:26 -0700 (Fri, 07 Oct 2011)
New Revision: 13192

PBI-9 Meta-Update: Dopewars

Modified: pbi/update/pbi-meta-9
--- pbi/update/pbi-meta-9	2011-10-07 11:57:04 UTC (rev 13191)
+++ pbi/update/pbi-meta-9	2011-10-07 11:58:26 UTC (rev 13192)
@@ -90,6 +90,7 @@
 App=Doom Legacy;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/doomlegacy.png;Legacy Team;http://legacy.newdoom.com;GPL;Graphical;doom,fps,game;Legacy was originally written as a fork of DOSDoom introducing mouse-look, jumping, a console, 32 player deathmatch, skins and a native win32 mode. Fabrice developed a Glide front-end, one of the first hardware-accelerated renderers. Hurdler was originally introduced to develop GL support, however as time went by, Hurdler increasingly maintained the project. Pate took on the task of creating a new OpenGL renderer, as Hurdler had less time to contribute to the project after pursuing a career in professional game development. Fabrice has now moved on to pastures new, with Boris making an occasional appearance.;;
 App=Doom3;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/doom3.png;id Software;http://www.doom3.com;Commercial;Graphical;doom,fps,game;Doom 3 is a sci-fi horror first-person shooter computer game developed by id Software and published by Activision. Set in 2145 in the Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC) research center on Mars, it is a reimagining of the original Doom, with completely new graphics and game engine.;;
 App=Doom3Demo;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/doom3.png;id Software;http://www.doom3.com;Commercial;Graphical;doom,fps,game;Science has unlocked the gates to the unknown, and now only one man stands between Hell and Earth. A sci-fi horror masterpiece, DOOM 3 is like nothing you have experienced. Dramatic storyline, pulse-pounding action, incredible graphics, and revolutionary technology combine to draw you into the most frightening and gripping first person gaming experience ever created.;;
+App=Dopewars;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/dopewars.png;Ben Webb;http://dopewars.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;game,text,drugwars;The idea of dopewars is to deal drugs on the streets of New York,  amassing a huge fortune and paying off the loan shark, while avoiding the ever-annoying police.  The UNIX rewrite, as well as featuring a so-called "antique" mode which closely follows the original, introduces new features such as the ability to take part in multi-player games.;;
 App=Drascula: The Vampire Strikes Back;Games;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/drascula.png;Alcachofa Soft S.L.;http://www.alcachofasoft.com;GPL;Graphical;game,adventure,quest;You are John Hacker, a common guy sent by a British property company to speak with \'Count Drscula\' about some lands. By chance you meet a gorgeous blond girl who is kidnapped by the Count himself, and you, John Hacker, set on a fun yet dangerous quest to rescue her.  An old Spanish 2D classic point & click style adventure with tons of humor and an easy interface.;;
 App=Duplicity-devel;System Utilities;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/duplicity.png;Duplicity Team;http://www.nongnu.org/duplicity/;GPL;Text;backup,remote;Duplicity backs directories by producing encrypted tar-format volumes and uploading them to a remote or local file server. Because duplicity uses librsync, the incremental archives are space efficient and only record the parts of files that have changed since the last backup. Because duplicity uses GnuPG to encrypt and/or sign these archives, they will be safe from spying and/or modification by the server. (Development/unstable version);;
 App=EBView;Japanese;http://images.pbidir.com/progicons/ebview.png;Sudou Keniti;http://ebview.sourceforge.net/;GPL;Graphical;dictionary,ebook;Ebview is a gtk based tool to access CD-ROM Dictionaries of EPWING, EB, EBG,EBXA, EBXA-C formats.;;

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