[PC-BSD Commits] r5934 - pcbsd/trunk/SoundError/i18n

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Mon Jan 11 02:01:04 PST 2010

Author: autotrans
Date: 2010-01-11 02:01:04 -0800 (Mon, 11 Jan 2010)
New Revision: 5934

Auto-Commit of i18n data from Pootle for SoundError

Modified: pcbsd/trunk/SoundError/i18n/SoundError_sl.ts
--- pcbsd/trunk/SoundError/i18n/SoundError_sl.ts	2010-01-11 10:00:52 UTC (rev 5933)
+++ pcbsd/trunk/SoundError/i18n/SoundError_sl.ts	2010-01-11 10:01:04 UTC (rev 5934)
@@ -5,19 +5,19 @@
         <source>No sound card detected</source>
-        <translation>Zaznana ni bila nobena zvo?na kartica</translation>
+        <translation>Zaznana ni bila nobena zvočna kartica</translation>
         <source>PC-BSD was unable to detect a sound card. If this system has a sound card, please generate the diagnostic below and send it to support at pcbsd.org. </source>
-        <translation>PC-BSD ni uspel zaznati zvo?ne kartice. ?e sistem vsebuje zvo?no kartico, vas prosimo, da spodaj ustvarite diagnosti?no poro?ilo in ga po?ljete na support at pcbsd.org.</translation>
+        <translation>PC-BSD ni uspel zaznati zvočne kartice. Če sistem vsebuje zvočno kartico, vas prosimo, da spodaj ustvarite diagnostično poročilo in ga pošljete na support at pcbsd.org.</translation>
         <source>&Generate Diagnostic</source>
-        <translation>&Ustvari diagnosti?no poro?ilo</translation>
+        <translation>&Ustvari diagnostično poročilo</translation>
         <source>Never Show</source>
-        <translation>Nikoli ne prika?i</translation>
+        <translation>Nikoli ne prikaži</translation>
@@ -25,11 +25,11 @@
         <source>Your diagnostic has been saved at: </source>
-        <translation>Diagnosti?no poro?ilo je bilo shranjeno v: </translation>
+        <translation>Diagnostično poročilo je bilo shranjeno v: </translation>
         <source>Diagnostic Saved</source>
-        <translation>Diagnosti?no poro?ilo shranjeno</translation>
+        <translation>Diagnostično poročilo shranjeno</translation>

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